Power of concentration is essential for the life, anything we do in our life need our psychological attention and focus

. Disturbed mind disturbed the work. Concentration of mind is the key to success With concentration of mind one can be consistent in his work and performance. We can see Tendulker at this age is consistent, once he was being asked the key of his success in the life is the power of concentration. At this age also he is trying hard and is practising hard to be consistent. One should not get fed up doing the same thing repeatedly. One should learn to do the same thing innovatively and in a creative way. One should be enthusiastic about his job. Concentration of mind reduce the wastage of thought, ultimately that saves physical energy. One should not be get distracted by the short term goals and pleasure. Quite often at tender age one gets distracted by the comment, criticism and statement of other. Concentration brings stability: As per the Gita wise man always remain stable in the state of success or failure, appreciation or criticism, pleasure or pain, prosperity or poverty, etc. Means one should learn to be self stable and clam in the midst of storm in life and should put best effort to reach at the goal. We should not get excited with our short term success and develop ego and careless attitude, because each and every moment is a exam paper of our life we should be careful. Concentration enhances the Power of Memory: We had read about the Swami Vivekanand who had mastered in this aspect, because of his power of concentration , he had tremendous power of memory and assimilation. The power of concentration increases the power of memory, one can read, understand and memorize thousands of pages through the power of concentration. Concentration brings Success in life through dedication: All the great scientist used to have tremendous power of concentration , by means of which they able to convert impossible to possible, we had heard of the dedication and focus of the world famous scientist Newton. One should have interest to do something great in the life, one should be inspired for it, one should have motivation to reach the highest goal of life. The power of concentration increases the power of dedication. Concentration increases the power of determination: We had heard about the life story of the world famous politician who had tremendous power of determination, the power of concentration derived from the power of silence, increases the tolerance and determination in one s nature. Concentration helps one to focus on goal or objective: The power of concentration make one fearless. In the Mahabharat we have been heard about Eklavya , the fearless bower. The power of concentration determines the success or failure in the life.

The story of Arjun his focused was on the bird and on its eye and also on the pupils of the eye while other brothers were used to get distracted by the surrounding. One should be focussed on his goal in the life. The power of patience and silence enhances the concentration. One needs to enjoy silence, good music, relaxe environment to develop concentration. Depressed mind used to be disturbed: It is being found the depressed mind always remain disturbed, happy , relax and light mind can easily concentrate. Power of concentration can be used as positive or negative. Positive use of it enhance the values and efficiency of life. Concentration help one in understanding the concept in depth , helps in exploring the hidden talents. The power of concentration magnetise the inner power and potential in particular direction and it starts attracting the environment in and around, as a magnet can magnetise a iron . The magnetise iron start influencing the iron in and around. The power of concentration magnetise the personality of a person. Positive distraction helps one to build power of concentration: Sometime mind gets fed up thinking the same thing again and again needs some sort of distraction and relaxation. So one should adopt various healthy form of distraction to support the power in term of sports, art, relaxing walk, social services, talking to parents, supporting juniors for their study, etc . Think how can you keep yourself busy in right way. Negative distraction: Addiction, vulgarity, negative talk, slowly steadily they eat away the ability to concentrate.

What are the threats to the power of concentration: As a magnet can lose its magnetism through four ways 1234By hitting it through a hammer By heating the magnet bar at high temperature By passing electricity through it By putting two same poles together

Similarly one can lose the stability and power of mind 1-Through strong emotional blow 2-Through excessive indulgence 3- Under the influence of bad company 4-Continuous exposure to vulgarity, vulgar cinema, pictures and books

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