The Fruits of Yin and Yang

By Paula (Idavathian Ermphorus) 2/4/2012 When one thinks of Twin Flames one thinks of a relationship between a single white-violet flame soul who was split many times throughout many lifetimes. Once this flame comes together again one has a sacred relationship made of divine love and the marriage that was made by God. Since the beginning of the Bible in Genesis in its second chapter we learn about twin flames Adam and Eve. We learn that God breathed life into Adams nostrils and made him come to life and Eve was made from Adam s side to be his companion. Eve was to help Adam tend the land and they were innocent of duality. Soon they would gain the knowledge of God by eating fruit from the forbidden tree. This tree was forbidden because of the secrets it held. One of those secrets was duality. This duality was the two powers of good and evil so to speak. Problem was that there was more evil than good as time went on. Twin flames grew farther and farther apart by multiple splitting thus experiencing pain and learning about fear. After Adam and Eve ate of the fruit they hid from God because they realized they were naked. Their eyes were opened up to the polarity of this universe and this is the first written account of twin flames. Getting back to the secrets of duality this was something God wanted each of the twin flame couples to experience. Every one of us has a twin flame and depending on where you are in your life path, in your reincarnation journey, is how aware of your twin flame you really are. Duality was meant to be learned and experienced by us, each twin flame was meant to experience both powers of good and evil. Of course this is the illusion of our 3D world but it is our reality as we know it on this earth. Did God make a mistake by putting the tree of life amidst the beautiful garden and tell Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit? No - Father-Mother God did not. Our creator already knew what was going to happen and intended them to eat the fruit. One of God s purposes was for us to experience the duality of polar opposites. He also intended for us to come together again and spread his love to the earth. Before Adam and Eve ate the fruit, there was harmony. Everything was in its blissful state. They were cosmic lovers in harmony with each other and God. They had heaven on earth. After the fruit was eaten, they lost that perfect harmony of divine masculine and divine feminine - being one with God. Nevertheless, all of us volunteered to come from The Plains before ever descending to earth and before the earth was ever created. We are all part of God through matter. Everything is all made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons all arranged in different patterns to make up this great universe. In our illusion we see something as a solid object which is not its actual makeup. We are all just small particles that lead straight to the source. We are polar opposites, Alpha and Omega, yin and yang, divine masculine and divine feminine and so on.

Twin flames are the Yin that s always aware of its yang or the alpha that is aware of its omega. Even if the twin flames are separated they yearn for the part of them they are aware of. The soul cries out for its other until it is recognized and there is a longing to become connected with that soul and with God. Normally when twin flames recognize one another it is because they are aware of their higher purpose to spread love until we are all back with our Divine Creator. Spreading the message of oneness and love is what the twin flame couple is reconnected to do. Twins are together to raise consciousness of humanity and help others to reconnect with their higher selves and God. Twin flames will assist one another in this process of higher awareness and to spread their knowledge with others. They will do this through their humbleness and not be boastful. They will not be ego driven. Twin Flame couples will not predict if another has found their Twin Flame. They are only placed together again in their final reincarnation as lovers to share their love with others. This does not mean you don t ever reincarnate with your twin at other times, because you do. They just may not be placed in your life as your lover. You will only recognize your twin after you have experienced all your other life experiences and after your soul cries out to your Twin and to God asking to become one again. There is no special prayer for this to happen, it just happens when God plans it to. That old bumper sticker that states, God doesn t make mistakes is true. There is a divine purpose for everything under heaven even if we as beings don t understand it. Spiritual growth happens before you meet your twin flame but becomes more rapid when you re reconnected with your twin. Your higher self will show you things you may not understand at the time you see it, but eventually it will make sense to you. Remember this is a process of rebirth and growth and you will not be perfect until you are merged as one with God again.

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