BOOK 1: FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES BOOK€1€ € I.€FUNDAMENTAL€PRINCIPLES€ € A.€DEFINITION€OF€CRIMINAL€LAW€ € Q:€What€is€criminal ch€of€law,€which€defines€ crimes,€treats€of€their€nature,€and€provides€for€their€ punishmen s€in€criminal€law?€ € A:€ 1.

Classical€ theory€ –€ the€ basis€ of€ criminal€ liability€ is€ urpose€of€the€penalty€is€retribution.€It€is€ endeavored€to€establish€a€mechanical€and€ dire en€ crime€ and€ penalty,€ and€ there€ is€ scant€ regard€ to€ the€ human€element.€ € Note:€ RPC€ is€ generally€ governed€ by€ this€ theory.€€

Q:€How€are€penal€laws€construed?€ € A:€ Liberally€ construed€ in€ favor€ of€ offender€ and€ te.€ € Note:€ In€ cases€ of€ conflict€ with€ official€ translation,€ original€Spanish€text€is€cont

€ 2. Positivist€ theory€ –€ the€ basis€ of€ criminal€ liability€ is€ the€ sum€ of€ the€ soc mic€ phenomena€ to€ which€ the€ actor€is€exposed.€The€purposes€of€penalty€ are€ prevention€ is€ theory€ is€ exemplified€ in€ the€ provisions€ regarding€ impossible€ crimes€ and€ habit ncy.€ Eclectic€ or€ Mixed€ theory€ –€ It€ is€ a€ combination€ of€ positivist€ and€ classica rimes€ that€ are€ economic€ and€ social€ in€ nature€ should€ be€ dealt€in€a€positive€manner assionate.€Ideally,€the€classical€ theory€ is€ applied€ to€ heinous€ crimes,€ whereas,€the€ e€to€work€on€ economic€and€social€crimes.€ Utilitarian€ or€ Protective€ theory‐€ the€ prima ent€under€ criminal€ law€ is€ the€ protection€ of€ society€ from€ actual€ and€ potential€ w urts,€ therefore,€ in€ exacting€ retribution€ for€ the€ wronged€ society,€ should€direct€th otential€ or€ actual€ wrongdoers,€ since€ criminal€ law€ is€ directed€ against€ acts€ or€ o the€ society€ does€ not€ approve.€ Consistent€ with€ this€ theory€ is€ the€ mala€ prohibita h€ punishes€ an€ offense€ regardless€ of€ malice€ or€ criminal€ intent.€€ € 3. € 4.

€ Q:€What€are€the€basic€maxims€in€criminal€law?€€ € A:€ 1. Nullum€ crimen,€ nulla€ poena€ s hen€ there€ is€ no€ law€ punishing€ the€ same)€ –€ No€ matter€ how€ wrongful,€evil€or€bad€t ng€ the€ act,€ the€ same€ is€ not€ considered€a€crime.€ € 2. Actus€ non€ facit€ reum,€ nisi nnot€ be€ criminal€ where€ the€ mind€ is€ not€ criminal)€ –€ This€ is€ true€ to€ a€ felony€ t€ not€ a€ felony€resulting€from€culpa.€This€maxim€is€ not€ an€ absolute€ one€ because€ it€ elonies,€or€those€that€ result€from€negligence.€ € 3. Doctrine€ of€ Pro€ Reo€ –€ Whenever€ d€or€applied€and€the€ law€ admits€ of€ two€ interpretations,€ € one€ lenient€ to€ the€ offe he€offender,€that€interpretation€which€is€ lenient€ or€ favorable€ to€ the€ offender€ will€ tus€me€invito€factus€non€est€meus€actus€ (An€act€done€by€me€against€my€will€is€not€ my€ act ulsion€ of€ irresistible€ force€ or€ uncontrollable€ fear€ to€ do€ an€ act€ against€ his€ w act€ produces€ a€ crime€ or€ offense,€ such€ person€ is€ exempted€ in€ any€ criminal€ liabi he€said€act.€ € Q:€What€is€the€definition€of€a€crime?€ € A:€ A€ crime€ is€ the€ generic€ te unished€ either€ under€ the€ RPC€ or€ under€the€special€law.€ € Q:€What€are€the€various€cla 1. As€to€the€commission€ a. Dolo€ or€ felonies€ committed€ with€ deliberate€intent€ b. Culp tted€by€ means€ of€fault€


UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 2. € As€to€the€stage€of€execution€ a. Attempted€ b. Frustrated€ c. Consummated€ € As€to€gra nies€ b. Less€grave€felonies€ c. Light€felonies€ € As€to€count€ a. Composite€or€special€com nder€Art.€48€ c. Continuing€ € Classification€of€felonies€as€to€ a. Formal€ felonies€ –€ th consummated.€ (e.g.€ physical€ injuries)€ b. Material€felonies€–€those€which€have€ various€ on.€ c. Those€ which€ do€ not€ admit€ of€ the€ frustrated€stage.€(e.g.€rape€and€theft)€ € A Mala€prohibita€ A:€ 1. 2. € Note:€Likewise,€when€the€special€laws€require€that€the€ punished€ act€ be€ committed€ knowi y,€ criminal€intent€is€required€to€be€proved€before€criminal€ liability€may€arise.€ Piracy€in€Philippine€waters€ Brigandage€in€the€highways€ (both€under€PD€532)€ 3. 4. 5. 6.

€ Q:€ € If€ a€ special€ law€ uses€ the€ nomenclature€ of€ penalties€ in€ the€ RPC,€ what€ i f€the€crime€covered€by€the€special€law?€ € A:€ Even€ if€ a€ special€ law€ uses€ the€ nomenc he€ RPC,€ that€ alone€ will€ not€ make€ the€act€or€omission€a€crime€mala€in€se.€The€special to€ apply€ as€ a€ supplementary.€ (People€ v.€ Simon,€ G.R.€ No.€ 93028,€ July€29,€1994)€ € ctions€ between€ crimes€ punished€ under€ the€ RPC€ and€ crimes€ punished€ under€special€la CRIMES€UNDER€THE€RPC€ Involve€crimes€mala€in€se.€ CRIMES€UNDER€ SPECIAL€LAW€ Usually€crimes

€ Q:€What€is€the€difference€between€crimes€mala€in€ se€and€crimes€mala€prohibita?€ € A:€ Mala€in€se€ Acts€ or€ omissions€ which€ are€inherently€evil.€ Punished€under€the€RPC€ Mala€ ade€evil€ because€ there€ is€ a€ law€ prohibiting€it.€ Violations€of€special€laws € Note:€Not€all€violations€of€ special€ laws€ are€ mala€ prohibita.€ € Even€ if€ the€ crime€ cial€ law,€ if€ the€ act€ punished€ is€ one€ which€ is€ inherently€ wrong,€the€same€is€malu d€ faith€ and€ the€ lack€ of€ criminal€ intent€ is€ a€ valid€ defense;€ unless€ it€ is€ the gligence€or€culpa.€

As€to€moral€trait€of€the€offender€ It€is€considered.€This€is€why€ liability€would€only€aris e€commission€of€the€ punishable€act€ It€is€not€considered.€It€ is€enough€that€the€ prohibit

As€to€use€of€good€faith€as€defense€ It€is€a€valid€defense unless€ the€crime€is€the€result€o

As€to€the€degree€of€accomplishment€of€the€crime€ There€are€no€ attempted€or€ frustrated€sta w€ expressly€penalizes€the€ mere€attempt€or€ frustration€of€the€ crime€ May€admit€attempted€ and/or€frustrated€stages€ € € € Q:€ What€ are€ violations€ of€ special€ laws€ which€ are€ considered€mala€in€se?€ € €

As€to€mitigating€and€aggravating€circumstances€ Taken€into€account€in€ imposing€the€penalty it€of€the€ offender€is€considered€ Not taken€into€account€ in€imposing€the€ penalty.€As€an€ cial€law€uses€the€ 2€€


BOOK 1: FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES nomenclature€of€the€ penalties€under€the€ RPC,€the€circumstances€ can€be€considered.€€ As€t tion of€offender When€there€is€more€than€ one€offender,€the€degree€of€ participation€of€eac he€crime€is€ taken€into€account€in€ imposing€the€penalty;€thus,€ offenders€are€classified€a ice€and€ accessory.€ It€is€not€considered.€All€ who€perpetrated€the€ prohibited€act€are€ pe nt.€There€is€no€ principal,€accomplice€ or€accessory€to€ consider.€

€ Q:€What€is€the€legal€basis€for€punishment?€ € A:€ The€ power€ to€ punish€ violators€ of€ olice€power€of€the€state.€It€is€the€ injury€inflicted€to€the€public€which€a€criminal€action the€ injury€ to€ the€ individual.€ € B.€€SCOPE€OF€APPLICATION€AND€CHARACTERISTICS€ €OF€THE€ What€ are€ the€ two€ scopes€ of€ application€ of€ the€ RPC?€ € A:€ 1. Intraterritorial€ –€ ion€ of€the€RPC€within€the€Philippine€territory€ € 2. Extraterritorial€–€refers€to€the€appl ide€ the€ Philippine€ territory.€ € Q:€ In€ what€ cases€ does€ the€ RPC€ have€ an€ extrater n?€ € A:€Against€those€who:€ 1. Should€ commit€ an€ offense€ while€ on€ a€ Philippine€ship€ rge€ or€ counterfeit€ any€ coin€ or€ currency€note€of€the€Philippine€Islands€or€ obligation ssued€ by€ the€ Government€of€the€Philippine€Islands€ 3. Should€ be€ liable€ for€ acts€ con troduction€ into€ these€ islands€ of€ the€ obligations€ and€ securities€ mentioned€ in€ the er€ 4. While€being€public€officers€or€employees,€ should€commit€an€offense€in€the€exercise€ 5. Should€ commit€ any€ of€ the€ crimes€ against€ national€ security€ and€ the€ law€ of€ na

€ Q:€What€is€a€Philippine€ship?€ € A:€ One€ that€ is€ registered€ in€ accordance€ with€ Phi he€high€seas,€it€is€ considered€ as€ an€ extension€ of€ the€ Philippine€ territory€ and€ th has€ jurisdiction.€ But€ if€ the€ vessel€ is€ within€ the€ territory€ of€ another€ country, s€ generally€ with€ the€ foreign€ State€because€penal€laws€are€primarily€territorial€in€ ap t€ are€ the€ requirements€ of€ “an€ offense€ committed€while€on€a€Philippine€ship€or€airshi hip€ must€ be€ registered€ with€the€Philippine€Bureau€of€Customs.€ 2. The€ ship€ must€ be€ e€ airship€must€be€in€international€space.€ € Note:€ Under€ International€ Law€ rule,€ a€ vessel€ which€ is€ not€ registered€ in€ accorda s€ of€ any€ country€ is€ considered€ a€ private€ vessel€ and€ piracy€ is€ a€ crime€against€ hat€wherever€ pirates€may€go,€they€can€be€prosecuted.€€

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ two€ recognized€ rules€ on€ jurisdiction€over€merchant€vessels?€ € A: ish€rule.€These€rules€ refer€ to€ the€ jurisdiction€ of€ one€ country€ over€ its€ merchant€ n€ another€ country.€ These€ do€ not€ apply€ to€ war€ vessels€ over€ which€ a€ country€alwa :€What€is€the€French€rule?€ € A:€The€French€rule€recognizes€the€jurisdiction€of€the€ flag€ ted€ on€ board€ the€ vessel€ except€ if€ the€ crime€ disturbs€ the€ peace€ and€ order€and€s .€ € Q:€What€is€the€English€rule?€ € A:€The€English€rule€recognizes€that€the€host€country€ committed€ on€ board€ the€ vessel€ unless€ they€ involve€ the€ internal€ management€of€the€ Note:€The€effect€on€jurisdiction€of€both€rules€is€almost€ the€ same€ because€ the€ general€ ption€of€the€other.€

€ Q:€What€is€the€rule€on€foreign€merchant€vessels€in€ possession€of€dangerous€drugs?€ € € €


UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€ 1. In€transit€–€possession€of€dangerous€drugs€ is€not€punishable,€but€the€use€of€the€sa sit€ –€ mere€ possession€ of€ dangerous€drugs€is€punishable.€ 7. Malversation€ of€ Public€ (Art.€217)€ 8. Failure€to€Render€Accounts€(Art.€218)€ 9. Failure€ to€ Render€ Accounts€ Bef untry€(Art.€219)€ 10. Illegal€ Use€ of€ Public€ Funds€ or€ Property€ (Art.€220)€ 11. Failur ry€ of€ Public€ Funds€ or€Property€(Art.€221)€ 12. Falsification€(Art.171)€ 2.

€ Q:€When€is€forgery€committed?€ € A:€ Forgery€ is€ committed€ by€ giving€ to€ a€ treasury€ ument€ payable€ to€ bearer€ or€ to€ order€ the€ appearance€ of€ a€ true€ genuine€ document€ ting,€counterfeiting€ or€altering,€by€any€means,€the€figures,€letters,€words€ or€sign€conta Note:€ If€ forgery€ was€ committed€ abroad,€ it€ must€ refer€ only€ to€ Philippine€ coin,€ obligations€ and€securities.€ € € Obligations€ and€ securities€ of€ the€ GSIS,€ SSS,€ and€ f€ the€ government€ because€ they€ have€separate€charters.€€ € Those€ who€ introduced€ the€ are€ criminally€ liable€ even€ if€ they€ were€ not€ the€ ones€ who€ counterfeited€ the€ obl rities.€ On€ the€ other€ hand,€ those€ who€ counterfeited€ the€ items€ are€ criminally€ lia did€ not€ introduce€ the€ counterfeit€items.€€€

€ Q:€What€are€the€characteristics€of€criminal€law?€ € A:€ 1. Generality€ –€ means€ that€ th try€ governs€ all€ persons€ within€ the€ country€ regardless€ of€ their€ race,€ belief,€sex Note:€The€term€generality€has€no€reference€ to€territory.€It€refers€to€persons€that€may€be€

€ 2. Territoriality€–€means€that€the€penal€laws€ of€the€country€have€force€and€effect€only€ Note:€ The€ territorial€ application€ of€ criminal€ laws€ is€ again€ subject€ to€ certain€ ught€ about€ by€ treaties€ or€ international€ agreements.€

€ Q:€When€does€a€public€officer€or€employee€commit€ an€offense€in€the€exercise€of€their€fun C€governs€only€when€the€ crime€ committed€ pertains€ to€ the€ exercise€ of€ the€ public€ of hose€ having€ to€ do€ with€ the€ discharge€ of€ their€ duties€ in€ a€ foreign€ country.€ Th lated€ are€ those,€ which€ are,€ under€the€law,€to€be€performed€by€the€public€officer€ in€t ppine€government€ in€a€foreign€country.€€€ € Note:€This€rule€is€not€absolute.€The€RPC€governs€if€the€ crime€was€committed€within€the€Phi e€embassy€grounds€in€a€foreign€country.€This€ is€ because€ embassy€ grounds€ are€ considere ereignty.€ € Certain€ exceptions€ to€ the€ territorial€ application€of€criminal€laws€are€also€outlined€ .€ 3.

€ Prospectivity€ –€ means€ that€ acts€ or€ omissions€ will€ only€ be€ subject€ to€ a€ penal ed€ after€ a€ penal€ law€had€already€taken€effect.€€ € Note:€This€is€also€called€irretrospectivity.€€

€ Q:€What€are€the€crimes€included?€ € A:€€ 1. Direct€Bribery€(Art.€210)€ 2. Indirect€Briber d€Bribery€(Art.€211‐A)€ 4. Corruption€(Art.€212)€ 5. Fraud€Against€Public€Treasury€and€Simi 13)€ 6. Possession€ of€ Prohibited€ Interest€ (Art.€ 216)€

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ exceptions€ to€ the€ rule€ on€ generality€of€penal€laws?€ € A:€Except eaty€ stipulations€ and€ international€ agreements.€ E.g.€ RP‐US€ Visiting€ Forces€ Accord. eferential€Application€ € Note:€ RA€ 75€ penalizes€ acts€ which€ would€ impair€ the€ proper€ observance€ by€ the€ Rep bitants€ of€ the€ immunities,€ rights,€ and€ privileges€ of€ duly‐ 4€€



€ libert hout€ due€ process€ of€law. Whe bitual€criminal.€ Consuls€ are€subject€to€the€penal€laws€of€the€country€ where€they€are€ € A€ bill€ of€ attainder€ is€ a€ legislative€ act€ which€ inflicts€ punishments€ without€ tri is€ the€ substitution€ of€ a€ legislative€ act€ for€ a€ judicial€ determination€of€guilt.€ and€charges€d’€affaires.€ 1987€ Constitution)€ € 3.€ III.R.€ Salome.€€ € Note:€ While€ the€ President€ may€ define€ and€ punish€ an€ act€as€a€crime.€ 2.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ 19€ [1].€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ exception€ to€ the€ prospective€ application€of€penal€laws?€ € A:€ Whe ling€ with€ crime€ establishes€conditions€more€lenient€or€favorable€to€ the€accused.€(Sec.A.€or€ € 2.€MARTINEZ€ 5€ .€ € Note:€ Consuls.€ nor€ cruel.€€ No€ person€ shall€ be€ held€ to€ answer€ for€ a€ criminal€ offense€ without€ due€ process€ .€ and€ other€ commercial€ representatives€ of€ foreign€ natio plomatic€ officers.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ 22.€ (Sec.€9346)€ € Q:€Is€the€death€penalty€already€abolished?€ € A:€ No.€ € Note:€However.€ ministers€ resident.€€ € Note:€ An€ ex€ post€ facto€ law€ is€ one€ wherein€ if€ given€ a€ retroactive€ application€ to€ the€ accused.€ Art.€Aug.€169077.€ (Sec.€ € C.€ 3.€the€corresponding€civil€liability€should€ be€the€civil€liability€correspondi ple€v.€ € Note:€ The€ retroactive€ effect€ shall€ benefit€ the€ accused€ even€if€at€the€time€of€the€p l€ judgment€ has€ been€ pronounced€ and€ the€ convict€ is€ serving€sentence.€ € Q:€ What€ penalty€ would€ be€ imposed€ in€ lieu€ of€ the€ death€penalty?€ € A:€ In€ lieu€ ollowing€ shall€ be€imposed:€ € 1. No€ person€ shall€ be€ deprived€ of€ life.€ 1987€ Constitution)€ € Act€Prohibiting€the€Impositi n€ the€Philippines€(R.€ vice‐consuls.€ Art.€ € Q:€What€is€the€exception€to€the€exception?€ € A:€The€new€law€cannot€be€given€retroactive€ s€ expressly€ made€ inapplicable€to€pending€actions€or€existing€ causes€of€actions.€such€exercise€o egislative€as€he€derives€such€power€from€the€law‐ making€body. Excessive€ fines€ shall€ not€ be€ imposed.€ III.2) ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Life€imprisonment‐€when€the€law€violated€ does€ ature€ of€ the€ penalties€ of€ the€ RPC.€ Wh A.€ llI. € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ constitutional€ limitations€ on€ the€ right€of€the€Legislature€to€ena ex€ post€ facto€ law€ or€ bill€ of€ attainder€ shall€ be€ enacted. Reclusion€ perpetua‐€ when€ the€ law€ violated€ makes€ u ture€ of€the€penalties€of€the€RPC.€ Art. €€ The€principles€of€public€international€law€ € a.€CONSTITUTIONAL€LIMITATIONS€ON€THE€POWER€ OF€CONGRESS€TO€ENACT€PENAL€ Q:€Who€has€the€power€to€enact€penal€laws?€ € A:€ Only€ the€ legislative€ branch€ of€ the€ g .€No.€ 9346€ is€ only€ the€imposition€of€death€penalty.€ plenipotentiary.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.BOOK 1: FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES accredited€ foreign€ diplomatic€ representatives€in€the€Philippines. Sovereigns€and€other€chiefs€of€states€ sters.€2006)€ 2.€G.€It€is€in€essence.€nor€shall€any€person€be€denied€the€ equal€protection€of€the€law itution)€ € 4.€an€exercis ief€Executive.€31.€ degrading€ or€ inhu inflicted.

€Example€i esistible€ force€ or€ uncontrollable€fear.€ hence.€ tariness€ comprehends€ the€ concurrence€ of€ freedom€ of€ action.€there€is€no€crime€where€there€ is€no€law€punishing€it.€ lack€ of€foresight€or€lack€of€skill.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ an€ act€ in€ contemplation€ of€ criminal€ law?€ € A:€An€act€refers€to€any€k hange€in€the€outside€world.€ 6€€     .€the€failure€to€perform€ a€positive€duty€which€one€is€bound€t equiring€ a€ certain€ act€ to€ be€ performed€and€the€person€required€to€do€the€act€fails€ t purely€ a€ mental€ process€ is€ presumed. Criminal€ negligence€ on€ the€ part€ of€ as€the€result€ of€ negligence.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € II.€n a€sine€lege.€ there€ is€ no€ dolo.€ its€ existence€ is€ shown€by€overt€acts.€ intelligence€ and€ the€ act€ was€ intentional.€negligence.€ € Freedom€of€action€–€voluntariness€on€the€ part€ of€ the€ person€ to€ commit€ the€ act€ or Note:€ If€ there€ is€ lack€ of€ freedom.€insane.g.€ commission€ by€ mere€ acciden 2.€It€usually€involves€lack€of€skill.€that€is.€FELONIES€ € Q:€What€are€felonies?€ € A:€Felonies€are€acts€or€omissions€punishable€by€th Note:€Omission€means€inaction. €€ Intelligence€–€means€the€capacity€to€know€ and€ understand€ the€ consequences€ of€ one s Note:€ If€ there€ is€ lack€ of€ intelligence.€ the€ offender€ is€ exempt€ from€ liability.€lack€of€ foresight€or€lack€of€skill€ € Note:€The€word€voluntariness€in€criminal€law€ does€not€mean€acting€in€one s€own€volition. Note:€ Negligence€ indicates€ deficiency€ of€ perception€or€failure€to€pay€attention€and€to n€ foreseeing€ the€ injury€ or€ damage€ impending€ to€ be€ caused.€ € Q:€What€are€the€kinds€of€felonies?€ € A:€€ 1. € Punishable€ under€ the€ RPC€ means€ this€ element€ of€ a€ felony€is€based€upon€the€maxim.€the€ act€ is€ justified.€ Such€ presumption€ arises€ from€ the€ proof€ of€ unlawful€ act.€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€dolo?€ € A:€ 1.€or€ under€15€years€of€age.€ reckless€ imprudence.€The€act€must€ be€ an€ external€ act€ which€ has€ a€ direct€ con nded€to€be€committed.€ the€ offender€is€exempt€from€liability.€ The€ existence€ of€ a€ lawful€ or€ insuperable€ cause.€ € Note:€ If€ there€ is€NO€ criminal€intent. Intentional€felonies€( Culpa)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ intentional€ felony€and€culpable€felon DOLO€ Act€is€ malicious€ With€ deliberate€ intent€ Has€intention€ to€cause€injury€ CULPA€ N y€caused€is€unintentional€being€ incident€of€another€act€performed€ without€malice€ Wrongfu mprudence.€ Offender€ incurs€ NO€ c E. Criminal€ intent€ –€ ar€ means€ to€ effect€ such€ result.€ ender€is€an€imbecile.€ € Q:€How€are€felonies€committed?€ € A:€ Felonies€ are€ committed€ not€ only€ by€ means€ of€ s€of€fault€(culpa).€If€there€is€no€dol l€ felony.€ Intent€to€commit€an€act€with€malice€being€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€culpa?€€ € A:€ 1.€ € € Note:€ If€ any€ of€ these€ requisites€ is€ absent.€ It€ usually€ involves€l € Imprudence€indicates€deficiency€of€action€or€ failure€ to€ take€ the€ necessary€ precaution ry€ to€ person€ or€ damage€ to€ property.€ A€ mental€ state.€ 3.


€ ignificance€that€a€person€ ascribes€to€his€act€and€ relates€to€the€intelligence€ as€an€elem 3.€ € Note:€ In€ felonies€ by€ means€ of€ deceit.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€or€the€identity€of€the€ accused€is€doubtful€ 3.€ proof€ of€ specific€ intent€ is€ required€ to€ prod ch€ as€ in€ frustrated€ and€ attempted€ homicide. 2.€ DISCERNMENT The€mental€capacity€to€ tell€right€from€wrong.€ it€ always€ comes€before€the€intent. General€ criminal€ intent€ –€ Is€ presumed€ from€t s€ does€ not€ require€ proof. € Specific€criminal€intent€–€Is€not€presumed€ because€it€is€an€ingredient€or€element€of€a€ cr he€ crimes€ of€ attempted€ or€ frustrated€ homicide/parricide/murder.€ The€ prosecution€has f€proving€the€ same.€ € Note:€ 1. There€is€a€need€to€determine€whether€direct€ assault€is€pres erson€ in€authority€committed€when€he€is€not€in€the€ performance€of€his€official€duties€ 5.€ When€ the ission€ of€ a€ crime. The€acts€bring€about€variant€crimes€ 2.€ the€ mens€ rea€ is€ the€ taking€ of€ the€ property€of€another€with ication.€the€intent€to€kill€is€demonstrated€by€ the€use€of€lethal€weapon.€ Note:€If€any€of€these€requisites€is€absent.€ Mens€ rea€ of€ the€ crime€ depends€ upon€ the€ elements€of€the€crime.€ € Q:€ of€ intent€ in€ criminal€ law?€ € A:€ 1.€ the€ existence€ of€ which€ is€ demonstrated€ by€ the€ overt€ acts€of€a€person.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ distinction€ between€ intent€ and€ discernment?€ € A:€ INTENT The€determination€to€do€ a€certain€thing.€ € Motive€is€material€when:€ 1. The€ evidence€ on€ the€ e€is€purely€circumstantial€ 4.€ The€ burden€ is€ upon€ the€ wrongdoer€ to€ prove€ that€ he€ al€intent.€ 2.€he€was€not€acting€under€ he€part€of€the€offender€in€ performing€the€negligent€act. ruth€ between€ two€ antagonistic€ theories€ or€ versions€ of€ the€ killing€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ € Note:€ In€a€murder€case. Robbery€ 4. Freedom€ of€ action€ on€ the€ part€ of€ the€ offender.€It€is€ the ation€by€which€a€ person€acts.€ € Note:€ In€ some€ particular€ felonies.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Malicious€mischief€ € Q:€What€is€mens€rea?€ € A:€ Mens€ rea€ is€ refer f€ the€ offense.€an€aim€or€ purpose€of€the€mind.€MARTINEZ€ 7€ .€the€mens€rea€is€the€effecting€ of€ the€ forgery€ with€ intent€ to€ pervert€ the€ t ea€is€the€taking€of€the€ property€ of€ another€ coupled€ with€ the€ employment€ of€ intimid on€persons€or€things.€ Motive€ alone€ will€ not€ bring€ about€ crimina se€ the€ RPC€ requires€ that€ there€ must€ be€ an€ overt€ act€ or€ an€ omission.€It€ ing€the€particular€crime€committed. There€ is€ doubt€ whet mmitted€the€crime.€€ € Q:€ What€ crimes€ cannot€ be€ committed€ through€ culpa€(negligence€or€imprudence)?€ € A: ason€ 3.€w nce.BOOK 1: Felonies 2.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€there€can€be€ no€culpa. € 3.€ the€ third€ element€ of€ voluntariness€ is€ a€ € Q:€What€is€motive?€ € A:€ It€ is€ the€ moving€ power€ or€ force€ which€ impels€ a€ person erminant€of€criminal€liability?€ € A:€ No. In€ theft.€that€is. € Q:€What€is€intent?€ € A:€Intent€refers€to€the€use€of€a€particular€means€to€ effect€ the€ ate.


Mistake€ of€ fact‐€ that€ which€ ha f€of€the€offender. Theft€(when€the€value€of€thing€stolen€is€ less€than€5€ nder€the€circumstances€enumerated€ under€Art.€par. 4.€9)€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ importance€ of€ classifying€ t verity?€ € A:€To€determine:€ € 1.€1.€his€ act€can€be€justified.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€3.€9.€ RPC)€ € Q:€Who€are€liable€for€gra incipals.€ in€ ac rt.€ A:€ 1. Where€ there€ are€ no€ eyewitnesses€ to€ the€ crime€ and€ where€ suspicion€ is€ likely€ f€persons.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. Alteration€of€boundary€marks€ 8€€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€It€is€such€mistake€that€ will€ negate€ crimin he€absence€of€the€element€of€intent.€par.€ because€ the€ degree€ of€ the€ penalty€ to nds€on€3€factors:€ 1.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€or€both.€R aw€punishes€ with€ penalties€ which€ in€ their€ maximum€ period€ are€ correctional.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ not€ the€ identity€of€the€persons€invo s€only€ a€ defense€ in€ intentional€ felony€ but€ never€ in€ culpable€ felony.€the ight€that€a€penalty€is€unnecessary.€ 25€ of€ the€ RPC.€€ A.€ 25€ of€ the€ RPC.€ € Note:€ It€ involves€ insignificant€ moral€ and€ material€ injuries.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. 5.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 6.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ 2.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ JR.€if€not€consummated.€(Art. The€presence€ stances€ € Q:€When€are€light€felonies€punishable?€ € A:€ GR:€ Light€ felonies€ are€ punisha onsummated.€ 9. Whether€these€felonies€can€be€complexed€ or€not€ € 2. Slight€physical€injuries€ 2.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€CLASSIFICATION€OF€FELONIES€(ART.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Grave€ –€ those€ to€ which€ the€ law€ attaches€ the€capital€punishment€or€penalties€ riods€ are€ afflictive.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ classifications€ of€ fel ir€gravity?€ € € Q:€Who€are€liable€in€light€felonies?€ € A:€Only€the€principals€and€the€accomplices€are€li ssories€ are€ not€ liable€ for€ light€ felonies.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ crimes€ considered€ A:€€ 1.€LIWANAG.. Stages€of€execution€ 2. € Light€ –€ those€ infractions€ of€ law€ for€ the€ commission€ of€ which€ the€ penalty€ of€ eding€200€ pesos.€308€par.€ accomplices€ and€ even€ accessories.€ RPC)€ € Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€motive€and€ intent?€ € A:€ MOTIVE€ It€is€the€moving€power€ which€impels€a€person€to€ act€for€a€definite€result€ A€crim ive.€ 3. 3. The ime€ and€ the€ prescription€of€the€penalty. € Aberratio€ictus€–€mistake€in€the€blow€€ Error€in€personae€–€mistake€in€the€identity€ Praete uence€exceeded€the€intention€ Proximate€cause€–€the€cause€of€the€cause€ is€the€cause€of€the €€€€€€ XPN:€ Light€ felonies€ are€ punishable€ in€ all€ stages€ when€committed€against€pers €€€€€€Note:€It€presupposes€moral€depravity.€ (Art.€It€is€not€element€ of€the€crime€ Is€essential€only€when€the€ identity€of€perpetrator€i he€use€of€a€ particular€means€to€ achieve€the€desired€result€ It€is€an€ingredient€of€dolo o f€deliberate€ felonies€ Is€essential€in€intentional€ felonies€ 2.€€ € 2.€ par. The€degree€of€participation€ 3.€ (Art.€ in€ accordance€ with€ Art.€is€provided.€ 9.€ € Note:€ Mistake€ refers€ to€ the€ situation€ itself.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. € Q:€What€are€the€factors€that€affect€intent?€ € A:€ 1.3)€ 3.


€ the€ injury€ is€ on€ t ulting€consequence€is€so€ grave€a€wrong€than€what€was€intended.€It€must€be€the€direct.€ While€ they€ were€ drinking. Performing€ an€ act€ which€ would€ be€ an€ offense€against€persons€or or€ the€ inherent€ possibility€ of€ its€ accomplishment€ or€ on€ account€ of€ the€ employme e€ or€ ineffectual€ means. Erro dentity€ 3.€a€person€ who€committed€a€crime€which€he€really€i t€offense€like.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€(Art. Aberratio€ictus€or€mistake€in€the€blow€ 2.€ and€ the€actual€victim.€ The€offender.€ "wro ifferent€from€what€was€intended"?€ € A:€ 1.€The€fact€ that€ several€ wounds€ were€ inflicted€ on€ B€ is€ hardl ea€that€he€did€not€intend€to€ commit€so€grave€a€wrong€as€that€committed.€the€offender t€the€harm€fell€on€another.€ € Q:€ What€ situations€ are€ contemplated€ under€ the€ first€ paragraph€ of€ Art.€ There€are€only€two ae€‐€the€actual€ but€intended€victim€and€ the€offender.€but€because€of€ poor€ai ebody€ else.BOOK 1: Felonies 4.€ an se€ situations€do€not€arise€out€of€criminal€negligence.€There€ are€ three€ persons€ present€ when€ the€ felony€ is€ com the€ intended€ victim.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ betwee nd€error€in€personae?€ € € € € € Q:€ A€ and€ B€ went€ on€ a€ drinking€ spree.€ It€generally€gives€rise€to€ the€complex€crime.€ € Note:€There€must€be€a€notable€disparity€between€the€ means€employed€and€the€resulting€felon nem€ is€ a€ mitigating€ circumstance€ particularly€covered€by€paragraph€3€of€Article€13.€ he€ is€ liable€ for€ the ning€sentence€of€Article€4€should€have€ been:€"Criminal€liability€shall€also€be€incurred€by €€ Q:€What€is€praeter€intentionem?€ € A:€ In€ praeter€ intentionem.€4)€ € Q:€How€is€criminal€liability€incurred?€ € A:€ red€by€any€person:€ € 1.€if€A.€49€ applies e€ penalty€for€the€lesser€ crime€will€be€the€one€ imposed.€4)€ € Note:€ Article€ 4€ does€ not€ mean€ to€ exclude€ offenders€ who€are€liable€even€if€they€do€ ions€spoken€of€in€the€said€article.€MARTINEZ€ 9€ .€ € 2.€ELEMENTS€OF€CRIMINAL€LIABILITY€(Art. Malicious€mischief€(when€the€value€of€the€ damage€ does€ not€ exceed€ 200€ or€ cannot€ b ing€against€honor€ A:€ ABERRATIO€ICTUS A€person€directed€the€ blow€at€an€intended€ victim.€Thus. Committing€ a€ felony€ although€ the€ wrongful€ act€ done€ be€ dif ch€he€intended.€ The€provisions€of€Art.€A’s€defense€is€that€he€had€ no€ intention€ of€ killing€ his€ friend€ and€ that t€ so€ grave€ a€ wrong€ as€ that€ committed.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ shot€ him.€ 4. € B.€the€ intended€victim€as€well€as€ the€actual€victim€are€all€at€ ally€gives€rise€to€a€ complex€crime.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ 5.€ ERROR€IN€PERSONAE The€victim€actually t€he€ was€mistaken€for€another€ who€was€not€at€the€scene€ of€the€crime.€intending€to€kill€ his€ father.€ € Q:€What€is€aberratio€ictus€or€mistake€in€the€blow?€ € A:€In€aberratio€ictus.€This€ re€serious€crime€is€ imposed€in€the€maximum€ period. Praeter€ intentionem€ or€ where€ the€ consequence€exceeded€the€intention€ € Note:€The€three€enumerated€situations€are€always€the€ result€ of€ an€ intended€ felony.€ € Q:€ What€ does€ l€ liability€ shall€ be€ incurred€ by€ any€ person€ committing€ a€ felony€ although€ the€ w e€ different€ from€ that€ which€ he€ intended"€ presuppose?€ € A:€It€presupposes€that€the€a ause€of€the€resulting€felony.€ Is€ praeter€ intentionem€ properly€ invoked?€ aeter€ intentionem€ is€ mitigating€ only€ if€ there€ is€ a€ notable€ disparity€ between€ th nd€the€resulting€felony.€ they€ had€ so veral€times.

UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € natural,€ and€ logical€ consequence€ of€ the€ felonious€ act.€ € Q:€What€is€a€proximate€cau se€ is€ that€ cause€ which€ sets€ into€ motion€ other€ causes€ and€ which,€ unbroken€ by€ a ening€ cause,€ produces€ a€ felony€ without€which€such€felony€could€not€have€resulted.€ (He e€is€the€cause€of€the€ evil€of€the€cause.)€ € As€a€rule,€the€offender€is€criminally€liable€ onious€ act,€ although€ not€ intended,€if€the€felonious€act€is€the€proximate€cause€ of€the€ isites€of€proximate€cause?€ € A:€€ 1. The€direct,€natural,€and€logical€cause€ 2. Produces€t nbroken€ by€ any€ sufficient€ intervening€ cause€ 4. Without€which€the€result€would€not€hav proximate€ cause€ the€ same€ as€ immediate€ cause?€ € A:€ A€ proximate€ cause€ is€ not€ nec ate€cause.€Immediate€cause€may€be€a€cause€ which€ is€ far€ and€ remote€ from€ the€ conseque ther€causes€which€resulted€ in€the€felony.€ € As€long€as€the€act€of€the€accused€contributed ven€ if€ the€ victim€ is€ about€ to€ die,€ he€ will€ still€ be€ liable€ for€ the€ felonious t€victim.€ € Proximate€cause€does€not€require€that€the€offender€ needs€ to€ actually€ touch ded€ party.€ It€ is€ enough€ that€ the€ offender€ generated€ in€ the€mind€of€the€offended€p m€risk€himself.€ € Illustration:€ € X€and€Y€are€crew€members€of€cargo€vessel.€They€had€a€ heated€ argument.€ X reatened€to€kill€Y.€The€victim€Y,€believing€himself€to€ be€in€immediate€peril,€threw€himsel ning.€In€this€case,€Y€is€liable€for€homicide€ for€the€death€of€Y.€ € Even€if€other€causes€c ult€as€long€as€the€wound€inflicted€is€dangerous,€that€ is,€ calculated€ to€ destroy€ or€ en is€ liable.€ € It€ is€ important€ that€ there€ be€ no€ efficient€ intervening€ cause.€

€ Q:€How€is€proximate€cause€negated?€ € A:€€ 1. Active€ force,€ distinct€ act,€ or€ fact€ a he€ felonious€ act€ of€ the€ accused,€ which€ serves€ as€ a€ sufficient€intervening€cause€ ury€ or€ damage€ is€ due€ to€ the€ intentional€act€of€the€victim.€€ € Q:€ What€ circumstanc ficient€intervening€causes?€ € A:€ 1. The€weak€physical€condition€of€the€victim€ 2. The€ ne erament€ of€ the€ victim€ 3. Causes€ which€ are€ inherent€ in€ the€ victim,€ such€as€the€vi m€ 4. Refusal€ of€ the€ injured€ party€ of€ medical€ attendance€ 5. Erroneous€or€unskillful ent€ € Note:€ Although€ the€ following€ may€ have€ intervened€ in€ the€commission€of€the€crime,€th ble€ for€the€resulting€crime€because€the€proximate€cause€is€ caused€by€him.€

€ Q:€What€circumstances€are€considered€for€death€to€ be€presumed€to€be€the€natural€conseque es€inflicted?€ € A:€ 1. That€the€victim€was€in€normal€condition€at€ the€ time€ the€ physica ted€ 2. That€the€death€may€be€expected€from€the€ physical€injuries€inflicted.€ 3. That€ dea reasonable€ time.€ € Note:€ Even€ if€ other€ causes€ cooperated€ in€ producing€ the€ fatal€ result€ as€ long€ as ed€ is€ dangerous,€that€is,€calculated€to€destroy€or€endanger€ life,€ the€ actor€ is€ liabl hough€ the€ immediate€cause€of€death€was€erroneous€or€unskillful€ medical€treatment,€refusa it€to€ surgical€operation,€or€that€the€deceased€was€suffering€ from€ tuberculosis,€ heart€ nternal€ malady.€ € € € € 10€


BOOK 1: Felonies C.€IMPOSSIBLE€CRIME€[Art.€4€(2)]€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€an€impossible€crime?€ € A an€ offense€ against€persons€or€property.€ € Note:€Kidnapping€is€a€crime€against€personal€ security€and€not€against€person€or€property€€ minal€law€that€the€offender€ will€ only€ be€ penalized€ for€ an€ impossible€ crime€ if€ he€ ome€other€provision€of€the€ RPC.€An€impossible€crime€is€a€crime€of€last€resort.€€ 2. 3. 4.

€ Act€was€done€with€evil€intent€ Accomplishment€ is€ inherently€ impossible€ or€ means€ emp adequate€ or€ineffectual€ Act€ performed€ should€ not€ constitute€ a€ violation€of€another€

€ Note:€ The€ offender€ must€ believe€ that€ he€ can€ consummate€ the€ intended€ crime.€ A€ m er€ who€ he€ knew€ was€ already€ dead€ cannot€ be€ liable€for€an€impossible€crime€ €

Q:€What€is€the€essence€of€an€impossible€crime?€ € A:€ The€ essence€ of€ an€ impossible€ cri bility€of€accomplishing€the€crime€or€ the€ inherent€ impossibility€ of€ the€ means€ employe rime.€ € Q:€What€is€inherent€impossibility?€ € A:€Inherent€impossibility€means€that€under€a ces,€ the€ crime€ could€ not€ have€ materialized.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ two€ kinds€ of€ in ?€ € A:€ 1. Legal€ impossibility€ –€ which€ occurs€ where€ the€ intended€ acts,€ even€ if€ nt€to€a€crime.€E.g.€killing€a€ dead€person.€ € 2. Physical€impossibility€–€where€extraneous n€ to€ the€ accused€ prevent€ the€ consummation€ of€ the€ intended€ crime.€ E.g.€ pick€ poc let.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ reason€ for€ penalizing€ impossible€ crime?€ € A:€ To€ teach€ th ause€ of€ his€ criminal€ perversity.€ Although€ objectively,€ no€ crime€ is€committed,€but€ e€is€a€criminal.€ €

€ Q:€What€are€examples€of€impossible€crimes?€ € A:€ 1. In€ employment€ of€ inadequate€ mean ison€ which€ is€ inadequate€to€kill€a€person.€ € 2. In€ employment€ of€ inefficient€ means€ owing€that€it€is€ empty.€ € Q:€Buddy€always€resented€his€classmate,€Jun.€One€ day,€Buddy€pl n€in€ his€ lunch.€ Not€ knowing€ where€ he€ can€ get€ poison,€ he€ approached€ another€ cla he€ disclosed€ his€ evil€ plan.€ Because€ he€ himself€ harbored€ resentment€ towards€ Jun,€ dy€a€poison,€which€Buddy€placed€on€Jun s€food.€ However,€ Jun€ did€ not€ die€ because,€ unk erry,€ the€ poison€ was€ actually€ powdered€ milk.€ What€ crime€ or€ crimes,€ if€ any,€ did t?€ € A:€ Jerry€ and€ Buddy€ are€ liable€ for€ the€ so‐called€ impossible€ crime€ because,€ hey€ tried€ to€ poison€ Jun€ and€ thus€ perpetrate€ murder,€ a€ crime€ against€ persons.€ J d€ only€ because€ the€ would‐be€ killers€ were€ unaware€ that€ what€ they€ mixed€ with€ the red€ milk,€ not€ poison.€ Criminal€ liability€ is€ incurred€ by€ them€ although€ no€ crime€ se€their€act€of€trying€to€poison€Jun€is€criminal.€ (1998€Bar€Question)€ € Q:€Is€impossible€ its€ very€ nature,€ an€ impossible€ crime€ is€ a€ formal€ crime.€ It€ is€ either€ consummat ted€ at€ all.€ There€ is€ therefore€ no€ attempted€or€frustrated€impossible€crime.€€

€ Q:€ Distinguish€ impossible€ crime€ from€ unconsummated€felonies€(attempted€or€frustrated€ UNCONSUMMATED€ FELONIES€ Intent€is€not€accomplished€ Intent€of€the€offender€has€ possibilit hment€ IMPOSSIBLE€CRIMES€ Intent€is€not€ accomplished€ Intent€of€the€offender,€ cannot€be€a



UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Intent€cannot€be€ accomplished€because€ it€is€inherently€ impossible€to€ accomplish€or€beca oyed€by€ the€offender€is€ inadequate€or€ ineffectual€

Accomplishment€is€ prevented€by€the€ intervention€of€certain€ cause€or€accident€in€which€ t

€ D.€STAGES€OF€EXECUTION€(Art.€6)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ classifications€ of€ felonies€ acc ion?€€ € A:€Consummated,€frustrated€and€attempted€€ € Q:€What€is€the€purpose€of€classificat oportionate€ penalty€ and€ equitable€punishment.€ € Note:€ The€ penalties€ are€ graduated€ according€ to€ their€ degree€ of€ severity.€ The€ st ly€ to€ all€ kinds€ of€ felonies.€ There€ are€ felonies€ which€ do€ not€ admit€of€division.

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ crimes€ that€ do€ not€ admit€ of€ division?€ € A:€ Formal€ crimes€ wh e€ instance,€ do€ not€ admit€ of€ division.€ e.g.€ physical€ injuries€and€oral€defamation.€ f€felony?€ € A:€ 1. Subjective€ phase€ –€ that€ portion€ of€ execution€ of€ the€ crime€ sta ere€ the€ offender€ begins€ up€ to€ that€point€where€he€still€has€control€of€his€ acts.€€ € Note:€If€it€reaches€the€point€where€he€has€no€ more€ control€ over€ his€ acts,€ the€ subjec subjective€phase€is€not€ yet€passed,€ the€ felony€would€be€a€mere€attempt.€ € If€ it€ alrea is€ not€ produced,€as€a€rule,€it€is€frustrated.€

Q:€When€is€a€felony€consummated?€ € A:€ A€ felony€ is€ consummated€ when€ all€ the€ acts€ n ment€and€execution€are€ present.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€frustrated€felony?€ € A:€ 1 all€ the€ acts€ of€ execution.€ 2. All€the€acts€performed€would€produce€the€ felony€as€a€co lony€is€not€produced.€ 4. By€ the€ reason€ of€ causes€ independent€ of€ the€will€of€the€per o€not€admit€of€frustrated€stage?€ € A:€ 1. Rape€ –€ the€ gravamen€ of€ the€ offense€ is€ ca slightest€ penetration€ to€ the€ female€ organ€ consummates€the€felony.€ € 2. Arson€–€the€m rty€ occurs,€ even€ if€ slight,€ the€ offense€ is€ consummated.€ € 3. Corruption€ of€ publi cceptance€of€the€offer€consummates€the€ crime.€ € 4. Physical€ injury€ –€ consummated€ at€ ies€are€inflicted.€ € 5. Adultery€ –€ the€ essence€ of€ the€ crime€ is€ sexual€congress.€€ e€ crime€ is€ the€ possession€ of€ the€ thing,€ once€ the€ thing€ has€been€taken€or€in€the€ ime€is€consummated.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€attempted€felony?€€ € A:€ 1. The€offende f€the€felony€directly€by€overt€acts€ € Note:€ Overt€ acts€ are€ external€ acts€ which€ if€ continued€will€logically€result€in€a€fe criminal€ liability€ because€ the€ offender€has€commenced€the€commission€of€ an€offense€wit

€ 2. Objective€ phase€ –€ results€ of€ the€ acts€ of€ execution,€that€is,€the€accomplishmen

€ Note:€ If€ the€ subjective€ and€ objective€ phases€ are€ present,€there€is€consummated€felo

€ He€ does€ not€ perform€ all€ the€ acts€ of€ execution€ which€ should€ produce€ the€ felon € 12€


BOOK 1: Felonies € The€ non‐performance€ of€ all€ acts€ of€ execution€was€due€to€a€cause€or€accident€ other€ ontaneous€desistance€ € A:€The€difference€between€the€attempted€stage€and€ the€ frustrated€ ther€ the€ offender€ has€ performed€ all€ the€ acts€ of€ execution€ for€ the€ accomplishmen lly,€ under€ the€ article,€ if€ the€ offender€ has€ performed€ all€ the€ acts€ of€ executio duce€the€felony€as€a€consequence€but€the€felony€ was€ not€ realized,€ then€ the€ crime€ is€ ed€stage.€€ If€the€offender€has€not€yet€performed€all€the€acts€of€ execution€(there€is€yet€ was€ not€ able€ to€ perform€ all€ the€ acts€ of€ execution€due€to€some€cause€or€accident€ot esistance,€then€you€have€an€ attempted€felony.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between rated€and€consummated€felony?€ € A:€ ATTEMPTED criminal€purpose€ was€not€ accomplished€ Offender€merely€ commences€the€ commissi ime€directly€by€ overt€acts.€ FRUSTRATED€ criminal€purpose€ was€not€ accomplished€ Offender ll€the€ acts€of€execution€ which€would€ produce€the€ felony€as€a€ consequence.€ The€interve or€accident€which€ the€offender€had€ no€part€ prevented€the€ accomplishment€ Offender€has€ ive€stage€ CONSUMMATED Criminal€purpose€ was€ accomplished.€ Offender€has€ performed€all€ t cution€which€ would€produce€ the€felony€as€the€ consequence.€ The€felony€was€ produced€as€a f€the€ offender€ Subjective€and€ objective€phase€ are€present€ 3.

Note:€ The€ moment€ the€ execution€ of€ the€ crime€ has€ already€ gone€ to€ that€ point€ wh d€ follow€as€a€consequence,€it€is€either€already€frustrated€ or€ consummated.€ If€ the€ fel s€ a€ consequence,€ it€ is€ already€ frustrated.€ If€ the€ felony€ follows€as€a€consequence

€ The€ word€ directly€ emphasizes€ the€ requirement€ that€ the€attempted€felony€is€that€which o€ the€overt€act€performed€by€the€offender€not€the€felony€ he€has€in€his€mind.€

€ Q:€ A€ person€ enters€ the€ dwelling€ of€ another.€ However,€ at€ the€ very€ moment€ of€ could€ do€ anything,€ he€ is€ already€ apprehended€ by€ the€ household€ members,€ can€ he€ pted€robbery?€ € A:€ No.€ He€ can€ only€ be€ held€ liable€ for€ attempted€ robbery€ when€ h d€ all€ acts€ performed€ by€ him€ directly€ leading€ to€ robbery.€ The€ act€of€entering€alo obbery€ although€that€may€be€what€he€may€have€planned€to€ commit.€ However,€ he€ may€ be€ h ng.€ € Q:€ The€ accused€ brought€ gasoline€ into€ a€ building,€ with€ the€ intent€ to€ burn s€ apprehended€by€the€security€guard,€did€the€crime€ of€arson€commence?€ € A:€ Yes.€ The€ a ble€ for€ attempted€ arson€ because€ the€ bringing€ of€ the€ gasoline€ was€ already€ an€ ov pprehension€ was€ the€ reason€ other€ than€ his€ own€ spontaneous€desistance.€ € Q:€ What€ nvolved€ in€ determining€ the€ stage€ (whether€ it€ be€ in€ the€ attempted,€ frustrated€ or age)€ of€ the€ commission€of€a€felony?€ € A:€ 1. The€manner€of€committing€the€crime€ € 2. T ature€of€the€crime€itself€ € Q:€What€is€the€distinction€between€attempted€and€ frustrated€f

The€intervention€of€ certain€cause€or€ accident€which€the€ offender€had€no€ part€prevented€ Offender€has€not€ passed€the€ subjective€phase€

€ Q:€What€are€the€instances€wherein€the€stages€of€a€ crime€will€not€apply?€ € A:€€ 1. Offen ws,€unless€otherwise€provided€for.€ 2. Formal€crimes€(e.g.,€slander€adultery,€etc.)€ 3. Imp s€ 4. Crimes€consummated€by€mere€attempt€ (e.g.,€attempt€to€flee€to€an€enemy€country,€ trea rs)€ 5. Felonies€by€omission€


UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 6. Crimes€committed€by€mere€agreement€ (e.g.,€betting€in€sports,€corruption€of€ public€offi ACY€AND€PROPOSAL€(Art.8)€ Note:€ GR:€ When€ conspiracy€ exists,€ the€ degree€ of€ participation€of€each€conspirator€i ecause€the€act€of€one€is€the€act€of€all,€they€have€ equal€criminal€responsibility.€ € XPN:€ piracy,€ if€ a€ co‐ conspirator€ merely€ cooperated€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime€ w t€ or€ minimal€ acts,€ such€that€even€without€his€cooperation,€the€crime€ could€ be€ carrie onspirator€ should€be€punished€as€an€accomplice€only.€(People€ v.€Niem,€G.R.€No.€521,€Dec.€ he€act€constitutes€a€single€ indivisible€offense.€

€ Q:€What€is€conspiracy?€ € A:€ Conspiracy€ exists€ when€ two€ or€ more€ persons€ come€to€a mmission€ of€a€felony€and€decide€to€commit€it.€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€conspiracy? . The€ participants€ acted€ in€ concert€ or€ simultaneously€ which€ is€ indicative€ of€ a€ s€towards€a€common€ criminal€goal€or€criminal€objective€ € Q:€When€does€proposal€exist?€ € he€ person€ who€ has€ decided€ to€ commit€ a€ felony€ proposes€ its€ execution€ to€some€oth Is€ proposal€ and€ conspiracy€ to€ commit€ felony€ punishable?€ € A:€ GR:€Conspiracy€and€pr ny€ are€not€punishable.€ € Ratio:€Because€they€are€mere€preparatory€acts.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ conspiracy€ and€proposal€to€commit€a€felony?€ CONSPIRACY€ PROPOSAL€

There€is€proposal€when€ It€exists€when€two€or€more€ the€person€who€has€ persons€come€to€an€ cerning€the€ felony€proposes€its€ commission€of€a€felony€and€ execution€to€some€other€ deci ersons.€ Proposal€is€true€only€up€to€ the€point€where€the€party€ to€whom€the€proposal€was€ osal.€ Once€the€proposal€is€ accepted,€a€conspiracy€ arises.€

€ XPN:€They€are€punishable€only€in€cases€in€which€ the€law€specifically€provides€a€penalty€ Note:€ It€ is€ fundamental€ that€ there€ exists€ a€ unity€ of€ purpose€and€the€unity€in€the bjective€among€the€co‐conspirators.€ € Mere€ knowledge,€ acquiescence€ to,€ or€ approval€ o ut€ cooperation€ or€ at€ least,€ agreement€ to€ cooperate,€is€not€enough€to€constitute€a€co cy€is€possible€even€when€participants€do€not€ know€each€other.€

Proposal€is€unilateral,€one€ Conspiracy€is€bilateral,€it€ party€makes€a€proposition€ requir he€other.€

€ Q:€Is€it€required€that€there€is€an€agreement€among€ the€participants€to€constitute€conspi h€ that€ the€ offenders€ acted€ simultaneously€ or€ in€ a€ synchronized€ manner€ to€ bring€ tention.€ € € €

€ Q:€What€are€the€two€kinds€of€conspiracy?€ € A:€ 1. Conspiracy€ as€ a€ crime€ –€ The€ mere f.€ This€ is€ only€ true€when€the€law€expressly€punishes€the€ mere€ conspiracy,€ otherwise, es€ not€ bring€ about€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime€ because€ conspiracy€is€not€an€overt y€act.€ € Note:€Treason,€rebellion,€sedition,€and€coup€ d etat€ are€ the€ only€ crimes€ where€ the€ c posal€ to€ commit€ them€ are€punishable.€ 2.

€ Conspiracy€as€a€basis€of€incurring€criminal€ liability€ –€ When€ the€ conspiracy€ is€ onl € 14€




€ place€ where€ the€ crime€ was€ committed.€if€any.€ The€ overt€ act€ was€ done€pursuant€to€that€conspiracy€whereof€Arturo ere€being€a€conspiracy.€ it€ may€ be€ deduced€ or€ inferred€ from€ the€ acts€ of€ several€ offen ut€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime.€ thereby€ becomes€ co‐principal€ by€ dir t€ is€ needed€ only€ is€ an€ overt€ act€ and€ both€ will€ incur€ criminal€ liability.€ Artu ded€ by€ the€ authorities€ before€ reaching€ the€ alley.€only€one€penalty€is€imposed€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ i. Only€ those€ who€ part nal€ acts€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime€ will€ be€considered€as€co‐conspirators€ € Note:€ In€ order€ to€ hold€ someone€ criminally€ liable.€ € Quasi‐r mit€ a€ felony€ after€ having€ been€ convicted€ by€ final€ judgment€ before€ beginning€to€s hile€ serving€ such€ sentence€ shall€ be€ punished€ by€the€maximum€period€prescribed€by€law € G.€ therefore. ro€ was€ arrested€ earlier. € Reiteracion€ –€ the€ offender€ has€ been€ previously€ punished€ for€ an€ offense€ which€ qual€ or€ greater€ penalty€ or€ for€ two€ or€ more€ crimes€ to€ which€it€attaches€a€lighter nquency€ —€ the€ offender€ within€ the€ period€ of€ 10€ years€ from€ the€ date€ of€ his€ re of€ the€ crimes€ of€ serious€ or€ less€ serious€ physical€ injuries.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€having€been€apprehended€before€reaching€the€ 3.€MARTINEZ€ 15€   .€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ On€ the€ appointed€ day.€ is€ found€ guilty€ of€ any€ of€ the€ said€crimes€a€third€time€or€oftener.€ Discuss€ the€ criminal€ liability€ of€Arturo.€MULTIPLE€OFFENDERS€€ s€and€Effects)€ See€also€page€42€regarding€the€different€forms€of€ repetition€or€habitualit idivism€ –€ the€ offender€ at€ the‐time€ of€ his€ trial€ for€ one€ crime€ shall€ have€ been al€judgment€of€ another€embraced€in€the€same€title€of€the€ RPC.e.€J t€and€shoot€Joel€when€the€ latter€ passes€ through€ on€ his€ way€ to€ work.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ legal€ effects€ of€ implied€ conspiracy?€ € A:€ 1.BOOK 1: Felonies basis€ of€ incurring€ criminal€ liability.€ Arturo€ will€ the€ alley€ and€ simultaneously€ shoot€ Joel€ from€ behind.€ when€ such€ acts€ disclose€or€show€a€common€pur tive.€ When€ Juan€ shot€Joel€as€planned.€ And€ it€ was€ pursuant€ to€ that€ conspiracy€that€Juan€killed€Joel.€ in€ addition€to€mere€presence. Not€ all€ t the€ scene€ of€ the€ crime€ will€ be€ considered€ conspirators€ € 2.€ 2.€esta tion.€ In€a€narrow€alley€near€Joel s€house. 4.€ € Q:€What€is€implied€conspiracy?€ € A:€ When€ the€ conspiracy€ is€ just€ iminal€ liability.€ (1998€ Bar€ Question)€ € F.€48)€€ € Q:€Wh hen€two€or€more€crimes€ are€committed€but€they€constitute€only€one€crime€ in€ the€ eyes€ of ly€ one€ criminal€intent€hence.€The€conspira by€ inference€ only.€ robbery.€th s€ that€ are€ closely‐related€ and€ coordinated€ to€ establish€ the€ presence€ of€ common€ nd€ community€of€purpose€in€the€commission€of€the€crime.€€ € A€recidivist€is€entitled€to€the€benefits€of€the€ Indeterminate€ Sentence€ Law€ but€ is€ dis ling€ credit€ of€ his€ preventive€imprisonment.€COMPLEX€CRIMES€vis€SPECIAL€COMPLEX€ CRIMES€ € €€COMPLEX€CRIMES€€ €€(Art.€ € Note:€ It€ is€ important€ that€ conviction€ which€ came€ earlier€ must€ refer€ to€ the€ cri ier€ than€ the€ subsequent€ conviction.€ there€ must€be€an€overt€act€done€before€the€co‐ iminally€liable.€ € A:€ A e€ two€ who€ devised€ the€ plan€ to€ murder€ Joel.€ Arturo.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ shoul rator€ but€ the€ penalty€ on€ him€ may€be€that€of€an€accomplice€only€because€he€was€ not€ a e€ in€ the€ shooting€ of€ Joel.€ Artu onspirator€ arose€ from€ his€ participation€ in€ jointly€ devising€ the€ criminal€ plan€ wi ll€ Jose.€the€act€of€ one€ is€ the€ act€ of€ all.€ theft. € Q:€Juan€and€Arturo€devised€a€plan€to€murder€Joel.


€Thus€ there e€ of€ estafa€ through€falsification€of€private€document€ € When€one€of€the€offenses€is€pen € 3.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ theft€ of€ 13€ cows€ belonging€ to€ different€owners€committed€by€the€accused€a me€time.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. At€ least€ two€ offenses€ are€ committed€ b.€ € Only€one€penalty€is€imposed€for€complex€crimes€ because€there€is€only€one€cr A:€€ 1.€consisting€of€a€series€of€acts€ but€ arising€ from€ one€ criminal€ resolution€ (e.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ there€ is€ only€ o d. € 4.€ e. In€continued€crimes€ € Q:€What€is€the€penalty€for€complex€crimes€under€ Article€4 me€ is€ committed.€ the€ component€ crimes€ con ivisible€ offense€ and€are€thus€penalized€as€one€crime€ € Q:€When€is€there€no€complex€crime € 16€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ € Requisites:€ a.€ €€ There€should€only plex€crime.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. Complex€crime€proper€–€when€an€offense€ i committing€ the€other.€ JR.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ hence. One€ ffenses€ must€ be€necessary€to€commit€the€other€ c. One€ or€ more€ grave€ and€ one€ o iii.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Q:€What€are€the€concepts€of€complex€crimes?€ € A:€ 1.€ the€ former€ shall€ be€ absorbed€ by€ the€ latter.g.g. €Two€ or€ more€ less€ grave€ felonies.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Only€ a€ single€ act€ is€ performed€ b ingle€act€produces:€ i.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ for€ in€ that€ case. When€ one€ offense€ is€ committed€ to€ conceal€the€other€ When€ one€ crime€ is .€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. € 2.€ € 2.€LIWANAG. A€ single€ criminal€ act€ constitutin ave€felonies..€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ special€ complex€ crimes€ and€ compl t.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Offender€ has€ only€ one€ criminal€ intent.€ 48?€ € A:€ SPECIAL€COMPLEX€ CRIME€ Combination€of€ COMPLEX€CRIME€UNDER€ ART.€48€ The€combination€is€no € 3.€ at€is€a€continued€crime?€ € A:€ Here.€ € Q:€What€are€the€kinds€of€complex€crimes?€ € A:€ 1.€ E. Both€ or€ all€ the€ offenses€ must€ be€ atute€ € Note:€The€first€crime€must€be€a€necessary€means€ to€commit€the€other.€ € Q:€What€is€a€con ime.€ trespass nt€ of€ the€ robbery€with€force€upon€things€ When€the€crime€has€the€same€elements€ as€the€o a€ and€ falsification€ of€ private€ documents€ have€the€same€element€of€damage.€ Special€ complex€ crime€ –€ known€ as€ composite€ crime. Two€or€more€grave€felonies€ € ii.€ the€ offender€ is€ impelled€ by€ a€ single€ criminal es€of€acts€at€ about€the€same€time€in€about€the€same€place€and€ all€ the€ overt€ acts€ viol law.€ € € Requisites:€ a.g.€ € 2.€ the€ penalty€ for€ the€ most€ serious€ crime€ in€ its€ maximum€period€s hen€ the€ law€ imposes€ a€ single€ penalty€ for€special€complex€crimes. € 5. Compound€ crime€ –€ when€ a€ singl rave€ or€ less€ grave€felonies.

€ If€ there€ was€ conspiracy€ between€ the€ offender/ the€ rebellion.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€€robbery€with€ rape€ ied€combination€is€ also€specific€ specified. Continued€crime erial€ –€ there€ are€ different€ crimes€ in€ law€ and€ in€ the€ conscience€ of€ the€offende r€ shall€ be€ punished€ for€ each€ and€ every€ offense€that€he€committed€ € Q:€ Can€ there€ p€ d’état€ with€rebellion?€ € A:€ Yes.€ 48€ of€ the€ Code€ may€ apply€ under€ the€ condit ed.€(2003€Bar€Question)€€ € Q:€ Can€ there€ be€ a€ complex€ on?€ € A:€Yes.€that€is.g.€ 48€ of€ the€ Revised€Penal€Code. Complex€crime€–€defined€in€Ar ically€ fixes€ a€ single€ penalty€ for€ 2€ or€ more€ offenses€committed€ c.€ Since€ the€ two€ crimes€ are€ essen nt€ and€ punished€ with€ distinct€ penalties.€ Moreo oup€ d’etat€ may€ be€ committed€ singly.€robbery€with€ homicide.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€grave€ and/€or€less€grave.€or€one€ o eans€to€commit€the€other€ The€penalty€imposed€is€the€ penalty€for€the€most€ serious€offense € Q:€What€is€plurality€of€crimes?€ € A:€ It€ is€ the€ successive€ execution€ by€ the€ same€ riminal€ acts€ upon€ any€ of€ which€no€conviction€has€yet€been€declared€ € Q:€What€are€the€ 1.€coup€d état€can€be€complexed€with€sedition€ because€ the€ two€ crimes€ are€ and€ distinctly€ punished€ under€ the€ Revised€ Penal€ Code. Formal€ or€ ideal€ –€ only€ one€ criminal€ liability€ € a.€ Sedition€ may€ not€ be€ direc government€ or€ non‐political€ in€ objective.€MARTINEZ€ 17€     .€ whereas€ coup€ d état€ is€ always€ political it€ is€ directed€against€the€government€and€led€by€persons€ or€public€officer€holding€€publ e€ military€ or€ national€ police.€ there€ is€ no€ legal€ impediment€ to€ the€ a .€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ Art.€ whereas€ rebellion€ requires€ a€ public€ uprising ms€ to€ overthrow€ the€ duly€ constituted€ government.€ whereas€ rebellion€ does€ not€ so€ require.€ (2003€Bar€Question)€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ By€ conspiracy.€the€crime€of€one€would€be€the€crime€of€ the€ other€ and€ v le€ because€ the€ offender€ in€ coup€ d’état€ may€ be€ any€ person€ or€ persons€ belonging€ tional€ police€ or€ a€ public€ officer.BOOK 1: Felonies offenses€are€fixed€or€ specified€by€law€ E.

€In€instigation.€ This€ is€ a€ case€ of€ inducement. When€ only€ slight€ or€ less€ serious€ physical€ injuries€ are€ in erson€ who€ surprised€ his/her€ spouse€ or€ daughter€ in€ the€act€of€sexual€intercourse€wit rt. Marriage€ of€ the€ offender€ with€ the€ offended€ party€ when€ the€ crime€ committe tion.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€€€ € Q:€ e€act€is€an€ entrapment€or€instigation?€ € € 18€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ inns€ and€ other€ public€ hous me€ are€ open.€therefore.€€€€€ €€ Q:€Is€entrapment€an€absolutory€cause?€ € A:€ No.€ JR.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Crime€ of€ theft..€344)€ 6. Discovering€ secrets€ through€ seizure€ of€ correspondence€of€ward€by€the enalized.€ the€ person€ entrapped€ is€ actually€ committing€ a€ crime.€ swindling€ € or€ € malicious€€€€ mischief€ is€ committed€ a 32)€ 5. Absolutory€ cause€ – n€ exempting€ circumstance€ and€ it€ is€ predicated€ on€ lack€ of€ voluntariness€ such€ as€ xtenuating€circumstances€–€the€effect€of€ extenuating€ circumstances€ is€ to€ mitigate€ the ty€of€the€offender€ € Q:€What€are€examples€of€absolutory€causes?€ € A:€ 1.€20)€ 2.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ because€ there€ i f€ fact€ anymore. Aggravating€circumstances€ 5.€ 280€par.€ taverns.€2)€ Adultery€and€concubinage€if€the€offended€ party€ shall€ doned€ the€offenders.€ (Art.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € III.€ (Art. Alternative€circumstances€ € Q:€What€are€ ircumstances€found€in€ the€RPC€affecting€criminal€liability?€ € A:€ 1.€it€is€necessary€that€had€ the€facts€been€tru be.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Exempting€circumstances€ 3.€the€offender€simply€ rcers€and. Trespass€ € € n€ € the€€ purpose€ € of€ entering€ another’s€ dwelling€ against€the€latter’s€will€is€to€pr . Justifying€circumstances€ 2. Instigation€ 7.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€€ € Q:€What€is€the€effe that€ the€ person€ trying€ to€ entrap€ him€ is€ a€ law€ enforcer?€ € A:€In€entrapment.€ this€ is€ not€ a€ case€ of€ instigation.€(Art.€So€in€mistake€of€fact.€ the€ act€ is€ justified.€ € Q:€ Do e€ the€ offender€ from€ criminal€liability?€ € A:€Yes.€ seduction.€ € Note:€This€is€based€on€the€rule€that€a€person€cannot€be€ a€criminal€if€his€mind€is€not€crim 8.€ or€ for€ the€ purposes€ of€ rende umanity€ or€ justice.€ The€ officer€ him€ only€ lays€ down€ ways€ and€ means€ to€ have€evidence€of€the€commission€of€the€crime. Accessory€ is€ a l.€ If€ not. € Q:€ What€ if€ the€ person€ instigated€ does€ not€ know€ that€the€person€instigating€him€i erson€ instigated€ does€ not€ know€ that€ the€ person€instigating€him€is€a€law€enforcer€or€ w€ enforcer.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€344)€ € Q:€Is€mistake€of€fact€an€absolutory€cause?€ € A:€ Yes.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ hout€ criminal€ intent.€219)€ 3.€the€ know€that€the€person€trying€to€entrap€him€is€a€law€ enforcer.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ The€ idea€ is€ incompatible€ in€ entrapment.€ or€acts€of€lasciviousness.€247)€ 4.€he€is€acting€ without€ criminal€ intent€ because€ without€ the€ insti t€have€done€the€criminal€act€ which€he€did€upon€instigation€of€the€law€enforcers.€LIWANAG.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€the€occupants€of€ the€ dwelling€ or€ a€ third€ person.€CIRCUMSTANCES€WHICH€AFFECT€CRIMINAL€ LIABILITY€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ circumstances€ a nal€ liability?€ € A:€JEMAA€ 1.€ y€liable.€ or€ when€ entering€ cafes.€ there€ is€ criminal€ liability. Mi g€circumstances€ 4.€ ys€ and€ means.€(Art.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ the€ person€ entrapped€is€actually€engaged€in€a€violation€of€law.€(Art.€ The€ offender€ must€ believe€ he€ is€ performing€a€lawful€act.€ Entrapment€ is€ not€ an s€ not€ exempt€ the€ offender€ or€ mitigate€his€criminal€liability.

Defense€of€the€person€ € 2.€must€prove)€ € €€1. Defense€of€relatives€ 3.€ the€ offer€ to€ purchase.€ The€law€enforcement€ agent€conceives€the€ commission€of€t o€the€ accused.€€ € Thus€it€includes:€ 1.€however.€ An€absolutory€cause.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability A: In€the€case€of€People€v.€ the€ paymen oney.€and€the€delivery€of€the€illegal€drug.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€such€that€a€person€is€deemed€ not€ to€ have€ transgressed€ the€ law€ and€ is€ free€ from€ ity.€€ € Criminals€must€be€caught€but€not€at€all€cost.€ recidivism€ or€ plain€ criminal€ pr then€ this€ must€ also€ be€ considered.€ hence. Avo vil€or€injury€ 5.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. Defense€of€stranger€ 4.€examini ld€ not€ disable€ courts€ into€ ignoring€ the€ accused s€ predisposition€ to€ commit€ the€ is€ overwhelming€ evidence€ of€ habitual€ delinquency.€ € Q:€What€rights€are€included€i ot€only€the€defense€of€the€ person€or€body€of€the€one€assaulted€but€also€that€of€ his€ righ rotected€ by€ law. Defense€of€rights€ t€to€honor. Obedience€ Note:€ Justifying€ circumstances€ are€ in€ the€ nature€ of€ defensive€ acts.€ the€ promise€ or€ payment€ of€ the€ consideration€ until on€ of€ the€ sale€by€the€delivery€of€the€illegal€drug€subject€of€the€ sale.€ This€ must€ start€ from€ the€ initial€ contact€between€the usher.€ unlaw on€ must€ always€exist.€Doria€€the€SC€held€that€ the€ conduct€ of€ the€ apprehending€ officers€ and€ the€ predisposition€ of€ the€ accused€ ime€ must€be€examined:€ € In€buy‐bust€operations€demands€that€the€details€of€ the€ purporte learly€ and€ adequately€ shown.€concealment€ of€ dishonor€ is€ an€ extenuating€ ci ar€ as€ the€ unwed€ mother€ and€ the€ maternal€ grandparents€are€concerned€ € €€JUSTIFYING€ :€What€are€justifying€circumstances?€ € A:€ They€ are€ those€ acts€ of€ a€ person€ said€ to .€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€or€ is€about€to€com sorted€to€by€a€public€ officer€to€trap€and€catch€ the€criminal.€SELF‐DEFENSE€.€MARTINEZ€ 19€   .€ € They€are:€ 1.€whether€ to€ the€ informant€ alone€ or€ the€ po e€subject€of€strict€scrutiny€by€courts€to€insure€ that€law‐abiding€citizens€are€not€unlawfu ense.€ the€ offer€ to€ purchase€ the€ drug.€ € Q:€ Who€ has€ the€ burden€ of€ evidence€ in€ criminal€ case?€ € A: In€ criminal€ cases.€ ENTRAPMENT A€person€has€planned. Self‐defense€ 2.€At€the€ same€time. Fulfillment€ of€ duty€ or€ exercise€ of€ right€ or€ office€ 6.€ the€ burden€ is€ on€ him€to€prove€such€by€“clear dence”€ The€ foregoing€ rests€ on€ the€ maxim:€ EL€ INCOMBIT€ PROBOTION€ QUI€ DECIT€ NON€ Q rts.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ instigation€ and€entrapment?€ € INSTIGATION€ A€law€enforcement€agent€ induces€an€innocent€ person€to€commit€a€ crime€and€wo er€the€ commission€of€the€crime. € Q:€ What€ are€ circumstances?€ € examples€ of€ extenuating€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€€ € The€manner€ hether€ or€ not€ through€ an€ informant.€€ € Idea€to€commit€the€crime€ comes€from€the€offender.€ the€ burden€ of€ proving€ guilt€ is€ always€the€plaintiff/prosecut used€ sets€ up€ an€ affirmative€ defense.€not€he€who€denies.€ A:€In€cases€of€infanticide€and€abortion.€ Not€an€absolutory€cause.€ Courts€ should€ look€ at€ all€ factors€ to€ determ ition€ of€an€accused€to€commit€an€offense€in€so€far€as€they€ are€ relevant€ to€ determine€ f€inducement.

€ (People€v.€Narvaez.€ It€ is€ not€ r ready€ begun.€ a€ slap€ on€ the€ face€ is€ considered€as€unlawful€aggression€since€the€ fac is€dignity.€ € Q:€What€are€the€types€of€unlawful€aggression?€ € A:€ 1.€No. The€ defense€ of€ property€ rights€ can€ be€ invoked€ if€ there€ is€ an€ attack€ upon€ the€ is€ not€ coupled€ with€ an€ attack€ upon€ the€ person€ of€ the€ owner€ of€ the€ premises.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€G.€ E.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ JR.€ € Q:€What€are€the€effects€of€self‐defense?€ € A:€ 1.R.€ € No€unlawful€aggression€when€there€ allenge€to€fight€has€been€accepted.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. Unlawful€aggression€ 2.R. Lack€of€sufficient€provocation€on€the€part€ of€the€ :€ What€ is€ the€ reason€ for€ lawfulness€ of€ self‐ defense?€ € A:€ It€ is€ impossible€ fo ll€ its€ citizens.€ there€ is€ self‐€ defense€ even€ if€ the€ aggressor€ used€ a€ toy€ accused€ believed€ it€ to€ be€ a€ real€ gun.€ € Note:€What€justifies€the€killing€of€a€supposed€unlawful€ aggressor€ is€ that€ if€ the€ offe aggressor.€ Apr.€ stification€ must€ however€ be€ present.€ G.€Also.€€ € Q:€What€is€unlawful€aggression ck€ or€ a€ threatened€ attack€ which€ produces€ an€ imminent€ danger€ to€ the€ life€ and€ l o€self‐defense.€147789.€ Physical€ assault€ may€ be€justified€when€the€libel€is€aimed€at€the€ person’s€go rogress. Imminent€–€the€danger€is€on€the€point€of€ happening.€ But€aggression€which€is€ahead€of€a€stipulated€time€and 4.€ People.€ the€ belief€ of€ the€ accused€ may€ be€ considered€ in€ determining€ the wful€ aggression.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. Reasonable ns€ employed€to€prevent€or€repel€it€ 3. € Note:€What€is€important€is€not€the€duality€of€the€attack€ but€ whether€ the€ means€ employe ent€the€attack.€ personal€ attack€ (Rugas€ v.€ € Q:€What€is€the€effect€if€there€is€a€mistake€of€fact€on€ the€pa istake€ of€ fact.€ € 2.€It€is€ a€ serious.€ € 2.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€2 n€ libel.g.€Jan circumstance€ provided€ there€ is€ unlawful€ aggression.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ should€ the€ aggression€be€legal€or€illegal?€ € A: .€Nos.€it€will€be€his€own€life€that€will€be€lost.€ for€ it€ may€ be€ too€late.€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€self‐defense?€ € A:€€ 1.€L‐33466‐67.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ € Ratio:€He€runs€the€risk€of€being€attacked€in€the€back€by€ the€aggressor.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Note:€ Hence..€€ € Q:€What€is€the€test€in€order€to€know€if€se me€the€accused€killed€the€ supposed€unlawful€aggressor.€LIWANAG.€like€the€attack€of€ the€husband€against€paramour€of€his€wife€whom€he€ surprised€in€an€unc ef€ of€police€who€threw€stones€at€the€accused€who€was€ running€away€to€elude€arrest€of€a€cr ggression€must€be€lawful. When€ all€ the€ elements€ are€ present€ elf€ is€ free€ from€ criminal€liability€and€civil€liability. When€only€a€majority€of€ rivileged€ mitigating€ € Q:€ To€ give€ rise€ to€ self‐defense.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€a€person€cannot€just€give€up€his€rights€ without€resistance€being€ meaning€ of€ “stand€ ground€ when€ right”?€ € A:€ The€ law€ does€ not€ require€ a€ person€ nt€ is€ rapidly€ advancing€ upon€ him€ with€a€deadly€weapon.€€ € 5.€one€libel€deserves€another. Actual€–€the€dan ly€in€existence.€was€his€or€her€ life€in€ danger?€ € n€ into€ consideration€ in€ determining€ whether€ or€ not€ the€ means€ employed€ by€the€per lf€are€reasonable?€ € 20€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.

€ € Q:€Who€are€the€relatives€covered?€ € A:€ 1. S roportionate€ to€ the€ damage€caused€by€the€act.€ RETALIATION In€retaliation.€and€adequate€ to€stir€one€to€its€commissio gressor€retreats?€ € A:€ The€ aggression€ ceases€ except€ when€ retreat€ is€ made€ to€ take us€ position€ to€ insure€ the€ success€ of€ the€ attack€ begun. Even€if€provocation€was€given.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Spouse€ 2.€ a€ young€ married€ woman.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. Note:€ Perfect€ equality€ between€ the€ weapons€ used€ by€ the€one€defending€himself€and€th ot€ required€ or€ material€ commensurability€ between€ the€means€of€attack€and€defense.€ Defense€of€honor€as€included€in€self‐defense."€ Not€ recogn n€ Lina€ that€ the€ man€ was€ not€ Tito.€ There€ is€ no€ defense€ to€ speak€ of€ where€ the€unlawful€a sts.€ 3.€ After€ the€ act.€ defended€ gave€ no€ provocation.€ € assaulted€ does€ not€ have€ sufficient€ tranquility€ of€ mind€ to€ think€ and€ to€ calculat he€ weapon€ used.€ Furious.€ or€ relatives€ by€ affinity€ in€ the€ same€ degrees. No€ provocation€ at€ all€ was€ given€ to€ aggressor€by€perso . Means€ must€ be€ reasonable—depending€ on€ the€ circumstances.€ Lina.€ Li r.€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€which€must€be€present€ to€ satisfy€ the€ “reasonable€ necessit o€prevent€or€repel€it?”€ € A:€€ 1.€must€ have€ been€ el€ an€ unlawful€ aggression.€ Lina€took€out€Tito s€gun h€ homicide.€ the€ man€said. Ascendants€ 3.€ 5. Even€ if€ provocation€ was€ given€ by€ himself.€ 4.€ unlawful€ aggression€conti e€distinctions€between€self‐defense€ and€retaliation?€ € Q:€ One€ night.€€ 2.€ Lina€ denies€ culpability€ on€ the€ ground€of€defense€of€honor.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Means€were€used€to€prevent€or€repel€ 2.€€DEFENSE€OF€RELATIVES€. Even€ if€ provocation€ was€ su ot€ given€ by€ the€ person€ defending€ himself.€if€the€relative€making€the€defense€had€no€ part€therein. Nature€and€quality€of€the€weapon€used€by€ the€aggression.€ it€ was€ not€ the€ proximate€ and€ immediate€ to€ the€ act€ of€ aggression.€ d€ other€circumstances€of€both€the€offender€ and€defender. Relat uinity€ within€ the€ 4th€ civil€degree.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability A:€€ 1.€ even€ if€ the€ relative€ bei provocation. Descendants€ 4.€ her€ husband.€ but€ gen nate€ to€ the€ force€ of€ the€ aggressor€ € Q:€In€what€instances€can€there€be€lack€of€suffi n€defending€himself?€ € A:€ 1. 2. Leg ed€ brothers€ and€ sisters.€ Physical€ condition.€"I€hope€you€enjoyed€it€as€much€as€I€did.€ 3.€the€ unlawful€aggression€was€ still€existing€when€the€ aggres isabled€by€the€person€ making€the€defense.€ € Note:€ The€ law€ gives€ a€ leeway€ on€ the€ third€ requisite.€it€was€not€ sufficient.€ was€ sound€asleep€in€her€bedroom€when€ inking€ it€ was€ her€ husband€ Tito.€(1998€Bar€ Question)€ € €€2.€Is€her€claim€ claim€ that€ she€ acted€ in€ defense€ of€ honor€ is€ not€ tenable€ because€ the€ unlawful€ nor€ had€ already€ ceased. Reasonable€ necessity€ of€ the€ means€ employed€to€prevent€or€repel€it.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€MARTINEZ€ 21€   .€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€ l€aggression.€he€can€successfully€i ative.€ Place€and€occasion€of€the€assau SELF‐DEFENSE In€self‐defense.€ 5.€ What€ the€ law€ requires€ is€ rational€equivalence.€the€ inceptual€unla ion€had€already€ ceased€when€the€accused€ attacked€him. Means€must€be€ne nt€or€repel€it€ 3.€ who€came€home€a€day€early€from€his€business€trip.

Tranquil.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ € Q.€ G.€What€are€the€cycles€of€ g€phase€ € 2.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€2004)€ € Q.€ he€can€still€invoke€the€ justifying€circumstance.€ 26)€ € € 22€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ resentment€ e€in€killing€the€aggressor.€ On€ the€ other€ hand.€he€cannot€ invoke€the€justifying€ circu battering€ relationships€ as€ a€ result€ of€ cumulative€ abuse.€ loving€ (or€ at€ least€ non‐violent Note:€ One€ must€ undergo€ 3€ phases€ to€ establish€ the€ pattern€of€violence.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ if€ an€ abused€ woman€ kills€ or€ inflict€ physical€ injuries€ on€ he live‐in€ partner.€ the€ couple€ must€ go€ through€ the€ battering€ cycle€at€lea d€herself€in€ an€abusive€relationship€with€a€man€once.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.Genosa)€ € €A.€Who€is€a€battered€woman?€ € A:€She€is€woman€who€is€repeatedly€subjected€to€any€ forcef vior€by€a€man€ in€ order€ to€ coerce€ her€ to€ do€ something€ he€ wants€ her€to€do€without€ women€ includes€ wives€ or€ women€ in€ any€ form€of€intimate€relationship€with€men. Reasonable€€€necessity€€€€of€€€the€ .€ € Q:€ fense€ of€ strangers?€ € A:€ 1.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€15.€ once€ the€ trial€ court€ determines€ that€ she€ is€ suffering€ from€ the drome.A.€Anti‐Violence€against€Women€and€their€ Children€Act€of€2004€(R..€he€cannot€invoke€the€ justifying€ circumstance€ if€ the€ relati eady€ a€ stranger€ in€ the€ eyes€ of€ the€ law.€which€has€3€phases.€Jan.€if€ the€person€making€the€ defense€acted ent€or€ some€evil€motive€in€killing€ the€aggressor.€One€must€pas es.€ as€long€as€he€did€not€ contribute€ on€ DEFENSE€OF€STRANGERS€ In€defense€of€strangers. Unlawful€aggression€ 2.€it€woul at€ there€ was€ unlawful€ aggression€ against€ the€ relative€ defended.€Can€BW im‐survivors€ who€ are€ found€ by€ the€ courts€ to€ be€ suffering€ from€ battered€ woman€ s minal€or€civil€liability€ notwithstanding€ the€ absence€ of€ any€ of€ the€ elements€ for€ j stances€ of€ self‐€ defense€under€the€RPC.€If€it€occurs€ a€second€time.€(People€v.€ € Furt ssified€as€a€battered€ woman.€resentment€or€other€evil€motive€ € Q:€W son€not€included€in€the€enumeration€of€ relatives€mentioned€above.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . Acute€battering€incident€ € 3. The€battered€woman€syndrome ized€by€ the€so‐called€cycle€of€violence.€ € Q.R.€Genosa.€DEFENSE€OF€STRANGERS€. Person€ defending€ be€ not€ induced€ by€ revenge.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ di ense€ of€ relatives€and€defense€of€strangers?€ € A:€ DEFENSE€OF€RELATIVES€ In€defense€of€relatives.€€ € In€ layman’s€ terms.€ and€ that€ the€ pe did€ not€ contribute€ to€ the€ unlawful€ aggression.€and€she fined€as€a€battered€woman.€ JR.”€ the€ court€will€declare€her€not€guilty€€(People€v.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€LIWANAG.€ €€ €€3.€9262)€ € Q:€What€is Battered€ Woman€ Syndrome"€ refers€ to€ a€ scientifically€ defined€ pattern€ of€ psychologi avioral€ symptoms€ found€ in€ women€ living€ in€ € The€law€now€allows€the€battered€woman€syndrome€ as€ a€ valid€ defense€ in€ the€ crime€ if f€ self€ defense€ under€ the€ RPC.€135981.€even€though€he€ acted€out€of€some€evil€motive.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ (Sec.€ even€though€the€person€ making€the€defense€ ive.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Q:€What€if€the€person€being€defended€is€already€a€ second€cousin?€ € A:€It€will€be€consider tal€ because€ if€ the€ person€ making€ the€ defense€ acted€ out€ of€ revenge.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ it€ the€ relative€ the€coverage€of€defense€of€relative.€No.

€ Lucresia€ noticed€ her€ bracelet€ wound€ around€ the€ right€ arm€ of€ Jun‐ Jun.€ a€ store€ owner.€ imself€ as€ a€ policeman€ and€ tried€ to€ get€ hold€ of€ Jun‐Jun€ who€ resisted€ and€ ran€ and€ fired€ two€ warning€ shots€ in€ the€ air€ Jun‐Jun€ continued€to€run€and€when€he€was€ab m€in€the€right€leg.R. There€ must€ be€ no€ contribution€ on€ the€ p at€ caused€ the€ evil€ to€arise.€ Lucresia€ went€ to€ a€ nearby€ police€ station€ and€ sought€ the€ help€ of€ a€ policeman Reyes.€ However in€ par.€ Pat.€that€he€ acted€ in€ the€ fulfillment€ of€ a€ duty.€ injurious.€ He€ went€ with€ Lucresia€ to€ the€ house€ of€ Jun‐Jun€ to€ confront€ the€ latter.€22‐year€old€ Jun‐Jun.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability Note: In€the€determination€of€the€state€of€mind€of€the€ woman€ who€ was€ suffering€ from€ b e€at€the€time€of€the€commission€of€the€crime.€ 1943).€a€neighbor.€Pat€Reyes€ rai f€exoneration.€persons€who€did€not€participate€in€the€ damage€or€injury€would€be€civilly€liable€if€the te€of€necessity.€the€one€ t€in€ a€state€of€necessity.€ It€ is€ not€ enough€ that€ the€ accused€ acted€ in€ fulfillmen was€ shot€ in€ the€ right€ leg€ and€ was€ already€ crawling.€ € Note:€ If€ the€ police€ officer€ acted€ with€ negligence€ or€ imprudence€ in€ apprehending€ he€ law.€who€had€an€unsavory€reputation.€ the€ courts€ shall€ be€ assisted€ by€ expert ogists.€ but€ because€ of€ profuse€ bleeding ed.€€ €€OR€STATE€OF€NECESSITY€.€ lated.€ As€ so .€L‐47722.€Delima.€When€Pat.€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€ d€actually€exists. Injury€feared€be€greater€than€that€done€to€ avoid€it.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ Clearly.€ was€ robbed€ of€ her€ bracelet€in€her€home.€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€fulfillment€of€duty?€ € Q:€ Lucresia.€MARTINEZ€ .€ 2003)€ € € Q:€What€does€damage€to€another€cover?€ € A:€Damage€to€another€covers€injury€to€persons€an s€the€term€“evil”€mean?€ € A:€ The€ term€ “evil”€ means€ harmful.€ 2.€ disastrous.€ The€ civil€ liability€ is€ based€ not€ on€ the€ act€ committed€ but€on€the€benefit€derived€from€the€state€of€neces not€ be€ civilly€ liable€ if€ he€ did€ not€ receive€ any€ benefit€ out€ of€ the€ state€ of€ nd.€ there€ was€ no€ need€ for€ Pa rther.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ If€ it€ is€ merely€ expected€ or€ anticipated.€July€27.€(People€v.€AVOIDANCE€OF€GREATER€EVIL€.€ A:€ 1.€and€ 4.€The€following€ fternoon.€ € Note:€ Generally.€ Pat€ Reyes€ brought€ Jun‐Jun€ to€ the€ hospital.€ Reyes€ acted€ beyond€ the€ call€ of€ duty€ which€ brought€ about€ t f€ the€ victim. Accused€acted€in€the€performance€of€a€ duty€or€in€the€lawful€exercise€of€a€right€or€ ense€ committed€ be€ the€ necessary€ consequence€ of€ the€ due€ performance€ of€ duty€ or€ se€of€such€right€or€office.€€ 2. €€4.€ it€ must€ actually€ exist.€ € Q:€Who€must€be€liable€civilly?€ € A:€ The€ persons€ for€ who evented€ shall€ be€ civilly€ liable€ in€ proportion€ to€the€benefit€which€they€received.€came€to€ her€ s r.€ Is€ the€ defense€ tenabl ense€of€having€acted€in€the€fulfillment€ of€a€duty€requires€as€a€condition.€he€fired€another€shot€at€Jun‐Jun€h hip.€June€16.€ 3. There€ be less€ harmful€means€of€preventing€it.€ (2000€Bar€Question)€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ there€ is€ no€ civil€ liability€ in€ justifying€ circumstances.€inter€alia.€ int g€ underneath.€ the€ justifying€circumstance€of€fulfillment€of€duty€cannot€be€ invoked.€ Pat€ Reyes€ was€ subsequently€ charged€with€homicide.€G.€ € €€5.€During€the€trial.€Reyes€was€about€5€meters€ away.€ 4€ of€ this€ Article€ where€ there€ is€ civil€ liability.€€ € Note:€ The€ state€ of€ necessity€ must€ not€ have€ been€ brought€about€by€the€negligence€or oking€the€justifying€circumstances.€ € The€sh ing€prisoners€is€always€ justified.€138692.€Jun‐Jun€ was€hit€and€he€fell€down€but€he€crawled€towards€a€ fence.€FULFILLMENT€OF€DUTY€.€tha ted€be€the€unavoidable€or€ necessary€ consequence€ of€ the€ due€ performance€ of€ the€duty€ .€No.

23€ .

€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € Q:€Who€are€exempted€from€criminal€liability person.€ is€ there€ a€ crime€committed?€ € A:€Yes.€ that€ is.€ while€advanced€in€age.€ € 2.€ not€ being€ aware€ of€ its€ illegality.€LIWANAG.€ If€ the€ order€ is€ patently€ illegal.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. Any€ person€ who.€ 9344.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ the€ order€ mu legal.€ JR.€ € 7.€ or€ under€ the ntrollable€fear.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ 9344€ € 3.€ Any€person€who€ac uncontrollable€ fear€ of€ an€ equal€ or€ greater€injury.€There€is€a€c nal€ liability€ arises€ from€ it€ because€ of€ the€ complete€ absence€ of€ any€ of€ the€ co titute€ free€will€or€voluntariness€of€the€act.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.A.€ 5.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€OBEDIENCE€TO€AN€ORDER€ISSUED€.€ €€(Art. € 6.A.€ or€ freedom€ of€ action€ on€ the€ part€of€the€off case€ of€ exempting€ circumstances.€ this€ circumstance€ cannot€be€validly€invok Note:€ Even€ if€ the€ order€ is€ patently€ illegal.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ has€a€mental€ development€compa ren€ between€two€to€seven€ years€of€age.€ such€ child€ shal ropriate€ proceedings€ in€ accordance€ with€ R.€ No€lucid€interval Exempt€in€criminal€liability€ i sanity€exists€when€ there€is€a€complete€ deprivation€of€ intelligence€in€ committing€the€ac rval€ Not€exempt€from€ criminal€liability€if€it€can€ be€shown€that€he€acted€ during€lucid€i € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ two€ tests€ for€ exemption€ on€ grounds€of€insanity?€ € € € € 24€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. Any€ person€ who€ acts€ under€ the€ compulsion€of€an€irresistible€force.€ € €€1.€ intelligence. Such€ order€ m pose€ 3.€ one€ or€ some€ of€ the€ ingredients ch€ as€ criminal€ intent.€unless€he€has€acted€with€ discernment.€ Any€ person€ who€ fails€ to€ perf d€by€law.€€ €€FOR€SOME€LAWFUL€PURPOSE€.€ unless€ the€ latter€ has€ acted€ during€ a€ lucid€ interval.€ € Q:€Who€has€the€burden€of€proof?€ € A:€Any nse€ and€ must€ be€ proved€ by€ the€ defendant€ to€ the€ satisfaction€of€the€court.€when€prevented€by€some€ lawful€or€insuperable€cause.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ However.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ re or€some€lawful€purpose?€ € A:€ 1.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ € €€EXEMPTING€CIRCUMSTANCES€. Means€ used€ by€ the€ subordinate€ to€ carry€ out€said€order€is€lawful€ € Note:€ Both€ the€ person€ who€ gives€ the€ order. A€ child€ fifte nder€ is€ exempt€ from€ criminal€ liability€ under€ R. € Q:€ Is€ good€ faith€ on€ the€ part€ of€ the€ subordinate€ material?€ € A:€ Yes.. A€ person€ over€ fifte under€eighteen. An€order€has€been€issued€by€a€superior€ 2.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €€6.€ while€ pe ul€act€with€due€care.€ and€ the€ person€ who€ executes€ it.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € 4.€ If€ he€ h. re€the€distinctions€between€imbecility€ and€insanity?€ € A:€ IMBECILITY An€imbecile€is€one€who.€ he€ is€ not€ liable.€ in€ which€ case.€12)€.€ mu he€ limitations€prescribed€by€law.€ the€ subordinate€may€still€be€able€to€ cumstances€of€having€acted€upon€the€compulsion€of€ an€ irresistible€ force.€causes€an€injury€ by€ mere€ accident€ without€ the€ fault€ or€ intent € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ basis€ for€ the€ exemption€ from€ criminal€liability?€ € A:€ The€ reas es€ on€ the€ involuntariness€ of€ the€ act.

A.€ € Epilepsy€which€is€chronic€nervous€disease€ characterized€ by€ compulsive€ motio les€ and€ loss€ of€ consciousness€ may€be€covered€by€the€tern€insanity.€to€ be€considere l€have€to€ be€investigated€by€competent€psychiatrist€ to€determine€if€the€unlawful€act€is€d lse€ produced€ by€ his€ mental€ defect.€there€ will€ be€ suspension€ of€ the€ trial€ until e€ accused€ is€ restored€ to€ afford€ him€ fair€trial.€ thus€ the€ person€ has€ no€ control€ o nia€ or€ presence€ of€ abnormal. € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ effects€ of€ the€ insanity€ of€ the€ accused?€ € A:€ 1. Note:€Feeblemindedness€is€not€imbecility€because€the€ offender€can€distinguish€right€from€w and€ an€ insane€ to€ be€ exempted€ must€ not€ be€ able€ to€ distinguish€right€from€wrong.€ thus€ loss€ of€ willpower.€ or€adjudged€as.€€€ Q:€What€are€the€other€instances€o c.€ the€ accused€ is€ committed€ to€ a€ of€ confinement€ in€ the€ hospital€ is€ counted€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ the€ prescription€o hould€insanity€be€present?€ A:€ Insanity€ at€ the€ time€ of€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crim f€ the€ trial€ will€ exempt€ one€from€criminal€liability. At€the€time€o .€There€must ation€ of€the€intellect€or€will€or€freedom.€€ Q:€What€is€the€effect€of€insani se€of€insanity€at€the€time€of€the€trial. Afte ng€sentence€–€ execution€ of€ judgment€ is€ suspended.€ € Q:€Is€the€presumption€in€favor€of€sanity?€ € A:€ Yes.€ € b.€Juvenile€Justice€and€Welfare€Act€of€2006€€ (R.€ It€ is€ characterized€ by€ delusions€that€he€i xually.€accused€of.€having€committed€an€offense Note:€The€child€in€conflict€with€the€law€shall€enjoy€the€ presumption€ of€ minority. Dementia€ praecox€ (Schizoprenia)‐€ is€ covered€ by€ the€ term€ insanity€ tack€is€common€in€such€form€ of€ psychosis.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability A:€ 1.€9344)€ €€€ Q:€What€i fers€to€a€child€who€is€alleged€as.€ Test€ of€ volition€ –€ whether€ the€ accused€ acted€ in€ total€ depri will.€€ € 2. Test€ of€ cognition€ –€ whether€ the€ accused€ acted€ with€ complete€ deprivation€ o mmitting€said€crime.€ both€ cognition€ and€ volition€ tests€are€applied.€ € Note:€ Mere€ abnormalities€ of€ the€ mental€ facilities€ are€ not€enough.€ € B.€MARTINEZ€ 25€ .€MINORITY€.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € A:€€ a.€ or€ that€ his€ property€ is€ being€ taken.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ He/sh rights€of€a€child€in€conflict€with€the€law€until€he/she€is€ proven€to€be€18€years€old€or€ol € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ minimum€ age€ of€ criminal€ responsibility?€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€€ accused€is€committed€to€a€hospital€ € 3.€ If€ such€ mental€ defe s€ the€ exercise€ of€ his€ willpower€ and€ did€ not€ deprive€ him€ of€ the€ consciousness€ igating. During€ trial€ –€ proceedings€ suspended.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ persistent€impulse€or€tendency€to€steal.€ €€2. Note:€ In€ the€ Philippines.€ The€ defense€ must€ prove€ that€ t time€ of€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime.

sion€of€Sentence.€ € € 26€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€the€court€shall€determine€and€ asce ility€ which€ may€ have€ resulted€ from€ the€ offense€ committed.€ testimonies€ of€ other€ persons.38€ R.€ without€ need€ of€ application:€Provided.. Offenses€ not€ applicable€ to€ child low€eighteen€(18)€years€of€ age€shall€be€exempt€from€prosecution€for€ the€crime€of:€ € a.€38€of€R.A.A.M.€ the€ physical€ appearance€ of€ the€ child€and€o dence.€38)€ € Note:€ The€ suspension€ of€ sentence€ under€ sec.€ instead€ of€ p judgment€ of€ conviction.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€ AGE€BRACKET€ 15€years€old€or€ below€ Above€15€but€ below€18.€LIWANAG.€(A.€ the€ court€ shall€ impose€ the€ appropriate€ disposition€ measures€ as€ provided€ in€ urt€ Rule€ on€ Juveniles€ in€ Conflict€with€the€Law.€ That€ said€ persons€ shall€ undergo€ appropriate€ counseling€and ram.€ without€ need€ of€ application:€ Provi .€38.€who€ acted€without€ discernmen cted€with€ discernment€ CRIMINAL€ LIABILITY€ Exempt€€ TREATMENT€ The€child€shall€be€ subjec tion€ program€ The€child€shall€be€ subjected€to€an€ intervention€ program€ Such€child€shall propriate€ proceedings€in€ accordance€with€ R.€ The€ provision€ therefore€ modifies€ the€ ruling€ in€ Declarador€v.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ JR.€ age€ may€ be€ based€ on€ information€ from€ herself.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ However.€02‐1‐18‐SC.9344€ applies€ regardless€ of€ the sed. Sniffing€ of€ rugby€ under€ Presidential€ Decree€No.€ Upon€suspension€of€sentence€and€after€considering€the€ various€ circu ild.€No.€9344€ Upon€suspension€of€sentence€and€after€considering€ the€ various€ circumstances€ of€ the€ ch hall€ impose€ the€ appropriate€ disposition€ measures€ as€provided€in€the€Supreme€Court€Rul nflict€with€the€Law.€In€case€of€ doubt€ as€ to€ the€ age€ of€ the€ child. €Status€offenses€(Se ered€ an€ offense€ or€ not€ penalized€ if€ committed€ by€ an€ adult€ shall€ not€ be€ consid hall€ not€ be€ punished€if€committed€by€a€child.€however.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.A.€ it€ shall€ be€ resolved€in€his Q:€ What€ is€ automatic€ suspension€ of€ sentence€ as€ provided€for€in€Sec.€1619 Ratio:€ Such€ prosecution€ being€ inconsistent€ with€ the€ United€ Nations€ Convention€ on€ f€ the€ Child:€ Provided.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H .€‐€Once€the€ child€ who€ is€ under€ eighteen€ (18)€ years€ of€ age€ at€ th he€ offense€ is€ found€ guilty€ of€the€offense€charged.€ € 2.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€November€ 24.€ instead€ of€ pronouncing€ the€ judgment€ of€ conviction.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€20 Exempt€€ Not€ exempt€€ € Note:€ The€ exemption€ from€ criminal€ liability€ herein€ established€ does€ not€ include om€ civil€ liability.€Gubatan€ SEC. V n€ under€ Section€202€of€RPC€€ b.€ which€ shall€ be€ enforced€ in€ accordance€ with€ existing€laws€ Q:€How€can€the€age€be€determined?€ A:€€The€age€of€a€child€may€be€determined€from€the€ child Baptismal€certificate€ Any€other€pertinent€documents€ Note:€ In€ the€ absence€ of€ these€ documents.€ That€ suspension€ of€ sen till€ be€ applied€ even€ if€ the€ juvenile€ is€ already€eighteen€years€(18)€of€age€or€more€ nt€of€his/her€guilt.€ That€ suspension€of€sentence€shall€still€be€applied€even€if€ the€ juvenile€ is€ already€ at€ the€time€of€the€pronouncement€of€his/her€guilt.€9344 s€ under€ 18€ years€ of€ age€ at€ the€time€of€the€commission€of€the€offense€is€found€ guilt e€ court€ shall€ determine€and€ascertain€any€civil€liability€which€may€ have€ resulted€ fro itted.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ However.€the€court€shall€ nflict€ with€ the€ law€ under€ suspended€ sentence.€(Sec.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ the€ court€ shall€ place€ the€ child€ in€ conflict€ with€ the€ l d€ sentence.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ exempting€ provisions€ under€ this€ act?€ € A:€ 1.


€ v.€ Its€ presence€ merely€ increases€ the€ egree.€€ € Q:€What€is€irresistible€force?€ € A:€ It€ i ernal€ or€ physical€force€which€reduces€the€person€to€a€mere€ instrument€and€the€acts€produ l€and€against€his€will.€2€(failure€to€help€or€re has€ accidentally€ wounded€ or€ injured)€and€Art.€ falls€ under€ the€ sole€ chapter€ (Criminal€ Negligence)€ of€ Title€ Fourteen€ (Quasi Book€ Two€ of€ the€ Revised€Penal€Code.€first€is€ for€ reckless€ im 65). Physical€ for third€ person€ € Note:€ It€ presupposes€ that€ a€ person€ is€ compelled€ by€ means€ of€ extraneous€ force€ o it€ a€ crime. er€ Chapter€ Two€(Crimes€Against€Security)€of€Title€Nine€(Crimes€ Against€Personal€Liberty€ wo€ of€the€same€Code.€93475€two€ informations€are€filed€against€the€petitioner.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ Upon€ the€ othe lp€ or€ render€ assistance€ to€ another€ whom€ one€ has€ accidentally€ wounded€ or€ injured der€ paragraph€ 2€of€Article€275€of€the€same€code€which€reads:€The€ penalty€ of€arresto€ ma xxx€ “€ Anyone€ who€ shall€ fail€ to€ help€ or€ render€ assistance€ to€ another€ whom€ he€ d€or€injured”.€ it€ must€ be€ specificall n.€the€said€chauffeur€ran€over€the€man€with€ his€car.€ € 4. TION€OF€ CAUSING€IT€.€ (U.€ €€4.€ Article€ 365.€€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ The€ last€ paragraph€of€the€Article€specifically€provides:€ The€penalty€next€higher vided€ for€ in€ this€ article€ shall€ be€ imposed€ upon€ the€ offender€who€fails€to€lend€on es€such€help€as€may€be€in€hand€to€give.€ Tayongtong.€it€ being€ a€ mere€ accident.€MARTINEZ€ 27€     .€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€365€(imprudence€and€negligence).€ A:€In€t .(DAMNUM€ABSQUE€INJURIA)€.€and€although€it€com ct€ of€ our€ will.€The€crime€€for€Abandonment€of€ one s€ victim€ (par.€ 21€ Phil.€ suddenly€ and€ unexpectedly€ saw€ a€ man€ in€ front€ of€ his€ e€ sidewalk€ and€ crossing€the€street€without€any€warning€that€he€would€ do€ so.€No.€ 476)€ € Q:€What€is€the€effect€of€accident€in€relation€to€Art.€ failure€ to€ lend€ help€ to€ one s€ victim€ is€ neither€ a an€ element€ of€ the€ offense€ therein€ penalized.€It€was€he e.€The€infliction€of€the€injury€by€mere€accident€ does€not€give€rise€to€a€criminal€or€c aused€the€injury€is€duty€bound€to€ attend€to€the€person€who€was€injured.S.€ € € Under€ Sec€ 59€ with€ regard€ to€ exemption€ from€the€application€of€death€penalty.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ of€ compulsion€ of€ irresistible ion€is€by€means€of€physical€force€ 2.€ € € Without€fault€or€intention€of€causing€it€ € Q:€ Is€ the€ offender€ exempt€ from€ criminal :€Yes.€ Crimes€ against€ Secur y€means€of€dolo.€ The€ information€ against€ petitioner€in€this€case€does€not€so€allege.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability 3.€ 275.€ Quasi€offenses€under€Article€365€are€committed€by€ means€ of€culpa.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ of€ damnu A€person€is€performing€a€lawful€act€ 2.€ while€ driving€ his€ automobile€ on€ the€ proper€side€of€th d€and€with€ due€ diligence. With€due€care€ 3.€ lies€ beyond€the€bounds€of€humanly€foreseeable€ consequences. Illustration:€ € A€ chauffeur.€ Because€i sible€ to€ avoid€ hitting€him.€ Such€ being€ the€ case.€par. He€ causes€ injury€ to€ another€ Note:€ It€ is€ something€ that€ happens€ outside€ the€sway€of€our€will.€COMPULSION€OF€IRRESISTIBLE€FORCE€€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ basis€ for€ th e€basis€is€the€complete€absence€of€freedom. Physical€force€must€be€irresistible€ 3.

€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€LIWANAG.R.€ morally.€is€of€an€evil€ grea al€ to€ that€ which€he€is€required€to€commit.€ Narciso€ Saldaña.€ € 3..€ v.€Baculi€was€ s rs€ of€ the€ band€ who€ called€ him.€ and€striking€him€with€the€butts€of€their€guns.€ (U.€ € Q:€ Baculi.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. Threat.€Moreover.€ G.€ or€threat.€ € Passion€ or€ obfuscation€ cannot€ amount€ to€ irresistible€ force.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ Elmer€ Esguerra€ and€ Romeo€ Bautista€ were€ ellants€ from€a€distance€of€about€one€(1)€kilometer.€4€Phil. It€ promises€ an€ evil€ of€ such€ gravi ordinary€ man€ would€ have€succumbed€to€it.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€a rnando€ Morales.€which€causes€the€fear.€ the€ person€ arrested€ must€ be€ delivered€ to€ the€ nearest€ judi most€ within€ 36€ hours€under€ Art€ 125€ of€ RPC.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ violence€or€physical€ force.€However.€ who€ was€ not€ a€ member€ of€ the€ band€ which€ murdered€ some€ American€ sc plantation€ gathering€ bananas.€the€reason€ for€ their€ entry€ to€ the€ van.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ otherwise.€350)€ € €€5.€15.€PREVENTED€BY€SOME€LAWFUL€.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ Upon€ hearing€the€shooting.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ under€ this€ exempting€ circumstance?€ € A:€ 1.€ JR.€UN is€ the€ basis€ of€ this€ exempting€ circumstance?€ € A:€The€basis€is€complete€absence€of€f isites€of€uncontrollable€fear?€ € A:€ 1.€he€ran.€Caballeros.S.€ €€OR€INSUPERAB s€ exempting€ circumstance?€ € A:€The€basis€is€absence€of€intent.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€   .€Is€their€ defense€of€uncontrollable€fe vailing€ of€ this€ chance€ to€ escape.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ justifying€ circumstances€and€exempting€ ?€ € € 28€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. Failure€ to€ perform€ such€ act€ was€ due€ to€ use. Fear€ of€ an€ injury€ is€ greater€ than€ or€ equal€ s€ the€ difference€ between€ irresistible€ force€and€uncontrollable€fear?€€ € A:€ IRRESISTIBLE€ FORCE€ A€person€is€compelled€ by€another€to€commit€a€ crime€by€means€of€ UNCO s€compelled€by€ another€to€commit€a€crime€ by€means€of€intimidation€ € Q:€The€evidence€on€record€shows€that€at€the€time€ the€ransom€money€was€to€be€delivered.€they€ dies.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € The€force€must€be€so€irresistible€as€to€reduce€the€actor€ to€a€mere€instrument€who€acted€no s€will.€ At€ that€ time.€ Apr.€2004)€ € €€6.€ appellants € allegation€ of€ fear€ or€ duress€ beco It€ was€ held€ that€ in€ order€ that€ the€ circumstance€of€uncontrollable€fear€may€apply.€i e€ compulsion€ be€ of€ such€ a€ character€ as€ to€ leave€ no€ opportunity€ to€ escape€ or€ t.€ € Q:€What€is€insuperable ich€ has€ lawfully.€ where€ the€ father€ of€ the€ vic ir€way€of€keeping€ Feliciano€ Tan€ under€ further€ surveillance€ at€ a€ most€ critical€ tim ana.€ the€ public€officer€will€be€ ntion.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ 148518. A€person€fails€to€perform€such€act.€ or€ physically€ prevented€ a€ person€ to€ do€ what€ the€ law Note:€ Under€ the€ law. Fear€must€be€real€and€imminent€ € 3. An€act€is .€ Is€ he€ liable€ as€ an€accessory€to€the€crime€of€crime?€ € A:€It€was€held€that€Bacul sory€ for€ concealing€ the€ body€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ murder€ committed€ by€ the€ band€ bec he€ compulsion€ of€ an€ irresistible€ force.€ entered€ the€ van€ wher an€ was.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements?€ € A:€ 1.€ unaccompanied€ by€ any€ of€ the€ other€ accused.€ € 2. Existenc 2.€ No.

BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability A:€ JUSTIFYING€ CIRCUMSTANCE€ The€ circumstance€ affect€ the€act,€not€the€actor.€ The€ act€ com nsidered€ to€ have€ been€ done€ within€ the€ bounds€ of€ law;€ hence,€ it€ is€ considered€ rime,€ and€ because€ there€is€no€crime,€there€is€ no€criminal.€ EXEMPTING€ CIRCUMSTANCE€ Th fect€ the€actor.€ Since€ the€ act€ complained€ of€ is€ actually€ wrongful,€ there€ is€ a€ c e€ actor€ acted€ without€ voluntariness€ there€ is€ absence€ of€ dolo€ or€ culpa.€ There€ i e€ there€ is€ a€ crime€ committed€ but€ there€ is€ no€ criminal,€ there€ is€ civil€ liabili .€ However€ in€ paragraphs€ 4€ and€ 7€ of€ Article€ 12,€ there€ is€ neither€ criminal€ nor€ 3. 4. 5.

Since€there€is€no€crime€or€ criminal,€ there€ is€ no€ criminal€liability€as€well€as€ civil€

Such€ information€ and€ testimony€ can€ be€ corroborated€on€its€material€points€ € The€ inf has€ not€ been€ previously€ convicted€ of€ a€ crime€ involving€ moral€turpitude,€except€whe irect€ evidence€ available€ for€ the€ State€ other€ than€ the€ information€ and€ testimony€ r€witness€ € The€informant€or€witness€shall€strictly€and€ faithfully€ comply€ without€ dela r€ undertaking,€ reduced€ into€ writing,€ lawfully€ imposed€ by€ the€ State€ as€ further€ c or€ the€ grant€ of€ immunity€ from€ prosecution€ and€ punishment.€

€ Note:€ Notwithstanding€ the€ provisions€ of€ Section€ 17,€ Rule€ 119€ of€ the€ Revised€ Rul rocedure€ and€ the€ provisions€ of€ Republic€ Act€ No.€ 6981€ or€ the€ Witness€Protection,€ t€Act€of€1991€

€ C.€The€Comprehensive€Dangerous€Drugs€Act€of€ 2002€(R.A.€9165)€ € 1.€Immunity€from€prosecu o€ shall€ be€ exempt€ from€ prosecution€ and€ punishment€under€RA€9165?€ € A:€Any€person€wh tions€ 7,€ 11,€ 12,€ 14,€ 15,€ and€19,€Article€II€of€RA€9165€ 2. Voluntarily€gives€informat on€ of€ Sections€ 4,€5,€6,€8,€10,€13,€and€16,€Article€ II€of€this€Act€€ b. About€ any€ viol if€ committed€by€a€drug€syndicate,€ or€ c. Leading€ to€ the€ whereabouts,€ identities€ and€ ny€of€the€members€thereof€ 3. Willingly€testifies€against€such€persons€as€ described€above€ he€ following€ conditions€ concur:€ 1. The€ information€ and€ testimony€ are€ necessary€ fo ction€ of€ the€ persons€described€above€ € 2. Such€ information€ and€ testimony€ are€ not€ f€the€State€ €

€ Note:€ Provided,€ further,€ That€ this€ immunity€ may€ be€ enjoyed€ by€ such€ informant€ or s€ not€ appear€to€be€most€guilty€for€the€offense€with€reference€ to€ which€ his/her€ inform e€ given: Provided,€ finally,€ That€ there€ is€ no€ direct€ evidence€ available€ for€ the€ r€ the€ information€ and€ testimony€ of€ the€ said€ informant€ or€ witness€

€ €€MITIGATING€CIRCUMSTANCES€.€ €€(Art.€13)€.€ € Q:€What€are€mitigating€circumstances?€ € A re€ those€ which€ if€ present€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime,€ do€ not€ entirely€ fre inal€ liability€ but€ serve€only€to€reduce€the€penalty.€ € Note:€ One€ single€ fact€ cannot€ be€ made€ the€ basis€ of€ more€ than€ one€ mitigating€ ci a€ mitigating€ circumstance€ arising€ from€ a€ single€ fact€ absorbs€ all€ the€ other€ miti tances€ arising€ from€the€same€fact.€

€ Q:€What€is€the€basis€of€mitigating€circumstances?€ € A:€ The€ basis€ is€ diminution€ of€ ,€ intelligence,€ or€ intent€ or€ on€ the€ lesser€ perversity€of€the€offender.€ € Q:€ What€ ces€ which€ can€ mitigate€criminal€liability?€ € € €



UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€€ Incomplete€ justifying€ or€ exempting€ circumstance€ 2. The€offender€is€under€18€or€ov o€intention€to€commit€so€grave€a€wrong€ (praeter€inentionem)€ 4. Sufficient€threat€or€provo ation€of€a€grave€offense€ 6. Passion€or€obfuscation€ 7. Voluntary€surrender€ 8. Physical€de ess€of€the€offender€ 10. Similar€and€analogous€circumstances€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ classes cumstances?€ € A:€ 1. Ordinary€mitigating€ € 2. Privileged€mitigating€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the etween€ ordinary€ mitigating€and€privileged€mitigating?€ € A:€ ORDINARY€MITIGATING€ Can€be€offset€by€ aggravating€ circumstances€ Ordinary€mitigating€ cir s,€if€not€ offset,€will€operate€to€ reduce€the€penalty€to€the€ minimum€period,€ provided€th .€ PRIVILEGED€MITIGATING Can€never€be€offset€by€ any€aggravating€ circumstance.€ Privileged circumstances€operate€to€ reduce€the€penalty€by€ one€to€two€degrees,€ depending€upon€what€t 1.

€ 1.€INCOMPLETE€JUSTIFYING€OR€.EXEMPTING€ CIRCUMSTANCE€.€ € Q:€What€is€the€concept€of€incom pting€circumstance?€ € A:€ Incomplete€ justifying/exempting€ circumstance€ means€ that€ not equisites€ to€ justify€ the€ act€ are€present€or€not€all€the€requisites€to€exempt€from€ cri nt.€ € Q:€What€condition€is€necessary€before€incomplete€ self‐defense,€ defense€ of€ relati tranger€may€be€invoked?€ € A:€ The€ offended€ party€ must€ be€ guilty€ of€ unlawful€ aggres ggression,€there€can€ be€no€incomplete€self‐defense,€defense€of€relative,€ or€defense€of€st

Q:€ How€ may€ incomplete€ self‐defense,€ defense€ of€ relative,€or€defense€of€stranger€affe ility€of€the€offender?€€ € A:€ If€ only€ the€ element€ of€ unlawful€ aggression€ is€ presen s€ being€ absent,€ the€ offender€ shall€ be€ given€ only€ the€ benefit€ of€ an€ ordinary€mi ce.€ € However,€ if€ aside€ from€ the€ element€ of€ unlawful€ aggression€another€requisite, t,€ the€ offender€ shall€ be€ given€ the€ benefit€ of€ a€ privileged€ mitigating€ circumsta se,€ the€ imposable€ penalty€ shall€ be€ reduced€ by€ one€ or€ two€degrees€depending€upon€h mportance€of€the€requisites€present€or€absent.€ € Q:€ How€ may€ incomplete€ justifying€ cir espect€ justifying€ circumstances€ other€ than€ those€mentioned€above)€or€incomplete€exempt stance€ affect€ criminal€ liability€ of€ the€ offender?€ € A:€If€less€than€a€majority€of€th o€ justify€ the€ act€ or€ exempt€ from€ criminal€ liability€ are€ present,€ the€ offender€ tled€ to€ an€ordinary€mitigating€circumstance.€ € If€a€majority€of€the€requisites€needed€to pt€ from€ criminal€ liability€ are€ present,€ the€ offender€ shall€ be€ given€ the€ benefit mitigating€ circumstance.€ The€ penalty€ shall€ be€ lowered€ by€ one€ or€ two€ degrees.€ Wh o€conditions€to€justify€the€act€or€to€ exempt€from€criminal€liability,€the€presence€of€one€ ity.€ € €€2.€UNDER€18€OR€OVER€70€YEARS€OLD€.€ € Q:€ Who€ are€ covered€ under€ this€ mitigat e:€ € 1. Over€15€but€under€18€years€old€who€acted€ with€discernment€ € 2. Over€70€years€old Note:€ It€ is€ the€ age€ of€ the€ accused€ at€ the€ time€ of€ the€ commission€of€the€crime€ s€age€at€the€time€of€the€trial€is€immaterial.€

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ legal€ effects€ of€ the€ various€ age€ brackets€ of€ the€ offender€ w inal€liability?€ € € € € 30€


BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability A:€ AGE€ BRACKET€ 15€and€ under€ Over€15€ under€18,€ 18€or€over€ Over€70€ EFFECT€ON€CRIMINAL€LI ance€ Exempting€circumstance,€provided€he€ acted€without€discernment.€Mitigating€ circumsta ided€he€acted€with€ discernment€ Full€criminal€responsibility Mitigating€circumstance;€no€i of€death€penalty;€execution€of€death€ sentence€if€already€imposed€is€ suspended€and€commute

A:€ Yes.€ If€ the€ resulting€ felony€ could€ be€ expected€ from€ the€ means€ employed,€ thi es€ not€avail.€ € Note:€ This€ circumstance€ is€ not€ applicable€ when€ offender€employed€brute€force.€

€ Note:€ The€ modifications/changes€ introduced€ by€ RA€ 9344€have€been€incorporated€in€the€t

€ C.€The€Comprehensive€Dangerous€Drugs€Act€of€ 2002€(R.A.€9165)€ € 2.€Minor€Offenders€ 3.€A n€of€RPC€provisions€ (Sec.€98,€R.A.€9165)€cf.€Art.€10,€RPC€ € Q:€ Is€ a€ minor€ offender€ e ting€ circumstance€ of€ minority€ under€ R.A.€ 9165?€ € A:€ GR:€ No,€ because€ the€ law€ it pplication€of€RPC€to€R.A.€9165.€ € XPN:€If€the€offender€is€a€minor€and€the€penalty€ is€ lif the€ penalty€ shall€ be€ reclusion€ perpetua€ to€ death,€ adopting€ therefore€ the€ nomencl enalties€ under€ the€ RPC.€ By€ adopting€ the€ nomenclature€ of€ the€ penalties€ under€ the ll€ apply,€ and€ a€ minor€ would€ now€ be€ entitled€ to€ a€ privilege€ mitigating€ circumst (People€v.€Simon,€G.R.€No.€93026,€July€29,€1994)€ € €€3.€NO€INTENTION€TO€COMMIT€SO€GRAVE€A€ s€ the€ basis€ of€ this€ mitigating€ circumstance?€ € A:€The€basis€is€diminution€of€intent. otable€ and€ evident€ disproportion€ between€ the€ means€ employed€ by€ the€ offender€ comp f€ the€ resulting€ felony?€ €

€ Q:€Does€it€apply€to€felonies€by€negligence?€ € A:€No,€it€is€not€applicable€because€the€of e€ intent€ in€ intentional€ felonies€ is€ replaced€by€negligence€or€imprudence.€€ € There€ rt€ of€ the€ offender,€ which€may€be€considered€as€diminished.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ facto n€ the€ intention?€ € A:€ 1. The€weapon€used€ 2. The€part€of€the€body€injured€ 3. The€injur r€it€is€inflicted€ € Note:€ This€ provision€ addresses€ the€ intention€ of€ the€ offender€at€the€particular€mome r€ executes€ or€ commits€ the€ criminal€ act€ and€ not€ during€ planning€stage.€

€ Q:€Is€this€mitigating€circumstance€applicable€when€ the€offender€employed€brute€force?€ € pist€ choked€ the€ victim,€ the€ choking€ contradicts€ the€ claim€ that€ he€ had€ no€ inten :€ In€ crimes€ against€ persons,€ what€ if€ the€ victim€ does€not€die?€ € A:€ The€ absence€ uces€ the€ felony€to€mere€physical€injuries.€It€is€not€considered€ as€ mitigating.€ It€ is€ the€ victim€ dies.€ €€ €€4.€SUFFICIENT€THREAT€OR€PROVOCATION€.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ basis€ ce?€ € A:€ The€ basis€ is€ loss€ of€ reasoning€ and€ self‐control,€ thereby€diminishing€the .€ € Q:€What€is€provocation?€ € A:€Provocation€is€any€unjust€or€improper€conduct€or€ act€ o le€ of€ exciting,€ inciting€or€irritating€anyone.€ €


UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ of€ sufficient€ threat€ or€ provocation€as€a€mitigating€cir Provocation€must€be€sufficient.€ 2. It€must€originate€from€the€offended€party.€ 3. It€must€ .€ € Q:€ How€ is€ sufficient€ threat€ or€ provocation€ as€ a€ mitigating€ circumstance€ dis hreat€ or€provocation€as€an€element€of€self‐€defense?€ € A:€ As€ an€ element€ of€ self€ def nce€ on€ the€ part€ of€ the€ person€ defending€ himself€ while€ as€ a€ mitigating€ circumst o€its€presence€on€the€part€of€the€offended€ party.€(People€v.€CA,€G.R€No.€103613,€Feb.€23,€ Note:€Sufficiency€depends€on:€ 1. The€act€constituting€the€provocation€ 2. The€social€stand rovoked€ 3. Time€and€place€provocation€took€place€ that€at€the€time€the€offender€committed€ l€ suffering€ from€ outrage€ of€ the€threat€or€provocation€done€to€him,€then,€ he€will€stil ating€ circumstance.€€

€ Q:€Tomas’€mother€insulted€Petra.€Petra€kills€Tomas€ because€ of€ the€ insults.€ Can€ Petr ng€circumstance?€ € A:€No.€There€is€no€mitigating€circumstance€because€ it€was€the€mother€w .€ € Q:€ Why€ does€ the€ law€ require€ that€ “provocation€ must€ be€ immediate€ to€ the€ ac of€ the€ crime€ by€ the€ person€ who€ is€ provoked?€ € A:€€If€there€was€an€interval€of€time y€ could€ not€ have€ excited€ the€ accused€to€the€commission€of€the€crime,€he€having€ had€ and€ to€ exercise€ self‐ control.€Moreover,€the€law€presupposes€that€during€ that€ interval r€ or€ diminished€ self‐ control€ may€ have€ emerged€ from€ the€ offender€ had€ already€van .€€ € Note:€ As€ long€ as€ the€ offender€ at€ the€ time€ he€ committed€ the€ felony€ was€ still€ ill€under€the€influence€of€the€outrage€caused€by€the€ provocation€or€threat,€he€is€acting€u ol.€ This€ is€ the€ reason€ why€ it€ is€ mitigating.€ However,€you€have€to€look€at€two€crit ent€ of€ time,€ there€ is€ a€ material€lapse€of€time€stated€in€the€problem€ and€ there€ is€ lem€ that€ the€effect€ of€ the€ threat€ or€provocation€ had€prolonged€and€affected€the€offe ted€the€crime,€then,€you€ use€the€criterion€based€on€time€element.€ 2. However,€ if€ there€ nd€ at€ the€ same€ time,€ facts€ are€ given€ indicating€

€ Q:€ Should€ threat€ be€ offensive€ and€ positively€ strong?€ € A:€No.€Threat€should€not€b y€ strong€ because€ if€ it€ was,€ the€ threat€ to€ inflict€ real€ injury€is€an€unlawful€agg to€ self‐defense€ and€ thus,€ no€ longer€ a€ mitigating€ circumstance.€€€ € €€5.€VINDICATIO he€ basis€ of€ this€ mitigating€ circumstance?€ € A:€ The€ basis€ is€ loss€ of€ reasoning€ reby,€diminishing€the€exercise€of€his€will€power.€ € Note:€ This€ has€ reference€ to€ the€ honor€ of€ a€ person.€ It€ concerns€ the€ good€ names e€ individual€(People€v.€Anpar,€37€Phil.€201)€

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ of€ vindication€ of€ a€ grave€offense€as€a€mitigating€cir e€ offense€ has€ been€ done€ to€ the€ one€ committing€ the€ felony,€ his€ spouse,€ ascendan legitimate,€ natural€or€adopted€brothers€or€sisters,€or€ relatives€ by€ affinity€ within€ t 2. Felony€is€committed€in€vindication€of€such€ grave€offense.€ € Q:€What€is€the€meaning€of€ cular€mitigating€circumstance?€ € A:€ The€ word€ offense€ should€ not€ be€ construed€ as€ e e.€ It€ is€ enough€ that€ what€ was€ done€was€wrong.€ € Note:€The€vindication€need€not€be€done€by€the€person€ upon€whom€the€grave€offense€was€commi he€ wrong€ done€ by€ the€ offended€ party.€

€ Q:€ What€ factors€ should€ be€ considered€ in€ determining€whether€the€wrong€is€grave€or€ € 32€


BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability 2.€Education€ 3.€Social€status€€ € Q:€ Is€ lapse€ of€ time€ allowed€ between€ the€ vindicat fense?€ € A:€Yes.€It€is€enough€that:€ 1. The€offender€committed€the€crime;€€ 2. The€ grave€ his€ spouse,€his€ascendant€or€descendant€or€to€ his€ brother€ or€ sister,€ whether€ natural ate€€ 3. The€grave€offense€is€the€proximate€cause€ of€the€commission€of€the€crime.€ € Note:€ A€ mitigating€ circumstance€ only€ when€ the€ same€ arose€from€lawful€sentiments.€

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ passion€ or€ obfuscation€as€a€mitigating€circumstance?€ pon€an€impulse€ 2. Impulse€ must€ be€ so€ powerful€ that€ it€ naturally€produced€passion€or Note:€ The€ passion€ or€ obfuscation€ should€ arise€ from€ lawful€sentiments€in€order€to€be

€ Q:€Compare€the€circumstances€of€sufficient€threat€ or€provocation€and€vindication€of€a€gr SUFFICIENT€THREAT€OR€ PROVOCATION€ It€is€made€directly€only€to€ the€person€committing€ the€ rought€ about€the€provocation€ need€not€be€a€grave€ offense.€ It€is€necessary€that€the€ pro iately€preceded€ the€act.€There€must€be€no€ interval€of€time€between€ the€provocation€and€t .€ VINDICATION€OF€GRAVE€ OFFENSE€ The€grave€offense€may€be€ committed€also€against€ the€off ioned€in€the€law.€ The€offended€party€must€ have€done€a€grave€ offense€against€the€ offende ed€in€the€law.€ The€vindication€of€the€ grave€offense€may€be€ proximate€which€admits€ of€in ve€ offense€committed€by€the€ offended€party€and€the€ commission€of€the€crime€ of€the€accus

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ of€ passion€ or€ obfuscation?€ € A:€ 1. That€ there€ is€ nd€ sufficient€ to€ produce€ such€ a€ condition€ of€ mind.€ 2. That€ the€ said€ act€ which€ cation€ was€ not€ far€ removed€ from€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime€ by€ a€ considerable€ ich€ the€perpetrator€might€recover€his€natural€ equanimity.€ € Note:€This€particular€mitigating€circumstance€stands€on€ the€ premise€ that€ the€ offender€ rom€ a€ diminished€ self‐control€ because€ of€ the€ passion€ or€ obfuscation.€

€ €€6.€PASSION€OR€OBFUSCATION€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ basis€ of€ this€ mitigating€ circumstan reasoning€ and€ self‐control,€ thereby€diminishing€the€exercise€of€his€will€power.€ € Q:€Wh ion?€ € A:€ Passion€ and€ obfuscation€ refer€ to€ emotional€ feeling€ which€ produces€ exci ful€ as€ to€overcome€reason€and€self‐control.€It€must€come€ from€prior€unjust€or€improper€a tion€ must€ emanate€ from€ legitimate€ sentiments.€

€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ rule€ when€ the€ three€ mitigating€ circumstances€ of€ sufficient€ thr n€ (par.€4),€vindication€of€a€grave€wrong€(par.€5)€and€ passion€or€obfuscation€(par.€6)€are der€ is€ given€ the€ benefit€ of€ paragraph€ 4,€ he€ cannot€ be€ given€ the€ benefit€ of€ p nly€one€of€the€ three€ mitigating€ circumstances€ should€ be€ given€ in€favor€of€the€offend ating€ circumstances€ under€ paragraphs€ 4,€ 5€ and€ 6€ arise€ from€ different€ sets€ of€ f ppreciated€ together,€ although€ they€ may€ have€ arisen€ from€ one€ and€ the€same€case.€ € Note:€ The€ passion€ must€ be€ legitimate.€ As€ a€ rule,€ it€ cannot€be€based€on€common€law mmon€law€relationships€are€illicit.€

€ Q:€When€is€passion€or€obfuscation€not€a€mitigating€ circumstance?€ € A:€If€the€act€is€com essness€


€ whether€ as€ an€ individual€ or€ as€ a€ memb overnment/corporation/board/commission.€ € E.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. Revenge€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ passion/obfuscation€and€provocation?€ € A:€ PASSION/OBFUSCATION€ It€is€produced€by€an€impulse€ which€may€cause€ provocation€ The€offens ate.€ € Q:€Who€i s€ one€ directly€ vested€ with€ jurisdiction.€ € Q:€When€is€surrender€considere t€is€spontaneous.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€   . Offender€had€not€been€actually€arrested.€ not€ spontaneous€anymore.€ € If€after€committing€the€cr id€not€flee€ and€instead€waited€for€the€law€enforcers€to€arrive.€It€is€only€ required€that€the€influence€ thereof€lasts€until€the€ moment€the€crime€is€ between€ The€ criterion€ is€ whether€ or€ not€ the€ offender€ had€ gone€ into€ hiding€ or€ had€ the€ o€ hiding€ and€ the€ law€ enforcers€ do€ not€ know€ of€ his€ whereabouts.g.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ € Q:€What€does€“spontaneous”€mean?€ € A:€ It€ emphasizes€ the€ idea€ of€ inner€ impulse€ ac ulus.€and€ then€he€surrendered€t ictim.€ voluntary€ surrender€ is€ not€ applicable.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ € If€ the€ offender€ comes€ out€ from€ hiding€ b usly€ill€and€he€wants€to€get€medical€treatment.€demonstrating€intent€to€ submit€ himself€ unconditionally€ to€ the€ perso y€or€his€agent.€ 2.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 2.€ € Whether€or€not€a€warrant€of€arrest€had€been€issued€ against€the€offender € Q:€ Does€ the€ law€ require€ that€ the€ accused€ surrender€prior€to€the€order€of€arrest?€ e€ that€ the€ accused€ surrender€prior€to€the€order€of€arrest”€what€matters€ is€ the€ spont ccused€ upon€ learning€ that€ a€ warrant€ of€ arrest€ had€ been€ issued€ against€ him€ and€ render€ is€ obedience€to€the€order€of€arrest€issued€against€him€ (People€v.€ after€ the€ commission determines€ the€ spontaneity€of€the€surrender. Surrender€was€voluntary.€ 3. Surrender€ was€ made€ to ority€or€the€latter s€agent.€ If€ the€ accused€ surrendered€ after€ 5€ years.€ The€passion€or€ obfuscation€is€in€the€ offender€h wful€ sentiments.€ PROVOCATION The€provocation€ comes€from€the€ injured€party€ It€must€immediately€ precede€th f€the€ crime.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ IRRESISTIBLE€FORCE Exempting€circumstance It€requires€physical€force.€the€ surrender€is€not€considered€as€indicat ce.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ passion/obfuscation€and€irresistible€force?€ € PASSION€OBFUSCATION€ Mitigating€circumstance€ It€cannot€give€rise€to€ irresistible€force€be n€or€obfuscation€ has€no€physical€force.€LIWANAG.€no€longer€a€voluntary€surrender€since€there€ is€ex It€must€come€from€a€third€ person.€ It€is€unlawful.€ the€ offender€ did€ not€flee€and€instead€he€went nforcers€ meekly..€ not€ his€ intention€ alone.€ time€ and€ expenses€ to€ be€ incurred€ in€ searching€for€him.€VOLUNTARY€SURRENDER€AND€CONFESSION€OF€ GUILT€€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ basis€ of€ this€ e€basis€is€the€lesser€perversity€of€the€offender.€ his€ act€ of€ surrendering€€€ under€s at€he€is€willing€ to€ accept€ the€ consequences€ of€ the€ wrong€ he€ has€ done€ which€ ther nt€ the€ effort.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€The€surrender€is€not€mitigating.€ JR.€ The€ conduct€ of€ the€ accused.€Cahilig.€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€voluntar rcumstance?€ € A:€ 1.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€€ € 34€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€68€Phi ender€is€mitigating?€ € A:€ If€ he€ would€ give€ up.€ € Note:€ If€ after€ committing€ the€ crime.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ € €€7.€voluntary€surrender€is€mitigating.€€ € If€ ed€ after€ talking€ to€ town€ councilor.

€Besides.€or€bl o€ a€ mitigating€ circumstance€ under€ this€ article€ as€ long€ as€ his€ physical€ defects€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ he€ met€ a€ policeman€ who€ i n€ him€the€warrant€for€his€arrest.€ a utterer.€ But€ conditional€ plea€ of€ guil ting€if€the€conditions€imposed€by€ the€accused€are€found€to€be€meritorious.€ he€ surrenders€ to€ the€ autho iately€ thereafter.€in€ the€course€of€the€presentation€of€ eprox€ withdrew€ his€ plea€ of€ not€ guilty.€ they€ are€ considered€ as€ two€ independent€ mitigating€circumstances.€ he€ cannot€ talk€ so€ what€ of€ wood€ and€ struck€ the€ fellow€ on€ the€ head.€because€he ot€ to€escape€but€to€seek€legal€advice.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ In€ order€ to€ be€ mitigating.€ X€ was€ charged€ with€ physical€ injuri igating€circumstance€by€reason€of€ his€physical€defect?€ € A:€ Yes.€ 2.€ € Q:€Who€is€an€agent€of€person€in€authority?€ € A:€He€is€a€person€who€by€direct€provision€o nt€ by€ competent€ authority€is€charged€with€the€maintenance€of€public€ order€ and€ the€ pr ty€ of€ life€ and€ property€ and€ any€ person€ who€ comes€ to€ the€ aid€ of€ persons€in€aut escapes€ from€ the€ scene€ of€ the€ crime€ in€ order€ to€ seek€ advice€ from€ a€ lawyer.€ € If€ both€ plea€ of€ guilt€ and€ v sent.€During€the€trial.€13€(7)€ provides€ that€ confession€ of€ guilt€ must€ be€ done€ befo ad€ started€ to€ present€ evidence.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability € Note:€Barrio€captain/chairman€included.€ On€ his€ way.€ the€ plea€ of€ guilty€ must€ be€ without€ conditions.€ Jepr t€ the€ police€ station€ to€ make€ inquiries.€but€even€if€he€is€only€deaf€ and€not€dumb.€PHYSICAL€DEFECT€ € Q:€ What ating€ circumstance?€ € A:€ The€ basis€ is€ the€ diminution€ of€ the€ element€ of€ voluntar ical€defect?€ € A:€A€person s€physical€condition. It€was€made€in€open€court€(that€is€before€ the€ competent€ court€ that€ t€ was€ made€ prior€ to€ the€ presentation€ of€ evidence€for€the€prosecution.€13?€ € A:€ ing€ felonies€ committed€ by€ means€ of€ culpa.€(1992€Bar€Question)€ € €€8.€Art.€ € A:€ Jeprox€ is€ not€ entitled€ to€ the€ mitigating tary€surrender€as€his€going€to€ the€ police€ station€ was€ only€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ ver hat€ he€ is€ wanted€ by€ the€ authorities.€ defense€ or€ communication€ with€ others€ are€ imited.€The€physical€defect€that€a€person€may€have€ must€ have€ a€ relation€ to€ the€ commi uppose€ X€ is€ deaf€ and€ dumb€ and€ he€ has€ been€ slandered.€ whereby€ his€ means€ of€ action.€ the€ court€ is€ authorized€ under€ Art.€ € Note:€Plea€of€guilty€is€not€applicable€to€special€law.€ will€ his€surrender€be€considered€mitigating?€ € A:€Yes.€MARTINEZ€ 35€   .€ € Q:€ Will€ a€ conditional€ plea€ of€ guilty€ be€ considered€ as€a€mitigating€circumstance? g.€or€dumb€but€not€deaf.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€such€as€being€deaf€ and€ dumb.€ which€ the€ accused€ followed€ by€ surrendering the€ municipal€ mayor.€ will€ his€ surrender€mitigate€his€liability€because€of€Art.€ € Q:€ Supposing€ that€ after€ the€ accused€ met€ a ing€ multiple€ homicide€ because€ of€ reckless€ imprudence.€ a urrender€voluntarily€to€ the€ authorities.€ € Neither€ is€ plea€ of€ guilty€ a€ mitigating€ circumstance ied€plea.€ meaning€ not€ only€ deaf€ but€ also eaning€in€both€eyes.€ surrender€ must t€he€acknowledges€his€ guilt.€ 3 lty€ upon€ offender€ without€ regard€ to€ the€ rules€ on€ mitigating€ and€ aggravating€ cir at€are€the€requisites€of€confession€of€guilt€as€ a€mitigating€circumstance?€ € A:€ 1.€€ € Q:€ Upon€ learning€ that€ the€ police€ wanted€ him€ for€ the€ killing€ of€ Polistico.€ blind. Offen ssed€his€guilt.€ the€ Supreme€ Court€ h and€ dumb€ is€ mitigating€ because€ the€ only€ way€ is€ to€ use€his€force€because€he€cannot Note:€The€law€says€that€the€offender€is€deaf€and€dumb.€ Can€ he€ invoke€ the€ mitigating€ circumstanc urrender€and€plea€of€guilty?€Explain.

UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € restricts€ his€ means€ of€ communication,€ defense,€ communication€with€his€fellowmen.€€€ € ake€ a€ distinction€ between€ educated€and€uneducated€deaf‐mute€or€blind€persons.€€ € The€p n€may€have€must€have€ a€ relation€ to€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime.€ Not€ any€ physical .€It€will€only€do€so€if€ it€ has€ some€ relation€ to€ the€ crime€ committed.€ This€ circums ring€ on€ the€ crime€ committed€ and€ must€ depend€ on€ how€ the€ crime€ was€ committed.€ 3. 4. 5. 6.

€ €€9.€ILLNESS€OF€THE€OFFENDER€€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ basis€ of€ this€ mitigating€ circumst telligence€and€intent.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ of€ illness€ of€ the€ offender€as nce?€ € A:€ 1. Illness€ of€ the€ offender€ must€ diminish€ the€ exercise€of€will€power.€ € d€ not€ deprive€ the€ offender€the€consciousness€of€his€acts.€ € Note:€ Illness€ of€ the€ mind,€ not€ amounting€ to€ insanity,€ may€be€mitigating.€ € If€ th minishes€ the€ exercise€ of€ the€ offender’s€ will€ power€ but€ deprives€ him€ of€ the€ con ts,€ it€ becomes€ an€ exempting€ circumstance€to€be€classified€as€insanity€or€imbecility.€€ 7.

Defendant€who€is€60€years€old€with€failing€ eyesight€ is€ similar€ to€ a€ case€ of€ a€ pers eople€ v.€ Reantillo€ and€Ruiz,€C.A.€G.R.€No.€301,€July€27,€1938)€ € Impulse€ of€ jealous€ ion€and€obfuscation.€ € Voluntary€ restitution€ of€ property,€ similar€ to€voluntary€surren d€ feeling€ of€ the€ owner€ of€ animal€ taken€ for€ ransom€ is€ analogous€ to€ vindication€ t€ de€ corps€ is€ similar€ to€ passion€ and€ obfuscation€

€ €€10.€SIMILAR€AND€ANALOGOUS€CIRCUMSTANCES€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ examples€ of€ analogous e€act€of€the€offender€of€leading€the€law€ enforcers€ to€ the€ place€ where€ he€ buried€ the as€ been€ considered€ as€ equivalent€ to€ voluntary€ surrender.€ € 2. Stealing€ by€ a€ pers to€ do€ so€ out€ of€ extreme€ poverty€ is€ considered€ as€ analogous€ to€ incomplete€ state ple€v.€Macbul,€74€Phil.€436)€ Unless€ he€ became€ impoverished€ because€ of€his€own€way€of€ ny€vices.€ €

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ circumstances€ which€ are€ neither€ exempting€nor€mitigating?€ € A:€€ erratio€ictus€ 2. Mistake€in€the€identity€ 3. Entrapment€ 4. Accused€is€over€18€years€of€ag f€righteous€action€ € Q:€ Give€ circumstances€ which€ are€ considered€ as€ specific€mitigat es?€ € A:€€ 1. Illegal€detention€(voluntary€release€within€ 3€days;€without€attaining€purpo l€action)€ 2. Adultery€(abandonment€of€spouse)€ 3. Infanticide/abortion€ (intent€ to€ conce nor€of€mother)€ € €€AGGRAVATING€CIRCUMSTANCES€(Art.€14)€€ € Q:€What€are€aggravating€circums f€ attendant€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€crime:€ 1. Serve€ to€ have€ the€ penalty€ impose iod€provided€by€law€for€the€ offense;€or€ € 2. Change€the€nature€of€the€crime.€ € Q:€What€i ances?€ € A:€ The€ basis€ is€ the€ greater€ perversity€ of€ the€ offender€ manifested€ in€ e€ felony€as€shown€by:€ 1. Motivating€power€itself€ € € 36€


BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability 2. 3. 4. 5. Place€of€commission€ € Means€and€ways€employed€ € Time€ € Personal€€€circumstan ty€ 18. Unlawful€entry€ 19. Breaking€wall€ 20. Aid€of€minor€or€by€means€of€motor€vehicle€ o . Cruelty€ € Note:€Nos.1‐6,€9‐10,€14,€18,€19€are€generic€aggravating€ circumstances€ € Nos.€ 3,€ 7,€ 8,€ ific€ aggravating€circumstances€ No.€16€is€a€case€of€qualified€aggravating€circumstance€ € re€ inherent€ aggravating€ circumstances€

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ kinds€ of€ aggravating€ circumstances?€ € A:€ 1. Generic€or€those€tha ll€crime€ € 2. Specific€ or€ those€ that€ apply€ only€ to€ a€ particular€crime€ € 3. Qualif ange€ the€ nature€of€the€crime€ € 4. Inherent€ or€ those€ that€ must€ of€ necessity€ accomp rime€ € 5. Special€or€those€which€arise€under€special€ conditions€ to€ increase€ the€ penal nd€ cannot€ be€ offset€ by€ mitigating€circumstances€ € Note:€ The€ aggravating€ circumstances€ must€ be€ established€with€moral€certainty,€with€th roof€required€to€establish€the€crime€itself.€

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ generic€ aggravating€and€qualifying€circumstan GENERIC€AGGRAVATING€€ CIRCUMSTANCES€ Can€be€offset€by€an€ ordinary€mitigating€ circumstance dient€of€a€ crime.€It€only€affects€the€ penalty€to€be€imposed€ but€the€crime€remains€the€ s NG€ CIRCUMSTANCES€ Cannot€be€offset€by€any€ mitigating€circumstances.€ The€circumstance€is€ edient€of€ the€crime.€The€ circumstance€affects€the€ nature€of€the€crime€itself€ such€that€ le€for€a€more€ serious€crime.€€ To€be€appreciated€as€such€ must€be€specifically€ alleged€in n.€ € €If€not€alleged€but€proven€ during€the€trial,€it€will€be€ considered€only€as€ generic f€this€ happens,€they€are€ susceptible€of€being€ offset€by€an€ordinary€ mitigating€circumst

€ Q:€What€are€those€circumstances€which€aggravate€ criminal€liability?€ € A:€ 1. Advantage€ ion€ 2. Contempt€or€insult€to€public€authorities€ 3. Disregard€ of€ age,€ sex,€ or€ dwellin d€party€ 4. Abuse€ of€ confidence€ and€ obvious€ ungratefulness€ 5. Palace€ and€ places€ of f€ offense€ 6. Nighttime,€uninhabited€place€or€band€ 7. On€occasion€of€calamity€or€misfortu en,€etc.€ 9. Recidivist€ 10. Reiteracion€or€habituality€ 11. Price,€reward,€or€promise€ 12. undation,€fire,€etc.€ 13. Evident€premeditation€ 14. Craft,€fraud€or€disguise€ 15. Superior h€ or€ means€ to€ weaken€ the€defense€ 16. Treachery€ 17. Ignominy€

No€need€to€allege€this€ circumstance€in€the€ information,€as€long€as€it€ is€proven€during€t l,€ the€same€is€considered€in€ imposing€the€penalty.€

€ Note:€ When€ there€ is€ more€ than€ one€ qualifying€ aggravating€circumstance€present,€one€ eciated€as€qualifying€aggravating€while€the€others€ will€be€considered€as€generic€aggravati

€ Q:€ Is€ generic€ aggravating€ circumstance€ necessary€ to€be€alleged€in€the€information?€ e€110€of€the€ROC,€even€ generic€ aggravating€ circumstances€ should€ be€ alleged€in€the€inf


UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Section€ 8.€ Designation€ of€ the€ offense.€ —€ The€ complaint€or€information€shall€state€t fense€given€by€the€statute,€aver€the€acts€or€ omissions€ constituting€ the€ offense,€ and€ ing€and€aggravating€circumstances.€If€there€is€ no€ designation€ of€ the€ offense,€ referen to€ the€ section€ or€ subsection€ of€ the€ statute€ punishing€it.€ Section€ 9.€ Cause€ of€ cts€ or€ omissions€complained€of€as€constituting€the€offense€ and€ the€ qualifying€ and€ ag stances€ must€ be€ stated€ in€ ordinary€ and€ concise€ language€ and€ not€ necessarily€ in€ d€ in€ the€ statute€but€in€terms€sufficient€to€enable€a€person€of€ common€ understanding€ t eing€ charged€ as€ well€ as€ its€ qualifying€ and€ aggravating€ circumstances€ and€ for€ th unce€judgment.€€ Q:€The€accused€was€charged€with€murder.€Three€of€ these€ circumstances:€ t remeditation€ and€ the€ act€ was€ done€ in€ consideration€of€a€price,€reward€or€promise,€we ating.€ May€ the€ three€ circumstances€be€appreciated€as€qualifying?€ € A:€No,€only€one€of€ ne€of€ the€ three€ circumstances€ was€ proven,€ the€ crime€ already€ constitutes€ murder.€ are€ also€ proven,€ even€ if€ they€ are€ alleged€ in€ the€ information€or€complaint,€they€a ic.€If€there€is€any€mitigating€circumstance€in€ favor€of€the€offender,€the€two€other€circum rwise€ qualifying€ could€ be€ offset€ by€ the€ordinary€mitigating€circumstances.€€ € Q:€ Su murder,€ the€ qualifying€ circumstance€ alleged€ in€ the€ information€ was€ treachery.€ Dur al,€ what€ was€ proven€ was€ the€price,€reward€or€promise€as€a€consideration€for€ killing.€ d€of€murder?€ € A:€ No,€ the€ accused€ cannot€ be€ convicted€ of€ murder€ because€ the€ cir ot€ the€ one€ alleged€in€the€information,€hence,€it€is€not€qualifying€ but€merely€generic.€ ying€ circumstances€ is€ not€ alleged€in€the€information,€it€cannot€be€considered€ qualifyi lifying€ circumstance€ is€ an€ ingredient€ of€ the€ crime€ and€ it€ cannot€ be€ taken€ as€ been€ alleged€ in€ the€ information.€ € € This€ is€ because€ it€ will€ violate€ the€ right€ formed€ of€ the€ nature€ of€ the€ accusation€against€him.€ € Q:€ If€ the€ crime€ charged€ i o€ dwelling,€is€dwelling€aggravating?€ € A:€ No.€ This€ is€ because€ aggravating€ circumsta emselves€ constitute€ a€ crime€ specially€ punishable€ by€ law€ or€ which€ in€ themselves€ w€in€defining€a€crime€and€prescribing€ a€ penalty€ therefor€ shall€ not€ be€ taken€ into€ a of€ increasing€ the€ penalty€ (Art.€ 62,€ par.€1).€Since€dwelling€is€an€element€of€the€crim to€ dwelling,€ it€ should€ not€ be€ taken€into€account€in€increasing€the€penalty.€€ € Q:€Wh ircumstances?€ € A:€ Aggravating€ circumstances,€ which€ are€ personal,€ such€as€those€whic The€moral€attributes€of€the€offender€ 2. His€ private€ relations€ with€ the€ offended€ par al€cause€ € Q:€ How€ are€ personal€ aggravating€ circumstances€ appreciated?€ € A:€ It€ sha gravate€ the€ liability€ of€ those€ persons€ as€ to€ whom€ such€ circumstances€ are€ attend )€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ rule€ regarding€ the€ appreciation€ of€ an€ aggravating€ circumstan eral€ accused?€ € A:€ GR:€The€circumstances€which€consist€in€the:€ 1. Material€execution€of ployed€to€accomplish€it,€ will€only€€aggravate€the€criminal€liability€of€those€ persons€ wh knowledge€ of€them€at€the€time€of€the€execution€of€the€act€ or€their€cooperation€therein.€ f€ conspiracy,€ in€ which€ case€ the€ act€ of€ one€ is€ deemed€ to€ be€ the€ act€of€all,€re e€ facts€ constituting€ the€ circumstance.€ (Art.€ 62,€ par.€4)€ € €€1.€TAKING€ADVANTAGE€OF licable?€ € A:€ Only€ when€ the€ offender€ is€ a€ public€ officer.€ The€ offender€must€have on€or€at€ least,€use€of€the€same€facilitated€the€commission€of€ the€offense.€ € 38€


BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability € Note:€ Public€ officer€ must€ have€ used€ the€ influence,€ prestige€ or€ ascendancy€ of€ hi eans€ by€ which€he€realizes€his€purpose.€ Note:€ Teachers,€ professors,€ supervisors€ of€ p ecognized€ private€ schools,€ colleges€ and€ universities,€as€well€as€lawyers€are€persons€i for€ purposes€ of€ direct€ assault€ and€ simple€ resistance,€ but€ not€ for€ purposes€ of€ umstances€in€par.€2,€Art.€14.€

€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ basis€ for€ this€ aggravating€ circumstance?€ € A:€ Greater€ perversit s€ shown€ by€ the€means:€ 1. Of€personal€circumstance€of€the€offender€ 2. Used€ to€ secure€ he€ crime€ € Note:€To€be€applicable,€the€public€officer€must€use€his:€ a. influence€ b. prestige€ c. asc

€ Q:€Who€are€agents€of€a€person€in€authority?€ € A:€ Agents€ of€ a€ person€ in€ authority€ provision€ of€ law€ or€ any€ election€ or€ appointment€ by€ competent€ authority,€ are€ cha intenance€ of€ public€ order€ and€ the€ protection€and€security€of€life€and€property€such€a ,€ barrio€ policeman€ and€ barangay€ leader,€ and€ any€ person€ who€ comes€ to€ the€ aid€ o .€(Art.€152,€RPC)€ €€€ Note:€Par.€2€of€Art.€14€does€not€apply€when€the€crime€ is€committed€in€the€presence€of€an€a

€€ Q:€When€is€it€not€applicable?€ € A:€ It€ is€ not€ applicable€ in€ offenses€ where€ takin ition€ is€ made€ by€ law€ an€ integral€ element€ of€ the€ crime.€ e.g.€ malversation€ or€ f cument€ committed€ by€ public€ officers.€ € Note:€ Taking€ advantage€ of€ a€ public€ position€ is€ also€ inherent€in€the€case€of€access (harboring,€concealing,€or€assisting€in€the€escape€of€the€ principal€ of€ the€ crime),€ and ed€ by€ public€officers€(Arts.€204‐245).€

€ Q:€Is€it€necessary€that€the€offender€has€knowledge€ that€a€public€authority€is€present?€ c€ authority€ is€ present€ is€ essential.€ Lack€ of€ such€ knowledge€ indicates€ lack€ of€ he€public€authority.€€ € Note:€ If€ crime€ committed€ is€ against€ the€ public€ authority€ while€ in€ the€ performan he€ offender€ commits€ direct€ assault€ without€ this€ aggravating€circumstance.€

€ €€2.€CONTEMPT€OR€INSULT€TO€€PUBLIC€ AUTHORITIES€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€contempt ggravating€circumstance?€ € A:€ 1. Public€authority€is€engaged€in€the€exercise€ of€his€func blic€ authority€ is€ not€ the€ person€ against€whom€the€crime€is€committed.€ € 3. Offender€ lic€ authority.€ € 4. His€ presence€ has€ not€ prevented€ the€ offender€from€committing€the ic€authority?€ € A:€ A€ public€ authority,€ also€ called€ a€ person€ in€ authority,€ is€ a€ s€ the€ power€ to€ govern€and€execute€the€laws.€e.g.€municipal€mayor,€ barangay€captain,€ch

€ €€3.€DISREGARD€OF€RANK,€AGE,€SEX€€OR€DWELLING€ OF€OFFENDED€PARTY€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ r ge,€ sex€ or€ dwelling"€ as€ an€ aggravating€ circumstance?€ € A:€The€act€be€committed:€ € sregard€ of€ the€ respect€ due€ to€ the€ offended€ party€ on€ account€ of€ his:€ a. Rank€ b t€ it€ be€ committed€ in€ the€ dwelling€ of€ the€ offended€ party,€ if€ the€ latter€ has€ n ocation.€ € Note:€Applies€only€to€crimes€against€persons€or€honor,€ and€not€against€property€like€Robbe our€ circumstances€ enumerated€ should€ be€ considered€as€one€aggravating€circumstance€only €


UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Q:€What€does€“with€insult€or€in€disregard”€mean?€ € A:€It€means€that€in€the€commission€of€t intended€ to€ offend€ or€ insult€ the€rank,€sex€or€age€of€the€offended€party.€ € Q:€To€what official,€ civil€ or€ social€ position€ or€ standing.€The€designation€or€title€of€distincti ative€position€of€the€offended€party€in€ reference€to€others.€ € There€must€be€a€difference e€offender€and€the€offended€party.€ € Q:€ When€ is€ age€ considered€ as€ an€ aggravating€ c ies€in€cases€where€the€victim€is€of€tender€ age€or€is€of€old€age.€ € Q:€What€does€sex€refer .€€ € Q:€What€is€dwelling?€ € A:€ Dwelling€ is€ a€ building€ or€ structure€ exclusively€ us includes€ temporary€ dwelling,€ dependencies,€ foot€ of€ the€ staircase,€ and€ enclosure€of hould€the€dwelling€be€owned€by€the€offended€ party?€ € A:€ No.€ It€ is€ enough€ that€ he€ u ind,€rest,€comfort€and€privacy.€ € Note:€ Dwelling€ does€ not€ mean€ the€ permanent€ residence€or€domicile€of€the€offended€par e€ owner€ thereof.€ He€ must,€ however,€ be€ actually€living€or€dwelling€therein€even€for€a urpose.€ € It€ is€ not€ necessary€ that€ the€ accused€ should€ have€ actually€entered€the€ m€ to€ commit€ the€offense.€It€is€enough€that€the€victim€was€attacked€ inside€his€own€house ve€ devised€ means€ to€ perpetrate€ the€ assault.€ i.e.€ triggerman€ fired€the€ shot€ from€ ,€ his€ victim€was€inside.€ 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

When€ € € the€ offender€ and€ the€ offended€ party€are€occupants€of€the€same€house.€ € In€ f€ force€ upon€things.€ € In€the€crime€of€trespass€to€dwelling.€ € The€victim€is€not€a€dwel er€and€the€offended€ party€ are€ occupants€ of€ the€ same€ house€ except€in€case€of€adulter ,€ the€ same€ is€ aggravating,€ however,€ if€ the€ paramour€ also€ dwells€ in€ the€ conjuga plicable€ aggravating€ circumstance€ is€ abuse€ of€ confidence.€

€ Q:€What€if€one€half€of€the€house€is€used€as€a€store€ and€the€other€half€is€used€for€dwell lling€portion€is€attacked,€dwelling€is€not€ aggravating€ because€ whenever€ a€ store€ is€ o it€ is€ a€ public€ place€ and€ as€ such,€ is€ not€ capable€of€being€the€subject€of€trespass Note:€Where€the€dwelling€portion€is€attacked€and€even€ if€the€store€is€open,€there€is€anoth portion€ used€ for€ dwelling,€ the€ circumstance€ is€ aggravating.€€€

€ If€ the€ wife€ commits€ the€ crime€ of€ adultery€ the€ aggravating€ circumstance€ of€ dwell appreciated.€ € If€the€wife€killed€her€husband€in€the€conjugal€house€the€ aggravating€ circ g€ cannot€ be€ appreciated.€ € If€ the€ employer€ raped€ their€ maid€ the€ aggravating€ cir ng€cannot€be€appreciated.€

€ Q:€When€is€dwelling€not€aggravating?€ € A:€ 1. When€ owner€ of€ the€ dwelling€ gave€ suff ocation.€ €

€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ meaning€ of€ provocation€ in€ the€ aggravating€circumstance€of€dwellin n€must€be:€ 1. Given€by€the€owner€of€the€dwelling€ € 2. Sufficient€ € 3. Immediate€ to€ the e€ € Note:€If€all€these€conditions€are€present,€the€offended€ party€ is€ deemed€ to€ have€ given d€ the€fact€that€the€crime€is€committed€in€the€dwelling€of€ the€offended€party€is€not€an€ag € 40€


BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability € Q:€ When€ is€ the€ aggravating€ circumstance€ of€ disregard€ of€ rank,€ age,€ sex€ not€co pose€of€increasing€the€penalty?€ € A:€ 1. When€the€offender€acted€with€passion€or€ obfuscat tances)€ € 2. When€there€exists€a€relationship€between€ the€ offended€ party€ and€ the€ off ance€ of€ sex€ only),€ e.g.€ parricide,€ rape,€abduction€and€seduction.€€ € 3. When€ the€ c oman€ is€ indispensable€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime.€ € 4.€€ABUSE€OF€CONFIDENCE€OR S€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€abuse€of€confidence€ as€an€aggravating€circumstance?€ € sted€the€offender.€ € 2. Offender€abused€such€trust€by€committing€ a€crime€against€offended confidence€ facilitated€ the€ commission€of€the€crime.€ € Note:€This€is€aggravating€only€when€the€very€offended€ party€is€the€one€who€reposed€the€con

A:€ 1. 2. The€ offended€ party€ had€ trusted€ the€ offender.€ The€ offender€ abused€ such€ ting€ a€ crime€ against€ the€ offended€ party.€ The€ act€ be€ committed€ with€ obvious€ ung 3. €

Note:€ The€ ungratefulness€ must€ be€ such€ clear€ and€ manifest€ingratitude€on€the€part€of f€ confidence€ and€ obvious€ ungratefulness€ are€ treated€as€separate€aggravating€circumsta

€ €€5.€PALACE€AND€PLACES€OF€.COMMISSION€ OFFENSE€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€palace€an e€ as€ an€ aggravating€ circumstance?€ € A:€The€crime€be€committed:€ 1. In€the€palace€of€th n€his€presence;€or€ 3. Where€ public€ authorities€ are€ engaged€ in€ the€discharge€of€their e€dedicated€to€religious€worship.€ € Q:€ If€ the€ crime€ is€ in€ the€ Malacaňang€ palace€ o ting?€ € A:€Yes.€Regardless€of€whether€or€not€official€duties€ or€ religious€ functions€ ar hief€ Executive s€ presence€ alone€ in€ any€ place€ where€ the€ crime€ is€ committed€ is€ e te€ the€ aggravating€circumstance.€ € Note:€The€President€or€Chief€Executive€need€not€be€in€ the€Palace€to€aggravate€the€liabilit s€ other€ places€ where€ public€ authorities€ are€ engaged€in€the€discharge€of€their€duties formance€of€public€functions.€

€ Q:€ Must€ the€ confidence€ between€ the€ parties€ be€ immediate€and€personal?€ € A:€Yes,€ dvantage€or€ make€ it€ easier€ for€ him€ to€ commit€ the€ crime.€ The€ confidence€ must€ be ing€ the€ commission€of€a€crime.€ € Q:€In€what€crimes€is€abuse€of€confidence€inherent?€ € A ified€theft€ 3. Estafa€by€conversion€or€misappropriation€ 4. Qualified€seduction€ € Note:€ Abuse€ of€ confidence€ is€ not€ considered€ for€ the€ purpose€of€increasing€the€pena

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ of€ obvious€ ungratefulness€as€an€aggravating€circumstanc

€ Q:€ Supposing,€ a€ crime€ was€ committed€ in€ the€ presidential€ mansion.€ Can€ the€ aggr ance€ of€ palace€ of€ the€ Chief€ Executive€ be€ appreciated?€ € A:€No.€The€mansion€is€not€ es€ considered€ as€ places€ dedicated€ to€worship€of€God?€ € A:€ No.€ Cemeteries,€ however€ ay€ be,€ are€ not€ considered€ as€ place€ dedicated€ to€ the€ worship€of€God.€ €



€or€€ 3.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ public€ authorities€ are€ in€ the€ performance€of€their€duties.€Private€chapels€not€include st€ have€ the€ intention€ to€ commit€ a€ crime€when€he€entered€the€place.€ € Note:€It€must€be€shown€that€the€offender€deliberately€ sought€ the€ cover€ of€ darkness€ an sely€took€advantage€of€nighttime€to€facilitate€the€ commission€of€the€offense.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€5)€ Place€where€public€duty€is€performed€ In€their€office.€ not€ the€ darkness€ of€ the€ movie€house€when€the€lights€were€only€of ernoon. he€crime€ € 2. It€especially€sought€for€by€the€offender€to€ ensure€the€commission€of€the€cr ty€ € Note:€ “Especially€ sought”€ means€ that€ the€ offender€ sought€ it€ in€ order€ to€ realize mpunity”€ means€ to€ prevent€ his€ (accused)€ being€ recognized€ or€ to€ secure€ himself€ a d€punishment.€Hence€when€the€place€of€ t d€ by€ light.€UNINHABITED€PLACE€OR€BAND€€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites?€ € A:€The€crime .€ nighttime€ is€ not€ aggravating.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€€ € Q:€ Supposing. By€a€band.€2)€ DUTIES€(PAR.€ or€ where€ the€ € 42€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ Can€ the€ aggravating€ circumstance€of€nighttime€be€ use€even€if€it€was€nighttime.€ the€ crime€ was€ committed€ inside€ a€ dark€ movie€ house€ at€ around€ 4€ ing€ circumstance€ of€ nighttime€ be€ appreciated?€ € A:€No.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. € € The€ offender€ took€ advantage€ thereof€ for€ the€purpose€of€impunity€ € Q:€ Supposing.€ € It€ is€ necessary€ that€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime€ was€commenced€and€complet akes€this€circumstance€aggravating?€ € A:€Darkness€of€the€night..€ € XPN:€ Where€ both€ the€ treacherous€ mode e€deliberately€decided€ upon.€ € Q:€What€is€an€uninhabited€place€(despoblado)?€ € A:€It€is€where€there€are€no€ho distance€ from€ town.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ € Note:€ In€ both.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Note:€The€place€must€be€dedicated€to€public€religious€ worship.€ € Q:€When€is€it€aggravating?€ € A:€When:€ 1.m.€ € Q:€Is€a€polling€precinct€a€public€place?€ € A:€A€polling€precinct€is€a€public€place€durin ctions€between€paragraph€5€ and€paragraph€2?€ € A:€ WHERE€PUBLIC€ CONTEMPT€OR€ AUTHORITIES€ARE€ENGAGED€ INSULT€TO€PUBLIC€ IN€THE€DISCHARGE€OF€T R.€because€what€should€be€especia darkness€ of€ night.€ € €€6.€the€place€of€ the€ commission€ was€ well‐lighted€ when€ the€ t€ is€ the€ rule€ in€ the€ appreciation€ of€ nighttime€ and€ treachery€ if€ present€ in€ th A:€€€€ GR:€Nighttime€is€absorbed€in€treachery.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ 3.€ the€ crime€ was€ committed€ inside€ a€ movie€ house€ when€ the€ n€ and€ the€ time€ then€ was€ 9€ p.€ Note:€ Took€ adv used€ availed€ himself€ thereof€ for€ the€ successful€consummation€of€his€plans.€LIWANAG.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€NIGHTTIME.€ Outside€of€ arty€ Public€authority€ May€or€may€not€be€the€public€ should€not€be€the€ authority€ offende € Q:€What€is€nighttime?€ € A:€ Nighttime€ or€ nocturnity€ is€ the€ period€ of€ time€ after€ awn. In€an€uninhabited€place.€ JR.€they€can€be€considered€separately€if€such€ circumstances€have l€bases.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.

€ € This circumstance€ is€ not€ applicable€ in€ crimes€against€chastity. Both d€ the€ party€ attacked€were€equally€armed.€ € Q:€When€is€uninhabited€place€aggravating?€ € A:€ To€ be€ aggravating.€ € Note:€ It€ is€ determined€ not€ by€ the€ distance€ of€ the€ nearest€ house€ to€ the€ scene€ er€ or€ not€ in€ the€ place€ of€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ offense.€1954)€ € € Q:€ If€ one€ of€ the€ four€ armed€ malefactors€ was€ a€ principal€ by€ inducement. Accused€as€well€as€those€who€cooperated€ ion€ of€ the€ crime€ acted€ under€ the€ same€ plan€ and€ for€ the€ same€purpose.€ the€ mere€ forming€ of€ a€ band€ even€ without€ the€ commission€ of€ rime€ so€that€band€is€not€aggravating€in€brigandage€because€ the€ band€ itself€ is€ the€ wa .€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ € €€8.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability houses€are€scattered€at€a€great€distance€from€each€ other.€ band€becomes€aggravating.€ would ing€circumstance€of€a€band?€ € A:€ None.€ € Q:€When€is€the€circumstance€of€aid€of€armed€men€ not€considered€aggravating?€ € A:€ 1.€ 2.€sticks€and€stones€ included€ € Aid€ of€ armed€ men€ eople€ v.€ € 2.€ But€ the€ aggravating€ circumstance€ of€ having€ armed€ men€ may€ be€ considered€ against€ the€ inducer€ if€ the€ other€ two€ acted€as€his€a ALAMITY€OR€MISFORTUNE€€ € Q:€What€is€the€reason€for€the€aggravation?€ € A:€The€debased€form idst€of€a€great€calamity.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € Under€ Article€ 306.€ Licop.€No.€ € Q:€ To€ what€ does€ other€ calamity€ or€ misfortune€ refer€to?€ € A:€It€refers€to€other€c o€ the€preceding€enumeration.€ it€ is€ necessary€ dvantage€of€the€place€and€purposely€ availed€ of€ it€ as€ to€ make€ it€ easier€ to€ commit€ :€It€means€that€there€are€at€least€four€malefactors€ acting€together€in€the€commission€of€t Note:€ Band€ is€ absorbed€ in€ the€ circumstance€ of€ abuse€ of€superior€strength. Armed€ men€ or€ persons€ took€ part€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crim ectly. When ually€ present”€ and€ the€ offender€ did€ not€ avail€ himself€of€any€of€their€aid€or€when€h ir€assistance€ in€the€commission€of€the€crime.€29.€ € Note:€Arms€is€not€limited€to€firearms.€MARTINEZ€ 43€ .€G.€ Note:€Offender€must€take€advantage€of€the€calamity. Persons€who€insure€or€afford€impunity€ € € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€a umstance?€ € A:€ 1.€ € Q:€ What€ aggravating€ circumstance€ will re€are€four€armed€men?€€€ € A:€If€there€are€four€armed€men.€adds€to€their€suffering r€misfortune€to€despoil€them.€ earthq or€ other€calamity€or€misfortune.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€or€ € 2.€ shipwreck.€aid€of€armed€men€is€ absorbed€i ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€Apr.€ € 3.R.€ where€ brigandage€ is€ actually€ committed.€ However.€ there€ was€ a€ reasona victim€ receiving€some€help.€AID€OF€ARMED€MEN€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements?€ € A:€ ed€men.€L‐6061.€ € Q:€ Under€ what€ circumstances€ is€ the€ crime€ committed€ A:€ The€ crime€ is€ committed€ on€ the€ occasion€ of€ a€ conflagration. Accused€ availed€ himself€ of€ their€ aid€ or€ relied€ upon€ them€ when€ the€ cr .€instead€of€lending€ aid€to€the€afflicted.

Reiteracion€€ 3.€ the€ implication€ is€ that€ he€ is€ specializing€ on€ such€ kind€ of€ cr o€prevent€any€specialization.€ € Q:€ Supposing.€The€trial€for€h s€ robbery€ ended€ in€ 1984€ where€ he€ was€ also€convicted.€ (U.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ the€ first€ offense€ was€ n€1980.€ he€ committe s€ subsequently€ found€ guilty€ and€ was€ convicted€ of€theft€also€in€1983.€ there€ is€ no€ recidivism€ if€ the€ subsequent€ nse€committed€ before€the€offense€involved€in€the€prior€conviction.€judgments€of€co own€ on€ the€ same€ day€ shall€ be€ considered€ as€ only€ one€ conviction.€ JR.€€ € Q:€What€is€the€reason€for€considering€recidivism€as€ an€aggrava nsiders€this€aggravating€because€when€ a€person€has€been€committing€felonies€embraced€in€ € Q.€Is€recidivism€subject€to€prescription?€ € A:€ No.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€including€the€ rendering€ of€ the€ judgment erything€ that€ is€ done€ in€ the€ course€ of€ the€ trial. Offender€is€convicted€of€the€new€offense€ € Q:€What€is€the€ me?”€ € A:€It€is€employed€in€its€generic€sense.€ No€ matter€ how€ long€ ago€ the€ of s€subsequently€convicted€of€a€crime€ embraced€ in€ the€ same€ title€ of€ the€ Revised€ Pena to€ account€ as€ aggravating€ in€ imposing€ the€ penalty€ (People€ v.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ Colocar.€ € Note:€ If€ both€ offenses€ were€ committed€ on€ the€ same€ date.€ 28€Phil. Offender€is€o ly€ convicted€ by€ final€ judgment€of€another€crime€ 3.€ from€arraignment€until€after€se he€judge€in€open€court.€ € Note:€ It€ is€ necessary€ to€ allege€ recidivism€ in€ the€ information.€there€ was€ icted€so€he€ cannot€be€regarded€as€a€repeater.€at€the€time€the€first€crime€was€committed.€ Sotelo.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ Hence. Habitual€delinquency€€ 4 m€€ € €€9.S.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € If€there€are€three€armed€men€or€less.€Is€the€accused€a€recidivist?€ ecidivist.€ the€ same€ title.€aid€of€armed€ men€may€be€the€aggravating€circumstance ions€ between€ a€ crime€ committed€ by€ a€ band€ under€ paragraph€ 6€ and€ a€ crime€committ der€ paragraph€8?€ € A:€ BY€A€BAND€ Requires€more€than€ three.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ While€ the€ case€ was€ being€ tried.€LIWANAG.€RECIDIVISM€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€recidivism?€ € A:€€ 1.€ € €€FORMS€OF€REPETITION€OR€HABITUALITY€OF€THE€ OFFENDER€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ different€ f uality€of€the€offender?€ € A:€ 1.€ Requires€that€more€than€ three€armed€malefactors€ sh in€the€commission€of€the€ offense€ Band€members€are€all€ principals€ WITH€THE€AID€OF€ARMED€ stance€is€ present€even€if€one€of€the€ offenders€merely€relied€ on€their€aid€is€not€ necess plices.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ € Q:€ In€ 1980.€ The€ subsequent€ conviction€must€refer€to€a€felony€committed€later€in€ order€ t divism.€but€if€the€defense€ sentation€of€evidence€during€the€trial€and€the€same€ was€proven.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Both€ the€ first€ and€ second€ offe n€the€same€title€of€the€RPC€ 4.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ n€erase€recidivism?€ € A:€ No.€ The€ reason€ for€ this€ is.€ v. Recidivism€€ 2.€147)€ € Q:€ Is€ it€ necessary€ that€ the€ conviction€ h€they€were€committed?€ € A:€ Yes.€they€shall€be€considered€a nnot€ be€ separately€ counted€ in€ order€ to€ constitute€ recidivism.€Also.€ Can€ the€ aggravating€ cir sm€be€appreciated?€ € € 44€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ X€ committed€ robbery.€ 60€ Phil..€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€then€the€second€offense€in€ 2006€ was€ attempted€ rape.€the€court€shall€consider€s stance€because€it€is€only€generic.€ because€ pardon€ only€ excuses€ the€ service€ of€ the€ pena iction.

€ The€ 2nd€ c mmitted€ within€10€years€from€the€1st€conviction€or€release€from€ prison.€then.€Hence.€ theft€ or€ estafa€ and€ the€ 3rd€ i .€ € Note:€ To€ be€a€ habitual€ delinquent.€ €€10.€ Note:€ If€ recidivism€ and€ reiteracion€ are€ both€ present.€ when€ there€ is€ a€ third€ conviction.€ is€ there€ reiteracion?€ € A:€No.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ Can€ the€ aggravating€ circumstance€of€recidivism€be€appreciated?€€ € A ttempted€ rape€ then€ in€ 1980€ was€ embraced€ under€ crimes€ against€ chastity. Previous€and€subsequent€ offense€must€be€included€ in€the€same€title€of€RPC nsideration€in€fixing€the€ penalty€to€be€imposed€ upon€the€accused€ € €HABITUAL€DELIQUENCY€€ € Q:€What€is€habitual€delinquency?€ € A:€A€special€aggravating€cir ct€ of€ increasing€ the€ penalty€ and€ imposing€ an€ additional€penalty€which€escalates€wit e€number€of€convictions.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ of€ habitual€ delinquency?€ € A nquent€if:€ 1.€ serious€ or€ less€ serious€ physical€injuries.€ the€ offender€is€already€a€ e€ the€ distinctions€ between€ reiteracion€ and€recidivism?€ € A:€ REITERACION€ It€is€necessary€that€ offender€has€served€out€ his€sentence€for€the€1st€ RECID he€final€ judgment€has€been€ rendered€for€the€1st€ € Q:€ Can€ an€ offender€ be€ a€ recidivist€ and€ a€ habitual€ delinquent€at€the€same€time?€ Illustration:€ € If€ the€ 1st€ conviction€ is€ for€ serious€ physical€ injuries€ or€ less€ injuries€ and€ the€ 2nd€ conviction€ is€ for€ robbery.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€then€the€moment€the€habitual€delinquent€ is€on€his€fourth€conviction.€which€can€easily Previous€and€subsequent€ offense€must€not€be€ embraced€in€the€same€ title€of€RPC€ Not€alway tance€ offense.€ Acts€ of€ lasciviousness€ and€ attempted€ rape€ are€not€embraced€in€the€same€title iousness€ is€ under€ crimes€ against€ chastity€ while€ attempted€ rape€ is€ under€ crimes€ s.€the€ fourth€ time€ will€ have€ to€ fall€ under€ any€ of€ the€ th € Note:€ When€ the€ offender€ is€ a€ recidivist€ and€ at€ the€ same€ time€ a€ habitual€ delin or€ the€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ theft. H uilty€ of€ said€ crimes€ a€ third€ time€or€oftener.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ only€ recidivism€ should€ be€ recidivism€ being€easier€to€prove.€ If€ the€ same€ set€ of€ facts€ constitutes€ recidivism€ . Another€ offense€ to€ which€ the€ law€ attaches€an€equal€or€great or€ more€ crimes€ to€ which€ it€ attaches€ a€ lighter€ penalty€ than€ that€ for€the€new€off f€the€new€offense.€ hence.€ robbery.€ the€ first€ offense€ in€ 1980€ was€ attempted€rape.€ b mbraced€ in€ the€ same€ title€ of€ the€ RPC.€ even€ if€ the€ penalty€ for€ t mes€ committed€ be€ lighter€ than€ the€ ones€ already€ served.€ being€ a€ special€ aggravating€ circumstance€ cannot€ be€ appreciated€ unless€ alleged€ tion.€MARTINEZ€ 45€ .€ the€ liability€ of€ the€ accused€ should€ be€ aggravated€by€recidivism. .€he€is€a€habitual€de cidivist€because€at€least.€ from€ the€ 2nd€ the€ period€ must€ not€ be€ more€ than€ 10€ years€ from€ the€ second€ conviction€and€so€on.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability A:€ No.€REITERACION€€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€reiteracion?€ € A:€ 1.€ the€law€ requires€ a€ 3rd€ conviction.€ € Q:€ If€ the€ penalty€ attached€ to€ the€ felony€ subsequently€ commit gher€ than€ the€ penalty€ already€ served.€the€second€ f€ lasciviousness.€ estafa.€ € Q:€ Supposing.€reiter ravating.€ 3. Within€a€period€of€10€years€from€the€date€ of€his€release€or€last€conviction ification.€ However. Accused€is€on€tr y€served€sentence€for€ a.

€The€reverse€however.€ after€ having€ been€ convicted€ by€ final€ judgment.€ It€ make ether€ the€ crime€ for€ which€ an€ accused€ is€ serving€ sentence€ at€ the€ time€ of€ the€ harged.€ € Q:€When€is€Art.€ If€not€offset.€falls€under€the€ RPC€or€under€a€special€law.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the en€ quasi‐ recidivism€ and€ recidivism€ proper.€ shall€ commit€ eginning€to€serve€such€sentence. He€ committed€ a€ new€ felony€ before€ beginning€to€serve€such€sentence€or€while€ serving€t € Note:€The€offender€must€be€serving€sentence€by€virtue€ of€final€judgment€to€trigger€the€app € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ habitual€ delinquency€and€recidivism?€ € A:€ HABITUAL€DELINQUENCY€ At€least€three€convictions€ are€required€ The€crimes€are€specified€ a rious€ physical€injuries€(b)€less€ serious€physical€injuries€ (c)robbery€(d)€theft.€ quasi‐recidivism€ must€ be€ specifically€alleged€in€the€inform € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€quasi‐recidivism?€ € A:€ 1.€It€is€enough€ that€they€may€be€ embrac PC€ There€is€no€time€limit€ between€the€1st€ conviction€and€the€ subsequent€conviction.€ After€ determining€ the€ correct€ penalty€ for€the€last€crime€committed.€(e)€ es nd€(f)€ falsification€ There€is€a€time€limit€of€ not€more€than€10€years€ between€every€conv victions€are€ enough€ The€crimes€are€not€ specified.€ insofar€ as€ offsetting€of€mitigating€circ cerned?€ € A:€€ QUASI‐RECIDIVISM Does€not€require€that€the€ offense€for€which€the€ convict€is€serving€and€t d€ are€embraced€in€the€same€ title€of€the€Code.€ The€circumstance€need€ not€be€alleged€in€the€ information. Offender€ was€ already€ convicted e€offense€ € .€hence€it€ cannot€be€offset€by rcumstance.€ € €€QUASI‐RECIDIVISM€ € Q:€What€is€quasi‐recidivism?€ € A:€ Quasi‐recidivism€ is€ a€ specia e€ where€ a€ person.€ 160€ applies€ although€ the€ next€ offense€ r€ from€ the€ former€ offense€ for€ which€ the€ defendant€ is€ serving€ sentence.€ RECIDIVISM€PROP hat€both€the€ first€and€the€second€ offenses€must€embraced€ in€the€same€title€of€the€ Code.€or€ while€serving€the€same.€ The€circumstance€must€ be€alleged€in€the€ information.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ justification€ for€ imposing€ a€ severe€ penalty€for€quasi‐recidivists alty€ is€ justified€ because€ of€ his€ perversity€and€incorrigibility.€ Re iptible€ It€is€a€generic€aggravating€ circumstance€which€can€ be€offset€by€an€ordinary€ mit e.€an€ l€be€ imposed€in€accordance€with€Article€62.€otherwise€ the€court€cannot€acquire€ pose€the€ penalty.€ € Note:€ To€ be€ appreciated.€it€would€only€ increase€the€penalty€ prescribed€by€law€for€the€ crime€co d.€€ 2.€160€applicable?€ € A:€ Art. ances€of€ recidivism€may€be€offset€ by€any€ordinary€ mitigating€circumstance€ present€in€th ime.€ The€aggravating€ circumstances€of€ recidiv rdinary€ mitigating€circumstance€ present€in€the€ commission€of€the€crime.€that€is€where€he€is€ serving€sentence€ for€ Illeg rms€ (or€ any€ crime€ for€ that€ matter)€ and€ then€ committed€ homicide€ which€ is€ a€ vio kes€ this€ article€applicable.€ € Note:€ First€ crime€ for€ which€ the€ offender€ is€ serving€ sentence€ need€ not€ be€ a€ cr the€ second€crime€must€be€one€under€the€RPC.€ unless€ circumstance.€ Habitual€delinquency€is€a€ special€aggravating€ circumstance.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € crime€for€which€he€will€be€convicted€will€be€increased€ to€ the€ maximum€ period.€So€that€if€a€ prisoner€is€serving€sentence€for ty€ of€ violation€ of€ the€ Anti‐Dangerous€ Drugs€ Law€ or€ Illegal€ Possession€ of€ Firear n€ is€ not€violated.


€ Thus. When€ he€ has€ reached€ the€ age€ of€ 70€ and€ has€ already€ served€ out€ his€ en€ he€ shall€ complete€ it€ after€ reaching€ said€age€ € XPN:€ Unless€ by€ reason€ of€ his mstances. The€ p .€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ aggravating€ circumstance f€the€crime€is€committed€by€means€of:€ 1.€ € Q:€ Does€ this€ aggravating€ circumstance€ affect€ the€ criminal€liability€of€the€one€giv .€ € €12.€ or€ promise€ should€ be€ previous€ to€ and€ in€ consideration€ of€ the€ commission€of€th Note:€ If€ without€ previous€ promise. Fire€ 3.€told€him€he€had€ already€killed€X.€ it€ was€ given€ voluntarily€ after€ the€ crime€ had . Principal€by€inducement€ b.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ it€ should€not€be€taken€into€consideration€for€the€purpose€ of€increasing€the€penalty.€IN€CONSIDERATION€OF€A€PRICE€ €€REWARD€OR€PROMISE€€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€under o€principals€ a.00”€and€ after€killing€X. Explosion€ 4.€ €€11.€ reward. If€ fir illing€ ‐€ separate€ crimes€ of€ arson€ and€ murder/homicide.€ € If€ both€ recidivism€ and€ quasi‐recidivism€ are€ prese divism€should€be€appreciated€in€as€much€as€it€ indicates€ greater€ penalty€ on€ the€ part€ ial€aggravating€circumstance.€ he€ shall€ not€ be€ worthy€ of€ such€ clemency. Stranding€ intentional€ damage€thereto€ 5.€ or€ promise€must€be€the imordial€ motive€ for€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime. Derailment€of€locomotive.€ 2.€A€again€approached€B. If€ fire€ was€ used€ as€ a€ means€ to€ kill€ –€ murder.€while€the€p .€their€penalties€are€the€same.000.€MARTINEZ€ 47€ . Inundation€ 2.€ unless€ used€ by€ the€ offender€ as€ means€to€accomplish€a€crimin eans€to€kill€a€person.€or€ 6. Principal€by€direct€participation€ € 2.€BY€MEANS€OF€INUNDATION.€ a€principal€by€inducement.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€€ 3.€ reward€ or€ price€ offered€or€given€as€a€consideratio e€crime.€ reward€ or€ promise€ but€ also€ the€criminal€liability€of€the€one Ratio:€ When€ there€ is€ a€ promise.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability A:€€ GR:€ 1.€ € Note:€ Any€ of€ these€ circumstances€ cannot€ be€ considered€ to€ increase€ the€ penalty€ o ature€ of€ the€ offense.€ it€ being€ suffic r€ made€ by€ the€ principal€ by€ inducement€ be€ accepted€ by€ € Q:€What€are€the€rules€as€to€the€use€of€fire?€ € A:€ 1.€Fire€is€not€aggravating€in€the€crime€ of€arson.000.00.€it€qualifies€the€ crime€to€murder.€ETC€.€ the€ principal€ by€ direct€ participation€ before€ the€ comm ffense.€ the€ price.€FIRE.€and elivered€ the€ P5.€ and€B€answered€“he€is€a€bad€man”€to€which€A€retorted.€ € Not€ aggravating€ when€ the€ l ncludes€them. Intent€ was€ only€ to€ burn€ but€ specific€ penalty.€E.€ In€ this€ case.€ if€ A€ approached€B€and€tol t€of€X.€ “you€see€I€am€going€to€kill .€ the€ aggravating€ circumstance€is€not€present.€ € Note:€ Quasi‐recidivism€ may€ be€ offset€ by€ special€ privileged€ mitigating€ circumstance inary€ mitigating€circumstances.€ € €€13.€the€person€making€the€offer€is€an€inducer.g.€ € To€ consider€ this€ circumstance. By€use€of€any€other€artifi t€ waste€and€ruin.€EVIDENT€PREMEDITATIO isites€ of€ evident€ premeditation?€ € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€reward€or€promise€ r€ to€ material€ things€ or€ that€ the€ same€ were€ actually€ delivered.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ reward€ or€ promise€ who€ would€ execute€ the€ crime€ is€ a€ principal€ by€ direct€ part both€principals€hence.€ € Note:€The€price.€ This€ aggravating€ circumstance€ affects€ or€ aggravates€ not€ only€ the€ criminal€ liab eceiver€ of€ the€ price.

3. € Q:€Is€it€necessary€that€the€accused€be€able€to€hide€ his€ identity€ all€ throughout€ the€ € 48€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ € Q:€ Can€ there€ be€ evident€ premedit ng€is€accidental?€ € A:€ No.€ ictim€ is€ different€ from€ that€ intended?€ € A:€When€the€victim€is€different€from€that€in n€ is€ not€ aggravating€ although€ it€ is€ not€ necessary€ that€ there€ is€ a€ plan€ to€ ki or€premeditation€to€exist.€or€they€ may€ co‐exist€ independently€ where€ they rent€purpose€in€the€commission€of€the€crime. 2.€LIWANAG.€ Act€manifestly€indica ung€ to€its€determination.)€ was€ considered€ fficient.€it€w lf€hours€(3€½€hours)€from€the€inception€of€the€ plan€ to€ the€ execution€ of€ the€ crime€ s vident€premeditation.€ If€ the€ killing€ was€ accidental.m.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€FRAUD€OR€DISGUISE€ € Q:€ What€ must€ be€ attenda tance€to€be€appreciated?€ € A:€ € To€ be€ appreciated.€where€at€1:00€p.€robbed€the€place€ A€ person Meralco€ official.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ € €€14.€ JR.€CRAFT. Time€ when€ offender€ determined€ to€ commit€the€crime.€263€SCRA€187.€ there€ must€ be€ a€ clear€ refle he€ offender.€ € E..€ then.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ Sufficient€ lapse€ of€ time€ between€ the€ determination€ and€ llow€ him€ to€ reflect€ upon€ the€ consequences€ of€ his€ act€ and€ to€ allow€ his€ conscie olution€of€his€will.€ there€ was€ no€ evident€ premeditation.€ the€ accused€ stabbed€the€victim.€ERIK€GALLARDO.:€ 1.€ they€ shall€ be€ applied€ as€ a€ single€ag € Note:€ Premeditation€ must€ be€ clear. 2.€It€must€appear€that€the€offender€clung€to€his€ determination€to€commit€the€crime.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H .m.€ to€ 6€ p.m.€ € Note:€Craft€and€fraud€may€be€absorbed€in€treachery€if€ they€ have€ been€ deliberately€ adop s€or€forms€for€the€treacherous€strategy.g.€ It€ must€ be€ based€ upon€external€acts€and€not€pre ime.€ € Q:€What€is€fraud?€ € A:€ Fraud€ are€ deceitful€ words€ or€ machinations€ used€ to€ induce nner€ which€ enables€the€offender€to€carry€out€his€design.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€ 1.€then€committed€a€crime€€ € Q:€What€is€the€essence€of€premeditation?€ € A:€ € The€ execution€ of€ the€ criminal€ act€ ought€ and€ reflection€ upon€ the€ resolution€ to€ carry€ out€ the€ criminal€ intent€ durin me€ sufficient€ to€ arrive€ at€ a€ calm€ judgment..€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € Q:€What€is€disguise?€ € A:€ Disguise€ means€ resorting€ to€ any€ device€ to€ conceal€iden Note:€€ 1.€ fraud€is€pr t€of€the€accused€ done€in€order€not€to€ arouse€suspicion€of€the€ victim€constitute€craft.€ € Q:€What€is€craft?€ € A:€ Craft€ involves€ intellectual€ trickery€ and€ cunning€ on€ the€ rder€ not€ to€ arouse€ the€suspicion€of€the€victim.”€ and€ at€ 4:30€ p.€ the€accused€opened€his l€ him.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ distinctio ft?€ € A:€€ FRAUD Where€there€is€a€direct€ inducement€by€insidious€ words€or€machinations.€ € I e€lapse€of€one€hour€ and€ forty‐five€ minutes€ (4:15€ p.€ In€ evident€ premeditation.€Cabodoc.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ of€ the€ said€ date.€ In€ People€v.m. The€test€of€disguise€is€whether€the€device€or€ contrivance€resorted€to€by€the€of e€ identification€ more€ difficult€ The€ use€ of€ an€ assumed€ name€ in€ the€ publication€o isguise€ 2.€ these€ circumstances€ must€ have€ f en€ advantage€ of€ by€ the€ offender€in€the€commission€of€a€crime. A€ person€who€ pretended€to€be€ a€customer.€ the€ fine€ distinctions€ between€ craft€ and€ fra eally€ be€ called€ for€ as€ these€ terms€ in€ Art€ 14€ are€ variants€ of€ means€ employed€ nd€ if€ all€ are€ present€ in€ the€ same€ case.€ € Note:€ According€ to€ Justice€ Regalado.


€MARTINEZ€ 49€   .€ such€ as€ the€ use€ of€ a€ mask€ or€ false€ hair€ or€ beard.€ € Note:€ Abuse€ of€ superior€ strength€ is€ inherent€ in€ the€ crime€of€parricide€where€the€h is€ generally€ accepted€ that€ the€ husband€ is€ physically€ stronger€than€the€wife.€2002)€ Q:€ Is€ the€ mere€ fact€ that€ there€ were€ two€ persons€ who€ attacked€ the€ victim€ enoug e€of€superior€strength?€ € A:€ No.€ (People€ v.€it€will€fall€under€treachery.€12.€ It€ must€ be€ shown€ that€ the€ offenders€ have€ taken€ ective€ strength€ to€ overpower€their€relatively€weaker€victim€or€victims.€ and€sometimes€to€crimes€against€property.€ABUSE€OF€SUPERIOR€STRENGTH€OR€MEANS€ TO€WEAKEN€DEFENSE€ € Q:€What€is€abuse€of€super excessive€ force€ out€ of€ proportion€ with€ the€ means€ of€ defense€ available€ to€ the€pe re€ must€ be€ evidence€ of€ notorious€ inequality€ of€ forces€ between€ the€ offender€ and€ ty€ in€ their€ age.€ 2.€ € Treachery€cannot€co‐exi ion€ (People€v.€ € Q:€What€is€th ken”?€ € € Q:€What€is€the€test€of€treachery?€ € A:€ The€ test€ of€ treachery€ is€ not€ only€ the€ re s€ but€ more€ specifically€ whether€ or€ not€ the€ victim€ was€ forewarned€ or€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. CRAFT€ Involves€the€use€ of€intellectual€ trickery€and€ cunning€not€to€ arouse€the€ suspici D€ Involves€the€use€ of€direct€ inducement€by€ insidious€words€ or€machinations€ DISGUISE I evise€ to€conceal€ identity€ € €€15.€The€accused€must€be€able€to€hide€his€identity€ during€ the€ initial€ stage€ if€ not€ sion€of€the€crime€and€his€identity€must€have€ been€ discovered€ only€ later€ on€ to€ consid cumstance.€140634. M forms€ need€ not€ insure€ accomplishment€of€crime€ 3.€Sept.€ otherwise.€ disguise€ cannot€be€aggravating.€€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ test€ in€ order€ to€ determine€ if€ disguise€exist?€ € A: trivance€ resorted€ to€ by€ the€ offender€ was€ intended€ to€ or€ did€ make€ identification .€ € Note:€€ € Rules€regarding€treachery:€ € 1. Applicable€only€to€crimes€against€persons.€ If€ in€ spite€ of€ the€ di gnized. Mode€ of€ attack€ must€ be€ thought€ .€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ size€ and€ strength.€ € Q:€What€is€the€distinction€among€Craft.€TREACHERY€ € Q:€What€is€treachery?€ € A:€Treachery€(aleviosa)€refers€to€the€employm in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime€which€tend€directly€and€specially€to€insure€its€ execut imself€ arising€ from€ the€ defense€which€the€offended€party€might€make.€Fraud.€such€as€ robber Note:€ Means€ to€ weaken€ the€ defense€ is€ absorbed€ in€ treachery.€No.€ Lobrigas)€ € Q:€ When€ does€ means€ employe e€exist?€ A:€ It€ exists€ when€ the€ offended€ party s€ resisting€ power€is€materially€weak he€ requisites€ of€ means€ to€ weaken€ defense?€ € A:€€ 1.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability A:€No.€G. Means€were€purposely€sought€to€w e€ victim€ to€ resist€ the€ assault€ 2.€Pansensoy.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € A:€It€means€to€deliberately€use€excessive€force€that€ is€ out€ of€ proportion€ to€ the€ mea lable€ to€ the€ person€ attacked.€ and€ that€ the€ offender€ took€ advantage€ of€ s th€ in€committing€the€crime.€€ € Q:€In€what€cases€is€it€applicabl y€ to€ crimes€ against€ persons. The€ means€ used€ must€ not€ totally€ eliminate€ po the€ victim.€ and€ must€ not€ spring€ from€ the€ unexpected€turn€of€events.R.€ € €€16.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.

€Means€Employed€to€Weaken€ Defense€ € TREACHERY€ Means.€ Ignominy€ shocks€ the€ moral€conscience€of€man. Craft€€ 6. The€victim€was€not€predetermined€but€there€ was€ generic€ sly€ kill€ any€ first€two€persons€belonging€to€a€class.€ method€ or€ form€ of€ attack€employed€by€him.€ Ignominy€adds€insult€to€injury€or€adds€shame€to€the€ n me.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € afforded€ the€ opportunity€ to€ make€ a€ defense€ or€ to€ ward€off€the€attack.€ 4.€he€only€ takes€advantage€ of€his€superior€ strength€ MEANS€ EMPLOYED€ TO€WE e€ employed€but€ it€materially€ weakens€the€ resisting€ power€of€the€ offended€ party€ € Q:€What€are€those€instances€that€may€be€absorbed€ by€treachery?€ € A:€ 1. At€ the€ time€ of€ the€ attack..€ 3. When€the€assault€was€not€continuous‐€it€is€ su was€ present€ when€the€fatal€blow€was€given.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Raping€a€woman€from€behind€ 3.€ € € €€17.€IGNOMINY€ € Q:€To€what€does€ignominy€pertain€to?€ € A:€ It€ pertains€ to€ the€ mora aterial€injury€caused€by€the€crime.€ € 50€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ 1.€ € E.€€ € Q:€What€is€ use€ of€Superior€Strength.€ 2.€ 1. After€ having€ been€ killed.€ 2.€ € Q:€When€is hery€ is€ out€ when€ the€ attack€ was€ merely€ incidental€or€accidental€because€in€the€defi the€ implication€ is€ that€ the€ offender€ had€ consciously€ and€ deliberately€ adopted€ th ns€and€form€used€or€employed€by€him.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. There€ was€ error€ in€ personae.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. A€married€woman€being€rape band.€ Q:€What€is€the€essence€of€treachery?€ € A:€The€essence€of€treachery€is€that€by€virtue€of€th e€offender.€ the€ body€ was€ thro . Abuse€of€superi n€ 3. Accused€ embraced€ and€ kissed€ the€ offended€ party€ not€ out€ of€ lust€ but€ out€ o ple€ 5.€ hence.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. There€was€aberratio€ictus€and€t rent€from€that€intended.€ € Note:€The€location€of€the€wounds€does€not€give€rise€to€ the€presumption€of€the€presence€of€ ould€be€considered€even€if:€ € 1.€ the€ offended€ party€ was€ not€ able€ to€ put€ up€ any€ defense. Victim€was€raped€successively€by€five€men.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ The€ victim€ was€ not€ in€ a€ position€ to€ defend€ himself.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€methods€ or€forms€are€ employed€by€the€ offender€to€make€ it€impossible€o arty€to€ put€any€sort€of€ resistance€ ABUSE€OF€ SUPERIOR€ STRENGTH€ Offender€does€ not€empl rms€of€ attack.€ 2.€ victim€ was€ not€ in€the€position€to€defend€hi usly€ adopted€ the€ particular€ means.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ERIK€GALLARDO. Nighttime€ € Q:€ Must€ treac eginning€ of€ the€assault?€ € A:€It€depends.€ the€ victim€ was€ no by€ the€ accused.€ Can€ the€ aggravating€ circumstance€of€treache ?€ € A:€ Yes.€ € Note:€ Suddenness€ of€ the€ attack€ does€ not€ by€ itself€ constitute€ treachery€ in€ the€ ce€ that€ the€manner€of€the€attack€was€consciously€adopted€by€ the€offender€to€render€the€o except€if€the€victims€are€children€of€tender€years.€ €€ Q:€What€ ?€ € A:€ 1.€ The€ bullet€ pe it€ the€ victim€ which€ caused€ his€ death. Means€to€weaken€the€defense€ 5.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. By€a€band€ 4. When€ € the€ € aggression€ € is€ € continu sent€ at€ the€ beginning€of€the€assault.€ JR.€ € Q:€Supposing.€the€victim€hid€behind€a€drum€where€ he€ could€ not€ be€ seen€ by€ the€ offe g€ that€ the€ victim€ was€ hiding€ behind€ the€ drum€ shot€ at€ the€ drum.g.€LIWANAG.

Acts€of€lasciviousness€ € Q: etween€ ignominy€ and€ cruelty?€ € A:€ IGNOMINY€ Ignominy€refers€to€the€ moral€effect€of€a€crime€ and€it€pertains€to€the€ moral€or s€dead€or€ alive.€MARTINEZ€ 51€ .€ € € Q:€Why€is€unlawful€entry€aggravating?€ € A:€ One€ who€ acts.€ not€ respecting€ the€ walls their€ property€ and€ provided€ for€ their€ personal€ safety.€11.€roof. mittance€ may€ break€ open€ any€ door€ or€ window€ to€ execute€ the€ search€ warrant€ or€ l c.€AID€OF€MINORS€OR€USE€OF€MOTOR€VEHICLES€ OR€THER€SIMILAR€MEANS€ € €€AID€OF€MINORS€ € circumstance?€ € A:€ To€ repress€ professional€ criminals€ to€ avail€ themselves€ of€ minor antage€ of€ their€ irresponsibility€and€to€counteract€the€great€facilities€ found€ by€ mode commit€ the€ crime€ and€abscond€once€the€same€is€committed. Chastity€ b.€ The€ aggravating€ nlawful€ entry€may€still€be€appreciated. €murder€ € 2.€Rule€60€of€Rules€of€Court)€€ between€ breaking€ wall€ and€unlawful€entry?€ € A:€ BREAKING€WALL It€involves€the€breaking€of€ the€enumerated€parts€of€ the€house.€ greater€ audacity€ and€ hence€ the€ law€ punishes€ him€ with€more€severity.€ shows€ greater€ perversity.€window.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. light€or€grave€coercion€ d.€ 3.€ Rule€ 126€ of€ Rules€ of€ Court).€ UNLAWFUL€EN hat€there€is€ no€such€breaking€as€by€ entry€through€the€ window.€ € A:€€ 1.€ € The€ use€ of€ unauthorized€ entrance€ must€ not€ be€ for€ the€purpose€of€escape.€then€the€accused ggravating€circumstance€of€unlawful€entry€be€ appreciated?€€ € A:€ Yes.€Rule€133€of€Rules€of€Court). An€officer€in€order€to€make€an€arrest€may€ break€ open€ door€ or€ window€ of€ to€ be€ arrested€is€or€is€reasonably€believed€to€be€ (Sec. ies€ c.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ The€ circumstance€ made€ the€ crime€ mor tim.€ € Note:€ This€ circumstance€ is€ inherent€ in€ the€ crimes€ of€ trespass€ to€ dwelling€ and€ e€ upon€ things. Replevin€(Sec.€UNLAWFUL€ENTRY€€ € Q:€When€is€an€entry€considered€unlawful?€ € A:€When€an€entry€is€ e. Crime€must€be€against€€ a. Libel€ 2.€ € €€19. They€were€broken€to€effect€entrance€ € Q:€Give€insta .€ € €€20.4.€ € Note:€ Ignominy€ is€ not€ present€ where€ the€ victim€ was€ already€ dead€ when€ such€ acts inst€his€body€or€person€€ € Q:€To€what€crimes€is€ignominy€inherent?€ € A:€€ 1.€€€ € Q:€Supposi monly€ use€ the€ window€ as€ their€ ordinary€ means€ to€ enter€ the€house.€or€door€was€broken€ 2.€ But€ it€ is€ aggravating€ in€ the€ crime€ of€ robbery€ with€violence€agai rsons.€ € €€18.€ 7.€BREAKING€WALL€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisit .€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€for€ignominy?€ A:€€ 1.€ CRUELTY Cruelty€pertains€to€ physical€suffering€of€the€ victim€so€the€vi €€ Note:€Ignominy€and€cruelty€are€circumstances€brought€ about€ which€ are€ not€ necessary€ in of€ the€crime.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.

€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ € Note:€If€motor€vehicle€is€used€only€in€the€escape€of€the€ offender.€ or€ in€ connection€ with€ the€ crimes€ of€ rebellion.A.€ JR.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€8294€ on€P.€1970)€ A:€No.€as€amended€by€R.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ illegal€ possession€or€use€of€unlicensed€firearm€is€ no d€as€a€separate€offense.€Manufacture.A.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ of€ cruelty€ as€ an€ aggravating€circu ury€ caused€ be€ deliberately€ increased€by€causing€other€wrong.€The€Comprehensive€Dangerous€Dru 5)€ € 4.€In€order€for€it€to€be€appreciated.€As€a€qualifying€aggravating€circumstance€ € Note:€Notwithstanding€the€provisions€of€any€law€to€the€ contrary.€The€crime€ shed. 3. Organized€or€syndicated€crime€gr ence€of€dangerous€drugs€ 3.€Cruelty€is€aggra nder€ tied€ the€ victim€ to€ a€ bed€ and€ burnt€ her€ face€ with€ a€ lighted€cigarette€whil ay.D.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ Hence.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ € Q:€Is€cruelty€inherent€in€crimes€against€ € 2.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € Note:€Even€if€the€motor€vehicle€used€is€a€public€vehicle.€ the€circumstance€may€still€be€ap Q:€What€are€the€other€aggravating€circumstances?€ € A:€ 1.€ or€ incident€ to.€Dealing€in.€ If€ the€ illegal€ possession€ or€ use€ of€ unlicensed€ firearm€ o rtherance€ of.€1866.€1866?€ A:€ 1.€ the€ accused€ robbed€ a€ house€ then€ found€a€car€in€front€of€the€house€which€h e€ aggravating€ circumstance€ of€ use€of€motor€vehicle€ne€appreciated?€ € A:€No. The€ use€ of€ an€ unlicensed€ firearm€ to€ commit€ aggravating€ circumstance.D.€ motor€ vehicle€ is€ no .€ i ubversion€ shall€ be€ absorbed€as€an€element€of€such€crimes.€there€must€ be€ positive€ proof€ that€ the€ wound ctim€ were€ inflicted€ while€ he€ was€still€ alive€to€unnecessarily€prolong€physical€suffer Note:€If€the€victim€was€already€dead€when€the€acts€of€ mutilation€ were€ being€ performed.€CRUELTY€ € Q:€When€does€cruelty€exist?€ € A:€ When€ the€ culprit€ enjoys€ and€ deli er€ slowly€ and€ gradually.€L‐27708.€of€Firearms.€ € € Q:€ What€ does€ the€ phrase€ “other€ similar€ means”€ mean?€ € A:€ It€ means€ should€ be€ otorized€ vehicles€ or€ other€ efficient€ means€ of€ transportation€similar€to€automobile€o Supposing.€ € Penalty€ for€ mere€ possess firearm€ is€ based€ on€ whether€ € €€21.€ 2.g.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ Espejo. The€ other€ wrong€ be€ the€ execution€of€the€purpose€of€the€offender.€LIWANAG.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€19.€8294)€€ Q:€ bout€by€R.€Acqu position.€Decree€Codifying€the€Laws€on€Illegal/Unlawful€ Possession.€ a€ positive€ finding€ ous€ drugs€shall€be€a€qualifying€aggravating€circumstance€in€ the€ commission€ of€ a€ crime d€ the€ application€ of€the€ penalty€ provided€ for€in€ the€ Revised€ Penal€Code€shall€be€a D. € 52€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ causing€ him€ unnecessary€ and€ prolonged€ physical€ pain€ in€ ion€of€the€crime.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € The€use€of€a€minor€in€the€commission€of€the€crime€ shows€ the€ greater€ perversity€ of€ t ucating€ the€ innocent€ minor€ in€ committing€a€crime.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € €€USE€OF€MOTOR€VEHICLES€ € Q:€ Wh gravating€ circumstance?€€ € A:€The€use€of€motor€vehicles€in€the€commission€of€a€ crime€ po uthorities€ in€ apprehending€the€offenders.€ € This€circumstance€is€aggravating€only€when€u e€the€commission€of€the€offense.€ € E.€Ammunition€or€ Explosives€(P.€ fy€ the€ killing€ to€ murder€ due€ to€ outraging€ of€ his€ corpse.€Dec..€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . Use€of€unlicensed€firearm€ € C.

€ inhuman€ and€ degrading€ treatment€ or€ punis ned€ herein.€ 5.€ detonation€ agents€ or€ incendiary€ devices.€2.€22.€ e.g.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ any€ illicit€ drug.€ or€ insurrection.€ €€ALTERNATIVE€CIRCUMSTANCES€€ €€(Art.€(Sec. Spouse€ 2.€ € Q:€ umstances?€ € A:€Those€which€must€be€taken€into€consideration€as€ aggravating€ or€ mitigati e€ nature€ and€ effects€ of€ the€ crime€ and€ the€ other€ conditions€ attending€its€commiss r€alternative€circumstances?€ € A:€ 1. In€ Art. In€the€case€of€an€accessory€who€is€related€ relationship€ prescribed€in€Article€20.€ or€ tion€ or€ attempted€ coup€d’€etat€?€ € A:€If€the€unlicensed€firearm€is€used€in€furtherance€ tion€ with€ the€ crime€ of€ rebellion.€RA€9262)€ € € € € Q:€When€is€relationship€exempting?€ € A:€ 1. Other€ relatives€ in to€ ascendants€ and€ descendants.€ € Note:€ € The€ relationship€ of€ uncle€ and€ niece€ is€ not€ covered€by€any€of€the€relatio F.€ which€ r he€ death€ of€ any€ person€ or€ persons.€ 247.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability the€ firearm€ is€ low‐powered€ or€ high‐ powered. Legitimate.€ sedition.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ Stepparents€ –€ It€ is€ their€ duty€ to€ bestow€ u n€a€mother/father’s€ affection.€An 45)€ Note:€ The€ provisions€ of€ the€ RPC€ insofar€ as€ they€ are€ applicable€shall€be€suppletor .€or€unauthorized€use€ of€ licensed€ firearm€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€crime.€ a€ spouse€ will€ not€ incur€ r€a€crime€of€less€serious€ physical€ injuries€ or€ € serious€ physical€ injuries€ if€ this€ aving€ surprised€ the€ offended€ spouse€ or€ paramour€ or€ mistress€ committing€ actual€ se rse.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€if€ the€ commission€ of€ any€ crime€ punishable€ under€ Title€ Eight€ (Crimes€ Against€ P Nine€ (Crimes€ Against€ Personal€ Liberty€ and€ Security)€ of€ the€ Revised€ Penal€Code€is€ ts€constituting€ torture€ and€ other€ cruel.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€Anti‐Violence€Against€Women€and€Their€ Children€Act€of€2004€(RA€9262)€ Note:€ Being€ under€ the€ influence€ of€ alcohol.€or€adopted ster.15)€€ € Q:€What€is€the€basis€of€alternative€circumstan re€ and€ effects€ of€ the€ crime€ and€the€other€conditions€attending€its€commission.€care€and€protection.€27.€ detonation€ agen evices€ shall€ be€ considered€ as€ an€ aggravating€circumstance. Unlicensed€firearm€shall€include:€f ed€license.€ the€ penalty€ to€ be€ imposed€ shall€ be€ in€ its€ maximum€ period. Relative€by€affinity€in€the€same€degree€of€ the€offender€ 6.€or€any€other€mind‐al l€not€be€ a€defense€under€this€Act. Intoxication€ 3.€ € 4. Relationship€ 2.1)€ Q:€ When€ is€ the€ use€ of€ explosives€ considered€ an€ aggravating€circ a€ person€ commits€ any€ of€ the€ crimes€ defined€ in€ the€ Revised€ Penal€ Code€ or€ speci f€ the€ aforementioned€ explosives.€MARTINEZ€ 53€ . €€RELATIONSHIP€€ € Q:€When€is€relationship€taken€into€consid d€party€is€the:€ 1. f€ unlicensed€ firearm€ considered€absorbed€as€an€element€of€the€crime€of€ rebellion.€ € 2.€(Sec.€ the€ use€ of€ such€ explosives.€ or€ attempted€ coup€d en€ is€ the€ use€ of€ unlicensed€ firearm€ considered€an€aggravating€circumstance?€ A:€In€t nd€murder€(Sec.€natural.(Sec. Degree€of€instruct ducation€of€the€offender€ € 1.€RA€8294)€ € E. Descendant€ 4. Ascendant€ 3.

Under€ Art.g. € Q:€ When€ is€ relationship€ neither€ aggravating€ nor€ mitigating?€ € A:€Relationship€ ating€nor€mitigating€ when€relationship€is€an€element€of€the€offense.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. Habitual.€ € € 54€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .473)€ € Q:€When€is€relationship€aggravating st€persons€in€cases:€ € a.€or€ € 3.€ € In€crimes€against€chastity € Q:€When€is€relationship€mitigating?€ € A:€ 1.€e.€ d.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€(Reyes. ent€ to€ the€ plan€ to€ commit€ a€ felony. When€ the€ crime€ committed€ is€ homicide€ or€ murder.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ 332.€58€Phil.€adul e.€ Once lished€by€satisfactory€evidence.€ in€ the€ crime€ of€ theft.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€539) aped€ his€ own€ daughter€ (People€ v.€ parricide..€ fraudulent€ insolvency€(Art.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 3.€(People€v ere€the€crime€is€physical€injuries:€ i.€ re ggravating€even€if€the€victim€of€the€ crime€is€a€relative€of€a€lower€degree. In€ rape ing€ where€ a€ stepfather€ raped€ his€ stepdaughter€ (People€ v.€€ € Note:€To€be€€mitigating.€€ € The€serious€physical€injuries€must€ not€be€inflicted€by€a€parent€upon€ tisement€ € ii. Serious€physical€injuries€–€even€if€ the€ offended€ f€the€offender.€ it€ is€ mit ense€ committed€ is€ less€ serious€ physical€injuries€or€slight€physical€injuries.€p.€ JR.€ € 2.€ Porras.€relationship€ is€ a€ qualifying€ aggravating€ ci ere€ the€ offender€is€a€brother€or€an€ascendant€of€the€offended€ woman. In€ crimes€ against€ persons€ when€ it€ comes€ to€ physical€ injuries.€INTOXICATION€ € Q:€When€is€intoxication€mitigating?€ € A:€If€intoxication€is:€ € 1.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€LIWANAG.€ if€ the is€ a€ relative€ of€ a€ lower€degree. At€ the€ time€ of€ the€ commission€ of€ taken€ such€ quantity€ of€ alcoholic€ drinks€ as€ to€ blur€ his€ reason€and€deprive€him€of€ l.€ 312). Less€ serious€ physical€ injuries€ or€ slight€ physical€ injuries€ –€ if€ t is€ a€ relative€ of€ a€ higher€degree€of€the€offender.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ by€ analogy ns€ exempt€ from€ criminal€ liability).€578). In t€ to€ the€ plan€ to€ commit€a€felony). In€ crimes€ against€ property.€ € €€2.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. When€the€offended€party€is€a€relative€€ of€a€higher€degree€than€ r€and€the€offended€ party€are€relatives€of€the€same€level.€the€state€of€intoxication€of€the€ accused€ must€ be€ proved.€ as€killing€a€brother.€ 50€ Phil.€ it€ is€ pres al€or€unintentional.€ Relationship€ is€ mitigating€ in€ the€ cr (Arts.€ € Thus.€ malicious€ mischief€ and€ swindling€ or€ o€ criminal€ liability€ if€ the€ offender€ is€ related€ to€ the€ offended€ party€ as€spouse ndant€or€if€ the€ offender€ is€ a€ brother€ or€ sister€ or€ brother‐in‐law€ or€ sister‐in‐l they€ are€ living€ together.€314)€and€arson€(A )€ € 2.€ usurpation€ (Art.€ De€ Leon.€in€the€absence€of€ proof€ to€ the€ contrary.€ 294‐302).€or€ € 2.€whether€or€not€the€ e.€ € Q:€When€is€intoxication€aggravating?€ € A:€If€intoxication€is€ € 1.€ € e.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ € Note:€In€the€crime€of€qualified€seduction.

€ € But€ if€ a€ lawyer€ committed€ falsificatio vate€ his€ criminal€ liability€ because€ he€ used€ his€ special€ knowledge€ as€ a€ lawyer.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € Low€ degree€ ggravating€ in€ the€ manner€that€high€degree€is€never€mitigating.€ € € €€ F€ THE€OFFENDER€ € Q:€Is€degree€of€instruction€or€education€mitigating?€ € A:€ GR:€ Lack€ o on€ is€ mitigating€in€all€crimes.€ € € Q:€Supposing.€ It€ is€ still€ considered rcumstance. Murder€or€homicide€ € 4.€ however€unlettered€or€uncultured€he€may€ s.€82€Phil.€ € Q:€Who€is€a€“habitual€drunkard?”€ € A:€ He€ is€ one€ given€ to€ intoxication€ by€ excessi :€ What€ determines€ whether€ intoxication€ is€ mitigating€or€not?€ € A:€ The€ basis€ is€ t hol€ upon€ the€ offender.€MARTINEZ€ 55€ .€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € Q:€ Is€ the€degree€ of€ instruction€ and€ education€two€ distinct€circumstances?€ € A:€Yes. Crimes€against€chastity€ € 3.€ can€ the€ alternative€ cir e€ of€ instruction€ be€ a€ mitigating€ circumstance?€ € A:€ Yes. Rape€ € 5. Treason€ uld€ be€ a€ natural€ feeling€ of€ every€ citizen.€ Note:€ It€ is€ n lone€ but€ the€ lack€ of€ intelligence€of€the€offender€that€is€considered. e€of€instruction€ but€is€nevertheless€educated.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ e€ of€ his€learning€in€committing€the€crime.BOOK 1: Circumstances Which Affect Criminal Liability Note:€The€moment€intoxication€is€shown€to€be€habitual€ or€ intentional€ to€ the€ commission ame€ will€ immediately€ aggravate.€ the€ fact€ that€ he€ law€ will€ not€ aggravate€his€liability.€ € XPN:€Not€mitigating€in:€ € 1.€the€crime€was€done€not€in€a€civilized€ society. Crimes€ against€ propert a.€threat)€ € 2.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€not€the€quantity€of€the€alcoholic€drink€he€ had€taken€in.€193)€ € Illustration:€ € If€ the€ offender€ is€ a€ lawyer€ who€ committed€ rape.€ regardless€ of€ the€ crime€committed.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.

Accessories€ € Note:€This€classification€is€true€only€under€the€RPC€and€ is€ not€ used€ under€ special€ la es€ under€ special€ laws€ are€ not€ graduated.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € 2..€ Q:€May€corpses€or€animals€be€passive€subjects€of€a€ crime?€ € A:€ GR:€ Corpses€ and€ animal cts€ because€ they€ have€ no€ rights€ that€ may€ be€impaired.€ € Q:€What€are€the€kinds€of€principals?€ t€participation€ 2.€ the€ act€ of€ one€ is€ the€ act€of€all.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€€ € This€is€because€the€conspiracy€contemplated€here€is€ a€ manner€ of€ committing unishable€ as€ a€ rule€ unless€ it€ is€ a€ conspiracy€ to€ € 56€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ effect€ if€ the€ second€ element€ is€ missing?€ € A:€If€the€second€ele t€ participate€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ acts€ of€ execution€ cannot€ be€ held€ crimin se€ there€ is€ no€ conspiracy.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € IV. Accomplices€ 3.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€LIWANAG.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Principals€ 2.€ 2.€ € Note:€ Under€ the€ RPC. Principal€by€indispensable€cooper RINCIPAL€BY€DIRECT€PARTICIPATION€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€for€principals€by€direct€ pa hey€ participated€ in€ the€ criminal€ resolution.€ each€ of€ the€ offenders the€ act€ performed€by€him.€ € Note:€ Principals€by€ direct€participation€ are€those€who€ materially€execute€the€crime.€17)€ € Q:€What€are€the€different€classifications€of€criminal€ respons al€ criminal€ responsibility€ –€ When€ there€ is€ no€ conspiracy.€ natural€ persons€ act€ with€ personal€malice€or€negligence. Quasi€ ‐€ collective€ criminal€ responsibility€ –€ Some€ are€ principals€and€the€others€are€accomplices.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€artifi ot€ act€with€malice€or€negligence.€ if€ a€ special€law€provides€for€t ties€ as€ those€ provided€ under€ the€ RPC.€ unless€ the€ crime€ agreed€ upon€to€be€committed€is€treason bellion.€All€conspirators€are€liable€as€co‐ he€ extent€ and€ character€of€their€participation.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ € XPN:€ Under€ Art.€Th e€ scene€ and€ perform€ acts€ necessary€ in€ the€ commission€ of€the€crime.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ t may€ be€ committed€ if€ the€ imputation€ tends€ to€ blacken€the€memory€of€one€who€is€dead.€ However.€PERSONS€CRIMINALLY€LIABLE€ € Q:€Who€are€criminally€liable?€ € A:€ The€ following€ are€ grave€ and€ less€grave€felonies:€ 1.€ERIK€GALLARDO. Principal€by€induction/inducement€ 3.€ € 3.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. Collective€ criminal€ responsibility€ s€ conspiracy.€ € Q:€Who€can€be€passive€subjects€of€a€crime?€ € A:€ A€ corporation€ and€ partnership€ can€ Note:€ A€ juridical€ person€ like€ a€ corporation€ cannot€ commit€ a€ crime€ that€ requires e€ or€ malicious€intent.€€ € €€PRINCIPALS€ €€(Art.€ 253. They€ carried€ out€ the€ plan€ and€ p part€ in€ its€ execution€ by€ acts.€ JR.€ the€ classification€ under€the€RPC€may€be€adop € This€article€applies€only€when€the€offenders€are€to€be€ judged€by€their€individual.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. Active€subject€(the€cr e€injured€party)€ € Q:€Who€can€be€active€subjects€of€a€crime?€ € A:€Only€natural€person€can e€of€the€highly€personal€nature€of€the€ criminal€responsibility.€ which€ directly€tended€to€the€same€end.€and€not € Q:€Who€can€be€the€parties€in€the€commission€of€a€ crime?€ € A:€ 1.

In€ murder€ –€ where€ treachery€ is€ an€ element€ of€ the€ crime.€ although€ he€ was€ not€ present€ in€ the€ scene€ of€ the€ crime.€ € Q:€Who€is€a€principal€by€inducement?€ € A:€ To€ be€ a€ principal€ b erances€ must€ be€ such€ nature€ and€ made€ in€ such€ manner€as€to€become€the€determining€c Note:€Principals€by€inducement€are€liable€even€if€they€ do€not€appear€at€the€scene€of€the€c € Q:€What€is€the€rule€in€determining€criminal€liability€ in€case€of€conspiracy?€ € A:€ GR:€ nal€liability€of€ all€ the€ participants€ will€ be€ the€ same.€One€serving€as€guard€pursuant€to€the€conspiracy€is€ a€principal€by€direct€participatio € A:€ The€ inducement€ contemplated€ is€ one€ strong€ enough€that€the€person€induced€could€ ement€ is€ tantamount€ to€ an€ irresistible€ force€ compelling€ the€ person€ induced€ to€ c cution€of€the€crime. € a. Such€ ind etermining€ cause€ of€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime€ by€ the€ material€executor.€ be€ committed€ just€as€well.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ two€ ways€ of€ directly€ inducing€ another€to€commit€a€crime?€ € A:€€ her€ to€ commit€ a€ crime€by:€ € a.€it€reduces€him€ to€a€mere€ins ntrollable€ fear€ –€ compulsion€by€means€of€intimidation€ or€threat€that€promise€an€evil€of ce€ that€ the€ ordinary€ man€ would€ have€ succumbed€to€it. Inducement€ ectly€ with€ the€ intention€ of€ procuring€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime. Under€ conspiracy.€ ii.€the€fact€that€the€ element€of€the€offense€is€not€ rators€is€immaterial.€ he as€ a€ principal€ by€ direct€ participation.€ € XPN:€€ 1.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Giving€ price.g.€€ € €€2.€ such€ egarded€ only€as€an€accomplice.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ The€ material€ executor€ is€not€ criminally€ liable€ because€ of€ exempting€ of€ irresistible€ force€and€uncontrollable€fear.BOOK 1: Persons Criminally Liable commit€ treason.€ because€ the€act€of€one€is€ ticipation€ of€ one€ is€ so€ insignificant.€ By€ di nother€ to€ commit€ a€ crime€by:€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. Using€ irresistible€ force€ –€ such€ physical€ force€ a ct€ upon€ the€ individual€ that€ in€ spite€of€all€resistance.€ € Ratio:€The€law€favors€milder€form€of€criminal€liability€if€ the€act€of€the€participant€does versity.€ all€ offenders€ must€ employment€ of€ the€treachery€at€the€time€of€the€execution€ of€the€act.€PRINCIPALS ant€by€inducement?€ € 2.€then€notwithstanding€the€existence€ of€ a€ conspiracy.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ effect€ of€ conspiracy€ if€ not€ all€ the€ elements€of€the€crime€is€pr tor?€ € A:€ GR:€When€there€is€conspiracy.€ coup€ d’€ etat€ or€ rebellion€ which€is€expressly€punishable€a at€ does€ personally€ took€ part€ in€ the€ commission€of€the€crime€mean?€ € A:€It€means€tha articipation€must€ be€at€the€scene€of€the€commission€of€the€ crime.€ Only€ the€ one€ using€ force€ or€ cau lly€ liable.€ such€ that€ even€ without€ his€ cooperation.€ € Note:€ In€ these€ cases.€ there€ is€ no€ conspiracy.€ sedition.€MARTINEZ€ 57€ . In€parricide€–€the€element€of€relationship€ must€be€pres 2.€ or€ offering€ reward€ or€ promise€ € Requisites:€ i.€ personally€ taking€ pa 2.€ € E.

One€ cannot€ be€ held€ guilty€ of€ having€ instigated€ the€ commission€ of€ a€ crime€ witho wn€ that€ the€ crime€ has€been€actually€committed€by€another.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Note:€ The€ one€ giving€ the€ price€ or€ offering€ the€ reward€ or€ promise€ is€ a€ princip le€ the€ one€ committing€ the€ crime€in€consideration€thereof€is€a€principal€ by€ direct€ p e€ is€ collective€ criminal€responsibility.€not€so€much€because€of€the€reward€ promised€to€him€but€because€he€also€had€his€own€ ronged€ him€in€the€past.€ and€ powerful€ as€ t or€ moral€ coercion.€so€ efficacious.€ it€ cannot€ be€ said€ that€ th ential€in€producing€the€criminal€act.€ € Note:€ If€ the€ one€ charged€ as€ principal€ by€ direct€ participation€ is€ acquitted€ beca hout€ criminal€intent€or€malice. Conspiracy€ is€ negated€ by€ the€ acquittal€ of€ co € Q:€ A€ asked€ B€ to€ kill€ C€ because€ of€ grave€ injustice€ done€ to€ A€ by€ C.€ A€ prom ill€C.€ € Words€ uttered€ in€ the€ heat€ of€ anger€ and€ in€ the€ nature€ o€ be€ obeyed€do€not€make€one€an€inductor.€his€acquittal€is€not€a€ground€ for€the€acquittal€of€the€pr € b.€ In€both.€ Requisites:€ i.€ € I mmitted€ the€ crime€ had€ his€ own€ reason€ to€ commit€ it.€ t uced€by€A. He€ must€ have€ an€ ascendancy€ or€ in son€ who€ acted.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€would€A€be€liable€ as€a€principal€by€induceme principal€ by€ inducement€ because€ the€ reward€ he€ promised€ B€ is€ not€ the€ sole€ impel made€ B€ to€ kill€ C.€ iv.€the€ proponent€becomes€a€ principal€by€inducement.€ 2.€there€is€inducement€to€commit€a€crime€ The€mere€proposal€to€ commit€a€felony€is€ p cept€in€ proposal€to€commit€ Becomes€liable€only€when€ treason€or€rebellion.€The€facts€of€ the€ case€ indicate€ that€ B. Words€ of€ command€ must€ be€ uttered€ prior€ to€ the€ commission aterial€ executor€ of€ the€ crime€ has€ no€ personal€ reason€ to€ commit€the€crime.€ € To€ bring€ about€ criminal€ liability€ of€ a€ co‐principal.€ The riminal€responsibility.€ iii.€ the€crime€is€ erson€to€ by€the€principal€by€direct€ whom€the€proposal€is€ participation€ made€should€not€ ise. € Using€word€or€command.€If€C€is€killed€by€B.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ a€ principal€ by€ inducement€ and€ an€ offende al€to€commit€a€felony?€ € A:€ PRINCIPAL€BY€ INDUCEMENT€ OFFENDER€WHO€MADE€ PROPOSAL€TO€COMMIT€€ A€FELONY€ € Note:€ The€ one€ who€ used€ the€ words€ of€ command€is€a€principal€by€inducement€while€ the me€ because€ of€ the€ words€ of€ command€ is€ a€ principal€ by€ direct€ participation.€had€his€own€reason€to€kill€C€out€of€a€ long€standing€grudge. The€ one€ uttering€ the€ words€ of€ command€ must€ n€ of€ procuring€ the€ commission€of€the€crime.€ € Mere€imprudent€advice€is€not€inducement.€LIWANAG.€ ii.€ the€ ducer€ must€ be€ the€ sole€ consideration€ which€ caused€ the€ person€ induced€to€commit€th ch€the€ crime€would€not€have€been€committed.€ZACAT .€ The€proposal€to€be€ punishable€mus on€or€rebellion€ Involves€any€crime€ € Q:€ When€ will€ the€ criminal€ liability€ of€ the€principal€ by€inducement€arise?€ € A:€ ent€ becomes€ liable€ only€ when€ the€ crime€ is€ committed€ by€ the€ principal€ by€ direct What€ is€ the€ effect€ of€ the€ acquittal€ of€ the€ principal€ by€ direct€ participation€ o the€principal€by€inducement?€ € A:€€ 1. Words€used€must€be€so€direct.€(2002€Bar€Question) € 58€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.


€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ accomplice€ and€conspirator?€ € A:€ ACCOMPLICE CONSPIRATOR In€both.€ € Note:€Cooperation€of€an€accomplice€is€only€necessary.€ s alent€ to€ concealment€ and€ he€should€be€held€as€an€accessory.€ € In€case€of€doubt.€MARTINEZ€ 59€ .€the€bas e€cooperation€to€the€consummation€of€the€crime.€ € Note:€ Where€ the€ accused€ misleads€ the€ authorities€by€giving€them€false€information. f€ the€€€€ principals€by€direct€participation.€ with€ the€ intention€ of€ supplying€ material€ or€moral€aid€in€the€executi cacious€way.€the€partic l€ be€ considered€ that€ of€ an€ accomplice€ rather€ than€ that€ of€a€principal.€PRINCIPALS€BY€INDISPENSABLE€COOPERATION€ € Q:€ Who€ is€ a€ principal€ by€ indispensabl e€who:€ 1.€19)€ € Q:€Who€are€accessories?€ € A:€ € Those€ who€ do€ not€ parti cooperate€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ felony.€ for€ it€ can€ be€ red€from€the€circumstances€of€each€case.€then€ such€cooperation€would€ bring€about€a€principal.BOOK 1: Persons Criminally Liable €€3. Cooperat of€ the€ crime€ by€ performing€ an€ act.€ He€ becomes€ a€ co‐conspirator€ by€ indispensable€ cooperation. Profiting€or€assisting€the€offender€to€profit€ .€€ € A:€He€becomes€a€principal€by€direct€participation.€this€would€make€ the€cooperator€merely€an€ a € Note:€ € In€ determining€ whether€ the€ offender€ is€ a€ principal€or€accomplice. Participated€ € directly€ € in€ € the€ € criminal€ resolution.€18)€€ € Q:€Who€is€an€accomplice?€ € A:€An€accomplice€is€one€who:€ 1.€ there€ must€ be€ a€ principal€by€direct€participation.€ € 2.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ not€indispensable.€ ACCOMPLICE€ € If€the€cooperation d€or€hastened€ the€consummation€of€the€ crime.€ € €€ACCESSORIES€ €€(Art.€ but€ with€ knowledge€ of€ the€ commission sequently€takes€part€in€three€ways€ by:€ 1.€ cooperate€in€its€ executi uments€who€perform€ They€are€the€authors€of€ acts€not€essential€to€the€ the€crime.€ although€ the€ c r€purpose€was€not€previously€agreed€upon.€ € Note:€A€principal€by€indispensable€cooperation€may€be€ a€ co‐conspirator€ under€ the€ doctr spiracy.€ € If€the€cooperation€is€not€indispensable.€€ € Before€ there ce.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€€ € Q:€ Distinguish€ an€ accomplice€ fro spensable€cooperation?€ € A:€ PRINCIPAL€BY€ INDISPENSABLE€ COOPERATION€ If€the€crime€could€hardly€ be€committed€without€ n.€ € 2.€ perpetr ACCOMPLICES€€ €€(Art.€the€o ice. Concealing€ or€ destroying€ the€ body€ of€ the€ crime€to€prevent€its€discovery.€they€agree€with€the€criminal€design They€come€to€know€ They out€it€after€the€ criminal€intention€ principals€have€reached€ because€they€themselves€ the have€decided€upon€such€ then€do€they€agree€to€ course€of€action.€ without€ which€ it€ would€ not€ have€ been€ accom s€ cooperation€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€offense€mean?€ € A:€ To€ desire€ or€ wish€ a€ mmon€will€or€purpose€does€not€necessarily€mean€ previous€ understanding.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ effect€ if€ he€ the€ person€ charged€ as€ an€accomplice€inflicts€a€mor ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Cooperates€ in€ the€ execution€ of€ th ultaneous€acts.€or€ € 2.

€DESTROYING€THE€CORPUS€DELICTI€ € Q:€What€is€a€corpus€delicti?€ € 2.€ conceal the€escape€of€the€principal€ € c. When€ the€ felony€ committed€ is€ a€ light€ felony.€3160)€ € €€3.€ € €€2.€as€long€as€ that€killing€is€established€beyond€reasonable€doubt.€concealing€or€assisting€in€the€escape€of€ the€princi ublic€officers€ € Requisites:€ a.€ERIK€GALLARDO. Some€person’s€criminal€respon orpse€is€not€recovered.€ € Harboring.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€€ € It€is€a he€ € proof€ € of€ € the€ occurrence€ of€ certain€ events€ 2. Accessory€is€a€private€person€ € b.€PROFITING€OR€ASSISTING€THE€OFFENDER€TO€ PROFIT Illustration:€ € If€ a€ person€ having€ participated€ as€ principal€ or€ accomplice€ in€ ro ut€ knowing€ that€ the€ property€ being€ offered€ to€ him€ is€ the€ proceeds€ or€ subject€m ught€or€purchased€ or€ dealt€ in€ any€ manner€ with€ which€ such€ property. € Note:€ One€ cannot€ be€ an€ accessory€ unless€ he€ knew€ of€ the€commission€of€the€crime.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ the€ crime€ committed€ by€ the€ principal€ i fficer€ becomes€ an€ accessory€ by€ the€ mere€ fact€ that€he€helped€the€principal€escape€by ng..€ € Q:€ What€ if€ the€ offender€ has€ already€ involved€ himself€as€a€principal€or€accomplice cessory€ any€ further€ even€ though€he€performs€acts€pertaining€to€an€accessory.G.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. He€harbors.€ He€ should€ not the€ consent€ of€ the€ principal.€CA.€ A:€€The€corpus€ delicti€is€ the€body€of€the€crime. Murder€ € 60€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ If€ he€ took€ it€ without€ the€ consent€ of€ the€ princi ssory€ but€ a€ principal€in€the€crime€of€theft.€ € Note:€ In€ the€ case€ of€ a€ public€ officer.€ c ill€ arise€ and€ if€ there€ is€ someone€ who€ destroys€ the€ corpus€ delicti€ to€ prevent€ es€ an€ accessory.€ obtaining€bene tion€or€helping€the€ thief€or€robber€to€profit€there€from.€ provided€ it€ is€ not€a€light€felony.€ € € Note:€ The€ accessory€ must€ receive€ the€ property€ from€ the€ principal.€ unless€ the€ accessory€ himself€ profited€ from€ the€ effects€ or€ proceeds€ of€ the ed€the€offender€to€profit€therefrom.€ € Q:€In€w ories€not€criminally€ liable?€ € A:€ 1.€65€O.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 3.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ not€ before€ the€ consummation€of€the€crime.€natural€or€adopted€or€ where€ the€ accessory€ is€ a€ relative€ by€ affinity gree.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€LIWANAG.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ Coronel.€ € €€1.€making€use€of€his€public€function€and€ thus€abusing€the€same.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. sory€ is€ related€ to€ the€ principal€as€spouse. He€ harbors. Accessory€is€a€public€officer€ € b.€ concealing€ or€ assisting€ in€ the€ escape€of€the€principal€of€the€crime.€concea scape€of€the€author€of€the€crime€ € c. He€ € acts€ € with€ € abuse€ € of€ € his€ public€ functio he€ principal€ is€ any€ crime.€or€as€an€ascendant. Private€person€ € Requisites:€ a.€HARBORING€OR€€CONCEALI lty€ as€ an€ accessory€ by€ harboring.€ (Inovero€ v. The€ crime€ committed€ by€ the€ principal€is€either: cide€ iii.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € The€accessory€comes€into€the€pictur dy€ consummated.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€not€ necessarily€the€corpse.€ JR.€ ave€ participated€ in€ the€ commission€of€the€crime.€or€ descendant€ or€ as her€legitimate.

€ € € natural.€ misrepresentation.€or€ scape€ of.€ or€ concealing€ his€ true€ name€ and€other€personal€circumstances e€or€purposes€ € 5. Attempt€€against€€the€€life€€of€€the€ President€ That€the€principal€is€known€to€be€ crime. Delaying€the€prosecution€of€criminal€cases€ by€ obstructing€ the€ servi urt€ orders€ or€ disturbing€ proceedings€ in€ the€ fiscal s€ offices.€ suppressing€ or€ concealing€ any€ paper.€ € Q:€ Can€ an€ accessory€ be€ held€ criminally€ liable€ without€the€principal€being€found€g essory€ cannot€ be€ held€ criminally€ liable€without€the€principal€being€found€guilty€of€ a hen€ the€ principal€ was€ not€ held€ liable€ because€ of€ an€ exempting€ circumstance€ unde Ratio:€ A€ person€does€not€become€ criminally€ liable€ by€ merely€ harboring€ or€ assisting an€innocent€man. A scendant€ 4.€ € Note:€ The€ exemption€ provided€ for€ in€ this€ article€ is€ based€ on€ the€ ties€ of€ bloo on€ of€ one’s€ name.€ criminal€cases€ € 3.€20€do€not€apply€to€ P.D.€if€such€acce fects€of€the€crime.€ authenticity.€ evading€ pros cution€ of€ a€ judgment. Preventing€ w fying€ in€ any€criminal€proceeding€or€from€reporting€ the€ commission€ of€ any€ offense€ or y€ offender/s€ by€ means€ of€ bribery.€ or€ to€ b tigation€of. ense€under€existing€ penal€ laws€ in€ order€ to€ prevent€his€ arrest.€force€or Altering.€1829?€ € A:€Any€person.€20)€ € Q:€What€is€the€criminal€liabil cessory€ is€ exempt€ from€ criminal€ liability.€ € XPN:€ Not€ so€ exempt€ even€ if€ the€ principal€ is€ related€to€him.€Decree€Penalizing€Obstruction€of€Apprehension€ and€Prosecution€of€Criminal€Offenders€ shable€acts€ € Q:€What€are€the€acts€punished€under€P.€ € € A.€ or€ admissi vidence€ in€ any€ investigation€of€or€official€proceedings€in.€1829€(Obstruction€of€Justice).€ legibility.€ availability.€ € Nephew€and€niece€are€not€included.€ any€ person€ he€ knows.BOOK 1: Persons Criminally Liable iv.€ € € or€ € € adopted€€€€€ brother.D. Legitimate.€who€knowing edes.€ frustrates€ or€ delays€ the€ apprehension€ of€ suspects€ and€ the€ investigation€ an n€ of€ criminal€ cases€ by€ committing€ any€ of€ the€ following€ acts:€€ € 1.€ which€ compels€ on€ to€ conceal€ the€ crimes€ committed€by€relatives€ this€article.€ or€ has€ reasonable€ ground€ to€ believe€ or€ suspect.€ in€ Tanodbayan.€when€the€principal€is€his:€ 1.€MARTINEZ€ 61€   .€ € The€b rt.€ record.€ deceit.€ 19€ is€ exempt€by€reason€of€relation . Harboring€or€concealing.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ 1829).€or€official€proceedings€in.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ intimidation.3€ of€ Art.€ or€ o h€ intent€ to€ impair€ its€ verity.€ € Note:€ Correlate€ this€ Article€ with€ the€ provisions€ of€ the€ Anti‐F 2)€ and€ Obstruction€ of€ Justice€ (P.€even€ if€ such€ public€ officer€ acted€ with€ abuse€ of€ his€ public€ functions.€ Public€ officer€ contemplated€ under€ par. Spouse€ 2. v.€ destroying.€or€ 2.€ prosecution€and€conv ly€ using€ a€ fictitious€ name€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ concealing€ a€ crime.€ or€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Assisted€ the€ offender€ to€ profit€ from€ the€ effects€of€the€c Ratio:€ Such€ acts€ are€ prompted€ not€ by€ affection€ but€by€greed.€ sister€ or€ rela egree.€ Both€ laws€ will€ be€ discussed€ under€ S €€ACCESSORIES€EXEMPT€FROM€CRIMINAL€LIABILITY€ €€(Art.€ criminal€ cases.D.€ document.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.

€ document.€LIWANAG.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ honor€ or€ property€ iate€ member€ or€ members€ of€ his€ family€ in€ order€ to€ prevent€ such€ person€ from€appe ion€of.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€Because€the€reason€is€public€ policy.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€or€offic inal€cases€ Soliciting.€ or€ impeding€ the€ prosecution€of€a€criminal€offender€ € Threatening€ directly y€ another€ with€ the€ infliction€ of€ any€ wrong€ upon€ his€ person.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. Making.€ it€ shoul C€ and€ special€ laws.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € 62€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ or€ imposing€ a€ condition.€ in€ order€ to€ prevent€ a€ person€ from€ appearing€ in€ the€ investigation€ of€ or ings€in.€or€agreeing€to€accept€ any€benefit€in€consideration€of€a iscounting.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA..€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. € 9.€ whet lawful.€criminal€cases€ Giving€ of€ false€ or€ fabricated€ information€ to€ mislead€ or€ p orcement€agencies€from€apprehending€ the€offender€or€from€protecting€the€life€or€ property€ fabricating€ information€ from€ the€ data€ gathered€ in€ confidence€by€investigating€author rposes€ of€ background€ information€ and€ not€ for€ publication€ and€ publishing€ or€ disse same€ to€ mislead€ the€ investigator€or€the€court.€(Sec.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. 8.€€Compare€with€Article€20.€or€ official€ proceedings€ in.€ JR.€accepting. € 2.€ the€ off nally€ liable€ by€reason€of€public€policy.€RPC€(accessories€ exempt€from€criminal€liability)€ € Note:€ Article€ 20.€ paper€ or€ object€ with€ knowle y€and€with€intent€to€ affect€ the€ course€ or€ outcome€ of€ the€ investigation€of.€ criminal€ cases.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€1)€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € 7.€ RPC€ is€ applicable€ with€ PD€ 1829€ because€ it€ is€ beneficial€ to€ be€ interpreted€ in€ favor€ of€ the€ accused€ because€ in€ an€ absolutory€ cause.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 6.€ presenting€ or€ using€ any€ record.

Suspension€ from€ the€ employment€ or€ accordi ing€the€trial€or€in€order€to€ 5.€ A:€ € 1.€MARTINEZ€ 63€ . Personal€ –€ no€ one€ should€ be€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ re egal€–€it€is€a€consequence€of€a€judgment€ 3.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Commensurate€with€the€ e€ commitment€ of€ a€ minor€ to€ a€ 3.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ in€ accordan il€Code. Productive€ of€ suffering.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ Those€ mentioned€ in€ par.€ 1.€property.€PENALTIES€ € €A.€ € € 5.€ 1€ refers€ to€ accused€ persons€ who€ are€ detained€ “by€ reason€ of€ insan t€ does€ not€ refer€ to€ the€ confinement€ of€ an€ insane€ or€ imbecile€ who€ has€not€been€ Offended€party€cannot€ pardon€the€€€offender€so€ as€to€relieve€him€of€€€the€ penalty.€ € 2.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ classes€ of€ injuries€ caused€ by€ a€ crime?€ € A:€ SOCIAL€INJURY€ Produced€by€the€ disturbance€and€alarm€ which€are€the€outcome€of€ the€offens imposition€of€the€ corresponding€penalty. Certain€–€no€one€may€escape€its€effects. Fines€ and€ other€ corrective€ measures€ € which.€ € superior€ officials upon€ their€ A:€A€felony€shall€be€punishable€only€by€the€penalty€ subordinates. Deprivation€ of€ rights€ and€ reparations€ It€is€a€guaranty€to€the€citizen€ h€the€civil€law€may€establish€in€penal€ act€ of€ his€ will€ be€ considered€ criminal€ until .€ 3€ and€ 4€ ar asures€before€conviction€of€offenders.€GENERAL€PRINCIPLES€ €€(Arts.€ institute€procee rrectional. Par.BOOK 1: Penalties V.€ in€ the€ exercise€ of€ t enalties€that€may€be€imposed?€ administrative€ disciplinary€ powers.€ without€€€€€ illness€ requiring€ their€ ever€affecting€the€integrity€of€human€ hospital.€ho ed€through€ indemnity.€ The€State€has€no€reason€ to€insist€in€its€payment.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ € Note:€ 1.€ € 2.€ personality.€21‐24)€ Ratio:€ A€ law€ cannot€ be€ rationally€ obeyed€ unless€ it€ is€ first€shown€and€a€man€canno hat€has€not€been€given.€ Parents€ who€ are€ government€has€made€it€so€by€law€and€has€provided€ deprived€ of€ thei enalty€ found€guilty€of€the€crime€of€corruption€of€ € their€ minor€ children.€ 4.€ The€State€has€an€interest€ in€this€class€or€inju Caused€to€the€victim€of€ the€crime€who€suffered€ damage€either€to€his€ person.€ € Q:€ Why€ are€ the€ measures€ above‐mentioned€ not€ considered€as€penalties?€ € d€ as€ a€ result€ of€ judicial€ proceedings.€ € Q:€What€are€penalties?€ € € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ measures€ of€ prevention€ that€ are€ A:€P osed€by€lawful€ not€considered€as€penalty?€€ authority€upon€a€person€who€commits€a€delibera gainst€the€law. The€ arrest€ and€ temporary€ detention€ of€ Q:€What€are€the€judic ?€ accused€ persons€ (preventive€ € imprisonment)€ as€ well€ as€ their€ detention€ A:€€ € b or€ imbecility€ or€ 1.€ It€can€be€waived€by€the€ offended€party.€ prescribed ission. The€offender€is€not€subjected€to€or€made€ to€ in€ expiation€ of€ or€as€punishment€for€a€crime.

€ € Where€a€minor€offender€was€committed€to€a€ reformatory€ pursuant€ to nd€while€thus€detained€he€commits€a€ crime€ therein.€4€do€not€ constitute€as€p posed€by€the€court. Is€the€penalty€proper?€Explain.€ jointly€ and€ severally.€ € € € 64€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ according€ to€ their€divisibility?€ € A:€ 1.€ € A:€ 1.€e.€ 2. Light.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO..000€ 2.€ pal€ penalties. The€ € judge€ € may€ € not€ validly€ impose€ y.€ The€ penalty€ should€ be€ imposed€ individually€ ccused€ of€ the€ crime.€€ € Q:€How€are€fines€imposed?€ € A:€Fines€may€be€imposed€as€an€alternativ nes€according€to€their€gravity?€ € A:€ 1.€death€and€reclusion€ perpetua€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ penalties.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 2.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ € Commitment€ of€ a€ minor€ is€ not t€ imposed€ by€ the€ court€ in€ a€ judgment. May€ the€ judge€ impose€ ty€ of€ fine€ or€ imprisonment?€ Explain.€ It€ does€ not ay€ impose€ the€ alternative€ penalties€ at€ the€ same€ time. 4.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ with€ subsi t€in€case€of€insolvency.€PURPOSES€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ purposes€ for€ the€ imposition€ of€ penalty€under€the iation€ € –€ € penalty€ is€ commensurate€ with€ the€ gravity€ of€ the€ offense.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ he€ cannot€ be€ considered€ a€ quasi‐ ntion€was€only€ a€ preventive€ measure.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Correct ules€which€regulate€the€execution€ of€ the€ penalties€ consisting€ in€ deprivation€ of€libe defense€ –€ shown€ by€ its€ inflexible€ severity€ to€ recidivists€ and€ habitual€ delinquen ION€OF€PENALTIES€ €€(ARTS.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. Indivisible€ penalties€ –€ th o€fixed€duration. Affl tional€ 4. Afflictive€–€over€P6. Imposing€ the€ penalty€ of€ fine€ joint he€two€convicted€accused€is€ not€ proper.€ the€ judgment€ cannot€ attain€finality€(2005€Bar€Question).€ lties€ –€ those€ that€ are€ deemed€included€in€the€imposition€of€the€ principal€penalties.€LIWANAG.€ 3€ and€ 4€ refer€ to€ administrative€ suspension€and€administrative€fines€and€not r€ fine€ as€ penalties€ for€ violations€of€the€RPC.g.€25‐26)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ general€ classifications€ of€ pena enalties€ –€ those€ expressly€ imposed€ by€ the€ court€ in€ the€ judgment€ of€ conviction.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€Although€the€law€may€ prescribe€ an€ alternative€ penalty€ for€ a€ crime.€ according€ to€ their€ gravity?€ € A:€ 1.€The€imposition€of€the€sentence€in€ such€a€case 2. Capital€ 2.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. Correctional€–€P200€ 0€ € Q:€ E€ and€ M€ are€ convicted€ of€ a€ penal€ law€ that€ imposes€a€penalty€of€fine€or€i nment. Pars.€ 2.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ The€ sentence€ must€ be€ def .€The€judge€sentenced€them€ to€ pay€ the€ fine.€ 3.€ whereas€ a€ quasi‐ recidivism€presupposes€the€comm ring€the€service€of€the€penalty€for€a€ previous€crime.€ Any€ of€ the€ convicted€ accused€ who€ is€ insolvent€ and€ unable€ ll€ serve€ the€ subsidiary€imprisonment.€ € 2.€Fines€in€par. € Divisible€penalties€–€those€that€have€fixed€ duration€ and€ are€ divisible€ into€ three€ on€ temporal€ down€ to€ arresto€menor.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. € €B.€ € 1.€ JR.

€or€ 2.€Aug. No€ court€ m utomatic€ review€ of€ the€ case€ by€ the€ Supreme€ Court.€ it€ has€ remai visible€ penalty. Rape€with€Homicide€ 12. Qualified€Bribery€ 5. Offender€ is€ in€ p orary€ penalties€ is€ from€ the€ day€ on€ which€ the€ judgment€ of€ conviction€ becomes€fin t€ in€ prison€ –€ duration€ € of€ penalty€ consisting€ in€ the€ deprivation€ of€ liberty€is is€ placed€ at€ the€ enforcement€ of€ the€ penalty€€ 3.€27€–€45)€ € Q:€What€is€the€duration€of€penal PENALTY€ Reclusion€perpetua€ Reclusion€temporal€ Prision€mayor€€and€ Temporary€€ disqualifi on€correcional€ Suspension€and€ Destierro€ Arresto€mayor€ Arresto€menor€ Bond€to€keep€the€p ears€and€1€day€to€40€ years€ 12€years€and€1€day€to€20€ years€ 6€years€and€1€day€to€€€€12€ y nth Discretionary€on€the€ Court€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ rules€ on€ computation€ of€ penalties?€ € A:€€ 1. Robbery€wi micide€ 10.€ Salome.€9346)€ € Note:€ Although€ reclusion€ perpetua€ has€ been€ given€ a€ fixed€ duration.€ What€ is€ prohibited€under€R.€when€the€ law€ violated€ does€ not€ make€ use€ of€ the€ nomenclature€ of€ the€ penalties A. Qua 4.€2006)€ € In€ lieu€ of€ the€ death€ penalty.€G. Treason€ 2.€MARTINEZ€ 65€ .€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Parricide€ 6. Murder€ 7.€ the€ vote€ of€ eight€ members€ i e€ imposition€of€death€penalty€ € Note:€ Automatic€ review€ is€ available€ only€ in€ cases€ where€death€penalty€is€imposed. Under€ age€ –€ offender€ is€ below€ 18 on€of€ the€crime€ 2. penalty.€169077. Th t. Destructive€Arson€ 11.€DURATION€AND€EFFECT€OF€PENALTIES€ €€(Arts.R.€ It€ is€ vict€ is€ banished€ to€ a€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.A.€( € Q:€When€is€death€penalty€imposed?€ € € Q:€What€is€the€nature€of€destierro?€ € A:€ Destierro€ is€ a€ principal€ penalty. Piracy€ 3. Infanticide€ 8.€31.€ € Q:€When€is€death€penalty€not€imposable?€ € A:€€ 1.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. The€penalty€of€ hen€the€ law€violated€makes€use€of€the€nomenclature€ of€the€penalties€of€the€RPC.BOOK 1: Penalties €D. Over€ age€ –€ offender€ is€ more€ than€ 70€ years€old€ 3. Carnapping€ € Q:€Is€death€penalty€already€abolished?€ € A:€ € No.€9346€is€only€the€imposition€of€ the€penalty€of€de Note:€However.€Indivisible€penalties€have€no€durations. Plunder€ 13.€ the€ following€ shall€ be€ imposed:€ 1. Other€ penalties€ –€ duration€ is€ e€ offender€ commences€ to€serve€his€sentence€ € Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€the€p etua€and€life€imprisonment?€ € A:€ RECLUSION€PERPETUA€ Pertains€to€the€penalty€ imposed€for€violation€ of€the€RPC€ It€has€fixe th€it€ accessory€penalties€ LIFE€IMPRISONMENT Pertains€to€the€penalty€ imposed€for€violatio s€ It€has€no€fixed€duration It€does€not€carry€with€it€ accessory€penalty€ A:€ Death€ penalty€ is€ imposed€ in€ the€ following€ crimes:€ 1. Kidnapping€ 9.€the€corresponding€civil€liability€should€ be€the€civil€liability€correspondi ple€vs. Certain€ violations Dangerous€ Drugs€Act€ 14.€No.

UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € certain€ place€ and€ is€ prohibited€ from€ entering€ or€ coming€ near€ that€ place€ designa nce,€ not€ less€ than€ 25€ kilometers€ but€ not€ to€ extend€beyond€250€kilometers€ € Note:€ If€ the€ convict€ should€ enter€ the€ prohibited€ places,€he€commits€the€crime€of€ev ence€under€Article€157.€ € 3. 4.

The€right€to€manage€his€property;€and€€ The€right€to€dispose€of€such€property€by€ any€act€o

Q:€ In€ what€ crimes€ is€ the€ penalty€ of€ destierro€ imposed?€ € A:€€ 1. In€ the€ crime€ hreat,€when€the€offender€is€required€to€ put€ up€ a€ bond€ for€ good€ behavior€ but€ failed r€ Article€ 284,€ such€ convict€ shall€ be€ sentenced€ to€ destierro€so€that€he€would€not€b 2. In€the€crime€of€concubinage,€the€penalty€ prescribed€for€the€concubine€is€destierro€ und ere€ the€ penalty€ prescribed€ is€ arresto€ Mayor,€ but€ the€ offender€ is€ entitled€ to€ p ting€ circumstance€ and€ lowering€ the€ prescribed€ penalty€ by€ one€ degree,€the€penalty€o estierro.€ Thus,€ it€ shall€ be€ the€ one€ imposed€ € Q:€ What€ penalties€ are€ considered€ ccessory€penalties?€ € A:€€ 1. Perpetual€ or€ temporary€ absolute€ disqualification€ € 2. P emporary€ special€ Disqualification€ € 3. Accessory€penalties€ € Note:€ Accessory€ penalties€ need€ not€ be€ stated€ in€ the€ sentence.€The€accessory€penalt cipal€ penalty€imposed€for€the€crime€as€a€matter€of€course;€ they€are€automatically€imposed ated€in€the€judgment€ €

€ Q:€What€principal€penalties€is€civil€interdiction€an€ accessory€penalty?€ € A:€It€is€an€a ath€ penalty€ if€ it€ is€ commuted€ to€ life€ imprisonment;€ 2. Reclusion€perpetua;€ 3. Rec al.€€ € Q:€What€are€the€effects€of€penalties?€ € A:€ 1. Perpetual€ or€ temporary€ absolute€ blic€office:€ a. Deprivation€ of€ public€ offices€ and€ employment,€even€if€by€election;€ € of€ the€ right€ to€ vote€ or€ to€be€elected;€ € Note:€A€plebiscite€is€not€mentioned€or€ contemplated€ in€ Art.€ 30,€ par€ 2€ (deprivation€ ,€ hence,€ the€ offender€ may€ vote€in€that€ exercise,€ subject€ to€ the€ provisions€ of€ p s€at€the€time€ € c. d.

Disqualification€ for€ the€ offices€ or€ public€ employments€ and€ for€ the€ exercise€of€an d;€ € Loss€ of€ right€ to€ retirement€ pay€ or€ pension€ for€ any€ office€ formerly€ held.€

Note:€ Perpetual€ absolute€ disqualification€ lasts€ during€the€lifetime€of€the€convict€ € ute€disqualification€lasts€during€ the€term€of€the€sentence,€and€is€removed€after€ the€serv 2.

Q:€What€is€civil€interdiction?€ € A:€ Civil€ interdiction€ is€ an€ accessory€ penalty.€ Civ hall€ deprive€ the€ offender€ during€ the€ time€of€his€sentence:€ 1. The€ rights€ of€ paren guardianship€ either€ as€ to€ the€ person€ or€ property€of€any€ward;€ 2. Marital€authority; 3.

Perpetual€ or€ temporary€ special€ disqualification€ from€ public€ office,€ profession€or€c Deprivation€ of€ the€ office,€ employment,€ profession€ or€ calling€ affected;€€ b. Disqua n€ for€ holding€ similar€ offices€or€employments€perpetually€ during€the€term€of€the€senten emporary€ special€ disqualification€for€the€right€of€suffrage:€ € 66€



BOOK 1: Penalties a. b. € Note:€The€purpose€of€which€is€to€preserve€ the€ purity€ of€ elections;€ one€ rendered€ infa f€ felony€ or€ other€ base€offenses€indicative€of€moral€turpitude€ is€unfit€to€exercise€suc

Deprivation€ of€ the€ right€ to€ vote€ or€ to€be€elected€to€any€public€office;€ Cannot€hold e€period€of€the€disqualification.€ person€ will€ not€ commit€ the€ violence€ sought€ to€ be€ prevented.€

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ bond€ to€ keep€peace€and€bond€for€good€behavio BOND€TO€KEEP€THE€ PEACE€ Failure€to€post€a€bond€to€ keep€the€peace€results€to€ imprisonment pending€on€whether€the€ felony€committed€is€grave€ or€less€grave€on€one€hand,€ or€it€is€lig he€legal€effect€of€ failure€to€post€a€bond€ for€good€behavior€is€ not€imprisonment€but€ des

€ 4. Suspension€from€public€office,€profession€ or€calling€or€the€right€of€suffrage:€ a. Di rom€ holding€ such€ office€ or€ exercising€ such€ profession€ or€calling€or€right€of€suffra e€sentence;€ b. If€ suspended€ from€ public€ office,€ he€ cannot€ hold€ another€ office€ ha nctions€ during€ the€ period€ of€suspension.€ € Civil€interdiction€ a. Deprivation€of€the€r authority€ or€ guardianship€ of€ any€ ward€ b. Deprivation€of€marital€authority€ c. Depriva right€ to€ manage€ his€ property€ and€ of€ the€ right€ to€ dispose€of€such€property€by€any€ vos€ € Bond€to€keep€peace€ a. Offender€ must€ present€ two€ sufficient€ sureties€ who€ shal he€ offender€ will€€ not€ commit€ the€ offense€ sought€ to€ be€ prevented€ and€ in€ case€ s ,€they€will€pay€ the€ amount€ determined€ by€ the€ court;€or€ b. Offender€must€deposit€such urt€to€guarantee€ said€undertaking;€or€€ c. Offender€ may€ be€ detained€ if€ he€ cannot€giv Not€ to€ exceed€ 6€ months€ –€ for€ grave€or€less€grave€felony;€or€€ ii. Not€ to€ exceed€ 5. 6.

€ Note:€Bond€to€keep€peace€is€different€from€bail€bond€ which€ is€ posted€ for€ the€ provisio rrested€for€or€accused€of€a€crime.€ € Under€ Sec.€ 23,€ RA€ 9262,€ the€ Court€ may€ order€ tion€order€is€issued€to€ give€ a€ bond€ to€ keep€ the€ peace,€ to€ present€ two€ sufficient ertake€ that€ such€

€ €€PENALTIES€IN€WHICH€OTHER€ACCESSORY€ PENALTIES€ARE€INHERENT€ €€(Arts.€40€–€44)€ € Q:€ Wh lties€ of€ principal€penalties?€ € A:€ 1. Death,€ when€ not€ executed€ by€ reason€ of€ comm Perpetual€ absolute€ disqualification,€ and€ b. Civil€ interdiction€ during€ 30€ years,€ i ressly€ remitted€ in€ the€ pardon€ € 2. Reclusion€ perpetua€ and€ reclusion€ temporal€ a. C ction€ for€ life€ or€ during€ the€sentence€ b. Perpetual€ absolute€ disqualification€ unles y€ remitted€ in€ the€ pardon€of€the€principal€penalty€ € 3. Prision€mayor€ a. Temporary€abs ation€ b. Perpetual€ special€ disqualification€ from€ suffrage,€ unless€ expressly€ remitte e€ pardon€ of€ the€ principal€penalty€ € 4. Prision€correcional€ a. Suspension€ from€ publi fession€or€calling,€and€ b. Perpetual€ special€ disqualification€ from€ suffrage,€ if€ the€ imprisonment€ exceeds€ 18€ months,€ unless€ expressly€ remitted€ in€ the€ pardon€of€the€pri


UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 5. Arresto€ mayor€ –€ suspension€ of€ the€ right€ to€ hold€ office€ and€ the€ right€ of€ su e€sentence€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ limitations€ of€ the€ pardoning€ power€of€the€President?€ € on€ can€ only€ be€ exercised€ after€conviction€by€final€judgment€ 2. Executive€ pardon€ doe ases€of€impeachment€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ effect€ of€ the€ grant€ of€ pardon€ on€ the€princ s€imposed?€ € A:€ GR:€ Pardon€ granted€ in€ general€ terms€ extinguishes€ only€ the€ princi es€not€include€the€accessory€penalty€ € XPN:€€ 1.€ When€ absolute€ pardon€ is€ granted€ aft nt€has€expired,€it€removes€ all€ that€ is€ left€ of€ the€ consequences€ of€ the€ conviction ly€ provides,€ accessory€ penalty€is€extinguished.€ € € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ b pardon€and€pardon€by€the€offended€party?€ € A:€€ EXECUTIVE€PARDON€ Covers€any€crime,€ unless€otherwise€ provided€by€the€ Constitution€or€the hes€criminal€ liability€ Executive€pardon€does€ not€include€civil€liability€ Granted€only€a n€by€final€ judgment€ PARDON€BY€THE€ OFFENDED€PARTY€ € Note:€ The€ RPC€ does€ not€ provide€ for€ any€ accessory€ penalty€for€destierro.€

€ €€PREVENTIVE€IMPRISONMENT€€ €€(Art.€39)€ € Q:€What€is€preventive€imprisonment?€ € A:€ Per an€ accused€ where€the€crime€with€which€he€is€charged€is€non‐ bailable€ or,€ even€ if€ bail the€requisite€bail€ € Q:€When€will€preventive€imprisonment€apply?€ € A:€ It€ will€ apply€ t less€ of€ the€ duration€thereof,€including€the€so‐called€perpetual€ penalties€ as€ long€ as ivation€ of€ liberty.€It€will€also€apply€to€destierro.€€ € Q:€When€is€the€detention€prisone is€preventive€imprisonment?€ € A:€ If€ the€ detention€ prisoner€ agrees€ voluntarily€ in€ w by€ the€ same€ disciplinary€ rules€ imposed€upon€convicted€prisoners.€ € In€ the€ case€ of€ who€ has€ been€ proceeded€ against€ under€ the€ Child€ and€ Youth€ Welfare€Code,€he€shall€b f€ his€ sentence€ with€ the€ full€ time€ of€ his€ actual€ detention,€ whether€ or€ not€ he€ ame€disciplinary€rules€of€the€institution.€ € Q:€When€will€he€be€credited€only€with€four‐fi h€ he€ has€ undergone€ preventive€imprisonment?€ € A:€ If€ the€ detention€ prisoner€ does€ y€the€same€disciplinary€rules€imposed€upon€ convicted€prisoners€ € €€EFFECTS€OF€PARDON€€ €€ n€by€the€President€ on€the€political€rights€of€the€accused?€ € A:€ GR:€ Executive€ pardon€ t€ to€ hold€ public€ office€ or€ the€ right€ to€ suffrage€ € XPN:€When€such€rights€are€expr

Crimes€against€chastity€ under€the€RPC€ Does€not€extinguish€ criminal€liability€ Civil€liab d€ Should€be€given€before€ the€institution€of€the€ criminal€action€

€ €€COSTS€€ €€(Art.€37)€€ € Q:€What€is€cost€or€cost€of€suit?€ € A:€ It€ is€ the€ expenses€ e€ assessed€ against€ or€ to€ be€ recovered€by€a€party€in€litigation.€ € Q:€What€do€costs€i € 68€


BOOK 1: Penalties A:€ 1. 2. Fees€ Indemnities,€ in€ the€ course€ of€ judicial€ proceedings€ A:€€ 1. 2. When€ d€ is€ higher€ than€ prision€correctional.€ When€the€penalty€imposed€is€fine€and€a€ penalty confinement€ in€ a€ penal€ institution€ and€ which€has€no€fixed€period.€ For€ failure€ to€ f€ the€ damaged€caused,€indemnification€of€the€ consequential€damages,€and€costs€of€the€ pr

€ Q:€To€whom€are€costs€chargeable?€ € A:€ 1. In€case€of€conviction€–€chargeable€to€the€ acc e€officio,€ each€party€bearing€his€own€expenses€ € Note:€Payment€of€costs€is€discretionary€to€the€courts€ € 3.

€ €€CONFISCATION€AND€FORFEITURES€OF€ €€THE€PROCEEDS€OR€INSTRUMENTS€OF€€€ €€THE€CRIME€(Art.€ on€ and€ forfeiture€of€the€proceeds€of€the€crime?€ € A:€ 1. Every€penalty€imposed€carries€w he€ proceeds€ of€ the€ crime€ and€the€instruments€or€tools€used€in€the€ commission€of€the€c nd€ forfeiture€ are€ in€ favor€ of€the€government€ rd 3. Property€of€a€3 €person€not€liable ect€to€confiscation€and€ forfeiture€ 4. Property€not€subject€of€lawful€commerce€ rd (whethe ccused€or€3 € person)€shall€be€destroyed€ € Note:€ € Confiscation€ and€ forfeiture€ are€ additional€ penalties.€ Hence,€ once€ the€ sen ome€ final,€the€court€can€no€longer€modify,€alter,€or€change€ it€by€ordering€confiscation€a

€€PECUNIARY€LIABILITIES€ €€(Art.€38)€ € Q:€What€do€pecuniary€liabilities€include?€ € A:€In€ tion€of€the€damage€caused€ 2. Indemnification€ of€ the€ consequential€ damages€ 3. Fine€ 4. edings€ € Note:€ 1. The€ order€ of€ payment€ applies€ in€ case€ the€ property€ of€ the€ offender€ is€ he€payment€of€his€pecuniary€liabilities.€ The€order€of€payment€is€mandatory.€ 2.

€ €€SUBSIDIARY€PENALTY€€ € Q:€When€is€subsidiary€penalty€imposed?€ € A:€€ 1. When€ there€ i sonment€ or€ any€ other€ principal€ penalty€and€it€carries€with€it€a€fine;€or€ 2. When€pena sidiary€ penalty€ is€ not€ an€ accessory€ penalty.€ € It€ must€ be€ expressly€ stated€ in€ vict€ must€ have€ been€ insolvent€ to€ pay€ the€ fine€ and€not€mere€refusal€to€pay€it.€ € T vide€ that€ in€ case€ of€ non‐payment€ of€ the€ fine,€ the€ convict€ shall€ be€ required€to here€ shall€ be€ no€ subsidiary€ penalty€ for€ the€ non‐ payment€of€damages€to€the€offended diary€ imprisonment€ not€ imposed?€

€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ cases€ when€ confiscation€ and€ forfeiture€cannot€be€effected?€ € A:€ elong€ to€ an€ innocent€ third€party.€ 2. Such€ properties€ have€ not€ been€ placed€ under€ he€court.€ 3. When€ it€ is€ legally€ or€ physically€ impossible.€ € €E.€APPLICATION€OF€PENA nalties€applied?€ € A:€ GR:€Penalty€prescribed€by€law€in€general€terms€ shall€ be€ imposed€ or€ the€ consummated€felony€ €


UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € XPN:€ When€ the€ law€ fixes€ the€ penalty€ for€ frustrated€or€attempted€felony€ € Q:€When€i wed?€ € A:€ The€ graduated€ scale€ is€ followed€ when€ the€ law€ prescribes€a€penalty€lower ees€than€another€given€penalty.€ € Scale€1€ 1. Death€ 2. Reclusion€Perpetua€ 3. Reclusion€T sion€mayor€ 5. Prision€Correccional€ 6. Arresto€Mayor€ 7. Destierro€ 8. Arresto€Menor€ 9. P sure€ 10. Fine€ € Scale€2€ 1. Perpetual€ or€ Temporary€ Absolute€ Disqualification€ 2. Perp mporary€ Special€ Disqualification€ 3. Suspension€from€public€office,€the€right€to€ vote€ a for,€ the€ profession€ or€calling€ 4. Public€Censure€ 5. Fine€ € Q:€How€is€graduation€of€pe ation€of€penalties€may€be€by:€ € 1. By€Degrees:€ a. Stages€of€execution€(consummated,€ frus d);€and€ b. Degree€ of€ criminal€ participation€ of€ the€ offender€ (principal,€ accomplice y).€ € 2. By€ Periods€ (maximum,€ medium,€ and€ minimum)€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ computation€ incipals,€accomplices€and€accessories?€ € A:€ CONSUMMATED€ 0€ 1€ 2€ FRUSTRATED€ Principal€ 1€ Accomplice€ 2€ Accessory€ 3€ ATTEMPTED 2€ 3

Interpretation:€ € 0€–€represents€the€penalty€prescribed€by€law,€ which€ is€ to€ be€ impose summated€offense.€ € 1€–€represents€that€penalty€prescribed€by€law€ must€be€lowered€by€one€ ituations€ and€ so€ on€ with€ numbers€2,€3,€4…€ € Note:€ The€ rules€ in€ the€ diagram€ shall€ not€ apply€ to€ cases€ were€ the€ law€ prescr rustrated€ or€ attempted€ felony,€ or€ to€ be€ imposed€ upon€accomplices€or€accessories.€

€ Q:€ What€ factors€ are€ considered€ in€ determining€ the€ extent€ of€ the€ penalty€ to€ b A:€€ 1. Stage€reached.€ 2. Participations€of€the€persons€liable.€ 3. Aggravating€ or€ mitig stances€attendant.€ € Q:€What€are€the€rules€in€application€of€indivisible€ penalties?€ € A: le€ –€ it€ shall€ be€ applied€ regardless€ of€ any€ mitigating€ or€ aggravating€circumstanc o€indivisible€penalties€ a. Only€ one€ aggravating€ circumstance€ –€greater€penalty€shall€b itigating€ and€ no€ aggravating€ circumstances€–€lesser€penalty€shall€ be€imposed€ c. Mitig ance€ and€ no€ aggravating€ –€ lesser€ penalty€ shall€ be€imposed€ d. Both€ mitigating€ and umstances€ are€ present€ –€ court€ shall€offset€each€other€ € Note:€Moral€value,€not€numerical€weight,€should€ prevail€ € GR:€ When€ penalty€ is€ compose le€penalties,€the€penalty€cannot€be€ lowered€ by€ one€ degree,€ no€ matter€ how€ many€mitig re€present€ € XPN:€Privileged€mitigating€circumstances€of€ Arts.€68€(person€under€18€years€ e€ justifying€ or€ exempting€ circumstance)€ € € € € 70€


€ € Note:€ The€ three‐fold€ rule€ must€ be€ addressed€ to€ the€ warden€and€not€to€the€judge. No€ aggravating€ and€ no€ mitigating€ –€ medium€period€ € 2.€MARTINEZ€ 71€ . Destierro€ 7.€ € The€ three‐fold€ rule€ applies€ only€ when€ the€ ences€successively.€ € It€ applies€ although€ penalti r€ different€ crimes€ at€ different€ times€ and€ under€ separate€information.BOOK 1: Penalties € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ rules€ in€ the€ application€ of€ divisible€penalties?€ € A:€Applies€o e€periods€ 1. Suspension€ 6.€ € A:€ Divide€ time€ included€ in€ the€ penalty€ into€ three€ equal€portions€and€one€portion riod.€ according€ to€ the€ number€ and€ nature€ of€ such€ ci or€ more€ aggravating€ –€ Limitation:€ No€ penalty€ greater€ than€ the€ maximum€ period€ of ribed€ by€ law€ shall€shall€be€imposed€ € 7. When€penalty€is€single€and€indivisible€ 2. Perpetual ication€ 2.€ € Note:€ Penalties€ consisting€ in€ deprivation€ of€ liberty€ cannot€be€served€simultaneously € Q:€What€is€the€three‐fold€rule?€ € A:€ The€ three‐fold€ rule€ provides€ that€ the€ maximu nce€ shall€ not€ be€ more€ than€ 3€ times€ the€ length€ of€ the€ most€ severe€ of€ the€ pen ut€ in€ no€ case€ to€ exceed€40€years. Fine€and€bond€to€keep€the€ il€interdiction€ 9.€in€the€ period€ applicable.€ according€ to€ the€ number€ and€ nature€ of€ the€ aggravating€ and€ mitigating and€ the€ greater€ or€ lesser€ the€ extent€ of€ the€ evil€ produced€ by€ the€ crime€ € Note:€ In€ applying€ the€ rules€ for€ graduating€ penalties. When€ there€ are€ aggravating€ and€ mitigating€ –€ court€ shall€ off inst€the€other€according€to€ their€relative€weight€ € 5.€It€lies€ in€the en€penalty€is€only€fine€imposed€by€an€ ordinance€ 5.€ Mitigating€ and/or€ aggravating€ circumstances€ should€ be€ conside after€ the€ penalty€next€lower€in€degree€is€already€determined.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ cases€ where€ mitigating€ and€ aggravating€ circumstances€ are€ not€ mposition€of€the€penalty?€ € A:€€ 1. Confiscation€and€payment€of€cost€ € Note:€The€above€penalties.€ mitigating€ and€ aggravating€ ces€ are€ disregarded. Only€a€mitigatin vating€–€maximum€ € 4.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. porary€special€disqualification€ 5.€ € Subsidiary€ impriso ll€ be€ excluded€ in€ computing€for€the€maximum€duration. Two€ or€ more€ mitigating€ and€ no t€lower. Temporary€absolute€disqualification€ 4.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ € ADDITIONAL€PENALTIES€TO€BE€IMPOSED€UPON€ CERTAIN€ t.€ € Subsidiary€penalty€forms€part€of€the€penalty. Court€ can€ determine€ the€ extent€ of€ the€ p ach€period. On€felonies The€penalty€to€be€imposed€upon€a€Moro€ or€other€non‐Christian€inhabitants.€58)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ additional€ penalties€ that€ could€ be€imposed€to€certain€acc cers€who€help€the€author€of€the€crime€ by€misusing€their€office€and€duties€shall€suffer€the ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. When€penalties€are€prescribed€by€speci rule€ when€ the€ penalty€ is€ not€ composed€of€three€periods?€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ penalties€ that€ may€ be€ served€ simultaneously?€ € A:€ 1. Perpetual€special€disqualification€ 3.€except€d rved€simultaneously€with€imprisonment.

€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€€Indetermina 03.€ and€ where€ the€penalty€is€divi w€is€the€indeterminate€sentence€imposed?€ € A:€ In€ imposing€ a€ prison€ sentence€ for€ an€ he€ RPC€ or€ special€ penal€ laws.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. ill€ not€ exceed€ the€ circumstances€ limit€of€the€penalty.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Absolute€ perpetual€ disqualification‐€ if€ the€principal€offender€is€guilty€of€a€grave€ fe e€ temporary€ disqualification‐€ if€ the€ principal€ offender€ is€ guilty€ of€ less€ grave€ e€rules€under€Art.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ € 1. If€penalty€for€felony€committed€is€higher€ than€that€inten eriod€shall€be€imposed€ € 2.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ purpose€ of€ ntence€law?€ € A:€ The€ purpose€ of€ the€ indeterminate€ sentence€ law€ is€ to€ avoid€ prol because€ it€ is€ proven€to€be€more€destructive€than€constructive€to€ offenders..€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ € The€penalty€fro me€ committed€ are€ compared€ and€ the€ lower€ penalty€is€imposed€in€the€maximum€period.€49€ e€or€when€ there€is€mistake€in€the€identity€of€the€victim€of€the€ crime.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ € Q:€What€is€the€basis€for€the€imposition€of€penalty€ for€impossible er€it€could€cause€ 2.€ € SPL€ Maximum That€ which€ could€ be€ Anywhere€ within€ the€ properly€ imposed€ under€ the€ y€ RPC. If€ the€ act€ committed€ also€ constitutes€ an€ attempt another€ crime€ and€ the€ law€ prescribes€ a€ higher€ penalty€ for€ whether€ of€ the€ latte tempted€ or€ frustrated€ crime€ in€ its€ maximum€period€shall€be€imposed.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ € Q:€When€ ence€apply?€ € A:€ Indeterminate€ sentence€ applies€ mandatorily€ to€ violations€ of€ both€ cial€ laws€ where€ imprisonment€ would€ exceed€ one€ year.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Degree€ of€ criminality€ shown€ by€ the€ offender.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ special€ law.€ when€ the€ maximum€ imprisonment€exceeds€1€year.€ it€ is€ anything€ within€ the€ inclusive€ range€ of€ prescribed€ penalty.€59)€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ penalty€ to€ be€ imposed€ in€ case€ of€ failure€ to€ employed€or€the€aims€sought€are€impossible?€ € A:€ The€ penalty€ for€ impossible€ crime€ is nging€from€P200‐P500.€ JR.€as€amended)€ € Q:€What€is€an€indeterminate€sentence?€ € 1.€ € Note:€Art.€ considering€ the€ prescribed€ by€ the€ aggravating€ and€ mitigating€ special€ law.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. A:€ It€ is€ a€ sentence€ wit mum€ term€ which€ the€ court€ is€ mandated€ to€ impose€for€the€benefit€of€a€guilty€person€w efore.€49?€ € A:€ 1.€ the€ court€ shall€ sentence€ the€ accused€ to€ an€ inde hich€has€a€maximum€and€ a€ minimum€ term€ based€ on€ the€ penalty€ actually€ imposed.€ € ME€ €€(Art.€ € The€term€maximum€refers€to€the€maximum€limit€of€the€ duration€that€th special€ laws.€ Minimum Within€ the€ range€ of re€ within€ the€ one€ degree€ lower€ than€ that€ range€ of€ penalty€ prescribed€ by€ the€ R the€ the€ felony€ committed.€ n€ € 72€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. € Note:€ The€ minimum€ and€ the€ maximum€ referred€ to€ in€ the€indeterminate€sentence€law€ar rm€ minimum€ refers€ to€ the€ duration€ of€ the€ sentence€ which€ the€ convict€ shall€ serv igible€for€parole.€LIWANAG. If€ penalty€ for€ felony€ committed€ is€ lower€ than€that€inte ximum€period€shall€be€imposed€ € 3.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ as€ long€ as€ without€ considering€ the€ it€wi gravating€ and€ mitigating€ the€ minimum€ limit€ of€ the€penalty€under€said€ circumstances.

€ € An€offender€is€not€disqualified€to€avail€of€the€benefits€ of€the€indeterm ime€is€ committed€while€he€is€on€parole.€EX S€ €€(Arts.€ he€ shall€ g€ unexpired€ portion€ of€ the€ maximum€ sentence€ for€ which€ he€ was€ originally€ committ e€ penalty€ provided€ by€ law€ is€ 6€ months€ to€ 3€ years.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. 6€months€to€2€years.€ then€ it€ is€ not€ covered s€no€need€to€provide€ for€ maximum€ and€ minimum€ periods€ in€ imposing€a€penalty.€€ 5.€€ 3.€he€may€be:€ 1. Granted€ l€ pardon€ by€ the€ Chief€ Executive€and€shall€have€violated€the€term€ (condition)€thereto€ erm€ of€ imprisonment€ does€not€exceed€one€year€ 6. 6€months€to€10€months.€ and€ from€ the€ study€ and€ investigatio tself€that:€ a.€€ € The€Board€may€issue€a€final€certification€in€his€favor.€ € Note:€ Recidivists€ are€ entitled€ to€ an€ indeterminate€ sentence.€ conspiracy€ or€ proposal€ reason€ c.€ Here€ISLAW€is€not€applicable.€ because€ if€ the€ range€ of€ the€ penalty€ you€ can€ impose€ a€ straight€ penalty€ of€ one€ year. 1€year. Convicted€of:€ a. An€ offense€ punishable nalty. Treason.€ if€ after€ considering ircumstances. Sentenced€ to€ the€ penalty€ of€ destie nly.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ the€ Indetermin e€Law€applies. C Incorrect. Rearrested. Thereafter. Show€ himself€ to€ be€ a€ law€ abiding€ citizen€ an y€law.€ the€ISLAW€applies.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ 2.€78‐88)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€rules€in€case€of€insanity?€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€Any€person€convicted€of€ a€ crime€ but€ the€ penalty€ imposed€ upon€ him€does€not€invo o€ are€ already€ serving€ final€ judgment€ upon€ the€ approval€ of€ the€ Indeterminate€ Sen c.€ € Although€ the€ penal d€ for€ the€ felony€ committed€ is€ death€ or€ reclusion€ perpetua.€Decide€if€the€following€penalti .€ € b. Who€ shall€ have€ escaped€ from€ confinement€or€evaded€sentence€ 4.€ 3. I nnot€ be€ imposed€under€the€ISLAW.€ reclusion€ perpetua€ or€ life€ imprisonment€ b.€ € Q:€ When€ is€ a€ prisoner€ on€ parole€ entitled€ to€ final€ release€and€discharge?€ € A:€ lance€such€paroled€ prisoner€shall:€ 1.€ sedition.€ rebellion. Appear€ to€ the€ board€ of€ indeterminate€ reports€ of€ the€ prisoner’s€ work€ and€ conduct.€€ 4.€MARTINEZ€ 73€ . Reasonable€ probability€ that€ such€ prisoner€ will€ live€ and€ remain€ at€ liberty€without w.BOOK 1: Penalties discretion€ in€ the€ imposition€ of€ the€ indeterminate€ penalty.€ € Q:€ When€ is€ a€ prisoner€ qualified€ for€ release€ on€ parole?€ € A:€Whenever€any€prison d€ the€ minimum€ penalty€ imposed€upon€him€ € 2. Correct.€ € A:€ 1. Q:€Who€are€disqualified€from€availing€the€benefits€ of€the€indeterminate€sentence€law?€ € A sentence€ law€ shall€ not€ apply€ to€persons:€ 1. Misprision€ of€ treason.€ Release€ will€ not€ be€ incompatible€ with€the€welfare€of€society.€ if€ the€ maximum€ penalty€ is€ one€ year€ or€ less. Fitted€by€his€training€for€release.€ for€his€final€release€a anctions€for€the€violation€of€the€ conditions€of€parole?€ € A:€ When€ the€ paroled€ prisone f€ the€conditions€of€his€parole. Piracy€ 2.€espionage€ d.€ 5. Corr eriod€ of€ the€ penalty€ imposed€ is€ more€ than€ one€ year.€ € €€F. Who€are elinquents€ 3. 10€months.€and€ 2.€ the€ imposable€ penalty€ is€ reclusion€ temporal€ or€ less.

€ which€ shall€ not€ be€ more€ than€ 250€ and€ not€ less€ than€ 25€km€from€the e€ convict€ enters€ the€ prohibited€ area.€ (Art. When€ the€ c is€ pregnant€ or€ within€ 1€ year€ after€ delivery. In€the€municipal€jail. 3.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€(Art.€R.€No.€(Art.A.€ he€commits€evasion€of€sentence.€ € If€ he€ is€ sentence€ shall€ be€ executed€ unless€ the€ penalty€ has€ prescribed. 4.€LIWANAG.€ERIK€GALLARDO. 2.€83)€ € When€a€convict€shall€beco ter€ final€ sentence€ has€ been€ pronounced.€Old€in€ which€ case€ the€ penalty€ will€ be€ automatically€ lowered€ Note:€ Only€ a€ penalty€ by€ final€ judgment€ can€ be€ executed.€ € Q:€ When€ is€ the€ execution€ of€ death€ penalty€ suspended?€ € € Q:€In€what€cases€is€destierro€imposed?€ € A:€€ 1.€ the€ above€provisions€shall€be€observe nt€ of€ his€ civil€ or€ pecuniary€ liabilities€shall€not€be€suspended.€2006)€ € Q:€When€is€death€penalty€imposed€but€not€carried€ out?€ € A:€€ 1.€247)€ € 2.€G.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . € Q:€When€is€death€penalty€not€imposed?€ € A:€€ 1.€in€which€ cases€ the€ penalty€ shall€ be€ reclusion€ perpetua. Penalty€for€the€concubine€in€concubinage€ (Art.€9346)€ € Note:€However.€169077..€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€31.€4 lready€been€abolished?€ € A:€ € No.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.R. When€ the€ convict€ is€ below€ 18€ yrs€ e€crime.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. When.€ the€ required€majority€vote€is€not€ f€the€death€penalty.2.€ JR.A. When€ a€ convict€ becomes€ insane€ or€ imbecile€ after€ final€ sentence€ has€ bee ecution€ of€ such€ sentence€is€suspended€only€as€regards€the€ personal€penalty.€ Salome.€ € Even€ if€ whil ence.€Aug. When€the€convict€is€over€70€yrs€old€at€the€ time€of€the€commission€of€the€cr matic€ review€ of€ the€ case€ by€ the€ Supreme€ Court.€ € 2.€ What€ is€ prohibited€ under€ R.€ € Q:€How€is€dest onvict€ shall€ not€ be€ permitted€ to€ enter€ the€ place€ designated€ in€ the€ sentence€ no s€ specified.€ € € 74€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€79)€ 2.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Death€ or€ serious€ € physical€ injurie ed€ under€ exceptional€ circumstances.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € A:€€ 1.€(Art.€ when€ the€law€violated€does€not€make€use€of€the€ nomenclatur . In€case€of€commutation€ ns€the€age€of€70€yrs.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. The€ p perpetua.€ when€ the€ law€ violated€ makes€ use€ of€ the€ nomenclature€of€the€penalties€of€ alty€ of€ life€ imprisonment.€ A€ judgment€ is€ final€ i appealed€within€15€days€or€he€has€expressly€waived€in€ writing€that€he€will€not€appeal.€ € Q:€Where€is€ to€menor?€ € A:€ 1.€284)€ € 3.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. Failure€to€give€bond€for€good€behav hreats.€ enalty€ by€ one€ or€ more€ degrees.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ A:€ 1.€ the€ following€ shall€ be€ imposed:€ 1.€ € In€ lieu€ of€ the€ death€ penalty.€ the€ convict€ becomes€ insane€ or€ imbecile.€334)€ € 4.€ (Sec.€ 9346€ is€ only€ the eath.€(Art.€ destierro€ is€ the€ proper€ penalty.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€the€corresponding€civil€liability€should€ be€the€civil€liability€correspondi ple€vs.

€ 8.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ is€ hereby€ amended€accordingly What€ is€ the€ effect€ of€ the€ filing€ for€ application€ for€probation?€ € A:€ A€ judgment es€ final€ when€ the€accused€files€a€petition€for€probation.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€thus€he€wants€the€appellate€co ecision€of€the€lower€court.€ without€rega rime.€can€he€ still€avail€of€probation?€ € A:€€ GR:€ ible€ for€ probation. To€ provide€ an€ opportunity€ for€ the€ re tent€offender€which€ might€be€less€probable€if€he€were€to€serve€ a€prison€sentence€ € 3.€Hence.€Violation€of€the€omnibus€election€code€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ place€ the€ child€ on€ probation€ in€ lieu€ o sentence€ taking€ into€ account€ the€ best€ interest€ of€ the€ child.€if€ the€penalty€is€six€years€and€one€day.€ and€ upon€ application€ at€ any€ time.€G.€he€is€no€longer€ qualified€for€proba enders€under€Ra€9165€ 2.€ € Q:€Who€can€apply€for€probation?€ € A:€€ s€ not€ exceed€ six€ years€ of€ imprisonment€ are€ qualified€ for€ probation. To nses€ 4.€ otherwise€ known€ as€ the€ "Probation€ Law€ of€ 1976".€ € Q:€When€may€probation€be€availed€of?€ € A:€ Probation€ may€ be€ availed€ of€ ing€sentence€by€final€judgment€provided€ that€ he/she€ did€ not€ appeal€ his/her€ convictio € Note:€ The€ application€ for€ probation€ must€ be€ done€ within€15€days€from€the€promulga € Q:€If€a€person€already€perfected€an€appeal.€ For€ this€ purpose.€ it€ does€ not€ follow€ that€ the€ civil€ liability€ of€ the€ offend shed.€ eals.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. In€ the€ house€ of€ the€ offender. To€decongest€our€jails€ 5.€MARTINEZ€ 75€ .€ the€judgment€is€not€ ion€for€ probation€ is€ resolved. To€ save€ the€ government€ much€ needed€ finance€for€ma s€in€jail.€No.€108747€April€6. To€ promote€ the€ correction€ and€ rehabi oviding€ him€with€individualized€treatment€ € 2.BOOK 1: Penalties 2.€ ys€ required€ to€ conduct€ a€ hearing€ whether€ a€ convict€ who€ is€ otherwise€ disqualifie may€ be€ given€ the€benefit€of€probation€or€not.€88)€ € 1.€ but€ under€€€€ the€ surveillance€ of€ an€ officer€ o rt€ provides€ in€ the€ decision€ due€ to€ the€ health€ of€ the€ offender.€ € Ratio:€When€one€applies€for€probation.€ (Art.R.€after€ convictio ed€ subject€ to€ conditions€ imposed€ by€ the€ court€ and€ to€ the€ supervision€of€a€probat Note:€ Probation€ is€ only€ a€ privilege€ and€ its€ grant€ rests€ solely€upon€the€discretio Q:€What€are€the€purposes€of€probation?€ € A:€€ 1.€ he€ is€ not€ satisfied€ with€ the€ court’s€ decision.€ 1995)€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ effect€ of€ probation€ on€ the€ civil€ liability€of€the€offender?€ € A des€ only€ for€ the€ suspension€of€the€sentence€imposed€on€the€accused€ by€ virtue€ of€ his solutely€ no€ bearing€ on€ civil€ liability.€CA.€Pr nded)€ € XPN:€ The€ court€ may.€ The€ filing€ of€ the€ petition€ for€ probation€is€a€waiv t€to€ appeal€the€judgment€of€conviction.€ € Q:€What€is€probation?€ € A:€It€is€a€disposition€under€which€a€defendant.€the€moment€he€perfects€an€appeal€from€ the€ judgment€ of€ conviction.€he€admits€the€ correctness€of€the€court’s€decision.(Francisco€v. probation€ anymore.€ The€ benefit€ of€ probation€ must€ be€ invoked€ at€ the€ earliest€ ins viction.€ But€ the€ reason ust€because€the€offender€is€a€ respectable€ member€ of€ the€ community.€ Although€ the€ execution€ of€ sentence€ is€ s grant€ of€ suspension.€However.€ € Q:€ Where€ should€ the€ offender€ file€ his€ application€ for€probation?€ € A:€An€ on€is€exclusively€within€ the€jurisdiction€of€the€trial€court€that€rendered€the€ judgment.€ after€ it€ shall€ have€ convicted€ and€ sentenced€a€ child law.

€ the€ offender€ is€ still€ qualified y€and/or€a€fine€of€not€less€than€ The€ basis€ of€ determining€ whether€ the€ penalty€ two€h es€ the€ offender€ from€ probation€ or€ not€ is€ 4.€ € antecedents.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ if€ none€ of€ the€ individual€ € penalty€ exceeds€ six€ years.€ environment.€the€court€shall€consider:€ € € Q:€What€are ions?€ 1.€or€ current€crime€committed€does€not€go€beyond€six€ 3.€ the€ offen termining€ whether€ a€ convict€ is€ entitled€ to€ probation. Sentenced€ to€ serve€ a€ maximum€ term€ of€ Q:€Suppose€the€offender€was€convicted€of€s ore€than€six€years. Discretionary€conditions€ placed€on€probation.€ each€ prison€ term€ order. Who€ are€ already€ serving€ sentence€ at€ the€ decision.€ JR.€ m :€They€are:€ physical€condition€of€the€offender.€€ offenses€which€were€tried€jointly€and€one€decision€ 2. Who€ have€ previously€ been€ convicted€ by€ to€apply€for€probation?€ final€judgment€o y€ € imprisonment€of€not€less€than€one€month€ A:€ Yes.€ time€the€substantive€provi me€applicable€pursuant€to€Section€33€ Hence.€ n on.€ERIK€GALLARDO. All€ information€ relative.€ appro ication€ for€ probation€ € within€ 72€ hours€ from€ receipt€ of€ notice€ of€ Q:€Who€are€dis he€benefits€ such€order€approving€his€application.€ even€ if€ he€ would€ be€ provided€ most€ effectively ubsequently€ of€ a€ crime€ embraced€ in€ commitment€to€an€institution.€€ extended€to€those:€€ € € 76€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. The€convict€must€report€to€the€Pro nstitutional€ and€ community€ Officer€(PO)€designated€in€the€court€order€ resources.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. The€convi ust€report€ € to€ the€ PO€ at€ least€ once€ a€ month€ during€ A:€ The€ benefits€ of€ the€ p e€period€of€probation€unless€sooner.€and€ the€ totality€ of€ all€ the€ pr he€ 5.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€and€ 1.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ kinds€ of€ conditions€ imposed€ € under€the€probation€law?€ Q:€Wha g€an€offender€on€ € probation?€ A:€ € 1. That€there€is€an€undue€risk€that€during€the€ conviction.€ even€ if€ the€ prison€ term€ would€ sum€ up€ an€ six€ years.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € 1.€LIWANAG.€ the€prison€terms€exceeded€ d€ 3.€ then€ regardless€ of€ the€ penalty.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. Who€have€been€once€on€probation€under€ ual€ imprisonment€ and€ not€ the€provisions€of€PD€968.€he€is€not€disqual iod€ of€ probation€ the€ offender€ will€ probation€ provided€ that€ the€ penalty€ of€ the€ e.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ Q:€ May€ a€ recidivist€ be€ given€ the ict€cannot€avail€of€probation.€ to€ the€ character.€consider€not€only€the€probatio qualified€from€applying€for€probation.€ Hence.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€and€ of€the€probation€law?€ 2. Convicted€ of€ me€ was€ rendered€ where€ multiple€ sentences€ imposed€ against€the€national€security€or€th prison€ terms€ as€ penalty.€ the€ same€ title€ o the€ earlier€ 2.€ rs€although€the€totality€of€ regardless€of€the€penalty€imposed.€ If€ it€ we onable€ crime.€ probation?€ € € Q:€ When€ will€ the€ application€ for€ prob ds:€ the€penalty€of€which€does€not€exceed€30€days€of€ € imprisonment€ or€ a€ fine€ of€ not€ ffender€ is€ in€ need€ of€ such€ convict€ is€ not€ disqualified€ from€ the€ benefit€ correc that€ can€ be€ of€ probation. Mandatory€conditions€€ A:€ In€ determining€ whethe . Probation€ will€ depreciate€ the€ nd€the€nature€of€the€crime€committed€by€ of€the€crime.€ him€is€not€against€public€order.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ but€ also€ the€ probationable€ penalty..€ such€ as€ alarms€ and€ scandals.

Revoke€his€probation. Probation€ may€ be€ granted€ imposed€ a€ term€ of€ imprisonment€or€fine€only.€or€ b.€MARTINEZ€ 77€ .€ If€ the€ accused€ violates€ the€ condition€ of€ the€ probation€ uance€ of€ said€ order€ or€ court.€ he€ has€ fulfilled€ the€ ns€of€probation.€ € 3.€ The€ mere€expiration€ of€ the€ ion€does€ not.€RA€9165)€ € Note:€ Probation€ is€ not€ coterminous€ with€ its€ period.€the€remedy€is€certior f€probation?€ € A:€€ PENALTY IMPOSED€ Imprisonment€for€not€ more€than€one€year€ Imprisonment€of€more€ PERIOD€OF€ od€of€probation€ shall€not€exceed€two€ years€ The€period€of€probation€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ sanctions€ imposed€ if€ the€ probationer€ commits€ any€ serious€ viol tions€of€probation?€ € A:€€ 1.(Sec. The€ conditions€ imposed€ should€ not€ be€ unduly€restrictive€of€the€probationer.€ € Q:€ Efren.€ € 2.€ 3.€ Thereafter.€ and€ place€ the€ defendant€ on€ probation.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ € Note:€ Any€ person€ convicted€ for€ drug€ trafficking€ or€ pushing€ under€ RA€ 9165.€as€amended.€ t spend€ the€ execution€ of€ the€ sentence.€ € 5.BOOK 1: Penalties Note:€ These€ conditions€ are€ mandatory.€ the€ ll€ serve€ the€ sentence€ originally€ imposed.€ € Q:€When€may€probation€be€terminated?€ € A the€ final€ discharge€ of€ the€ probationer€ upon€ finding€ that.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. The€application€shall€be€filed€with€ order€ granting€ or€ denying€ probation€shall€not€be€appealable.€ € 3. If€ probation€ is€ revoked. The€ filing€ of€ applic on€ operates€ as€ a€ waiver€ of€ the€ right€ to€ appeal.€ a€ bus€ driver.€968. Accessory€ penalties spended€once€probation€is€granted.€ This€ order€ is€ not€appealable.€ than€one€year The€sentence€imposes€ only€a€fine€and€the€ offender€is€ma risonment€ shall€not€exceed€6€years The€period€of€probation€ shall€be€twice€the€total€ numb mprisonment€ € Q:€What€are€the€discretionary€conditions?€ € A:€ The€ trial€ court€ which€ approved€ the€ a tion€may€impose€any€condition€which€may€ be€ constructive€ to€ the€ correction€ of€ the€ of e€ same€ would€ not€ violate€ the€ constitutional€rights€of€the€offender€and€subject€to€ th 1.€and€ 2 on€ should€ not€ be€ incompatible€ with€ the€ freedom€ of€ conscience€of€the€probationer. Fully€ discharges€ l any€ fine€ imposed.€ ipso€ facto.€the€probation€may€be€revoked€by€the€Court. Continue€ his€ probation€ an ditions€ thereof.€ € Q:€What€is€the€remedy€of€an€offender€if€his€or€her€ a d?€ € A:€ An€ order€ denying€ probation€ is€ not€ appealable.€24.€ There€ must€ be€ an€ order€ issue harging€ the€ probationer.€ was€ charged€ with€ reckless€ imprudence€resulting€in€homicide . Restoration€ of€ all€ civil€ rights€ lost€ or€ suspended.€ Efren€ applied€ for€ prob ven€ due€ course€ by€ the€ trial€ court.€ hence.€ e€grant€of€probation?€ € A:€€ 1.€ the€ moment€ any€ of€ these€ is€ violate n€ is€ terminated.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ effects€ of€ the€ termination€ of€ probation?€ € A: ted.€ hence.€the€court€may:€ a.€ The€ trial€ court€ convicted€ Efren€ of€ the€ crime€ charged.€ cannot€ avail€ of€ the€ privilege€ granted€ by€ the€ Probat ntial€ Decree€ No.€ regar alty€ imposed€ by€ the€ Court. The€ court€ may€ issue€ a€ warrant€ for€ the€ arrest€of€a€pr s€established.€ upon the€ defendant€ within€ the€ period€for€perfecting€an€appeal.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. After€ having€ convicted€ and€ sentenced€ a€ defendant.€ € 4.€ 2.€ terminate€ the€ probation.

€ It€ is€ personal€ to€ the€ victim.€ which€ is€ lied€ in€ habitual€ delinquency€ and€ imposes€ an€ additional€ penalty€ € Q:€ What€ are€ th ting€ and€ mitigating€circumstances?€ € A:€€ 1.€ including€ programs€ and€ services€for€prevention.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ effects€ e..€4.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€re‐ inte d€ aftercare€ to€ ensure€ their€ normal€ growth€and€development.€ if€ with€ in€ a€ period€of€ten€years€from€the€date€of€his€release€or imes€ of€ serious€ or€ less€ serious€ physical€ injuries.€ Salvan€ v.€it€ does€ not€ follow€ that€ the€ civil€ liability€ of€ the€ offender.€May€ the€accused€file€an€appeal€regarding€the€award€of€ damages€no obation?€ € A:€ Yes.€ which€ provides€ child‐ app gs.€Sept.€diversion.€(Sec.€rehabilitation.€who€ acted€without€ discernmen cted€with€ discernment€ € CRIMINAL€ LIABILITY€ Exempt€€ TREATMENT€ The€child€shall€be€ subj tion€ program€ The€child€shall€be€ subjected€to€an€ intervention€ program€ Such€child€shall propriate€ proceedings€in€ accordance€with€ R.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€9344€ Exempt€€ Not€ exempt€€ € Q:€What€is€juvenile€justice€and€welfare€system?€ € A:€€Juvenile€Justice€and€Welfare€Syste th€children€at€risk€and€children€in€ conflict€ with€ the€ law.€ € exceeding€ the€ maximum€ p gating€ circumstances€ –€ diminishes€ the€penalty€ € 3.€2003)€ € 2.€ He/sh rights€of€a€child€in€conflict€with€the€law€until€he/she€is€ proven€to€be€18€years€old€or€ol iminal€ liability€ herein€ established€ does€ not€ include€ exemption€ from€ civil€ liabili hall€ be€ enforced€ in€ accordance€ with€ existing€laws€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ minimum€ age€ of€ criminal€ responsibility?€ A:€ AGE€BRACKET€ 15€years€old€or€ below€ Above€15€but€ below€18. Aggravating€ circumstan ic€ and€ specific)€–€increases€the€penalty. Habitual€ delinquency€ –€ increases ause€ of€ multiple€ convictions€ in€ certain€ specific€ crimes€ or€ recidivism.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ although€ the€ appeal€ in€ this€ case€ involved€ only€the€civil€aspec nt.€RA€9344)€ IMINAL€ E€ATTENDING€MITIGATING€ AND/OR€AGGRAVATING€CIRCUMSTANCES€AND€ OF€HABITUAL€DELINQUENCY€ (Art all€ be€ considered€ as€ a€ habitual€ delinquent?€ € A:€For€the€purpose€of€this€article.€It€ is€ significant€ to€ note€ that€ the€ civil€ liability€ of€ the€ accused€ is€ not€ the€ crime€ committed.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€LIWANAG.€11.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ robbery.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€153845.€ JR.A.€ mitigating€ circumstance€ and€ habitual€delinquency?€ € A:€€ 1.€Although€ the€ execution€ of€ sentence€is€susp robation.€The€trial€court€denied€to€giv ce€ of€ appeal€ because€ it€ has€ already€ granted€ probation€ and€ that€ such€ is€ deemed€ f€the€accused€to€appeal.€Juvenile€Justice€and€Welfare€Ac s€the€meaning€of€“a€child€in€conflict€with€ the€law”?€ € A:€It€refers€to€a€child€who€is€all itted€an€offense€under€ Philippine€laws.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ € Note:€The€child€in€conflict€with€the€law€shall€enjoy€the€ presumption€ of€ minority.€ G.R.€ estafa€ or€ fa s€found€guilty€of€any€said€crimes€a€ third€time€or€oftener.€ The€ probation€ law€ provides€ nsion€ of€ the€ sentence€ imposed€ on€ the€ accused€ by€ virtue€ of€ his€ application€ for€ solutely€ no€ bearing€ on€ civil€ liability.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ theft.€ if€ any.€without€ however.€a€ habitual€ delinquent.€No. Aggravating€ circumstances€ that€ are€ not€ ount€ to€ increase€ the€ penalty€are€those€which:€ € 78€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ People.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Efren€ filed€ an€ appeal€ regarding€ the€ award€ of€ damages.

€or€€ b. The€ moral€ attributes€ of€ b.€ or€ b.€ As€to€number€of€crimes€committed€ 3rd€conviction€or€oftener.€serves€to€ increase€the€penalty e€maximum€ € €Q:€Juan€de€Castro€already€had€three€(3)€previous€ convictions€ by€ final€ judgment€ for€ uilty€ of€ Robbery€ with€ Homicide. From€any€other€personal mstances€that€serve€to€aggravate€or€ mitigate€ the€ liability€ of€ those€ persons€ only€who he€ time€of€the€execution€of€the€act€or€their€ cooperation€ therein€ are€ those€ which€ con xecution€of€the€act.€ 2nd€conviction€is€sufficient.€ the€ trial€ court€ cannot€ consider€ against€ him€ a€ finding€ of€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Agg ing€ circumstances€ that€ serve€ to€ aggravate€ or€ mitigate€ the€ liability€ of€ the€ offe ch€ circumstances€ are€ attendant€ are€ which€ arise€from:€ a.€ he€ again€ committed.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ ars€ from€ his€last€release€or€last€conviction. Robbery€ c.€ € Total€penalties€refer€to€the€penalties:€ 1 which€ he€ is€ found€ guilty. Additional€penalty.€he€was€ again€ convicted€ of€ any€ of€ said r€oftener.€ falsification.€ st within€ 10€ years€ from onviction. Estafa€ e.€estafa.€MARTINEZ€ 79€ .€ he€ again€ committed.€ In€ the€ last€ case.€ The€ accused€ appealed€ and€ contended€ t st€ conviction. Are€ included€ by€ a€crime€and€prescribing€the€penalty€ therefore.€ or€ after€ serving€ nd sentence€ for.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € Q:€What€are€the€additional€penalties€for€habitual€ delinquency?€ a.€ € 2.€ the€ 2 € offense. Offender€ had€ been€ convicted€ of€ any€ of€ the€crimes€of:€ a ous€ physical€ injuries€ b.€ and.€ he€ was€ again€ convicted€ of€ any€ of€ the€ said€ crimes€ for€ the€ second€ ti tion€ of. From€ his€ private€ relations€ with€ the€ offended€party.€ € Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€habitual€ delinquency€and€recidivism?€ A:€ HABITUAL€DELIQUENCY€ RECIDIVISM€ As€to€the€crimes€committed€ Sufficient€that€accused€on€ Offender€had€been€ convicted€of€any l€have€ been€previously€convicted€€ crimes€of:€serious€ by€final€judgment€of€ physical€inju .€ € Q:€ What€ are€ ual€ delinquency?€ € A:€€ 1. Upon€3rd€conviction€–€Prision€correcional€ in€its€medium€and€maximum€periods€ th Upon€4 €co medium€and€minimum€periods€ th Upon€ 5 € or€ additional€ conviction€ –€ Prision€ mayor€ in€ to€ Reclusion€ temporal€ in€ its€ minimum€ period€ € Note:€Total€penalties€not€to€exceed€30€years. Theft€ d. Are€inherent€in€the€crime. € A:€€ 1.€ As€to€peri tted Offender€found€guilty€of€ any€of€the€crimes€within€ 10€years€from€his€last€ release€or od€of€time€ between€the€former€ conviction€and€the€last€ conviction.€ the€ trial€ judge€ considered€ a d€ both€ recidivism€ and€ habitual€ delinquency. Falsification€ € 2.€or€ c.BOOK 1: Penalties In€ themselves€ constitute€ a€ crime€ specially€punished€by€law.€ 2. After€that on€or€after€serving€his€ sentence.€or€ another€crime€embraced€ in€the€same€title€of€RPC. set€by€mitigating€ An€additional€penalty€is€ circumstances. In€ the€ means€ employed€ to€ accomplish€it.€or€ c.

€ € Juan€is€a€recidi eviously€ convicted€ by€ final€ judgment€ for€ theft€ and€ again€ found€guilty€for€robbery€ h€are€ both€crimes€against€property.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ uncontradicted€ evidence€ consisting€ of€ medical€ certificates€ were showing€ that€ the€ accused€ had€ sustained€ injuries€ in€ ten€ (10)€ previous€ occasions€ n€ fisticuffs€ with€ different€ persons.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ Habitual€ delinquency€ c y€ invoked€ without€ being€ alleged€ in€ the€ information€ and€ proven€ during€ trial.€ During€ his€ second€ reat.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ The€ implication€ is€ that€ he€ is€ specializing€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ crim ty.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ Book€ T nal€ Code.€ the€ prosecutor€ objected€ to€ the€ application€of€ nate€ Sentence€ Law€ contending€ that€ the€ accused€ is€ a€ habitual€ delinquent€ and€ an€ ational€ Mental€ Hospital.€ Upon€ conviction.€ theft.€ (2001€Bar€Question)€ € Q:€A€w e.€ € A:€ not€ meritorious.€A€could€not€ be€ legally€ considered€ a€ habitual€ delinquent.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€Is€ the€appeal€meritorious?€Explain.€ If€ you€ are€ the€ Judge.€ or€ oftener€ of€ the€ crimes€ of€ robbery.€ he€ escaped.€of€habitual€delinquency.€ (1991€ Bar€Question)€ € € 80€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ He€ was€ also€ confined€ at€ the€ National€ Menta ental€ ailment€ diagnosed€ as€ “homicidal€ and€ suicidal€ instincts”.€ rule€on€the€objection.€ Recidivism€ and€habitual€delinquency€are€correctly€considered€ in€ this€ e€ the€ basis€ of€ recidivism€ is€ different€from€habitual€delinquency.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € Habitual€ deli brings€ about€ an€ additional€penalty€when€an€offender€is€convicted€a€ third€time€or€more€f rectly€ considered€ because€ Juan€ had€ already€ three€ (3)€ previous€ convictions€ by€ fin or€ theft€ and€ again€ convicted€ for€ robbery€ with€ homicide.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € recidivism€and.€ And€ the€ crimes€ specifie bitual€ delinquency€includes.€ hence€ aggravating€ in€ the€ conviction€ for€ robbery€with€homicide.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ estafa.€LIWANAG.€again.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€During€the€trial.€ physical€ injuries.€ Bes indication€ that€ A€ was€ convicted€ within€ ten€ (10)€ years€ from€ last€ conviction€ or€ mes.€ € A:€The€obj d.€theft€and€robbery..€inter€alia.€ or€ Being€ an€ escapee€ from€ a€ mental€ hospital€ will€ not€ disqualify€ him€ from€ the€ appli s€ Section€ 2€ thereof€ contemplates€ having€ escaped€ from€ confinement€ or€ evaded€ sente ment€ presupposes€ imprisonment€ by€ virtue€ of€ final€ judgment.€ JR.€embraced€under€the€ same€ Title€ (Title€ Ten.

€ € Prescription€does€not€take€away€the€court’s€jurisdiction€ but€only€absolves€the When€ fine€ is€ imposed€ as€ an€ alternative€ penalty€ to€ imprisonment.€Reclusion€ temporal€ Crimes€punish her€afflictive€penalties€ Crimes€punishable€by€ other€correctional€ penalties€ Libel€or€oth enses€ Oral€defamation€and€ slander€by€deed€ Light€offenses PRESCRIPTION 20€years€ € Service€of€sentence€ Amnesty€ which€ completely€ extinguished€ the€penalty€and€all€its€ef e€pardon€ 5.€ and€ the€ fine€ c er€ penalty€than€the€penalty€of€imprisonment.€ liability€thereto€is€extinguished€only€when€ death€ of€ the€ before€ final€ judgment€ € Note:€Extinguishment€of€criminal€liability€is€a€ ground€for€motion€to€quash.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€What€is€prescription€of€cri ture€or€loss€of€ the€ right€ of€ the€ State€ to€ prosecute€ the€ offender€ after€the€lapse€ ption€of€the€crime€begins€on€the€day€ the€crime€was€committed. Prescription€of€the€crime€ 6.€€MODIFICATION€AND€EXTINCTION€OF€CRIMINAL€ LIABILITY€ € Q:€How€is€criminal€liability€ext nal€ liability€ may€ be€ extinguished€ either.€ € Note:€However.€ abduction. Commuta nce€ 3. For€ good€ conduct€ allowances€ which€ the€ culprit€ may€ earn€ while€ he€ is€ serv role€ 5.R.€no.€Sept. Conditional€pardon€ 2.€except€those€ punishable€by€arresto€ mayor€wherein€the€ prescriptive€pe 6€months€ 2€months € Note:€ In€ computing€ the€ period.€ € XPN:€ When€ the€ crime€ w n€ would€ only€ commence€ from€ the€ time€ the€ offended€ party€ or€ the€ government€ learn CRIMES Crimes€punishable€by€ death. Death€ of€ the€ convict€ as€ to€ personal as€ to€ pecuniary€ penalties.€1157€Civil€Code.€MARTINEZ€ 81€ . 3. If€ while€ the€ case€ is€ on€ a ill€ be€ dismissed.€ Offended€ party€ may€ file€ a€ separate€ civil€ action€ under€ the€ Ci er€ basis€ for€ recovery€ 2. Marriage€ of€ th n€ as€ in€ the€ crimes€ of€ rape. Probation€ € Q:€What€is€the€effect€of€offender’s€death?€ € A:€€ 1.€ seduction€ and€acts€of€lasciviousness€ € Q:€ es€ which€ totally€ extinguish€criminal€liability?€ € A:€ 1.€ of€ civil€ liability€ exists€ as€ provided€ under€ Art.€the€basis€of€ the€prescriptive€period€is€the€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ rule€ where€ the€ last€ day€ of€ prescriptive€ period€ falls€ on€ a€ S ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Prescription€of€the€penalty€ 7.€ € €A.€ G.€ € The€ death€ however€ does€ not€ extinguish€ criminal€ liability€ of€ the€ accused€ because€ it€ is€ a€ State.€Reclusion€ perpetua.€ (People€ v. If€ before€ fin uishes€ both€ his€ criminal€ and€ civil€ liabilities.€152007.€ € 2.€2.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ cir totally€ extinguish€criminal€liability?€ € A:€ 1.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€civil€liability€arising€from€sources€other€ than€ the€ crime€ committed€ sur pursued€ in€ a€ separate€ civil€ action.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ Bayotas.€€PRESCRIPTION€OF€CRIMES€UNDER€THE€RPC€ €€(Art. 15€years€ 10€years.€ totally€or€partially.€90)€€ € Q.BOOK 1: Modification And Extinction of Criminal Liability VI.€ the€ first€ day€ is€ excluded€and€the€last€day€included p€years.

€ € Ratio:€ They€ do€ not€ constitute€ the€ court.€A€commits€a€crime.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. The€ave uld€constitute€a€ legal€ excuse€ or€ justification€ (Sec.€ € Q:€Suppose.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Criminal€ action€ or€ liability€ has€ been€ extinguished€ € 4.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ on€the€ground€of€double€jeopardy.€Rules€of€Court)€ € S€PUNISHABLE€UNDER€ SPECIAL€LAWS€AND€MUNICIPAL€ORDINANCES€ € IMPOSABLE€PENALTY€ Imprisonment€of€six€(6)€years€or€ more€ Imprisonment€of€two€€years€but€l es€under€the€NIRC€ Imprisonment€of€over€one€month€ but€less€than€two€years€ Fine€or€impriso ON 12€years€ 8€years€ 5€years 4€years€ 1€year Note:€ If€ dismissal€ is€ final.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€Where€the€last€day€of€the€prescriptive€period€for€ filing€ an€ information€ falls€ on€ a y.€ € It€ shall€ not€ run€ when€ offender€ is€ absent€ fr 2.€ 2.€Jr.€ and€ the€ government€ finds€ a€ witness.€€ one€month€or€both Violations€of€municipal€ordinances 2€months€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ rules€ in€ computation€ of€ prescription€of€offenses?€ A:€€ 1. Facts€ charged€ do€ not€ constitute€ an€ o€jurisdiction€ € 3.€LIWANAG.9.€2008)€ € € €B.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€PRESCRIPTION€OF€PENALTIES€€ € Q:€What€is€prescription€of€penalties?€€ € A:€Prescrip iture€ of€the€right€of€the€government€to€execute€the€final€ sentence€after€the€lapse€of€cer criptive€period€commence€to€ run?€ € A:€ Prescriptive€ period€ of€ penalties€ will€ only€ c m€ the€ moment€ the€ convict€ evades€the€service€of€sentence.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ Office€ of€ the€ Provincial€ Director€ pt€ the€ prescriptive€period.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ They€ are€ neither€ part€ of€ the€ judiciar urts€ of€ justice.€ € The€filing€of€the€complaint€or€informatio nvestigation€interrupts€the€running€of€the€ prescriptive€period.€ office€ of€ the€ NBI.€ € It€ is€ interrupted€ by€ the€ filing€ of€ the€ complaint€or€information.€except€if€the€grounds€are:€ € 1.€ or€ 3.€ any€ kind€ of€ investigative€ proceeding€ instituted€ against€ the€ guilty€ person€ wh ately€lead€to€his€prosecution€should€be€sufficient€ to€toll€prescription.€91)€ € Q..€ JR.€(Panaguiton.€he€can€be€prosecuted€still.€ Rule€ 117.€ can€ they€ institute€ a€ case?€ € A:€ No.€ .€then€goes€ into€ hiding.€When€will€suc € 82€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ € The€ mere€ filing€ o ef€ of€ Police.€yes.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ the r€agents.€25.€in€1980. Period mences€ to€ run€ from€ the€ day€ the€ crime€ is€ discovered€ by€ the€ offended€ party.€ With on.€ d€ left€ for€ the€ United€ States. € € Q:€€What€is€the€effect€if€the€accused€fails€to€move€ to€quash€before€pleading?€ € A:€ The all€ objections.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . 3.€ € It oceedings€ terminate€ without€ the€ accused€ being€ convicted€or€acquitted€or€are€unjustifi or€any€reason€not€immutable€to€ him.€the€information€could€no€longer€be€filed€on€ the€next€day€as€the€crime€has€already€presc sis€ of€ computation€ if€ the€ penalty€is€a€compound€one?€ € A:€The€highest€penalty€is€the€ les€contained€herein.€(Art.€ ter.€€ € The€ term€ "proceeding understood€ either€ executive€ or€ judicial€ in€ character:€ executive€ when€ it€ involves€ gation€ phase€ and€ judicial€ when€ it€ refers€ to€ the€ trial€ and€ judgment€ stage.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. 4.€ accused€ can€ no€ longer€ be€ prosecuted€even€ if€still€w ve€ period.

C ptive€ period€ will€start€to€run€only€at€the€termination€of€ the€intended€result). d.€or€ 4.€ € Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€prescription€ of€crimes€and€prescription€of€penaltie PRESCRIPTION€OF€ CRIMES€ Loss€or€forfeiture€of€the€ State€to€prosecute. Is€captured€ 3.€ € IMPOSABLE€PENALTY€ Death.€ If€ it€ is€ merely€ a€ correction€ of€ a€ de original€ complaint€ or€ information€should€be€considered.€For€fear€of€his€life.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. If€ discovery€ of€ the judicial€ proceedings.€ even€ his€ parents€ and€ relatives.€while€5‐year€ old€Albert€was€urinating€at€the€back€ se€coming€from€the€kitchen€ of€ their€ neighbor€ and€ playmate.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€Albert€did€not€tell€anyone.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ effect€ of€ filing€ an€ amended€ on€ upon€ period€ of€ prescription?€ € A:€If€the€amendment€charges€a€different€crime.€ It€ was€ discovered€ by€ the€ NBI€ aut t€ revealed€ to€ them€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime.€€ reclusion€perpetua.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ very€ angry€ and€ strangling€ the€ 5‐year€ old€ Ara€ to€ death.BOOK 1: Modification And Extinction of Criminal Liability € A:€It€is€interrupted€when€the€convict.€ € 3.€ Starts€counting€upon€the€ escape€or€evasion€of€ service€of€sentence€ A ippines€interrupts€the€ period€only€when€he€goes€ to€a€foreign€country€ without€extradition ission€of€another€ crime€before€expiration€ of€the€period€interrupts€ the€prescription. Commits€ any€ crime€ before€ the€expirati escription€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ situations€ which€ do€ not€ follow€ Art. In estimony€ –€ prescriptive€ period€ is€ reckoned€ from€ the€ day€ a€final€ judgment€ is€ ren e€when€the€false€testimony€was€ made).€ PRESCRIPTION€OF€ P feiture€of€the€ State€to€enforce€ judgment€ € Q:€One€fateful€night€in€January€1990.€ The€ dead€ d.€ €reclusion€temporal€ Other€afflictive€pena tional€penalties€€ except€arresto€mayor€ Light€penalties€ PRESCRIPTION 20€years€ 15€years 1 tarts€counting€upon€ discovery€of€the€ commission€of€the€crime€ Mere€absence€from€the€ Phil e€ running€of€the€ prescription€ Commission€of€another€ crime€before€the€ expiration€of€the rupt€ prescription. Gives€himself€up€ 2.€The€crime€of€homicide€prescribes€in€20€ years.€ When€ he€ peeped€ in a’s€ stepmother.€In€this€case€at€bar.€ € rosecute€ Mina€ for€ the€ death€ of€ Ara€ despite€ the€ lapse€ of€ 20€ and€ ½€ years.€ Mina€ spread€ the€ news€ in€ the€ neighborhood€ that€ Ara€ went€ to€ live€ with€ her€ g ity.€ prescription€ begins€ when€ such€ proceeding€terminates.€or€ b.€MARTINEZ€ 83€ . Election€offense€–€€ a.€ the€ period€ of€ prescript homicide€ commenced€ to€run€only€from€the€time€Albert€revealed€the€same€ to€the€NBI€authori LOWANCE€FOR€GOOD€CONDUCT€ €(Art.€ Ara.€ Unde iod€ of€ prescription€ commences€to€run€from€the€day€on€which€the€crime€ is€discovered€by€t ities€ or€their€agents.€ and€ right€ after€ his€ graduati eported€ the€ crime€ to€ NBI€ authorities. Goes€to€a he€ Philippines€has€no€extradition€treaty.€the€ int€ or€ information€ should€ be€ considered.€the€commission€ of€the€crime€was€known€only€to rty€nor€an€authority€or€an€agent€of€ an€ authority.€ € 2.€ rosecute€ Mina€ for€ the€ death€of€Ara€despite€the€lapse€of€20€and€1/2€years?€ Explain. Fro e€ of€ commission€ of€ the€ offense.€ Hence.€ 1.€ Albert€ body€ of€ Ara.€Twenty€and€a€half€(20€&€½)€years€after€ the€ incident.€97)€ € IMPRISONMENT First€2€years€ 3‐5€years DEDUCTION 5€days€for€each€month€of€ good€behavior€ 8€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ place€ it€ inside€ the€ trunk€ of€ the€ car€ and€ drive€ away.€91?€€ € A:€ 1.


€118)€for€enemy€is€evidence€of€both€adherence€and€ aid€or€comfort.€(Boado€2008€p.€€ 3.BOOK 2: Crimes Against National Security BOOK€II€ € I.€ which€one€owes€to€the€government€under€which€he€ lives.1 imes€against€the€law€of€nations?€ € A:€€ 1.€ 2.€ € Note:€ Emotional€ or€ intellectual€ sympathy€ to€ the€ enemy.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € XPN:€€ 1.€ or€ b.€Mutiny€and€piracy.€It€can€only€be€committed€ in€times€of€war.€864)€or€ commandeering€ foodstuffs€ (People Phil.€86€Phil.117)€ 5. There€ is€ a€ war€ in€ which€ the€ Philippines€ is€ involved.€Inciting€to€war€and€giving€motives€for€ reprisal€(Art.€114‐123)€ € €€TREASON€(Art.118)€ 6.€114)€€ € Q:€What€is€the€crime€of€treason government.€ committed€by€a€person€who€owes€allegiance€to€it.€giving€them€aid€ and€comfort.€ € Q:€Who€are€the€persons€that€may€be€liable€for€the€ crime€of€treason?€ € A:€Filipino€citiz for€ treason.€in€retur eives. € Offender€either€–€ a.€CRIMES€AGAINST€NATIONAL€SECURITY€(114‐123)€ € Q:€What€are€the€crimes€against€ n€(Art.€ € Giving€information€to€(People€v.€ € Q:€ Can€ treason€ be€ committed€ outside€ the€ Philippines?€ € A:€It€depe r€is€a€Filipino€citizen.119)€ 7.366)€ € € ional€Security€ €(Art.114)€ 2.122)€ 2.€Violati . Levies€ war€ against€ the€ government.€Flight€to€enemy€country€(Art.€ € Note:€Formal€declaration€of€the€existence€of€a€state€of€ war€is€not€necessary.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€Conspiracy€and€proposal€to€commit€treason€ (Art.€without€giving€the€enemy€aid€ ason.€ A€ citizen€ owes€ permanent€ allegiance€ while€a€resident€alien€owes€tempora he€government.€ € Q:€When€can€the€crime€against€national€securit s€against€national€security€can€only€ be€committed€in€times€of€war. Offender€ is€ a€ Filipino€ citizen€ hilippines.€Piracy€and€mutiny€(Art.€ € Q:€What€is€allegiance?€ € fidelity€ and€ obedience.€There€must€be€actu € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ two€ modes€ of€ committing€ treason?€ € A:€€ 1.€Qualified€Pirac crimes€ against€ the€ law€ of€ nations€be€tried?€ € A:€ It€ may€ be€ punished€ anywhere€ be red€crimes€against€the€family€of€nations.120)€ 8.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€Espionage€ es€for€ reprisal€ 3.€Violation€of€neutrality€ 4. Adheres€ to€ the€ en id€and€comfort.115)€ 3.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€Correspondence€with€hostile€country€ (Art. Levying€war€against€t ing€to€the€enemies.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€treason?€ A:€€ 1.€Misprision€of€Trea ionage€(Art.€ € Note:€Treason€is€a€war€crime.€MARTINEZ€ 85€ .€he€can€ commit€ this€ crime€ even€ if€ he€ is€ outside€ the€Philip n€must€be€committed€in€ the€ Philippines€ (EO€ 44)€ except€ in€ case€ of€ conspiracy.€Paar.

€ treasonable€desi Note:€€Levying€of€war€must€be€in€collaboration€with€a€ foreign€enemy.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€or€ 3.€ Is€ the€ two‐witness€ rule€ co though€ both€ acts€ may€ logically€ be€ presumed€ to€ have€ answered€ the€ same€ purpose.€Although€the€testimonies€are€not€identical.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ € Q:€Is€suspended€allegiance€a€defense€in€treason?€ € 86€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€place€and€moment€of€time.€ € Q:€What€is :€It€must€be€a€deed€or€physical€activity€and€it€must€ be€intentional.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ meaning€ of€ adherence€ to€ the€ enemy?€ € A:€Adherence€to€the€enemy€m tually€or€emotionally€favors€the€enemies€and€ harbors€ sympathies€ or€ convictions€ disloya ry’s€ policy€ or€ interest.€ € If€ the€ overt€ act€ is€ separable.€ two€ witnesses€ h€ part€ of€ the€ overt€ act.€United€States)€ € € 2.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Q:€Is€there€a€crime€of€treason€thru€negligence?€ € A:€ There€ is€ no€ treason€ thru€ neglig ing€ aid€ or€ comfort€ to€ the€ enemy€ must€ be€ intentional.€ Extrajudicial€ confession€ or€ confession€ made€ before€ the€ inves ot€ sufficient€ to€ convict€ a€ person€of€treason. Two‐witness€ rule€ –€ The€ testimony€ of€ two€ men€ witnesses€ is€ require For€ the€ purpose€ of€ executing€ a€ overt€act€of€giving€aid€or€comfort.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ It€ means€ that€ there€ is€ intent€to€betray.€ ing€ C’s€ revolver.€ € Note:€Adherence€alone€without€aid€and€comfort€does€ not€ constitute€ treason.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€33)€ € Q:€How€may€adherence€be€proved?€ € A:€Adherence€may€be€proved:€ 1.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ € Q:€What€is€the :€ It€ means€ any€ act€ which€ strengthens€ or€ tends€ to€ strengthen€ the€ enemy€ of€ the€ duct€ of€ war€ against€ the€ government€ or€ an€ act€ which€ weakens€ or€ tends€ to€ weaken € Q:€€A€testified€that€he€saw€X€going€to€the€house€of€C€ in€ search€ of€ the€ latter’s€ rev the€ garrison.€ although€ it from€the€acts€committed.€ € Note:€ The€ confession€ means€ pleading€ guilty€ in€ open€ court€ that€ is€ before€ the€ ju y€ hearing€ the€ case.€ the€ singleness€ of€ the€ purpose€ is€ NOT€ enough€ to€ make€ one€ of€ e€heard€a€gun€report.€ same€act.€except€when€the€position€ is€policy‐determining.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ € Note:€ A€ mere€ expression€ of€ opinion€ does€ not€ constitute€an€act€of€treason.€ because€ the€ said€ materials€ are€ not€exclu es€and€their€sale€does€ not€necessarily€carry€an€intention€on€the€part€of€the€ vendor€to€ad illo€ 80€Phil.€Is€treason€committed?€ € es€ does€ not€ per€ se€ constitute€ treason.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€levying€of€war?€ Q:€What€are€the€ways€of€proving€treason?€ € sembling€ of€ 1.€ JR.€ X€ required€ C€ to€ produce€ his€ revolver..€LIWANAG.€€ the€ government€ to€ resist€ or€ to€ attack€ the€ enemies€ of€the€government.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. By f€the€act€itself. From€ the€ circumstances€ surrounding€ the€ act.€ € Q:€ X€ sold€ alum€ crystals€ and€ water€ pipes€ to€ the€ enemy. Confession€of€the€accused€in€open€court.€ Is€ t A:€Yes.€(Hauft€v.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ the€testimonies€of€both€would€certainl .€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€and€saw€ a€smoking€gun€in€the€hand€of€the€accused€and€saw€ the€victim d€ he€saw€the€accused€raise€and€point€the€gun€and€saw€ a€ puff€ of€ smoke€ from€ it.€ € Note:€ Mere€ acceptance€ of€ public€office€ and€ discharge€ of€ official€ duties€ under€ th nstitute€ per€se€the€felony€of€treason.

€ € Q:€How€is€treason€distingu :€€ TREASON Violation€by€a€subject€of€ his€allegiance€to€his€ sovereign€or€country.€because€such€acts€strengthen€the€ene ommon€ crimes€ (e.€ The€ common€ crimes€ committed€ in€ furtherance€ of€ treason ts€ of€ aid€ and€ comfort€ and€ are€ therefore€ inseparable€ from€ treason€ itself.€ because€ sovereignty€ is€ not€ suspended€ in€ times€ of€ war.€ SEDITION Raising€of€commotions€or€ disturbances€in€a€state€ Conflict€is€merely € Q:€X€furnished€women€to€the€enemy.€MARTINEZ€ 87€ . e€enemy.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ because€ there e€ of€ treason€ with€ murder. Levy€war€agains re€to€enemies€and€to€give€them€ aid€or€comfort€ 3.€ mere€ attempt€ consummates€ the€ crime€ of€ treason.€ € Note:€ The€ offender€ can€ still€ be€prosecuted€ even€ after€ war.€ What€ is€ suspended se€ thereof.€ REBELLION The€purpose€is€merely ernment€with€ the€rebels’€own€form€of€ government€ €€ CONSPIRACY€AND€PROPOSAL€TO€COMMIT€ TREASON€€(Art. Two€ or€ more€ persons€ come€ to€ an€ agreement€€to:€ a.€ arson)€ are€ committed€ in€ the€ furtherance€ of€ ason.€ can€ they€ be€ considered€ crimes€ separate€from€treason?€ € A:€ No.€It€can€be€committed€in€one€single€or€ different€time.€therefore.€th A€ person€ who€ commits€ treason€ is€ not€ criminally€responsible€for€as€many€crimes€of€tre as€intentionally€committed€ to€give€aid€to€the€enemy.€(People€v.€ the€ allegiance€ of€ a€ citizen€ is€not€abrogated€by€the€enemy€occupa Note:€Duress€or€controllable€fear€and€obedience€to€the€ de€facto€government€are€defenses€fo A:€ No.€ € Note:€ As€ a€ general€ rule.g.€not€ag he€crime€of€treason€admit€stages?€ € € Q:€ Why€ are€ conspiracy€ and€ proposal€ to€ commit€ treason€punishable?€ € A:€ In€ treas ce€ of€ the€ State€ is€ in€ jeopardy.€ as€ it€ specifically€ penalizes€ conspiracy€ and€proposal€to€commit€tre € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ circumstances€ inherent€ in€ the€ crime€of€treason?€ € A:€ Treachery. rength€ and€ evident€premeditation€are€inherent€in€the€crime€of€ treason.€ robbery. They€decide€to€commit€it€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ ime€of€war€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ 2.€115)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€c In€time€of€war€ 2.€Perez.€ € Q:€How€is€treason€distinguished€from€rebellion?€ € A:€ TREASON The€purpose€of€ levying€war€is€to€ help€the€enemy.€ Neithe dered€separate€offenses.€ Requires€a er€country.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ It€ can€ be€ c r€ by€ series€of€acts. A€ pers sons.€ € Q:€Is€treason€a€continuing€offense?€ € A:€ Yes.€ murder.€ Hence.€ conspiracy€ and€ proposal€ to€ commit€a€felony€is€not€punisha is€ an€ exception.BOOK 2: Crimes Against National Security A:€ No.€Does€the€act€ constitute€treason?€ € A:€Commandeering€ e€enemies€or€to€enliven€the€entertainment€held€in€ their€ honor€ was€ NOT€ treason€ even€ t ertainments€helped€to€make€life€ more€pleasant€for€the€enemies.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€In€treason.€Can€X€ be€held€liable€for€treason?€ € A:€Yes.€83€ Phil.

€ 1€ of€ € 88€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ The€ conspiracy€ or€ proposal€ is€ then€ considered€ merely€ ommission€thereof.€ 116€ is€ an€ exception€ to€ the€ rule€ that€ mere€ silence€does€not€make€a€per rime€of€omission.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ € Q:€ When€ the€ crime€ of€ treason€ is€ already€ committed€ and€ the€ accused€ does€ not€ to€ the€ proper€ authorities.€117)€€ € Q:€What€is€the€crime€of€espionage?€ € A: ering.€20€of€general€application€ 2.€ fort€ or€ military€ or€ naval€ establishments€ or€ reservation€ to€ obt tion.€ because:€ € 1.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Note:€Two‐witness€rule€does€not€apply€because€this€is€ a€separate€and€distinct€offense€from € Q:€If€actual€acts€of€treason€are€committed€after€the€ conspiracy€or€after€the€proposal€is tted?€ € A:€ The€ crime€ of€ treason€ is€ already€ consummated€ the€ moment€ the€ proposal€ mmit€ treason€ is€ accepted. Offender€must€be€owing€allegiance€to€the€ government€of€the€Philippines€ 2..€ who€ as€ accessories€ are€ exempt€ from€ criminal€ liability€ under€ Art shable€ under€ this€ article€ assuming€ that€ Art. Thi al€application.€116)€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ :€ 1.€It nalty€ imposed€ is€ that€ of€ an€ accessory€ to€ the€ crime€of€treason.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ plans€ or€ other€ data€of€confidential€nature€relative€to€the€ defense€of€the€Philip de:€ By€ disclosing€ to€ the€ representative€ of€ a€ foreign€ nation€ the€ contents€ of€ th information€ referred€ to€ in€ par.€ a€ warship.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. Governor€ b.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ JR.€ € 4.€ has€ knowledge€ of€ treason€ committed€ by€ someone€ and€ does€ not€ report€ i he€ proper€ authorities.€ is€ he€ liable€ for€misprision€of€treason?€ € A:€ No.€ 116€ sp ny€ conspiracy€ against”€ the€ Government€ of€ the€ Philippines. Security€ of€ State€ is€ more€ re€relationship€and€ 3.€ Q:€How€is€the€offender€punished?€ € A:€ Offender€ is€ punished€ as€ a€ principal€ in€ the€ on.€ or€ losing€ information€ respecting€ the€ national€ defense€ with€ i here€ is€ reason€ to€ believe€that€information€is€to€be€used€to€the€injury€ of€ the€ Republ o€ the€ advantage€of€any€foreign€nation.€ an€ accessor eason.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€LIWANAG.€ € Note:€ Espionage€ is€ not€ conditioned€ on€ citizenship€ of€ the€offender.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € €€ESPIONAGE€(Art.€ Misprision€of€treason€contemplates€the€failure€of€a€ citizen€ to€ report€ an to€ commit€ treason.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ € €€MISPRISION€OF€TREASON€(Art. Fiscal€of€the€province€ c.€ No. He€conceals€or€fails€to€disclose€and€make€ known€ the€ same€ as€ a.€ transmitting.€ becau y€ committed.€ A hen€ the€ crime€ of€ treason€ is€ already€ committed.€ € Note:€ Relatives. First€ mode:€ By€ en rity.€ not€ knowledge€ of€ treas mitted€ by€ another. Offender€ He€ has€ knowledge€ of€ any€ conspiracy€ to€ commit€ treason€ against€ the€ said€ governmen o€ citizen. Mayor€ or€ fiscal€ of€ the€ city€ in€ which€ he€ Note:€ Art.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ because€ he€ is€ already€ a€ principal€ in€ the€ crime€of€misprision€of€treason.€ € Q:€What€does€the€phrase€“shall€be€punished€as€an€ accessory€to€the€crime€of€treason” € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ two€ modes€ of€ committing€ espionage?€ € A:€ 1.€ 20€ is€ applicable.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ € A:€ The€ phrase€ does€ not€ mean€ that€ the€ offender€ is€ legally€ speaking.€whereas€ Art.€ Can€ he€ be€ held€liable€for€Misprision€of€Treason?€ € A:€ No.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. The€ offender€ commits€ the€ distinct€ crime€ of€ misprision€of€tre ate€and€ distinct€from€treason.€ This€ is€ so€ because€ Art.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.

Such€ acts€ provoke€ or€ give€ occasion€ for€ a€ war able€ to€ involve€ the€ Philippines€ or€ expose€ the€ Filipino€ citizens€ to€reprisals€on€t erty€ € Q:€What€is€reprisal?€ € A:€ It€ is€ any€ kind€ of€ forcible€ or€ coercive€ measure€ exercise€ a€ deterrent€ effect€ or€ to€ obtain€ redress€ or€ satisfaction. Harboring€ or€ concealing€ violators otographing€ from€ aircraft€ of€ vital€ military€information€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinc spionage€ and€treason?€ € A:€€ ESPIONAGE May€be€committed€both€ in€time€of€peace€and€in€ time€of€war.€ by€ reason€ of€ the€ public€ office€he€holds.€MARTINEZ€ 89€ . ficer.€ 2.BOOK 2: Crimes Against National Security 117€ which€ he€ had€ in€ his€ possession€ by€ reason€of€the€public€office€he€holds.€ It€ suffices€ that€ the€ offender€ enter oned€without€authority€for€the€purpose€ of€ obtaining€ information€ relevant€ to€ national€ iretapping€a€form€of€espionage?€ € A:€ It€ depends€ on€ the€ purpose€ of€ the€ information€ as€nothing€to€do€with€the€ country’s€ defense€ or€ national€ security.€ p ta€ relative€ to€the€defense€of€the€Philippines.€ data€or€information€referred€in€p 117.€ plans.€ 3.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. € That€he€has€no€authority€therefore€ That€his€purpose€is€to€obtain€information.€ 2. Disloyal€acts€in€time€of€peace ar€ 5. r€a€resident€ agent)€ enters€ any€ of€ the€ places€ mentioned€therein€ € Note:€ Under€ the€ first€ mode€ the€ offender€ is€ any€ person.€ 6.€ wiretapping€ is€not sary€that€the€country€is€at€war€for€the€ crime€of€espionage€to€be€committed?€ € A:€ No. 3.€ is€ it€ neces cceeds€ in€ obtaining€the€information?€ € A:€ No. Unlawful€obtaining€ lative€ to€the€defense€of€the€Philippines€or€to€the€ advantage€of€any€foreign€nation€ 2.€ es mes€ of€ peace€or€war.€ € Q:€What€are€the€acts€of€espionage€punished€under€ Commonwealth€ A Is€limited€in€two€ways€of€ committing€the€crime:€ May€be€committed€in€ levying€war€and€adhe ving€him€ aid€and€comfort.€€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. That€ he€ discloses€ their€ content ive€of€a€foreign€nation.€ € Note:€ Being€ a€ public€ officer€ is€ a€ requirement€ in€ the€ second€mode.€ Espionage€and€Other€Offenses€against€the€National€ Security)?€ € A:€ 1.€ TREASON Committed€o € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ the€ second€ mode€ of€ committing€espionage?€ € A:€€ 1.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ Both€are€crimes€not€conditioned€by€the€citizenship€of€ the€offe € €€INCITING€TO€WAR€OR€GIVING€MOTIVES€FOR€ REPRISAL€(Art. Un nformation€ relative€to€the€€€defense€of€the€Philippines€ 3.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Conspiracy€to€violate€any€of€the€said€acts.€while€it€is€onl € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ the€ first€ mode€ of€ committing€espionage?€ € A:€€ 1. Offender€ unauthorized€acts€ 2.€118)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements or€ 1. That€ he€ has€ in€ possession€ the€ articles.€ directly€ or€in sequences€of€the€illegal€acts€of€ another€ State€ which€ has€ refused€ to€ make€ amends€ fo Note:€Reprisal€is€resorted€to€for€the€purpose€of€settling€ a€ dispute€ or€ redressing€ a€ g g€ to€ war.€ € Q:€Under€the€first€mode€of€committing€espionage.€whether€a€citizen€or€a€fore ual€or€a€public€officer.

Offender€intended€ Note:€Both€must€concur.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ If€ the€ offender€is€a€public€officer.€ if€ the€ correspondence ted€ by€ the€ government.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.g. There€ is€ war€ in€ which€ the€ Philippines€ is€ involved€ € Offender€makes€correspo y€ country€ or€ territory€ occupied€ by€ enemy€troops€ € Correspondence€is€either€–€ a. € Q:€What€is€the€extent€of€reprisals?€ € A:€ Reprisals€ are€ not€ limited€ to€ military€ ac prisals€or€ denial€of€entry€into€ their€ country.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€€ € €€VIOLATION€OF€NEUTRALITY€€ €€(Art.€it€is€punishable€because€of€the€possibility€ that€ the€ informati emy€ might€ be€ revealed€unwittingly.€119)€€ € .€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ Q:€Who€has€the€authority€to€issue€a€regulation€for€ the€enforcement€of€neutrality?€ € A:€ T ued€ by€ competent€ authority€like€the€President€of€the€Philippines€or€the€ Chief€ of€ Staf of€ the€ Philippines.€ € Note:€It€is€a€status€created€under€international€law..€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ € € Q:€What€are€ciphers?€ € A:€Secret€message€or€code.€ I entry€ of€ Filipinos.€120)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€el € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ circumstances€ qualifying€ the€ crime€ of€ correspondence€ to€ hostil t€the:€ 1.€ that€ is€ reprisal.€the€penalty€is€higher.€ gave€ the€ latter€ notice€and€information.€ X€ burns€ a€ Singaporean€ flag. Carried€on€in€ciphers€or€conventional€ signs€ c.€ € €€CORRESPONDENCE€WITH€HOSTILE€COUNTRY€€ €€(Art.€ € Q:€What€is€neutrality?€ € A:€Neutrality€is€a€condition€of€a€nation€that. Offender€violates€such€regulation.€ € Q:€ What€ does€ correspondence€ to€ hostil late?€ € A:€ It€ contemplates€ correspondence€ to€ officials€ of€ the€ enemy€ country.€ E.€ JR.€in€times€ of€ wa but€ continues€ peaceful€dealings€with€the€belligerents.€ € In€ inciti any€ person.€ there€ is€ no€ need€ for€ prohibition€ by€ the€ Government crime.€ A:€ 1.€by€ means€of€a€stand€on€the€part€of€a t€war.€LIWANAG.€Is € 90€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. Notice€ or€ information€ might€ be€ useful€ to€ the€enemy€ 2.€ € Note:€ Even€ if€ the€ correspondence€ contains€ innocent€ matters.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Pro nt€ b. Containing€ notice€ or€ information seful€to€the€enemy€ or€ intended€ by€ the€ offender€ to€ aid€ the€enemy€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ 2.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. € Q:€What€is€correspondence?€ € A:€It€is€communication€by€means€of€letters€or€it€may€ refer ose€who€ have€friendly€or€business€relations.€ € Note:€Committed€only€in€times€of€war€and€neutrality€of€ the€Philippines€is€violated€ 3.€ during€ a€ war€ between€ different€ countries€ in€ which€ the€ Phili king€ sides.€ € Note:€ If€ ciphers€ were€ used.€ with€ intent€ to€ aid€ the€ enemy. There€ is€ a€ war€ in€ which€ the€ Philippines€ is€ not€involved€€ € 2.€ € Q:€ X.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Intention€of€the€offender€is€immaterial.€ If€ ciphers€ were€ not€ used.€ not e€ with€ private€individuals€in€the€enemy€country.€ there€ is€ need€ for€ prohibition.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. A€ regulation€ is uthority€to€enforce€neutrality€ € 3.€ € It€is€committed€in€time€of€peace.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.

€ unlike€all€other€crimes.€ such€ as€ but€ not€ limited€ to€ se tween€and€connecting€each€of€the€islands€of€the€ Philippine€ archipelago€ irrespective€ of€ th.€ what€ is€ the€ nature€ of€ the€ c y€is€a€crime€against€all€mankind.€Pirates€are€ in€law.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€piracy?€ € h€ seas€ or€ in€ Philippine€ waters€ 2. Offenders€–€ a.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€(Reyes€2008€p.€even€if€one€went€t o€crime.€ parts€ of€ the€ luded€ in€ the€ exclusive€ zone.€ insular€ shelves.€ what€ does€ “P A:€Philippine€seas€shall€refer€to€all€bodies€of€water.€121?€ € A:€The€offender€may€be€Fili because€ Art.€ € Q:€What€ar A:€ 1.€ The€ jurisdiction€ of€ piracy.€2.€ € Q:€ In€ general.€in€the€territorial€seas. Going€ to€ enemy€ country€ i etent€authority€ € Q:€Who€can€be€held€liable€under€Art.€hostis€humani€generis.€ If€ there€is€none.€ € Q:€What€is€the€meanin as€ mean€ any€ waters€ on€ the€ sea€ coast€ which€are€without€the€boundaries€of€the€low€wat ers€ may€ be€ in€ the€ jurisdictional€ limits€ of€ a€ foreign€ government.31)€ € €€FLIGHT€TO€ENEMY’S€COUNTRY€€ €€(Art.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. Seize€the€whole€or€part€of€the€ cargo€ ment€ or€ personal€ belongings€ of€ its€ complement€or€passengers. First€mode:€By€attacking€or€seizing€a€vessel€ on€ the€ high€ seas€ or€ in€ Philippin ode:€By€seizing€the€whole€or€part€ of€ the€ cargo€ or€ equipment€ of€ the€ vessel€ while€ o onal€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€122)€€ € Q:€What€is€piracy?€ € A: without€ lawful€ authority€ and€ done€ with€ animo€ furandi€ (with€ intent€ to€ steal)€ and d€ intention€of€universal€hostility.€ € Note:€ Mere€ attempt€ to€ flee€ to€ enemy€ country€ when€ prohibited€by€competent€consummat re€ must€ be€ prohibition€ by€ competent€ authority.€ An€ alien€ be€ held€ guilty€ for€ this€ crime€ because€ he€owes€allegiance€to€the€Philippines.€(UNCLOS)€ € Q:€ Under€ the€ law.€532)€ € Q:€What€are€the€kinds€of€piracy€under€A ?€ € A:€ Piracy€ in€ high€ seas€ and€ piracy€ in€ Philippine€ waters.€has€no€territorial€limit.€ € Q:€ Which€ court€ racy€ committed€in€the€high€seas?€ € A:€ € Jurisdiction€ is€ with€ any€ court€ where€ offen ted.€121)€€ € Q:€What of€ war€ in€ which€ the€ Philippines€ is€involved€€ 2.€ € urisdiction€ over€ piracy€ committed€in€Philippine€waters?€ € € €€PIRACY€IN€GENERAL€AND€MUTINY€ON€THE€HIGH€ SEAS€€(Art.€ length€ or€ dimension€ and€ all€ waters€ belonging€to€the€Philippines€by€historic€or€l g€ territorial€ sea.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€(Sec.€and€other€submarine€areas€over€which overeignty€and€jurisdiction.€ P.€or€in€the€internal€waters€ of€ a€ lagic€ waters€ of€ an€ archipelagic€state.€ 3. Offenders€ are€ not€ members€ of€ its€ complement€o sel.€ belongings€ of€ its€ complements€ or€ passengers.€or€ b.D. Attack€that€vessel.€ the€ sea‐bed.€ 121€ contemplates€ both€ permanent€ and€ temporary€ allegiance.BOOK 2: Crimes Against National Security A:€ If€ the€ offender€ intended€ to€ aid€ the€ enemy€ by€ giving€ such€ notice€ or€ informa nts€to€treason. Offender€ owes€ allegiance€ to€ the€ fender€ attempts€ to€ flee€ or€ go€ to€ the€ enemy€country€ 4.€MARTINEZ€ 91€ .

€ Murder.€ homicide.€ Instead.D.€ € €€QUALIFIED€PIRACY€€ €€(Art.€ will€ the€ Philippine€ courts€ have€ jurisdiction€ over€the€offense?€ € A:€ Yes.€ It€ is€ punishable€ by€ rec o€ death€ regardless€of€the€number€of€victims.€ there€ is€ only€ one€ crime€ committed€ –€ qualified€ piracy.€ Mutiny€ is€ qualified€ under€ the€ following€ circumstanc he€ offenders€ abandoned€ the€ victims€ without€ means€ of€ saving€ themselves.€physical€inj € A.€homicide€or€physical€injuries.€Definition€of€terms€ € Q:€What€ ?€ € A:€ € Philippine€ Waters€ shall€ refer€ to€ all€ bodies€ of€ water.€ f der€ Title€ I€ Book€ 2€ of€ the€ Revised€ Penal€ Code.€ € Note:€ Qualified€ piracy€ has€ been€ categorized€ as€ a€ heinous€crime.€Catantan.€ between€ and€ connecting€ each€ of€ the€ Islands€of€the€Philippine€Archipela e€of€ its€ depth.€ € Q:€ If€ piracy€ was€ committed€ outsid aters.€ it€ is€ an€ exception€ t ity€ in€ criminal€ law.€Anti‐Piracy€and€Anti‐€Highway€Robbery€ (P.€ homicide.€ € Note:€Qualified€piracy€is€considered€a€special€complex€ crime. € Abandonment€ of€ the€ victims€ without€ any€ means€of€saving€themselves€ When€ the€ crime murder.€ € Offenders€ are€ not€ liable€ for€ the€ separate€ crimes€ of€ murder.€ rape cal€ injuries€ are€ mere€ circumstances€ qualifying€ piracy€ and€ cannot€ be€ punished€ as€ es.€ such€ as€ but€ no bays€ around.€ As€ such.€ € Q:€What€is€mutiny?€ € A:€It€is€the€unlawful€resistance€to€a€superior€officer€ or€ the€ ra rbances€ on€ board€ a€ ship€ against€ the€ authority€ of€ its€ commander.€123)€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ special€ qualifying€ circumstan e€of€the€vessel€by€boarding€or€firing€ upon€the€same€ € 92€ .€ murder.€ € Note:€ The€ first€ circumstance€ which€ qualifies€ piracy€ does€ not€ apply€to€ mutiny€ tha e€ vessel€ by€boarding€or€firing€upon€the€same.€ physical€ injuries€ or€ rape.€ P.€ length€ or€ dimension.€ and€ all€ other€waters€belonging€to€th ic€ Attack€from€the€ outside.€ physical€ injuries€ a rimes€be€complexed€with€piracy?€ € A:€ When€ any€ of€ these€ crimes€ accompany€ piracy.€ th me.€ Intent€ The€offenders€may€only€ intend€to€ignore€the€ship’s€ officer€or€they€may€be€ prompted€by€a€ k€from€the€inside.€homicide.€123€merely€refers€to€qual a€ crime€ of€ qualified€ mutiny.€ € Q:€Is€there€a€crime€of€qualified€mutiny?€ € A:€Yes.€278€SCRA€761€[1997])€ € Q:€How€is€piracy€dist high€seas?€ € A:€€ PIRACY€ The€offender€is€ an€outsider.€ € Q:€When€piracy€is€committed€and€accompanied€by€ murder.D.€ ROBBERY€ON€THE€HIGH€SEAS The€offender€is€a€member€of er€of€the€ vessel.€ offenders€are€neither€ passengers€n MUTINY€ Offenders€are€members€of€ the€complement€or€the€ passengers€of€the€vessel.€ 2.€ breadth.€(People€ v.€although€Art.€ The€ same€ principle€ applies€ even€ if€ the€ offenders€ were€ cha olation€ of€ qualified€ piracy€ under€ the€ Code€ but€ under€ a€ special€ law.€Hence.532)€ € 1.€ € Q:€Distinguish :€€ PIRACY€ Offenders€are€strangers€ to€the€vessel.€€ Intent€to€gain€is€an€ element€of€piracy.€ 2.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€Jurisdiction€is€vested€with€Philippine€courts. 3.€ nor€ can€ they€ be€ complexed€with€piracy.€ 532€ y€in€Philippine€waters. When€ m mpanied€ by€ rape.


€2001).€ explosive.€ or€ passenger€of€the€aircraft.€ € Q:€What€is€piracy?€ € A:€Piracy€is€any€attack€upon€or€seizure€of€any€vessel€ or€ the hereof€ or€ its€ cargo.€Anti‐Hijacking€Law€(PD€6235)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts€under€PD€6235?€ € A:€€ f€ an€ aircraft€ of€ Philippine€ registry€ while€ it€ is€ in€ flight.€ G.€ and€ oth eas€ over€ which€ the€ Philippines€ has€ sovereignty€ or€ jurisdiction.€30. Carrying€ or€ loading€ on€ board€ an€ aircraft€ operating€ as€ a€ public r€ aircraft€in€the€Philippines.€ by€ means€ of€ violence€ against€ or€ intimidation€ of e€ upon€ things€ committed€ by€ any€ person€ including€ a€ passenger€ or€ member€ of€ the€ essel.€committed€by€any€person€on€ any€Philippine€Highway.€ sea‐bed.€ in€ Philippine€waters.€extortion€or€other€unlawful€ purpose y€ of€ the€ property€ of€ another€ by€ means€ of€ violence€ against€ or€ intimidation€ of€ n€ things€ or€ other€unlawful€means.€7659€and€P.€shall€be€considered€as€piracy.€122 Art.€ € 2.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements?€ € A:€ 1.€ articles€ o th.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ R.€ € B.€passenger. Usurping€ or€ seizing€ control€ of€ a egistry€while€within€ Philippine€ territory.€ € Mutiny€ may€ be€ committed€ in€ Phi e€high€seas€by€members€of€the€crew€or€passenger.€ compelling€ the€ pil nge€ the€course€or€destination€of€the€aircraft.€ No.D.€ 3.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ distinction€ between€ Art th€ respect€ to€ piracy€ committed€ in€ Philippine€waters?€ € A:€€ ART.€compelling€the€pilots€thereof€to€ land€in€any€ e€territory.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ € t€is€the€punishable€act€under€P.€hence.€ or€ poisonous€ substance€ if€ this€ accordance€with€the€rules€and€regulations€ set€ and€ promulgated€ by€ the€ Air€ Transportat tter. s€to€the€ criminal.€ or€ poisonous€ subs oading.A.€ P.€a€ passenger€or€a€stranger.€street. A€ person€ knowingly€ aids€ or€ protects€ pirates.€ any€ flammable.€ equipment€ or€ the€ personal€ belongings€ of€ its€ complement€ or€ espective€ of€ the€ value€ thereof.€ corrosive.€532?€ € A:€It€punishes€the€act€of€aiding€or€abetting€pir Note:€Under€the€present€law€(Article€122€as€amended€ by€R.€1€and€2:€ a.€ explosive.€122€limits€the€ offenders€to€non‐ passengers€or€non‐ members€of€the€crew.€any€flammable.€ the€ insular€ shelves.€ € Q:€What€is€a€ves r€ watercraft€ used€ for€ transport€ of€ passengers€ and€ cargo€ from€ one€ place€ to€ anot ppine€ waters.€ including€ territorial€ sea.€ shipping€ or€ transporting€ on€ board€ a€ cargo€ aircraft€ operating€ as€ a€ publi Philippines.€532)€piracy€may€ aters€or€in€the€high€seas€by€any€person€ (outsider.€or€member€of€the€complement€ Roger€ Tulin.€MARTINEZ€ 93€ .€ € 3.D.€ 2 s€ property€ taken€ by€ such€pirates.€€ € Note:€Aggravating€circumstances€to€nos. ctly€ abets€ the€ commission€of€the€piracy. When€ the€ offender€has€ fired€upon€ t he€ crew.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ Aug.€The€ offenders€ shall€ be€ co es€ and€ punished€as€hereinafter€provided.€ 111709.highwa r€parts€thereof€ or€railway€or€railroad€within€the€Philippines€used€by€ persons€or€vehicles or€the€ movement€ or€ circulation€ of€ persons€ or€ transportation€ of€ goods.€or€in€any€manner€derives€any€ benefit€therefrom.BOOK 2: Crimes Against National Security or€ legal€ title.€offender€ may€be€a€crew.€ corrosive.€ € Q:€What€is€highway€robbery€or€brigandage?€ € igandage€ is€ the€ seizure€ of€ any€person€for€ransom.€ passage.€ It€ shall€ include€ all€ kinds€ and€types€of€vessels€or€boats€used€in€fishi ilippine€highway?€ € A:€Philippine€Highway€shall€refer€to€any€road.

€ The€ acts€ against€ national€ security€ may€ be€ committed€ abroad€ and€ still€ be er€ our€ law.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€Human€Security€Act€of€2007(R.€ th urder.€ Dealing€ In.€ € Q:€ In€ the€ course€ of€ the€ hijacking. Rebellion€or€Insurrection€(Art at.D.D.6969)€ c.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ € Q:€If€the€aircraft€is€of€foreign€registry. nd€ Serious€ Illegal€ Detention€(Art.€6235€may st€be€of€Philippine€registry€and€it€ must€be€in€flight. Toxic€ Substances€ and€ Hazardous€ and€ N rol€ Act€ of€ 1990€ (R.€ Whenever€the€crime€is€accompanied€by€ murder.A. Anti‐Piracy€ and€ Anti‐Highway€ Robbery€Law€of€1974€(P.€ € € C.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € b.A.122)€ b.€ including€ acts€ committed€ by€ private€ person€ (Art.A.€ The€ crime€ of€ homicide€ or€ murder€per€se€is€not€punished.€ € Note:€ This€ means€ that€ there€ are€ passengers€ that€ boarded.€ 6235€ i ttempted€stage€is€not€punishable.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Crimes€ Involving€ Destruction€ (Art.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ JR.€ serious€ physical€ injuries c. Murder€(Art.€ homicide.€ Ammunitions€ or€ Explosives€ (P.6235)€ e.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ and€ Manufacture.€ because€ aircrafts€ of€ foreign€ registry€ are€ considered€ in€ transit€ wh eign€ countries.€9372)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts€of€terrorism? an€ act€ punishable€ under€any€of€the€following€provisions€of€the:€ 1.€53 fying€ the€ Laws€ on€ Illegal€ Unlawful€ Possession.€ If€ somebody€ is€ killed. Q:€ What€ distinguishes€ crimes€ against€ the€ law€ of€ nations€from€crimes€against€nationa CRIMES€AGAINST€THE€ LAW€OF€NATIONS€ Can€ be€ prosecuted€ anywhere€ in€ the€ world€ because€ nsidered€ crimes€ against€humanity.€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ necessary€ requisites€ before€ the€ Anti‐Hijacking€Law€or€R.€as€the€case€may€be. Atomic€ Energy€ Regulatory€ and€ Liability€Act€of€1968€( i‐Hijacking€Law€(R. When€ the€ offender€ has€ exploded€ or€ attempted€ to€ explode€ any€ bomb€ or€ explosive aft.€ Acqu sposition€ of€ Firearms.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. RPC€ a. The€Law€on€Arson€(P.€ but€it€cannot€be€tried€under€ foreign€law.A.1613)€ b.267)€ f.€ € Q:€When€is€an€aircraft€considere onsidered€ in€ flight€ from€ the€ moment€all€exterior€doors€are€closed€following€the€ embar time€ when€ the€ same€ doors€ are€again€opened€for€disembarkation.€ € Q:€Is€there€hijacking€in€the€attempted€stage?€ € A:€ No.324)€ € l€Penal€Laws:€ a.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ CRIMES€AGAINST€ NATIONAL€SECURITY€ Can€ be€ tried€ onl ppines. Sow€ and€ create€ a€ condition€ of€ widespread€ ar€and€panic€among€the€ populace.€LIWANAG.€ € € 94€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ 6235€ is€ committed.€The€aircraft€shall€be€deem ht€even€if€its€engine€has€not€yet€been€started.€ What€ crime€ or€ crimes€were€committed?€ € A:€The€crime€remains€to€be€a€v law.€ what€ law€applies?€ € A:€ The€ Anti‐Hija ply€ and€ the€ acts€will€be€punished€accordingly€under€the€RPC€or€ the€ applicable€ special elative€ crime€may€be€one€of€grave€coercion€or€grave€threat.€ but€ the€ penalty€ thereof€ shall€ be€ higher€ because€ a€ passenger€ or€ complement€ ad€ been€ killed.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ 1866€as€amended)€ € Note:€The€acts€under€special€laws€must:€ i. Coerce€ the€ government€ to€ give€ in€ to€ an€ unlaw Q:€ If€ the€ aircraft€ is€ of€ Philippine€ registry€ but€ it€ is€ not€ in€ flight€ and€ any ces€ mentioned€ under€ R. Piracy€ in€ n€ the€ High€Seas€or€in€the€Philippine€Waters€ (Art.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ a€ passenger ot€ and€ killed.€ ii.A..€is€it€required€ th es?€ € A:€ No.A.€ R.134‐a)€ d.248)€ e.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.D.

€MARTINEZ€ 95€ . Accessory€ –€ any€ person€ who€ having€ knowledge€ of€ the€ commission€ of sm€ or€ conspiracy€ to€ commit€ terrorism€ and€ without€ having€ participated€therein€eithe accomplice€ under€ Articles€ 17€ and€ 18€ of€ the€ RPC.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ ascendants.BOOK 2: Crimes Against National Security 3.€€ b.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ € 2.€ concealing.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. By€ harboring.€ legitima nd€ adopted€ brothers€ and€ sisters€ or€ relatives€ by€ affinity€ within€ the€same€degree.€ € XPN:€ Spouses.€ descendants.€ or€ assisting€ in€ the€ escap al€ or€ conspirator€ of€ the€ crime. By€ profiting€ himself€ or€ assisting€ the€ offender€ to€ prof s€of€the€crime.€ takes€ part€ subsequent€ to€ its€ the€ following€ manner:€€ a. By€ concealing€ or€ destroying€ the€ body€of€the€crime€or€the€effects€ r€ to€prevent€its€discovery.€ € Q:€Who€are€the€person Principal€ –€ Any€ person€ who€ commits€ any€ of€the€acts€under€Section€3€and€4.€ c.€ € 3. Acco cipal€under€Article€17€of€the€RPC€or€a€ conspirator€ as€ defined€ under€ Section€ 4€ hereof cution€ of€ either€ the€ crime€ of€ terrorism€ or€ conspiracy€ to€ commit€ terrorism€ by€ p eous€acts.€ Persons€ who€ conspire€ to€ commit€ the€ crime€ of€ terrorism.

€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€to€the€extent€that€the€vi is€own€actions€and€movements€in€accordance€ with€ the€ wishes€ of€ the€ accused.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € II.€LIWANAG.€ERIK€GALLARDO.INTERRUPTION.€He€has€authority.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Delaying€release€ € €€ARBITRARY€DE e€the€elements€of€the€crime€of€arbitrary€ detention?€ € A:€€ 1.5.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € Note:€ In€ arbitrary€ detention. When€he€has€not€committed€any€crime€or.€ Rule€113.€124‐133)€€ € Note:€ All€ offenses€ in€ this€ Title€ are€ required€ to€ be€ committed€ by€ public€ office ing€ the€ religious€feelings.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € XPN:€ A€ valid€ warrantless€ arrest€ (Sec.€there€is€no€arbitrary€ € 96€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ (Benito€ Astorga€ v.€(Boado.€if€the thout€legal€ground.€ € Q:€What€are€the€classes€of€arbitrary€detention?€ € A:€ 1.€ however.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€is€without€authority€to€do€so.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ then€ the tent€ and€ purposes.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ JR.€if€they€conspired€with€such€public€officers nds€for€the€detention€of€ persons€ without€ which€ a€ public€ officer€ may€ be€ held€liable on€of€a€crime€ 2.€ G.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ to€ cause€ the€ arrest€ and€ detention€ of€ a€ person.€Thus.€like€ a€ clerk€ in€ the€ Office€ of€ the rbitrary€detention€is€not€the€proper€charge€but€illegal€ detention.€ the€ offender€ is€ a€ public€ officer€whose€functions€hav h€the€ protection€of€life€and/or€property€and€maintenance€of€ peace€and€order.€ that€ the€ public€ officer€must€be€vested€with€the€autho the€ detention€ of€ persons€ accused€ of€ a€ crime€ such€ as€ policemen€ and€ other€ agents ors.€there€is€no€reasonable€ground€for€ suspi e. Detaining€a€person€without€lega ivery€of€detained€persons€ to€the€proper€authorities€ 3.€ People.€AND€€DISSOLUTION€ OF€PEACEFUL€MEETING€€AND€CRIMES€ AGAINS HIP€(Arts.€CRIMES€AGAINST€THE€FUNDAMENTAL€LAWS€OF€ THE€STATE€(124‐133)€ € €€ARBITRARY€DETENTION€OR LLING€€ PROHIBITION. Offender€is€a€public€office rson€ 3.€ If€ the€ acts€ and€ actuations€of€the€accuse he€ mind€ of€ the€ victim€ sufficient€ to€ paralyze€ the€ latter.€Revised€Rules€of€Court).€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ N . Violent€insanity€or€other€ailment€requiring€ compulsory€confinement€of€th l€ 3.€ € Q:€When€is€a€person€considered€in€detention ned€ when€ he€ is€ placed€ in€ confinement€or€there€is€restraint€on€his€person.€ at€least. Wh g€ from€ violent€ insanity€ or€ any€ other€ ailment€ requiring€ compulsory€confinement€in€a cessary€that€the€public€officer€be€a€police€ officer€ for€ him€ to€ be€ held€ liable€ for€ No.€ 1..€ It€ is€ important.€ detained€ against€ his€ will. rder.€2003)€ € Q:€ When€ is€ detention€ said€ to€ be€ without€ legal€ grounds?€ € A:€ The€ dete ut€ legal€ ground:€ € Q:€ Can€ a€ barangay€ chairman€ be€ guilty€ of€ this€ crime?€ € A:€Yes.R. When€ the€ person€ to€ be€ arrested€ is€ an€ escaping€prisoner€ € XPN:€ When€ the€ pe ood€ faith€even€if€the€3€grounds€mentioned€above€are€ not€obtaining.€ € Q:€ Can€ ion€ even€ if€ the€ victims€were€not€kept€in€an€enclosure?€ € A:€ Yes.€ The€ prevailing€ ju ng€ and€ illegal€ detention€ is€ that€ the€ curtailment€ of€ the€ victim’s€ liberty€ need€ ical€ restraint€ upon€ the€ victim’s€ person. Detention€is€without€legal€grounds.€ € 2.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€€2008)€ € Q:€ Can€ pr d€ liable€ for€ arbitrary€detention?€ € A:€Yes.

€ or€ e€ 3.€ € Illustration:€ € A€police€officer€re‐arrests€a€woman€who€had€been€ released€ by€ means€ of€ e.€ A€ public€ officer€who€is€acti fficial€ duties€is€no€better€than€a€private€citizen.€re‐arrested€the€pri il. Delaying€ release€ by€ competent€ authority€ with€ the€ same€ period€ mentioned€ in€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ arbitrary€ detention€and€illegal€detention?€ € € € Q:€ X.€ a€ police€ officer.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ He€ is€ liable€ for€ arbitrary€ detention€through€simple€imprudence.€ UNLAWFUL€ARREST€ € Q:€ Can€ arbitrary€ detention€ be€ committed€ thru€ imprudence?€ € A:€ The€ crime€ of€ ar an€ be€ committed€through€imprudence.€but€did€not€ verify€ the€ order€ of€ release€ ake€ the€ re‐arrest.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ b ntion€and€unlawful€arrest?€ € A:€€ ARBITRARY€ DETENTION€ The€offender€is€a€ public€officer€ possessed€with€ authority€to€make€ ose€for€ detaining€the€ offended€party€is€ to€deny€him€of€his€ liberty.€ The€offender.€ and€ the€ public€ officer€ does€ sted€ person€ to€ the€ proper€ judicial€ authority€ within€ the€ period€ of€ 12.€ and€to€file€the€necessary€charges€ in€a€way€trying€to€incrim € Note:€ The€ crime€ of€ unlawful€ arrest€ is.€MARTINEZ€ 97€ .€(Boado.€does€not€ include€as€his€functi in€a€person.€ ary€detention€depends€upon€the€ period€ involved. Detaining€a€person€without€legal€gr xists€ but€ the€ arrest€ was€ made€ without€ a€ warrant.€€ € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€2008)€ € Q:€Suppose€X€planted€evidence€to€effect€the€arrest.€ the€ crime€ committed€ by€ him€ is€ illegal€ detention.€as€when€a€ e€ but€ the€ police€ officer€ believing€ that€ the€ order€ is€ illegal.€ The€police€officer€acted€without€malice.€ what€c A:€ It€ is€ arbitrary€ detention€ through€ incriminating€ innocent€persons.S il.€ € Note:€ In€ arbitrary€ detention.€ The€offender€who€is ty€ which€carries€with€it€the€ authority€to€detain€a€ person.€did€X€commit?€ € A:€ The€ crime€ is€ lawful€arrest.€ falsely€ imputes€ a€ crime€ against€A€to€be€able€to€arrest€h ed€to€file€a€charge€against€him.€ The€purpose€is€to€accuse€the€ offended€party€of€a€crime€h rson€to€the€proper€authority.€ € Q:€May€arbitrary€detention€be€committed€through€ simple€negligence?€ € A:€Yes.€even€if€he€is€ a€public€officer.€46)€ A:€€ ARBITRARY€DETENTION€ The€principal€offender€ must€be€a€public€officer.€ the€law€does€ not€ fix€any€ minimum€period€of€detention.€ The€ Supreme€ Court€ he ficers€ acted€ in€ good€ faith€ and€ cannot€ be€ held€ liable€for€arbitrary€detention.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Fundamental Laws of The State Illustration:€ € 2€ BIR€ secret€ agents.€(U.€ were€ arrested€ by€ policemen€ of€ the€ town.€ 18.€ What€crime.€if€any.€ ILLEGAL€DETENTION The€princi ate€person.€ A€ greater€ penalty€ is€ imposed€ if€ th € Q:€If€the€public€officer€who€effected€the€arrest€has€ no€ such€ authority€ to€ detain€ a€ de€liable€for?€ € A:€ If€ the€ offender€ does€ not€ have€ the€ authority€ to€ detain€ a€ pe t.€ absorbed€in€the€crime€of€arbitrary€ € Q:€What€are€the€forms€of€illegal€detention?€ € A:€ 1.€ The€offender€may€be€any€ person.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ strangers€ in€ the€ municipality€ who€were€spying f€the€market€ place€ and€ acting€ generally€ in€ a€ manner€ calculated€ to€arouse€the€suspi s€ to€ their€ duty.€ however.

12€ hours enses€ punishable€by€light€penalties€or€their€ equivalent.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €€DELAY€IN€THE€DELIVERY€OF€DETAINED€PERSONS€ TO€THE€PROPER€JUDICIAL€AUTHORITY€€ €€(Art.€125.€125?€ € A:€ o€comply€with€Art.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ ed€pursuant€to€a€warrant€of€ arrest.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. The€mea 2.€ because€in€the€latter€case.€ € Q:€€What€is€meant€by€delivery? e€ filing€ of€ correct€ information€ or€complaint€with€the€proper€judicial€authorities.€ JR.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€€ € Q:€What€situations€are€contemplated€by€Art.€a€person€arrest itely€until€his€case€is€decided€by€the€ court€or€he€posts€bail€for€his€temporary€release.€ 125€and€file€the€case€immediately€in€court€without€ preliminary€investi Note:€The€filing€of€the€information€in€court€beyond€the€ specified€ period€ does€ not€ cure tion€ hence€detaining€officer€is€still€liable€for€under€Art..€125?€ € A:€ Art.€ the€ detention€ becomes€arbitrary?€ € A:€ The€ detention€ becomes€ arbitrary€ when€ the€ pe ceeds€ 12.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€125.€ € Note:€ Waiver€ must€ be€ under€ oath€ and€ with€ the€ assistance€of€counsel€ € Q:€What€is€the€length€of€waiver?€ € A:€€ 1. The€hour€of€arrest€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ 3.€€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ difference€ between€ delay€ in€ the€ delivery€ of€ detained€ persons€ rary€detention€(Art.€ what€must€he€execute?€ € A:€ Under€ the€ Revised€ Rul d€ waive€in€writing€his€rights€under€Art. Other€ ion.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ depending€ on€ whether€ the€ crime€ rrectional€ or€ afflictive€ penalty€ or€their€equivalent.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. 18€ hours€ for€ crimes/offen le€ by€ correctional€ penalties€ or€their€equivalent.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ 125€ does€ not€ appl s€ made€ by€ virtue€ of€ warrant€ of€arrest.€ within€ what€ period€ should€ a€ police€ officer€ tur erson€ to€ the€ judicial€ authority?€€ € A:€ There€ is€ no€ time€ limit€ specified€ except€ de€within€a€reasonable€time.€LIWANAG.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Light€offense‐€5€days€€ 2.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ 125€ contemplates€ a as€made€without€a€warrant€but€there€exists€a€legal€ ground€ for€ the€ arrest. He€ has€ detained€ a€ person€ for€ some ails€ to€ deliver€ such€ person€ to€ the€ proper€judicial€authorities€within:€ a.€125 A:€ 1.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ circumstances€ consi ining€ liability€ of€ officer€ detaining€ a€ person€ beyond€legal€period?€ € A:€ 1. Offender€is€a€public€officer€or€employee€ 2.€ € Q:€ Should€ the€ person€ arrested€ without€ ight€to€a€preliminary€investigation.€124)?€ € A:€€ DELAY€IN€THE€DELIVERY€OF€€ DETAINED€PERSONS€ The€detention€is€legal€at€the€ ARBITRARY€ DETE € 98€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ 18€ or€ 36€ hours€ as€ the€ case€ may€ be.€It€ sical€ delivery€ or€ turnover€ of€ arrested€person€to€the€court. 36€ hours€ for€ crimes/offenses€ y€ afflictive€ penalties€ or€ their€equivalent.€ € Q:€What€is€meant€by€pro :€It€refers€to€the€courts€of€justice€or€judges€of€said€ courts€ vested€ with€ judicial€ pow detention€ or€ confinement€ of€ a€ person€ charged€with€having€committed€a€public€offense.€ b.€The€ period€ fixed€ by€ law€ under€ Art.€ Neither€ does€ it€ affec confinement€ under€process€issued€by€the€court.€ It€ does€ no on€ the€ strength€ of€ a€ warrant€ of€ arrest.€ c. Serious€ and€ less at€ if€ the€ person€ arrested€ does€ not€ want€ to€ waive€his€rights€under€Art.

Unduly€ delaying€ the€ service€ o rder€to€said€prisoner€ € 3. Offender€is€a€public€officer€or€employee€ 2.€what€crime€can€he€ be€made€responsible€for?€ € A:€Grave€coercion€ € o€make€ the€city€free€from€prostitution.€Mar.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€25.€ expropriation€ or€ when€penalty€imposed€is€destierro.€ € Pursuant€ to€ Sec.€ XPN:€ In€ cases€ of€ ejectment.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Fundamental Laws of The State outset€but€becomes€arbitrary€ when€the€detention€exceeds€ any€of€the€periods€of€time€ speci the€person€detained€having€ been€charged€before€the€ proper€judicial€authority.€ What€ is€ the€ crime€ committed€by€X?€ € A:€ Expulsion.€ (Vil an.€ 69€ of€ the€ Revised€ Administrative€ Code.€ L€ 14639.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € ers€ are€ the€ officers€ most€ likely€ to€ violate€this€provision.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€delaying€release?€ € A:€ 1.R€ No.€He€ordered€certain€ prostitutes€ to€ be€ transferr ut€ observing€ due€ process.€126)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € A:€ 1.€127)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € A:€€ GR:€ 1.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€MARTINEZ€ 99€ .€or€ b. Performance€ of€ such€ judicial€ or€ ease€of€the€ prisoner. Expels€ ilippines€ b.€ € €€DELAYING€RELEASE€ €€(Art. Expelling€a € Q:€What€crime€is€committed€when€a€Filipino€who.€ because€ it€ is€ considered€ a€ victim s€address. Proceedings€ upon€ a€ petition€ for€ the€ release€of€such€per Note:€ The€ prisoners€ could€ be€ prisoners€ by€ final€ judgment€or€detention€prisoners.€ 2.€ G. Offender€is€a€publi re€is€a€judicial€executive€order€for€the€ release€ of€ the€ prisoner€ or€ detention€ prison proceeding€ upon€€a€petition€for€the€liberation€of€such€ person€ € 3.€ after€ voluntarily€ leaving€ the€ countr sed€re‐entry€by€a€public€officer?€ € A:€ Expulsion.€ € €€EXPULSION€ €€(Art. € Compelling€ a€ person€ to€ change€ his€ residence. Offender€without€good vice€of€notice€of€such€order€to€the€ prisoner. Delaying€ xecutive€ order€ for€ the€ release€ of€ a€ prisoner€ € 2.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€1919)€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ crime€ committed€ if€ aliens€ der€ from€ the€ President€ or€ the€Commissioner€of€Immigration€and€Deportation€ after€due€p ulsion. He€either:€ a.€ € Q f€expulsion?€ € A:€€ 1.€ illegal€at n€because€ of€the€absence€of€ lawful€cause€for€ such€arrest.€or€ c.€ € Q:€ If€ any€ of€ the€ punishable€ acts€ un ed€by€a€private€person.€ only€ the€ President€ of€ s€ vested€ with€authority€to€deport€aliens.€ € Note:€Only€the€courts€by€a€final€judgment€can€order€a€ person€to€change€his€residence. Unduly€ delaying€ the€ proceedings€ upon€ any€ petition€ for€ t uch€ person. Compels€ a€ person€ to€ change€ residence€ 3. Offender€is€not€authorized€to€d ssence€of€the€crime€of€expulsion?€ € A:€ The€ essence€ of€ this€ crime€ is€ coercion€ but€ xpulsion€when€committed€by€a€ public€officer.

€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€if€there€is€no€violen .€ or€ unjust€ vexation.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ meaning€ the€ owner?€ € A:€ It€ presupposes€ opposition€ or€ prohibition€ by€ the€ owner. That€there€is€no€jus € 100€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ 128€ applicable?€ € A:€ No.€ lack€ of€ consent€ would€ not€ suffice€ as€ the€ law€ require ntry€ must€ be€ over€ the€ owner’s€objection.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €€VIOLATION€OF€DOMICILE€ €€(Art.€ € Q:€ Suppose€ the€ public€ officer€ is€ not€ authorized€ to€ execute€ se rrants€ of€ arrests. icial€ order€ to€ enter€ the€ dwelling€ and/or€ to€ make€ a€ search€for€papers€and€for€othe rime€ of€ violation€ of€ domicile€ committed?€ € A:€ Violation€ of€ domicile€ is€ committed cer€authorized€to€implement€a€search€warrant€or€ warrant€ of€ arrest€ but€ at€ the€ time€ o ed€with€warrant.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€€ The€ crime€ committed€ is€ grave ce€ and€ intimidation€ are€ used€ (Art.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ qualifying€ circumstances€ under tted€at€night€time€ € 2.€ mere€ lack€ of€ consent€is€sufficient.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € Elements:€ a.€ € Q:€If€a€public€officer€searches€a€person€outside€his€ dwelling.€express€or€implied.€ € 2.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ JR. If€ any€ papers€ or€ effects€ not€ constituting€ evidence€ of€ a€ immediately€ after€ the€ search€ is€ made€ by€ the€offender.€ 128€ must€ be€ found€ in€ dwelling.€128€are€ committed€by€a€private€person.€whether€ex ot€merely€ the€absence€of€consent.€ because€ the€ pape mentioned€ in€ Art.€ what€crime€can€he€be€liable€for?€ € A:€Qualified€trespass€to€dwelling he€punishable€acts€under€Art.€128)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€modes€of€committing€this€crime?€ lling€ against€ the€will€of€the€owner€thereof€ € Note:€ In€ the€ first€ mode.€ € Q:€What€are€the€common€elements?€ € € A:€€ 1.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ it€ would€ be€ sufficient€ if€ the€ inhabitant€ is€ lawful€occupant€using€the€premise hough€he€is€not€the€property€owner.€ 3.€ 287).€ are€ the€ provisions€ of€ Art.€what€crime€did€he€ co g.€ 286).€LIWANAG. That€he€procures€a€search€warrant€ c. e€acts?€ € A:€ 1.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Second€ mode:€ Searching€ papers€ or€ other€ effects€ found€ therein€ without€ the€ pr uch€owner€ € Note:€ In€ the€ second€ mode.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. € Third€ mode:€ Refusing€ to€ leave€ the€ premises€ after€ having€ surreptitiously€ entered g€ and€ after€ having€ been€required€to€leave€the€same€ € Note:€In€the€third€mode.€ 128€ applicable€ if€ the€occupant€of€the Yes.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. Tha public€ officer€ or€employee€ b.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY..€ € Note:€ If€ the€ surreptitious€ entry€ had€ been€ made€ through€an€opening€not€intended€to€t der€would€be€liable€under€the€first€mode€since€it€ is€entry€over€the€implied€objection€of€t WARRANTS€MALICIOUSLY€€OBTAINED€AND€ABUSE€ IN€THE€SERVICE€OF€THOSE€LEGALLY€OBTAINED€ €€(Art.€ not€ armed€ with€ a€ searc f€ arrest. Offender€is€public€officer€or€employee.€ € Q:€ Are€ the€ provisions€ under€ Art. Procuring€ a€ search€ warrant€ without€ just€ cause.€ the€ entry€ having€ ly.€what€is€punished€is€ the€ refusal€ to€ leave.€ € 2.

€ commanding€ him€ to€ search€for€personal€proper n€and€ bring€it€before€the€court.€ since€ the€ pe ed€ shall€ be€ “in€addition”€to€the€penalty€of€perjury. That€h d€a€search€ warrant€ c.€ € Note:€A€search€warrant€shall€be€valid€for€ten€days€from€ its€date.€ 129€ and€ 130.€Revised€Rules€of€ Criminal€Procedure)€ € Q:€What€is€the€test€for€lack€of€ davit€ filed€ in€ support€ of€ the€ application€ for€ search€ warrant€ has€ been€ drawn€ in perjury€ could€ be€ charged€ thereon€ and€ affiant€ be€ held€ liable€ for€ damages€ caused.€128€with€Arts.€129€and€130.€Rule€126.€ € Note:€ In€ crimes€ under€ Art.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Fundamental Laws of The State Exceeding€ his€ authority€ or€ by€ using€ unnecessary€ severity€ in€ executing€ a€ search€w ocured€ € Elements:€ a. He€sear rs€or€other€ belongings€of€any€person€ € 4. fect€ if€ the€ search€ warrant€ is€ secured€through€a€false€affidavit?€ € A:€ The€ crime€ p e€ cannot€ be€ complexed€ but€ will€ be€ a€ separate€ crime€ from€ perjury.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ € € 1.€ X€ resisted€ but€ the€ agents€ insisted€ on€ the€ search. That€he€exceeds€his€authority€or€uses€ unnecessary€ severity€ in€ e at€is€a€search€warrant?€ € A:€It€is€an€order€in€writing. Homeowner€ y€ of€ sufficient€ age€ and€discretion€ 3.€Agents€of€the€PDEA€obtained€a€ search€ warran on€ in€ the€ search€ warrant€ did€ not€ tally€ with€ the€ address€ indicated€therein.€Event different€ address.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. Search€warrant€was€irregularly€obtained€ The€officer€exceeded€his€authority€under€ hen€ the€ public€ officer€ employs€ unnecessary€ or€ excessive€ severity€ in€ the€ implemen rch€warrant€ Owner€ of€ dwelling€ or€ any€ member€ of€ the€ family€was€absent. € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ order€ of€ those€ who€ must€ witness€ the€search?€ € A:€ 1.€Is€the€search€valid?€ € A:€ No.€ 2. Responsible€ members€ of€ the€ community€ € €€ Q cted€ pusher€ lives€ in€ a€ condominium€unit.€ the€ search€ is€ made€ by€ virtue€ of€ a€ ant€ notwithstanding.€issued€in€the€name€of€the€ People€ dge€ and€ directed€ to€ a€ peace€ officer.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. 3.€ Drugs€ were d€and€X€was€prosecuted€and€convicted€by€the€ trial€court.€or€two€witne e€ same€ locality€ were€ not€ present€ during€the€search€ 4.€ They€ have€ no€discretion re€Art.€ or€ t the€ same€ locality€are€not€present. He€ is€ armed€ with€ search€ warrant€ legally€ procured€ € 3. That€ the€ offender€ is€ a€ public€ officer€ or€employee€ b.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€130)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€c cer€or€employee€ € 2. Owner€ or€ any€ member€ of€ his€ family.€the€ liability€ for€the€ crime€ is€ still€ incurred€ through€ the€ fo ions:€ € Q:€What€is€the€requisite€for€the€issuance€of€search€ warrant?€ € A:€ A€ search€ warrant€ probable€ cause€ in€ connection€ with€ one€ specific€ offense€ to€ be€ determined€ personal e€ after€examination€under€oath€or€affirmation€of€the€ complainant€ and€ the€ witnesses€ he rticularly€describing€the€place€to€be€searched€ and€the€things€to€be€seized€which€may€be€an Sec. €€SEARCHING€DOMICILE€€WITHOUT€WITNESSES€ €€(Art.€4. 2.€MARTINEZ€ 101 .€ re€ required€ to€ follow€ the€ search€ warrant€ by€ the€ latter.€ € Q:€ When€ is€ a€ search€ warrant ed?€ € A:€When€a€search€warrant€was€procured€without€a€ probable€cause.

€ the€ pe l€ be€ in€ exercise€ only€ of€ the€ government’s€ regulatory€ powers€ and€ not€ really€ to€ emblies.€ ARTS.€ € 102€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€153€ The€public€officer€is€a€ participant€of€the€ assembly.€ 131..€129€AND€130€ The€public ut€it€was€maliciously€ obtained€or€even€if€it€was€issued€ regularly. Clear€and€Present€Danger€Rule€€€€ € Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€Prohibitio olution€ of€ Peaceful€ Meetings€ under€ Art.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ without€ legal€ ground.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Offender€is€a€public€officer€ 2.€any€petition€to€the€authorities€for€ correction€ of€ abuses€ or€ redress€ at€are€the€common€elements?€ € A:€ 1.€ JR.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€131€ Note:€Meeting€must€be€peaceful€and€there€must€be€no€ ground€for€prohibiting.€131)€€ € Q:€Wh Prohibiting€ or€ interrupting.€INTERRUPTION€AND€DISSOLUTION€ OF€PEACEFUL€MEETINGS€ €€(Art.€131 The€public€officer€is€not€a€ participant.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ tests€ for€ determining€ whether€ there€is€a€violation€of€Art.€128€ The€public€ officer€is€not€ armed€with€a€ warrant.€ If€ the€ offender€ is€ meeting.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€As€far€as€the€ gathering€is€concerned.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€dissolving.€ € €€PROHIBITION.€ ART.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ either er€ with€ others.€ 144€ (Disturbance€of€Proceedin € Q:€Is€the€right€to€peaceful€assembly€absolute?€ € A:€The€right€to€peaceful€assembly€is€no d€ in€ order€ that€ it€ may€ not€ be€ injurious€ to€ the€ equal€ enjoyment€ of€ others€ hav njurious€ to€ the€ right€ of€ the€ community€or€society.€131.€can€it€be€construed€as€preventing€ peaceful€assemblies?€ € A:€ No.€ ART.€ d€party.€ € Q:€ In€ requiring€ a€ permit€ b sembly€is€held.€131?€ € ule€ 2.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ This€ requirement€ is€ legal€ as€ long€ as€ it€ is€ not€ being€ exercised€as€a€pr he€ application€ for€ the€ permit€ to€ peaceably€ assemble€ is€ arbitrarily€ denied.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€is€it€necessary€ that€ the€ offender€ be€ a€ st meeting€ that€ has€ been€ interrupted€ and€ dissolved?€ € A:€ Yes.€LIWANAG.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ is€ Art.€ the€ holding€ of€ a€ peaceful€ me olving€the€same€ € 2.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € A:€ ART.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€there€was€abuse€in€the If€ the€ offender€ is€ a€ private€ individual.€ 131€ and€ Tumults€ and€ other€ Disturbances. He€ performs€ any€ o ove€ € Q:€To€be€held€liable€under€Art.€ what€ tted?€ € A:€The€crime€committed€is€prohibition€to€peaceably€ assemble€in€accordance€with€Ar ficer€would€not€give€the€permit€ unless€ the€ meeting€ is€ held€ in€ particular€ place€ whi ch€ place€ defeats€ the€ exercise€ of€ the€ rights€ to€ peaceably€ assemble. Hindering€ any€ person€ from€ joining€ any€ lawful€ association€ or€ y€ of€its€meetings€ € 3.€ the€ crime€ is€ disturbance€of€public€order € Note:€ The€ papers€ or€ other€ belongings€ must€ be€ in€ the€ dwelling€of€the€owner€at€the€ 30€ does€ not€ apply€ to€ searches€ of€ vehicles€ and€ other€means€of€transportation.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ but€ under€ Art€ .€ 143€ (Acts€ Ten eeting€ of€ the€ Assembly€ and€ Similar€ bodies)€ and€ Art.€he€is€liable€for€unjust€vexation€ € Note:€ Interrupting€ and€ dissolving€ the€ meeting€ of€ municipal€council€by€a€public€offic a€ legislative€ body€ not€ punished€ under€ Art. Prohibiting€ or€ hindering€ any€ person€ from€ addressing.€or ting.

€ € Note:€ Art.€ RTC.A.€132)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€c mployee€ 2.€ baptism€ and€ marriage€cere € Q:€ When€ is€ an€ act€ considered€ notoriously€ offensive?€ € A:€ When€ the€ act€ is€ dir us€ practice€ or€ dogma€ or€ ritual€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ ridicule.€Sundays.€MARTINEZ€ 103 .€ € There€must€be€deli ngs€of€ the€ faithful. Acts€com a€ place€ devoted€ to€ religious€ worship€ (not€ necessary€ that€ there€ is€ religious€wors y€ € 2.€ E.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€9372)€ € Q:€What€is€the€period€of€detention€without€judicial€ war thstanding€ Art.€Is€X€liable€under€Art€131?€€ € A:€ No.€19)€ € Note:€If€the€arrest€is€made€during€Saturdays.€(Sec.€ such€ as€ procession€and€special€p rson.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€it€would€be€punishable€under€ Art.€city.€ The€offender€need€not€be€ in€public€office€ € Note:€ If€ committed€ in€ a€ place€ devoted€ to€ religious€ purpose.€ 125€ of€ RPC€ .€ a€ private€ person.€ € Note:€ Anti‐terrorism€ law€ amended€ Art.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Fundamental Laws of The State The€offender€must€be€ public€officer.€ € Q:€May€the€crime€be€committed€by€a€public€officer€ or€a€private€individual?€ € A:€Yes.€Th ecurity€Act€of€2007€(R.€ 131.€ mass. Offender€prevents€or€disturbs€the€same€ € Note:€Qualified€by€violence€or€threats.€ 125€ of€ the€ RPC€ insofar€ as€ terrorism€ and t€ terrorism€are€concerned.g.€provincial€or€regional€ an€ Rights€ Commission€or€€ 2.€132€and€133?€ € A:€Religiou ose€religious€ acts€ performed€ outside€ of€ a€ church. Religious€ceremonies€or€manifestations€of€ any€ religious€ are€ about€ to€ take ing€on€ 3.€ the€ Sandiganbayan€or€€ 3.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Judge€ of€ the€ Municipal.€ reading€ of€ Bible€ and€ then€ attackin blic€plaza.€ € Religious€ worship€ includes€ people€ in€ the€ act€ of€ performing€ religiou gious€ ceremony€ or€ manifestation€ of€ religion.€ boxed€ a€ priest€ while€ the€ priest€ was€ giving€ homily€ a e€ of€X.€ € Q:€ X.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ any€ police€ of€ law€ enforcement€ personnel€ who€ has€ rson€ charged€ or€ suspected€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ terrorism€ or€ conspiracy€ to€ commit€ te iver€ said€ charged€ person€ to€ the€ proper€ judicial€ authority€ within€ 3€ days€ counted f€the€arrest.€ He€ m LIGIOUS€FEELINGS€ €€(Art. t€the€place€ of€the€arrest.€ 133€ is€ the€ only€ crime€ against€ the€ fundamental€law€of€the€State€that€may ic€officer€but€also€by€a€private€person.€there€is€no€need€for€a € €€INTERRUPTION€OF€RELIGIOUS€WORSHIP€€ €€(Art. ice€ or€ law€enforcement€personnel€shall€bring€the€person€thus€ arrested€ to€ the€ residenc cials€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ religious€ ceremonies€ covered€ by€ Arts. Municipal. Acts€must€be€notoriously€offensive€to€the€ feelings€of€the€faithful.€ holidays€ or€ after€ office€ hours.€ € XPN:€ In€ the€ event€ of€ an€ actual€ or€ imminent€ terrorist€ attack.€€ € If€the€prohibition€or€disturbance€is€committed€ ct.€as€mocking€or€scoffin ge€an€object€of€religious€veneration.g.€ mere€ arrogance€ or€ rudeness€ is€ not€ enough.€ suspects€ may€ be an€ 3€ days€ upon€ the€ written€ approval€ of:€ 1.€133)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ A:€€ 1.€ E.€ because€ X€ is€ a€ private€ person.€ € Note:€Offense€of€feeling€is€judged€from€complainant’s€ point€of€view.

€exec er€wrongful€acts€ Confinement€ in€ solitary€ cells€ or€ secret€ detention€places€ Prolonged n€ Preparing€ a€ prisoner€ for€ a€ “show€ trial”.A.€ Mental/Psychological€ torture€ refers€ to€ acts€ committed€ by€ a€ person€ in€ authorit person€in€authority€which€are€calculated€to€affect€or€ confuse€ the€ mind€ and/or€ undermin nd€morale. Pulling€out€of€fingernails€ € 11. Systematic€ beating.€disability€or€dysfunction€of€one€or€more€ parts€of€the€body.€by€the€rubbi .€such€as:€ € 2.€acid.€ burning€ by€ electrically€ heated€rods.€ public€ display€ or€ public€ humiliation er€ Causing€unscheduled€transfer€of€a€person€ deprived€ of€ liberty€ from€ one€ place€€ to€ ief€that€he/she€ shall€be€summarily€executed€ Maltreating€ a€ member/s€ of€ a€ person’s€ fa ture€ sessions€ to€ be€ witnessed€ by€ the€ person’s€ family.€ headbanging.€memory.€Anti‐Torture€Act€(R.€ Provided€ that€ within€ 3€ days€ after€ the€ date€ of€ detention€ of€ the€ suspects.€such€as:€ € 13. Dental€torture€or€the€forced€extraction€of€ the€teeth€€ € 10. € 1. The€ use€ of€ psychoactive€ drugs€ to€ change€ the€perception. Blindfolding€ Threatening€ a€ person(s)€ or€ his/her€ relative(s)€with€bodily€harm.€ shall€ be€ released€immediatel 9. Other€analogous€acts€of€physical€torture€ € B.€ Physical€ torture€ is€ a€ form€ of€ treatment€ or€ punishment€ inflicted€ by€ a€ person ent€ of€ a€ person€ in€ authority€ upon€ another€ in€ his/her€ custody€ that€ causes€ sever n.€alertness€or€wil :€(i)€the€administration€ of€ drugs€ to€ induce€ confession€ and/or€ reduce€mental€competen rugs€to€induce€extreme€pain€or€certain€ symptoms€of€a€disease€ € 1.€hot€oil. Cigarette€ burning.€ relatives€or€any€third€party € 4.€ What€ are€ the€ punishable€ acts€ under€ Anti‐ Tor € 12. The€use€of€plastic€bag€and€other€materials€ placed€ over€ the€ head€ to€ the€ point€ of € A.€kicking.€ ith€ the€ terror€ attack€ or€ threat€ is€ not€ established.€ animal€ or€ human€ excreta€ and€ other€ stuff€ or€ substances€ not€ normally€eat € 14.€The€written€approval€of€any€of€said€ officials€shall€be€secured€within€5€d ion. € 3.€striking€with€truncheon€ or€ rifl other€ similar€ objects. Harmful€exposure€to€the€elements€such€as€ sunlight€and€extreme€cold€ € B.€ punching.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € mentioned€above.€9745)€ € Q.€ and€ jumping€on€the€stomach€ Food€ deprivation€ or€ forcible€ fee ed€ food.

€ 6.€ JR.€ vomit€ and/or€ blo of€ suffocation€ Being€ tied€ or€ forced€ to€ assume€ fixed€ and€ stressful€bodily€position abuse.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ urine.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€or€acids€or€spices€ directly€on€the€wound( of€ the€ head€ in€ water€ or€ water€ polluted€ with€ excrement.€LIWANAG.€ ear.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. € 6. € 4.ther€ chemical€ substances€ on€mucous€membranes.€ € 2.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ including€ the€ insertion€ of€ foreign€ bodies€ into€ the€ sex€ organ€ or€ rectum.€ rture€ of€ the€genitals€ Mutilation€or€amputation€of€the€essential€ parts€ of€ the€ body€ s . € 8.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . € 7.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. € 7. € € € 104€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€tongue. € 5.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. € 3..€etc. € 8. € 5.

€MARTINEZ€ 105 .€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€parading€him/her€in€public€ g€ the€ victim’s€ head€ or€ putting€ marks€ on€ his/her€ body€ against€ his/her€will€ € 11. Any€ person€ who€ actually€ participated€ or€ induced€ another€ in€ the€ commis or€ other€ cruel.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Fundamental Laws of The State 9.€ concealing€ or€ assisting€ in€ the€ escape€ o /s€ in€ the€ act€ of€ torture€ or€ other€ cruel.€ Any€ publ ployee€ shall€ be€ liable€ as€ an€ accessory€ if€ he/she€ has€ knowledge€ that€ torture€ or man€ and€ degrading€ treatment€ or€ punishment€ is€ being€ committed€ and€ without€ having€ herein. Denial€of€sleep/rest€ € c. € b.€ inhuman€ and€ degrading€ treatment€ or€ p d.€ inhuman€ and€ degrading€ treatment€ or€ punishment€ or€ who€ cooperated€ on€ of€ the€ act€of€torture€by€previous€or€simultaneous€ acts€shall€be€liable€as€principal.€Who€are€punished€und ct?€ A:€ 1. € Deliberately€ prohibiting€ the€ victim€ to€ communicate€with€any€member€of€his/her€ f € 12.€ that€ the€ accessory€ acts€ are€ done€ with€ the€abuse€of€the€official’s€public€ functi prevent€ its€ discovery.€or€ € 10.€either€as€principal€or€ accomplice€ takes€ part€ subsequent€ to€ its€ commission€ i owing€ manner:€ a.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ inhuman€ and€ degrading€ treatment€ or€ punishment€ and/or€ destroying€ the€ ef ruments€ of€ 2.€ inhuman€ and€degrading€treatment€ € By€concealin er€ cruel. police€ or€ law€ enforcement€ officer€ or€ senior€ government€ official€ who€ issued€ an€ o ing€personnel€to€subject€a€ victim€ to€ torture€ or€ other€ cruel.4)€ € Q. Other€ analogous€ acts€ mental/psychological€torture€(Sec. By€ harboring. By€themselves€profiting€from€or€ assisting€ the€ offender€ to€ profit€ f of€ the€ act€ of€ torture€or€other€cruel.€ inhuman€ and€ degrading shment€ for€ whatever€ purpose€ shall€ be€ held€ equally€ liable€ as€ principal. Shame€ infliction€ such€ as€ stripping€ the€ person€naked.

€ March€10.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ € Note:€If€there€is€no€public€uprising.€2008)€ Q:€What€is€the€nature€of€the€crime€of€rebellion?€ € A:€ Rebellion€ is€ a€ crime€ of€ the€ m e€ of€ people.€ The€ decisive€factor€is€the€intent€or€motive.€ P ical€or€ social.€ e€ subversive€ ends€ of€ the€ NPA.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ € Note:€The€use€of€unlicensed€firearm€is€absorbed€in€the€ crime€of€rebellion€if€used€in€furth n€ connection€ with€ the€ crime€ of€ rebellion.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ as€ well€ as€ such€ mmitted€ to€ achieve€ a€ political€ purpose.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € III.€ etc.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ (People€ v.€or€sedition.€ € If€ the€ act€ is€ to€ deprive€ the€ Judiciary€ of€ its€ power€ or€ prerogatives. The€territory€of€the€Philippines€or€ a Any€ body€ of€ land.€COUP€D’ETAT.€ for€ private€ purposes€ or€ profit€ without€ any€ politica would€ be€ separately€punished€and€would€not€be€absorbed€in€the€ rebellion.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ G 6268.€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ rebellion€ and€sedition?€ A:€€ REBELLION There€must€be€taking€ up€of€arms€against€ the€government.1€ € In€ one€ case.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. Taking€arms€against€government€ € 2.€ It€ is€ genera ivilians.€ INSURRECTION€ The€movement€seeks€merely€ to€effect€some€change€of€ minor€importance.€People.€ of€ any€ of€their€powers€or€prerogative.€ robbing.€or€ € b.€€7€SCRA€900)€ € €€REBELLION€AND€INSURRECTION€€ €€(Art.€ Illustration:€ € The€ acts€ of€ accused€ who€ is€ not€ a€ member€ of€ the€ HUKBALAHAP€ orga cigarettes€ and€food€supplies€to€a€Huk€leader.€LIWANAG. Deprive€ the€ Chief€ Executi ly€ or€ partially.€ It€ aims€ to€ overthrow€ the€ duly€ constituted€ government.€that€is€merely€to€go€ against€the€established€ government€not€to€ overthro € 106€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. Note:€ Killing.€ JR.€221€SCRA€549)€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ difference€ between€ rebellion€ and€ insurrection?€ € A:€€ REBELLION The€object€of€the€ movement€is€ completely€to€ overthrow€and€ supersede€the€ exis .€ naval€ or€ other€ armed€forces.€not€murder€ with€direc g.€the€crime€ € Q:€What€is€the€essence€of€the€crime€of€rebellion?€ € A:€ The€ essence€ of€ rebellion€ is€ ng€ of€ arms.€ Purpose€is€always€ pol rthrow€the€ government.€the€changing€of€ dollars€ into€ pesos€ for€ and€ the€ helping€ of€ Huks€ in€ opening€ accounts€ with€ the€ bank€ which€ he€ was€ an€ of ute€ rebellion.€CRIMES€AGAINST€PUBLIC€ORDER€(134‐159)€ € €€REBELLION.€ANTHONY€ROBLES..€ SEDITION€ It€is€sufficient€that€public€ uprising€be€tumultuous. Purpose€ of€ the€ uprising€ or€ movement€ is€ either e€ allegiance€ to€ said€ Government€or€its€laws:€ i.€or€ e€of€ governmental€authority€with€ respect€of€particular€matters€ of€subjects.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€(Sec.€ accused€ not€ only€ confessed€ his€ membership€ with€ the€ Sparrow€ Unit€ b ipation€and€that€of€his€group€in€the€killing€of€ policeman€ Manatad€ while€ the€ latter€ wa n€ Mandaue€ City.€(Carino€v. re€ not€ hard€ to€ comprehend€ that€ the€ killing€of€Manatad€was€committed.€ It€ is€ of€ judicial€ notice€ that€ the€ Sparrow€ Unit€ is€ the€ liquida People’s€ Army€ with€ the€ objective€ of€ overthrowing€ the€ duly€ constituted€ government.€ It€ is€ vast€ movement€ of€ men€ and€a€complex€network€of€intrigues€and€plo ion?€ € A:€ The€ persons€ liable€ for€ rebellion€ are€ the€ leaders€ and€their€followers.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€The€crime€committed€is€rebellion.€the€crime€is€direct€ assault.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€€SEDITION€AND€ DISL es?€ € A:€Those€that€are€directly€aimed€against€the€political€ order.€134)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ .€as€a€means€to.€ or€ insurrection.

€or€strategy.€At€that€time.€poli was€ the€ ruling€ in€ People€ v.€military€ camps€ and€ installations.m. Purpose€ of€ the€ attack€ is€ to€ seize€ or€ diminish€state€power€ € Note:€ The€use€of€unlicensed€firearm€is€absorbed€in€the€ crime€of€rebellion€if€used€in€fu onnection€with€the€crime€of€attempted€coup€ d’etat.€ Being€officers€and€ranking€ members€of€subversive€ itute€subversion. Offender€is€a ce€or€holding€any€public€ office€or€employment€ € 2.€ intimidation. al€ participation.€ The€purpose€is€to€deli my.€ There€must€be€public€ uprising€to€overthrow€ the€g RSION Crime€against€national€ security.€MARTINEZ€ 107 .€strategy€or€stealth€ € 3.€ € €€COUP€D’ETAT€ €€(134‐A)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ A:€ 1.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€threat.€ threat.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ € Q:€Who€are€the€principal€offenders€of€coup€d’etat?€ € A:€The€prin P€ or€ of€ the€ PNP€ organization€ or€ a€ public€ officer€ with€ or€without€civilian€suppor ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ while€ Governor€ Alegre€ of€ Laguna€ was€ ng€ along€ the€ National€ Highway€ of€ Laguna.€Joselito€ and€Vicente€were€members€of€liquidation€squad€of€ the hey€ killed€ the€ governor€ upon€ orders€ of€ their€ senior€ officer€ Commander€ Tiago.€they€were€ordered€to€kill€Governor€Alegre€ because€ of€ his€ corrupt€ p e€ the€ prosecutor.€ public€ utilities€ or€ other€ facilities€ needed€ for€the€exercise€and€continued€p er€ € 4.€ € Note:€ Mere€ giving€ of€ aid€ or€ comfort€ is€ not€ criminal€ in€ the€ case€ of€ rebellion.€ The€purpose€is€to€ substitute€the€exis th€ another.€ TREASON The€levying€of€war€is€done€ to€aid€the€enemy.€ Avila.€ In€rebellion.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Order Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ rebellion€ and€treason?€ € A:€€ REBELLION€ The€uprising€is€against€the€ government.€ tworks.€ at€ about€ 6:00€ a. Attack€is€directed€against€duly€const ties€ of€ the€ Republic€ of€ the€ Philippines€ or€ any€ military€ camp€ or€ installation.€ Hence.€ Joselito€ and€ Vicente€ shot€ him€ on€ the€ nstant€death.€ 1992.€considering€ that€ the€ killers€ were uidation€ squad€of€the€NPA€and€the€killing€was€upon€orders€of€ their€commander.€ SCRA€ 1568.€ mere€ silence€ or€ omission€ of€ public€officer€is€not€punishab € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ rebellion€ and€subversion?€ € A:€ REBELLION€ Crime€against€public€ order.€ communication€ netwo c€ utilities€ and€ facilities€ essential€ to€ the€ continued€possession€of€governmental€pow e€objective€of€coup€d’etat?€ € A:€ The€ objective€ of€ coup€ d’etat€ is€ to€ destabilize€ o hrough€ the€ seizure€ of€ facilities€ and€ utilities€ essential€ to€ the€ continued€ posses se€of€governmental€powers.€ € Note:€ Crimes€ done€ for€ private€ purposes€ without€ political€motivation€should€be€separa . It€is€committed€by€means€of€a€swift€at ce..€it€is€not€a€defense€that€the€accused€never€ took€ the€ oath€ of€ allegia cognized€the€government.€ € Q:€ On€ May€ 5.€ € Q:€How€is€coup€d’etat€carried€out?€ € A:€It€may€be€carried€by .€hence.€ € Rebellion€is€a€continuing€crime€along€with€the€crime€of€ conspiracy€or€proposal€to€commit€r € Q:€What€is€the€essence€of€the€crime€of€coup€d’etat?€ € A:€ The€ essence€ of€ the€ crime€ s€of€ the€Philippine€government.€ what€ crime€ will€ you€ charge€ Joselito€ and€Vicente?€ € A:€If€I€were ge€Joselito€ and€Vicente€with€the€crime€of€rebellion.€ Ac lito€ and€ Vicente.€ involving€identical€facts€which€is€a al€notice€of€as€engaged€in€rebellion€against€the€ Government.

€ maintains.€ JR.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€137)€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ puni lty€of€public€officers/employees?€ € 108€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ € Q:€ Who€ shall€ be€ deemed€ the€ leader€ of€ the€ rebellion.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ abets.€ finances.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ May€be€carried€out€singly€or€ simultaneously.€ERIK€GALLARDO. Directed€the€others€ 2.€or€executes€ directions s€in€ undertaking€a€coup€d’etat€ € c.€ € in€ Note:€The€crime€of€coup€d’etat€may€be€committed€with€ or€without€civilian€participation. Signed€ receipts€ and€ othe d€in€their€name€ 4.€ because€ mere€ advocacy€ of€ theory€ or€ principle€ is€ insufficient€ t piracy€ to€ commit€ rebellion€ unless€ the€ advocacy€ is€ converted€ into€action.€ REBELLION Essence€of€the€ crime€is€publ ng€ up€arms€against€the€ government. Any€ person€ not€ in€ the€ government€ service€ who€ . Any€ person€ who€ participates€ or€ executes€the€commands€of€others€in€ rebe n€ € b.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ Requires€a€public€ uprising.€LIWANAG. Performed€ similar€ acts€ on€ behalf€ of€ the€ rebels€ € €€CONSPIRACY€A ION€OR€INSURRECTION€ €€(Art.. Spoke€for€them€ 3.€ € Note:€The€mere€fact€of€giving€and€rendering€speeches€ favoring€ communism€ would€ not€ make y€ of€ conspiracy.€ ian€support. Leader€–€ a.€ or€ aids€ undertaking€a€coup€d’etat.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ directs.€ € €€PENALTY€FOR€REBELLION€OR€INSURRECTION€OR€ COUP€D’ETAT€ €€(Art.€ Principal€offenders€must€be€ members€of€the€military.€ if€ there€ is€ no€ evidence€ that€ the€ hearers€ then€ and€ € there€ ag gainst€the€government.€ or€ h urrection€ b.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€136)€ € Q:€When€is€there€conspiracy€to€commit€rebellion?€ € A: it€ rebellion€ when€ two€or€more€persons€come€to€an€agreement€to€rise€ publicly€ and€ take€ ment€ for€ any€ of€ the€ purposes€ of€ rebellion€ and€ decide€ to€ commit€it.€ € Q:€ When€ ommit€ rebellion?€ € A:€There€is€proposal€to€commit€ rebellion€when€ the€ person€ who€ has€ cly€ and€ take€ arms€ against€ the€ government€ for€ any€ of€ the€ purposes€ of€ rebellion€ tion€ to€ some€other€person€or€persons. Any€ person€ who€ promotes.€ € €€DISLOYALTY€OF€PUBLIC€OFFICER€€AND€ EMPLOYEES€ €€(Art.€its€military€ camp€or€insta ion€network€and€ public€facilities€and€utilities€ essential€to€the€continued€ exercise€of€g rs.€ € Note:€ State€ power€ includes€ the€ executive.€135)€€ € Q:€ Who€ are€ t urrection€or€coup€d’etat?€ € 1.€ The€purpose€is€t g€ government.€ € Q:€ Is€ advocacy€ to€ communism€ tantamount€ to€ ellion?€ € A:€ No.€ legislative€ and€judicial€power.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€coup€d’etat€ and€rebellion?€ € A:€ COUP€D’ETAT€ Essence€is€a€swift€attack€against€ the€government.€ national€police€or€public€officer.€ or€ commands€ others€ to€ undertake€ a€ c icipants€–€ a. Any€ person€ who€ leads.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ The€purpose€is€merely€to€ paralyze€the€existing€ government.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€or€ multitude€of€ people e€committed€by€ the€uniformed€ personnel€of€the€ military€or€the€ police.€insurrection€or€coup€d’etat€ son€who€in€fact:€ 1.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. Any€ person€ in€ the€ government€ service€who€participates.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .

€municipality€or€province.€ € Q:€ Does€ the€ crime€ of€ sedition€ contemplate€ rising€ up€of€arms€against€government?€ the€ offenders€ in€ rising€ publicly€ is€ merely€ to€ create€ commotion€ and€ disturbance€ t€ to€ express€ their€ dissent€ and€ disobedience€ to€ the€ government€ or€ to€ the€authori Note:€ The€ objective€ of€ sedition€ is€ not€ always€ against€ the€ government. Failing€to€resist€a€rebellion€by€all€means€in€ their€power€ € Continuing€to€discha s€under€the€control€of€the€rebels€ € A:€ 1. Tumultuou e.€for€any€political€or€social€end€ any€person.€ any€ act€ of€ hate€ or€ revenge€ against€private€persons€or€any oil.€138)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€th ction?€ € A:€€ 1.€the€proponent€or€the€one€ incitin nducement€in€the€ crime€of€rebellion.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ or€ prevent€ the€ execution€ of€ any€ administrative€order€ c.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ difference€ between€ inciting€ to€ rebellion€and€proposal€to€commit€re PROPOSAL€TO€COMMIT€ INCITING€TO€REBELLION€ REBELLION€ It€is€not€required€that€the€ The€pers ded€to€commit€ offender€has€decided€to€ rebellion. Publicly.€or€ any€ public€ officer€ from€ fr g€ its€ or€ his€ functions.€ The€offender€induces€a n. Note:€ The€ offender€ must€ be€ a€ public€ officer€ or€ employee€and€there€must€be€an€actua st€ not€ be€ in€ conspiracy€ with€ the€ rebels.€ The€person€who€propo g€is€done€ the€execution€of€the€crime€ publicly€ uses€secret€means.€ writings.€ € €€SEDITION€ €€(Art.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€and€ b.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Order € A:€ 1.€or€ in€connection€with€the€crime€of€sedition. Prevent€the€national€government.€MARTINEZ€ 109 . € 2.€139)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€the€crime€of€sedition?€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ difference€ between€ sedition€ and€ treason?€ € A:€ SEDITION Sedition€involves€ disturbance€of€public€ TREASON There€is€no€public€ uprising.€ emblems. Prevent€ the€ promulgation€ or€ execution€ of€ any ny€popular€election€ b.€ its€ prope It€ could€ be€ against€a€private€person€or€social€class.€ or€the€Nationa operty€or€any€part€thereof€ 2. € €€INCITING€TO€REBELLION€OR€INSURRECTION€€ €€(Art. ct€ of€ hate€ or€ revenge€ of€ any€ person€ or€ property€ of€ any€ public€officer€or€employ olitical€ or€ social€ end.€ € The€use€of€unlicensed€firearm€is€a n€if€used€in€furtherance€of€or€incident€to.€ intimidation€ or€ other€ means€outside€of€legal€methods€ € Offenders€ employ€ any€ of€ n€any€of€the€following€objects€to:€ € a.€the€crime€they€commit€is€rebell 3. Offender€ does€ not€ take€ arms€ or€ is€ not€ in€ open€hostility€against€ tes€ others€ to€ the€ execution€ of€ any€ of€the€acts€of€rebellion€ € 3.€or€other€representations€tending€ to€the€same€ Note:€Inciting€must€have€been€intentionally€calculated€ to€induce€others€to€commit€rebellio € Note:€The€offender€may€be€a€public€or€private€person.€ Otherwise. Inciting€ is€ done roclamations. The€crime€of€rebellion€should€not€be€actually€ committed€by€the€persons€to€whom€it€is€pr ey€commit€rebellion€because€of€ the€proposal€or€inciting.€ banners.€ commit€rebellion.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. Offender€rise€ € a.

€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€LIWANAG.€emblems.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . Writing.€ € Q:€ When€ are€ uttering€ seditious€ words/speeches€ and€ writing.€ which€ tend€ to€ distu e€ € Note:€Scurrilous€means€low.€ € Q:€ What€ differentiates€ sedition€ s€and€other€disturbance€of€public€order?€ € A:€ SEDITION€ Sedition€involves€ disturbance€of€public€ order€resulting€from€ tumultuous€uprisi S€AND€OTHER€ DISTURBANCE€OF€PUBLIC€ ORDER€ There€is€no€public€ uprising. Suggest€ or€ incite€ rebellious€ conspiracies€ or€riots€ € stir€ up€ the€ whole€ people€ against€the€lawful€authorities€or€to€disturb€ the€ peace€ of€ fety€ and€order€of€the€Government€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ two€ rules€ relative€ to€ seditiou d€ present€ danger€ rule€ –€ words€ must€ be€ of€ such€ nature€ that€ by€ uttering€ them€ t uprising€ € 110€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ € Q:€What€are€tumultuous€acts?€ € A:€ Acts€ are€ considered€ tumultuous€ if€ caused€ by€ mo e€ armed€ or€ provided€ with€the€means€of€violence.€ writings.€ can€ murder€ be€ abso edition?€ € A:€ No.€mean€or€ foul.€ € Note:€ To€ be€ liable.€etc€ € 2.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € order€resulting€from€ tumultuous€uprising.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € Note:€It€is€the€use€of€words.€ € Note:€ There€ is€ no€ complex€ crime€ of€ se € CONSPIRACY€TO€COMMIT€SEDITION€ €€(Art.€emblems of€ an€ act€ that€ is€ punished€ in€ inciting€ to€ sedition.€ JR.€ publishing€ or€ circul lous€ libels€punishable?€ € A:€Such€are€seditious€when€they:€ € 1. Uttering€ seditious€ words€ or€ spee end€to€disturb€the€public€peace€ € 3.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. Tend€ to€ disturb€ or€ o icer€ in€ executing€ the€ functions€ of€ his€ office€ € 2.€ but€there€is€no€pu itted€ is€direct€assault.€ €€INCITING€TO€SEDITION€ €€(Art.€139.€it€is e€completely€ attained.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€vulgar.€ € Ratio:€Murder€is€not€an€object€of€sedition.€ € In€inciting€to€sedition.€the€offender€must€not€take€part€ in€any€public€or€tumultuous€upris € Q:€ Suppose€ murder€ is€ committed€ in€ the€ course€ of€ sedition.€ proclamations.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€142)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ punishable€ acts€ in€ the€ crim Inciting€ others€ to€ the€ accomplishment€ of€ any€ of€ the€ acts€ which€ constitute€ sedit peeches.€141)€€ € Q:€Is€there€a€crime€of€proposal€to€commit cy€ is€ punished€ and€ not€ proposal€to€commit€sedition..€ If€ murder€ is€ committed ed€ as€ a€ separate€crime.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ crime€ committed€ if€ there€ is€ no€ public€uprising?€ € A:€ If€ the€ to€ attain€ the€ objects€of€rebellion€or€sedition€by€force€or€violence.€ publishing€ or€ circulating€ scurrilous€ li e€ government€ or€any€of€the€duly€constituted€authorities€ thereof.€ € Note:€ Public€ uprising€ and€ an€ object€ of€ sedition€ must€ concur.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ there€ must€ be€ an€ agreement€ and€ determination€ to€ rise€ publi sly€ to€ attain€any€of€the€objects€specified€in€Art.€ Murder€ cannot€ be€ absorbed€ in€ sedition. Tend€ to€ instigate€ others€ to€ her€for€unlawful€purposes€ € 3.€ € In€sedition.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.

€in€Tanodbayan.€ prevents€such€meeting€by€force€o Note:€ The€ chief€ of€ police€ and€ mayor€ who€ prevented€ the€ meeting€ of€ the€ municipal Art.€ € Parliamentary€immunity€does€not€protect€ esponsibility€ before€ the€ legislative€ body€itself.€ Note:€The€offender€in€Par.€or€of€any€ provincial€ board€ or€ city€ ncil€or€board€ € 2.€ intimidation.€ 1829.€ € €€VIOLATION€OF€PARLIAMENTARY€IMMUNITY€€ €€(Art.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Behaves€while€in€the€presence€of€any€ a€ manner€ as€ to€ interrupt€its€proceedings€or€to€impair€ the€respect€due€it€ € Note:€ Disturbance€ created€ by€ a€ participant€ in€ the€ meeting€is€not€covered€by€Art.€ threats.€It€is€enough€that€the€wo e€danger€of€public€uprising. Casting€his€vote€ € 2. Attending€ the€ meetings€ of€ congress€ or€ of€ any€ of€ its€ committees€ itutional€ commissions€or€committees€ b.€ € €€DISTURBANCE€OF€PROCEEDINGS€ €€(Art.€ € Under€ P.€145)€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ punishable€ ary€immunity?€ € A:€ 1. Disturbs€any€such€meetings€ b.€ 143.€143)€€ € Q:€What€ There€ be€ projected€ or€ actual€ meeting€ of€ the€ Congress€ or€ any€ of€ its€ committees .D. Lambasting€ government€ officials€ to€ d vernment.€ € Q:€Suppose€the€objective€of€abovementioned€acts€ is€to€overthrow€the€governmen mitted?€ € A:€The€crime€would€be€inciting€to€rebellion. Offender.€14 filed€ by€ a€ member€ of€ legislative€ body. r€ searching€ any€ member€ thereof€ while€ Congress€ is€ in€ regular€ or€ special€session.€ € The€ same€ act€ may€ be€ made€ the€ basis€ cive€in€nature€while€the€crime€under€this€ article€is€punitive.MEETING€OF€ THE€CONGRESS€OF€THE€PHILIPPINES€AND€SIMILAR€ BODIES€(Art. Dangerous€ tendency€ rule€ –€ e€a€danger€of€public€uprising.€ or€ any€ provincial€ board€ or€ city€ or€ municipality€ council€or€board€ € 2 e€following€acts:€ a.€ or€ frauds€ to€ prevent€ an ress€from€–€€ a.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ when€ the€ defect€ of€ the€ meeting€ is€ not€ manifest€ and€ requires€ an€ inve s€ existence€ can€ be€determined.€ constitutional€ commissions€ or€ committees€ ns€ thereof.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€1€may€be€any€person.€or€in€ the€ courts€ while€ in€ the€ prosecution€ of€ criminal€ c iolation€of€the€said€decree.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Order and€that€such€danger€should€be€both€clear€ and€imminent€ € 2.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€MARTINEZ€ 111 .€ constitutional€ committees€or€divisions€thereof. Using€ force.€ any€ person€ who€ disturbs€ the€ p l’s€office.€ who€ may€ be€ any€ person.€ € €€CRIMES€AGAINST€POPULAR€REPRESE HE€.€ then€ those€ words€ could€ properly€ be€ subject€of€penal€c ove€ rules€ is€ adopted€ in€ the€ Philippine€jurisdiction?€ € A:€It€is€the€dangerous€tenden adopted€ in€ the€ Philippines€ with€ respect€ to€ sedition€ cases. Expressing€his€opinions€ c.€144)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€the€crime?€ € any€ of€ its€ committees€ or€ subcommittees.€ € Q:€What€are€some€instances€of€inciting€to€sedition?€ € A:€€ f€ discussing€ hatred€against€the€government€ € 2.

€the€audience€is€incited€ to€the€commission€of€rebellion€or€sediti iability€ of€ the€ leaders€ or€ organizers€ thereof€and€the€persons€present€therein?€ € A:€ rs€of€the€meeting€and€the€ persons€ present€ therein€ are€ liable€ for€ the€ crime€ of€ ill s€ the€ criminal€ liability€ of€ the€ person€ inciting€them?€ € € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ the€ second€ form€ of€ illegal€assembly?€ € A:€ 1.€ € Note:€ The€ 1987€ Constitution€ exempts€ members€ of€ Congress€from€arrest€while€Congress€i ffenses€ punishable€ by€ a€ penalty€ less€ than€ prision€ mayor.€146)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€forms€of€illegal€assemblies?€ A:€ rsons€ for€the€purpose€of€committing€any€of€the€ crimes€punishable€under€the€RPC.€ rebellion.€LIWANAG.€ Q:€ Should€ persons€ merely€ present€ at€ the€ meeting€ have€ a€ common€ intent€ to€ commit gal€assembly?€ € A:€ Yes.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. The€ meeting€ is€ attended€ by€ armed€ pe f€the€meeting€is€to€commit€ any€ of€ the€ crimes€ punishable€ under€ the€ RPC€ € Note:€In€the€first€form€of€illegal€assembly.. There€ is€ a€ meeting.€ The€ mere€ gathering€ for€ fficient€ to€ bring€ about€ the€crime€already.€ sedition.€ It€ is€ sufficient€that€Con .€ € Not€ all€ persons€ at€ the€ meeting€ of€ the€ first€ form€ of€ ed.€rebellion€ or€ insurrection.€ insofar€ as€ he€ is€ concerned.€ € 2.€ € When€ the€ illegal€ purpose€ of€ the€ gathering€ is€ to€ incite€ people€ to€ c tioned€ above.€ € A€ person€ invited€to€ give€speech€ in€ a ting€and€incites€the€members€of€such€assembly€ € 112€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ or€ insurrection.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ € Note:€ It€ is€ necessary€ that€ the€ audience€ is€ actually€incited.€ Absence€ of€ such€ intent€ may€ exempt€ the€ person€present€from :€Suppose€in€the€meeting.€ However.€ there€ is€ no€ c ed€ conspiring€in€a€meeting€to€commit€qualified€theft€is€not€ punishable.€ wh s€ incited€to€the€commission€of€the€crime€of€ treason.€ whether€ in€ a€ fixed€ place€ or€ moving€ € 2.€ € Note:€ The€ word€ “ t€ limited€ to€ firearm.€ whether€ armed€ or€ not.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€The€presence€ of€ armed€ men€ during€ the€ gatherin ime€of€illegal€assembly.€ sedi t€ € Note:€ In€ this€ second€ form€ of€ illegal€ assembly.€ or€ assault€ upon€ a€ person€ in€ authority€ or€ his€ agents.€ € €€ILLEGAL€ASSEMBLIES€€ €€(Art.€ whether€ in€ fixed€ place€ or€ moving€ € 2.€ JR. Any dience.€ if€ the€ person€ present€ carries€ an€ unlicensed€ fire ption.€ € A:€ The€ person€ inciting€ is€ liable€ for€ the€ crime€ of€ inciting€to€rebellion€or€sediti ements€ of€ the€ first€ form€ of€ illegal€assembly?€ € A:€€ 1.€ armed€ men€may€or€may€not€attend€the eting€are€incited€to€commit€treason.€ the€ presence€ of€ armed€ men€ is€ unnecessary.€ is€ incited€ to€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ tr insurrection.€and€that€he€is€ the€leader€or€organizer€of€the€meeting. Ther ing€ group€ of€ persons.€ sedition€ or€ assault€ u uthority.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. The€ audience.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ a€ g ons.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Q:€What€is€session?€ € A:€ It€ refers€ to€ the€ entire€ period€ from€ its€ initial€ conveni ent.€ € If€ none€ of€ the€ persons€ present€ in€ the€ meeting€ are€ armed.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€armed€men€ attend€ the€ gathering€ with€ the€ any€of€the€crimes€punishable€under€RPC.€ € It€ is€ not€ necessary€ ctually€ prevented€ from€ exercising€ any€ of€ his€ functions.€ is€ that€ the€ purpose€ of€ the€ meeting€ is€ to€ der€this€Code.

€ €€ASSAULT€UPON. Associations€ totally€ or€ partially€ organized€ attacking.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ illegal€ ass ociation?€ € A:€ 2.€Without€gathering. First€ form:€ Without€ public€ uprising. That€ the€ of nterest€of€society€and€public€inconvenience€and€are€ intimidation.€ there€ is€ no€ illegal€ assembly.€ € Q:€What€is€the€gravamen€of€illegal€assembly?€ A:€ The€ gravamen€ of€ illegal€ assembly€ is€ mere€ assembly€ of€ or€ gathering€ of€ people AL€ASSEMBLY ILLEGAL€ASSOCIATION purpose€punishable€by€the€RPC.€ A:€ No.€ not€ limited€ to€ good€ rs€ to€ acts€ that€ 2. That€ the€ aim€ of€ the€ offender€ is€ to€ attain€ are€in€accordance ws. That€there€is€no he€persons€liable€are€the€following:€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€the€second€form?€ 1.€ or€ on€ the€ for€ some€ y€ to€ public€ occasion€of€such€performance.€147)€ attainment€ of€ any€ of€ the€ purposes€ € enume rimes€ of€ Q:€What€are€illegal€associations?€ rebellion€and€sedition.€ € € A:€ 2.€ by€ employin or€ by€ for€the€purpose€of€committing€any€of€the€ seriously€ intimidating€ or€ seriously€ c r€the€RPC.€ by€ €€ILLEGAL€ASSOC force€ or€ intimidation€ for€ €€(Art.€ illegal€associations?€ 3.e.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€AND€RESISTANCE€€AND€ € DISOBEDIENCE€TO€PERSONS€IN€A gal€purpose€for€the€gathering€is€ THEIR€AGENTS€€ for€ the€ commission€ of€ a€ crime€ punish s€ (i.€ any€ of€ the€ purposes€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ € rebellion€ or€ any€ of€ the€ objects€ in liable€ for€ the€ crime€ of€ crime€of€sedition.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€the€ als?€ € € A:€€ A:€ Public€ morals€ refer€ to€ matters€ which€ affect€ the€ 1.€148)€ committed?€ € € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ two€ ways€ to€ commit€ direct€ A: is€ a€ crime€ under€ a€ assault?€ special€ law.€ th on€to€engage€in€an€ € illegal€purpose€which€ unlawful€purpose€which€is€ Q:€Who€are€persons€ onstitutes€a€crime€ not€limited€to€a€violation€of€ € under€the€RPC.€ the€RPC. Second€ f uprising.€ A:€The€perso g€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ Not€necessary€that€there€be€ is€an€actual€meeting :€If€the€presence€of€a€person€is€out€of€curiosity.€ while€ engaged€ in ally€ or€ partially€ organized€ performance€ of€ official€ duties.€ The€ cr llegal€association.€ the€ gathering€ of€ drug€ lords€ to€ €€DIRECT€ASSAULTS€ facilitate€ drug€ traffic sembly€ €€(Art.€is€ and€membership€in€the€ attendance€at e€the€acts€ meeting€are€the€acts€ € punished.€ The€basi ion€of€ The€basis€of€liability€is€ or€organization€of€an€ there€is€no€illegal€assembly.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Order is€guilty€of€inciting€to€sedition€only€and€not€punishable€ under€illegal€assembly.€ by€ 1.€ punished. 113 .€ since€ he€ does€ not€ ha y€of€illegal€assembly. Foun esident€ of€ the€ € association€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ resisting€any€person€in€authority€or€any€of€ € his€ agents.€ A:€ € 1.€ morals.€MARTINEZ€ Mere€members€of€the€association.

€ Rillorta.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ considered€ as€ not€ in€ actual€ performance€of€official€duties?€ € € € 114€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€what€ ?€ € A:€ The€ crime€ may€ simply€ be€ the€ material€ consequence€ of€ the€ unlawful€ act.€in€ the€ breast€ and€ ault€ is€ committed€ because€ the€ victim€ is€ only€ an€ agent€ of€ a€ person€in€authority. 3.€the€crime€is€always€direct€assault.€ € Illustration:€ € Thus. st€be€ of€ serious€ character€ to€ show€ defiance€ of€ the€ law€ and€ its€representative€of he€ victim€ is€ a€ person€ in€ authority.€ when€ the€ victim€ intervened ncounter€between€the€accused€and€the€Ramos€ group.€ERIK€GALLARDO. 2.€ (People€ v.€ Tabiana.€ € Q:€ Ca ult€ be€ complexed€ with€ the€ material€ consequence€ of€ the€ unlawful€ act?€ € A:€ Yes.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€by€reason€of€the€ past€performance€of€official€duties€ € That€the€offender€knows€that son€in€authority€or€his€ agent€in€the€exercise€of€his€duties€ € That€there€is€no€public€upr hority€ or€ the€ agent€of€a€person€in€authority€exceeds€his€ powers€or€acts€without€authori orce€or€violence€ 3.€ € If€ attack€ was€ done€ during€ the€ exe functions.€€ 1.€ the€ crime€ would€ b de€ with€ direct€ assault€ depending€ on€ the€ presence€ of€ € qualifying€ circumstances€ i ctim.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. Descended€ to€ matters€ which€ are€ private€ in€nature€ € Q:€ Suppose€ rity€ or€ the€ agent€ was€ killed€ when€ no€ longer€ performing€ official€ functions.€there€is€a€need€to€distinguish€ a€ situation€ where€ a€ person€ i as€attacked€while€performing€official€functions.€ not€ a€ mere€ agent.€the€crime€ would€be€direct€assault€with€serious€physical€injuries.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ U. That€the€offender:€ a.€ hit€ a€ policeman€who€was€in€the€performance€of€his€duty. Is€engaged€in€the€actual€performance€ of€official€d lted.€ it€ is€ always€ complexed€ with€th nces€of€the€unlawful€act.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ 258€SCRA€253)€ € In€ one€ case.S.€ Abalos.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ a€ Barangay€ Chairman€ is€ a€ person€ in€ authority.€ 51.€ e€case€may€be. Employs€force€ c. € Note:€In€the€second€form.€ (People€ v.€ € Illustration:€ € When€ the€ or€ fist.€180€SCRA€102)€ € No the€ RPC€ and€ P.€ the€ force€ necessary€to€c t€be€serious.€ the€ as is€ death€ is€ homicide€ with€ direct€ assault.€ pirit€ of€ the€ contempt€ or€ lawlessness€ is€ present.€ v. Makes€a€serious€intimid erious€resistance€ € The€ person€ assaulted€ is€ a€ person€ in€ authority€or€his€agent€ € T e€person€ in€authority€or€his€agent€ a.€ as€ the€ case€ may€ be.€ 76)€ € Note:€It€is new€that€ the€person€he€is€attacking€is€a€person€in€authority€or€an€ agent€of€the€person€in al€ functions.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A..€ If€ the€ unlawful€ act€ was€ murder€ or€ homicide€ committed€ un lawlessness€ or€ contempt€ of€ authority.€ € It€is€ also€ important€to€distinguish€whe son€ in€ authority€ or€ merely€ an€ agent€ of€ the€ latter. 4.D.€ 39€ Phil.€LIWANAG.€ 37€ Phil.€ € Q:€What€is€penalized€in€the€crime€of€direct€assault?€ A:€The€crime€of€dir lessness€ and€ the€ contempt€ or€ hatred€ for€ the€ authority€or€the€rule€of€law.€ If€ only€ es€have€been€inflicted.€ JR.€ if€ A€ would€attack€ a€policeman€ while€engaged€ in€ the€ performan hat€ of€ maintaining€ peace€ and€ order€ during€ a€ barangay€ fiesta.€ 299.€ Gumban.S€ v.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€ 1. Makes€an€attack€ b.”€ (U.€ he€ was€ discharging€ his€ duty€ as€ Ba otect€ life€ and€ property€ and€ enforce€ law€ and€ order€ in€ the€ barrio.€ No€ knowledge€ means€ no€ lawlessness€ or€ contempt.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H .€ the€ crime€ would€ be€ direct€ assault€ with€ mu e. 5.€ against€ a€ public€ officer€ did€ not€ hit€ him€ but€ he€ is€ in€ actual€ performance€ of€ mpted€homicide€with€direct€assault.€ as€the€law€with€respect€to€the€person€in€authority€uses€ the€ phrase€ “lays€ ity.€ thus.


€ € A:€The€complex€crime€of€direct€assault€with€murder€ was€ committed.€ the€ l d€to€defend€himself€and€may€raise€justifying€or€ mitigating€circumstances€as€the€case€may€b When€ the€ assault€ is€ committed€ with€ a€ weapon€ When€ the€ offender€ is€ a€ public€ off n€ the€ offender€ lays€ hand€ upon€ a€ person€in€authority€ € Q:€Is€it€important€that€the€offender€knows€that€the€ person€he€is€attacking€is€a€person€i that€ the€ offender€ should€ know€ that€ the€ offended€ party€ was€ exercising€ some€ form€ is€ not€ necessary€ that€ the€ offender€ knows€what€is€meant€by€person€in€authority.€ € Q:€ ion€ of€ such€ performance”€means?€ € A:€It€means€the€impelling€motive€of€the€attack€is€the Note:€ For€ the€ crime€ to€ be€ direct€ assault.€ A.€MARTINEZ€ 115 .€slight€ physical€ injury€ because€ the€ said€ injuries€ are€ con nt€ or€ consequence€ of€ the€ force€and€violence€employed.€ A€ approa ished€ him€ to€ keep€ quiet€ and€ not€ to€ disturb€ the€ dance€ and€ peace€ of€ the€ occasi ng€ the€ advice€ of€ A.€ Bulacan.€ or€ commission.€B€acted€in€ contem e€ of€ authority€ constituting€ the€ crime€ of€ direct€ assault.€ A€ d€ a€ barangay€ chairman€ shall€ also€ be€ deemed€ a€ person€ in€ authority.€ A€ fell€ to€ the€ ground€ and€ died.€ € Note:€Teachers.€ a€ dance€ wa rinias.€ board.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€professors.€ was€ invited€ to€ deliver€ a€ speech€ to€ start€ the€ elivering€his€speech.€ barangay erson€ who€comes€to€the€aid€of€a€person€in€authority.€ A.€went€to€ the€ middle€ of€ the€ dance€ floor€ ma ents.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Order € Q:€What€is€the€exception€to€the€above€rule?€ € A:€ The€ only€ time€ it€ is€ not€ complexed€ s€a€light€felony. 3. 2.€ the€ attack€ must€be€by€reason€of€his€off € Q:€When€is€direct€assault€qualified?€ A:€€ 1.€€ € Q:€When€is€it€important€to€ascertain€the€motive€for€ the€as e€when€the€offended€party€ was€ not€ engaged€ in€ the€ performance€ of€ his€ official€ duti st€ be€ shown€ that€ the€ € Q:€ Because€ of€ the€ approaching€ town€ fiesta€ in€ San€ Miguel.€direct€assault€is€st son€ in€ authority€ or€ the€ agent€ provoked/attacked€ first€ the€ innocent€ party.€attacked€the€latter.€ € Q:€ e€employed€ to€constitute€direct€assault?€ € A:€ The€ force€ must€ be€ serious€ and€ must€ how€contempt€of€authority.€ And€ since€ A€ was€ stabbed€at€the€back€when€he€was€not€in€a€position€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€that€is.€ which€ characterized€ the .€Casual€ force€ which€ usually€ accompanies€ resistance€ or€ diso horities€is€not€sufficient.€ is€ charged€ with€ the€ maintenance€ of€ public€order€and€ curity€of€life€ and€ property.€ instead€ of€heeding€A’s€advice.€ colleges.€ stabbed€the€latter€at€his€back€twice€when€A€turned€ his€back€to€pr his€ speech.€ as€ erson€ in€ authority€ and€ was€ acting€ in€ an€ official€ capacity€when€he€tried€to€maintai the€ public€ dance€ in€ the€ Barangay€ by€ admonishing€B€to€keep€quiet€and€not€to€disturb€t ccasion.€B.€ brandishing€ a€ knife€ and€ challenging€ everyone€ present€ to€ a€ fight.€ When€ B.€one€of€the€guests.€Direct€assault€absorbs€ the€ligh rson€in€authority?€ € A:€ Any€ person€ directly€ vested€ with€ jurisdiction.€152€par.€ At€ the€ time€of€the€incident€A€was€not ?€Explain.€ such€ as€ a€ barangay€ kagawad. d€ as€ an€ agent€ of€ a€ person€ in€ authority?€ € A:€Any€person€who€by€direct€provision€of ment€ by€ competent€ authority.€ and€ universities€ and€ lawyers€ in€ the€ actual€performance€of he€occasion€ of€ such€ performance.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. € Note:€Even€when€the€person€in€authority€or€the€agent€ agrees€to€fight.€ shall€ be€ deemed€ a€ person€ in€ authority.€ assault€ was€ committed€ by€ reason€ of€ the€ past€ performance€of€official€duties.€ whether€ as€ s€ a€ member€ of€ some€ court€ or€ governmental€ corporation.€ the€ Barangay€ Captain.€and€persons€charged€with€ the€ supervision€ of€ public€ or€ dul ivate€ schools.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ barangay€ tanod.€(Art.

€LIWANAG.€ JR.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € to€defend€himself€nor€retaliate.€150?€ € A:€ 1. Induces€him€to€disobey€a€summons€ c.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€the€crime€of€indirect€assault€ can€only€be€comm in€the€aid€of€an€agent€of€a€person€in€authority€on€the€ occasion€ of€ direct€ assault€ agai d.€ (2000€ Bar€ Question)€ € Note:€Evidence€of€motive€of€the€offender€is€important€ when€ the€ person€ in€ authority€ or cked€ or€ seriously€ intimidated€ is€ not€ in€ the€ performance€of€his€official€duty.€BY€THE€ IONS.€ said€ person€ at€ r€ a€ civilian. Ind n€to€ such€body€ € €€INDIRECT€ASSAULTS€€ €€(Art.€149)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€indirect€assault?€ € A s€ the€ victim€of€the€forms€of€direct€assault€ € 2.€ when€ required€ by€ them€ to€ do€ so€ in€ the€ exercise€ of€ straining€ another€ from€ attending€ as€ a€ witness€ in€ such€ legislative€ or€ constitutio ducing€ disobedience€ to€ a€ summons€ or€ refusal€ to€ be€ sworn€ by€ any€ such€ body€ or€ ons€liable€under€Art.€ Crime€ of€ slight€ physical€ injuries€ is€ absorbed€ by€ t€ if€ committed€ against€ an€ agent€ of€ a€ person€ in€ authority.. A€ person€ comes€ to€ the€ aid€ of€ suc ender€ makes€ use€ of€ force€ or€ intimidation€upon€such€person€coming€to€ the€aid€of€the€a s€the€assault€directed€in€the€crime€of€ indirect€assault?€ € A:€The€victim€in€the€crime€of€ n€authority€or€his€agent€but€the€person€ who€comes€in€the€aid€of€a€person€in€authority€or€h e€ crime€ of€ indirect€ assault?€ € A:€ Indirect€ assault€ comes€ about€ only€ when€ direct d.€ it’s€ special€ or€ standing€comm ttees.€ to€ obey€ summons€ of€ Congress.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ If€ such€ perso employing€ violence€ against€ him€ of€ serious€ nature€ or€ € 116€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ € Direct€assault€absorbs€light€fe is€the€means€of€committing€direct€assault.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€If€committed€against€a€ ll€be€considered€as€separate€crime.€ the€ Constitutional€ Commissions€ and€ its€ committees.€ Hence.€ He€ does€ not€ become€ another€ agent€ of€ the€ person€in€authority.€ the€ deat abbing€ was€ murder€ and€ having€ been€ committed€ with€ direct€ assault.€ € Di be€ committed€ during€ rebellion.€ SUBCOMMITTEES€OR€DIVISIONS€€(Art.€ subcommittees€ or€ divisio any€ commission€ or€ committee€ chairman€ or€ member€ authorized€ to€ summon€witnesses€ € 2 e€ sworn€ or€ placed€ under€ affirmation€ while€ being€ presented€ before€ such€ legislativ tional€ body€ or€ official€ € 3.€ character.€150)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishabl without€ legal€ excuse.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€he€is€constituted€as€an€agent€of€the€person€in€ authority. Any€ person€ who€ commits€ any€ of€ the€ above€acts€ € ains€ another€ from€ attending€ as€€ a€witness€ b.€there€was€treachery€ in€ the€ stabbing.€€ € The€crime€of€direct€assault€is€not€committed€when€t t€is€suspended€or€under€ suspension€when€he€is€attacked.€ € €€DISOBEDIENCE€TO€SUMMONS€ISSUED€BY€€ CONGRESS.€€ € Note:€ When€ any€ person€ comes€ in€ aid€ of€ a€ person€ in€ authority.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. Refusing€to€answer€any€legal€inquiry€or€to€ produce€any€bo records€ in€ his€ possession.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ a€ complex€ crim ult€ in€ murder€ was€ committed€ by€ B.€ITS€COMMITTEES€OR€ SUBCOMMITTEES.€as€amended)€ € As€Article€149€now€stands.€ the€ crime€ would€ be€ direct€ assa .€ITS€COMMITTEES.

€152)€ € Q:€Who€is€a€pe ne€directly€vested€with€ jurisdiction.€ 151€ covers€ failure€ to€ comply€ with€ orders€ directly€ issued€ by€ authorit ise€ of€ their€ official€ duties.€as€there€is€no€ manifest€intention€to€ defy€the€law€an € Q:€What€is€the€crime€committed€if€the€person€who€ was€ resisted€ is€ a€ person€ in€ autho ce€in€such€resistance?€ € A:€ The€ use€ of€ any€ kind€ or€ degree€ of€ force€ will€ give€ r se€ the€ offender€ did€ not€ use€ any€ force€ in€ resisting€ a€ person€ in€ authority.€Seriou on€in€authority€or€ his€agent€ The€attack€or€ employment€of€force€ which€give€rise€to€the€ rious€and€ deliberate.€ € Disobedience€ in€ the€ 2nd€ par.€1)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€the€crime?€ € A:€€ 1.€par.€ that€ is. Person€ in€ authority€ or rmance€ of€ official€ duty€ or€ gives€ a€ lawful€ order€ to€ the€ offender€ € 2. Offender€ y€ disobeys€ such€person€in€authority€or€his€agent€ € 3.€ Person€in€authority€or€his€ agent€must€be€in€actual€ performance€of€his€ duties.€MARTINEZ€ 117 .€ Committed€only€by€ resisting€or€seriously€ disobeying€a€person€in€ authority€or€his€agent.g.€ the€ power€ and€ authority€ to€ govern€a :€ Enumerate€ the€ examples€ of€ persons€ in€ authority.€Seriously€intimidating€ 4.€1)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of a€ person€ in€ authority€ is€ engaged€ in€ the€ performance€ of€ official€ duty€ or€ gives€ e€ offender€ € 2.€Employing€force€ 3.€ € Note:€ Art.€149€and€150€ € €€SIMPLE€DISOBEDIENCE€ €€(Art.€151.€ 2.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€151)€€ € 51.€par.€ otherwise€it€will€f € €€PERSONS€IN€AUTHORITY€AND€AGENTS€OF€ PERSON€IN€AUTHORITY€ €€(Art. Offender€disobeys€such€agent€of€a€person€ in€authority€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ Note:€ The€ accused€ must€ have€ knowledge€ that€ the€ person€giving€the€order€is€a€peace€o The€use€of€force€is€not€so€ serious.€ € Congress’€ power€ to€ cite€ a€ witness€ in€ conte plied€ or€ incidental€ to€ the€ exercise€ of€ legislative€power.€ Q:€What€are€the€distinction€between€resistance€or€ serious€disobedience€and€direct€assault? RESISTANCE€€OR€SERIOUS€ DISOBEDIENCE€ DIRECT€ASSAULT€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ must€ not€ be€ serious.€Attacking.€ € €€RESISTANCE€AND€DISOBEDIENCE€TO€A€PERSON€IN€ AUTHORITY€OR€THEIR€AGENTS€ €€(Art.€ € The€ testimony€ of€ a€ t€ be€ upon€ matters€ into€ which€ the€ legislature€ has€ jurisdiction€ to€ inquire.€ wha ?€ € A:€ The€ crime€ committed€ is€ resistance€ or€ serious€ disobedience.€ and€ not€ with€ judicial€ decisions€ merely€ declaratory bligations€ (E.€ decision€ rendered€in€a€civil€case).€ € The€disobedience€contemplated€co re€ or€ refusal€ to€ obey€ a€ direct€ and€ lawful€ order€ from€ the€ authority€or€his€agent ustified.€ Perso agent€must€be€engaged€in€ the€performance€of€ official€duties€or€that€he€is€ assaulted€by€r d€in€four€ways By:€ 1.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Order € Note:€Any€of€the€acts€enumerated€may€also€constitute€ contempt€ of€ Congress€ and€ could€ dependent€of€the€criminal€prosecution. Act€of€the€offender€is€not€include .

€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€and€ 2. Making€ any€ outcry€ tending€ to€ incite€ sedition€ in€ any€ meet blic€place.”€(Sec..€ if€ act€ is€ not rts.€ 3€of€Art.131€or€132.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ differe ny€ outcry€tending€to€incite€sedition€or€rebellion€(par. Protectio y€ of€ life€ and€ property.€ € Note:€Agents€of€persons€in€authority€includes:€ 1.€ This€ crime€ is€ brought€ about€ by€ creating€ serious€ disturbances€ es. 3. € Displaying€ placards.€ € Q:€What€does€the€word€“armed”€mean?€ € A:€The€term€ar ludes€ even€ big€ stones€ capable€ of€ causing€ grave€injury. 4.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. 5.€148€and€1 eir€duties.€ INCITING€TO€SEDITION€OR€ REBELLION€ The€meeting€from€the€ beginning€was€unlawful.€ public€ buildings.€€ 131€and€132.€ and€ even€ in€ private€ places€ where€ public€ functions€or€perfor ld.€LIWANAG.€ or€ peaceful€ meetings. € Note:€Items€7.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ € 2.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € A:€ 1. Interr rbing€ performances.€ or€ emblems€ which€ provoke€ a€ disturbance€ of€ public€ order€ in€ ing€ with€ pomp€ the€ body€ of€ a€ person€ who€has€been€legally€executed.153)€ € Q:€ sing€ any€ serious€ disturbance€ in€ a€ public€place.€388)€ € Teachers.€and€9€of€the€enumeration€are€added€ by€the€LGC€which€expressly€provides€t d€ as€ person(s)€ in€ authority€ in€ their€ jurisdictions.€ JR.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. 9.€ERIK€GALLARDO. 8.€153)€and€inciting€to€re MAKING€ANY€OUTCRY€ TENDING€TO€INCITE€ SEDITION€OR€ REBELLION€ The€meeting at€the€ outset€wa blic€ disorder€only€because€of€ such€outcry.€ € Q:€When€is€the€disturbance€deemed€tumultuous?€ € A:€ When€ it€ is€ caused€ by€ more€ than€ r€provided€with€means€of€violence.€ € € 118€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. Barangay€Kagawad€ 2. Barangay€Tanod€ 3.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€lawyers ersons€in€ authority€ only€ for€ purposes€ of€ Art. 7.€ 152€ in€ relation€ to€ Arts.€ The€words€uttered€are€ deliberately€calculat orethought€ to€incite€others€to€ rebellion€or€sedition.€8.€ € 3. Mayors€ Division€superintendent€of€school€ Public€and€private€school€teachers€ Provincia ges€ Lawyers€in€actual€performance€of€duties€ Sangguniang€Bayan€member€ Barangay€Chairman€ ng€Tagapamayapa€ 5.€ 4.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ essence€ of€ tumults€ and€ other€ disturbances?€ € A:€ The€ essence€ o g€ public€ disorder.€ functions€ or€ gatherings.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€office€or€establishment.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. Maintenance€of€public€order. Any€person€who€comes€to€the€aid€of€persons€ in€authority.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . 6. cilman€ 4.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ € Note:€ Tumults€ and€ other€ disturbances€ can€ be€ complexed€ with€ direct€ assault€ if€ th sturbances€of€public€disorder€is€directed€to€a€person€ in€authority€or€an€agent€of€a€person € €€PUBLIC€DISORDER€€ € €€TUMULTS€AND€OTHER€DISTURBANCES€OF€PUBLIC€ ORDER€€(Art. 2.€ € Q:€Who€is€an€agent€of€a€person€in€authority€(APA)?€€ € A:€Any€person€who€by€direct€provis ompetent€authority€ is€charged€with€the:€ 1.€ The€outbursts€which€by€ nature€may€tend€to€ i ion€are€ spontaneous.€ Note:€ Burying€ with€ pomp€ the€ body€ of€ a€ person€ contemplates€an€ostentatious€display€ rson€ who€ disturbs€ or€ interrupts€ a€ meeting€ considered€ as€ religious€ worship€ is€ a€ he€ shall€be€liable€under€Art.


€154)€ € Q:€Wh ng€ or€ causing€ to€ be€ published.€pub tributing€books.€the€crime€is€ attempted€homicide€or€murder.€ € 4.€if€there€is€ intent€to€kill.€ or€ before€ they€ have€ been€ published€ officially.€the€ offense€cannot€be€ ferent€ acts€ separately€ punished€ under€ this€ Article€ and€ Art.€ periodicals€ or€ leaflets€ which€ do€ not€ bear€ the€ real€ p which€are€classified€as€anonymous.€ or€ other€ explosive€ within€ any€ town€ or€ public€ place.€ € 4.€ If€the€p rinting€establishment€took€ part€in€the€preparation€and€publication€of€the€libelous€ writin nder€Art.€155)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € A:€ 1.€ by€ means€ of€ printing.€ € R.€ € 3.€MARTINEZ€ 119 .€ or€ cause€ dama edit€of€the€State.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ pamphlets.€ € If€the€publication€is€both€obscene€and€anonymous.€ lithography€ or€ any€ other€ on.€ what€ are€ the€ crimes€ that€may€possibl d€ scandals€ –€ If€ the€ offender€ discharges€a€firearm€in€a€public€place€but€ the€ firearm ular€ person€when€discharged.€ 201€on€obscene€publica € Q:€What€does€outcry€mean?€ € A:€Outcry€means€to€shout€subversive€or€provocative€ words€ t le€ to€ obtain€ by€ means€ of€ force€ or€ violence€ any€ of€ the€ objects€ of€ rebellion€or Note:€ Crime€ is€ qualified€ if€ disturbance€ or€ interruption€ is€of€a€tumultuous€characte € €€ALARMS€AND€SCANDALS€ €€(Art.A.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Order Note:€ Serious€ disturbance€ requires€ that€ such€ must€ be€ planned€or€intended.€ € 2. Attempted€ homicide€ or€ mur matically.€ € 2.€ € Q:€ If€ a€ firearm€ is€ discharged.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Illegal€discharge€of€firearm€–€If€the€firearm€ was€ dir erson€ who€ was€not€hit€if€intent€to€kill€is€not€proved.€ 248€ g€ reproduction.€360.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ utter aliciously€ publishing.€ by€ the€ same€ means€ or€ by€ words.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€provided€the€act€is€not€covered e€essence€of€the€crime€of€alarms€and€ scandals?€ € A:€The€essence€of€the€crime€is€disturban lic€peace. Encouraging€disobedience€to€the€law€or€to€ the€constituted€authori tifying€or€extolling€any€act€punished€by€ law.€ € € €€UNLAWFUL€USE€OF€MEANS€OF€PUBLICATION€AND€ €€UNLAWFUL€UTTERANCES€€ €€(Art.€ € 3. Disturbing€ the€ public€ peace€ while€ wa t€ night€ or€ while€ engaged€ in€ any€ other€ nocturnal€ amusements. Discha acker. Printing.€ republication€ of€ government€ publications€ and€ official€ documents€wit ious€authority.€ the€ offender€ must€ know€ that€ the€ news€is€false.€ € Q:€ Is€ it€ necessary€ that€ the€ publication€ caused A:€ No.€ € Note:€ To€ be€ liable.€ Mere€ possibility€ to€ cause€ such€ danger€ or€ damage€is€sufficient. Causing€ any€ di dal€ in€ public€ places€ while€ intoxicated€ or€ otherwise.€ as€ news€ any€ false€ news€ which€ may€ endanger€ the€ public€ order.€ calculated€ to€ cause€ Instigating€or€taking€an€active€part€in€any€ charivari€ or€ other€ disorderly€ meeting€ of r€ or€ prejudicial€ to€ public€tranquility.€ causing€ to€ be€ published€ any€ official€ resolution€ or€ documen roper€ authority.

€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€brought€ a€ released€ prisoner€ inside€ the€ jail€ to€ substitute€ for€ a€ dete he€ brought€ out€ of€ jail. Usually.€ € Note:€ The€ discharge€ may€ be€ in€ one’s€ home€ since€ the€ law€does€not€distinguish€as€to of€ firearms€ and€ rockets€ during€ town€ fiestas€and€festivals€are€not€covered€by€the€law. 5.€ € €€DELIVERING€PRISONERS€FROM€JAIL€€ €€(Art.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€whate on€ who€ removed€ him€ from€ jail.€ asked€ the€ jailer€ of€ prisoner€ B€ to€ turn€ the€ latter€ over€ him€ on€ the€ pretex tigate€ the€ prisoner.€if€A€was€arrested€by€a€pol d€in€jail€but€minutes€before€the€case€is€ filed€ in€ court.€ a€ formal€ complaint€ o filed€ in€ court.€LIWANAG.€ and€ because€ of€ their€ Q:€Who€may€be€the€offender/s?€ € A:€ 1.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€This€brings€about€the€ crime€of€alarms€and€scand Ratio:€ Punishing.€ANTHONY€ROBLES..€ designed€to€annoy€and€insult.€ and€ he€ has€ been€ officially€categorized€as€a€prisoner. A€ prisoner€ who ther€prisoner.€ as€ long€ as€ he€ is€ classified€ as€ a€ prisoner.€ because€ the€ hospital€ may€ tension€of€the€jail.€an€outsider€to€the€jail€ € 2.€A€is€criminally€ liable€under€this€article.€ that€ is.e.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ instigating€ or€ taking€ active€ part€ in€ charivari€ and€ other€ disor g€ is€ to€ prevent€ more€serious€disorders.€ B€ is .€ 4€ C.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ difference€ between€ delivering€ the€ prisoners€ in€ jail€ and€ infide y€ of€ prisoners?€ € € € € 120€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ € very€similar€appearance€was€not€at€once€noticed€by€the€ guard. Physical€ injuries€ –€ If€ the€ person€ was€ hit€ and€injured€but€there€was€no€intent€to€ki eat€ was€ directed.€ but€ after€ several€ hours€ of€ drinking€ liquor€ with€ B€ in€ a€ s d€prisoner€to€the€jailer.€Rep€337)€ € 4.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ is€ punishable€ under€ this€ law.€that€twin€brother€is€l rned€to€jail€after€several€hours.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € 2.€ such€ as€ firearm.€ returning€ him€ inside€ the€ jail€ after€ five€ hours€ may€ be is€ article. Unjust€ vexation€ –€ If€ the€ noise€ is€ directed€ ily.€€ € Illustration:€ € s€off€duty.€ the€one€who€removed€him€from€jail€is€liable.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ € Q:€Suppose€the€prisoner€was€confined€in€a€hospital€ when€ he€ was€ assist rime€ delivery€of€prisoners€from€jail€committed?€ € A:€ Yes..€ by€ playing€ noisily€ during the€morning€in€the€neighborhood).€ del€ Barrio.€this€article€a e€ is€ considered€ extension€ of€ the€ penal€ institution.€Thus.A. It€may€also€ l€€ establishment€ who€ does€ not€ have€ the€custody€of€the€prisoner€ € b.€So€that€if€ nt.€ If€ a€ twin€ brother the€ latter€ escape€ by€ substituting€ himself.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ B€ helped€ him€ escape. Offender€removes€therefrom€such€person€ or€helps€t n€ € Illustration:€ € As€long€as€the€person€who€was€assisted€in€his€escape€is€ a€prisoner.€ € Illustration:€ € Even€ if€ the€ prisoner€ is€ in€ hospital€ or€ asylum€ or€ any€ place€ for er.€ JR.€ intent t.€ € Q:€ What€ offenses€ are€ possibly€ committed€ by€ creating€noise€and€annoyance?€ € A:€€ 1 f€ the€ disturbance€ affects€ the€ public€ in€ general€ (i.€156)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€the in€ a€ jail€ or€ penal€establishment€ 2.€ERIK€GALLARDO..UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Note:€ When€ a€ person€ uses€ lethal€ weapon€ against€ another.€ (People€ v.€ immediate€ and€ serious€ and€ the€ person€ is€ compelled€ or€ prevente g€against€the€will. Q:€What€is€charivari?€ € A:€Charivari€is€a€mock€serenade€of€discordant€noises€ made€ of€ ca horns€ etc.


€157)€€ €€€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€the€crime He€is€serving€his€sentence€which€consist€of€ deprivation€of€liberty€ € 3.€ deceit.€ 2.€walls.€ Sarah€ and€ the€ jail€ warden.€ and€ not€ ceiving€ or€ agreeing€ to€ receive€ a€ bribe€ as€ a€ consideration€ for€ committing€the€off igating€circumstance?€ € A:€If€it€takes€place€outside€the€penal€establishment€ by€taking€th Note:€ This€ felony€ may€ also€ be€ committed€ through€ imprudence€or€negligence.€the€offender€may€be€a€public€officer€or€a€ private€ citizen. He€ evades€ the€ ce€ by€ escaping€during€the€term€of€his€sentence€ € Note:€The€crime€is€a€continuing€offense€which€may€be€ prosecuted€ in€ any€ place€ where€ th his€ article€ does€ not€ apply€ to€ minor€ delinquents.€ €€EVASION€OF€SERVICE€OF€SENTENCE€€ €€(Art.€ a€ stranger€ or€ an€ outsider€ is€ liable€ for€delivery€of€prisoner€from€jai itted€the€crime€of€ infidelity€in€the€custody€of€prisoners. Failure€ to€ return€ within€ 48€ hours€ after€ having€ left shment€ because€ of€ a€ calamity.€Sarah€and€Z. Sarah.€ € Michael€ is€ liable€ for€ th tence.€ € Q:€ Suppose€ the€ one€ who€ escape soner.€ detention€prisoners€or€deportees. Through€ conni her€ convicts€ or€employees€of€the€penal€institution€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ forms€ of€ evas nce?€ € A:€Evasion€of€service€of€sentence€has€three€forms:€ € 1.€157€ € 2.€ In€ both€ crim ay€be€a€convict€or€a€mere€detention€prisoner.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Order A:€€ DELIVERING€PRISONERS€ FROM€JAIL€ The€offender€is€not€the€ custodian€of€the€prisoner€at€ the val€ INFIDELITY€IN€THE€ CUSTODY€OF€ PRISONERS€ The€offender€is€the€ custodian€at€the€time€o A:€ 1. € € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ liability€ of€ the€ convicted€ prisoner€ serving€sentence€who€escaped? the€ crime€ of€ evasion€ of€ service€ under€Art.€what€is€his€liability?€ € A:€ He€ does€ not€ incur€ liability€ from€ escaping€ if€ h ove€him€from€jail.€violence€or€intimidation.€or€fl klocks.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ conflagration€ or€ mutiny€ and€ such€ calamity.€ € Q:€What€are€the€qualifying€circumstance?€ € A:€Use€of€violence.€ If€ such€ prisoner€ knows€ of€ his€ plot€ to€ remove€ him€ from€ jail€ y€ escaping.€ conflag ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€gates.€157?€ € A:€If€evasion€or€escap f€unlawful€entry€(by€scaling)€ € 2.€ € € € € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ qualifying€ circumstances€ under€ Art.€ disguise.€MARTINEZ€ 121 .€intimidation€o s€ the€ qualifying€ circumstance€ of€ bribery€under€this€article€contemplate?€ € A:€ The€ o loying€ bribery€ as€ a€ means€of€removing€or€delivering€the€prisoner€from€ jail.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ € Q:€Suppose€Michael€was€convicted€of€robbery€and€ he€is€serving€his€sentence€in€Muntinlupa nds.€windows. By€ simply€ leaving€ or€ e ablishment€under€Art. By€breaking€doors.€157.€ Determine€ the€criminal€liability€of€Michael.€ 3.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ he€ himself€becomes€liable€for€delivering€prisoners€from€ jail€as€a€principal peration.€ Z€ hatched€ the€ plan€ of€ escaping€ from€ the€ priso ntually€ materialized. € Note:€In€both.€ roofs.€ false€ keys.€or€ € 4.

Offender€ is€ a€ convict€ by€ final€ judgment.€ v.€because€the€law€is€not€applicable€to€offe on.g.€ 36€ Phil€ 867)€ € Q:€What€if€the€offender€escaped€within€the€15‐ he€crime€is€not€evasion€because€judgment€is€not€ yet€final.€ 3.€158.€R.€ € Violating€ the€ conditio don€under€Article€159. Note:€ The€ term€ jail‐breaking€ is€ synonymous€ with€ evasion€of€sentence.€ € Q:€If€a€prisoner€is€sentenced€to€destierro.€ No. Earthquake€ c.€ he€ commits€ evasion€ of€ service€of€sentence.€ asion€of€service?€ € A:€ Yes.€ because€ destierro€ involves€ deprivation€ of€ liberty.€ € Q:€A€foreigner€was€found€guilty€of€vi red€by€the€court€to€be€deported.€ (U.€ Later€ on..€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ 98€ and€ 158€ (2nd€ par.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € or€mutiny€has€been€announced€as€already€ passed€under€Art.€ EARTHQUAK S€€ €€(Art.€ he€ changed€ his€ mind€ prompting€ him€ to€ return€ to€ penal€ facilit rime€evasion€of€sentence?€ € A:€ Yes.€1997)€ € Note:€ The€ penalty€ of€ commission€ of€ this€ felony€ is€ an€ increase€ by€ 1/5€ of€ the€ rved€ under€ the€ original€ sentence.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ It€ is€ enough€ that€ he€ left€ the€ penal€ establis it.€ So.€ Loo€ Hoe. Explosion€ d.€ € Q:€ Suppose€ X.S.€€ € Mutiny€is€one€of€the€causes€which€may€authorize€a€ convic tentiary€ to€ leave€the€jail€provided€he€has€not€taken€part€in€the€ mutiny.€ € Note:€ Persons€ convicted€ under€ this€ article€ are€ disqualified€ from€ the€ benefits€ of inate€ Sentence€Law.€ A:€€ 1.€Mar.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ 3. 4.€158?€ € A:€ Liability€ is€ based€ on€ the€ f rs€ after€ the€ passing€ of€ the€ calamity.€121917. € 2.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€CONFLAGRATIONS.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ € Q:€What€is€a€mutiny?€ € A:€A€mutiny€is€an€organized€unlawful€resist ilar€to€sedition€or€a€revolt.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ His€ voluntary€ return€ may€ only€ be€ mitigating€ being€ analogous€ to€ voluntary€sur e€will€not€absolve€ his€criminal€liability.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. Conflagration€ b.€ € The€ special ty€ (E.€ JR.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ € If€ one€ par iable€ for€ the€ offenses€ which€ he€ committed€ during€ the€ mutiny€ whether€or€not€he€ret a.€ he€ returned€ to€ the€ Philippines€ in€ viola lty€of€evasion€of€ service€of€sentence?€ € A:€No.€ if€ he€ ent a. Simil strophe€ e.€resulting€from:€ a.€LIWANAG.€158)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€the€crime?€ € € € € Q:€What€is€the€basis€of€liability€under€Art.€ in€ no€ case€ to€ exceed€ 6€ months.)€ € 122€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€G.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. € €EVASION€OF€SERVICE€OF€SENTENCE€ON€THE€ OCCASION€OF€DISORDERS.€12.€ a€ prisoner€ convicted€ of€ theft€ was€ able€to€escape€from€the€penal€in after€ the€ escape.€ € Q:€What€constitutes€mutiny€in€the€second€form€of€ evasi :€The€mutiny€referred€to€here€involves€subordinate€ personnel€ rising€ against€ the€ superv penal€establishment. Mutiny€ in€ which€ he€ has€ not€€ participated€ € Offender€ evades€ the€ servic y€ leaving€ the€ penal€ institution€ where€ he€ is€ confined€ on€ the€ occasion€ of€ such€d iny€ € Offender€ fails€ to€ give€ himself€ up€ to€ the€ authorities€ within€ 48€ hours€ fol of€ proclamation€ by€ Chief€ Executive€announcing€the€passing€away€of€ such€calamity.€ who€is€conf There€is€disorder.€alth e€prisoner€is€deprived€ of€ his€ liberty€ to€ enter€ a€ prohibited€ area.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ conflagration€ or€ mutiny€ had€ been€ announce ng€from€the€penal€establishment.€ deduction€ of€ sentence)€ authorized€ by€ Art.

€9372)€ Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts€of€terrorism?€ € an€ act€ punishable€ under€any€of€the€following€provisions€of€the:€€ € a.€ However. Coup€ d etat s€ committed€ by€private€persons€ iv.€ EVASION€OF€SERVICE€OF€ SENTENCE€ It€is€a€public€ pendent€from€any€ other€act.€MARTINEZ€ 123       .€Human€Security€Act€of€2007€(R.€ disposition€or€possession€of nition€or€ instruments€ used€ or€ intended€ to€ be€ used€ in€ the€ manufacture€ of€ firearm in€ furtherance€of€or€incident€to.€ the€ convict€ o€ serve€the€unserved€portion€of€the€sentence.€(People€v.€Ammunition€or€ Explosives€(P.€no€conviction€is€necessary.€as€amended€by€R.€ or€ insurrection.€or€in€connection€with€the€ crime€ of€ rebellion€ or€ ins or€ attempted€ coup€ d etat.€8294)€€ € Note:€ If€ the€ unlawful€ manufacture.€ sale.€ ually.€Decree€Codifying€the€Laws€on€Illegal€/€Unlawful€ Possession.€that€is.€1866.D. Offender€was€a€convict€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ 3. erence€ between€ violation€ of€ conditional€ pardon€ and€ evasion€ of€ service€ of€ sentenc VIOLATION€OF€ CONDITIONAL€PARDON€ It€is€not€a€public€offense€ for€it€does€not€cause€ harm€o erson€ nor€does€it€disturb€public€ order.€ there€ will€ be€ no€ criminal€ liability€ for€ the€ violation. Piracy€ he€ High€Seas€or€in€the€Philippine€Waters€ ii.€ € The€condition€imposed€upon€the€prisoner€not€to€be€ guilty€ of€ another€ cr e€ punishable€ by€ the€ RPC.€ Otherwise.€ who€ having€ evaded€ the€ service€ of€ their€ sentences€ by€ institution.€ € €€OTHER€CASES€OF€EVASION€OF€SERVICE€ €€(Art.A.€RPC:€ i.€ It€ includes€ those€ punished€ under€special€law.€Ac sition.€or€ € € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€€ 1.€ who€ grants€ the€ pardon€ o€accepts€it.A.€The e€ power€ to€ arrest€ and€ reincarcerate€ the€ offender€ without€trial. Murder€ v. He€violated€any€of€the€conditions€of€such€ pardon€ € Q:€ When€ can€ there€ be€ a€ violat don?€ € A:€ When€ the€ condition€ is€ violated€ during€ the€ remaining€ period€ of€ the€ se tion€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€159)€ € €€VIOLATION€OF€CONDITIONAL€PARDON€ € ional€ pardon€ is€ a€ contract€ between€ the€ Chief€ Executive.€ (Sec.€ the€ condition€ of€ a€ conditional€ pardon€ is€ that€ the€ prisoner€ shall€ not€ co more.€ continue€serving€original€penalty.€ They€ will€ be€ entitled€ to€ a€ de heir€ respective€sentences.€ acquisition.€ € The€ court€ cann vict€ to€ serve€ the€ unexpired€ portion€ of€ the€ original€ sentence€ if€ it€ does€ not€ e remedy€ is€ left€ to€ the€ President€ who€ has€ the€ authority€ to€ recommit€ him€ to€ serv f€his€original€sentence.€Manufacture.€Dealing€in.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Order refers€ to€ those€ convicts.€ 1.€ if€ he€ committed€ an€ offense€ while€ on€ pardon.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € Note:€ However.€we€could€not€say€that€there dition€ of€ the€ pardon€ as€ he€ would€ be€ presumed€to€be€innocent.€ € Note:€ Violation€ of€ conditional€ pardon€ is€ a€ distinct€ crime.€ sedition.€of€Firearms.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€he€has€violated€this€article e€ a€ final€ conviction€ for€ the€ second€ offense.€RA€8294)€ €€ B.€ or€ attempted€ coup€ d etat. Kidnapping€ and€ Serious€ Illegal€ Detenti mes€Involving€Destruction.€ give€ themselves€ up€ within€ 48€ hours.€ € The€period€when€convict€was€at€liberty€is€not€deducted€ in€case of€ the€ pardon€ is€ violated€ when€ the€ remaining€ unserved€ portion€ of€ the€ sentence€ d.€ under€ the€ Revised€ Administrative€ Code.€ € A.€ such€ violation€ shall€ be€ absorbed€ as€ an€ element€ of€ th on.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Rebellion€or€Insurrection€ iii.€ So.

€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ takes€ part€ subsequent€ to€ its€ commissio ing€ manner:€€ € a.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€LIWANAG.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ JR.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ € XPN:€Sp scendants.€ legitimate.€€Special€Penal€Laws:€ i.€49)€ € € (3)€Absorption€Principle€i s 2. By€ concealing€ or€ destroying€ the€ body€of€the€crime€or€the€effects€ or€instruments€the ts€discovery€ € c. Atomic€ Energy€ Regulatory€ and€ Liability€ Act€of€1968€ iv. Anti‐Hijacking y€ and€ Anti‐Highway€ Robbery€ Law€of€1974€and€ vi. Accessory€ –€ any€ person€ who€ having€ knowledge€ of€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime€ o iracy€ to€ commit€ terrorism€ and€ without€ having€ participated€therein€either€as€principa e€ under€ Articles€ 17€ and€ 18€ of€ the€ RPC.€ Dealing€In.€ or€ € 124€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ Persons€ who€ conspire€ to€ commit€ the€ crime€ of€ terrorism. Toxic€ Substances€ and€ Hazardous€ and€ N t€of€1990€ iii.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A..€Acquisition€or€Disposition€of€ Firearms.€ € Q:€Who€are€liable€und pal€ –€ Any€ person€ who€ commits€ any€ of€the€acts€under€Section€3€and€4€ € 2. Coerce€ the€ government€ to€ give€ in€ to€ an€ unlawful assisting€ in€ the€ escape€ of€ the€ principal€ or€ conspirator€ of€ the€ crime. €Accomplice r€Article€17€of€the€RPC€or€a€ conspirator€ as€ defined€ under€ Section€ 4€ hereof. Decree€ Codifying€ the€ Laws€ on€ Illeg sion.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. By€ profiting€ himself€ or€ assisting€ the€ offender€ to€ profit€ by€ t .€Ammunitions€or€Exp Note:€The€abovementioned€act€must:€ 1.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € b.€€ € Q:€Is er€ special€ penal€laws?€ € A:€ When€ a€ person€ has€ been€ prosecuted€ under€ a€ provision lid€ complaint€ or€ information€ or€ other€ formal€ charge€ sufficient€ in€ form€ and€ subs n€ a€ conviction€ and€ after€ the€ accused€ had€ pleaded€ to€ the€ charge.€ natural€ and€ adopted€ brothers€ and€ sisters€ or€ relatives€ by€ in€the€same€degree€ €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ XPN€to€the€XPN:€those€falling€under€(a). Sow€ and€ create€ a€ condition€ of€ widespread€ and€ r€and€panic€among€the€ populace€ 2.€ concealing.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. By€ harboring.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€Manufacture.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ coopera either€ the€ crime€ of€ terrorism€ or€ conspiracy€ to€ commit€ terrorism€ by€ previous€or€s .€(Sec.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. The€Law€on€Arson€ ii.€ the€ acquittal€ ssal€of€the€case€ shall€ be€ a€ bar€ to€ another€ prosecution€ for€ any€ offense€ or€ felon included€ in€ the€offense€charged€under€this€Act.

€ FORGING€THE€SIGNATURE€OR€STAMP€OF€THE€ CHIEF€EXECUTIVE€(Art.€162.€ What€ c ed?€ € A:€ Such€ person€ is€ not€ liable€ for€ counterfeiting€ of€ coin. Forging€the€great€seal€of€the€Government€ of€the€Philippines€ € 2.€under€Art.€i d€ to€ pay€ with€ it€ a€ package€ of€ cigarettes€ which€ he€ bought€ at€ a€ store.€ The€ coin€ is€ counterfeit€ even€ if€ it€ has€ more€ oin€of€legal€tender. € €€USING€FORGED€SIGNATURE€OR€COUNTERFEIT€ SEAL€OR€STAMP€(Art.€161.€162)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elem l€ of€ the€ Republic€ was€ counterfeited€ or€ the€ signature€ or€ stamp€ of€ the€ Chief€ Ex y€ another€person€ € 2.€ € Q:€A€person€gave€a€copper€cent€the€appearance€of€ a€silver€piece.€163)€€ € Q:€What€is€punished€in€“importing”€false€coins?€ € A:€ It€ is€ the€ mere€ act€ of€ import if€ the€ coins€ are€ not€ placed€ in€ circulation.BOOK 2: CRIMES Against Public Interest IV.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ kinds€ of€ coins€ the€ counterf hed?€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ € In€using€the€forged€signature€or€stamp€of€the€Pr participation€ of€ the€ offender€ is€ in€ effect€that€of€an€accessory.€ to€ pass€ counterfeit€ coins.€ it€ is€ not€ falsification€ but€ for of€ the€ Chief€ Executive€under€this€article. He€ used eal€ or€ forged€ signature€or€stamp€ € Note:€ Offender€ here€ should€ not€ be€ the€ forger€ or€ the€ cause€ of€ counterfeiting.€ € Q:€What€is€meant€by€“uttering”€of€coi late. There€be€false€or€counterfeited€coins€ € Offender€made.€he€is€punished€by€a€pen € Q:€What€is€counterfeiting?€ € A:€ Counterfeiting€ means€ to€ imitate€ a€ coin€ that€ is€ pearance€ of€ one€ of€ legal€ tender.€MARTINEZ€ 125 .€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ the€ felony ed.€Although€the€general d€ be€ punished€ by€ a€ penalty€ 2€ degrees€ lower.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.”€ € Note:€The€reason€for€punishing€the€fabrication€of€coin€ withdrawn€ from€ circulation€ is€ t at€ the€ counterfeiter€ may€ later€ apply€ his€ trade€ to€ the€ making€ of€coins€in€actual€ 08)€ € €€COUNTERFEITING€COINS€€ € €€MAKING€AND€IMPORTING€AND€UTTERING€FALSE€ COINS€(Art.€CRIMES€AGAINST€PUBLIC€INTEREST€(161‐187)€ € FORGERIES€ € €€COUNTERFEITING€THE€GREAT€SEA LIPPINE€ISLANDS. Forging€the Forging€the€stamp€of€the€President€of€the€ Government€of€the€Philippines€ € Note:€ When€ the€ President’s€ signature€ is€ forged. 2.€ o e€ committed€is€forgery€under€Art.€ if€ the€ imitation€ is€ so€ imperfect€ that€ no€ one€ was€ deceived.€imported€or€uttered€such€ ering€ such€ false€ or€ counterfeited€coins.€ A:€ 1.€161)€ € Q:€W ?€ € A:€€ 1.€€ € Q:€Can€former€coins€withdrawn€from€circulation€be€ counterfeited€under€Art. Offender€ knew€ of€ the€ counterfeiting€ or€ forgery€ € 3.163?€ € ns€ “coin”€ without€ any€ qualifying€words€such€as€“current.€he€connived€with€the€ counterfeiters€or€import 3.€but€for€estafa€und :€ What€ is€ the€ criterion€ used€ in€ determining€ whether€a€coin€is€a€counterfeit€or€not? t€ the€ imitation€ must€ be€ such€ as€ to€ deceive€ an€ ordinary€ person€ in€ believing€ it quently.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.

Mutilat urther€ requirement€ that€ there€ be€ intent€ to€damage€or€defraud€another€ € 2. 2.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€LIWANAG.€ € Note:€Constructive€possession€or€the€subjection€of€the€ thing€to€one’s€control€is€included.€ 165.€165)€ € Q:€What€are€the€p ion€ of€ coins€ counterfeited€ or€ mutilated€ by€ another€ person. 3.€ € €€MUTILATION€OF€COIN NCE€OF€MUTILATED€COINS€ €€(Art.€ 163€ or€ 164.€ € 2. € Note:€Foreign€notes€and€coins€are€not€included€under€ this€article.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ Note:€ With€ respect€ to€ par.€ A:€€ 1.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. Silver€ coin€ of€ the€ Philippines€ or€ coins€ of€ the€Central€Bank€of€the€Phil or€ coinage€ of€ the€ Philippines€ or€ of€ the€ Central€ of€ the€ Bank€ of€€the€Philippines gn€country.€ k false€ or€ mutilated.€ with€ intent€ to€utter€ t€it€is€false€ or€mutilated..€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ WITHOUT€CONNIVANCE€(Art.D.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. 2.€ 427€ punishes€ possession€ of€ silver€ or€ nickel€ coins€ in€ excess€ of€ P50.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ € Q:€What€if€the€false€or€mutilated€coins€are€fou feiters€ or€ mutilators€ or€ importers?€ € A:€ Such€ possession€ does€ not€ constitute€ a€ but€ is€ punished€ either€ under€ Art.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € A:€ 1.€Also.€ is€ it€ necessary€ that€ the€ counterfeited€coin€is€a€legal€tender?€ ilated€coin.€ € Q:€What€is€mutilation?€ € A:€ Mutilation€ means€ dimi ngenuous€ means€ part€ of€ the€ metal€ in€ the€ coin€ either€ by€ filing€ or€ substituting€ l€ of€inferior€quality.€€ € € € € € € € € 126€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€there€must€be€int Coin€mutilated€is€of€legal€tender€ Offender€ gains€ from€ the€ precious€ metal€ dust€abstra s€to€be€a€coin.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ 3€ the€ use€ of€ the€ word€ ‘currency’€is€not€correct€becau oneda’€ which€ embraces€ not€ only€ those€ that€are€legal€tender.€ JR.€ € Note:€ P.€ with€ the€ further€ requirement€ that€ there€ must€ be€ connivance€ with r€or€importer€in€case€of€uttering. dge€of€the€fact€that€the€coin€ is€false. Actually€ uttering€ such€ false€ or€ mutilated€ coin. Importing€ mutilated€ coins.€ 3. Counterfeiting€ –€ refers€ to gery€ –€ refers€ to€ instruments€ of€ credit€ and€ obligations€ and€ securities€ issued€ by rnment€of€any€banking€ institution€ authorized€ by€ the€ Philippine€ government€to€issue€th ication€ –€ can€ only€ be€ committed€ in€ respect€of€documents€ € Q:€ What€ crimes€ may€ be coins€in€circulation?€ € A:€Counterfeiting€and€mutilation€of€coins.€but€also€those€out€of€cir € Q:€What€are€the€acts€of€falsification€or€falsity?€ € A:€ 1.€it€must€be€a€ legal€tender. € € €€SELLING€OF€FALSE€OR€MUTILATED€COIN. of€ national€ policy€ to€ protect€ the€ people€ from€ the€ conspiracy€ of€ those€ hoarding€ coins€ and€ to€ preserve€ and€maintain€the€economy.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€164)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € A:€€ 1.€ € Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€mutilation?€ € € Q:€ In€ Art.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.

€ or€ any€ instrument€ payable€ to€ order€ or€ other€ document€ of€ credit€ orged€or€falsified€by€ another€person€ 2.€IMPORTING.€ which€ presupposes€ that€ the€ s€are€forged€or€falsified€in€ a€foreign€country.€ AND€UT ES€ AND€DOCUMENTS.€ c ting.€ Note:€€It€means€offering€obligations€or€notes€ knowing€ them€ to€ be€ false€ or€ forged.€ € €€COUNTERFEITING.€171€ of€the€RPC. There€ be€ an€ instrument€ payable€ to€ order€ or€ other€ document€ of€ arer€ € 2.€ € € Q:€X€pleaded€guilty€to€the€charge€of€having€passed€ a€ P20€ counterfeit€ bill€ in€ a€ sto lating€Art.€172€in€connection€with€Art. Uttering€ such€ false€ instruments€ in€ connivance€ with€ the€ forger€ or Note:€ Connivance€ is€ not€ required€ in€ uttering€ if€ the€ utterer€is€the€forger.€ FALSIFICATION Committed€by€erasing.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. In€ case€ of€ ut ed€ with€ the€ forger€or€importer€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ acts€ of€ forgery€ punished€ under instruments€ payable€ to€ order€ or€ documents€ of€ credit€ not€ payable€ to€ bearer€ 2. Offender€ knows€ that€ any€ of€ those€ instrument ied€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ notes€ and€ other€ obligations€ and€ securities€ that€ may€ be€ forge Art.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€IMPORTING€AND€UTTERING€ INSTRUMENTS€NOT€PAYABLE€TO€BEARER€ €€(Art.BOOK 2: CRIMES Against Public Interest €€FORGING€TREASURY€OR€BANK€NOTES€OR€OTHER€ DOCUMENTS€PAYABLE€€TO€BEARER.€ 166€ of€ RPC€ but€ falsi ial€ documents€under€Art.€IMPORTING. Im e€instruments€ 3.€166?€ € A:€ 1.€MARTINEZ€ 127 .€the€figures.€Uttering€forged€bill€must€be€with€connivance€ with€ the€ authors itute€ a€ violation€of€Art.€words.€with€ a€representation. € Uttering€ obligations€ or€ note€ knowing€ them€to€be€false€or€forged.€ € Note:€ It€ means€ to€ bring€ them€ into€ the€ Philippines.€or€altering€ by€any€means.€166.€166?€ € A:€No. hable€acts?€ € A:€ 1.€ letters.€ € Coun is€ article€ must€ involve€ an€ instrument€ payable€ to€ order€ or€ other€ document€ of€ cr rer. Treasury€or€bank€notes€ 2.€167)€ s€crime?€ € A:€ 1. Offender€ forged.€ w ed€or€not.€ 3.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ imported€ or€ uttered€ such€instrument€ € 3.€2008)€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ difference€ between€ f ion?€ € A:€ FORGERY Committed€by€giving€to€a€ treasury€or€bank€note€or€ any€instrument€payable€ to€the€ rance€of€true€ and€genuine€document. Certificates€and€€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ € 2. Importation€ of€ such€ false€ or€ forged€ obligations€or€notes. Any€ treasury€ or€ bank€ notes€ or€ certificate€ or€ other€ obligation€ le€ to€ bearer.€whether€such€ offer ith€ a€ representation. Forging€or€falsification€of€treasury€or€bank€ notes€ or€ other€ docum er.€AND€UTTERING€ SUCH€FALSE€OR€FORGED€NOTES€AND€DOCUMENTS€ (Art. € Other€ obligations€ and€ securities€ payable€ to€bearer€ Note:€ Falsification€ of€ PNB€ checks€is€not€ forgery€under€ Art.€(Reyes.€ 3.€ substituting. € €€ILLEGAL€POSSESSION€AND€USE€OF€FALSE€ TREASURY€OR€BANK€NOTES€AND€OTHER€ INSTRUMENTS€(Art is€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€or€signs€ contained€therein.

€ What€crime€did€ y€ because€ when€ A€ wrote€ B’s€ name€ on€ the€ back€ of€ the€ treasury€ warrant€ which€ wa € Q:€When€is€counterfeiting€not€forgery?€ € A:€The€subject€of€forgery€should€be€treasury€or of€ forgery€ were€ a€ document€ other€ than€ these.€Orqueza)€ € Q:€A€received€a€treasury€warrant. By€ giving€ to€ a€ treasury€ ent€ payable€ to€ bearer€ or€ to€ order€mentioned€therein.€ how€is€forgery€committed?€ € A:€Fo igures€or€words€ are€changed€which€materially€alters€the€document.€letters.€36€O.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€170)€€ here€ be€ a€ bill.€ (Art.€can€ he€be€made€liable?€ € A:€ No. Using€ any€ of€ such€ forged€ or€ falsified€ instrume ng€ with€ intent€ to€ use€ any€ of€ such€forged€or€falsified€instruments€ € Note:€ The€ act€ being€ punished€ under€ Art.€ he€ converted€ the€ treasury€ warrant€ t arer.€ € Q:€ Is€ possession€ of€ false€ treasury€ or€ bank€ notes€ alone€ without€ intent€ to€ use nough€to€consummate€the€crime?€ € A:€ No.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ It€ had€ the€ effect€ of€ erasing€ the€ phrase€ “or€ his€ order”€ upon€ the€ face€ o to)€ € Note:€Forgery€under€the€RPC€applies€to€papers..€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ 168€ is€ knowingly€ possessing€ with€ intent orged€treasury€or€bank€notes.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€a€check€issued€b nally€made€payable€to€ B.1€ of€ Art.€2404)€ € €€FALSIFICATION€OF€LEGISLATIVE€DOCUMENTS€€ €€(Art.€counterfeiting.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ € Q:€ In€ checks€ and€ other€ commercial€ documents.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€G.€ 169)€ € Q:€X€caused€the€printing€of€the€checks€and€directed€ the€ p erein€ the€ important€ details€and€wordings€contained€in€checks€regularly€ issued€by€a€US€g t€crime€did€ X€commit?€ € A:€X€committed€forgery€within€the€meaning€of€par.€ A€ wrote€ B’s€ name€ on€ the€ back€ of€ said€ t orsed€ it.€169)€ € Q:€How€is€forgery€committed?€ € A:€ 1.€or€ altering€by€any€means€the€figures.€ € Note:€A€person€in€possession€of€falsified€document€and€ who€ makes€ use€ of€ the€ same€ is€ ial€author€of€falsification.€ retraces€ his€ steps€ b le€v.€the€appearance€ of€a€true€and€ge sing.€ resolution€ or€ ordinance€ enacted€or€approved€or€pending€approval€ by€ Legislature€ or€ any€ provincial€board€or€municipal€council€ 2.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 3.€ € Q:€In€a€case€where€th g€ out€his€intention.€ and€ then€ presented€ it€ for€ payment.€ at€is€the€essence€of€forgery?€ € A:€The€essence€of€forgery€is€giving€a€document€the€ appear .€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€(People€v.€ words. ained€ therein.€ originally€ made€ payable€ to€ B€ or€ his€ order.€ERIK€GALLARDO. Alteration€ has€ changed€ the€ meaning€ of€ the€document€ € € 128€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ But€ mere€ possession€ with€ intent€ to€ utter€ of€ illegal€ possession€ of€ false€notes.€ which€ are€ given€ the€ same€ status€ as€ l reasury€and€bank€notes.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€threw€away€the€forged€note.€ € FORGERY€(Art.€ the€ crime€ would€ be€ falsification.€which€ are€in€the€form€of€obligations€and€se ippine€ Government€ as€ its€ own€ obligations. Offender€alters€the€same€ 3 thority€therefore€ 4.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€Padilla.€ It€ was€ paid€ to€ A.€ for€ of€ repentance€on€him.€ € If€ all€ acts€ are€ done€ but€ genuine€ appearance€ is€ not€ giv .€ 169 yable€ to€ order.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€substituting.€ € The€ accused€ has€ the€ burden€ to€ give€ satisfactory€ exp ssion€of€forged€bills. He€performs€any€of€these€acts:€ a.€ or€ his€ order.€ JR.€who€having€set€foot€on€the€path€ of€ crime.€LIWANAG.

€Letters€of€Credit€ c. Falsification€ of€ wireless.€ Before€ a€ docume ed€ official.€there€must lic€officer€to€issue€or€to€render€such€document. € Official€document€–€any€instrument€issued€ by€ the€ government€ or€ its€ agents€ or€ offi o€and€the€ offices. 4.€ € E.€ by€ which€ document€ some€ dispositi is€ proved.€ or€ every€deed€or€instrument€executed€by€a€person€by€ which€ some€ di t€ is€ proved.€it€must€first€be€public€document.€The€official€receipt€is€a€public€ document€which€is€an€official€document. Pu t€ notarized€by€a€notary€public€or€competent€ public€ official€ with€ the€ solemnities€ req E.€Checks€ d.€MARTINEZ€ 129 .€ 248€ prohibits€ the€ reprinting.€To€become€an€ official€document.g. Mere€ blank€ forms€ of€ official€ do ch€are€not€filled€up€ € 3.BOOK 2: CRIMES Against Public Interest Note:€ The€ offender€ must€ not€ be€ a€ public€ official€ entrusted€ with€ the€ custody€ or h€ document.€ reproduction€ or€republication€of€government ns€without€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.g. public€ or€ official.€ € Commercial€ document€ –€ any€ instrument€ execut ith€ the€ Code€ of€ Commerce€ of€ any€ mercantile€ law€ containing€ disposition€ of€ commer igations.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€Quedans€ Q:€ What€ are€ examples€ of€ writings€ that€ do€ not€ constitute€documents?€ € A:€€ 1.€A€cashier€is€required€to€issue€an€ eceives.€ € E.€ € Public€ document€ is€ broader€ than€ the€ term€ official€ document. Pamphlets€ or€ books€ which€ are€ mere€ merchandise.€ or€ commercial€ documents€ by€ a€ private€ individual€ € 4.€ telegraph€ and€ telephon w€is€document€falsified?€ € A:€ A€ document€ is€ falsified€ by€ fabricating€ an€ inexistent g€the€contents€of€ an€ existing€ one€ through€ any€ of€ the€ 8€ ways€ enumerated€under€Art. Falsification€ of€ a€ document€ by€ a€ public€ officer.g.€they€are€authorized€to€i E. Residence€certificate€ d.€ evidenced€ or€ set€ forth. Civil€service€examination€papers€ b.€resolution€or€ordinance€must€be€ge f€lading€ € Note:€ Under€ the€ Rules€ of€ Court.A. Falsific ate€ document€ by€ any€ person€ € 5.€otherwise€Art.€employee€or€notary€public€ € 3. Falsification€o 2.€ not€ evide on€or€agreement€ € Q:€What€are€the€five€classes€of€falsification?€ € A:€ 1.€ evidenced€or€set€forth. Official€ receipt€ required€ by€ the€ govern ued€ upon€ receipt€ of€money€for€public€purposes€ c.€ € 3.€ € A:€ It€ is€ any€ written€ instrument€ by€ which€ a€ right€ is€ est n€ is€ extinguished.€ which€ in€ accordance€ with€ their€ creation.€ € Q:€What€are€the€kinds€of€documents?€ € A:€ 1.€ there€ are€ only€ two€ kinds€of€document€ . Note:€ R.€ € The€bill.€ a.€171€will€apply. Driver’s€lic 2. € Private€ document€ –€ every€ deed€ or€ instrument€ by€ a€ private€ person€ without€ the€i ublic€or€of€ any€ other€ person€ legally€ authorized.€ Register€ of€ attorneys€ officially€ kept€ by€ the€Clerk€of€the€Supreme€Court€in€whic me€ of€ each€ attorney€ admitted€to€the€practice€of€law. A€dr ich€is€not€ yet€approved€by€the€proper€authority€ € 2.g.€ € € Q:€Define€document.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€€ a.€Bills€of€exchange€ b.

€2nd.€ iv.€ € Note:€ It€ is€ not€ necessary€ that€ the€ imitation€ be€ perfect.€ to€ help€ prove€ the ge€ was€ solemnized.€registry€or€off € b.€ € Q:€X€was€charged€with€falsification€because€in€her€ certificate€ of€ candidacy€ for€ the€ r€ she€ had€ ‘willfully€ and€ unlawfully’€ made€ the€ false€ statement€ that€ she€ was€ eli € . Issuing€ in€ authenticated€ form€ a€ document€ purporting€ to€ be€ a€ € copy€ of€ any€ orig o€ such€ copy€ a€ statement€ contrary€ to.€17 nts€of€this€crime?€ € € A:€€ 1.€or€ notary€public. The€ untruthful€ narration€ must€ be ect€ the€ integrity€ of€ the€ document€ or€ to€ change€ the€ effects€ which€ it€ would€ oth Note:€In€1st.€8th€mode€ of€ falsification. That€ the€ offender€ makes€ in€ a€ document€ untruthful€ statements€ in€a€nar i.€ € Note:€ This€ kind€ of€ falsification€ may€ be€ committed€by€omission.€ Making€ untruthful€ statements€ in€ a€ narration Elements:€ i.€ registry€ or€ official€ book.€ eeper€ extracted€ the€ original€ of€ marriage€ contract€ in€ the€ file€ and€ changed€it€wit s€not€ to€disrupt€the€numbering€of€the€documents€ numerically€ filed. €€ Causing€ it€ to€ appear€ that€ persons€ have€ participated€ in€ any€ act€ or€ proceeding€wh articipate.€ he€ is€ guilty€ of€ Falsification€ for€ intercalating€ any€ instrumen tive€ to€ the€ issuance€ thereof€ in€ a€ protocol.€ or€different€from€that€of€the€genuine€ original nstrument€ or€ note€ relative€ to€ the€ issuance€ thereof€ in€ a€ protocol.€employee. That€ he€ has€ legal€ obligation€ to€ disclose€ the€ truth€ of€ the€ facts€ narrated€by€ narrated€ by€ the€ offender€are€absolutely€false.€ bear€ some€ resemblance€ to e.€7th€(2nd€part).€ icial€position€ –€€ a.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € FALSIFICATION€BY€PUBLIC€OFFICER. He€ has€ the€ duty€ to€ make€ or€ prepare€ or€ to€ otherwise€ interv e€document.€falsification€may€ be€committed€by€simulating€or€fabricating€a€ document.€ it€ is€ enough€ that€ th e. d.€ there€ must€ be€ genu ragraphs€of€171. Making€ any€ alteration€ or€ intercalation€ in€ a€ genuine€ document€ which€changes€it Note:€The€alteration€must€affect€either€ the€ veracity€ of€ the€ document€ or€ the€ effect€ tion€ which€ makes€ a€ document€ speak€ the€ truth€ does€ not€ constitute€falsification.€ Attributing€ to€ persons€ who€ have€ participated€ in€ an€ act€ or€ proceeding her€ than€ those€ in€ fact€ made€by€them.€EMPLOYEE€OR€ NOTARY€OR€ECCLESIASTICAL€MINISTRY€ €€(Art. Counterfeiting€ or€ imitating€ any€ gnature€or€rubic.€ € g.€ the€ act€ of€ falsificatio ith€ respect€ to€ any€ record€ or€ document€ of€ such€ character€ that€ the€ falsification€ vil€ status€ of€ persons. Altering€true€dates€ € Note:€ This€ mode€ of€ falsification€ is€ committed€ only€ if€ the€ true€ date€ is€ essenti € f.€6th. h.€or€ b.€and€the€ two€ signatures€ (the€ genuine€ and€ the€ forged). He€ has€ the€ official€ custody€ of€ the€ document€which€he€falsifies. Offender€is€a€public€officer.€€ € 4. c. In€ case€ the€ offender€ is€ an€ ecclesiastical€ minister.€ cument€ by€ committing€ any€of€the€following€acts:€ a.


c. Falsification€cause€damage€to€a€third€ party€or€at€least€the€f tted€with€intent€to€cause€such€ damage€ Note:€ It€ is€ not€ necessary€ that€ the€ offender€ profited€or€hoped€to€profit. Falsificati n€ any€ private€document€ c. Offender€ is€ a€ private€ individual€ or€ public€ officer€ o id€ not€ take€ advantage€ of€ his€ official€ position€ He€committed€any€act€of€falsificatio on€ is€ committed€ in€ a€ public. ed€ any€ of€ the€ acts€ of€ falsification€ except€ Art. Ecclesiastical€ minister€ if€ the€ ac ion€ may€ affect€ the€ civil€ status€ of€ persons€ € 3.€ 004)€ € FALSIFICATION€BY€PRIVATE€INDIVIDUALS€AND€USE€ OF€FALSIFIED€DOCUMENTS€ €€(Art.€MARTINEZ€ 131 .€ or€ commercial€ document€or€letter€of€exchang b.BOOK 2: CRIMES Against Public Interest office€ although€ she€ knew€ fully€ well€ that€ she€ was€ under€23€years€old.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ official.€Is€Bernante€liable€for€the€crime€of€ falsification€of€documents?€ € A:€No..€ or€different€from€that€of€the€genuine€ original€ b. Falsification€ of€ public€ official€ or€ commercial€ document€ by€ a€ privat lements€under€paragraph€1:€ a.€ As€ regard € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. € Note:€ Under€ this€ par. Public blic€ who€takes€advantages€of€official€position€ € 2.€ 2.€ she€ practically€ wrote€ a€ conclusion e€ may€ not€ be€ declared€ guilty€ of€ falsification€ because€ Art.€(People€v.€ It€was€alleged€that€Ber r€in€his€ leave€application€that€he€was€on€forced€leave€and€ on€ vacation€ leave€ on€ certa nte€ was€ serving€ a€ 20‐day€ prison€ term€ because€ of€ his€ conviction€ of€ the€ crime€ o ies.€Yanza)€ € Q:€Who€are€the€persons€liable?€ € A:€€ 1.€ damage€ is€ not€ essential.€ € There€ rough€ reckless€ imprudence€ if€ the€ document€ is€ private€ and€ no€actual€damage€is€cause s€ already€ consummated€ at€ the€ time€ the€ falsification€ of€ a€ private€ document€ was€ purpose€ of€ concealing€ the€ estafa.€ that€ is€ issuing€ in€ ocument€purporting€to€be€a€ copy€ of€ an€ original€ document€ when€ no€such€original€exists y€a€statement€contrary€to.€172)€ cts?€ € A:€ 1.€ the€ falsification€ is€ not€ punishable.€ € The€ possessor€ of€ falsified€ he€author€of€falsification.€ 171€ punishes€ untruth n€narration€of€facts.R.€ Office€ of€ the€ Ombudsman€ [Visayas]€ G.€ orm€of€an€official€document€is€ not€in€itself€a€document.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€Was€the€charg sed€certified€she€was€eligible€ for€ the€ position.€It€is€presumed.€ € Lack€of€malice€or s€a€defense€under€this€article. Private€ individual.€as€when€it€ is€ with€ the€ authority€ of€ the€ heirs€ of€ a sbursement€ vouchers€ or€ receipts€ evidencing€ payments€ are€ not€ commercial€ documents.€ 171€ (7).€ if€ in€ consp fficer€ € Q:€ Augustina€ filed€ a€ criminal€ complaint€ against€ Bernante€ for€ falsificati ocument€ because€ the€ latter€ allegedly€ falsified€ leave€ forms.€Augustina€f ing€ upon€ Bernante€ the€ legal€ obligation€ to€ disclose€ where€he€was€going€to€spend€his€ ligation”€ means€ that€ there€ is€ a€ law€ requiring€ the€ disclosure€ of€ the€ truth€ of€ rnante€ may€ not€ be€ convicted€ of€ the€ crime€of€falsification€of€public€document€by€maki in€ a€ narration€ of€ facts€ absent€ any€ legal€ obligation€ to€ disclose€ where€ he€ would n€ leave€ and€ forced€ leave.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. € Falsification€ of€ private€ document€ by€ any€ person€ € Elements€under€paragraph€2:€ a.€ (Enemecio€ v.

€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ there€ was€no€damage€or€intent€to€cause€damage.€ € The€ crime€ blic€ documents€ even€ if€ the€ falsification€ took€ place€ before€ the€ private€ document€ e€public€record.€ € 3.€LIWANAG.€ if:€ 1.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ € Note:€Only€when€he€is€acquitted€therefrom€will€he€be€ prosecuted€for€the€crime€of€use€of€fa 08)€ € Note:€ If€ the€ crime€ was€ use€ of€ falsified€ document.€ In€ this€ crime.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€and€ b. t€are€the€distinctions€between€falsification€ of€public€document€and€private€document?€ € A FALSIFICATION€OF€ PUBLIC€DOCUMENT€ Mere€falsification€€is€ enough€ FALSIFICATION€OF€ PRIVAT de€from€falsification.€ If€ the€ estafa€can€be€committed€even€without€resorting€to€ fals me€is€estafa.€ € Q:€ In e€documents.€ the€ crime€ is€ falsification.€and€2.€ € Elements€under€the€last€paragraph:€€ a.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € falsification€ of€ the€ private€ document. Offender€ knew€ that€ the€ document€ was€ falsified€ by€ another€pe ied€ document€ is€ in€ Articles€171€or€172€(1€or€2)€ iii. Use€of€falsified€document.€171€or€172€(1€or€2)€ iii.€ what€will€ determine€whether€the€crime€committed€is€estafa€ or€falsification? ication€ of€ the€ private€ document€ was€ essential€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ estafa€ becau alsification. He€used€such€document€ iv.€ the€ purpose€ for€ knowingly€ using€ falsified€ document€ is€ essent ocument€ is€ presented€ in€ court..€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. nother€ or€ at€ least€ used€ with€ intent€to€cause€damage€ € € Q:€Is€damage€a€requirement€in€the€use€of€falsified€ document?€ € A:€The€element€of€damage n€ the€ falsified€ document€ is€ introduced€ in€ evidence€in€a€proceeding€other€than€judici sed€ a€ falsified€ document€ what€ should€be€the€proper€charge€against€him?€ € A:€ Falsific ecause€ of€ the€ legal€ principle€ that€ when€ a€ person€ made€ use€ of€ falsified€ documen sifier. sified€documents€is€ deemed€ the€ author€ of€ the€ falsification.€€ € Damage€to€one’s€honor€is€included.€ estafa€ cannot€ be€ committed.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.The€use€was€so€cl e€ falsification. I cial€ proceeding€–€€ i.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€(People€ v.€ € 132€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ Lack€ ntent€ is€ shown€ by€ the€ following€circumstances:€ a. In€use€in€any€other€transaction€–€€ i.€ even€ if€ rejected.€ prejudice€to€a€third€ person€or€intent€to€cause€ it.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. No€ damage€ has€ been€ caused€ either€ to€ the€ government€ or€ third€ person.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€Marasigan)€ € Q:€ Is€ there€ a€ complex€ crime€ of€ estafa€ through€ falsification€of€a€private€documen diate€effect€of€falsification€ of€private€document€is€the€same€as€that€of€estafa.€ Estafa€ beco sequence€ of€ the€ crime.€ JR. Accused€ did€ not€ benefit€ out€ of ion. Offender€knew€that€a€document€ was€fal he€false€document€is€embraced€ in€Art.€ Intentional€ falsification€ requires€ criminal€ intent€ to€ falsify.€Falsific ted€the€moment€ the€genuine€document€is€altered€of€the€moment€the€ false€document€is€execut at€ instance€ will€ falsification€ not€ give€ rise€ to€criminal€liability?€ € A:€Where€the€ th€is€absent. He€introduced€said€document€in€ e ceeding€ € b.€the€user€had€capacity€of€ falsifying€the€document.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€is€essential.€ the€ nature€ of€ the€ doc ng.€ € A€ private€ document€ may€ require€ the€ character€ of€ a€ public€ document€ when€ it€ beco cial€ record€ and€ is€ certified€by€public€officer€duly€authorized€by€ law.€ the€ mere€ offer€ thereof€is€crimi Q:€ Is€ there€ such€ crime€ as€ attempted/€ frustrated€ falsification?€ € A:€None.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.

Issuance€ of€ a€ false€ certificate€ or€ merit€ or€ service.€ the€ principal€ thing€ punished€ is€ the€ violation€ of€ the€ public€ faith€ on€ of€ the€ truth€ as€ therein€solemnly€proclaimed. Uttering€ fictitious.€TELEGRAPH. € Note:€ Falsification€ has€ no€ attempted€ or€ frustrated€ stage.€ € 2.€ Falsification€ is€ consum oment€ the€ genuine€document€is€altered€or€the€moment€the€false€ document€is€executed.€ cable€ or€ telephone€message€ b.€ € E.€ AND€TELEPHONE€MESSAGES.€CABLE.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ good€ conduct€ or€ simil y€a€public€officer.€reduced€the€ he€ telegraph€ messages€ by€ twelve€ and€ eight€words.€€ Note:€Intent€to€gain€is€immaterial.€there€results€ only€one€crime:€tha f€a€private€ document.€Granda.€without€having€been€authorized€to€do e€ pocketed€ the€ differences€ in€ the€prices€charged€in€the€sums€of€P€0. He€ falsifies€ wireless.€Malversation€through€ falsification€of€ t.48.€MARTINEZ€ 133 .€ R.€it€is€not€ necessa e€idea€of€gain€or€ the€ intent€ to€ injure€ a€ third€ person.€ There€is€no€complex€ crime€of€estafa€through€ falsification€of€a€private€ document.€theft.€ or€malversation.BOOK 2: CRIMES Against Public Interest Can€be€complexed€with€ other€crimes€if€the€act€of€ falsification€was€the€ necessary€means€i imes.€punishes€private€individuals€ who€forge€or€alter€telegrams.€ cable€ and€ tel sage.€a€private€individual€may€be€a€ principal€ by€ induceme ticipation.€(Lastrilla€v.€Hence.€No€160257 TION€OF€WIRELESS.€AND€USE€OF€SAID€ FALSIFIED€MES t€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € A:€ 1.€negates€criminal€intent? e€does€not€necessarily€ imply€ that€ there€ can€ be€ no€ falsification€ as€ it€ is€ merely€ dered€ to€ determine€ whether€ or€ not€ there€ is€ criminal€ intent€ to€ commit€ falsificat led€ rule€ that€ in€ the€ falsification€of€public€or€official€documents.€ resp id€the€telegraph€ operator€commit?€ € A:€ He€ was€ guilty€ of€ falsification€ of€ telegraph mero)€ € €€FALSE€MEDICAL€CERTIFICATES. Offender€ knew€ that€ wireless.€ cable€ teleg phone€message€ € Q:€ A€ telegraph€ operator.€ € ble€must€be€engaged€in€the€ service€ of€ sending€ or€ receiving€ wireless.€ This€ is€ so€ because€ in€ t c€ document.g.€G.€the€offender€may€be€any€ person.€ € Using€such€falsified€message€ Elements:€ a.€like€estafa. Offender€is€an€officer€ he€ government€ or€ an€ officer€ or€ employee€ of€ a€ private€ corporation€ engaged€in€the€ ceiving€ wireless.€Estafa€ through€falsification€of€a€ public€document.€ cable€ or€ telephone€message€ b.€ vate€document.€ cable.€ € For€uttering€or€falsifying.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€But€if€the€ public€ officer€ issued€ the€ false€ certif € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ € Q:€Does€the€payment€made€shows€lack€of€damage€ and€consequently.€Sec.€to€defraud€ another.€ telegraph€ or€ telep Falsifying€wireless.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€telegraph€or€telephone€ message€ Elements:€ a.72€and€0.€ tele ephone€ message€ was€ falsified€ by€ an€ officer€ or€ employee€ of€ a€ private€ corporation vice€of€sending€or€ receiving€ wireless.€1851.€ who€ received€ two€ telegrams€for€transmission.€ 3. Issuance€of€false€certificate€by€a€physician€ or€ surgeon€ in€ connection€ w rofession€ € Note:€ It€ is€ essential€ that€ the€ medical€ certificate€is€used€knowing€it€to€be€false.€4. He€used€such€fal The€use€resulted€in€the€prejudice€of€a€ third€ party€ or€ at€ least€ there€ was€ intent€to € Note:€Act€No.€ €€(Art cts?€ € A:€ 1.€FALSE€ CERTIFICATES€OF€MERIT€OR€SERVICE€ETC.€which€ he€falsified.€ For€use€of€a€falsified€message.€ wireless.


€ € Ar nish€ not€ only€ actual€ physical€ possession.€ agent€ or€ representative€ of€ any€ department€ or€ agency€ of€ the€ Philippine€ Governm vernment.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ € 3. Usurpation€ of€ Official€ Functions€ –€ Performing€ any€ act€ pertaining€ to€ any€ per lic€officer€of€the€ Philippine€ Government€ or€ of€ a€ foreign€ government€or€any€agency€th e€ of€ official€ position.€ 171€or€Art. He€used€the€same€ € Note:€When€any€of€false€certificates€mentioned€in€Art.€ mar ents€ or€ implements€ for€ counterfeiting€or€falsification€ € 2.”€or€ “good €€€ €€USING€FALSE€CERTIFICATES€ €€(Art.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€The attle€is€a€ public€document€and€its€falsification€is€covered€by€Art.€ € The€phrase€“or€similar€circumstances”€in€Ar ty..€ € OTHER€FALSITIES€€ € €€USURPATION€OF€AUTHORITY€OR€OFFICIAL€ FUNCTIONS tion?€ € A:€€ 1.€ dies.€depe s€ a€public€officer€or€a€private€individual. Falsification€ by€ a€ private€ person€ of€ any€ certificate€falling€within€1€and€2.€ 174€ is€ used€ in€ judicial€ procee oes€ not€ apply€ because€ it€ is€ limited€ only€ to€ those€ false€ documents€embraced€in€Ar o:€ Use€ of€ false€ document€ in€ judicial€ proceeding€ under€ Art.€ gift€ or€ reward.€ he€will€also€be€liable€bribery.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ 172€ is€ limited€ to€ t€ embraced€in€Arts.€ or€ public€ officer€ had€ issue€ a€ false€ certificate€ or€ service.”€“service.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. Physician€or€surgeon€€ 2.€ € There€must€be€positive.€172.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ €€MANUFACTURING€AND€POSSESSION€.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ € Q:€What€is€a€certificate?€ € A:€ Any€ writing€ by€ which€ testimony€ is€ given€ that€ a€ o€are€the€people€liable€under€this€Article?€ € A:€€ 1.€174. Public€off al€ who€ falsified€ a€ certificate€falling€in€the€classes€mentioned€ in€nos.€1€and€2.€it€being€enough€that€they€may€be€employed€ by€ the th€ other€ implements€ to€ commit€ the€ crime€ of€ counterfeiting€ or€ falsification.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ and€ without€ being€lawfully€entitled€to€do€so.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€LIWANAG.€ € € 134€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ mere€ false€ representation€ is€ sufficient€ to€ bring€ ab bility.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Usurpation€ of€ Authority€ –€ Knowingly€ and€ falsely€ representing€ onese .€ € Note:€ Under€ the€ first€ form.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € consideration€ of€ a€ promise.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€but€also€constructive€possession€or€the€ sub g€to€one’s€control.€ or€ a€ private€ person€ had€ falsified€ any€ of€ said€ certificates knew€ that€ the€ certificate€ was€ false€ € 3.€171€and€172.€ JR.€175)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € ical€ certificate.€ € 2.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € Note:€ Falsification€ of€ certificate€ of€ large€ cattle€ is€ not€ covered€by€Art. Possessing€ with€ intent€ trument€ or€ implements€ for€ counterfeiting€ or€ falsification€ made€ in€ or€ introduced€ ippines€ by€ another€person€ € Q:€Is€it€necessary€that€the€implements€confiscated€ form€ a€ terfeiting€ or€ falsification?€ € A:€No.€ g similar€ circumstance. Making€or€introducing€into€the€Philippines€ any€ stamps.€176) hable€acts?€ € A:€€ 1.€ERIK€GALLARDO.OF€ INSTRUMENTS€OR€IMPLEMENTS€FOR€ FALSIFICATION€(Art.€express€and€explicit€ representation.€because€the€circumstance€ contemplated€must€be€similar€to€“merit.

Purpose€of€use€is€to€conceal€a€crime.BOOK 2: CRIMES Against Public Interest € Note:€Under€the€second€form.€ or€ with€ which€ he€ was€ registered€ in€ the€ n€ upon€ entry.€subdivision€2€Par€(a).€ television.€public€officials€may€also€commit€ this€crime.€ or€ such€ substitute€ name€ as€ may€ have€ been€ authorized€ by€ a€ compet onym€ solely€ for€ literary. to€ conceal€ his€ identity€ € Concealing€true€name€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. € Elements:€ a. Any€public€officer€ € ND€CONCEALING€TRUE€ NAME€€(Art.€ € The€judicial€authority€for€the€use e€ and€ the€ alien’s€ immigrant€ name€ shall€ be€ recorded€ in€ the€ proper€ local€ civil€ n€shall€use€any€name/s€other€than€his€original€or€ real€ name€ unless€ the€ same€ is€ or€ a r€local€civil€registry.€6085€ (An€Act€Regulating€the€Use€of :€€ GR:€ No€ person€ shall€ use€ any€ name€ different€ from€ the€ one€ with€ which€ he€ was e€ office€ of€ the€ local€ civil€ registry.€or€to€cause€ damage.€ cinema.€ to€ evade€ ent€ or€ to€ cause€ damage€ (to€ public€interest)€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ € Note:€ If€ the€ purpose€ is€ to€ cause€ damage€ to€ private€ interest.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ using€ fictitious€na e€name?€ € A:€€ USING€FICTITIOUS€NAME€ Element€of€publicity€must€be€ present.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ € No€ person€ sh e€ such€ judicial€ authority€for€more€than€one€alias.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ The€purpose€is€either€to€con xecution€ of€a€judgment. Offender€conceals€his€true€name€and€ other€personal€circumstances€ b.A. The€government€ 2.€ Q:€ To€ whom€ does€ the€ authority€ or€ function€ usurped€pertain?€ € A:€ The€ function€ or ust€ pertain€ to:€ 1.€radio.€ € Note:€ Any€ person€ desiring€ to€ use€ an€ alias€ shall€ apply€ for€authority€therefore€in€ e€legally€ provided€to€obtain€judicially€authority€for€a€change€of€ name.€€€ as€amended€by€R.€without€false€ pretense€there€ is€ no€ crime€ of€ usurpation€ € Q:€Can€a€public€official€commit€this€crime?€ € A:€ Yes.€ If€ it€ can€ be€ proven€ tha ty€ or€official€ functions€by€ accused€was€ done€ in€ good€faith€or€under€cloth€of€authorit tion€will€not€apply.€ CONCEALING€TRUE€ NAME€ Element€of€publicity€ urpose€is€ merely€to€conceal€ identity.€ € Note:€It€does€not€apply€to€an€occupant€under€color€of€ title.€ but€ may€ not€ be€ complexed€ with€ evasion€ of€ service€ of€ sentence.€ €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ Note:€ The€ crime€under€ this€ article€ may€ be€ complexed€ with€ the€ crime€ of€ deliverin ail.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € €€COMMONWEALTH€ACT€No.€ the€ crime€ will€ b .€ 177€ is€ no viduals.€or€other€entertainment€and€in€ at here€ the€ use€ of€ pseudonym€ is€ normally€accepted€practice.€ € R.€ Violation€ of€ Art.€142.€ € Q:€What€is€a€“fictitious€name”?€ € A:€ Fictitious€ name€ is€ any€ other€ name€ which€ a€ pe thout€authority€ of€law.€ € 2.€No.€ 75€ provides€ penalty€ for€ usurping€ authority€ of€ diplomat her€ official€ of€ foreign€ government. Any€person€in€authority€ 3.€MARTINEZ€ 135 .€178)€ €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ Q:€What€are€the€puni He€uses€the€fictitious€name€publicly€ c.A.

€It€could€ not€be€frustrat t€ is€ the€ reason€ for€ punishing€ false€ testimony?€ € A:€ Falsehood€ is€ ever€ reprehens ticularly€ odious€ when€ committed€ in€ a€ judicial€ proceeding.€ shall€deny€the€truth€or€say€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ three€ forms€ of€ false€ testimony?€ € €€€€€€ A:€False€testimony€in:€ 1 Other€Cases€ € Q:€ Can€ a€ false€ testimony€ be€ committed€ thru€ negligence?€ € A:€ No.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€LIWANAG.€ or€ dress€ is€ used€ y€ € Q:€ Is€ it€ required€ that€ there€ be€ exact€ imitation€ of€ uniform€ to€ constitute€ s€ or€ insignia?€ € A:€No. Offen der€ oath€ against€the€defendant€therein€ 3.€179)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€the€crime?€ € A:€ uniform€ or€dress€ 2.€ distribution€ and€ use€ of€ PNP€ uniforms.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € or€ emblem€ of€ rank€ of€ the€ members€ of€ the€ AFP€ or€ Constabulary€ is€ punished€ by€ R n€ playhouse€ or€ theater€ or€ in€ moving€picture€films.€ what€ is€ true.€ insignias€ and€ other€accoutrem € €€FALSE€TESTIMONY€ € Q:€What€is€a€false€testimony?€ € A:€A€false€testimony€is€a€declarati ceeding€which€is€contrary€to€ € Q:€Is€there€false€testimony€even€if€the€testimony€is€ not€considered€by€the€court?€ € A:€ ed€here€is€the€ tendency€of€the€testimony€to€establish€or€aggravate€ € 136€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€or€regalia€of€a€foreign€ State€is€punished€by€R.€ F es€ a€ criminal€ intent€ and€cannot€be€committed€thru€negligence.€ sale.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€Hence.€ this€article€is€no n€of€this€article€requires€criminal€intent.€ being€ under€ oath€ and€ required€ to€ testify€ as€ ain€ matter€ at€ a€ hearing€ before€ a€ competent€ authority.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ like€ his€ or€ her€ age. Offender€ who€ gives€ false€ testimony€ knows€ Defendant€ against€ whom€ the€ false€ testimony€ is€ given€ is€ either€ acquitted€ or€ conv ment€ € Note:€ The€ offender€ must€ however€ testify€ on€ material€ matters€ so€ that€ even€ if€ he ing€ his€ testimony€ on€ immaterial€ matters. There€is€a€criminal€proceeding€ 2.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Q:€ Does€ the€ common‐law€ wife€ incur€ criminal€ liability€if€he€uses€the€surname€of€his€c mon‐law€ wife€ does€ not€ incur€ criminal€ liability€ under€ the€ Anti‐Alias€ Law€ if€ she€ n€she€has€been€living€with€for€the€ past€ 20€ years€ and€ has€ been€ introducing€ herself€ L€USE€OF€UNIFORM€OR€INSIGNIA€ €€(Art.€ € Note:€Using€uniform. The€insignia.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€uniform€or€dress€pertains€to€ an€office€not€held€by€the sons€ of€ which€ he€ is€ not€ a€ member€ 3.€75.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. Said€ insignia.€ or€ to€ deny€ the€ same€ or€ to€ alter€ essential€truth.€as€it€constitutes€an€impos rt€ and€ seriously€ exposes€ it€ to€ a€ miscarriage€ of€ justice.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€Colorable€resemblance€calculated€to€deceive€ ordinary€persons€is s€meant€by€“improper”€use€of€uniform€or€ insignia?€ € A:€ It€ means€ that€ the€ offender€ h signia.A..€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ € EO€ 297€ punishes acture.€ uniform.€ € Note:€ Committed€ by€ a€ person€ who.€ it€cannot€be€committed€through€negligen € Wearing€ the€ uniform€ of€ an€ imaginary€ office€ is€ not€ punishable.€ JR.€ € €€FALSE€TESTIMONY€AGAI Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€€ 1.€decoration.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.

€182)€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ € €€FALSE€TESTIMONY€FAVORABLE€TO€THE€ DEFENDANT€(Art. Against‐€ period€ will€ not€ begin€ to€ run€ as€ long€ as€ the€ c ith€ finality€ because€ the€ basis€ of€ the€ penalty€ on€ the€ false€ witness€ is€ the€ sen ified€against€ it. Testimony€must€be€given€in€a€civil€case es€ presented€ in€ said€case€ 3. It€ must€ be€ malicious€ and€ given€ with€ an€ intent€ to€ affect€ the€ issued€ prese ppose€ the€ false€ testimony€ is€ given€ a€ special€ proceeding€ (i.€€410€SCRA€148.€ probate€ proceeding crime€committed?€ € A:€ Perjury€ is€ committed€ if€ the€ false€ testimony€ is€ given€ in€ s . It€ must€ be€ given€ by€ the€ defenda e€ 5.€he€should€not€ be€prosecuted€for€false€testimony.€ The€ intent€ to€ favor€ defendant€is€sufficient.€ Art.€ € € € FALSE€TESTIMONY€IN€CIVIL€CASES€€€€€€€€€€ (Art.€When€the€accused€is€acquitted.€Soliman)€€ € Note:€ The€ ruling€ in€ Soliman€ would€ only€ apply€ if€ the€ defendant€voluntarily€goes€up d€ falsely€imputes€to€some€other€person€the€commission€ of€a€grave€offense.€181€)€.€there€is€ also€a€corresponding€penalty€on is€ false€ testimony. In€ Favor‐€ right€ after€ the€ witness€ te rescriptive€ period€ commences€ to€ run€ because€ the€ basis€ of€ the€ penalty€ on€ the€ fa felony€ charged€ to€ the€ accused€ regardless€ of€ whether€ the€accused€ was€ acquitted€ or ial€has€terminated. It€must€be€false€ 4.€180€ap ecause€Special€ Penal€Laws€follow€the€nomenclature€of€the€RPC.€not€that€he€may€be€enabled€to€introduce€false€ testimony€ into€ the€ r o€ spread€upon€the€record€the€truth€as€to€any€matter€ within€ his€ knowledge€ which€ will€ ledge.€ € Art.S.€ Judge€Abrogar.€ € A€state ishable.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€(Reyes€2 € € Q:€What€is€the€effect€on€prescriptive€period€of€the€ classification€of€the€false€testimon in€ favor€ or€ against€ the€ accused€ in€ a€ criminal€case?€ € A:€The€classification€signif en€ the€prescriptive€period€begins€to€run:€ € 1.€ € The€ criminal€ action€ in€ false€ testimony€ must€ be€ suspended€ when€ there€ is€ a€ pendi of€ the€ falsity€ of€ the€ subject€ testimonies€ of€ private€ respondents€ in€ the€ civil€ Express€ v.€ € Q:€What€is€essential€in€th Note:€False€testimony€in€favor€of€a€defendant€need€not€ directly€influence€the€decision€of€ enefit€ the€ defendant.€2003)€ € Q:€Can€a€defendant€who€falsely€testified€in€his€own€ behalf€ in€ a€ criminal€ case€ be€ g orable€to€the€defendant?€ € A:€Yes.€ (Boado.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR .€(U.€bu ncipal€case€ should€be€shown.€v.€If€he€merely€de me€or€his€participation€therein.€It€must€not€be€forgotten€that€the€right€of€an€ accused€ s€ secured€ to€ him.€ € 2.€ € Note:€ Defendant€ must€ be€ sentenced€ to€ at€ least€ a€ correctional€penalty€or€a€fine€or€ ender€need€not€impute€guilt€upon€the€accused€ to€ be€ liable.€ € Q:€ Is€ rectification€ made€ spontaneously€ after€ realizing€the€mistake€a€false€testimon Note:€False€testimony€by€negative€statement€is€still€in€ favor€of€the€defendant.€ 2008)€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € For€ this€ crime€ to€ come n€ the€ criminal€ case€ where€ he€ testified€ must€ have€been€already€final.€ 182€ is€ not€ applicable€ when€ the€ false€ testimony€ is€ given€ in€ special€proc Note:€ The€ basis€ of€ penalty€ is€ the€ amount€ involved€ in€ the€civil€case.e.BOOK 2: CRIMES Against Public Interest the€guilt€of€the€accused€and€not€the€result€that€the€ testimony€may€produce.€ € Conviction€or€acquittal€is€not€necessary€(final€judgment€ is€not€necessary).


€ € Q:€What€is€the€test€to€determine€the€materiality€of€ the€matter?€ € A:€The€test er€ to€ be€ admitted€ but€ whether€ if€ admitted€ it€ could€ properly€influence€the€result€ € A:€ It€ refers€ to€ the€ act€ of€ a€ person€ of€ procuring€ a€ false€witness€to€testify€a he€act€of€the€procurer.€1943)€ € Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€perjury€and€ false€testimony?€ € A:€€ PERJURY Any€willful€and€corrupt€ assertion€of€falsehood€on€ material€matter€under€ oath€and al€proceedings€ There€is€perjury€even€ during€the€preliminary€ investigation.€ 184€ does€ not€ apply€ when€ the€ offender€ induced€ a€ witness€ to€ testify€ plies€ when€ the€ offender€ knowingly€ presented€ a€ false€ witness.€184)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€ idence€ a€ false€ witness€or€false€testimony€ 2. r€ executed€ an€ affidavit€ upon€ a€ material€ matter€ 2. Sworn€ statement€ or€ affidavit€ contain y€is€required€by€law€ € Note:€ The€ SC€ held€ that€ the€ statement€ need€ not€ be€ required€but€that€it€was€suffici aw€ to€ be€ made.€ € €€OFFERING€FALSE€TESTIMONY€IN€EVIDENCE€ €€(Art.€ € Note:€ Falsely€ testifying€ under€ oath€ must€ not€ be€ in€ a€ judicial€proceeding.€ The€ asse berate€ and€willful.€ L‐ 47683.. Statement€or€affidavit€was€made€b fficer.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € FALSE€TESTIMONY€IN€OTHER€CASES€€ €€€€€€€AND€PERJURY€IN€SOLEMN€AFFIRMATION€€€€€€€€€ €€ € € der€oath€€ 2.€Oct.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ or€ which€legitimately€affects€the€credit stifies.€ Perver € Note:€ Mere€ assertion€ of€ falsehood€ is€ not€ enough€ to€ amount€ to€ perjury.€ FALSE€TESTIM ourse€of€a€ judicial€proceeding€ Contemplates€actual€trial€ where€judgment€of€ conviction€or€acquittal€is€ rendered.€ Angangco€ G.€ € Q:€What€could€be€used€as€a€defense?€ € A:€ Good€ faith€ or€ lack€ of€ malice€ is€ a€ defe st€ be€ deliberate€ and€ willful. He€ knew€ the€ witness€ or€ testimony€ was s€ made€ in€ a€ judicial€ or€ official€ proceeding€ € Note:€ Art.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€t llful€and€deliberate€assertion€of€ a€falsehood€ 4.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Making€a€false€affidavit.€or€any€fact€or€circumstance€ which€ tends€ to€ corroborate€ timony€ relative€ to€ the€ subject€ of€ inquiry.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€LIWANAG.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ (People€ v.€and€the€latter€testifi s€subordination€of€perjury?€ € Q:€What€is€perjury?€ € A:€ Perjury€ is€ the€ willful€ and€ corrupt€ assertion€ of€ falseh mation€ administered€ by€authority€of€law€on€a€material€matter.€ No.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€12.€ JR.R.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ € Q:€What€is€an€oath?€ € A ich€a€person€ signifies€that€he€is€bound€in€conscience€to€perform€ an€act€faithfully€and€tr erial€matter?”€ € A:€Material€matter€means€the€main€fact€which€is€the€ subject€ of€ the€ in hich€ tends€to€prove€that€fact.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € Q:€ Does€ subordination€ of€ perjury€ exist€ under€ the€ RPC?€ € perjury€ no€ longer€ exists€ under€ the€ RPC€ but€ the€ act€ is€ punished€ as€ plain€ € 138€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. In€that€statement€or€affidavit.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ authorized€ to€ receive€ and€administer€oath€ 3.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€perjury?€ € A:€€ 1.

€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€holding€ company€ or€ other€ form e€ purpose€ of€ unduly€ restricting€ competition.€ controlling€ its€ production.€trust. Attempting€to€cause€bidders€to€stay€away€ from€ an€ auction€ by€ threats.€ € €€MONOPOLIES€AND€COMBINATIONS€IN€ RESTRAINT€OF€TRADE€(Art.€ pro ce.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ Elements:€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ a.€ € Execution€ sales€ should€ be€ opened€ to€ free€ and€ full o€ secure€ the€ maximum€benefit€for€the€debtors. Combination€ to€ prevent€ free€ competition€ i :€€ a.€pool. Entering€ into€ any€ contract€ or€ agreement€ or€ taking€ part€ in€ any€ conspiracy€ he€ form€of€a€trust€or€otherwise€ b.185)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€ac promise€ as€ a€ consideration€ for€ refraining€ from€ taking€ part€in€any€public€auction.€ € Note:€ Monopoly€ refers€ to€ end€ while€ combination€ in€ restraint€of€trade€refers€to€mean € €€FRAUDS.BOOK 2: CRIMES Against Public Interest perjury€under€Art.€in€the€form€of€contract.€required€that€ the€false€witness€must€first€be€conv he€ subordinate€ may€ be€ prostituted€ for€ his€ acts.€It€is.€ € polizing€any€merchandise€or€ object€ of€ trade€ or€ commerce.€ or€ by€ combining€ with€ any rsons€ to€ monopolize€ said€ merchandise€or€object€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€or€otherwise€interfering€w f€ trade€without€authority.€€ € Note:€The€felony€is€consummated€the€moment€a€false€ witness€is€offered€in€any€judicial€or€o ng€ for€ a€ false€ witness€ is€ not€ punished€ by€ law€ as€ that€is€not€offering€a€false€wi ed€ not€ be€ convicted€ of€ false€ testimony€A€mere€offer€to€present€him€is€sufficient.€ re€is€a€public€auction€ b.€186)€€ € Q:€What€is€monopoly?€ ar€ advantage€ vested€ in€ one€ or€ more€ persons€ or€ companies. Offender€ solicits€ any€ gift€ or€ compromise€from€any€of€the€bi romise€ is€ the€ consideration€ for€ his€ refraining€ from€ taking€part€in€that€public€auct s€the€intent€to€cause€the€ reduction€ of€ the€ price€ of€ the€ thing€ auctioned€ € Note:€ The€ crime€ is€ consummated€ by€ mere€ act€ of€ soliciting€ a€ gift€ or€ promise.€ distribution€ and€price.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€MACHINATIONS€IN€PUBLIC€AUCTIONS€€ €€(Art. There€i Offender€has€the€intent€to€cause€the€ reduction€ of€ the€ price€ of€ the€ thing€ auctioned Note:€ Mere€ attempt€ to€ cause€ prospective€ bidders€ to€ stay€ away€ from€ the€ auction€ onstitute€ an€ offense. In€restraint€of€trade€or€commerce€or€ to€ prevent€ by€ petition€in€the€market€ € 2.€ gifts. Monopoly€ to€ restrain€ free€ competition€ in€ the€market.€however.€ a that€ the€ person€ making€ the€ proposal€actually€refrains€from€taking€part€in€ any€auction € 2.€183.€ monopolizing€ trade€ and€ commerce€ in€ modity.€ th r€the€offer€or€ gift€accepted.€ consisting€ in€ the€excl arry€on€a€particular€ article€or€ control€the€sale€or€the€whole€supply€of€a€ particular€com on€in€restraint€of€trade?€ € A:€ Combination€ in€ restraint€ of€ trade€ is€ an€ agreement€o o€or€more€ persons.€ The€ € € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € A:€ 1.€MARTINEZ€ 139 .

€ € Elements:€ a.€ € c. Their€alloys€ € Note:€Selling€the€misbranded€articles€is€not€necessary.€LIWANAG.€ producer.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ producer. Combines.€or€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ 2.€ € When€ the€ offense€ is€ committed€ by€ a€ co ation. Offender€ knows€ that€ t marks€ fail€ to€ indicate€ the€ actual€ fineness€ or€ the€ quality€ of€ the€ metals€ or€ al Note:€Manufacturer€who€alters€the€quality€or€fineness€ of€anything€pertaining€to€his€art€or tafa€under€Art.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ con agreeing€ with€ any€ person€ (how€ crime€ committed)€ to€ make€ transactions€ prejudicial€ merce€or€to€increase€the€market€price€ of€merchandise€(purpose€of€the€crime).€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€or€marks€of€those€articles€ of€ mercha ate€ the€ actual€ fineness€or€quality€of€said€metals€or€alloys€ 3. 3.€or€ a€ col ereof. Purpose€ is€ to€ make€ tr judicial€to€lawful€commerce€or€to€ increase€ the€ market€ price€ of€ any€ merchandise€ or€ anufactured.€ € € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ articles€ of€ the€ merchandise€ involved?€ € A:€ 1.€ or€ services€ for€ those€ one€ having€ established€ goodwill€ or€ co alculated€ to€ produce€ the€ result.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € b. Manufacturer.€ € €€IMPOSITION€AND€DISPOSITION€OF€FALSELY€ MARKED€ARTICLES€OR€€MERCHANDISE€MADE€OF€ GOLD. In€order€to€alter€the€prices€thereof€by€ spreading€ false€ rumors€ or€ making€ use€of€an ain€ free€ competition€ in€ the€ market€ Mere€conspiracy€or€combination€is€punished.€187)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ the€ president€ and€ directors€ or€ managers€ who€ knowingly€ permitted€ or€ failed e€ commission€of€such€offense€are€liable. Stamps.A.€ € €€SUBSTITUTING€AND€ALTERING€TRADEMARKS.€ (Sec.€ assembled€ or€ imported€ into€ the€ Philippines€ € Q:€ mpetition?€ € A:€ Unfair€ competition€ consists€ in€ employing€ deception€ or€ any€ other€ to€ good€ faith€ by€ which€ any€ person€ shall€ pass€ off€ the€ goods€ manufactured€ by€ hi .€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Knowingly€ permitting€ commission€ of€ t .€ 8293)€ € Q:€What€is€the€test€of€ e€ test€ is€ whether€ certain€ goods€ have€ been€ clothed€ with€ the€ appearance€ which€ is the€ ordinary€ purchaser€ exercising€ ordinary€ care.€315€subdivision€2€(b)€of€the€RPC.€ or€ agrees€ with€ any€person€ c.€ for€ the€ tradename€ or€ trademark€ of€ the€ real€ manufacturer€ or€ dealer€ upon€ erce€and€selling€the€same€ € 140€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ conspires.€ € The€ penalty€ is€ higher€ if€ the€ items€ invo e.€ JR. Offend of€those€articles€or€merchandise€ 2.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ TRADE€NAMES€OR€SERVICE€MARKS€ €€(Art.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ grounds€ for€ rt.€brands.€ processor€ or€ importer€ of€ any€ merchandise€ or merce€ b.€ produced.€ or€ processor€ or€ importer€ (persons€ liable)€ combining.2.€188)€€ € Q Substituting€the€trade€name€or€trademark€ of€some€other€manufacturer€or€dealer.€ or€ his€ business.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ processed.€ 186?€ € A:€The€grounds€for€liability€are:€ 1.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ R. Silver€ als€ 4..€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. Failing€ to€ prevent€ the€ commissio Note:€ Any€ property€ possessed€ under€ any€ contract€ or€ combination€ contemplated€ in€ t hall€ be€ forfeited€in€favor€of€the€Government.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. Gold€ 2.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ 168. € Manufacturer.€motor€fuel€or€lubricants€and€goods€or€prime€ necessity.€S LS€OR€ THEIR€ALLOYS€(Art.

Using€ or€ substituting€ the€ service€ mark€ of€ some€other€person€or€co of€such€mark.€ trademark.€ when€ they€ knew€ that€ one€ or€ more€ of€ them€ was€ so€ much€ higher€ than€ th e€ honestly€ accepted€and€that€the€contract€will€surely€ be€ awarded€ to€ the€ pre‐arranged bidder€ maliciously€ submits€ different€ Bids€ through€ two€ or€ more€ persons.€ € e.€9 ommit€ any€ of€ the€ following€ acts:€ Open€ any€ sealed€ Bid€ including€ but€ not€ limited ve€ been€ submitted€through€the€electronic€system€ and€ any€ and€ all€ documents€ required€ vulging€ their€ contents.€MARTINEZ€ 141 .€ € c.€ 8293.€ Private€ individuals€ who€ commit€ any€ of€ the€ following€ acts.€ 2.€The€Intellectual€Propert es. €When€two€or€more€ ll€upon€one€to€refrain€ from€ bidding€ for€ Procurement€ contracts.A.€ 2.€ or€ which€ call€ for€ lready€ submitted.€ by€ himself€ or€ in€ connivance€with€others.€ 188€ and€ 189€ have€ been€ repealed€ by€ R.€FRAUDULENT€ ON€OF€ ORIGIN.€ € €Unduly€ influencing€ or€ exerting€ undue€ pressure€ BAC€ or€ any€officer€or€employee€of€the€procuring€ entity€to€take€a€particular€bidder.A.€OR€ SERVICE€MARK. evaluation€ and€ post€ evaluation€ of€ bids.€ (False€description)€ € Note:€ Arts. Printing.€ prior€to€the€appointed€time€for€the€public€ opening€of€Bids€or€o ying. person€ to€ fraudulently€ use€ the€ same€ knowing€ the€ fraudulent€ purpose€ for€ which€ it OMPETITION.€TRADEMARK.€ or€ which€ are€ otherwise€ intended€ to€ secure€ as€ undue€ advantage€t hen€ a€ bidder.€ € d which€ exceed€ procedural€ purchase€ limits€ and€ competitive€bidding.€employ€schemes€ which€tend€to alry€ of€ the€ parties€ or€ operates€ to€ stifle€ or€ € B.€ and€ awarding€ of€ contracts€ beyond€ the€ pr ds€ of€ Bids€ or€ other€ documents.BOOK 2: CRIMES Against Public Interest Selling€or€offering€for€sale€such€articles€of€ commerce.€ corporatio rships€ or€ any€other€business€entity€in€which€he€has€ interest€ of€ create€ the€ appearanc oes€not€in€fact€exist€so€ as€to€be€adjudged€as€the€winning€bidder.€ or€ a€ colorable€ imitation€ thereof.€ without€ justifiable€ cause.€FRAUDULENT€ REGISTRATION€OF€TRADENAME.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ the€ screening€ for€ eligibility.€ (Unfair€ .A.€in€the€sale€or€advertising€of€ his€services€ 4. Affixing€to€his€good€or€using€in€connection€ with€ his€ services€ a€ false€ designation€ se€ description€ or€ representation€ and€ selling€ such€ goods€ or€ services€(Fraudulent€de igin.€ or€ servicemark€ of€ one€ person.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ knowing€ that€ the€ trade€ name€ udulently€used€ 3.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ including€ any€ publ conspires€with€them:€ a.€AND€FALSE€DESCRIPTION€€ €€(Art. When€the€head€ s€the€ exercise€of€his€power€to€reject€any€and€all€ bids€ as€ mentioned€ under€ Section€ 41 preference€ to€ any€ bidder€ who€ is€ closely€ related€ to€ him€ in€ accordance€with€Sectio Note:€ When€ any€ of€ the€ foregoing€ acts€ is€ done€ in€ collusion€ with€ private€ individ individuals€shall€likewise€be€liable€for€the€offense.€ opening€ of€ bids.€189)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € the€ general€ appearance€ of€ the€ goods€ of€ another€ manufacturer€ or€ dealer.€9184)€ € Q:€What€are€the€prohibited€acts€under€R. When€ two€ or€ more€ bidders€ agree€ and€ submit€ different€ Bids€ na€ fide.€The€New€Public€Bidding€Law€(R.€ lithographing€ or€ name.

€ and€ any€ public€ officer€ conspiring€ with€them bility€ requirements€ of€ whatever€ kind€ and€ nature€ that€ contain€ false€ information€ o ocuments€ calculated€ to€ influence€ the€ outcome€ of€ the€eligibility€screening€process€or nformation€ in€ the€ eligibility€ requirements€ when€ the€ information€ will€ lead€ to€ a€ ineligibility€ from€ participating€in€public€bidding..€ but€ not€ limited€ to.€ This€ shall€ include€ the€ equirements€ such€ as.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ or€ to€ accept€ and€ award.€ without€ just€ cause€ or€ for€ th rocuring€Entity€to€ award€ the€ contract€ to€ another€ bidder.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. Withdraw€ a€ Bid.€ € 3.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € d.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ Priva o€ commit€ any€ of€ the€ following€ acts.€LIWANAG.€ performance€ security.€65)€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € 142€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ after€ it€ shall€ have€ qualified€ as€ d€ Bid/Highest€ Rated€ Bid.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ When€ the€ bidder€ is€ a€ juridical€ entity.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€officers€or€employees€who€ actually€commit€any€ Sec.€ preparatory€ to€ th he€contract.€ in€ order€ to€ influence€ the€ outcome€of€the€public€biddi in€ a€ public€ bidding€ using€ the€ name€of€another€or€allow€another€to€use€ one s€ name€ f pating€in€a€public€bidding.€ € b.€ 4.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ criminal€ liability€ and€ t lties€ shall€ be€ imposed€on€its€directors.€ JR.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € suppress€competition€and€thus€produce€a€ result€disadvantageous€to€the€public.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€   .€ERIK€GALLARDO. €Submit€ Bidding€ Documents€ of d€ and€ nature€ than€ contain€ false€ information€ or€ falsified€ documents€ or€ conceal€ s n€ in€ the€ Bidding€ Documents.

€ The€Comprehensive€Dangerous€ 65)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts€under€this€act?€ A:€€ 1. ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ Trading.8)€€ € Q:€What€do€you€mean€by€manufacturing?€ € A:€It€is€the:€ 1.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. Dangerous€drugs€(Sec nstrument. The€ production.€ coupled€ w ntation€ in€ court€ of€ the€corpus€ delicti.€the€ following€is€required:€ 1.€ 3.€ Administration.€ i.€design€or€ configuration€ of€ its€ form.€dive€or€resort€who€is€aware€ of€ the€ nature€ of€ the€ place€ he€same€ 2.€(Sec.€ Delivery.€(Sec.€ G. Dang s€ during€ Parties.BOOK 2: CRIMES Relative to Opium and Other Prohibited Drugs V. €Importation€ of€ Dangerous Precursors€ and€ Essential€ Chemicals€ (Sec.€19€January€2011)€ 3. 3.€ Apparatus€ and€ Other€ Paraphernalia€ for€ Dangerous€ Drugs€ (Sec.€(Sec.6)€€ Q:€Who€are€liable?€ A:€ 1.€€ € Note:€ All€ these€ require€ evidence€ that€ the€ sale€ transaction€ transpired.€CRIMES€RELATIVE€TO€OPIUM€AND€OTHER€ PROHIBITED€DRUGS€ € A.€13)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1. Owner€ of€ den ngerous€ drug€ is€ used€ or€ sold€ in€ € any€ form€ € Employee€ of€ den€ dive€ or€ resort€ ce€as€such€ € Visitor€of€den. And€ y€ packaging€ or€ repackaging€of€such€substances.€ including€ any€ and€ all€ oppy€ or€ any€ part€thereof€or€substances€derived€therefrom€even€for€ floral.€shall€ import€ or€ bring€ into€ the€ Phili s€ drug.€ Note:€ If€such€den€or€dive€is€owned€by€a€3rd€person. Possession€of:€ a.€ prepar essing€ of€ any€ dangerous€ drug€ and/or€ controlled€ precursor€ and€ essential€ chemical.€12)€ c.8)€ € 4. The€ delivery€ of€ the€ thing€ sold€ and€ the€ payment€therefor.€ packaging€ or€ labeling€ r€ other€ substances€ by€ a€ duly€ authorized€ practitioner€ as€ an€ incident€ to€ his/her€ or€ dispensation€ of€ such€ drug€or€substance€in€the€course€of€his/her€ professional€ pract earch.5)€ € Note:€ Selling€ is€ any€ act€ of€ giving€ away€ any€ dangerous€ drug€ and/or€ controlled€ p ntial€ chemical€ whether€ for€ money€ or€ any€ other€ consideration. The€identity€of€the€buyer€and€the€selle tion€ 3.e.4)€ € Note:€Any€person.€ ctly€or€indirectly€or€by€extraction€from€ substances€ of€ natural€ origin.€ teaching€ and€ chemical€ analysis€ of€ dangerous€ drugs€ or€ such€ substances€ that d€for€sale€or€for€any€other€ purpose.€who.€ and€ 2.€ Social€ Gatherings€or€Meetings€(Sec.€ Distribution€ and€ Transpor n€ of€ Dangerous€Drugs€and/or€Controlled€Precursors€and€ Essential€Chemicals.€ labeling€of€its€container.5)€ Other€Paraphernalia€for€Dangerous€Drugs€ and/or€ Controlled€ Precursors€ and€ Essential€Che . Except€ preparation.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Tha all€ allege€ that€ such€ place€ is€ intentionally€ used€ in€ the€ furtherance€of€the€crime€ tion€ shall€ prove€ such€ intent€ on€ the€ part€ of€ the€ owner€ to€use€ the€ property€ for ner€shall€be€included€as€an€accused€ in€the€criminal€complaint€ € Such€ den. Equipmen ument.€unless€authorized€by€law.€ dive€ or€ resort€ shall€ be€ confiscated€ and€ escheated€in€favor€of€the€govern :€ a..R.€€ 2.€ or€ independent emical€ synthesis€ or€ by€ a€ combination€ of€ extraction€and€chemical€synthesis.€MARTINEZ€ 143 . Dangerous€ Drugs€ and/or€ Controlled€ Precursors€and€Essential€Chemicals€ b.185715.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€decorative€an .€ Apparatus.€Maintenance€of€a€Den.€ regardless€ of€ the€ quantity€ and€ purity€ involved. €Sale.€ Dispensation.€the€ body€ or€ substance€ of€ the€ crim .€Dive€or€Resort€(Sec.€ compounding.

€ wholesaler.€14)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime session€of€an€item€ or€an€object€identified€to€be€a€prohibited€ or€regulated€drug€ Such€pos w€ The€ accused€ was€ freely€ and€ consciously€ aware€of€being€in€possession€of€the€drug. 3. inistration.€18)€ € Q:€Who€ar itioner.€€ € 6.€ delivery.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST .€ Social€ Gatherings€ or€ Meetings€(Sec.€ intravenously€ or€ intramuscularly.€dealer€or€retailer€who€viol ails€ to€ comply€ with€ the€ maintenance€ and€ keeping€ of€ the€ original€ records€ of€ tra angerous€ drug€ and/or€ controlled€ precursor€ and€ essential€ chemical€ in€ accordance€ wi 40€of€this€Act. Unnecessary€ Prescription€ of€ Dangerous€ Drugs€ (Sec.€ actitioner. € 144€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. € Use€of€dangerous€drugs€(Sec.€ aw.€ 8.€LIWANAG.€ swallowing. 4.€ who€ shall€ prescribe€ any€ dangerous€ drug€ to€ any€ person€ whose€ physical€ or ondition€does€not€require€the€use€or€ in€the€dosage€prescribed€therein.€ manufacturer.€ sniffing.A. 3.€ drinking€ or€ otherwise€introducing€int ological€system€of€ the€body.€ importer. 2.€particularly€those€who€are€involved€in€ the€care€of€persons€ Unlawful€Prescription€of€Dangerous€Drugs€(Sec.€ Q:€What€is€the€effect€of€attempt€or€conspiracy€on€ the€criminal€liabil ll€ be€ penalized€ by€ the€ same€ penalty€prescribed€for€the€commission€of€the€same€ as€pro ation€ of€ any€ dangerous€ drug€ and/or€controlled€precursor€and€essential€ chemical€ Sale.€ 11.€ of€ consumin hewing.€ growing€or€raising€of€any€plant€which€is€the€source€ intenance€ and€ Keeping€ of€ Original€ Records€ of€ Transactions€ on€ Dangerous€ Drugs€ and ed€ Precursors€ and€ Essential€ Chemicals€ (Sec.€ dive€ or€ ngerous€drug€is€used€in€any€ form€ Manufacture€ of€ any€ dangerous€ drug€ and/or€controlled ial€ chemical€ Cultivation€ or€ culture€ of€ plants€ which€ are€ sources€of€dangerous€drugs 2.€ 19)€ € Q:€Who€are€liable?€ A:€Any€person. 5.€ Instrument.€and€of€the€dangerous€drugs.€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€€ A:€€ 1.€ smoking. Equipment.€ or€ permitting€ the€ planting.17)€ € 2.€ Apparatus€ and€ Other€ Paraphernalia€ for€ Dangerous€ Drugs€ du ties.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € d.€distributor.€as€determined€by€ t on€ with€ recognized€ competent€ experts€ who€ are€ authorized€ representatives€ of€ profes anizations€ of€ practitioners.15)€ Note:€ Use€ is€ any€ act€ of€ injecting.€ eating.€€€ Notw visions€ of€ any€ law€ to€ the€ contrary.€9165?€ € A:€ Cultivation€ is€ any€ act€ of€ knowingly ing.€ and€ th enalty€provided€for€in€the€RPC€shall€ be€applicable. 3.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ a€ positive€ finding€ for€ the€ use€ of€ dangero ying€aggravating€circumstance€in€ the€ commission€ of€ a€ crime€ by€ an€ offender.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ for€ illegal€ possession€of€dangerous€drugs. € 5.€ The€accused€was€apprehended€for€the€use€ of€dangerous€drugs€ He€was€found€to€be€positive€fo ther€dangerous€drug€was€found€in€his€ possession.€ dispensation.€ distribution€ and€ transportation€ of€ any€ dangero g€ and/or€controlled€precursor€and€essential€ chemical€ Maintenance€ of€ a€ den.€shall€ make€ or€ issue€ a€ prescription€ or€ any€ other€ writing€ purporting€ to€ be€ a y€ dangerous€ drug. € NOTE:€Where€the€person€tested€is€also€found€to€have€ in€his€possession€any€other€dangerous€ uted€ in€ accordance€ with€ Sec.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. Cultivation€ or€ culture€ of€ plants€ classified€ as€ Dangerous€Drugs€or€are€sources€t at€do€you€mean€by€cultivation€in€R.


€ € OFFENSES€AGAINST€€DECENCY€AND€GOOD€ CUSTOMS€ € Note:€ Decency€ means€ propriety€ of€ conduct.€ or€ shows.€816. Offender€ ct€ or€ acts€ be€ highly€ scandalous€ as€ offending€ against€ decency€ or€ good€ customs€ € Note:€ The€ offense€ must€ be€ directed€ on€ the€ sense€ of€ decency€ or€ good€ customs€ ttering€human€feces€on€ buildings. Glorify€criminals€or€condone€crimes€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ .€ proper€ observance€ of€ the€ requirements€ ood€ taste.€2 ble?€ € A:€€ 1.€ acts.€ € If€ in€ private€ place.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€CRIMES€AGAINST€PUBLIC€MORALS€(200‐202)€ €€€ GAMBLING€AND€BETTING€ € Note:€Arts. The€ authors€ of€ obscene€ literature.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ public€ view€ or€ public€ knowledge€ is€ required.€195‐196€have€been€repealed€and€modified€ by€P.€Force€or€ intimidation€is€employed €€ €IMMORAL€DOCTRINES.€ the€ act€ is€ deemed€ committed€in€public€view€because€of€the€possibility€o rd€persons.€ ACTS€OF€ LASCIVI andalous€acts€are€ committed€against€the€ will€of€woman.€ € Customs€ are€ established€ usages.€449.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ € GRAVE€SCANDAL€ ART.€as€ame s€No.€AND€INDECENT€SHOWS€ €€(Art.€ ALARM€AND€SC committed€against€the€ will€of€the€woman.€or€religion€ d.€ social€ conventions€ carried€ on€ b enforced€ by€ social€ disapproval€of€any€violation€thereof.€Force€ or€intimidation€is€ employed.€483€and€1602.€ whether€ live€ or€ in€ film€ which€ are€ prescribed€ ll€ include€ those€which:€ € a. 4. € Highly€ scandalous€ conduct€ is€ not€ expressly€ falling€ within€ any€ article€ of€ this€ omplained€ of€ be€ committed€ in€ a€ public€ place€ or€ within€ the€ public€ knowledge€or€v Note:€ If€ the€ act€ or€ acts€ of€ the€ offender€ are€ punished€ under€ another€ article€ o not€ applicable.€ acts.€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ difference€ between€ grave€ scandal€ and€alarms€and€scandal?€ € A:€€ GRAVE€SCANDAL The€scandal€involved€ refers€to€moral€scandal€ offensive€to€decency.€ and€ the€ owners/operators€ of€ the€establishment€sellin Those€ who. Tend€ to€ abet€ traffic€ in€ and€ use€ of€ prohibited€dr 3. Offend€any€race. Those€ who€ shall€ publicly€ expound€ or€ proclaim€ doctrines€ openly€ cont ls€ € 2.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ difference€ between€ grave€ scandal€ and€acts€of€lasciviousness?€ € A: GRAVE€SCANDAL€ The€performance€of€ scandalousacts€is€ mutually€consented.€But€ such€conduct€or€act€must€ be€open€to€the€public€ view.€ in€ theaters.€etc.€ or€ show.€ fairs.D.€ althoug urb€public€peace.€MARTINEZ€ 145 .€there€is€criminal€liability€irrespective€ of€whethe o€the€public€view.€It€is€sufficient€if€committed€ in€public€p public€ place.€ cinematographs€ or€ any€ other€ place.€200€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€grave€scandal?€ € A:€ 1.€ € If€in€public€place.€ exhibit€inciden s.€OBSCENE€PUBLICATIONS€ AND€EXHIBITIONS.€ it€ being€ understood€ that€ the€ obscene€ literature€ or€ i l€ plays.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Morals VI.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ published€ with€ their€ knowledge€ in€ any rs€ publishing€ such€ literature.€Nos.€scenes.€ scenes.€ Public€view€is€not€required.

€ shall€ be€ found€ loitering€ in€ any€ inhabited€ or€uninhabited€place€belo hout€any€lawful€or€justifiable€purpose€ € Prostitutes. rders.€ € Q:€Who€are€the€persons€liable?€ € A:€ 1.€ sculptures.€ € Q:€What€is€the€test€of€obscenity?€ € A:€Whether€or€not€the€material€charged€as€obscene€ h t€the€minds€€ of€ those€ open€ to€ the€ influence€ thereof.€2008)€ € Q:€If€the€viewing€of€po rivately.€the€editor€publishing€it€is€ liable.€ ( R€ 169364.€ 4.€ good€ customs. ring€ about€ public€ or€ semi‐public€ buildings€ or€ places€ or€ tramping€or€wandering€abou treets€ without€ visible€ means€ of€ support€ € Note:€ Article€ 202€ (2)€ does€ not€ violate€ the€ equal€ protection€clause.€ What€ is€ protected€ is€ the€ mor al.€2009)€ € Q:€ When€ is€ the€ author€ and€ the€ publisher€ of€ the€ obscene€literature€liable€under€ cene€ literature€ is€ not€ punished.€ What€ the€ law€ penalizes€ is€ th l€ to€ work€ and€ the€ loitering€ in€ or€ about€ public€ places€ without€giving€a€good€acco .€ It€ is€ me€ which€ punishes€ persons€ for€ conducting€ themselves.€ civilized€ and€ ordered€ society.€give€away.€ September€18.€ morals.€ ployed€ is€ not€ a€ license€or€a€justification€to€act€indecently€or€to€engage€ in€immoral€c t€ be€ so€ lightly€ treated€ as€ to€ be€ considered€ constitutionally€ offensive.€ € €€VAGRANTS€AND€PROSTITUTES€€ nts€ are€ those€ who€ loiter€ around€ public€ or€ private€places€without€any€visible€means€ physically€ able€ to€ work€ and€ without€ any€lawful€purpose.€ Publicity€is€essential.€ but€ for€ conducting€ themselves€ under€ such€ c o€ endanger€ the€ public€ peace€ or€ cause€ alarm€ and€ apprehension€ in€ the€ community.€ under€ such€ conditions€ that€ are€ repugnant€ and€ outrageous€ to€ the€ co and€ norms€ of€ decency€ and€ morality€ in€ a€ just.€ € Note:€ Being€ jobless€ does€ not€ make€ one€ a€ vagrant. € Any€ middle€ or€ dissolute€ person€ who€ lodges€ in€ houses€ of€ ill‐fame.€ € Mere€nudity€in€paintings€and€picture€is€not€obs ight€ degree€ of€ obscenity€ having€ no€ artistic€ value€ and€ being€ intended€ for€ commer ll€within€this€article.€or€exhibit.€it€is€ to€prevent€further€criminality.€ as ustifiable€ concern€ for€ the€ safety€ and€ well‐being€ of€ members€ of€ the€ community. 5.€ but€ the€ author€ is€ liable€ if€ it€ is€ published€ n€every€case.€ established€ policies.€The€law€is€not€concerned€with€the€ moral€of€one€person.€ as€ for€ being€ poor€ or€ unemployed. Are€ contrary€ to€ law. € Those€who€shall€sell.€ decrees€ and€edicts€ A:€The€purpose€of€the€law€is€not€simply€to€punish€a€ person€be .€can€there€be€violation€of€Art.€ public€ order. € € 146€ .€ o h€ are€ offensive€ to€ morals.€201?€ € A:€ No.€ It€ is€ more€ on€ the€ effect€ upon€the€viewer€and€not€al mer.€ film. Any€person€having€no€apparent€means€of€ subsiste ability€ to€ work€ and€ who€ neglects€ to€ apply€ himself€or€herself€to€some€calling€ € 2.€ ruffians itually€associate€ with€prostitutes€ € Any€person€who€not€being€included€in€the€ provisions of€ this€ Code.€neither€does€i nst€ the€ poor€ and€ the€ unemployed.€ Offenders€ of€ public€ order€ laws€ are€ punished€ n s.€ € Q:€What€is€the€rationale€o € 3.€ prints.€ 4.€at€a€certain€place€and€time€whic inds€ unusual.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € e.€(Reyes.€ € Note:€Publicity€is€an€essential€element.€ engravings.€ or€ into€ whose€hands€such€mat ule)€ € Note:€ The€ test€ is€ objective.


€202€is€not€applicable€to€minors.€ € Note:€Art.€ t€ a€ defense.€ the€ following€ crimes€may€be€committe to€ property€ –€ If€ the€ estate€ is€ fenced€there€is€a€clear€prohibition€against€ entering red€ without€ the€ consent€ of€ the€ owner€ or€ overseer€thereof.”€ He€ cannot.€ what€ other€ crimes€ may€be€committed?€ € A:€ When€ a€ perso tering€ inside€ an€ estate€ belonging€ to€ another.€however.€ One€ who€ conspires€ with€ a€ woman€ in€ the€ prostitu imps.€ habitually€indulge€in€sexual€intercourse€or€lascivious exual€ intercourse€ a€ necessary€ element€ to€ constitute€prostitution?€ € A:€ No. Va s€ not€ fenced€ or€ there€ is€ no€ clear€ prohibition€ against€ entering.€ whether€ ithout€ any€ lawful€ purpose.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ 341€for Note:€ Under€ this€ article.€ A€ city€ or€ munic ver€ may€ cover€ a€ male€ prostitute€ usually€ called€ “call€ boy.€ € Q:€Who€are€pro omen€ who.€ € € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ vagrancy€ and€prostitution?€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ it€ has€ to€ be€ more€than€once itution€by€conspiracy?€ € A:€ None.€ A€man€if€he€engages€in€ sex€for€money PROSTITUTION Can€only€be€committed€ by€a€woman.€ A:€€ VAGRANCY Can€be€committed€by€ either€a€man€or€woman.€ for€ money€ or€ profit. Attempted€ theft€ – ed€ and€ the€ offender€ entered€ the€ same€ to€ hunt€ therein€ or€ fish€ from€ any€ waters€ ny€ farm€ products€ therein€without€the€consent€of€the€owner€ or€overseer€thereof.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Public Morals Q:€ If€ a€ person€ is€ found€ wandering€ in€ an€ estate€ belonging€ to€ another.€ a€ prostitute€ is€ limited€ to€ a€ woman.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ the€ me lascivious€ conducts€ habitually€because€of€money€or€gain€would€amount€ to€ prostitution.€ € 2.€ Habituality€ is€ the€ controlling€ factor.€ taxi€ drivers€ or€ solicitors€of€clients€are€guilty€of€the€crime€under€Art.€ A€woman€who€for€profit€ or€money€habituall scivious€conduct€is€a€ prostitute.€b an€ be€prosecuted€under€the€ordinance€concerned.€ € 3.€MARTINEZ€ 147 .

€ or€any€rank€or€class. Nonfeasance€ –€ when€ a€ public€ officer€ willfully€refra n€ official€duty€which€his€office€requires€him€ to€perform.A.€ or€ in€ performing€ in€ said€ government€ or€ in€ any blic€ duties€ as€ an€ employee.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ JR. Appointment€ by€ competent€ authority€ € Note:€ Under€ R.A.€so overnment€is€achieved.€ € Q:€Javier€was€charged€with€malversation€of€public€ funds.€CRIMES€COMMITTED€BY€PUBLIC€OFFICERS€ € €€PRELIMINARY€PROVISIONS€ € €€PUBLIC€OFFICERS€ e€ considered€ a€ public€ officer?€ € A:€To€be€a€public€officer.€8047. Rendering€unjust€interlocu r€ 4.€Hence.€ Notwithstanding€ that€ Javier€ came€ from€ the€ private€sector€to€sit law€ invested€ her€ with€ some€ portion€ of€ the€ sovereign€functions€of€the€government.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. Direc ery€ € €€KNOWINGLY€RENDERING€UNJUST€JUDGMENT€ €€(Art.€ agent€ or€ subordinate€ official.€September€11.€She€was€the€private€sector€repres nal€ Book€ Development€ Board€ (NBDB).€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ 3019. That€the€judgment ge€knows€that€his€judgment€is€ unjust€ € Q:€What€is€judgment?€ € € Note:€Public€officers€include€every€public€servant€from€ the€ lowest€ to€ the€ highest€ ran ey€ exercise€public€functions.€a rity€ to€ take€ part€ in€ the€ performance€ of€ public€ functions€ or€ to€ perform€public€d rovision€of€€the€law€ b.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€€ € Any€ person€ who€ receives€ compensation€ for€ services€ rendered not€ take€ her€ position€ outside€ the€ meaning€ of€ a€ public€ office. Rendering€judgment€through€negligence€ 3. Take€ part€ lic€ functions€ in€ the€ government.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ € Q:€What€are€crimes€of€misfeasance?€ ng€unjust€judgment€ 2.€ Sandiga 26‐ 27. Misfeasance€ –€ when€ a€ public€ officer€ performs€official€acts€in€the€m th€what€the€law€prescribes. Malfeasance€ –€ when€ a€ in€ his€ public€ office€ an€ act€ prohibited€by€law.€ € 3.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € VII.€the€fact€that€she€was€ appointed€ t€from€the€ other€branches€or€agencies€of€the€government€does€ € 148€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.(Javier€ v.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€LIWANAG.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€2009)€ €€MALFEASANCE€AND€MISFEASANCE€IN€OFFICE€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the h/duty?€ € A:€ 1..€In€this€case. Malicious€ delay€ in€ the€ administration€ of€ justice€ € Q:€What€is€a€crime€of€nonfe f€duty€in€the€prosecution€of€offenses€ € Q:€What€are€crimes€of€malfeasance?€ € A:€ 1.€ € Is€ Javier. Popular€election€ c.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.)€No.€ which€was€created€by€Republic€Act€(R.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ classifie ctual€ or€ otherwise.€ a€ private€ sector€ representati c€officer?€ A:€ Yes.€ ok€Publishing€Industry€ Development€ Act”.€one€must:€ 1.€ the€ term€ “public€ officer”€ is€ broader€ and€ more€ comprehens des€ all€ persons€ whether€ an€ official€ or€ an€ employee.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€204)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€t He€ renders€ a€ judgment€ in€ a€ case€ submitted€to€him€for€decision€ 3.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ temporary€ or€ not.€ the€ government€ aimed€ to€ enhance€ the€ book€ publi s€a€significant€role€in€the€ national€development.€ € 2.

€(De€Vera€v.€ personally€ and€ directly€ prepared€ by€ the€ judge€ and€ signed€ by€ him€ and€ sh ly€ and€ distinctly€a€statement€of€the€facts€and€the€law€upon€ which€it€is€based.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€prohibition.g.€not€only€ one€ magistrate€ renders€ or€ iss erlocutory€ order.€ € It€ must€ be€ wri nguage. 3.R.€then€ it€is€interlocutory.€ It€ is€ not€ me€ Court€must€have€declared€the€judgment€as€unjust€in€a€ certiorari.€ in€ action€ or€ proceeding.€No.€or€admin g.€or oceeding€in€the€ Supreme€ Court€ against€ the€ judge€ precisely€ for€ promulgating€an€unjus .BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers A:€ A€ judgment€ is€ the€ final€ consideration€ and€ determination€ of€ a€ court€ of€ compe n€ upon€ the€ matters€ submitted€ to€ it.€ € Abuse€of€discretion€or€mere€error€of€judgment€cannot€ likewise€ serve€ as€ basis€ for dgment€ in€ the€ absence€ of€ proof€ of€ an€ allegation€ of€ bad€faith.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ there€ must€ be€ a€ “final€ and€ authoritative€ judicial€ declaration” or€ order€ in€ question€ is€ indeed€ unjust.€ incontrovertible ous€ violation€ of€ a€ legal€ precept.€MARTINEZ€ 149 .€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € E.€2000)€ € UNJUST€INTERLOCUTORY€ORDER€ €€(Art.€ € Note:€ ected€ to€ liability€ –€ civil.€Judge’s€order€or€resolution€denying€the€Demurrer€ to€Evidence€submitted€by€the€accused € Q:€ Can€ this€ crime€ be€ committed€ by€ the€ member/justices€of€the€appellate€courts?€ € y€by€a€judge€of€a€trial€ court€and€never€of€a€collegiate€body. Ill‐will€or€revenge€ 3.€ criminal€ or€ administrative€ –€ for€ any€ of€ their€ offi oneous.€206)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A: rms€any€of€the€following€acts:€ a.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ Conclusions€ and€ resolutions€ thereof€ are€ handed€ down€ only€ after€ ons€ among€ the€ members. He€ renders€ a€ judgment€ in€ a€ case€ submitted€to€him€for€decision€ Judgment€is€manifestl s€ inexcusable€ negligence€ or€ ignorance€ € Q:€ What€ is€ meant€ by€ “manifestly€ unjust€ judgment”?€ € A:€ A€ “manifestly€ unjust€ j annot€ be€ explained€ with€ reasonable€ interpretation€ or€ is€ a€ clear. Knowingly€ renders€ an€ unjust€ interlocutory€order€or€d rs€ a€ manifestly€ unjust€ interlocutory€ order€ or€ decree€ through€ inexcusable€ negligen ance.€ so€ that€ it€ cannot€ be€ said€ that€ there€is€malice€or€inexcus nce€ in€ the€ rendering€ of€ a€ judgment€ or€ order€ that€ is€ supposedly€unjust.€ 2.€137354.€ Pelayo. Error€ 2.€it€is€final.€ € Note:€ Before€ a€ civil€ or€ criminal€ action€ against€ a€ judge€ for€ violations€ of€ Arti n€ be€ entertained.€ The€ pronouncement€ may€ result€ from€ either or€ certiorari€ or€ prohibition€in€a€higher€court€impugning€the€validity€of€ a€judgment.€ It€ must€ be€ patently€ contrary€ to€ law€ if€ rend e€or€inexcusable€negligence.€205)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ test€ in€ determining€ whether€ the€ order€is€considered€an€interlocut nswers€the€question€–€Does€it€leave€ something€to€be€done€in€the€trial€court€with€respect€ ve.€ € Ratio:€In€collegiate€courts€like€the€CA€and€SC.€G.€ € Q:€Wha t€ judgment€ is€ one€ which€ is€ contrary€ to€ law€or€is€not€supported€by€the€evidence€or€b st€judgment?€ € A:€€ 1. Bribery€ € Note:€ There€ must€ be€ evidence€ that€ the€ decision€ rendered€ is€ unjust.€if€it€does€not.€July€6.€ € Q:€What€is€an€interlocutory€order?€ € A:€It€is€one€issued€by€the€court€deciding€a€ t€ is€not€a€final€determination€ of€the€issues€of€the€action€or€proceeding.€ € €€JUDGMENT€RENDERED€THROUGH€NEGLIGENCE€ €€(Art.€as€long€as€they€acted€ in€good€faith. 4.

UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € MALICIOUS€DELAY€IN€THE€ADMINISTRATION€OF€ JUSTICE€(Art.€208)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€punish y€ refraining€ from€ instituting€ prosecution€against€violators€of€the€law.€ gross€ negligence.€ If€ the€ guilt€ of€ the€ law‐violator€ is€ not d€with€dereliction€of€duty€is€ not€liable.€ or€ knowing mitted. A€public€officer€(offic whose€ duty€ is€ to€ institute€ criminal€ proceedings€ upon€ being€ informed)€ € 2.€LIWANAG.€a€fiscal€is€under€no€compulsion€to€ file€ information€ based€ upon€ a€ compla d€that€the€ evidence€before€him€is€insufficient€ to€warrant€filing€an€action€in€court.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ in€ which€ case€he€violates€the€Anti‐Fencing€Law€ € 3.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€208?€ € A:€ 1.€ JR.€ 2.€Sec.€he€ tolerates€its€commission€ € 3.€ he€ does€ not€ cause€ the€ prosecution€ of€ the€ criminal.€Such€police€officer€cannot€be€prosecuted€for€ d can€ be€ prosecuted€ as€ follows:€ 1.€with€deliberate€ intent€to€inflict€damage€on€either€party€in€ the€case€ € Note:€Mere€delay€without€malice€is€not€punishable.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A..€he€can€ be€prosecuted€for€dereliction€of€duty. the€ law‐violator€ must€ be€ proved€ first.€that€is.€3019.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. He€delays€the€administration€of€ju s. Maliciously g€ the€ commission€ of€ offenses. There€ is€ dereliction€ of€ the€ duties€ of€ his€ office.€3(e).€ € Note:€A€dereliction€of€duty€caused€by€a€poor€judgment€ or€honest€mistake€is€not€punishable.€207)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€ er€is€a€judge€ 2. He€ may€ become€ a€ fence€ if€ the€ crime€ commi t. He€ may€ be€ held€ liable€ for€ rrupt€Practices€Act€ € Q:€ Can€ a€ Barangay€ Chairman€ be€ held€ liable€ for€ dereliction€o e€ a€ Barangay€ Chairman€ is€ expressly€ authorized€ by€ law€ to€ prosecute€ violators€ of€ urisdiction.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€dereliction€of€duty€in€ th :€ 1.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ the€ crime€ committed€ is€ that€ under€ R.A.€ cause€ prosecution€ and€ punishment€ of€ offenders)€ € Note:€ There€ must€ be€ a€ duty€ on€ the€part€ of€the€public€ officer€to€prosecute€or€move€ der.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. An€ accessory€ to€ the€ crime€ committed€ by€ the€ pr ance€ with€ Article€ 19. An€ off by€ reason€ of€ position€ held€ by€ them€ are€ duty‐bound€ to€ € Q:€Who€can€be€liable€for€dereliction€of€duty€in€the€ prosecution€of€offenses?€ € A:€ This by€ a€ public€ officer€whose€official€duty€is€to€prosecute€offenders.€ € € 150€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. Offender€ acts€ with€ malice€ and€ deliberate€ i olator€of€the€law€ € Q:€Who€can€be€offenders€in€Art.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€However.€paragraph€3€ € 2.€that€i on€of€ the€ crime. There€is€a€proceeding€in€his€court€ 3.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€€ € Q:€What€does€“maliciously”€connote?€ € A:€ “Maliciously”€ connotes€ that€ the€ act€ complai erate€evil€intent€and€ does€not€cover€a€mere€voluntary€act.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€If€he€does€not€do€so.€state€prose ficers€who€ are€ not€ duty€ bound€ to€ perform€ these€ obligations€ cannot€commit€this€crim :€If€a€police€officer€tolerates€the€commission€of€a€ crime€or€otherwise€refrains€from€appre e€liable€for€dereliction€of€duty?€ € A:€No.€ that€is.€NEGLIGENCE€AND€ TOLERANCE€(Art.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ € If€ the€ delay€ is€ not€ malicious.€ € €€PROSECUTION€OF€OFFENSE. Offender€ is€ a€ public€ officer€ or€ officer€ of€ the€ law€ who€ has€ a€ duty€ to€ c o€prosecute€offenses€ € 2.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.

€MARTINEZ€ 151 .€ Note:€if€the€client€consents€to€the€attorney’s€ taking€the€defense€of€the€other€party.€ and€ was€ permitted€ to€ represent€ a€ party€in€ a€ case€ before€ an€ i Y€€ €€(Art.€ The€ thrust€ of€ prevaricaci he€oath€of€office€by€the€public€officer€who€does€ an€ act€ in€ relation€ to€ his€ official€ o€ dereliction€ of€ duty€ in€ the€ prosecution€ of€ offenders.€It€is€admitted€that€the€ announced€ intent mit€ a€ crime€ is€ not€ included€ within€ the€ confidences€ which€ his€ attorney€is€bound€t )€ € Q:€Who€is€a€Procurador€Judicial?€ € A:€ A€ person€ who€ had€ some€ practical€ knowledg t€ not€ a€ lawyer.€ 2.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ an imes€ intended€ to€ be€committed.€ther € € Q:€What€is€the€rule€with€regard€to€communications€ made€with€prospective€clients?€ € Q:€ Are€ all€ information€ confided€ to€ counsel€ classified€as€privileged?€ € A:€ No.€by€the€client.€ € Q:€What€is€covered€in€prevaricacion?€ € A:€ Prevaricacion€ covers€ any€ der by€the€public€officer€involved€violates€his€oath€ of€ office.€It€i e€of€the€ giver€ is€ corruption€ of€ public€ officers.€ DERELICTION€OF€DUTY Dereliction€of€duty€refers€ only€to€ rs.€ € €€BETRAYAL€OF€PUBLIC€TRUST€BY€AN€ATTORNEY€OR€ SOLICITOR€REVELATION€OF€SECRETS€ €€(Art.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ € Note:€Damage€is€not€necessary.€ Bribery€ requires€ the€ concurrence e€ corruptor€ and€ the€ public€ officer€ otherwise€ the€ crime€is€not€consummated€(Boado.€ without€ the€ consent€ after€ having€ undertaken€the€defense€of€said€first€client€ or€ after€ having€ received€ co mation€from€said€client.€ it€ is€ not€ necessary€ that the€ consideration€ or€ the€ doing€ of€ the€ act. Agreeing€to€perform€or€performing€an€act€ pertaining€to€the€duties utes€a€crime€–€If€the€act€or€omission€ amounts€ to€ a€ crime.€ communications€ made€ with€ prospective€ clients€ t view€ to€ engaging€ his€ professional€ services€ are€ already€ privileged€ even€ though€ cl lationship€did€ not€eventually€materialize€because€ the€client€cannot€afford€the€fee€being€ Note:€That€privilege€communication€with€a€prospective€ client€implies€that€the€same€is€conf re.€ € It€is€not€only€the€lawyer€who€is€protected€by€the€m ce€staff€like€the€secretary.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers Q:€What€is€prevaricacion?€ € A:€ There€ is€ prevaricacion€ when€ a€ public€ officer€ regard es€the€oath€of€his€office€ by€not€carrying€out€the€duties€of€his€office€for€which€ he€was€s on€of€ duty.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ differ icacion€ and€dereliction€of€duty?€ € A:€ PREVARICACION€ Applies€to€public€officers€ in€general€who€is€remiss€ or€who€is€maliciously€ cising€ the€duties€of€his€office.€20 :€ 1.€ if€ the€ lawyer€ would€ reveal€ the€ same€ or€ otherwise€ accept€ a€ case€ from€ the€ d€ already€be€violating€Article€209.€2 ds€of€bribery?€ € A:€ 1. Causing€ damage€ to€ his€ client. 3. € Revealing€ any€ of€ the€ secrets€ of€ his€ client€ learned€ by€ him€ in€ his€ professiona king€ the€ defense€ of€ the€ opposing€ party€ in€ the€ same€ case.€ € A:€ Under€ the€ rules€ on€ evidence.€ A made€ between€ confidential€communications€relating€to€past€crimes€ already€ committed.€210)€€ € Q:€What€is€bribery?€ € A:€ Bribery€ is€ the€ crime€ of€ the€ public€ o r€or€promise€by€reason€ or€in€connection€with€the€performance€of€his€official€ duties.€ either€ by€ any€malicious€breach€of€professional€d egligence€or€ignorance.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.

ted.€commits€this€third€form€of€Direct€Bribery.€What€crimes€were€committed? e€officer:€ a.€ € 152€ . € 2.€ The€ moment€ there€ is€ a€ meeting€ of€ the€ minds.€ it€ being€ unfair€ to€ the€ tenth€applicant.€He€agreed€to€perform€ falsi nd€the€accused€shall€ likewise€ be€ held€ liable€ for€ Falsification€ of€ Public€ Documents A:€ 1.€ a€ public€ of try€ in€ the€ registry€ of€ the€ Land€ Registration€ Authority.€as€principal€by€ inducemen )€ € Q:€Is€there€frustrated€bribery€(direct€or€indirect)?€ € A:€ None.€ € Q:€ A€ gave€ X.€ The€ official€ did€ not€ agree€ to€ be€ corrupted. With€ a€ view€ of€ committing€ some€ crime€ he€ execution€ of€ an€ act€ which€ does€ not€ constitute€ a€ crime.€ € Abstaining€ from€ the€ performance€ of€ official€duties. Falsification€of€public€document.€ Bribery€ cannot€ be rated€ stage.€but€the€act€must€be€unj ing€ something.€ what€ is€ the€ crime€ committed?€ € A:€The€offense€is€attempted€corr trated.€ 2.€ which€is€his€official€duty€to€do. 3.€ refrains€ from€ issuing€ a€ TVR€ and€ from€ con se€when€it€is€his€duty€to€ do€so.€ even€ he€consideration.€ € Illustration:€ Thus.€ even€ without€ the€ public€ officer€ performing€the€act€amounting€to€a€c lready€ committed€ on€ the€ part€ of€the€public€officer.€ for€ the€ reason€ that€ if€ the€ corruption€of€the€official€is€accomplished.€ € Q:€ Suppose€ the€ public€ official€ accepted€ the€ consideration€and€turned€it€over ence€ of€ corruption.€and€in€ consideration€ of€ some€ money€ received€ from€ the€ eleventh€ applicant. Offender€ is€ a€ public€ officer€ within€ the€ scope€of€Article€203€ € Offender€ acc ise€ or€ receives€ a€ gift€ or€ present€ by€ himself€ or€ through€another€ € Such€offer€or€ r€present€received€by€the€public€officer€–€ a.€ € Illustration:€ This€ is€ the€ first€ kind€ of€ direct€ bribery.€The€act€of€ er€ is€ not€ a€ crime€ but€ it€ is€ unjust. 4.€ € 3.€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€direct€bribery?€ € € € Q:€Is€€it€required€that€the€act€was€committed?€ € A:€No.€210€whic ommitted”€ does€ not€ presume€that€the€act€was€committed.€ agrees€ with€ the€ accused€ to€ alter g€the€trial€to€make€it€appear€ that€ the€ witness€ testified€ favorably€ to€ the€ accused.€The€last€phrase€of€Art.€ If€ a€ court€ stenographer ion€ of€ a€ gift€ or€ present€ or€ even€ a€ promise. Direct€Bribery€ b.€ the€ Secretary€ of€ the€ Municipal€ Mayor€ who€ was€ under€instructio plication€of€awards€ in€the€municipality’s€public€market€for€only€ten€persons€ there€being€ eased.€ m that€ his€ application€was€the€tenth€is€guilty€of€this€form€of€Direct€ Bribery. €On€the€part€of€the ruption€of€public€officer€ b.€ 2.€ € That€ act€ which€ the€ offender€ agre e€ executes€ be€ connected€ with€ the€ performance€ of€ his€ official€duties.€Corruption€is€already€ committed€ upposed€ giver. Accepting€ a€ gift€ in€ consideration€ of€ the€ execution€ of€ an€ act€ which€ does€ n e€ (but€ which€ must€ be€ unjust)€ –€ If€ the€ act€ or€ omission€ does€ not€ amount€ to€ a€ st€be€delivered€by€the€corruptor€before€ a€ public€ officer€ can€ be€ prosecuted€ for€ brib t€enough€to€ constitute€the€crime€because€the€act€to€be€ done€ in€ the€ first€ place€ is€ l ance€ of€ the€ official€ duties€ of€ the€public€official.€ ny€was€adverse€to€him.€ in€ consideration€ of€ gift€ received€or€ y€a€taxi€driver€who€beat€ the€ red€ light.€said€ stenographer€is€guilty€of€bribery. € Illustration:€ A€ police€ traffic€ officer€ who. Falsification€of€public€ document.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Mere€ promise€ is€ sufficient.


€ € Q:€Should€there€be€a€clear€intention€on€the€part€of€ the€public€officer€to€take€the€gift€of nsider€ the€ property€ as€ his€ own€ for€ that€ moment.€ officer€and€the€corrupto ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ G.€ Rivas€ went€ to€ her€ lawyer’s€ en€ the€ necessary€ amounts€ constituting€ the€ sheriffs€ fees€ and€ expenses€ for€ executi Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€indirect€bribery?€ € A:€ 1.€ € Note:€If€the€public€officer€does€not€accept€the€gift.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ It€ is€ a€ conduct€ clearly€ contrary€ to€ the€ accepted€ rules€ of€ right€ and€ duty nd€ good€ morals.€ eriff€commit?€ € A:€The€sheriff€committed€the€crime€of€Direct€Bribery€ under€ the€ second€ 10.€ € The€g om€the€ public€officer.€2002)€ € Q:€Deputy€Sher he€RTC€ Clerk€ of€ Court€ a€ Writ€ of€ Execution€ in€ the€ case€ of€ Ejectment€ filed€ by€ is€ Ablan.€A€private€person€may€commit€this€crime€only€ in€ the€ case€ in€ which€ custody€ of€ pris :€ Does€ the€ crime€ of€ direct€ bribery€ involve€ moral€ turpitude?€ € A:€ Yes.€ What€ crime.00.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers Q:€ Suppose€ the€ public€ official€ did€ not€ report€ the€ same€ to€ his€ superior€ and€ ac he€ allowed€himself€to€be€corrupted.€ € Q:€ Is€ temporary€ performance€ of€ public€ function€ sufficient€to€constitute€a€person€a s.€ direct€ b olving€ moral€ turpitude.€ aside€ from€ P2000.€4.€ 147904.€ The€ writ€ was€ successfully€ enforced.€not€just€receive.€Oct.€ and€“accept”.€MARTINEZ€ 153 .€ denotes€ a€ malicious€ intent e€ offender€ to€ renege€on€the€duties€which€he€owes€his€fellowmen€ and€ society€ in€ genera he€ offender€takes€advantage€of€his€office€and€position€ is€ a€ betrayal€ of€ the€ trust€ r lic.00€ in€ consideration€ of€ prompt€ enforcem t€ from€ Estrada€ and€ her€ lawyer.€circumstance€or€ act€ to€ show€ such€ acceptance€ is€ not€ sufficient€ to€ convict€the€o he€ distinctions€ between€ direct€ bribery€and€indirect€bribery?€ € A:€ DIRECT€BRIBERY INDIRECT€BRIBERY Public€officer€receives€gift€ There€is€no€agreement€ There€ etween€the€public€ between€the€public€ officer€and€the€corruptor.€ Mere€ physical€ receipt€ unaccompa n.00€ was€ received€ by€ him€ “in€ consideration”€ of€ the€ prom rit€ of€ execution€ which€ is€ an€ official€ duty€ of€ the€ sheriff€to€do.€ (Magno€ v.€ No.€ ROBBERY The€person€arrested€has€ not€c The€transaction€is€neither€ mutual€nor€voluntary€but€ consummated€by€the€use€ of€force€or€i total€ amount€ of€ P550.€ The€ judgment€ being€ in€ favor€ of€ Estrada.€what€is€the€crime€ committed?€ € A:€ The€ corruptor€ b ummated€ corruption€ of€ public€ official.€ The€ public€ officer€ also€ becomes€equally€lia ated€bribery.€ RPC.€ since€ the€ P2000.R.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € €€INDIRECT€BR t€bribery?€ € A:€ It€ is€ the€ crime€ of€ any€ public€ officer€ who€ shall€ accept€gifts€of e. He ts€are€offered€to€him€by€reason€of€ his€office€ € Note:€ Mere€ acceptance€ of€ the€ gift€ because€ of€ the€ offender’s€position€constitutes€b e€ uses€ the€ words€ “gift”€ and€ not€ “promise”. Offender€is€a€public€officer€ 2.€ COMELEC.€€ € Moral€ turpitude€ can€ be€ inferred€ from€ the€ third€ elemen e€ offender€ agrees€ to€ accept€ a€ promise€ or€ gift€ and€ deliberately€ commits€ an€unjus rforming€an€official€ duty€ in€ exchange€ for€ some€ favors.€this€ crime€ is€ not€ committed€ but€ Corruption€of€Public€Officials€under€Article€212.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ € Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€bribery€and€ robbery?€€ € A:€ BRIBERY€ The€person€arrested€has€ committed€the€crime€and€ he€is€threatened€to€give€ money€ he€transaction€is€ generally€mutual€and€ voluntary.

UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € The€public€officer€is€called€ upon€to€perform€or€ refrain€from€performing€ an€official€act.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. Demanding. Entering€ into€ an€ agreement€ with€ any€ i lator€ or€ making€ use€ of€ any€ other€ scheme.€ERIK€GALLARDO. He€ entered€ into€ an€ agreement€ with€ any€ interested€ party€ or€ speculator€ r€scheme€with€regard€to:€ a.€ JR..€gift€or€present€ € Note:€ The€ crime€ involved€ in€ qualified€ bribery€ is€ a€ heinous€ crime.€LIWANAG.€ € € Note:€ There€ is€ no€ attempted€ or€ frustrated€ indirect€ bribery€ because€ it€ is€ comm g€ gifts€ to€ the€public€officer€by€reason€of€his€office.€illegal€exaction€is€committed.€ € €€QUALIFIED€BRIBERY€ €€(Art.AND€ )€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € A:€ 1.€211‐A)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€qualified€bribery?€ € sted€with€ law€enforcement€ € 2.€ to€ default€ the€ Government. The€ offers€ or€ promises€ are€ ma s€ are€ given€ to€ a€ public€ officer€ under€ circumstances€ that€ will€ make€ the€ public€ direct€ bribery€or€indirect€bribery€ € Note:€ Bribery€ is€ the€ act€ of€ the€ receiver.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ that€ is.€ what€crime€is€committed?€ € A:€Attem icial€only. The€making€of€contracts€or€ c. He€ refrains€ from osecuting€ the€ offender€ in€ consideration€ of€ any€ promise.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € €€CORRUPTION€OF€PUBLIC€OFFICIALS€ €€(Art. Offender€is€a€pu ld€ have€ taken€ advantage€ of€ his€ office.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. He€ refrains€ from€ arresting€ or€ prosecuting€ an€ offend tted€ a€ crime€ punishable€ by€ reclusion€ perpetua€ and/or€ death€ € 3.€ by€ way€ of€ payment€ or€ otherwise.€ € Note:€ By€ mere€ demanding€ an€ amount€ different.€212)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime? se€or€gives€ gifts€or€presents€to€a€public€officer€ € 2.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ he€ intervened€ in€ the€ transacti city€ € 3. The€ ad ement€ of€ accounts€ relating€ to€ public€ property€ or€funds€ € 3.€in€the€collection€ of€taxes.€ licenses.€ in€ dealing with€ regard€ to€ furnishing€ supplies.€ for€ any€ sum€ of€ mon fficially.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. € 154€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. necessarily€called€upon€to€ perform€any€official€act.€ fees€ an What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ fraud€ against€ public€ treasury?€€ € A:€ 1.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ The€ public€ o ceive€ a€ gift€ or€ present€ because€ a€ mere€ offer€ or€ promise€ is€ sufficient.€ fees€ and€ other€imposts. Furnishing€supplies€ b. Col iving€ directly€ or€ indirectly.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€or€the€adjustment€or€ se nts€ relating€ to€ public€ property€funds.€ the€ making€of€contracts.€ licenses.€ € 2.€ in€ the€ collection€ of€ taxes.€ things€ or€ objects erent€ from€ that€ provided€ by€ law.€ € € Failing€ voluntarily€ to€ issue€ a€ receipt€ as€ provided€ by€ law.€ € 4.€ whether€ bigger€ or€ smaller.€ directly€ or€ indirectly.€ the s€ different€ or€ larger€ than€ those€authorized€by€law.€ in€ the€ collection€ of€ taxes.€ even€ if€ the€ debtor€ refuses.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€licen ts.€ corruption€ of€ Public€official€is€the€ac € Q:€When€the€public€officer€refuses€to€be€corrupted.€ than€ wh d.€It€ is€enough€that€he€accepts€ the€gi f€his€office.€ €€FRAUD€AND€ILLEGAL€EXACTIONS€AND€ TRANSACTIONS€€ €€FRAUDS€AGAINST€THE€PUBLIC€TREASURY.

€ and€ (2)€ malvers ppropriating€ the€amount€collected.€ € Q:€ Should€ there€ be€ a€ fixed€ allocation€ on€ the€ matter?€ € A:€No. Third€ form:€ Collecting€ or€ re ctly€ or€ indirectly.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € Q:€Who€may€be€liable€for€illegal€exaction?€ € A:€ ommittees€by€a€public€ officer€ charged€ with€ the€ duty€ to€ collect€ taxes.€ for€ demanding€ a€ greater€ amount.€ directly€ or€ indirectly.€ € If€ good€ faith€ is€ present.€ the€ payment€ of€ sums€ d ger€ that€ those€ authorized€ by€ law€ –€ Mere€ demand€ will€ consummate€ the€ crime.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers 4. Second€ form:€ Failing€ voluntarily€ to€ issue€a€receipt€as€provided€by€law. He€is€guilty€of€any€of€the€following€acts€or€ omis tions)€ € a.€214)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€The€allocation€or dulent€quotations€made€by€the€public€officer€ involved.€ € Note:€ Damage€ to€ the€ government€ is€ not€ required.€ € This€felony€may€be€complexed€with collector€ who€ collected€ a€ sum€ larger€ than€ that€ authorized€ by€ law€ spent€ all€ of€ o€ crimes:€ (1)€ illegal€ exaction.€ c.€ ging€ to€ the€ taxpayer€ should€ not€ be€ accepted€ to€ settle€ the€ obligation€ of€a€taxpa k€ is€ a€ manager’s€ check€or€a€certified€check.€ € 2.€ € Illustration:€ If€ sums€ are€ received€ without€ d .€ the€ crime€is€indirect€bribery.€ € € OTHER€FRAUDS€ €€(Art.€ € Where€there€is€deceit€in€demanding€a€greater€fee€th e€crime€committed€is€estafa€ and€not€illegal€exaction.€if€ the€ sum€ is€ given€ as€ a€ on.€However.€ there€ is€ no€ criminal€liab € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ essence€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ illegal€ exaction?€ € A:€The€essence€of€t n€ of€any€of€the€amounts€but€the€improper€making€of€ the€ collection€ which€ would€ prejudi llected€ amounts€ by€ the€ government.€ € Note:€ Criminal€ intent€ must€ be€ shown€ that€ public€ officer€ demanded€ the€ payment€ of owing€ them€to€be€excessive.€ things€ or€ objects€ of€ a€ na that€provided€by€law€–€€ € GR:€ Under€ the€ rules€ and€ regulations€ of€ the€ government.€MARTINEZ€ 155 .€ Public€ officers€ with€ such€ funct he€ service€of€the€BIR€or€Bureau€of€Customs€are€not€to€be€ prosecuted€ under€ the€ Revised€ C€or€the€Revised€Administrative€Code.€ license€ fee nd€ other€ dues€ payable€ to€the€government.€ fees€ and€ other€imposts. First€ form:€ Demanding. Offender€is€a€public€officer€entrusted€with€ the€ col censes.€ by€ way€ of€ payment€ or€ otherwise. Accused€ had€ intent€ to€ defraud€ the€ Government.€for€ any€ d€ by€ him€ officially€ –€ The€ act€ of€ receiving€ payment€ due€ to€ the€ government€ with ve€rise€ to€ illegal€ exaction€ even€ though€ a€ provisional€ receipt€ has€ been€ issued.€ a€ felony€under€this€article€is€not€committed.€ even l€ refuse€ to€ come€ across€ with€ the€ amount€ being€ demanded.€ € Note:€ The€ fraud€ is€ in€ the€ implementation€ of€ procurement.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ s€a€receipt€in€ the€ form€ prescribed€ by€ law.€ € b.€ which€ means€official€receipt.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ essence€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ fraud€ against€public€treasury?€ € A:€ Th making€ the€ government€ pay€ for€ something€ not€ received€ or€ making€it€pay€more€than€wh ments€of€illegal€exactions?€ € A:€ 1.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.

€ SB€Case€No.€ € 2.€distribution€or€adjudication€ of€which€they€had€acted. Consenting.€ € Constitutional€prohibition€exists:€ Congress€cannot€personally€appear€as€coun be€ interested€ financially€ in€ any€ franchise€ or€ special€ privilege€ granted€ by€ gover t€ intervene€ in€ any€matter€before€office€of€Government.€ or€ be€ financially€ interested€ in€ a€ contract€ with€ or€ franchise/pri vernment. Taking€or€misappropriating€the€same€ 3.€August€15.€ became€ interested€ in€ any€ contract€ n€which€it€was€his€official€duty€to€ intervene.€LIWANAG.€ directly€ or€ indirectly.€ € Executive€cannot€hold€any€othe onal€ Commission€ cannot€ hold€ any€ other€ office. 3.€ arbitrators.g.€ permitting€ any€ other€ person€ to€take€such€public€funds€or€property€ 4.€ € €€MALVERSATION€OF€PUBLIC€FUNDS€OR€PROPERTY€ €€(Art.€215)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ € €€PROHIBI t. Public€ officer€ who.€26892.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ and€ private€ n€ like€ manner. Experts.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ € €€POSSESSION€OF€PROHIBITED€INTEREST€BY€A€ PUBLIC€OFFICER€(Art.€ g€securities€for€resale€is€speculation.€ € Q:€Which€court€has€jurisdiction?€ € A:€ The€ RTC€ has€ jurisdiction€ over€ the€ offense€ nt€ or€ penalty€ involved.€ took€ part€ in€ any€ contract€ or€ transaction€ connected€ with€ the€ est the€appraisal. Offender€is€an€appointive€publ erested. 2.€ € Note:€The€nature€of€the€duties€of€the€public€officer€and€ not€ the€ name€ of€ the€ office€ .€ In€ fact.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ in€ any€ transaction€ of€ exchange€ or€speculation€ € n€ takes€ place€ within€ the€ territory€subject€to€his€jurisdiction€ € 4.€ because€the€principal€penalty€is€disqualification.€217)€€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€punishable€ s€or€property€ 2.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€ 1.€ or€ engage€ in€ practice€ of€ professi t€ of€ business. He€becomes€intere on€ during€his€incumbency€ € E..€ Buying€ and€ selling€ stocks€ listed€ in€ the€ stock€ exchange€by€an€official€of€the€ ck€ or€ shares€ in€ a€ company€ is€ simple€ investment€and€not€a€violation€of€the€article.€ directly€ or€ indirectly.€ € Act€ is€ punished€ because€ of€ the€ possibility€ th tted€ or€ that€ the€ officer€ may€ place€ his€ own€ interest€ above€ that€ of€the€Governmen epresents. Offender € 156€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. € Guardians€ and€ executors€ with€ r erty€ belonging€ to€ their€ wards€ or€ the€estate.€ the€ offender€ includes€ not€ only€ o€ elective€ public€ officials.€ it€ is€ necessary€ that€ by€ reason€ of€ his€ offi n€said€contracts€or€transactions.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ JR.€ The€ act€ being€ punished€ is€ the€ possibility€ that€ fraud€ may€ be€ committed€ or€ place€his€own€interest€above€that€of€the€government.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€216)€ € Q:€Who€are€the€per 1.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ under€ the€ second€ paragraph€ of€ the€ said€ a ate€individuals€can€be€held€liable.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € Note:€ Actual€ fraud€ is€ not€ required€ for€ vi 15. Offender€is€a€public€officer€ He€takes€advantage€of€his€official€position€ He€ rauds€ or€ deceits€ enumerated€in€Articles€315‐318€ 3.€2006)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ common€ elements€ to€ all€ acts€ of€ malversation?€ € A:€ 1. Being€ ot the€ misappropriation€ or€ malversation€ of€ such€ funds€or€property.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ € Note:€The€mere€violation€of€the€prohibition€is€punished€ although€no€fraud€occurs€therefrom cial€ to€ be€ subject€ of€ this€ crime.€ or€ through€ abandon gence.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ € In€ Article€ 216.

€ € Q:€In€general.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers 2.€ Pepito)€ € Q:€ Is€ damage€ t sary€ to€ constitute€malversation?€ € A:€ No.€ or€ through€ abandonment€ negligence.€ permitted€ another€ pers e€them€ involved€and€conviction€thereof€is€proper.€€ € Q:€If€the€charge€is€for€intentional s€ proved€ was€ culpable€ malversation.€ is€ malve d?€ € A:€ Yes.€ € Q:€ Is€ there€ a€ crime€ of€ malversation€ through€ negligence?€ € A:€ None.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ His€ being€ remiss€ in€ the€ duty€ of€ safekeeping€ public eposed.€ can€ he€ be€ liable€ for€ malversation?€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. € Q:€What€is€the€thrust€of€the€crime€of€malversation?€ € A:€Malversation€is€predicated€on€t r€to€the€property€or€funds€involved. 4.€ take.€ refund€ of€ funds€ on€ the€ same€ day€ of€ misappropriation€ does€ not€ exe riminal€ liability.€ Th ersation€ whether€ committed€through€dolo€or€culpa.€ It€ is€ enough€ ted€ the€ trust€ reposed€ on€ him€ in€ connection€ with€the€property.€ the€ same€ offense€ of€ malversation € Q:€ A€ private€ property€ was€ attached€ or€ levied€ by€ the€ sheriff.€ the€ levy he€ property€ impressed€it€with€the€character€of€being€part€of€the€ public€property€it€bein pose€ the€ municipal€ treasurer€ allowed€ a€ private€ person’s€ check€ to€ be€ encashed€ us s€ custody.€ € Q:€Is€it€necessary y€his€ malversation?€ € A:€ No.€who€can€be€held€liable€for€the€crime f€ malversation€ can€ be€ committed€ only€ by€ an€ officer€ accountable€ for€ the€ funds€ o propriated.€ € Q:€ Suppose€ the€ offender€ is€ willing€ to€ pay€ the€ amount€misappropriated€or€ titution€ of€ the€ property€ misappropriated.€ € Q:€Who€are€“accountable€officers”?€ € A:€Accountable€officers€include€cashie ers€ or€ property€ custodians€ and€ any€ public€ officer€ having€ custody€ of€ public€ fund r€which€he€is€accountable.€ can€ it€ be€ a€ s versation?€ € A:€ Yes.€ It€ is€ not€ an€ element€ of€ the€ offense.€ € Q:€ If€ the€ disbursement€ of€ public€ funds€ is€ unauthorized.€ though€ the€ property€ belonged€ to€ a€ private€ person.€MARTINEZ€ 157 .€ roprietary€ rights€ of€ the€ government€ over€ the€ funds€ have€ been€ disturbed€ through€b Suppose€ the€ money€ is€ refunded€ on€ the€ same€ day€ it€ was€ misappropriated. He€had€the€custody€or€control€of€funds€or€ property€ by€ reason€ of€ the€ duties€ of€ hi operty€ were€ public€ funds€ or€ property€ for€ which€ he€ was€ accountable€ He€ appropriat propriated€ or€ consented.€ can€ he€still€be€liable€for€malversation?€ € yment€or€restitution€does€not€ extinguish€ criminal€ liability€ for€ malversation€ but€ onl lity€of€the€offender.€(People€v.€ misappropriate.€ € Note:€ Where€ the€ payment€ of€ public€ funds€ has€ been€ made€ in€ good€ faith€ renders€ h ot€ criminally€liable.€ w e€ of€ malversation?€ € A:€No.€(Boado.€to€take€such€public€funds€or€property.€2008)€ 3.€ The€ return€ of€ the€ funds€ malversed€ is€ only€ mitigating€ not€ exe tance.€ can€ the€offender€be€convicted€under€that€Informat dolo€ or€ culpa€ present€ in€ the€ offense€ is€ only€ a€ modality€ in€ the€ perpetration€ o the€ mode€ charged€ differs€ from€ the€ mode€ proved.€ somebody€ else€ may€ have€ misappropriated€ the€ funds€ in€ question.€ or€ consents€ or€ permits€any€other€pers ndonment€or€ negligence.€There€is€only€malversation€only€if€the€public€ officer€ who€ nds€ should€ appropriate.€ € Q:€ Is€ it€ necessary€ that€ the€ offender€ actually€ misappr No.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.

€ in€ encashing€ private€ checks€ from€ publi egulations€of€his€office.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ Deals€with€public€funds€or€ pro mmitted€ without€personal€ misappropriation.€ Velasq l. Conspiracy€ with€ a€ public€ officer€ alversation€ € 2.€ € Note:€The€moment€any€money€is€commingled€with€the€ public€ fund€ even€ if€ not€ due€ the€ g pressed€ with€ the€ characteristic€ of€ being€ part€of€public€funds.€ The€ checks€ bounced.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ and€liquidated.€ and€ misappropriates€the n€he€is€constituted€as€the€depositary€ or€ administrator€ of€ funds€ or€ property€ seized€ c€ authority€ even€ though€ said€ funds€ or€ property€ belong€to€a€private€individual€ € Q: ersation?€ € A:€ No.€ 98)€ He€ will€ be€ criminally€ liable€ for€ malversation.€ Committed€by€personal€ misappropriation€only.€ accountable€ for€ public€ funds€ or€ property.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€ Yes.€The€Municipal€Treasurer.€ € Q:€If€falsification€of€documents€was€resorted€to€for€ the€ purpose€ tion.€for€complex€crimes€require€that€one€crime€ .€ the€ Municipal€ Treasurer€ will iable€ as€ restitution€ does€ not€ negate€ criminal€ liability€ although€ it€ may€ be€ cons ating€ circumstance€ similar€ or€ analogous€ to€ voluntary€ surrender.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ JR.€ whether€ belonging€ to€ national€ or€ local€ government.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ the€ drawer€ n h€in€the€drawee€bank. When€ he€ has€ become€ an€ accomplice€ or€ accessory€to€a€public€officer€ tion€ € 3.€Sendaydiego)€ € Q:€ When€ does€ pres ropriation€ arise?€€ € A:€ When€ a€ demand€ is€ made€ upon€ an€ accountable€ officer€and€he perty€ involved.€ Demand€ merely€ raises€ a€ prima€ facie€ presumption€ that€ missing€ t€ to€ personal€use.€ encashed€ w s€ private€ checks€ drawn€ in€ favor€ of€ his€ wife.€ is€ a€ complex€crime€committed?€ € A:€No.€ € Ratio:€A€check€is€cleared€only€after€three€days.€(1999€Bar€Question)€ € €€FAILURE€OF€ACCOUNTABLE€OFFICE )€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € € 158€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€(People€v.€he€may€ not€be€criminally€liable.€ If€ the€ falsification€ is€ resorted€ to€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ hiding€ the€ malversati on€and€malversation€are€ separate€offenses.€ € An€ accountable€ pu e€ convicted€ of€ malversation€ even€ if€ there€ is€ no€ direct€ evidence€ of€ misappropria dence€is€the€shortage€ in€the€accounts€which€he€has€not€been€able€to€explain€ satisfactoril € Q:€ May€ a€ private€ person€ commit€ the€ crime€ of€ malversation?€ € A:€ Yes.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ € Q:€ A€ Municipal€ Treasurer.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ a€ privat t€ malversation€under€the€following€situations:€ € 1.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ malversation€ is€ committed.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€that€is.€ (People€ v.€ al€ Treasurer€ nevertheless€ be€ criminally€ liable?€What€crime€did€he€commit?€Explain.€ between€ ESTAFA€ Committed€by€a€private€ person€or€even€a€public€ officer€who€acts€in€a€ private€cap roperty. When€ the€ private€ person€ is€ made€ the€ custodian€ in€ whatever€ capacity€ of operty.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ th enied€the€use€of€the€public€fund.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ However.€Notwithstanding€ restitution€ of€ the€ amount€ of€ the€ checks.€ the€ act€ of€ changing€ the€ cash€ of€ the€ government€ with€ the€ check€ of€ a€ ugh€ the€ check€ is€ good.€During€ that€ period€ of€ three€ days..€ if€ the€ restituti diately€ under€ vehement€ protest€ against€ an€ imputation€ of€ malversation€and€without€le e.€The€presumption€arises€only€if€at€the€time€ the€ demand€ to€ produce€ the€ ountability€of€the€accused€is€already€determined€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ malversation€and€estafa?€ € A:€ MALVERSATION Committed€by€an€ accountable€public€ officer.€ € anding€ the€ restitution€ of€ the€ amount€ of€ the€ check.€as€ when€the€accountable€ officer€allows€anoth ropriate€the€same.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€LIWANAG.€a€complete€and€trustworthy€ audit€should€have€been€undertaken.


€G.€ People.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ tech tion€and€malversation?€ € A:€ TECHNICAL€ MALVERSATION€ MALVERSATION€ Offenders€are€accountable€public€officers€in€both€ c ender€derives€no€ Generally. € Note:€ This€ is€ a€ felony€ by€ omission€ and€ misappropriation€ is€ not€ necessary.€ provided€for€in€the€law.€or€to€a€provincial€Auditor€ He€ fails€ to€ do€ so€ f fter€ such€ accounts€ should€ be€ rendered€ malversation€because€disbursement€of€public€funds€for€ public€ use€ is€ per€ se€ not€ an€ u la€ v.€ € €€ILLEGAL€USE€OF€PUBLIC€FUNDS€OR€PROPERTY€€ €€(Art. 3. Such€ public€ fund€ or€ pr propriated€by€law€or€ordinance€ 4. There€is€public€fund€or€property€under€his€ administration€ 3.€ € €€FAILURE€OF€A€RESPONSIBLE€PUBLIC€OFFICER€TO€ RENDER€ACCOUNTS€BEFORE€LEAVING€THE€ COUNTRY ents€of€this€crime?€ A:€ 1. He€applies€the€same€to€a€public€use€other€ than€that€for been€ appropriated€ by€ law€ or€ ordinance€ € Note:€ Illegal€ use€ of€ public€ funds€ or€ property€ is€ also€ known€as€technical€malversa ion€ of€ criminal€ intent€will€not.€220)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€ .€because€ ial€element€ of€technical€malversation.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Offender€ is€ a€ public€ officer.€ Deman g€is€necessary. Offender€is€a€public€officer€ 2.€ whether€ in€ the€service€or€separated€there n€ accountable€ officer€ for€ public€funds€or€property€ He€ is€ required€ by€ law€ or€ regu ounts€ to€ the€ Commission€ on€ Audit.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € Q:€How€is€technical€malversation€ ad€ of€ applying€ it€ to€ the€ public€ purpose€ for€ which€ the€ fund€ or€ property€ was€ a aw.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ what€ is€ the€ crime€ committ mmitted€ is€ simple€ malversation€ only.€It€is€not€necessary€that€there€ be€ misappropriation. 2.€(Abdulla€v.€ The€ third€ element€ is€ lacking on€ given€ by€ DBM€ is€not€ an€ ordinance€ or€ law€contemplated€in€Art.€ derives€personal€bene n€is€for€the€ Public€fund€or€property€is€ personal€interest€of€the€ diverted€to€another€ of e€other€than€that€ person.€ however.€ € Q:€ X€ appropriated€ the€ salary€ ondary€ school€ teachers€ of€ the€ Sulu€ State€ College€contrary€to€the€authorization€issue e€ held€ liable€ for€ technical€ malversation?€ € A:€ No.€is€there€technical€malversation?€ € A:€Yes.R.€ automatically€ apply€ to€ all€ charges€ of€ Q:€Why€is€it€termed€“technical€malversation”?€ € A:€Because€under€this€article.€220.€the€fund€or propriated€or€earmarked€for€a€ certain€public€purpose.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers A:€ 1.€No.€Pe ication€ made€ proved€ to€ be€ more€ beneficial€ to€ the€ public€ than€ the€ original€ purp mount€ or€ property€ is€ appropriated.€the€public€officer€applied€it€to€ another€purpose.€217. He€ must€ be€ an€ accountable€ ds€or€property€ 3.€ If€ there€ is€ misap ld€be€liable€also€for€malversation€under€Art.€150129.€MARTINEZ€ 159 .€ but€ the€ same€ was€ applied€ to€ private€ purpose.€April€6. He€ must€ have€ unlawfully€ left€ (or€ be€ on€ point€ of€ leaving)€ the€ securing€from€the€Commission€on€Audit€a€ certificate€showing€that€his€accounts€have€ been€f Note:€ Mere€ act€ of€ leaving€ without€ securing€ clearance€ constitutes€the€crime€under€Ar ssary€ that€ the€ public€ officer€ really€ misappropriated€ public€ funds.€ € Q:€Suppose€the€funds€had€been€appropriated€for€a urpose.€2005)€ € 4.€the€offender€ personal€gain€or€benefit.

€ € Judicial€ admin vered€ by€ this€ article. Appo thority.€221)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€puni e€ payment€ by€ a€ public€ officer€ who€ is€ under€ obligation€ to€ make€ such€payment€from ossession€ € 2.€or€ b.€and€ 2. Direct€provision€of€the€law. 3.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ impounded€ or€ placed€ in€ deposit€by€public€authority)€ € Private€property€is€included d€or€ deposited€by€public€authority. 2.€ A:€ 1.€ € Illustration:€ The€fact€that€the€public€officer€recaptured€the€prisoner€ who€ custody€ does€ not€ afford€ complete€exculpation. Such€ prisoner€ escapes€ through€ his€ negligence€ € Note:€There€must€have€been€definite€laxity€amounting€ to€deliberate€non‐performance€of€duty al€evasion€of€service€of€sentence€ when€ the€ custodian€ permits€ the€ prisoner€ to€ obtain risonment.€ € If€a€policeman€on€guard€duty€unlocked€ t€ a€ detention€ prisoner€ to€ go€ out€ so€ he€ can€ clean€ the€ premises.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €€FAILURE€TO€MAKE€DELIVERY€OF€PUBLIC€FUNDS€ OR€PROPERTY€(Art.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€(Boado.€ Did€ AA€ become€ a€ public€ esignation€as€custodian€of€ distrained€property€by€the€BIR?€ € A:€No.€ pro cipal€ funds.€ depository€ of€ funds€ or€ prope eized€or€deposited€by€ public€ authority€ even€ if€ such€ property€ belongs€to€a€private€in Note:€ Sheriffs€ and€ receiver€ fall€ under€ the€ term€ “administrator”.€ he€ walked€ behind€ the€ police€ € Q:€ How€ is€ malversation€ committed€ by€ a€ private€ person?€ € € 160€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. Administrator. Refusing€ to€ make€ delivery€ by€ a€ public€ officer€ who€ has€ been€ order thority€ to€ deliver€ any€ property€ in€ his€ custody€ or€ under€ his€ administration€ € Q: his€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ (Appointed€to€administer€estate€of€deceased€and€not€in€ charge€ d.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ but€ on€ the€ l by€ faucet.€ (Azarcon€v.€have€charge€of€any€national. That€ the€ public€ officer€ has€ government€ funds€in€his€possession€ bligation€ to€ make€ payments€from€such€funds€ € 3.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. That€he€fails€to€make€payment€malicious E€PRECEDING€ PROVISIONS€(Art.€222)€€ € Q:€ Who€ are€ the€ individuals€ that€ may€ be€ liabl Private€ individual€ who€ in€ any€ capacity€ whatsoever..€or€ c.€ or€ in€ performing€ in€ said n€ any€ of€ its€ branches€ public€ duties€ as€ an€ employee.€ agent€ or€ subordinate€ offic s.€ revenue€ or€ property€ € 2.€Subsequent he€BIR€that€JJ€surreptitiously€took€the€ distrained€ property. He€ is€ charged€ with€ the€ conveyance€ or€ custody€ of€ a€ prisoner.€ either€ deten soner€by€final€judgment€ 3.€2008)€ € Q:€ AA€ was€ designated€ custodian€ of€ the€ distrained€ property€of€JJ€by€the€BIR.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. That€ his€ authority€ to€ take€ part€ in€ the€ performance€ of€ public€ function ic€duties€must€be€by:€ a.€LIWANAG.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. When€ a€ private€ person€ conspired€ with€ a€ public€officer€to€commit€malvers complice€or€accessory€ Where€a€private€person€was€constituted€a€ custodian€ in€ whatever€ c out€ a€ public€ officer€ involved€ and€ he€ misappropriated€the€same.€Batausa)€ CONNIVING€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€€ er€ 2.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. Popular€election.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€He€as kings€ which€ included€ the€ promise€ that€ he€ will€preserve€and€the€equipment.€ JR.€To€be€a€public€office the€ performance€ of€ public€ functions€ in€ the€ government.

€ bribery€ is€ deemed€ committed€ in€ additi s€ performing€ a€ public€ function. He nceals€ documents€or€papers€ € Note:€ Destroying€ or€ concealing€ documents€ or€ papers€does€not€require€proof€of€illicit€ 3.€ hence.€ € Mer soner€to€keep€close€while€ answering€the€telephone€is€not€a€sufficient€precaution€ under€ t d€ of€ the€ escape€ of€ the€ prisoner.€ except€ that€ the€ offender€ is€ a€ private€ perso dy€ of€ prisoner€shall€have€been€confided.€ whether€ serious€ or€ not.€ € Illustration:€ When€ such€ private€ person€ shall€ accept€ any€ consideration€or€gift€for€t e€of€a€duty€ confided€ to€ him.€ € Note:€ This€ article€ is€ not€ applicable€ if€ a€ private€ person€ was€the€one€who€made€the e€escape€of€the€person€arrested. The€offender€is€a€public€officer€ € 2.€ at€ that€instance.€ A€ failure€to€undertake€these€precautions€will€make€his€ act€ one€ negligence€ amounting€ to€deliberate€non‐performance€of€duty.€ to€ a€ third€party€or€to€the€public€interest€should€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€CONCEALMENT€OR€€DESTRUCTION€OF€ DOCUMENT€€(Art.€ € Q:€ How€ is€ the€ infidelity€ committed€ by€ private€ person?€ € A:€ Under€ Article€ 225.€(Rodillas€v.€ 4.€ this€ crime€is€not€committed.€ at€ that€ instance.223)€ or€ through€ his€ negligence€ (Art.€ bribery€ is€ committed€ in€ addition€ because€ he€ is€ per ion.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ negligence€ here€ is€ one€ which€ approximates€ malice€ performance€ of€ duty.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers headquarters.€ hence€ is.€ climbed€ over€ the€ wall€ and€ escape.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A .€ Nava.€ Note:€The€elements€of€this€fel elity€ in€ the€ custody€ of€ prisoners.€He€should€have€ loc ail€ before€ answering€ the€ telephone€ as€ there€ was€ nothing€ in€ the€ call€ necessitati o€ accused’s€ official€ duty€ of€ locking€him€back€in€jail.€ € Q:€ Will€ mere€ laxity€ amount€ to€ negligence€ within€ the€contemplation€of€Art.€ Sandiganbayan. be€ committed€ by€ a€ private€ person€ to€ whom€ the€ prisoner€ was€ entrusted€ and€ he€ co oner€ (Art. If€the€fugitive€is€only€a€detention€prisoner‐€ he€does€not€incur€any€criminal€liability.225)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime on€ € 2.€ 08€p. € Said€ documents€ or€ papers€ should€ have€ been€ entrusted€ to€ such€ public€ officer€ by € Note:€ The€ document€ must€ be€ complete€ and€ one€ by€ which€ a€ right€ can€ be€ establish uld€be€extinguished. € Damage.€(Boado.€609)€ € Note:€ But€ in€ People€ v.€ 224)€the€prisoner€was€allowed€to€esca Note:€ If€ the€ escape€was€with€ consideration. Offender€ consents€ to€ the€ escape€ of€ the€ prisoner€ or€ person at€ the€ escape€ takes€ place€ through€ his€ negligence€ € € €€REMOVAL.€he€is€liable€under€this€article.€226)€ € Note:€This€crime€is€also€called€infidelity€in€the€custody€ of€documents.€he€is€deemed€to€be€a€public€officer. Conveyance€ or€ custody€ of€ prisoner€ or€ person€under€arrest€is€confided€to€him€ der€arrest€escapes€ € 4. STODY€OF€A€ PERSON€NOT€A€PUBLIC€OFFICER€(Art.€224?€ € f€ any€ police€ officer€ having€ custody€of€a€prisoner€to€take€necessary€precautions€ to€ a any€ means€ of€ escape.€deemed€to€be€a€public€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ liability€ of€ the€ escaping€ the€ prisoner?€ € A:€ 1.€ He€ may€ be€ charged€ administratively€but€not€criminally. If€ the€ fugitive nce€ by€ reason€ of€ final€ judgment‐€ he€ is€ liable€ for€ evasion€ of€ the€ service€ of€ 2.


€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € € Q:€ Suppose.€ the€ custodian€ spent€ the€ money€ so€ marked.€ JR.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ punished elity€ in€ the€custody€of€documents?€ € A:€It€is€the€breach€of€public€trust€which€is€punish of€ infidelity€ of€ documents€may€be€committed?€€ € A:€€ 1.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ there€ must€ be€ p lawful€ purpose€ on€ the€ part€ of€ the€ offender€ unlike€ in€ cases€ of€ destroying€ or€ c or€ which€no€proof€of€criminal€purpose€or€objective€is€ required.€ € €€OFFICER€BREAKING€SEAL€€ €€(Art.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ € Note:€ It€ is€ the€ breaking€ of€ the€ seals€ and€ not€ the€ opening€of€a€closed€envelope€w esumed.€ € Delivering€ wrong€ party€ is€ infidelity€in€the€custody€thereof.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€what€is€the€crime€committed?€ € A:€T elity€in€the€custody€ of€ documents€ because€ the€ money€ adduced€ as€ exhibits€partake€the ot€ as€money.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ rationale€ for€ penalizing€ € 162€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ in€ the€ case€ for€ bribery€ or€ corruption.€ € If€ the€ act€ charged€ is€ removal€ of€ the€ documents.€ € Q:€When€is€the€crime€consummated?€ € A:€ The€ crime€ of€ removal€ of h€ of€ official€ trust€ is€ consummated€ upon€ its€ removal€ or€ secreting€ away€ from€ its ffice€and€after€the€offender€had€gone€out€and€ locked€the€door.€ the€ monetary€ consideration€ ibits.€ERIK€GALLARDO. Tamper€with€it€ 2. Removal€ –€ presupposes€ approp ocuments.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO..€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€It€does€not€require€ that€ the€ record€ be€ brought€ out€ of€ the€ premises€ wher ugh€ that€ the€ record€ be€ removed€ from€ the€ place€ where€ it€ should€ be€ transferred€ t€is€not€supposed€to€ be€kept.€it€being€immaterial€whether mplished€the€illicit€purpose€ for€which€he€removed€said€document.€ Q:€Must€removal€be€for€an€illicit€purpose?€ € A:€ Yes.€ € 3.€ the€ complete€ destruction€ thereof€is€not€necessary.€LIWANAG. Concealment€ –€ means€ that€ the€ documents€ are€ not€ forwarded€ to€ their€ destination€ a ary€ that€ they€ are€ secreted€ away€ in€ a€ place€ where€ they€could€not€be€found. These€ papers€ or€ property€ are€ sealed€ by He€breaks€the€seals€or€permits€them€to€be€ broken€ € Q:€ Is€ damage€ or€ intent€ to€ cause€ crime€ may€ be€ committed€ through€ negligence.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Destruction€ –€ Is€ equivalent€ to€ rendering€ useless said€ documents.€ € 2. Profit€by€it€ 3. Commit€ an€ act€ constituting€ icial€care€thereof.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ Removal€ is€ for€ an€ illicit€ purp e€offender€is€to:€ € 1.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ € Q:€ What€ constitutes€ the€ crime€ of€ breaking€ the€ seal?€ € A:€ The€ mere€ breaking€ o ening€ of€ the€ document€ would€ already€ bring€ about€ infidelity€ even€ though€ no€ damag red€by€anyone€or€by€the€public€at€large.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € Note:€ “Papers”€ would€ include€ checks.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Note:€ The€ damage€ to€ third€ persons€ or€ to€ the€ public€must€be€actual€but€need€not€be€ ge€in€this€article€may€consist€in€mere€alarm€ to€the€public€or€in€the€alienation€of€its€con ent€service.€227)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ ed€with€the€custody€of€papers€ or€property€ 3.€ promissory€ notes€and€paper€money.

€ He€ delivers€ those€ papers€ or€ copies€ thereof€to€a€third€person€ The€delivery€is€wrongfu ic€interest€ Note:€ This€ article€ punishes€ minor€ official€ betrayals.€ € Elements lic€officer€ b.€ their€ removal€for€an€illicit€purpose€is€infidelity€in€the€custo € Q:€ Suppose€ in€ the€ opening€ of€ the€ closed€ document.€great€or€small.€ in€ breaking€ the€ seal€ lope.€the€crime€is€revelation€of€secrets. Those€ papers€ should€ not€ € Q:€ Are€ military€ secrets€ or€ those€ affecting€ national€ security€covered€in€this€arti e€ military€ secrets€ or€ those€ affecting€ national€ interest€ are€ covered€ by€ the€ crim Q:€ What€ is€ the€ difference€ between€ Revelation€ of€ Secrets€by€an€Officer€and€Infidelit ment/Papers€by€Removing€the€same?€ € A:€ REVELATION€OF€SECRETS€ BY€AN€OFFICER€ The€papers€contain€ secrets€and€therefore€ should€not blic€officer€ having€charge€thereof€ removes€and€delivers€ them€wrongfully€to€a€ third€pers E€ CUSTODY€OF€THE€ DOCUMENTS/PAPERS€BY€ REMOVING€THE€SAME€ The€papers€do€not€ contain€secrets€but€their€ removal€is€for€an€illicit€ purpose.€executive€of€official€duties€or€ the€gen e€public€order.€ 228.€ € €€REVELATION€OF€SECRETS€BY€AN€OFFICER€ €€(Art.€230)€ € Q:€What€are€the€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. He€has€charge€of€papers€ c. He€ reveals€ s hority€or€justifiable€reasons€ d.€ violates€ the€ confidence€ or€ trust€ reposed€ on€him. Offender€is€a€public€officer€ b. He€ opens€ or€ permits€ to€ be€ opened€ said€ closed€papers. e.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. Damage. f.€ € Note:€The€“secrets”€referred€to€in€this€article€are€those€ which€ have€ an€ official€ or€ p ation€of€which€may€prejudice€public€interest.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. Any€ closed€ papers.€ € Note:€ Charge€ here€ means€ control€ or€ custody.€d e€does€not€have€proper€authority€ € Note:€The€closed€document€must€be€entrusted€to€the€ custody€of€the€accused€by€reason€of€his d.€229)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts n€ to€ the€ offending€ public€ officer€ by€ reason€ of€ his€ official€capacity.€ he€ is€ not€ liable€ under€ this€ provisio n€ secrets€ which€ should€ not€ be€ published.€ the€ public€ officer€ abstract at€crime/s€is/are€committed?€ € A:€ The€ public€ officer€ is€ liable€ under€ Art.€ € €€PUBLIC€OFFICER€REVEALING€€SECRETS€OF€PRIVATE€ INDIVIDUAL€(Art.€ He .€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ If€ the€ public€offic d€with€the€papers€but€ not€ with€ the€ custody.€ doc trusted€to€his€custody€ € 3.€is€caused€to€ the€public€interest ongfully€ papers€ or€ copies€ of€ papers€of€which€he€may€have€charge€and€ which€should€not€ .€and€the€public€officer€having€charge€thereof ers€ them€ wrongfully€ to€ a€ third€ person.€ € €€OPENING€OF€CLOSED€DOCUME ments€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€They€ refer€ to€ secrets€ relative€ to€ the€ he€ government.€On€the€oth o€ not€ contain€ secrets.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers A:€ The€ act€ is€ being€ punished€ because€ the€ public€ officer. He€knows€of€a€secret€by€reason€of€his€ official€capacity€ c.€MARTINEZ€ 163 . Offender€is€a€public€officer€ € 2.€ infidelities€ of€ little€ cons ffecting€ usually€ the€ administration€of€justice.

An€ order€ is€ issue ution€ € Note:€ The€ order€ of€ the€ superior€ must€ be€ legal€ or€ issued€ within€ his€ authority.€ € Q:€ Should€ damage€ be€ suffered€ by€ the€ private€ o€be€liable?€ € A:€ No. 3.€for€public€revelat . Offender€fails€to€do€so€maliciously€ € Q:€Give€ e€refusal€ of€assistance. Such€ judgment.€ € Note:€ What€ is€ punished€ by€ the€ law€ is€ insubordination€ of€the€act€of€defying€the€a al€ to€public€interest.€ WHEN€SAID€ORDER€WAS€SUSPENDED€€BY€INFERIOR€ O e€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ € €€REFUSAL€OF€ASSISTANCE€€ €€(Art.€2 A:€ 1.€ € Offender€is€a€public€officer€ He€ knows€ of€ the€ secrets€ of€ private€ individual€by€reaso uch€secrets€without€authority€ or€justifiable€reason€ € Q:€Should€the€secrets€be€revealed€publicly?€ A:€ No.€ manifest€ and€ decisive€ or€ a€ repeated€ and€ obsti e€in€the€fulfillment€of€an€order.€ cle€does€not€apply. 4.€ decision€ or r€authority€ € 3. € Note:€The€revelation€will€not€amount€to€a€crime€under€ this€article€if€the€secrets€are€cont e€administration€of€justice.€ decision€ or€ order€ was€ made€within€the€scope€of€the€j erior€ authority€ and€ issued€ with€ all€the€legal€formalities€ € Note:€Judgment€should€have€been€rendered€ in€a€hearing€€ 5.€ The€ reason€ for€ this€ provision€ is€ to€ uphold€ faith€and€trust Note:€ Revelation€ to€ any€ one€ person€ is€ necessary€ and€ sufficient.€ € € € 164€ .€ which€ he€ is€ duty€bound€to€obey€ Note:€ The€ refusal€ must€ be€ clear.€ 3.€ he€ is€ properly€ lia ayal€of€trust€by€an€attorney)€ The€ refusal€ must€ be€ intentional€ and€ must€ not€be€ conf ng€ from€ oversight. There€ is€ judgment. € Offender€ without€ any€ legal€ justification€ openly€ refuses€ to€ execute€ the€ said€ ju on€ or€ order.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€ 1. € € He€ has€ for€ any€ reason€ suspended€ the€ execution€of€such€order€ € His€ superior€ disa n€ of€the€execution€of€the€order€ € Offender€ disobeys€ his€ superior€ despite€ the€disappr Note:€ The€ disobedience€ must€ be€ open€ and€ repeated.€ mistake€ or€ erroneous€ interpretation€of€the€order.€233)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ t€ authority€ demands€ from€ the€ offender€ that€ he€ lend€ his€ cooperation€ towards€ the€ of€ justice€ or€ other€public€service€ € 3. € €€OTHER€OFFENSES€OR€IRREGULARITIES€BY€PUBLIC€ OFFICERS€ € €€OPEN€DISOBEDIENCE€€ €€(Art. 2. Offender€is€a€public€officer€ € 2.€ The€ crime€ is€ consummated€ if€ th d€to€another€even€in€close€intimacy.€ € If€ the€ offender€ is€ an€ attorney.€ €€DISOBEDIENCE€TO€ORDER€OF€SUPERIOR€OFFICER.€ € A:€ Investigators€ and€ medico‐legal€ officers€ refusing€ to€ in€ court€ after€ having€ been€ subpoenaed€ € 4. Offender€is€a€judicial€or€executive€officer€ € 2.


€On€the€ot isoners€to€dig€a€canal€where€culverts€shall€ be€placed€to€prevent€flooding€in€the€prison€co aw€ and€ does€ not€ violate€ this€ article. He€refuses€to€be€sworn€in€or€to€discharge€ the€duties legal€ motive€ for€ such€ refusal€ to€be€sworn€in€or€to€discharge€the€duties€ of€said€offic Ratio:€ Discharge€ of€ duties€ becomes€ a€ matter€ of€ duty€ and€not€a€right.235)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ yee€ € 2.€what€crime€is€he€responsible€for?€ € A:€The€public€officer€is€liable€for€physical€inj s€charge”?€ € A:€“Under€his€charge”€means€actual€charge.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€234)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€ ular€election€to€ a€public€office€ 2.”€(Boad ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ € Illustration:€ The€ public€ officer/employee€ either€ imposed€ pun t€ authorized€ by€ the€ regulation€ or€ by€ law.€ constitutes€ refusal€ of€ assistance.€ or€ inflicted€ punishment/disciplinary€ a ized€by€law€in€a€cruel€or€humiliating€manner. ii. under€ Art.€ and€ other€kinds€of€maltreatment€ rase€ “physical€ injuries€ or€ damage€ caused”€ and€ “cruel€ or€ humiliating€manner.€ but€if€the€public€officer€would€order€the€pris ate€evening€without€any€food.€ then€ this€ article€ is€ involved.€ as€ he€ inflicted€ such€ ment€ in€ a€ cruel€ and€ humiliating€ manner.€hitting€a€prisoner€by€a€latigo€even€ ipline€ is€ not€ authorized€ by€ law€ and€ constitutes€violation€of€this€article.€ € Note:€The€request€must€come€from€one€public€office€to€ another.€ € Note:€ Maltreatment€ should€ not€ be€ due€ to€ personal€ grudge.€ € €€REFUSAL€TO€DISCHARGE€ELECTIVE€OFFICE€ €€(Art.€as€long€as€the€assistance€requested€from€ him€is€within€his€duty€to€render€and€th r€ public€ service. He€ has€ under€ his€ charge€ a€ prisoner€ or€ detention€prisoner€ € Note:€ To€ be€ considered€ as€ a€ detention€ prisoner.€ the€ person€ arrested€ must€ be€ pl rt€time. By€ the€ imposition€ of€ punishments€ not€ authorized€ by€ the€regulations€ By€ inflicting€ nts€ (those€ authorized)€ in€ a€ cruel€ or€ humiliating€manner€ b.€ Maltreatment€ and€ physical€ injuries€ may€ not€ because€ the€ law€ specified€ that€ the€ penalty€for€maltreatment€shall€be€in€addition€to€h sical€injuries€or€damage€caused.€ 3. € By€ maltreating€ such€ prisoner€ to€ extort€ a€ confession€ or€ to€ obtain€ some€informat .€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ psychological.€ i.€ how€ many€ crimes€may€be€committed?€ € A:€ Two€ crimes€ are€ committed.€ € If€ the€ elected€ officer€ is€ underage€ or€ dis l€to€be€sworn€in€or€to€discharge€the€duties€of€the€ office€is€justified.€ € Q:€When€a€person€is€maltreated€ ge€ of€ prisoners.€ €€MALTREATMENT€OF€PRISONERS€ €€(Art. By€ overdoing€ h ection€ or€ handling€ of€ a€ prisoner€ or€ detention€ prisoner€ under€ his€ charge€either:€ € Q:€ If€ the€ public€ officer€ who€ maltreated€ the€ prisoner€ is€ not€ charged€ with€ the oner.€ any€ refusal€ by€ a€ public€ officer€ to€ render€ assistance€ when€ demanded€ uthority.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers Q:€Is€the€crime€of€refusal€of€assistance€committed€ only€ in€ connection€ with€ the€ admini ?€ € A:€ No.€MARTINEZ€ .€ € Note:€Refu f€an€appointive€ office€is€not€covered.€ otherwise.€ € Thus.€ offender€ is€ sical€ injuries€only. € He€ maltreats€ such€ prisoner€ either€ of€ the€ following€manners:€ € a.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ € Q:€To€what€does€maltreatment€refer€to?€ € A:€ Maltreatm hysical€ maltreatment€ but€ also€ moral.235€ and€ physical€ injuries.

165 .

.€ separate ismissed.€ The€ victim€ must€ nfined€ either€ as€ a€ convict€ or€ a€ detention€prisoner. He€formally€resigns€from€his€position€ 3. His€resignation€has€not€yet€been€a ons€ his€ office€ to€ the€ detriment€ of€the€public€service€ € Note:€There€must€be€a€formal€or€written€resignation.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. Law€r d€first€be€sworn€ in€and/or€should€first€give€a€bond€ € 3.€37€O.€ the€ offense€ is€ not€ maltreatment€ but€ physical€ injuries.€or€ € 2.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. €Physical€injuries‐€if€the€person€maltreated€ has€ already€ been€ arrested€ e€office€of€the€police€and€put€ in€jail.g.€ € €€ABANDONMENT€OF€OFFICE€OR€POSITION€.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ The€public€officer€ abandons€his€office€to€ evade€the€discharge€of€his€ duty.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ differences€ between€ abandonment€ of€ office€ and€ negligence€ a ecution€of€offense€(Art.€(Boado.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€236)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€o o€ hold€ public€ office€ or€ employment.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ espionage€or€treason). He€has€not€taken€his€oath€of€office€and/or€ give€the€bond€required€by€law€ € €€ OWERS€(Art.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .208)?€ € A:€ ABANDONMENT€OF€ OFFICE€ DERELICTION€OF€DUTY€ Committed€only€by€public€ officers€who€have€th rosecution€of€the€ punishment€of€violations€ of€law.€1366) € Q:€Who€are€the€officers€contemplated?€ € A:€ Those€ who€ have€ been€ suspended.€ what€ cri he€crime€committed€would€either€be:€ € 1.€ €€(Art.€Baring.€(People€v.€ prosecuting€ o of€ the€ crimes€ against€ national€ security€ (E.€ has€alre € Q:€ Supposing€ the€ purpose€ of€ abandonment€ is€ to€ evade€ the€ discharge€ of€ duties.€ regulations€ or€ special€ provisions€ for€ holding€ such€ office.€ either€ by€ election€ or€ appointment€ € 2.€238)€.€ me?€ € A:€The€crime€of€Abandonment€of€Office€or€Position€ will€ be€ qualified€ if€ the€ pur ent€ is€ to€ evade€ the€ discharge€ of€ duties€ consisting€ of€ preventing.€in€which€case.G.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € Note:€ The€ practice€ of€ presenting€ captured€ persons€ in€ national€ television€ for€ pub s€ a€ form€ of€ maltreatment€ because€ they€ are€ being€ presented€ as€ criminals€ even€ be ged€ which€ is€ humiliating. Offender€is€holding€a ided€ by€ law.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Coercion‐€if€the€person€not€yet€confined€in€ jail sion.€ JR.€2008)€ 3.€ € €€ANTICIPATION€OF€DUTIES€OF€A€PUBLIC€OFFICE€€ €€(Art. He€ assumes€ the€ performance€ o ffice€ € 4.€ € Illustration:€ If€ a€ Barangay€ Captain€ maltreats€ a€ person€ after€ the€ latter’s€ arrest inement.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. He€ continues€ to€ exercise€ the€ duties€ and€ powers€of€such€office€ € Q:€Suppose€the€person€maltreated€is€not€a€convict€ or€ a€ detention€ prisoner.€LIWANAG.€237)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ € Q:€What€are€the€eleme ic€officer€ 2.€ The€public€officer€does€ not€abandon€ rosecute€ an€offense€by€dereliction€ of€duty€or€by€malicious€ tolerance€of€the€ commission€ Committed€by€a€public€ officer.€ r.€ € €€USURPATION€OF€LEGISLATIVE€POWERS€€ €€(Art.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€239)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€this€crime € 166€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.

€ or€ obstr n€ of€ any€ order€ or€ decision€ rendered€ by€ any€ judge€ within€ the€ jurisdiction€ € Note:€Art.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers € A:€ 1.€243)€€ € Offender€is€an€executive€officer€ 2.€239€to€241€punish€interference€by€officers€of€ one€of€ the€three€ department€of€ nctions€of€an€official€of€another€department. 2. H y€ required€ to€ refrain€ from€continuing€the€proceeding€ 5.€ even€ if€ with€ the€ knowledge€ that€ the€ person€ recommended€ i . Assumes€ a€ power€ pertaining€ to€ the€ executive€authorities.€ € Note:€There€must€be€a€law€providing€for€qualifications€ of€a€person€to€be€nominated€or€appo € €€DISOBEYING€REQUEST€FOR€DISQUALIFICATION€ €€(Art. There€ is€ a€ questio ore€ the€ proper€ authority€ regarding€ his€ jurisdiction.€245)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€MARTINEZ€ 167 .€ € Mere€s able.€ He€ must€ wait€ until€ the€ question€ of€ jurisdiction€is€finally€s € €€ORDERS€OR€REQUESTS€BY€EXECUTIVE€OFFICERS€ TO€ANY€JUDICIAL€AUTHORITY€€ €€(Art.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ € € €€USURPATION€OF€EXECUTIVE€FUNCTIONS€ €€(Art.€ € Note:€ Legislative€ officers€ are€ not€ liable€ for€ usurpation€ of€executive€functions.€241)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€cri a. He€ addresses€ any€ order€ or€ suggestion€ to€ any€ju .€ mere€ recommending. Such€ person€ lacks€ the€ he€ le ereof€ 4. The€ order€ or€ suggestion€ relates€ to€ any€ case€ or€ business€ coming€ within€ the€ ex tion€ of€ the€ courts€ of€ justice.€He€must€nominate. He€continues€the€proceeding€ € €€ABUSES€AGAINST€CHASTITY€€ €€(Art.€ €€UNLAWFUL€APPOINTMENTS€ €€(Art.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ € €€USURPATION€OF€JUDICIAL€FUNCTIONS€ €€(Art.€is€not€a€crime.€ € Note:€ Legislative€ or€ judicial€ officers€ are€ not€ liable€ under€this€article. Obstructs€ executi ties€ in€ the€lawful€exercise€of€their€powers. minates€ or€ appoints€ a€ person€ to€ a€ public€office€ 3.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. Offender€is€an€executive€or€judicial€officer€ € Offender€ makes€ general€ rules yond€ the€ scope€ of€ his€ authority€ or€ attempts€ to€ repeal€ a€ law€ or€ suspends€the€ex Note:€The€offender€is€any€public€officer€who€has€been€ lawfully€ required€ to€ refrain€ fro s€ course€ of€ action.€242)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€t fficer€ 2.€242)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crim f€ the€ executive€ branch€of€the€Government€ € 2.€or€ b.€which€is€yet€to€be€decided€ 4.€244)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1. He€ assumes€ judicial€ powers. Proceeding€ is€ pending€ before€ such€ public€ officer€ 3. Offender€ knows€ that€ his€ nominee€ or€ employee€ lacks€ the€ qualifications€ at de€ the€ nomination€ or€ appointment€ € Q:€ Is€ the€ act€ of€ recommending€ punishable€ und No.

The€ woman€ who€ is€ the€ offended€ party€ in€ the€ crime€ is€ a€ prisoner€ under€ the he€ jailer€ who€ is€ the€ offender.€ € Note:€The€crime€is€committed€by€mere€proposal.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€ 1.€Only€a€lady€can€be€a€complainant€ here€ so€ that€ a€ gay€ gua al€ proposals€ or€ indecent€ advances€ to€ a€ male€ prisoner€ is€ not€ liable€ under€this€l Note:€ Immoral€ or€ indecent€ advances€ contemplated€ here€ must€ be€ persistent.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ It€ must ere€joke€would€not€ suffice. Offender€is€a€public€officer€ € 2.€daughte thin€the€same€degree€by€affinity€of€ the€ person€ in€ the€ custody€ of€ the€ offender.€or€ € b.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ –€ This€ does€ not€ include€ any€ casual€ or€ i s€ refers€ to€ interest€ in€ the€ subject€ of€ the€ case€ under€ investigation.€LIWANAG.€ € € 168€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ or€ with€ respect€ to€ which€he€is€req or€consult€with€a€superior€officer€ € Soliciting€ or€ making€ immoral€ or€ indecent€ advanc the€ offender’s€custody€ € Soliciting€or€making€indecent€advances€to€ the€ wife.€ 2.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. The€wife. He€ ndecent€ advances€to€a€woman€ € 3.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ the€ solicitation€ and€ advances€ are€ considered€ as€merely€as€preparatory€acts. Soliciting€ or€ making€ immoral€ or€ indecent€ advances€ to€ a€ woman€ interested€ i ng€ before€ the€ offending€ officer€ for€ decision.€If€the€ offender€ succeeds€ in€ committing€ tity.€ sister€ or€ relative€ by€ affinity€ in€ the€same€line€as€of€the€p f€ the€ offender€ who€ made€ the€ indecent€ or€ immoral€ solicitation.€ JR.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ –€ This€ crime€ cannot€ be€ committed€if€the€warden€is an.€ daughter. Interested€in€matters€pending€before€ cision€ or€ with€ respect€ to€ which€ he€ is€ required€ to€ submit€ a€ report€ to€ or€ cons cer. e€ within€the€same€degree€by€affinity€of€any€ person€ in€ the€ custody€ of€ the€ offending€ he€instances€where€abuse€of€chastity€ may€arise?€ € A:€ 1.€ € ation€ is€ not€ necessary€ when€ there€ is€ sexual€intercourse.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ –€ The€ mother€ is€ ny€ immoral€or€indecent€solicitation€upon€the€ mother€of€the€prisoner€does€not€give€rise€ t fender€ may€ be€ prosecuted€ under€ the€ Section€ 28€ of€ the€ RA€3019€(Anti‐Graft€and€Corr € Note:€ “To€ solicit”€ means€ to€ propose€ earnestly€ and€ persistently€ something€ unchaste woman.€who€is€the€offended€p est€ in€ a€ case€ where€ the€ offender€ is€ the€ investigator€ or€ he€ is€ required€ to€ re quired€to€consult€with€a€superior€officer. Such€woman€is:€ a.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ € 2.€ € Note:€ It€ is€ immaterial€ whether€ the€ woman€ did€not€agree€or€agreed€to€the€solicitation lic€ officer€ before€ whom€ matters€ are€ pending€ for€ resolution€ or€ for€ which€ he€ is€ a€ report€ or€ consult€a€superior. 3.€ Men€ have€ no€ chastity. € Q:€What€is€the€essence€of€the€crime€abuses€against€ chastity?€ € A:€ The€ essence€ of€ th oral€or€indecent€solicitation€or€advances..€or€ € c. Under€the€custody€of€the€offender€is€ a€ warden€ or€ other€ public€ officer€ e€ care€ and€ custody€ of€ prisoners€ or€ persons€ under€arrest. The€woman.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ 3.€ € € The€ crime€ is€ committed€ upon€ a€ female€ relative€of€a€prisoner€under€the€custody€of€ oman€ is€ the€ daughter.


€3019.€€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. 4.€ € Accepting€ or€ having€ any€ member€ of€ his€ family€ accept€ employment€ in€ a€ priva has€ pending€ official€ business€ with€ him€ during€ the€ pendency€ thereof€ or€ within€one nation.€whethe fied€or€unclassified€ or€ exempt€ service.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€€amended)€ € Q:€Who€are€covered€under€this€act?€ € A:€ All€ es€ elective€ and€ appointive€ officials€ and€ employees.€ induced€ or€ influenced€ to€ commit€ such€ viola .€or€ 4.€ 3€ of€ R.€ from€ any€ person€ for€ whom€ the€ public€ officer.€ it€ uses€the€word€“or”€between€r € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ punishable€ acts€ under€ Sec.€present€or€con r€ the€benefit€of€the€said€public€officer€or€for€ any€other€person€ 4.€ 2008)€ 3.€ or€ will€ secure€ or€ obtain.€ in€ connection€ with€ any€ contract€ or€ transa Government€and€ any€ other€ part. Receiving€ 3. Requesting€ 2.A.€Directly€or€indirectly€requesting€or€receiving€ any€gift.€ receiving€ compensation.€MARTINEZ€ 169 .A.€ € Note:€This€is€a€special€form€of€bribery€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€€ 1.€ (Neri€ v.€share.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. 2.€present. 3.€3019?€ € A:€ 1.€ 3019€ punishes€ the€ separate€ acts€ of:€ 1. 5.€ wherein€ the€ public€ officer€ in€ his€ official€ capaci nder€the€law.€ Allowing€ himself€ to€ be€ persuaded.€ any€ Government€ permit€or€lice on€for€the€help€ given€or€to€be€given.€€Directly€or€indirectly€requesting€or€receiving€ any€gift.€ present€ or€ consideration€ 3.€ After€ all. An€ offense€ with€ the€official€duties€of€the€latter€ € Note:€ An€ € example€ of€ the€ abovementioned€ punishable€ act€ is€ the€ act€ of€ Former€ C min€Abalos€in€bribing€Romulo€Neri€ the€amount€of€200€Million€Pesos€in€exchange€for€ the€ ap .€ what€ is/ ted?€ € A:€Rape€is€committed€aside€from€the€abuse€against€ chastity. The€gift. H directly€ or€ indirectly€ a€ gift. Perform€ an€ act€ constituting€ a€ e€ Rules€ and€ Regulations€ duly€ promulgated€ by€competent€authority.€present€or€other€pecuniary€or r€ himself€ or€ for€ another.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ Abuse€ of€ chastity€ rime€ of€ rape€ because€ the€ basis€ of€ penalizing€ the€ acts€is€different€from€each€other t€Practices€Act€€ (R.€ permanent€ or€ temporary. National€government€ Local€government€ GOCCs€ Ot trumentalities€or€agencies€ Their€branches€€ for€ himself€ or€ for€ any€ other€ person. A€public€o ucing.€ Senate€ Committee€ on€ Accountablility€ of€ Public€ Officers€ and€ Investigat 180643.€ or€ influencing€ another€public€officer€to:€ i. The€ public€ officer€ has€ th ne€ in€ such€ contract€ or€ transaction€ in€his€official€capacity€ € Note:€ R.€ Note:€This€is€a€special€form€of€bribery€ b. It€ was€ requested€ ction€with€a€contract€or€transaction€ with€the€Government€ 5.€ in€ any has€ secured€ or€ obtained.€ March€ 25.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers Q:€If€the€jail€warden€forced€himself€against€the€will€ of€ the€ woman€ prisoner.€ even€ nominal€from€th Note:€Government€includes:€ 1.€or€ ii. Requ ceiving€ € Lack€ of€ demand€ is€ immaterial. The€offender€is€a€public€officer€ 2.A.€percentage.

Neglecting€or€refusing.€after€due€demand€ or€request.€ 7. Offender€is€a€public€officer€ € Public€ officer€ neglected€ or€ refused€ to€ act€ withou ification€ after€ due€ demand€ or€ request€ has€ been€ made€ on€ him€ € Reasonable€ time€ h demand€ or€ request€ without€ the€ public€ officer€ having€ acted€ on€ the€ matter€ pending lure€to€act€is€for€the€purpose€of:€ Obtaining€(directly€or€indirectly)€ i.€(the€threshold€of€the€crime)€ € 3.€ or€ having€ any€ of€ his€ family€ member€ accept€ a private€ enterprise€ Such€ private€ enterprise€ has€ a€ pending€ official€ business€ with€ icer€ It€was€accepted€during:€ i.€ whether€ or€ not€ the€ public€ officer€profited€or€will€profi he€elements€of€this€crime?€ A:€€ 1.€People)€ 8.€ e r€ inexcusable€negligence€ € That€his€action€caused:€ i.€It€does€not€in€itself€result€ to€ manifest€ and€ gross€ disadvantage.€ advantage€or€preference€in€the€discharge€of€his€ official€ adm judicial€ functions€ through€ manifest€ partiality. The€pendency€thereof. .€ good€ faith€ and€lack€of€malice€is€a€valid€defe 6.€ evident€ bad€ faith€ or€gross€inexcusa nce. Note:€ Since€ bad€ faith€ is€ an€ element. 3. Accused€is€a€public€officer€ The€public€officer€ente saction€ on€ behalf€ of€ the€ government€ Such€contract€or€transaction€is€grossly€and€ mani ageous€ to€ the€ government. € 5.€without€sufficient€justification.€ advantage€or€prefere scharge€ of€ his€ functions. The€ public€ officer€ accepted. Note:€ The€ neglect€ or€ delay€ of€ public€ function€ must€ be€ accompanied€ by€ an€ expres D€ of€ any€ benefit€ or€ consideration€ for€ himself€ or€ another.€ or€ giving any€ unwarranted€ benefits.€ on€ behalf€ of€ the€ Government.€ including€ the€ Government.€ Causing€ any€ undue€ injury€ to€ any€ party.€€ ii ntage€in€favor€ iii.€ erely€administratively€liable. 2.€judicial€or€ official€functions€ € He€ must€ have€ acted€ with€ manifest€ partiality.€€ € 2.€ dvantage€be€gross€and€manifest. 2.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€ 1. of€ or€ discriminating€ against€ any€ other€interested€party. from€ any€ perso atter€ some€ pecuniary€ or€ material€benefit€or€advantage. 3.€ to easonable€ time€ on€ any€ matter€pending€before€him.€€ Note:€ Lack€ of€ public€ bidding€ and€ violation€ of€ administrative€ orders€ do€ not€ by€ fy€the€3rd€element. Entering. c. Giving€ any€ private€ party€ unwarranted€ benefits.€ into€ any€ contract€ or€ transaction€ manifest sadvantageous€to€ the€ same.€or€ ii.€€ d.€ Favoring€his€own€interest. Within€ 1€ year€ after€ its b.€or€ ii.€ Absent€ such€ demand. Any€ undue€ injury€ to€ any€ party vernment. The€accused€must€be€a€public€officer e.€ (Caunan€v.€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ A:€€ 1.

€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € Directly€ or€ indirectly€ having€ financial€ or€ pecuniary€ interest€ in€ any€ business..€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Intervenes€or€takes€part€in€his€official€ capacity.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€or€ € 170€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€LIWANAG.€ c saction€in€which€he:€ a.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ JR.

Close€personal€friendship€ b.€ Vice€ President.€panel€or€group. For€ any€ person€ to€ knowingly€ induce€ or€ cause€any€public€official€to€commit€any€of€ the€offenses€defined€in€Sec.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€or€ b. Soc al€relations€ c.€ panel€ is€ a€ member€ and€ which€ exercises€ discretion€ in€ such€ approval€ Even€ if€ he€ votes€ oes€ not€ participate€ in€ the€ action€ of€ the€ board.€ in€ the€ discretion€ of€ the€ Court.€ request€ or€ contract€ with€ the€ government.€or€ b.€ percentage€or€benefit€in€par.€ has€ been€ already€ dealing€ with€ the€ Governme ne€of€business€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. Is€ prohibited€ by€ the€ constitution€ or€ by€law€from€having€any€interest€ € 3. Personal€employment€ € This€all€gives€rise€to€intimacy€which€assumes€free€ ficer.€€ € Note:€ The€ ff.€2€an ing€or€giving€to€the€public€officer€ the€employment€mentioned€in€par.€ Note:€ Family€ relations€ include€ the€ spouse€ or€ relatives€ by€ consanguinity€ or€ affin d€ civil€degree.€ material€ or€ pecuniary€ advantage€ from€ any€ person€ having€ s ransaction.€ in€ which€ such€ er€ has€to€intervene€(Sec.€MARTINEZ€ 171 .€ by€ directly€ or€ indirectly€ request ing€ any€ present. Confidential€character€€ ii.€ Senate€ President.€ € Close€Personal€relations€include:€ a.€ Directly€ or€ indirectly€ becoming€ interested. Releasing€ such€ information€ in€ advance€ of€ ed€ released€ date.6)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ other€ prohibited€ acts€ for€ the€ relatives?€ € A:€ € GR:€ € it€ shall€ be€ unlawful€ for€ the€ spouse€ or€ rd relative€ by€ consanguinity€ civil€ degree€ of€ the€ President. Knowingly€ approving€ or€ granting€ any€ license.€€ 10.€ inequitable.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ privilege€ or€ benefit€ in€ Any€ person€ not€ qualified€ for€ or€ not€ legally€ entitled€ to€ such€ license. Requires€ the€ approval€ of€ a€ board.€ gift.€ permit.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ prohibited€ acts€ for€ private€ individuals?€ € A:€It€shall€be€unlawf ving€ family€ or€ close€ personal€ relation€ with€ any€ public€ official€ to€ capitalize€ o advantage€ of€ such€ family€ or€ personal€ relation.€ or€ irregular€ transaction€ e€ board.€ share. A€ mere€ representative€ or€ dummy€ of€ one€ who€ is€ not€ so€ qualified€ or€ enti aluable€information€of€a:€€ i.€4)€ ii.€ XPN:€This€will€not€apply€to:€ 1.€ present. Person€ urging€ the€ divulging€ or€ untimely€ release€ of€ the€ confidential€ informatio Note:€ Intervention€ must€ be€ actual€ and€ in€ the€ official€capacity€of€the€public€office € 9.€ permit. Note:€ Interest€ for€ personal€ gain€ shall€ be€ presumed€ against€ those€ public€ official e€ for€ the€ approval€ of€ manifestly€ unlawful.€for€personal€gains.€ or€ Speaker€ of€ ervene€ directly€ or€ indirectly€ in€ any€ business. Any€ person€ who€ prior€ to€ the€ assumption€ of€ ve€ officials€ to€ whom€ he€ is€ related.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers b.€3.€ panel€ or€ group€ to€ which€ they€ belong. a.€(Sec.€ contract€or€application nment.€4. Acquired€by€his€office€or€by€hi ficial€ position€to€unauthorized€person€ b. Person€ giving€ the€ gift.€ application.€ persons€ shall€ also€ be€ punished€ with€ the€ public€officer€and€shall€be rily€ disqualified.€€€ € 2.€ from€ transacting€business€in€an nment:€ 1.€ transaction.€ Having rest€ in€ any€ transaction€or€act€which:€ i.€p .€ committee.

€(2).€ by€ amassing.€ business€associates.€ misuse.€ € Q:€What€is€Plunder?€ € A:€ It€ is€ a€ crime€ committed€ by€ a€ public€ officer€ by€ himse bers€ of€ his€ family.€s r€other€persons.€ subordinates€ and/or€ business€associates.€ relatives€ by€ affinity€ or€ consanguinity.€as€amended)€ € Q:€Who€are€covered€under€this€act?€ A:€ Pu person€ holding€ any€public€office€in€the€Government€of€the€Republic€ of€ the€ Philippines€ intment.€ directly€ or€ indirectly.A.€ 2.€ Q:€H n€wealth€acquired?€ A:€It€is€acquired€by€any€combination€or€series€of€the€ following€means€ ough€ misappropriation. 4.€agencies€or ies€ or€ government‐owned€ or€ controlled€ corporations€and€their€subsidiaries€ € By€ obtai g€ or€ accepting€ directly€ or€ indirectly€ any€ shares€ of€ stock.€ share.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 2. € 6.€ percentag or€ any/or€ entity€ in€ connection€ with€ any€ government€ contract€ or€ project€ or€ by€ r e€ or€ position€ of€ the€public€officer€concerned€ € By€the€illegal€or€fraudulent€conveyanc sets€ belonging€ to€ the€ National€ government€ or€ any€ of€ its€ subdivisions.€ authority.€ € Note:€ Plunder€ is€ a€ malum€ in€ se.€ misappropriation€ in€ no.€ equity€ or€ any€ other€ form€ of€ interest€ or€ participation€ incl of€ future€ employment€ in€ any€ business€ enterprise€or€undertaking€ € By€ establishing€ a ndustrial€ or€ commercial€ monopolies€ or€ other€ combinations€ and/or€ implementation€ of€ nd€ orders€ intended€ to€ benefit€ particular€persons€or€special€interests€ € By€ taking€ u official€ position.€or€malversation€of€public€funds€or€ raids€on€ ry€ € By€ receiving.€ pr rprise€ or€ material€ possession€ of€ any€ person.€ acquired€ by€ a€ public€ officer€ direc ly€ through€ dummies.€ misappropriation€ and€ raids€ of€ public€ treasury€ all€ found€in€no.€Anti‐Plunder€Act€€ (R.€ nominees. 4.€ZACAT .€ any€ commission.€ Q:€What€is€ill‐gotten€wealth?€ A:€ It€ is€ any€ asset.€ connection€or€influence€to€unjustly€enrich€ hemselves€at€the€expense€and€ to€ the€ damage€ and€ prejudice€ of€ the€ Filipino€ people€ a e€ Philippines€ 3.€ gift.€7080.g.€ contract€ or€ application€ already€existing€or€pending€at€the€time€of f€public€office€ € Any€application€filed€by€him€the€approval€ of€ which€ is€ not€ discretio fficial€ or€ officials€ concerned€ but€ depends€upon€compliance€with€requisites€ provided€ es€ or€ regulations€ issued€pursuant€to€law€ € Any€ act€ lawfully€ performed€ in€ an€ offic rcise€of€a€profession.€ agents.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. Any€ transaction.€It€is€sufficient€to€establish€beyond€reasonable€ doubt€a€pattern€of€overt€or€criminal€ac ll€unlawful€scheme€or€conspiracy.€LIWANAG.€ conversion.(1)€ and€ receiving€ commission€in€no. € Q:€Is€it€necessary€to€prove€each€and€every€criminal€ act€ done€ by€ the€ accused€ to€ com o.€ election€or€contract.€ relationship. 5. B.€ The€ degree€ of€ responsibility€ of€ the€ offender€ € 172€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. € Q:€What€is€series?€€ € A:€ Series€ refers€to€ at€ least€ 2€ or€ more€ overt€ acts€ € is€ e.€ accumulating€ or€ acquiring€ ill‐gotten€ wealth€ through€ r€ series€ of€ overt€ acts€ in€ the€ aggregate€ amount€ or€ total€ value€ of€ at€ least€P50 tion?€ € A:€ Combination€ refers€ to€ at€ least€ 2€ of€ the€ above€ enumerations€found€in€d e.g.€(1)€ 3.


12€ years€ nment‐€€if€the€detained€person€has€ already€ been€ convicted€ and€ sentenced€ in€ a€final€j .€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ E.€ instead€ of€ plunder.A.€Hence.€ which€ is€ a€ non‐bailable€ capital€ offense.€ detention€ and€ taking€ into€ custody€by€the€p ent€personnel€ otherwise.€ C.€MARTINEZ€ 173 .€9372)€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ effect€ of€ failure€ to€ de udicial€authority€under€this€ act?€ € A:€ € Any€ police€ or€ law€ enforcement€ personnel€ w of€ a€ person€ charged€ with€ or€ suspected€of€the€crime€of€terrorism€or€the€crime€of€ cons sm€ shall€ deliver€ the€ same€ to€ the€ proper€ judicial€ authorities€ within€ a€ period€ o om€ the€ moment€ of€ apprehension. 6€ years€ and€ 1€ day€ to€ 12€ years€ of€ imprisonment‐€€if€the€detained€person€has€ not€ d€ in€ a€ final€judgment€of€a€competent€court.€ arrest.€ and€ to€ ret e€ loot€ he€ was€ accused€of€stealing.G fore€ the€ Sandiganbayan€ to€ the€ lesser€ offenses€ of€ indirect€ bribery€ and€ facilitati dering.g.€Human€Security€Act€of€2007€(R.€ € Q:€What€is€the€penalty€for€infidelity€in€the€ Any€ public€ officer€ who€ has€ direct€ custody€ of€ a€ detained€person€or€under€the€provis y€ his€ deliberate€ act.€ or€ inexcusable€negligence€causes€or€allows€the€esca d€person€shall€be€guilty€of€an€offense€ and€shall€suffer€the€penalty€of:€€ € 1.€it€authorizes€the€application€of€ mitigating€and€extenuating€circum C.€ misconduct.€ such€ police€ or€ law€ enforcement€ personnel€ shall€ be€ penali ars€ and€ 1€ day€to€12€years€imprisonment.BOOK 2: Crimes Committed By Public Officers criminal€intent.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€(Sec.€ The€Law€is€silent€on€whether€a€person€can€be€charged€ with€ a€ predicate€ crime.€ 44)€ € € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.

€ must€ be€ in€ the€ direct€ li ateral€ line.€It€is€immaterial€that€he€knew€of€the€ relationship€of€the€accused€and€the€d cide€of€a€spouse.€CRIMES€AGAINST€PERSONS€(246‐266)€ € €€DESTRUCTION€OF€LIFE€ € €€PARRICIDE€ €€(Art.€247)€€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€essential€elements€of€the€c e€ offender€ with€ the€ victim€ is€ the€ essential€ element€ of€ the€ crime.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ the€ information€ should€ allege€ the€ fact€ of€ such€ valid€ marriage€ between€ the€ m. Deceased€is€the:€€ a.€ because p.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€Is€he€liable€for€parricide?€€ l€wives€can€be€ convicted€ of€ parricide€ only€ in€ case€ the€ first€ wife€ is€ killed.€€ €€ Q:€ Must€ the€ relationship€ between€ the€ offender€ and€the€offended€party€be€legitimat ender€and€the€offended€ party€are€related€as€parent€and€child. Child. Legitimate e€accused.€who€has€three€wives. Parricide€through€negligence€(Art.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. Mother€ c.€ It€ is€ either€ e€case€may€be.€as€ the€ case€ may€ be.€€ €€ Illustration:€€ € € The€ relationship.€ he€ will€ be€ held€ liable€ for€ parric ly€ as€ regards€ the€ proper€penalty€to€be€imposed. Father€ b.€ if€ a anger€but€by€mistake€he€ killed€ his€ own€ father.€ killing€ an€ adopted€ child€ even€ if€ adoption€ confers€ on€ the€ a hts€ and€ privileges€ of€ a€ legitimate€ child€ could€ not€ be€ parricide.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € VIII.€ € Q:€Suppose€a€Muslim.€€ €€ Q:€ If€ a€ person€ killed€ his/her nstitute€parricide?€€ €€ A:€ € No.€ 2.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€246 Deceased€is€killed€by€the€accused.€ JR.€ what€ ty?€€ €€ A:€The€stranger€is€liable€for€homicide€or€murder.€€€ €€ Ratio:€A€Catholic€man€can€commit€the€crime€only€once.€€€ €€ Note:€If€the€offender€and€the€offended€party.€ in€ effect.€€ € Note:€Parricide€of€spouse€requires€proof€of€marriage.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ otherwise.€ Hence.€ father€of€the€victim€V.€ if€ A.€killed€ the€third.€what€must€ be€established?€€ €€ A:€There€must€be€a€valid€subsisting€marri so. A€ woman€ with€ whom€ he€ lived€ without€ the€benefit € 174€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€365)€ 2.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. Legitimate€ other€ ascendant€ or€ other€ descendant€ e.€ If€ a€ Muslim€ husband€ could€ commi ce.€although€ related€ by€ blood€ and€ in€ the€ d ted€ by€ an€ intervening€ illegitimate€ relationship.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Parricide€through€mistake€(A nder€exceptional€circumstances€ (Art.€ Since€ relationship€ of€ the€ offender€ with€ the€ vict ment€ of€ the€ crime.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€The€rule€on€conspiracy€that€the€act€of€ one€is€the€act€of€all€does€not€apply€here€becaus the€ offender€ to€ the€ €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ cases€ of€ parricide€ where€ the€ penalty€ of€ Reclusion€ Perpetua€ osed?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€ he€ is€ being€ punished€ for€ the€ marriage€ which€ the€ law€ itself€ aut act.€ Hence.€was€assisted€by€N€(a€nephew)€in€ kil rricide€ while€ N€ committed€ murder€ (as€ the€ deceased€ was€ killed€ while€ sleeping)€and offended€party.€LIWANAG.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ parricide€ can€no€longer€be€committe imate€relationship€that€can€bring€about€ parricide€ is€ that€ between€ parents€ and€ illegi n€as€the€offender€and€the€offended€parties.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ te€ or€ illegitimate€ d.€ Th he€ other€ wives€ are€ killed€although€their€marriage€is€recognized€as€valid.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€€ € Note:€ The€ victim€ must€ n ys€ old.€€ €€€ The€presence€of€any€of€the€qualifying€cir idered€ a€ generic€ aggravating€ circumstance€in€parricide..€ except€ the€ spouse.€€ €€ Q:€Suppose€a€stranger€conspires€in€the€commission€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ parricide.€€ €€ Q:€A€killed:€€ 1.€the€crime€is€infanticide.

€ However.€ When€ the€ offender€ kills€ or€ inflicts€ serious€ physical€ injury€ upon€ the€ other€ spou hile€in€the€act€of€intercourse. He€ h cilitated€ the€ prostitution€ of€ his€ wife€ or€ daughter.€which€the€accused€must€ Q:€What€is€the€nature€of€Art.€ the€ rricide€ shall€ be€ imposed€ since€ A€ is€ related€ to€ the€ child€ within€the€degree€defin de.€ The€ of no€ time€ to€ regain€ his€ self‐ control.€247?€€ €€ A:€Art.€Put€differen nts€a€ privilege€ amounting€ to€ an€ exemption€ for€ adequate€ punishment.€and€€ Their€adopted€son€ co in€ a€ justified€ outburst€ of€ passion€ or€ a€ state€ of€ mental€ disequilibrium.€ RPC).€or€ immediately€ thereafter.€€ € 3.€It€does€not€include€preparatory€acts.€ that€ is.€247?€€ € nt€ surprises€ his€ spouse€ or€ daughter.€€ € 3.€ after€ surprising.€247?€€ €€ A:€€€ €€€€€1.€€ €€ €€€€€2.€ € The€ attack€ must€ take€ pl intercourse€ is€ going€ on.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ whether€legitimate€or€illegi e€ is€ not€ less€ than€ 3€ days€ old€ at€ the€ time€of€killing.€ It€ is€ enough€ that€ he/she€ surprised€ them€ under€such€circumstances€that clusion€can€be€inferred€but€that€a€carnal€act€was€ being€performed€or€has€just€been€committ Note:€ The€ killing€ or€ infliction€ of€ physical€ injuries€ must€ Q:€What€is€the€rationale€for€Art.€€ € 2. Homic r€ the€ killing€ of€ the€ common‐law€ wife€ who€is€not€legally€considered€as€spouse. Murder€ for€ the€ ki elationship€between€A€and€the€ said€ son€ must€ be€ by€ blood€ in€ order€ for€ parricide€to ER€ EXCEPTIONAL€CIRCUMSTANCES€€ €€(Art.€247€far€from€defining€a€felony€is€more€of€a y€ intended€ more€for€the€protection€of€the€accused€rather€than€ a€punishment.€ If€ the€ surprise€ was€ before€or€after€the€intercourse.€€€ €€ Q:€Is€it€necessary€that€the€spouse€a se?€€ A:€ No.€MARTINEZ€ 175 . He€ or€ she€ kills€ any€ or€ both€ of€ them€ or€ infli hem€ any€ serious€ physical€ injury€ in€ the€ act€ or€ immediately€thereafter.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. 3.€ the€ latter€ under€ 18€ years€ of€ age€ and€ liv mmitting€sexual€ intercourse.€247)€€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€Art.€ In€other€words.€no€ma ticle€247€does€not€apply.€ or€ that€ he€ or€ she€ has€ not idelity€of€the€other€spouse.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. € Q:€ What€ is€ meant€ by€ the€ phrase€ “immediately€ thereafter”?€€€ €€ A:€ The€ phrase€ i interpreted€ to€ mean€ that€ between€ the€ surprising€ and€the€killing€or€the€inflicting€of there€should€be€no€interruption€or€interval€of€time. Their€child€who€was€only€two€days€old€ Their€daughter.€€ € 4.€€ € 2.€It€provides€a€ defense.€ When€ the€ offender€ surprised€ the€ other€ Note:€Surprise€means€to€come€upon€suddenly€ or€unexpectedly.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons 2.€€ € Q:€ What€ ar emplated€ under€ Art.€€ € € What€crime€or€crimes€did€A€commit?€€ €€ A:€A€committed€the€following€crimes:€€ € 1.€it€must€be€a€continuo y€ the€ phrase€ “in€ the€ act€ of€ committing€sexual€intercourse”?€€ €€ A:€ It€ means€ that tercourse.€247?€€ €€ A:€ The€ law€ affords€ protection€ to€ a€ spous ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Parricide€ for€ the€ killing€ of€ their€ daughter. 4.€€ €€ Note:€This€article€does€not€define€a€crime. ng€ of€ the€ child€ as€ said€child€is€less€than€3€days€old€(Art€255.

€Tha ticide€€ €€ Note:€One€attending€circumstance€is€enough€to€qualify€ the€crime€as€murder€and€any€other€wi ggravating€circumstances.€ Approaching€ the€ front€ door.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€If€it€was€ done€in€a€motel.€ they€ have€ encoura f€ the€ daughter.€ he€ decided€ to€ go€ home€ around€ midnight€ after€ ge his€ duty€ officer.€if.€ 247€ of€ the€ RPC€ where€ only€ destierro€ is€ prescribed.€248)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€eleme tended€ by€ any€ of€ the€ qualifying€ circumstances€ mentioned€ in€ Art. Note:€ The€ benefits€ of€ Art.€he€first€chased€hi eturned€to€his€wife€ whom€he€found€at€the€stairs€ of€ their€ house.€No.€ Inflicting€ death€ or€ physical€ injuries€ under€ exc nces€ is€ not€ murder.€ The€ offender€ cannot€ therefore€ be€ held€ liable€ for€ frustrated erious€ injuries€ suffered€ by€ third€ persons.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ 248€€ €€€€€4.€ inquested€ and€ charged€ for€ the€ death€of€C€and€serious€phy le€for€C’s€death?€Why?€ 2.€his€shif ht.€€ € To€ be€ considered€ qualifying.€LIWANAG.€A€is€employed€as€ a€security€guard€at€Landmark.€ an€ hour€ after€ he€ had€ surprised€ them€ in€ th se€ in€ his€ house.€A€rushed€inside€and€grabbed€ C€but€the€latter€managed€to€wrest€himself€free€and€ jump wed€ suit€ and€ managed€ to€ catch€ C€ again€ and€ after€ a€ furious€ struggle.€Abarca.€ 247€ may€ also€ apply€ to€ parents€ who€ shall€ surprise€ t 18€ years€ of€ age€ in€ actual€ sexual€ intercourse€ while€ living€ with€them.€€ € € 176€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € be€ in€ the€ act€ of€ sexual€ intercourse€ or€ immediately€ thereafter.€ Otherwise.€Upon€reaching€the€front€yard€of€his€home.€Sept.€ (2001€Bar€Question)€€€€€€€€€€€€ €€ €€MURDER€€ €€(Art.€ He€ opened€the€door€very€carefully€and€peeped€inside€ where€he€saw€his€wife€B€having€sexual€int or€C.€ he€ can€avail€of€Art€247.€ The€ police€ arrived€ after€ being€ summoned€by€t rested€A€who€ was€ detained.€€€ € Q:€What€is€the€meaning€of€the€phrase€“living€with€ them ood€to€be€ in€ their€ own€ dwelling€ because€ of€ the€ embarrassment€ and€ humiliation€ don ent€but€also€to€the€parental€abode.€€ € Q:€A€and€B€are€husband€and€wife.€ and€ the€ kil ly€ thereafter€ as€ the€ discover.€The€parent€need€not€be€legitimate.€ escape.€G.14.€managed€als then€rushed€back€to€their€bedroom€where€his€wife€ B€ was€ cowering€ under€ the€ bed€ covers ist€blows€and€rendered€her€ unconscious.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ It€ does€ not€ mean.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€he€felt€sick€and€ cold.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€he€had€to€run€away€and€get€a€gun€as€ the€paramour€ s€article.€ the€ particular€ circumstanc leged€ in€ the€ information.€74433.€ pursuit€ and€ killing€ of€ C€ form€one€continu Phil€194)€€ € 2. Is€A€liable€for€B’s€injuries?€Why?€€ €€ A:€€ 1. Likewise.€ JR.€ they€ will€ only€ be€ considered€ as€ generic€ ag mstances.€the€article€does€not€apply.€€ €Illustration:€€ € our€of€his€wife€in€ a€ mahjong€ session.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ A€ is€ liable€ for€ the€ serious€ physical€ injuries€ he€ infli nder€ the€ same€ exceptional€ circumstances€ in€ Article€ 247€ of€ the€ Revised€ Penal€ Cod ason.€ however.€ 1987)€€ €€ Q:€When€third€persons€are€injured€in€the€course€of€ the€ firing€ at€ the€ paramour.€ hence.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ wil rom€criminal€liability?€€ €€ A:€ No..€A€is€liable ances€ in€ Art.€ The€offender€can€be€held€liable€for€serious€physical mple€imprudence€or€negligence.R.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€where€the€acc fe€ and€ her€paramour€ in€ the€ carnal€act€ but€ the€ latter€ ran€ away.€ he€ noticed€ that€ the€ ligh was€ on€ and€ that€ the€ bedroom€window€ was€open.€€€ € The€sex nd€a€seducer.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Yes.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ no€ longer€ in€ the€ p sex€ with€ the€ paramour€ and€ killed€ her.€ since€at€that€time.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ Article€ 247€ rised€ his€ wife€ B€ in€ the€ act€ of€ having€ sexual€ intercourse€ with€ C.€(People€v.€ The€parents€cannot€invoke€this€provision.€ he€ was ghs€ and€ giggles€ inside€ the€ bedroom.€ that€ the€ lly€ free€ from€ any€ responsibility.€Thus.€in€a€way.

€or€employing€means€to€weaken€the€ defe o€insure€ or€afford€impunity€ € 2. 5. 4.€ reward€ or€ promise€ € Note:€ For€ reward€ and€ promise€ to€ be€ considered.€ poison.€Thes ever€must€be€ alleged€ in€ the€ information.€ the€ same€ must€ the€ primary€ consi mmission€ of€ a€ crime€ or€felony. superior€ strength.€€ €€ Illustration:€€ € The€killing€of€a€child€of€tender€age€is€murder€qualified€ b f€the€child€due€ to€his€tender€age€results€in€the€absence€of€any€danger€ to€the€aggressor.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons Q:€What€is€murder?€€ €€ A:€ Murder€ is€ the€ unlawful€ killing€ of€ any€ person€ which€ is€ e.€eruption€of€volcano. The€ employment€ of€ means€ of€ ex of€ the€ accused€ from€ retaliatory€ acts€ of€ the€ intended€ victim€ and€ leaving€ the€ la rtunity€to€defend€himself€ € 2.€ by€ deliberately€ and€ inhumanly€ augmenting€ the€ suffering€ of€ the€ vi ing€ or€ scoffing€ at€ his€ person€or€corpse.€ Abuse€ of€ superior€strength€is€inherent€in€an eachery.€€ €€ If€this€aggravating€circumstance€is€present€in€ the it€ affects€ not€ only€the€person€who€received€the€money€or€ reward€but€also€the€person€who Q:€When€is€there€treachery?€€€ A:€ There€ is€ treachery€ when€ the€ offender€ commits€ any€ e€ person€ employing€ means.€ fall€ of€ an€ airship.€ or€ amity€ € With€evident€premeditation€ € Note:€ The€ offender€ must€ have€ taken€ advantage€ of€ the€ same€ and€ the€ resultant€ con € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€treachery?€€ € A:€€€€€€ 1.€€ € € A€sudden€and€unexpected€attack€under€circumstances€ which€ render€ the€ victim€ unable€ to€ y€ reason€ of€ the€ suddenness€ and€ severity€ of€ the€ act€ constitutes€alevosia.€ or€of€an€earthquake.€ 3.€ stranding€ on€ a€ ves t€ or€ assault€ upon€ a€ railroad. € With€ cruelty.€(People€ €€ There€is€no€cruelty€if€the€act€is€the€result€of€ an€ impulse€ of€ passion€ or€ extreme€ obf tent€with€ the€concept€of€deliberateness€in€augmenting€ the€suffering€of€the€victim€ €€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ crime€ committed€ if€ the€ person€ is€ killed€with€fire?€€ .€ methods.€€€ €€ Note:€ Treachery€ is€ inherent€ in€ poison. In€ consideration€ of€ a€ price.€€ Note:€ Cruelty€ includes€ the€ situation€ where€ the€victim€is€already€dead€and€yet.€ epidemic.€acts€w would€ decry€ or€ scoff€ the€ corpse€ of€ the€ victim.€methods€or€forms€ in€the€execution€thereof€ that€ tend€ direct to€ insure€ its€ execution€ without€ risk€ to€ himself€ arising€ from€ the€ defense€which€t ht€make.€€ € Illustration:€€ 6.€ destructive€ cyclone.€ The€ crime€ becomes€ murder. With€ treachery. € By€ means€ of€ inundation.€ it€ would€ seem€ that€ if€ the€ killer€ constituted€ a€ band.€ by€ motor€ vehicles.€ otherwise. Note:€ While€ the€ circumstance€ of€ by€ a€ band€ is€ not€ among€ those€ enumerated€ that€ ng€ as€ murder.€ with€ the€ aid€ of€ armed€ men.€ This€ is€ true€ even€ if€ there€ is€ no€ intent€ to€ kill.€ provided€ that€ any€of€the€following€circumstances€is€present:€€ €€ 1.€ shipwreck.€ fire. The€means€employed€were€deliberately€or€ consciously€adopte hat€is€the€essence€of€treachery?€€ €€ A:€ The€ essence€ of€ treachery€ is€ that€ the€ offen ance€ to€ defend€ himself€ because€ of€ the€ means.€ explosion.€the€crime€is tance€of€ with€ aid€ of€ armed€ men€ is€ included€ in€ the€ qualifying€ circumstances.€ or€ form€ in€ executing€ the ly€ adopted€ by€ the€ offender.€ or€ with€ ans€involving€great€waste€and€ruin€ € On€ occasion€ of€ any€ of€ the€ calamities€ enumerate ragraph.€ they€ will€ be€ considered€only€a ing€circumstances€ to€the€crime€of€homicide.


€(People€v.€248)€and€cruelty€as€a€ generic€aggravating€circumstance€under€Art.€any€ act€that€would€amount€to€ scoffing€or€decrying m€will€ qualify€the€killing€to€ murder. The€ time€ when€ the€ o mit€the€crime€ € 2.€ A€ doctor€ saw€ him€ and€ told€ him€ to€ get€ out€ of replaced.€therefore. €€ Illustration:€€€ € To€ qualify€ killing€ to€ murder€ by€ means€ of€ inundation.€ the€ offender’s€ purpose€ and€ design€ must€ be€ to€ kill€ the€ victim€ in€ modes.€must€be€ evidence€to€that€effect.€ CRUELTY€ (ART.€LIWANAG. Homicide€–€if€the€burning€is€resorted€to€as€ a€joke€but€death€resulted.€€ €€ Howev tended€to€ kill€ the€ victim€ but€ he€ only€ wanted€ to€ commit€ a€ crime€ against€ him€ in still€ be€ liable€for€murder€if€in€the€manner€of€committing€the€ felony.€Pugay.€ not€ merely€qualifying€circumstance.€€ € €Q:€ Can€ murder€ be€ committed€ even€ if€ at€ the€ beginning€the€offender€has€no€intenti though€ generally.€ 248 r.€14?€ € Q:€ Where€ the€ qualifying€ circumstances€ were€ not€ those€ proved€ in€ the€ trial.€€€€ €€ Ratio:€ This€ is€ based€ on€ the€ rule€ that€ the€ person€ committing€ a€ felony€ shall€ be quences€ thereof€ although€ different€ from€ that€ which€is€intended.€€ € The€ circumstances€ must€ be€ both€ alleged€ a ial.€because€any€of€the€qualifying€circumstances€ under€ Art.€ somebody€ with es€is€killed€or€if€the€intent€is€to€burn€ a€house€but€it€just€so€happens€that€there€ is€som Note:€ Arson€ with€ murder€ is€ not€ a€ complex€ crime€ under€ Art.€€ A:€ CRUELTY (ART.€€€€ 4.€G.R.€ZACAT . Murder€–€if€the€pri ffender€is€to€kill€and€fire€was€only€ used€as€a€means€to€do€so.€ This€ is€ a€ sing enalized€ under€ Art.€14)€ Requires€that€the€victim€ be€a s€were€inflicted€ and..€€ € Two€ separ re€is€used€to€conceal€the€killing€ of€the€victims.€ (People€vs.€€€ € 2.€Nov. Arson€–€if€the€prim estroy€ the€ property€ with€ the€ use€ of€ pyrotechnics€ and€ incidentally.€ otherwise.€ A€ and€ B€ to€ enhance€further€merriment. An€ act€ manifestly€ indicating€ that€ the€ offender€clung€to€his€or€he pse€ of€ time€ between€ the€ determination€ and€ the€ execution.€ € Illustration:€ € Dismemberment€ of€ a€ dead€ body€ is€ one€ manner€ of€ outraging€ or€ scof of€ the€ victim.€ murder€ can€ only€ be€ committed€if€at€the€outset.€ B€ came€ € 178€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ for€ reasons€ known€ only€ to€ ster€ holding€ the€ tube€ in€ place.€ sufficient€ to€ allow€ th flect€ upon€the€consequences€of€his€act.€ An€endotracheal€tube€was€inserted€in€his€mouth€to€ facilitate€ her€ breathi anitor.€ No.€ which€is€death€as€a€consequence€of€arson.€ Thus.€ 48.€ was€ brought€ to€ t al€hemorrhage.€ who€ had€ no€ business€ in€ the€ emergency€ room.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ is€ required€ for€ evident€ premeditation€ to€ qualify€the€killing€to€murder?€ s€the€evidence€of€ the€crime€itself€of€the€following€elements:€€ 1.€€ €€ Q:€ A.€248)€ Aside€from€cruelty.€ there€ was€ treac ce€ thereof.€ murder€ if€ the€ mental€ retardate€ died€ of€ 3rd€ degree€ burns€ because€ the€ fire€ was€ ctim.€ poi pwreck€ etc.€poured€gas€on€the€cloth€of€ a€ men ued€ dancing€ while€ his€ cloth€ is€ on€ fire€ to€ the€ delight€ of€ the€ crowd€ gathered.€the€offender€has€int alifying€circumstances€must€be€ restored€to€with€the€view€of€killing€the€victim.€€ € Q:€What€is€the€difference€of€cruelty€as€a€qual rt.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€74314.€Guillermo.€17.€ they€ cannot€ be€ considered€ because€ the€ right€ of€ the€ accused€ to€ rge€against€him€will€be€violated.€ a€ 76‐year€ old€ woman.€ 326.€the€victim€died.€2004)€ € 3.€ fire.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €A:€The€primordial€criminal€intent€of€the€offender€is€ considered:€€ 1.€ can victed€of€murder?€€ €€ A:€No.€ But€ when€ the€ doctor€ was€ gone.€1988).


That€a€person€is€killed€ 2.€ Porras.€Mar.€ there€is€intent€to€kill.€ The€ patient€ was€ then€ transferred€ to€ another€ hospital€ w ext€ day€ of€ cardio‐ respiratory€arrest.€ herent€ in€ frustrated€or€attempted€homicide.€G.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€€ € included€ as€ one€ of€ the€ essential€ elements€of€frustrated€homicide.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. The€killing€was€not€attended rcumstances€of€murder.€the€crime€will€be€ homicide€ € Ratio:€The€law€punishes€the€ result.€152176.€ is€ frust itted?€€ €€ A:€ No. The€identity€of€the€victim.€ as€ treachery€ cannot€ exist€ in€ that€sc killed€ by€ his€ opponent€ in€ a€ boxing€ bout€ duly€licensed€by€the€government€without€any rning€ rules€ and€ regulations.€ there€ mus ce€of:€ 1.€each€one€of€t n€all€crimes€against€person€in€which€the€death€of€the€ victim€ is€ an€ element.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€what€ crime€if€any y€liable€for€murder€(qualified€by€ treachery)€ because€ the€ death€ of€ A€ appears€ to€ be€ vert€acts€of€B.€need€not€ ence€ of€ intent€ to€ kill€ is€ important€ only€ in€ attempted€or€frustrated€homicide.€Oct € Q:€Is€there€a€crime€of€frustrated€homicide€through€ reckless€imprudence?€€ €€ A:€ None.€ there€ is€ no€ homicide€to€speak€of.€ it€ is€ homicide€ through€ reckless€ imprudence€ if€ the€ latte f€he€intentionally€hit€his€opponent€on€the€part€ of€the€body€causing€the€death.€ (1991€ Bar€Question)€€€€ €€ €€HOMICIDE€€ €€(Art.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ € € € Q:€ If€ mortal€ wounds€ are€ inflicted€ but€ those€ were€ due€ to€ negligence.€ treachery€ ca d€ and€ the€accused€is€guilty€of€homicide€only.€the€ victim€died.€If€he€hit€his€opponen ny€ intention€ to€ do€ so.€The€victim€started€to€ convulse€and€bleed€in€the€mouth.€ The€ crime€ committed€ is€ serious€ physical€ injuries€ through€ reckl use€ the€ element€ of€ intent€ to€ kill€ is€ incompatible€ with€ negligence€or€imprudence.€ (People€ v.€114263‐64.€Only€the vented€the€patient’s€death.€Nos. That€ the€ accused€ killed€ him€ without€ e€ 3.€Is€B€criminally€liable?€If€so.€ which€is€neither€parricide.€29.€€ €€ Q:€ A€ died€ of€ cardiorespiratory€ arrest€ which€ evidently€ was€ bro ion€ and€bleeding€in€the€mouth€of€the€victim€due€to€the€ removal€ of€ B€of€ the€ endotrache ts€ of€ B€ be€ considered€ as€ the€ result€ of€ one€criminal€design?€€ €€ A:€ In€ People€ v preme€ Court€ ruled€ that€ the€ removal€ of€ the€ endotracheal€tube€is€attempted€murder€qua y€ because€ the€ patient€ did€ not€ die. The€accused€had€intention€to€kill€which€is€ presumed€ 4. However.€ even€ if€ they€ were€ not€ in€ conspiracy.€ lawful€ killing€ of€ any€ person.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons back€and€removed€the€tube.€(People€vs€Dela€ Cruz.€No. The€fact€of€death€ 2.R.€or€by€ that€of€parricide€or€infanticide€ €€ Note:€ Intent€ to€ kill€ is€ conclusively€ presumed€ when€ death€resulted.R.€€ When€the€wounds€t licted€by€ 2€ different€ persons.€G.€if€as€a€result€of€the€ phys cted.€ € When€ there€ is€ no€ way€ of€ determining€ how€ the€ attack€ was€ committed. In€attempted€or€ frustrated€homicide.€MARTINEZ€ 179 .€€ €€ micide?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€€ €€ Illustration:€€ € When€ there€ is€ an€ agreement€ to€ fight€ between€ the€ accused€ and€ th ing€ will€ always€ be€ considered€ as€ homicide.€1996)€€ €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ physical€ injuries€and€homicide?€€ €€ A:€ HOMICIDE PHYSICAL€INJURIES There€is€no€intent€to€kill.€the€crime€i oting€of€a€peace€officer€who€was€fully€aware€of€ the€risks€in€pursuing€the€malefactors€when is€ only€ homicide.€murder€nor€infanticide.€hence.

ed€ the€ serious€ physical€ injuries€ cannot€be€ascertained€too.€ he€ will€ be€ held€ liable€ for€ the€ death€ of€ the t€did€not€result€in€the€death€of€ the€ victim€ as€ those€ who€ inflicted€ the€ serious€ phy minable.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €€ Q:€ Suppose€ several€ assailants€ not€ acting€ in€ conspiracy€ inflicted€ wounds€ on€ th nnot€ be€ determined€ who€ inflicted€ which€ wounds.€ to€ such€ an€ extent€ le€to€identify€who€ the€ killer€ if€ death€ results.€LIWANAG.€€€ € Q:€Who€may€b tim€may€be€a€participant€in€the€affray€or€a€ mere€passerby.€then€those€who€shall€have€ eceased€shall€be€punished€by€ prision€ correctional€ in€ its€ medium€ and€ maximum€ periods ticipant€ only€ kicked€ the€ accused.€€If€there€is€cons mmitted.€ There€ will€be€collective€responsibility€on€both€sides.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€€ €€ Q:€What€is€the€c he€ death€ is€ known€ but€ he€ cannot€ be€ identified?€€ €€ A:€If€he€is€known€but€only€his€ ed€ for€ the€ crime€ of€ homicide€ or€ murder€ under€ a€ fictitious€ name€ not€ death€ in€ quarrel€ or€ rumble€ involving€ organized€ groups€ resulted€ in€ the€ death€ of€ a€ person€ dentified€ who€ in€ particular€ committed€ the€killing. The€ person€ or€ persons€ who€ in sical€ injuries€ or€ who€ used€ violence€can€be€identified€ € 180€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€€€€€ €€ Q:€ If€ h f€ an€ unlicensed€ firearm.€€ €€ Illustration:€€ € As€ long€ as€ it€ cannot€ be€ determined€ who€ killed€ the€ victim.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ which€ caused€ the€ death€ of€ the€ v uilty€for€the€crime€of€homicide?€€ €€ A:€All€of€them€liable€for€homicide.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. Someone€ was€ killed€ in€ the€ course€ of€ the€ be€ ascertained€ who€ actually€ killed€the€deceased€€€ 5..€ € If€ those€ who€ actually€ killed€ the€ victim€ can€ be€ determined.€ or€ who€ inflicted€ the€ serious€phys rson€or€persons€ who€used€violence€are€known.€ how€ should€ the€ crime€be€denominated?€€ €€ A:€The€crime€woul e€case€may€be€because€the€use€of€firearm€is€only€ considered€as€an€aggravating€circumstance ide?€€ € A:€Accidental€homicide€is€death€of€a€person€brought€ about€ by€ a€ lawful€ act€ pe d€skill€and€without€intent€to€kill.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ JR.€what€is€the€crime€committed?€€€ €€€ ide€ or€ murder.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. They€ r€ the€ common€ purpose€ of€ assaulting€ and€attacking€each€other€reciprocally€and€ assault n€ a€ confused€ and€ tumultuous€manner€ 3.€and€not€that€he€ cannot€be€identified.€€ €€ Note:€ The€ participants€ must€ be€ more€ than€ three€ considering€ the€ definition€ of€ tu Art.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€all€t d€serious€physical€ injuries€will€be€collectively€answerable€for€the€death€of€ that€fellow.€ The€ riots€ in€ city€ jails€ and/or€ Muntinlupa€ briga er€this€article€because€the€participants€are€ members€of€different€gangs.€251 fray€ means€ a€ commotion€ in€ a€ tumultuous€ and€ confused€ manner.€ that€ brings€ about€ the€crime.€ third€ paragraph.€€ €€ €€DEATH€CAUSED€IN€A€TUMULTOUS€AFFRAY€€ €€(Art. There€be€several€persons€ 2.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€€ €€ Note:€This€article€does€not€apply€if€there€is€concerted€ fight€between€two€organized€groups ar€ group€ against€ another€ group.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ 153.€ they€ will l€ be€ held€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€€€ € A:€€€ 1.€ that€ the€ disturbance€ or€ interruption€ shall€ be€ deemed€ us€ if€ caused€ by€ more€ than€ 3€ persons€ who€ are€ armed€ or€ provided€with€the€means€of ould€be€participant€or€anybody€caught€in€the€fight.€It€is€necessary€that sed€the€death€cannot€be€known.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ brings€ about€ the€ crime€ of€ tumultuous€ affray?€€ €€ A:€It€is€the€inability not€ the€ tumultuous€ affray€ itself.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.

€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ the€ intention€ must€ be€ for€ the€ person€ who€ asking€ the€ assi commit€ suicide. A€participant€or€some€participa hysical€ injuries€ of€ a€ less€ serious€ nature€only€ € 3.€ then€ a yed€violence€on€that€ person€will€answer€for€his€death€€ € 3.€ poison.€€€ €€ Q:€Who€may€be€li A:€Only€those€who€have€used€violence€are€punished€ because€if€the€one€who€caused€the€physic ll€ be€ liable€ for€ physical€ injuries€ actually€committed€and€not€under€this€article.€However.€ this€ is€ considered€as€inherent€in€a€tumultuous€affr er€Art.€ and€ those€ who€ inflicted€ the€ serious€ or€ less€ serious€ physical€ injuries€ s d€ for€ said€ corresponding€ offenses€ provided€ no€ conspiracy€ is€ established€with€the€k €€ Q:€ Who€ may€ be€ liable€ for€ the€ death€ or€ physical€ injury€in€the€tumultuous€affray serious€ physical€ injuries€upon€the€victim€ € 2.€ nobody€will€answer.€ int suggestion€ regarding€the€mode€of€committing€the€suicide.€ or€ whatever€ manner€ of€ positive€ and€ direct€ cooperation. All€ those€ who€ appear€ to€ have€ used€ violence€ upon€ the€ person€ of€ the€ of at€ kind€ of€ injury€ is€ contemplated€ in€ the€ crime€of€physical€injuries€in€a€tumultuous njury€ should€ be€ serious€ or€ less€ serious€ and€ resulting€ from€ a€ tumultuous€ affray.€etc.€€ €€ Q:€Suppose€the€intentio hen€he€just€wanted€to€have€a€picture€taken€of€ him€ to€ impress€ upon€ the€ world€ that€ he use€ he€ is€ not€ satisfied€ of€ the€ government.€€€ . If€ nobody€ could€ still€ be€ olence€ upon€ the€ victim.€ it€ could€ be€ tumultuous€disturbance.€ but€ not€ of o€ suicide€ because€ the€ assistance€ must€ be€ given€ the€ one€ who€ is€ really€ determine .€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€or€if€property€was€ destro cious€mischief€ € € €€PHYSICAL€INJURIES€IN€A€TUMULTUOUS€AFFRAY€€ €€(Art.€253)€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€€ €€ A:€€€ 1.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons liable. injury€ sustained€ is€ only€ slight.€he€may€be€held€ liable€for€the€crime€of deed€ serious€ disturbance€ of€ public€ peace€ occurred€due€to€his€attempt€to€commit€suicid Illustration:€€ € One€who€upon€a€plea€of€his€friend€to€pull€the€trigger€of€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Assisting€ another€ to€ commit€ s summated€ or€ not€€€ € 2.€252?€€ €€ A:€The€victim€must€be€a€participant€in€the€affray.€ etc.€252)€ € Q:€What€ar tuous€affray€as€referred€to€ in€the€preceding€article€ € 2. Lending€ assistance€ to€ another€ to€ commit€ suicide€ to€ the€ e ing€ himself€ €€ Note:€ In€ this€ crime.€The€crimes€committed€ might€be€disturbance€ articipants€ are€ armed. If€ they€ could€ not€ be€ known.€ what€ is€ the€ crime€ committed€ by€ the tance€ to€ facilitate€ the€ said€ act?€€€ €€ A:€ The€ crime€ is€ inciting€ to€ sedition.€€€ €€ Q:€What€is€the€liability€of€the€person€attempting€to€ commit€suicide€should€he€surv ting€suicide€is€ not€penalized€by€the€RPC.€ T ance€ becomes€ a€ co‐conspirator€ in€ the€ crime€ of€ inciting€ to€ sedition. Person€ responsible€ thereof€ ca ied€ € 4.€MARTINEZ€ 181 .€ The€ penalty€ of€ the€ one€ assisting€ is€ mitigated€if€suicide€is€not€su €€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ meaning€ of€ giving€ assistance€ to€ suicide?€€ € €A:€ Giving€ assist g€ arms.

Offender€ has€ no€ intention€ to€ kill€ the€ person€ €€ Q:€Can€the€crime€of ed€ through€imprudence?€€ €€ A:€ No.€€ €€ Illustration:€€ € The€ firing€ of€ a€ gun€ at€ a€ person€ even€ if€ merely€ to€ frighten€hi arge€of€firearm.€the€act€is€not€ punished€un € Note:€In€both.€the€intention€to€end€the€life€comes€from€ the€victim€himself.€although€the€cri nd€ not€parricide.€ not€ knowing€ in€ what€ part€ of€ the€ house€ the€ people€were.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€LIWANAG.€The€victim€mus fender€to€end€his€life.€€€ €€ Note:€If€the€killer€is€the€mother.€ what€ crime€ is€ committed?€€ €€ A:€ This€ results€ to€ th ous€ or€ less€serious€physical€injuries€with€illegal€discharge€of€ firearm.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€€Whoever€ would€heed€his€adv stance€to€suicide€but€ doing€the€killing€himself.€255)€ €€ Q:€What€is€infanticide?€€ €€ A:€It€is€the€killing€of€any er€is€the€parent€or€ grandparent.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € the€gun€to€which€he€himself€poked€on€his€temple€as€he€ could€ no€ longer€ bear€ the€ pain€ d€the€said€trigger€causing€the€death€of€his€long‐ suffering€friend€is€liable€under€this€art not€ materialize.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€If€ the€firearm€is€not€discharged€at€a€person.€ resulted€ from€ the€ discharge. Accused€killed€the€said€child€ €€€€ Q:€If€the€child€is€born€d € 182€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€€€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€infanticide?€€ €€ A:€€€ 1.€or€father.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. A€child€was€killed€by€the€accused ss€than€72€hours€of€age€ € 3.€the€crime€of€illegal€Possession€of€Firearm€is€ absorbed€ and€ the€ offender d€ separately€for€that€offense.€the€penalty€however.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ JR.€or€legitimate€ grandfathers.€€€ €€ Q:€Suppos uries€resulted€ from€ the€ discharge.€€€ €€ €€DISCHARGE€OF€FIREARMS€ €€(Art.€€ €€ Q:€If€the€firearm€is€directed€at€the€person€and€the€ trigger€was€pressed€bu he€crime€is€frustrated€discharge€of€firearm.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ THANASIA€ The€victim€is€not€in€a€ position€to€commit€ suicide.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ the€ person€ giving€ assistance€ to€ suicide€ is€ also€ liable€ but€ the ne€ or€ two€degrees€ lower€ depending€ on€whether€it€is€attempted€or€frustrated€suicide.€It€is€ important€that€ o€kill.€254)€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€the€crime?€€ €€ A: ther€person€ 2.€ because€ it€ requires€ that€ the€ discharge€ must€ be urpose€of€the€offender€under€the€ article?€€ A:€The€purpose€of€the€offender€is€to€merely€fr ded€party.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ difference€ between€ giving€ assistance€ to€ suicide€ and€ mercy€ kil GIVING€ASSISTANCE€TO€ SUICIDE€ The€principal€actor€is€the€ person€committing€the€ suicide.€or€a€stranger.€is€that€of€parricide.€any€relative€of€the€child.€€ €€ Q:€ If€ serious€ or€ less€ serious€ physi €€ Q:€Is€the€discharge€towards€the€house€of€the€victim€ a€discharge€of€firearm?€€ €€ A:€ No ended€ party.€is€only€alar Note:€ It€ is€ not€ applicable€ to€ police€ officers€ in€ the€ performance€ of€ their€ duti is€ unlicensed..€ what€ crime/s€ is/are€ committed?€€ € A:€ Two€ crime hat€ of€ illegal€ discharge€of€firearm€and€slight€physical€injuries.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€€ €€ €€INFANTICIDE€ €€(Art.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.

€258€€€€ €€ Note:€ Abortion€ is€ not€ a€ crime€ against€ the€ woman€ but€ against€ the€ fetus.€ it€ ours€ after€ the€ umbilical€ cord€is€cut€for€it€to€be€considered€born.€€€ 2.€ Mother€ who€ claims€ concealing€ dishonor€must€be€of€good€rep son€ who€ kills€ or€ who€ cooperates€ with€ the€ mother€ or€ maternal€ grandparent€ in€ kil han€3€days€old€will€suffer€the€penalty€of€murder.€ Concealment€of€dishonor€ in€killing€the€child€is€ he€victim€is€three€days€ old€or€above.€ having€ an onths.€Infanticide€is€not€committed.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ The€co‐conspirator€is€ liable€for€murder€because€ o p.€40€of€the€Civil€Code.€ the€crime€is€infanticide€and€not€abortion.€€ € Note:€In€both. The€ person€ who€ actually€ caused€ the€ abor regnant€ woman€ if€ she€ consented€ under€Art.€ The€ of he€ pregnancy€because€the€particular€criminal€intention€is€ to€cause€an€abortion.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€birth€determine red€born€at€the€time€ when€ the€ umbilical€ cord€ is€ cut. pregnant€woman€€ € By€administering€drugs€or€beverages€upon€ such€ pregnant€ woman€ without nistering€drugs€or€beverages€with€ the€consent€of€the€pregnant€woman€ €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ infanticide€ and€parricide€if€the€offender€is .€parent€of€the€child?€€ A:€ €€€€€€INFANTICIDE€ The€age€of€the€victim€is€ less€than€three€days€old.€ But€ even€ though€ the€ umbilical€ cord€ has€ been€ cut.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€€ €€ Q:€ Is€ concealm nfanticide?€€ €€ A:€No.€ If€done€in€conspira onspirator€are€liable€for€ infanticide.€€ € If€ the€ fetus.€ 41 vides€ that€ if€ the€ fetus€ had€ an€ intra‐uterine€ life€ of€ less€ than€ 7€ months.€€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ or€ that€ the€ accused€ otherwise€ acts€ upon€ such€ pregnant€ woman€ se€of€violence€or€drugs€ or€ beverages€ upon€ her.€ Art.€ He€ then€ acquires€ a€ personal nct€ from€ his€ mother.€there€is€intent€to€kill€the€child.€€ €€ Q:€ Suppose€ the€ child€ is€ abandoned€ without€ any€ intent€ to€ kill€ and€ death€ resu hat€crime€is€committed?€€ €€ A:€ The€ crime€ committed€ is€ abandonment€ not€ infanticide.€ Concealment€of€dishonor€ in€killing€the€child€is€not€a€ mitigating€circumstance€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€intentional€abortion?€€ € A:€€€ 1.€€€ € Note:€As€long€as€the€as€the€fetus€dies€as€a€result€of€the€ violence€ used€ or€ drugs€ admin n€exists€even€if€the€fetus€is€over€or€less€ than€7€ months. Abortion€is€intended€€ € Q: ble€ for€ intentional€ abortion?€€ € A:€€€ 1. 3.€ 6)€ € Q:€What€is€abortion?€€ €€ A:€ Abortion€ is€ the€ willful€ killing€ of€ the€ fetus€ in ulsion€ of€ the€ fetus€ from€ the€maternal€womb€that€results€in€the€death€of€the€ fetus.€is€there€infanticide?€€ €€ A:€No.€ or€ any€ other€ act€ of€ the€ accused.€MARTINEZ€ 183 .€ n€ the€ womb€ or€ after€ having€ been€ expelled€ therefrom€€ 4.€€ € Note:€ Only€ the€ mother€ and€ maternal€ grandparents€ of€ the€child€are€entitled€to€the€mi ce€of€ concealing€ dishonor.€ could€ sustain€ an€ independent€ life€ after€ its€ separation€ from€ the€ maternal€ killed. There€is€a€pregnant€woman rages€ administered.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons dead. Using€any€violence€upon€the€person€of€the€ €€ Q:€What€determines€personality?€€ €€ A:€Under€Art.€€€ ntentional€ abortion€committed?€€ € A:€€€ 1.€It€merely€lowers€the€penalty.

€ what€crime€is€comm strated€ abortion€ because€ abortion€is€consummated€only€if€the€fetus€is€dead.€ as€ there€ was€ no€ violence€ exerted..€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€€€ €€ Q:€ Suppose€ a€ quarrel€ ensued€ between€ a€ h gnant€ at€ that€ time.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ onal€abortion.€€ No€mitigation€for€parents€ of€pregnant€woman€even€ if€the€purpose€is€to€ conceal€dishonor. Violence€ is€ used€ upon€ such€ pregnant€ woman€without€inten ence€is€intentionally€exerted€ € 4.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€LIWANAG.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€€€ €€ Q:€Sup uld€sustain€ life€ from€ the€ mother’s€ womb.€ JR.€the€fetus€that€ is€ expelled€ omb€ is€ viable€ but€ unable€to€sustain€life€outside€the€maternal€womb.€ the€ crime€ may€ only€ be€ physical€ injuries.€€ € Q:€ Suppose€ a€ quarrel€ ensued€ between€ two€ women.€ As€ a€ result.€ if€ A€ p nt€ lady.€ it€ is€ frustrated€ intentional€ abortion€ when€all€acts€of€execution€have€been€perfor f€ the€ abortion€ is€ not€ intended€ and€ the€ fetus€ does€ not€ die€ in€ spite€ of€ the€ v xerted.€257)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ re€is€a€pregnant€woman€€ € 2.€ the€ fetus€ omb€ or€ after€ having€been€expelled€therefrom€ € Illustration:€€ € € Unintentional€ abortion€ requires€ physical€ violence€ inflicted€delibe luntarily€by€a€third€person€ upon€ the€ person€ of€ the€ pregnant€ woman.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€€ € Note:€The€force€or€violence€must€come€from€another.€ INFANTICIDE€ The€victim€is ys€ old€or€72€hours€and€is€ viable€or€capable€of€living€ separately€from€the€ mother’s€womb parents€of€the€child€ are€entitled€to€the€ mitigating€circumstance€of€ concealing€the€disho abortion.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ is€ the and€ infanticide?€€ A:€ ABORTION€ The€victim€is€not€viable€ but€remains€to€be€a€ fetus.€ Y€ had€ an€ € 184€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ The€ crime€ committed€ is€ not€ unintentional€ abortion€ because€ th he€ crime€ committed€is€light€threats.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€€€ € €€UNINTENTIONAL€ABORTION€ €€(Art.€ There€ is€ no€ crime€ of€ frustrat abortion€in€view€of€the€absence€of€the€intention€to€ cause€abortion.€ who€ is€ th has€ no€ knowledge€ that€ Y€ is€ pregnant€ and€ being€ a€ sports€ buff€ that€ she€ is.€what€is€ the€crime€committed?€€ €€ A:€ The€ crime€ committed€ is€ complex€ crime€ of€ p bortion. As€ a€ result€ of€ the€ violence€ exerted.€ what€ is€ the€ The€ crime€ would€ be€ an€ impossible€ crime€ of€ €€ Q:€ Is€ the€ crime€ of€ unintentional€ abortion€ committed€ if€ the€ pregnant€ woman€ ab idation?€€ €€ A:€ No.€ Violence€ was€ resorted€ to€ by€ the€ husband€ which€ resulted€to€a fe.€ If€ it€ is€ intentional€ ie.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ gav mach.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €€ Q:€Should€the€fetus€die€to€consummate€abortion?€€ €€ A:€ Yes.€ what€ crime€ is€ committed?€€ €€ A:€The€crim se€ the€ means€ employed€ in€ abortion€ are€ inadequate€ or€ insufficient.€ Hence.€ who€ became€ so€ frightened.€ X€ and€ Y.€ he€ is€ not€ liable€ for€ rtion.€ causing€ her€ abortion.€ Mere€intimidation€i e€of€ intimidation€already€approximates€violence.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € Q:€ Suppose€ the€ mother€ as€ a€ consequence€ of€ abortion€ suffers€ death€ or€ physical€ me€is€committed?€€€ € A:€The€crime€is€complex€crime€of€murder€or€physical€ injuries€with€ab ment€ of€ sufficient€ and€ adequate€means€to€effect€abortion.€ If€ he€ intended€ the€ abortion€ however.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.

€ Simply€ put.€ Is€ the€ p ortion€ under€Art.€The€consent€of€the€woman€or€her€husband€is€ not€enough ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€€ €€ Q:€Suppose€a€pregnant€woma ping€ out€ of€ the€ window€ of€ the€ building€but€landed€on€a€passerby. There€ is€ a€ pregnant€ woman€ who€ s€intended€€ 3.€two€ separate€ crimes€ of€ light€ threats€ an ion€is€committed.€€ € €€ABORTION€PRACTICED€BY€PHYSICIAN€MIDWIFE€ AND€DISPENSING€OF€ABORTIVES€ €€(Art.€what€crime€is€committed?€€€ € tentional€abortion.€there€is€ t€ abortion.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ because€ what€ is€ contemplated€ is€ tha ust€come€from€another€person. Abortion€is€intended€ 3.€€ even€if€for€the€same€purpose.€€ €€ € €ABORTION€PRACTICED€BY€THE€WOMAN€HERSELF€ OR€BY€HER€PARENTS€(Art.€unlike€in€infanticide.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€with€her concealing€ her€ dishonor€€ €€ Note:€The€liability€of€the€pregnant€woman€is€mitigated€ if€the€purpose€for€abortion€is€to€c er.€ in€ case€ of€ parents. Offender€is€a€pharmacists€€ 2.€ there€ must€ be€ no€ other€practical€or€less€harmful€means€of€s o€make€the€abortion€justified.€ when€ the€ woman€ tried€ to€ commit€ suicid attempt€ to€ commit€ suicide€is€not€a€felony€under€the€RPC.€259?€€ €€ A:€No.€ Otherwise.€€ € f€ this€ crime€ as€ to€ the€ pharmacists?€€€ €€ A:€€€ 1.€€ €€ Q:€ Suppose€ the€ pregnant herself€ specifically€ calculated€ to€ bring€ about€abortion.€9165.€This€is€resorted€to€as€a€therapeutic€abortion. Offender€dispenses€an€abortive€€ €€ Note:€As€to€the€pharmacist. The m€ a€ physician€€ 3.€ he€ shall€be€liable€as rtion€result€ from€the€use€thereof.€€ € Note:€If€grave€threats€were€made€to€cause€abortion.€she€did€not€die€ bu liable€ for€ unintentional€abortion?€€ €€ A:€ No.€ is€ the€ physician€ liab t.€If€light€threats€were€made.€ Is€ X€ liable€ for€ unintentional€ abortion€ despite€her€lack€of€knowledge€of€Y’ act€ of€ employing€ physical€ force€ or€ violence€ upon€ the€ woman€ is€ already€ a€ felony f€the€offender€knew€about€the€woman€ being€pregnant€or€not. Any€other€person.€259?€€ €€ A:€Yes.€€€ €€ Q:€ If€ the€ abortive€ drug€ used€ in€ abortion€ is€ a€ prohibite A.€with€her€consent€ c.A.€the€crime€is€consummated€ by€dispensing€an€abortive€without€pro m€a€physician. Any€of€her€parents.€9165€ or€ the€ Dangerous€ Drugs€ Act.€259)€ € € crime€ as€ to€the€ physician€or€midwife?€€€ €€ A:€€€ 1.€a€ complex€ crime€ of€ grave€ threats€ ion€is€committed. The€ offender€ must€ be€ a€ physician€ or€ midwife€who€causes€or€assisted€i Said€physician€or€midwife€takes€advantage€ of€his€or€her€scientific€knowledge€or€skill.€258)€ € Q:€What€are€the a€ pregnant€ woman€ who€ has€ suffered€€abortion€€ 2.€MARTINEZ€ 185 .€€€ €€ Q:€ Suppose€ the€ abortion€ was€ performed€ by€ a€ phy essity€ to€ warrant€ such€abortion€and€the€woman€or€her€husband€had€ consented. Abortion€is€ ant€woman€herself€€€ b.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons abortion.€It€is€not€necessary€that€the€abortive€is€ actually€used.€ what€ are€ the€ crimes€ committed?€€ €€ A:€ The€ tional€ abortion€ and€violation€of€R.€ there€ is€ no€ mitigation€ Q:€Suppose€abortion€is€resorted€to€save€the€life€of€ the€ mother.€€€ € It€ is€ immate s€ that€ the€ abortive€ would€ be€ used€ for€ abortion.€ In€this€case.€ In€ this€ case.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.

€ murder€ or€ physical€injuries€as€the€case€may€be.€to€ t€ of€his€body.€€ € €€€ Q:€Suppose€there€is€no€intent€to€deprive€the€victim€ of€ the€ particular€ part€ of€ the ed?€€ €€ € 186€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €€RESPONSIBILITY€OF€PARTICANTS€IN€A€DUEL€€ €€(Art.€ it€ will€ be€ considered€ as€ mutilatio d.€€ €€ Elements:€€ ration.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. Killing€one’s€adversary€in€a€duel€€ 2.€261)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€€ € A:€€€ 1.€ JR.€ Thus.€ that€ is.€€ € If€the€fight€is€not€a€duel€as€defined€under€Art y€ is€ as€ homicide.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ it€ cannot€ be€ committed€ thro ayhem€ refers€ to€ any€ other€ form€of€mutilation.€€€ €€ €€CHALLENGING€TO€A€DUEL€ €€(Art.€285€(2).€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€€ Q:€Who€are€the€persons€liable?€€ €€ A:€The€challenger€and€the€instigators.€ to€ deprive€ th ome€essential€ organ€for€reproduction€€ €€ 2. The€ mutilation€ is€ caused€ purposely€ and€ deliberately.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. C to€ give€ or€ accept€ a€ challenge€to€a€duel€€ 3..€€€ € If€the€accused d€ argument€ in€ the€ bar.€ If€ one€ is€ killed.€€ € Q:€Must€mutilation€be€intentional?€€€ €€ A:€ Yes.€ that€ is.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ Otherwise.€€ €€ €€PHYSICAL€ lation?€€€ €€ A:€ Mutilation€ is€ the€ lopping€ or€ the€ clipping€ off€ of€ some€parts€of€t rowth€again.€ the€ facts€ rime€ of€ duel€ since€ there€ was€ no€ seconds€ who€ fixed€ the€ conditions€ of€ the€ fight al€ manner. Intentionally€ making€ other€ mutilation.€€ € Q:€What€are€the€kinds€of€mutilation?€€ € A:€€€ 1.€ that€ is.€ mutilation€ of€ organs€ necessary€ for€ generation. Intentionally€ mutilatin either€ totally€ or€ partially.€ € b.€ of€some€essential€organ€for€reproduction.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Making€ a€ combat€ although€ no€ physical€ injuries€have€been€inflicted€€€ Illustration:€€ € A€ mere€ fight€ as€ a€ result€ of€ an€ agreement€ is€ not€ necessarily€ a lies€ an€ agreement€ to€ fight€ under€ determined€ conditions€ and€ with€the€participation€ n€of€seconds€who€ fixed€the€conditions.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ by€ lopping€ or€ clipping€ off€ body€ of€ the€ offended€ party.€LIWANAG.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€the€ castration€ must€ be€ made€ purposely.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. Scoffing€ at€ or€ decrying€ another€ publ d€ to€ accept€ a€ challenge€ to€fight€a€duel€€€€€ €€ Note:€The€punishable€act€is€to€challenge€to€a€duel€not€ challenge€to€a€fight€because€if€it€ t€threats€under€Art.€ such€ as€ the€ pen :€In€the€first€kind€of€mutilation.€ other€ than€ the€ essential€ organ€ for€ reproduction.€260)€ € Q:€What€is€a€duel?€€ €€ A:€ It€ sented€ between€ two€ parties€ in€ the€ presence€ of€ two€ or€ more€ seconds€ of€ lawful€ a ke€the€selection€of€arms€and€fix€all€the€other€ conditions€ of€ the€ fight€ to€ settle€ som hat€are€the€punishable€acts?€€ € A:€€ 1.€ the€ crime€ committed€ is€ homicide. Inflicting€ l€ injuries€€ 3.€€ €€ € Note:€ There€ must€ be€ no€ intent€ to€ kill€ otherwise€ the€ offense€is€attempted€or€frust r€ as€the€case€may€be.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ left€ the€ place€ at€ the€ same€ time€ and€pursuant€to€their€ag ght€ each€ other€ to€ death€ with€ knives€ which€ they€ bought€ on€ the€ way.

€ Mere€ weakness€ in€ vision€ is€ not 2.€ inten tent€which€is€conclusively€presumed.€ the€ crime€ would€ be€ frustrated er.€ What€ is€ punished€ is€ the e€ stage€ of€ execution.€€€ € 4. Beating€€ 3.€as€the€case€may€be. Becomes€ ill€ or€ incapacitated€ for€ the€ performance€of€the€work€in€which€he€ was€ habitu e€ than€90€days.€3.€€ €€ Ratio:€ When€ death€ results. When€ the€ injured€ person€ becomes€ ill€ or€ incapacitated€ for€ labor€ for€ more€ th t€ not€ be€ more€ than€ 90€ days).€ or€ bli hysical€ injuries€ inflicted.€ € If€ the€ injury€ would€ require€ medical€ attendance€ for€ more€ ss€ of€ the€ offended€ party€ maybe€ considered€ as€ lasting€ more€ than€ 30€ days.€€ €€ Note:€Cruelty.€14€(21)€is€inherent€ in€mutilation€and€in€fact.€ €€ Note:€ When€ the€ category€ of€ the€ offense€ of€ serious€ physical€injuries€depends€on€the incapacity€ for€ labor.€€ € 3.€Hence.€ impotent. . Becomes€ incapacitated€ for€ the€ work€ abitually€ engaged€ in€ consequence€ of€ the€ physical€injuries€inflicted. Becomes€deformed€ b.€263)€ € Q:€ How€ is€ the€ crime€ of€ serious€ physic unding€ 2.€in€consequence€of€the€ physical€injuries€inflicted€€ € Note:€Loss€of€the€index€and€middle€fingers€is€ either€a€deformity€or€loss€of€a€member.€ Oth se€ will€ be€ considered€as€slight€physical€injuries.€ Hence.€the€cr by€ cruelty€ but€ the€ offender€ may€ still€ claim€ and€ prove€ that€he€had€no€intention€to d. When€the€injured€person€becomes€insane.€€ € Note:€ Loss€ of€ hearing€ must€ involve€ both€ ears.€ € Note:€ Impotence€ includes€ inability€ to€ copulate€and€sterility.€€ €€ Note:€ There€ must€ be€ no€ intent€ to€ kill€ otherwise.€Intent€to€kill€is€ a€ specific€ criminal€ int sively€ proved€in€case€of€physical€injuries€only.€€€€ € In€determining€incapacity€the€i tion€ or€ work€ at€ the€ time€ of€ the€ injury.€If€the€victim€dies.€€€ € Q:€What€is€the€nature€of€physical€injuries?€€ €€ A:€ The€ crime€ of€ physical€ injuries€ alized€on€the€basis€of€the€gravity€of€ the€ injury€ sustained.€ as€ a€ result€ of€ the€ physical€ injuries€ inflicted.€homicide.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons A:€The€crime€is€only€serious€physical€injury.€ it€ will€ be€ considered€ al€injuries€under€par. Loses€the€use€of€speech€or€the€power€ to€hear€or€to€smell.€Loss€of€ the€power€to€hear€in€the€right€ear€is€merely€ considered other€part€of€the€body. Loses€any€other€member€of€his€body€ or€€ c . Loses€ the€ use€ of€ any€ such€ member.€ imbecile.€ It€ cannot€ be€ committed€i strated€stage.€as€understood€in€Art. €€ When€the€injured€person:€€ a.€ even€ without€ intent€ to€ homicide€at€least.€ it€ is€ always€ consummated. Assaulting€€ 4.€ The€fa ttendance€ for€ that€ period€ of€ time€ shows€ that€ the€ injuries€ were€ not€ cured€ for€ € €€SERIOUS€PHYSICAL€INJURIES€ €€(Art.€ there€ must€ be€ evidence€ of€ the€ length€ of€ that€ period.€not€ r€ use€ of€ the€ same. Administering€injurious€substance€€ € Q:€What€are€s uries?€€ €€ A:€€€ 1.€ € € Blindness€ requires€ loss€ of€ vision€ of€ both€ eyes.€ Otherwise.€ or€€ c.€that€i ircumstance€ is€ an€ integral€ part€ and€ is€ absorbed€ therein.€if€death€ results. When€the€injured€:€ a.€ parricide.€ Work€ includes€studies€or€preparation€for€ o€ incapacity€ if€ the€ injured€ party€ could€ still€ engage€ in€ his€ work€ although€ less before.

€ Q:€ If€ the€ offender€ repeatedly€ uttered€ “I€ will€ kill€ you”€ but€ he€ only€ keeps€ o ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€MARTINEZ€ 187 .€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.

€€ Q:€ What€ distinguishes€ physical€ injuries€ from€ mutilation?€€ €€ A:€The€mutilation€must€ ely€ and€deliberately€to€lop€or€clip€off€some€part€of€the€ body€ so€ as€ to€ deprive€ the€ the€ body.€ injuries€are€inflicted.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€€€ € € It€does€ ies€that€result€ €€ Q:€X€threw€acid€on€the€face€of€Y€and€were€it€not€for€ the€ timely€ medical€ attention.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€€€ €€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€requisites€of€deformity?€€ € A:€€€ 1. Permanent€a spicuous€and€visible€€ €€ Note:€ If€ the€ loss€ of€ teeth€ is€ visible€ and€ impairs€ the€ appearance€ of€ the€ injur utes€ disfigurement.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€€€ €€ Illustration:€€€ € A€father€who€inflicts€serious€physical€injuries€upon€his€ son€will€be€li ysical€injuries.€€ € 3.€€ € Q:€How€is€intent€to€kill€determined?€€ €€ A:€Intent€to€kil not€be€manifested€by€oral€threats. ences€ between€ physical€ injuries€and€attempted€or€frustrated€homicide?€€ € A:€ ATTEMPTED€OR€FRUSTRATED€ HOMICIDE€ Attempted€homicide€may€be€ The€offender€inflicts€ commit ical€ physical€injuries.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € party€ and€ injuries€ resulted.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ PHYSICAL€INJURIES€ €€ Illustration:€€ € 1. y€ of€ the€ persons€ referred€to€in€the€crime€of€parricide.€€ 2.€ JR.€ ed€ on€ the€ face€ of€ Y.€€ € € A€ scar€ produced€ by€ an€ injury€ can€ be€ considered€ as€ a€ deformity.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€it€is€ classified€as€serious€physical€i Q:€ What€ are€ the€ qualifying€ circumstances€ of€ serious€physical€injuries?€€ € A:€€€ 1.€ what€ is€ the€ crime€ committed?€€ €€ A:€The€crime€is€only ted€ or€frustrated€homicide.€€ 2. Loss€of€molar€tooth€–€this€is€not€deformity€as€ it€is€not€visible.€ offended€party.€ Y€ became€ more€ handsome€ than€ e€was€committed?€In€ what€stage€was€it€committed?€€ € A:€ The€ crime€ is€ serious€ physical blem€ itself€ states€ that€ the€ injury€ would€ have€ produced€ a€ deformity.€ frustrated€ murder€will€be€committed.€€€ €€ Note:€Once€physical€injuries€resulted€to€deformity.€what€is€considered€is€ not€ tment€ but€ the€ natural€ healing€process..264)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements der€ inflicted€ serious€ physical€ injuries€upon€another.€LIWANAG.€who€ suffered€serious€physical€injur be€ no€ intent€ to€ kill€ otherwise.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€H he€ body€of€the€victim€which€is€usually€covered€by€dress€or€ clothes.€ This€ special€ intention€ is€ not€ present€in€other€kinds€of€physical€injuries.€€ € his€ is€ deformity€as€it€is€visible€and€permanent.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€€€ € The€ substitution€ of€ the€ artificial€ teeth€ for€ the€ natural€ e€injury.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ The€ fact€ t rgery€ removed€ the€ deformity€ is€ immaterial€because€in€law. Physical€ugliness€€ 2.€ After€ the€ plastic€ surgery. It€was€done€by€knowingly€adm ny€ injurious€ substances€ or€ beverages€ or€ by€ taking€ advantage€ of€ his€ weakness€of€m He€had€no€intent€to€kill. If€ any€ of€ the€ circumst ttended€its€commission.€€ €€ Note:€ To€ administer€ an€ injurious€ substance€ or€ beverage€ means€ to€ direct€ or€ cause or€ beverage€to€be€taken€orally€by€the€injured€person.€€ € €€ADMINISTERING€INJURIOUS€€SUBSTANCES€OR€ BEVERAGES€(Art.€ Offender€has€no€ The€offender€has€intent o€kill€the€ the€offended€party.€€ €€ € 188€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . Loss€ of€ milk€ front€ tooth€ –€ le€but€will€naturally€be€ replaced.

€ What€ is€ the€ crime€committed€by€Cindy?€€ €€ A:€€€€€ 1.€€ €€ € In€ the€ absence€ of€ proof€ as€ to€ the€ period€ of€ the€ offended or€ required€ medical€ attendance.€ ascendants.€ guardians.€They€will€be€treated€under€Art.€ curators.€ even€ though€ none€ of€ the€ above€ ci bove€ be€ present.€ or€to€humiliate€or€embarrass€the€offended€ party€out€of€a€quarrel€ A.€as€the€case€may€be.€ or€ shall€ require€ e€same€period€of€time.€8353)€ € Q:€How€is€rape€committed?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€provided€the€crime€is€ not€d URIES€AND€MALTREATMENT€€ (Art. Through€force. When€the€offended€party€is€deprived€ o ise€ unconscious€€ c.€€€ 2. By€ means€ of€ fraudulent€ machination€ or€grave€abuse€of€authority€€ arty€is€under€12€ years€ of€ age€ or€ is€ demented.€€ offended€ party€ from€ engaging€ in€ his€ habitual€ work€ or€ which€ did€ not€ require€ med Note:€ Slapping€ the€ offended€ party€ is€ a€ form€ of€ ill‐ treatment€which€is€a€form€of€s Ill‐treatment€ of€ another€ by€ deed€ without€ causing€any€injury€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ qualifying€ circumstances€ of€ less€ serious€physical€injuries?€€ €€ ntent€to€insult€or€ offend€the€injured€person€ 2.€265)€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crim for€ labor€ for€ 10€ days€ or€ more€ (but€ not€ more€ than€ 30€ days).€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. Ill‐treatment€ –€ if€ the€ slapping€ on€of€casting€dishonor.€266)€€ €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ kinds€ of€ slight€ physical€ i cal€ injuries€ which€ incapacitated€ the€ offended€party€for€labor€from€1€to€9€days.€€€ € 2.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ rape€ by€ sexual€ assault?€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€threat€or€intimidation€€ b.€ 265€or€266.€ or€ the€ victim€ is€ a€ person€ of€ rank€ or€ person€in€authority. When€ there€ are€ circumstances€ adding€ se€€ 3. By€ a€ man€ who€ shall€ have€ carnal€ kn What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ rape€ by€ a€ man€ who€ shall€have€carnal€knowledge€of€a€woman ender€ had€ carnal€ knowledge€ of€ the€ woman€€ 3.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ the€ offense€ committed€ is€ only€ slight€physical€inju e€ “shall€ require”€ refers€ to€ the€ period€ of€ actual€medical€attendance. Physical€ injuries€ must€ not€ be€ those€ described€in€the€p Note:€ The€ disjunctive€ conjunction€ “or”€ above€ means€ that€it€is€either€incapacity€for€ necessity€ of€ medical€ attendance€ for€ an€ equal€ period€ which€ will€ make€ the€ crime€ ysical€injuries.€ Physical€ injuries€ which€ did€ not€ prevent€ t € Q:€ A€ disagreement€ ensued€ between€ Cindy€ and€ Carina€which€led€to€a€slapping€incident on€ Carina’s€ beautiful€ face. Sl e€ to€ cast€ dishonor€ to€ the€ person€ slapped. When€the€victim€is€the€offender’s€parents. Such€act€is€accomplished€under€any€of€th ces:€€ a.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons are€less€serious€or€light. €€ €€LESS€SERIOUS€PHYSICAL€INJURIES€ €€(Art.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€MARTINEZ€ 189 .€or€ re ance€ during€ the€ same€period€€ € €€€€€2.

€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ Neither€ must€ the€ courts€ make€such€distinction.€ Geronimo€ contends€ that€ the€ acts€complained€of€do€not€fall€within€the€defini ed€ in€ the€ RPC.€ 266‐A.€ unlike€ when€ it€ was€ still€ classified€as€a€crime€against€chastity.€8353?€€ €€ A:€€€ 1.€Peo .€ The€ law.R.€March€13.€ unlike€ rape€ under€ Art.€or€€ c.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ the€ essence€ thereof€ being€ € 190€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ if€ not€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness.€the€crime€of€rape€can€now€be€ committed€by€a€male€or€female. By€using€force€or€intimidation.€ a€ teacher.€ particularly€ that€ rape€ is€ a€ crime€ committed€ by€ a€ man€ against€ ntion€correct?€€€€€€€ €€ A:€€No.€ No.€or ment€or€object€ into€ the€ genital€ or€ anal€ orifice€ of€ another€person€€ € The€ act€ of€ ished€ under€any€of€the€following€circumstances:€€ a.€ 182517.€ for€ an€ accused€ to€ be€ convicted€ of€ consummated .€2009)€ € Note:€When€the€woman€is€under€12€years€of€age€or€is€ demented.€ tha es€ an€ instrument€in€the€anal€orifice€of€male. By€ inserting€ his€ penis€ into€ another€ person’s€mouth€or€anal€orifice.€LIWANAG.€€ € d€convincing€proof€that€ the€ penis€ indeed€ touched€ the€ labia€ or€ slid€ into€ the€ fema roked€the€external€ surface€ thereof.A.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ mere€ touching€ alone€ of€ the€ genitals€and€ dum€can€only€ be€ considered€ as€ attempted€ rape.€ A€ wo s€ could€ still€ be€ a€ victim€ of€ rape.€May€20.€ was€ tried€ and€ convicted€ for€12€counts€ everal€ occasions.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ effects€ of€ the€ reclassification€ of€ rape€into€a€crime€against€pe irement€of€consent€of€ the€ offended€ party€ to€ file€ the€ case€ is€ no€ longer€ needed€ b lic€ crime.€ committed€ on€ one€ of€ his€ students€ by€ inserting€ his€ penis€ in€ t n€ appeal.€ The€ offended€ party€ is€ always€ a€ woman€and€the€offender€ ssault€ –€ committed€ with€ an€ instrument€ or€ an€ object€ or€ use€ of€ the€ penis€ with€ or€ anal€ orifice.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ or€ any€ instrument€ or€ object€ into€ the€ genital€ or€ anal€ orif n.€€€ € € Q:€What€are€the€kinds€of€rape€under€R.€ Brioso.€she€ or€he€can€be€liable€for€rape.€€ 2.€Rape€maybe€committed€notwithstanding€the€ fact€ that€ pers 353€ provides€ that€ an€ act€ of€ sexual€ assault€ can€ be€ committed€by€any€person€who€ins th€ or€ anal€ orifice.€(Ordinario€v.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€€ € € ndancy€ or€ influence€ on€ the€ offended€ party.€ G.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. € Note:€Under€R.€2004)€€€€€€€€ €€ Q:€ Is€ the€ victim’s€ reputation€ considered€ in€ the€ prosecut there€ being€ absolutely€ no€ nexus€ between€ it€ and€ the€ odious€ deed€ committed.€€€€ €€ Q ufficient€ to€ consummate€ culprit’s€ purpose€€ 2.€ The€ offended€ party€ or€ offender€can€either€be€a€man€or€a€woman.€€ 3.€or€€ prived€ of€ reason€or€otherwise€unconscious.€ However. Consider€age.€ it€ is€ not€ necessary€ that€the€latter€p ance.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€or€€€ d. The€ traditional€ concept€ u a€ woman€ against€ her€ will.€€ €€ € Q:€Is€there€a€crime€of€frustrated€rape?€€ €€ A:€None.€the€man€is€liable.€ JR.€8353..A. There€is ause€ impossible€ crimes€ can€ only€ be€ committed€against€persons€or€property. When€ the€ woman€ is€ under€ 12€ years€ of€age€or€demented. By€ means€ of€ fraudulent€ machination thority.€ has€ not€ made€ any€ distinction€ on€ the der€ or€ the€ victim.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€ 1.€sexual€intercourse€with€her€ f€ the€ sexual€ intercourse€ was€ with€ her€ consent. Offender€ commits€ an€ act€ of€ sexual€€ assault€€ The€act€of€sexual€assault€is€c ng€means:€€ a.€The€slightest€penetration€of€penis€in consummates€ the€ crime€ of€ rape.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . 2.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€size€and€strength€of€parti n€to€each€other€€ €€ Q:€ Geronimo.

€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons carnal€knowledge€of€a€woman€without€her€consent.€ Resistance€ from€ the€ victim€ need€ not€ be€ carried€ to€ t r€ sustaining€ physical€injuries€at€the€hands€of€the€rapist.€ € When€ by€ reason€ pe.€€ €€ Q:€When€is€it€considered€as€qualified the€ following€ circumstances.€a€homicide€is€committed€€ € 2.€MARTINEZ€ 191 .€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € When€ rape€ is€ committed€ in€ full€ view€ of€ the€ husband. €€ Q:€What€is€incestuous€rape?€€ € A:€ It€ refers€ to€ rape€ committed€ by€ an€ ascendant€ ployment€ of€ force€ and€ intimidation€ indispensable€in€incestuous€rape?€€ €€ A:€ No. When€ the€ offender€ knew€ of€ th al€ disorder.€ bec ng€ and€ overbearing€ moral€influence€of€the€ascendant€over€the€daughter€ takes€ the€ place fer€ of€ resistance€ required€ in€ rape€ cases€ committed€ by€ an€ accused€ having€no€blood e€victim.€€€ € 11. Similarly.€ the€ common€ law€ husband€ of€ the€ victim’s€ grandmother€ physical€mutilation€or€disability.€€€ € Note:€ A€ step‐brother€ or€ step‐sister€ relationship€ between€ the€ offender€ and€ the€ of ot€ elevate€ the€ crime€ to€ qualified€ rape€ because€ they€ are€ not€related€either€by€blo eration€ is€ exclusive. When€ the€ victim€ is€ under€ the€ custody€ of€ the€ police€ or€ military€ authorities ent€or€penal€institution.€ Hence. 8. ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€€€ € When€ the€ victim€ is€ a€ child€ below€ 7 nows€ that€ he€ is€ inflicted€ with€ HIV/AIDS€ or€ any€ other€ sexually€ transmissible€ dec us€ or€ decease€ is€ transferred€ to€ the€ victim.€ dren€ or€ other€ relatives€ within€ the€ third€ civil€ degree€of€consanguinity.€ € When€ committed€ by€ any€ member€ of€ ry€ units€ thereof€ or€ the€ PNP€ or€ any€ law€ enforcement€ agency€ or€ penal€institution.€€ € When€ t in€ a€ legitimate€religious€vocation€or€calling€and€ is€ personally€ known€ to€ be€ such€ b e€ or€ after€ the€ commission€ of€the€crime.€ if€ his€ wife€ does h€ him.€ and/or€ physical€handicap€of€the€offended€party€at€ the€time€of€the€commissi € Note:€The€foregoing€circumstances€are€in€the€nature€of€ qualifying€ aggravating€ circumst t€ be€ specifically€ pleaded€ or€ alleged€ with€ certainty€ in€ the€ information. When€the€victim€is€under€18€years€of€age€ and€ the€ offend p‐parent.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ the€ victim€ has€ suffered€ permanent€ € Q:€What€are€the€effects€of€pardon€on€the€criminal€ liability€of€the€accused€charged€with€ ay€ pardon€ the€ offender€ through€ a€ subsequent€ valid€ marriage.€ the€ force€ and€ intimidation€ must€ be€ viewed€ in€ light€ of€ the€ vict 9.€€ € 10.€ the€ legal€ husband€ maybe€ pardoned the€ wife€ provided€that€the€marriage€is€not€void€ab€ initio. 7.€It€is€enough€that€there€is€indication€of€any€amount€ of€resistance€as€to€make€it€ra 4. When€ by€ reason€ or€ on .€€ € 2.€ the€ husband€ may€ be€ liable€ for€ rape. advantage€of€his€position€to€facilitate€the€ commission€of€the€crime.€€ € 3.€266‐C)€ €€€ Note:€ Under€ the€new€ law.€ relative€ by€ consanguinity€ or€ affinity€ within€ the€ third€ civil€ on€law€spouse€of€ the€victim.€ the€ effect€ of€ which nction€of€the€offender’s€liability.€€ €€ Q:€ Does€ the€ absence€ of€ signs€ of€ external€ physical€ injuries€signify€ he€ rape€victim?€€ €€ A:€ No. 5.€€ €€ Note:€ In€ rape. When€ the€ offender€ knew€ of€ the€ pregnancy€ o ty€ at€ the€ time€of€the€commission€of€the€rape. 6.€(Art.€rape€is€punishable€by€death:€€ € 1.€ guardian.


€ is€ difficult€ to€ prove.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€Baldo.€which€result€in€or€is€likely€ to€ result€ in€ physical.€24.€ GR .€ sexual.€€L‐41819.€ or€ against€ a€ woman€ with€ whom€ the€ person€ has€ or€ had€ a€ sexual p.€Feb. ore€ or€less€irresistible€is€beside€the€point.€€ € Note:€ In€ statutory€ rape.€ or€ with€ whom€he€has€a€common€child.R.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€Feb.R.€proof€of€force€and€ violence€ exerted€ by€ the€ offend oral€ascendancy€or€parental€authority€of€the€accused€ over€the€offended€party€takes€the€pla €€ Q:€ Is€ medical€ examination€ an€ indispensable€ element€in€the€prosecution€of€rape?€€ € ical€ examination€ is€ merely€corroborative€in€nature. and€acts€of€lasciviousness?€€ €€ A:€ ATTEMPTED€RAPE There€is€intent€to€effect€ sexual€cohesion.€ ACTS€OF SS€ There€is€no€intention€to€lie€ with€the€offended€woman.€175238.€coerc nt€or€ arbitrary€deprivation€of€liberty.€battery.€ tho isprove€€€ € 2.€No. The€ evidence€ for€ the€ prosecution€ must€ stand€or€fall€on€its€own€merits€ strength€ from€ the€ weakness€of€the€evidence€of€the€defense.€ suffering.€The€mere€fact€of€having€sexual€relatio ars€old€consummates€the€offense€ and€consent€is€not€a€defense.€ As€ long€ as€ the€ force€ or€ intimidation€ is€ present.€ but€ more€ difficult€ for€ person€ accused.€ the€ offender’s€ knowledge€ of€ the€victim’s€age€is€immateri Q:€ Suppose€ a€ ten‐year€ old€ girl€ consented€ to€ the€ sexual€intercourse.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ Their€ taking€place€does€not€mean€that€the€rom he€two€should€be€deemed€broken€up€during€ periods€ of€ misunderstanding.€ Moreover.€€€ € 3.€ Manalpaz.€€ €€ A.€ although€unsuccessful.€(People€v.€ therefore.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ former€ wife.€Justice€Abad)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts€under€RA€9262?€€ € 192€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ As€ already€ settled€ in€ the€ ju l€ victims€ react€ the€ same€ way.€ € Note:€ € The€ “dating€ relationship”€ that€ the€ law€ contemplates€ can.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€will€such€cons cause€ consent€ is€ immaterial€ in€ statutory€ rape.€G.€ resistance€ is€ not€ an€ element€of€rape.€ CA.€ Her€ mental€ and€ not€ only€ her€ chronological€ age€ i v.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ or€against€her€child€ whether€ legitimate€ or€ i ithout€the€family€abode..€ JR.€Anti‐Violence€against 004€(R.€ exist ual€ intercourse€ taking€ place€ between€ those€ involved.€No.€ (Ang€ v.€ The€intention€is€merely€to€ sat € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€statutory€rape?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€assault.€ An€ "away‐bati"€ or€ a€ fight‐a en€ two€ lovers€ is€ a€ common€ occurrence.€A€ ove€ that€she€did€all€within€her€power€to€resist€the€force€or€ intimidation€employed€upon€h ntimidation€ employed€ upon€ her.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. Accused€ had€ carnal€ knowledge€ rs€of€age.€€ €€ Ratio:€It€is€not€necessary€that€the€victim€was€intimated€ or€ force€ used€ against€ her€ be e.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ the€ law€ presumes€ that€ the€ victim€ on€ account€ of€ her€ tender€age€does€not€and€ca €€ Q:€ Suppose€ as€ 31€ year€ old€ retardate€ with€ mental€ capacity€ of€ a€ 5‐year€ old€ w mmitted?€€ €€ A:€ Statutory€ rape.A. Only€two€persons€are€involved.€1978)€€ €€ Note:€In€incestuous€rape€of€a€minor.€9262)€ €€ Q:€ What€ does€ “violence€ against€ women€ and€ their€€ children”€mean? ir€children€refers€ to€ any€ act€ or€ a€ series€ of€ acts€ committed€ by€ any€ person€ agai fe.€what€is€the€crime€committed?€€ €€ A:€€€The€ special€ complex€ crime€ or€ rape€ wi fference€between€attempted€rape€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ three€ well‐known€ principles€ to€ guide€the€court€in€rape€cases?€€ € ith€ facility.€LIWANAG.€€ €€ Q:€ If€ on€ the€ occasion€ or€ tim€died.€testimony€ of€ complainant€ must€ be€ scruti ution.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € judgment€ at€ the€ time€ of€ commission€ of€ the€ crime.€ G.€28.€ or€ economic€ abuse€ including€ threats€ of€ such€acts.


€physical€ harm. Entering€ or€ remaining€ in€ the€ dwelling€ or€ on€ the€ property€ of€ ainst€ her/his€will€ € d. Preventing€ the€ woman€ in€ engaging€ in€ any€ ccupation. Depriving€ or€ thre he€ woman€ or€ her€ children€ of€ financial€ support€ legally€due€her€or€her€family. Peering€ in€ the€ window€ or€ lingering€ outside€ the€ r n€or€her€child€ € c.€ or€ intimidation€ directed€against€the€woman€or€child.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons A:€ The€ crime€ of€ violence€ against€ women€ and€ their€ children€is€committed€through€any :€ 6. 8.€ and€ denial€ of€ financial€ support€ hildren€of€access€to€the€ woman s€child/children. Threatening€ to€ depriv riving€the€woman€or€ her€ child€ of€ custody€ to€ her/his€ family€ € b.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€9775)€ € Q:€Who€are€considered€children€under€R.€ per rough€ another€that€alarms€or€causes€substantial€ emotional€or€psychological€distress€to€th .A.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ or€ attempting€ to€ restrict€ or€ restricting€ the ld s€ freedom€ of€ movement€ or€ conduct€ by€ force€ or€ threat€ of€ force.€ the€ following€ acts€ committed€ with€ the€ purpose€ or€ effect€ of€ ricting€ the€ woman s€ or€ her€ child s€ movement€or€conduct:€ € a.€This t€ not€ limited€ to.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€This€shall€include.€or€properties€ € Inflicting€ or€ threateni ysical€ harm€ on€ oneself€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ controlling€her€actions€or€decisions€ € C g€ to€ cause€ the€ woman€ or€ her€ child€ to€ engage€ in€ any€ sexual€ activity€ which€ doe y€force€or€threat€of€force.€the€following€acts:€ € a.5)€ 2.€ or€ through€ intimidation€ directed€ against€t r/his€ immediate€family€ € Engaging€ in€ purposeful. 4. Depriving€ or€ threatening€ t e€woman€or€her€child€ of€a€legal€right€ € d.€repeated€verbal€and€emotional€ abuse. Causing€ physical€ harm€ to€ the€ woman€ or€ her€child€ € Threatening€ to€ cause€ d€physical€harm€ € Attempting€ to€ cause€ the€ woman€ or€ her€ child€physical€harm€ € Placi f€ imminent€physical€harm€ € Attempting€ to€ compel€ or€ compelling€ the€ woman€or€her€chil ch€ the€ woman€ or€ her€ child€ has€ the€ right€ to€ desist€ from€ or€ desist€ from€ conduc child€ has€ the€ right€ to€ engage€ in.€ ot€ limited€to. € B.A. Destroying€ the€ property€ and€ personal€belongings€or€inflicting ls€ or€ pets€ of€ the€ woman€or€her€child€ € e.€ public€ ridicule€ or€ humiliation€ to€ the€ woman€ or€ her€ child. 1. Stalking€or€followi n€ public€ or€ private€ places€ b. Engaging€ in€ any€ form€ of€ harassment€or€ r€ emotional€ anguish.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ knowing.€ physical€ or€ of€ physical€ or€ other€ harm.€or€ de the€ woman s€ children€ insufficient€ financial€support€ € c.€(Sec. 7.€Anti‐Child€Pornography€Law€(R.€ but€ is€ unable€ to€ fully€ take€ care€ of€ themselves elty.€ or€ reckless€ conduct. 3.€MARTINEZ€ 193             . 5.€but€ not€be€limited€to. 9.€ business€ or€ activity€ or€ controlling€ the€ victim s€ own€ money€ or€ propert y€ controlling€ the€ conjugal€ or€ common€money.€97 on€below€18€years€of€age€ or€ over.

€ or€ a€ re asts.€oral€to€genital.€ sculptures€ or€paintings€depicting€children€ € v.€pubic€area€and/or€anus€ Use€ of€ any€ object€ or€ instrument€ for€ lascivious€acts€ 2. Breasts.€picture.€ anal€ to€ genital€ or€ oral€ to€ anal.€ picture.€€€€Written€text€or€material€that€advocates€or€ counsels€ explicit€ sexual€ activity€ wit nant€ characteristic€ is€the€description.€ computer€ image€ or€ picture.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ of€ a€ child€ engaged€ in€ real€ or€ simulated€ expl ivities€ or€ any€ representation€ of€ the€ sexual€ parts€ of€a€child€for€primarily€sexual€p ld€pornography€materials?€ € A:€Child€pornography€materials€refers€to€the€means€ and€method raphy€is€carried€ out:€ 1.€film. Ot s€ visual€ depiction€ € c. 6.€ Visual€ depiction€ shall€ ndeveloped€ film€ and€ videotapes€ € ii. 5.€video. € 194€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ or€a€representation€thereof.€ digitally€ or€ manually€ crafted€images€or€g is€represented€or€who€is€made€to€appear€to€ be€a€child€as€defined€herein.€ computer€ image€ or€ computer‐generated€ image€ that€ is€ indistinguishable f€ real€ children€ engaging€ in€ an€ explicit€ sexual€ activity. A€ person€ regardless€ of€ age€ who€ is€ presented. 3.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . Data€and/or€images€stored€on€a€ computer€ disk€ or ns€ capable€ of€ conversion€ into€a€visual€image€ € iii.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ being€ a€ child.. Q:€What€is€child€pornography?€ € A:€ Child€pornography€ refers€ to€ any€ public€ or€ private€ representation.€ whether€ made€ or€ produced€ by€ electronic.€ ild€ as€defined€herein€ € Computer‐generated.€ but€ not€ limited€ to. Drawings.€for€a€sexual€purpose.€ the€ dominant€ characteristic€ of€ which€ is€ the€ depiction.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€LIWANAG. Visual€depiction€‐€which€includes€not€ only€imag igital€ image.€ by€ whatever€ means. As€to€form:€ a.€ € Q:€What€is€explicit€sexual€activity?€ A:€ Explicit€ sexual€ activity€ refers€ to€ actual€ exual€ intercourse€ or€ lascivious€ act€ including.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € exploitation€or€discrimination€because€of€a€physical€ or€mental€disability€or€condition.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ contact€ invol enital.€ reast.€ Note:€A€child€shall€also€refer€to:€ 1.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€or€ € b.€ JR.€ encourages€or€counsels€any€sexual€activity€ with€ children€ which€ is€ an€ offense€ unde Note:€ Such€ representation€ includes€ audio€ recordings€ and€ live€ audio€ transmission€ c rough€ whatever€ medium€ including€real‐time€internet€communications€ 2.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€of€ an€explicit€sexual€acti As€ to€ content:€ It€ includes€ representation€ of€ a€ person€ who€ is.€ mech er€ means€ € iv. Photograph.€ appears€ to€ be. 4.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€of€a€female€person.€ or€ an€ audio€ representation€ .€ whether€ between€persons€ x€ Bestiality€ Masturbation€ Sadistic€or€masochistic€abuse€ Exhibition€ of€ the€ genitals.€ cartoons.€ € b.€for€a€sexua Sexual€organ€or€the€anal€region. Audio€ representation€ of€ a€ person€ who€ is€ or€is€represented€as€being€a€child€and€who€ ented€ as€ being€ engaged€ in€ explicit€ sexual€ activity.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.

€empl oerce€ a€ child€ to€ perform€ in€ the€ creation€ or€production€of€child€pornography€ € To€p ture€or€create€ any€ form€ of€ child€ pornography€ and€ child€ pornography€materials€ € To€ e€and€promote€child€ pornography€ and€ child€ pornography€ materials€ € To€ possess.€ literary.€ silly.€ PMA. 3.€ C.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€obtain€or€access€for€personal€use€ child€pornography€materials€ € child€ pornography€ by€luring€or€grooming€a€child.€ lascivious.€ PNP. 3.€ intention€ and€ culture. € Q:€Who€are€liable?€ A:€ 1.€ or€ o he€ Citizen s€ Military€ Training€ and€ CAT. Q:€What€is€luring?€ A:€ Luring€ refers€ to€ the€ act€ of€ communicating.€ transmit€ or€ broadcast€ child€ y€ or€ child€ pornography€ materials€ € To€ knowingly€ possess. € € To€ publish. 2. € Q:€What€are€punishable€acts€under€RA€9775?€ A:€The€punishable€acts€are:€ 1.€ view.€ € Those€ conducted€ by€ any€ fraternity.€ The€ physical.€ post.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons Q:€What€is€grooming?€ 5.€ exhibit.€ sorority€or€organ ten€ notice€to€the€school€authorities€or€head€of€ organization€7€days€before€the€conduct€of 2.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€8049)€€ € Q:€What€is€Hazing?€ A:€ Hazing€ is€ an€ initiation€ rit e€ for€ admission€ into€ membership€ in€ a€ fraternity. ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€€ Q:€What€are€the€allowed€initiation€rites?€ ed€ by€ “organizations”€ which€ shall€ include€ any€ club€ or€ the€ AFP.€ neophyte€ or€ applicant€ in€ some€ embarrassing€ or€ humiliating€ situations€ such€ as o€ do€ menial.€ 6.€ manner€ or€ presentation.€mental€and€p tness€ of€ prospective€ regular€ members€ of€ the€ AFP€ and€ the€ PNP€ as€ approved€ by€ th nal€ Defense€ and€ the€ National€ Police€ Commission€ duly€ recommended€ by€ the€ Chief€ of e€Director€General€of€the€PNP.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ mental€ and€ psychological€ t aining€ procedure€ and€ practices€ to€ determine€ and€ enhance€ the€ physical.€ sorority€ or€ organization€ by€ pl it.€ distribute.€ download.€ by€ means€ of€ a€ child€ or€ someone€ who€ the€ offender€ believes€ to€ be€ a€ child€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ ission€ of€ sexual€ activity€ or€ production€ of€ any€ form€ of€ child€ pornography.€ downl reproduce€ or€ make€ available€ child€ pornography€ materials€ with€ the€ intent€ of€ selli ing€them€ 2.€ purchase ake€ steps€ to€ procure.€MARTINEZ€   . To€hire.A. A:€Grooming€refers€to€the€act€of€preparing€a€child€or€ someone€ wh o€ be€ a€ child€ for€ sexual€ activity€ or€ sexual€ relationship€ by€ communicating€any€for y.€ disseminate. The€ff.€are€liable€as€PRINCIPAL:€ 4.€ Q:€Wh al€purposes?€ A:€ It€ refers€ to€ purposes€ which€ will€ fulfill€ all€ the€ following€condi age€ person€ applying€ contemporary€ community€ standards€ would€ find€ the€ work€ taken€ a aling€ to€ prurient€ interest€ and€ satisfying€ only€ the€ market€ for€ gratuitous€ sex€and k€ depicts€ or€ describes€ sexual€ conduct€in€a€patently€offensive€way€ € The€work€taken€as ntext.€€ Note:€ Grooming€ includes€ online€ enticement€ or€ enticement€through€any€other€means.€€Anti‐Hazing€Law€(R.€ artist ical€and€scientific€value€ 7.€ foolish€ and€ other€ similar€ tasks€ or€ activities€ or€ otherwise€ hysical€or€psychological€suffering€or€injury.

195 .

(Sec.€ € The€ off s€ or€ alumni€ of€ the€ organization.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € a.€ neophyte€ or€ applicant€ initially€consents€to€join€b ing€ will€ be€ committed€ on€ his€ person.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€€ € 1.€ indulge€ in€ sexual€ intercourse€ or€ lascivious€ conduct nishable€acts€under€Sec.€ male.€ who€ for€ money.€LIWANAG.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ profit. Hazing€ or€ initiation€ rites€ in€ any€ form€ or€ manner€ by€ a€ fra ization€ without€ prior€ written€ notice€ to€ the€ school€ authorities€ or€ head€ of€ organ re€the€conduct€of€ such€initiation.€Exploitation.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€are€liable€as€ACCOMPLICE:€ € a. 4.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€€ D.€ b.€ or€ to€ the€ police€ authorities. Infliction€ of€ any€ physical€ violence€ during€ in :€When€will€maximum€penalty€be€imposed?€€ € € 2.€ violence.€but€failed€to€take€ any€action€to€prevent€the€same€from€ occurri ble€acts?€ € A:€€ € 1.€UNLESS€he€prevented€the€commission€of€the€ acts€punishable€therein.€ through€ force..€ group.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. When€t ompanied€by€ force.€ € The€ parents€ of€ one€ of€ the€ officer€ y. 3. The€ owner€ of€ the€ place€ where€ the€ hazing€ is€ ctual€ knowledge€ of€ the€ hazing€ conducted€ therein€ but€ failed€ to€ take€ any€action€to ccurring.€and€Discrimination€Ac mended)€ € Q:€In€general.€ intimidation€ or€ deceit€ on€ the€ person€ of€ the uses€to€join€ €€ When€ the€ recruit.€ when€ they€ have€ actual€ knowledge€ of€ the€ hazing€ conduc e€ but€ failed€ to€ take€ any€ action€ to€ prevent€ the€ same€ from€ occurring.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€5?€ A:€The€Punishable€acts€are€the€ff:€ 1.€ 2.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. c.€ fraternity€ or€ sorority€ who€ actually€ pla although€ not€ present€ when€ the€ acts€ constituting€ hazing€were€committed. 2.€Special€Protection€of€Children€Against€Child€ Abuse.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€to€the€proper€school€ authorities.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. € 196€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. € The€ff.€€€ 5.€ syndicate€ or€ group.€ € b.€ JR.€sorority€or€ organization.€ sorority€ or€ organization€ who cipated€ in€ the€ infliction€of€physical€harm.€ or€ intimidation€ €€ When€the€hazing€is€committed€outside€of€ the€school€or€institution€ € f€age€ at€the€time€of€the€hazing. Those€ who€ engage€ in€ or€ induce€ child€ prostitution€ 1.€is€prevented€from€quitting€ €€€ When€ the€ recru t€ having€ undergone€ hazing€ is€ prevented€ from€ reporting€ the€ unlawful€ act€ to€ his€ s.€7)€ € Q:€What€is€child€prostitution?€ € A:€ Children. Child€trafficking.€what€are€the€punishable€acts€under€ this€act?€ A:€ Child€prostitu (Sec.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . Note:€The€presence€of€any€person€during€the€hazing€is€ prima€ facie€ evidence€ of€ particip ncipal.€ or€ any€ other€ consideration€ or€ due€ to€ the€ coercion y€ adult.5)€ 2. Note:€ Any€ person€ charged€ under€ this€ provision€ shall€ not€ be€ entitled€ to€ the€ mit ance€ that€ there€was€no€intention€to€commit€so€grave€a€wrong.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. A:€ The€ officers€ and€ members€ of€ the€ fraternity.€ threat. The€ school€ authorities€ including€ faculty€members€who€consent€to€the€ ha actual€ knowledge€thereof.


€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€MARTINEZ€ 197   . are€ centers. A€person ment€or€child‐ caring€ institution€ recruits€ women€ or€ couples€ to€ bear€ children€ for€ d€trafficking€ € 3.€the€perpetrators€sha rticle€335.€ vessel.€for€rape€and€Article€336€of€Act€No.€the€ following:€ € a.€ € Q:€What€is€child€trafficking ho€ shall€ engage€ in€ trading€ and€ dealing€ with€ children€ including. Acting€ as€ a€ procurer€ of€ a nducing€a€person€to€be€a€client€of€a€ child€ prostitute€ by€ means€ of€ written€ or€ oral€ milar€means€ € c.€the€RPC. Threatening€ or€ using€ violence€ towards€ a€ child€ to€ engage€ him€ as€ a€ prostitute€ y€consideration€goods€ or€other€pecuniary€benefit€to€a€child€ with€ intent€ to€ engage€ suc ion€ € Those€ who€ commit€ the€ act€ of€ sexual€ intercourse€ of€ lascivious€ conduct€ with in€ prostitution€ or€ subject€ to€other€sexual€abuse€ € Note:€ Provided.€ place€ of establishment€ serving€ as€ a€ cover€ or€ which€ engages€ in€ prostitution€ in€ addition€ t or€ which€ the€ license€ has€ been€issued€to€said€establishment.€ motel. inside€the€room€or€cubicle€of€a€house.€not€being€a€relative€of€a€ child.€ That€ the€ penalty€ for€ lascivious€ conduct€ when€ the€ f€ age€ shall€ be€ reclusion€ temporal€ in€ its€ medium€period€ 2.€ resort. A€ doctor.€ pension€ house.€ hospital€ or€ clinic€ official€ or€ employee.€ midw l€ registrar€ or€ any€ other€ person€ simulates€ birth€for€the€purpose€of€child€trafficking es€ in€ the€ act€ of€ finding€ children€ among€ low‐income€ families.€Juvenile€Justice€and€Welfare€Act€of€2006€ €(R.€ apartelle ablishments.€ is€ found€ alone€ with€ t ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€paragraph€ 3.€ hotel.€3815.€ or€ other€ child‐during€ institutions€ who€ can€ be€ offered€ for€ the€ purp cking. € Those€ who€ derive€ profit€ or€ advantage€ therefrom.€ € 2.€ bar.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Any€person€who.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Persons which€include.€ € E.€ nurse.€or€ for€any€other€consideration.€ € Q:€ When€ is€ there€ an€ attempt€ to€ commit€ Child€ Prostitution?€ A:€There€is€an€attemp ion€ when:€ 1.€or€barter.€whether€as€manager€or€owner€ of€ th re€ the€ prostitution€ takes€ place. Taking€ advantage€ of€ influence€ or€ relationship€ to€ procure€ a€ child .€ disco.€ vehicle€ or€ any€ other€ hidden€ or€ secluded€area€under€circumstanc lead€ a€ reasonable€ person€ to€ believe€ that€ the€ child€ is€ about€ to€ be€ exploited€in exual€ abuse. 3.€ hospitals.€ but€ not€ limited g€and€selling€of€a€child€for€money. Any€ person€ is€ receiving€ services€ from€ a€ child€ in€ a€ sauna€ par clinic.€€ € Q:€ Whe child€ trafficking?€ A:€ There€ is€ an€ attempt€ to€ commit€ child€ trafficking€ when:€ A€ ne€ to€ a€ foreign€ country€ without€valid€reason€therefor€and€without€ clearance€ issued€ en€ permit€ or€ justification€ from€ the€ child s€ parents€or€legal€guardian€ € 2.€ health€ club€ and€ other€ similar€ establishments.€ clinics.€ or€ of€ the€ sauna.€ as€amended.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€9344)€ € Q:€What€are€the€proh conduct€ of€ the€ proceedings€ beginning€ 1.€but€are€not€limited€to.€ That€ when€ the€ victims€ is€ under€12€years€of€age.A.€€ € Provided.€f s€the€case€may€be.€an€ inn.

€prohibited:€ 1.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€LIWANAG. Anti‐Piracy€ and€ Anti‐Highway€ Robbery€Law€of€1974€(PD€ ng€ the€ Laws€ on€ Illegal€ and€ Unlawful€ Possession. The€Law€on€Arson€€(P.€ Employment€ of€ degrading. Crimes€ Involving€ Destruction€ (Art.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€60)€ Note:€€The€following€and€any€other€similar€acts€shall€be€ considered€ prejudicial€ and€ det hological.€ emotional.€ € Coerce€ the€ government€ to€ give€ in€ to€ an€ unlawf F.€ that€ such€ acts€ sows€ and€ creates€ ead€and€extraordinary€fear€and€ panic€ among€ the€ populace€ and€ to€ coerce€ the€ governme l€demand.€A.A.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € from€ the€ initial€ contact€ with€ the€ child. Atomic€ Energy€ Regulatory€ and€ Liability€Act€of€196 nti‐Hijacking€Law€(R.€Employment€of€abusive.€ prostitutes€ or€ attach in€ any€ manner€any€other€derogatory€names€ € 2.€ 3)€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € 198€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ corrosive€ or€ harmful€ substances€ over€ the€ body€ conflict€ with€ the€ law. RPC:€ i.€ Provided.€ Dealing€ in.€ Persons€ who€ conspire€ to€ commit€ the€ crime€ of€ terrorism. Rebellion€or€Insurrection€(Ar d € etat.€ Manufacture.€ moral€ and€ physical€ health€ and€ well‐being€ in€ conflict€ with€the€law€and€therefore.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ 134‐a)€ iv.€ Compelling€ the€ orm€ involuntary€ servitude€ in€ any€ and€ all€ forms€ under€ any€ and€ all€ instances. Piracy€ n€ the€ High€Seas€or€in€the€Philippine€Waters€ (Art. Sow€ and€ create€ a€ condition€ of€ widespread€ and€ ext d€ panic€ among€ the€ populace€ 2.€ inhuman€ end€ cruel€ forms€ of€ punishment ng€ the€ heads.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.D€1613)€ ii.€ERIK€GALLARDO. €Make€ no€ discriminatory€ remarks€ partic ct€ to€ the€ child s€ class€or€ethnic€origin.€267)€ € 2.€Who€may€be€liabl e€ of€ terrorism€ is€ committed€ by€ any€ person€ who€ engages€ in€ any€ of€ the€ following er€ the€ RPC€ and€ other€ special€ laws.€Human€Security€Act€of€2007€(R..€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€     .€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ € Q.€ social.€ juvenile€ delinquents.€ € Employment€ of€ threats€ of€ w ure€ 2.€9372)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts€of€terrorism?€ an€ act€ punishable€ under€any€of€the€following€provisions€of€the:€€ € a.€(Se vi.€ humiliate.€ or€ forcing€ him/her€ to€ walk€ around€ the€ community€ wearing€ rrass.€ JR. Toxic€Substances€and€Hazardous€ rol€ Act€ of€ 1990€ (R. Murder€(Art ping€ and€ Serious€ Illegal€ Detention€(Art.A.€ and€ degrade€ his/her€ personality€ and€ dignity€ 4.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ including€ acts€ committed€ by€ private€ persons€ (Art.€ the€ competent€authorities€must:€ € 1. € Special€Penal€Laws:€ i.€ pouring€ irritating.€€(Sec.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ Acquisi sition€ of€ Firearms.€ Ammunitions€or€Explosives€(PD€1866.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€beating.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ as€amended€ € Note:€Provided€that€such€acts:€ 1.€coercive€and€punitive€ measures€such€as€cursing. Refr r€labeling€children€ as€ young€ criminals.€ spiritual.€6969)€ iii.122)€ ii.€6235)€ v.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€(Sec.€ 324)€ b.€st ary€confinement€ 3.

€ G. Act apping€ must€ be€ illegal€ 4.€ €€ Q:€ Is€ it€ necessary€ that€ the€ victim€ be€ placed€ in€ an€ enclosure?€€ € A:€No.€ There€ must€ be€ indubitable€ proof€ that€ t he€ malefactor€ was€ to€ deprive€ the€ offended€ party€ of€ liberty.€tortured€or€raped€is€not€the€ same€ victim€ of€ kidnapping€ or€ ay€ be€ complexed€ or€ be€ considered€ as€ separate€ offenses.€ There€ is€ no€ lewd€ design€ or€ intent.€ or€ in€ any€ other€ manner€ deprives€ the€ latter€ of€ his€ liberty€€ 3.€5.€€ € 2.€ Pavillare.€ The€ restraint€ howev rmanent. It€ is€ committed€ uthority€ c.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. The€person€kidnapped€or€detained€is€ a€minor.€who€was€one€ of€the€occupants€of knife€ on€ the€ latter’s€ neck.€ Apr.€what€crimes€may€be€pos ble€ abduction€ –€ If€ a€ woman€ is€ transported€from€one€place€to€another€by€ virtue€of€re hat€act€is€coupled€with€lewd€designs. Offender€is€a€private€individual€who€is€not€ any€of€the€pare ins€ another.€female nce€of€this€crime?€€ €€ A:€ The€ essence€ of€ this€ offense€ is€ the€ actual€ deprivation€o he€ intent€ of€ the€ accused€ to€ effect€ it.€(Peo gh€ the€ victim€ may€ have€ at€ the€ inception€ € Q:€ If€ a€ person€ is€ transported€ from€ one€ place€ to€ another.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ from€leaving€the€place€where€he€was€brought€to€with€ his€ consent€ and€ is€ det he€ offender€ is€ guilty€ of€ kidnapping€ and€ serious€ illegal€ detention€ (People€ v. Kidnapping€with€serious€illegal€detention€–€ I strain€ her€ liberty.€ No.R.€ A€p ot€for€ransom.€It€m n€enclosure€but€also€in€detaining€him€or€depriving€ him€in€any€manner€of€his€liberty.€€ € 3.€ any€ of€ the€followin esent:€€ a.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ 129970.€CRIMES€AGAINST€LIBERTY€AND€SECURITY€ € €€KIDNAPPING€AND€SERIOUS€ILLEGAL€DETENTION€€ (Ar ts€of€this€crime?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€ SLIGHT€ILLEGAL ned€of€his€ liberty€without€ necessarily€transporting€ him€from€one€place€to€ another.267€of€the €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ circumstances€ which€ qualify€ the€ crime€of€kidnapping€and€serious€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. In€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ offense.€ 2003).€MARTINEZ€ 199 .€as€it€turned€out€that€there€was€ an€ unserved€ arrest€ warrant€ against s€Serious€illegal€detention€(without€kidnapping€ anymore)€but€likewise€under€Art.€€ €€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ kidnapping€ and€slight€illegal€detention?€€ €€ A KIDNAPPING€ Its€essence€is€transporting€ the€offended€party€from€ one€place€to€another.€ called€ for€ media€ people€ and€demanded€a€vehicle€from€th ld€use€in€escaping.€ (People€ v.€2000)€€ €€ Note:€If€the€person€killed.€€ € Note:€ The€ crime€ is€ committed€ when€ the€ offender€ left€ the€child€in€the€house€of€anot edom€of€locomotion€but€not€the€freedom€to€leave€it€ at€will€because€of€his€tender€age. Grave€ coercion€ –€ ust€to€break€her€will.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Liberty and Security IX. Kidnapping€ or€ detention€ lasts€ for€ more€than€3€days€ b.€ Pi 20409.€to€compel€her€ to€ agree€ to€ demand€ or€ request€ by€ the€ offender Illustration:€€ If€the€victim€was€not€kidnapped€or€taken€away€but€was€ restrained€and€ depr ke€ in€the€ case€ of€a€hostage€incident€where€the€accused.€ 23.€€ consented€ to€ go€ with€ the€ offender€ to€ a€ place€ but€ the€ victim€ is€ thereafter€ pre of€ force.€ Oct.€ Th der€is€to€extort€ ransom€either€from€the€ victim€or€from€any€other€ person. Any€ serious€ physical€ injuries€ are€ inflicted€ upon€ the€ person€ kidnapped r€threats€to€kill€him€are€ made€€ € d.

€ Crime€against€the€ fundamental€law€of€ th € Q:€ What€ special€ complex€ crimes€ may€ arise€ in€ kidnapping?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€what€is€the€ cr y€murder€not€the€special€complex€ crime€ of€ kidnapping€ with€ homicide€ because€ the€ prim o€ kill€ the€ victim€ and€ the€ deprivation€of€liberty€is€merely€incidental€thereto.€ not€ the€ victims€ themselves.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€49430.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ not€ a€ complex€ crime€ of€ kidnapping€ with€ murder€a ied€away€to€be€ killed.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€Death€penalty€shall€be€imposed€in€the€following:€€ € 1.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ there€ were€ two€ dnapping€ for€ ransom€ and€ murder.€209€SCRA h€homicide.€would€it€make€any€ difference€ if€ the€ killing€ was€ purposely€ sought€ or€ wa ?€€ €€ A:€ No.€detains€ or€otherwise€depriv berty.€ gagged€ and€ hidden€ er€asked€for€ransom?€€ €€ A:€ The€ demand€ for€ ransom€ did€ not€ convert€ the€ offense€fro dant€ was€ well€ aware€that€ the€ child€ would€ be€ suffocated€ to€ death€ in€ a€ few€ mome demand€ for€ ransom€ is€ only€ a€ part€ of€ the€ diabolic€ scheme€ of€ the€ defendant€ to€ nceal€ his€ body€ and€ then€ demand€ money€ before€ the€ discovery€ of€ the€ cadaver.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ ARBITRARY€ DETENTION€ Committed€b er€who€detains€a€ person€without€legal€ grounds.€What€is/are€the€crime/s€committed€by€the€ kidnappers ping€with€homicide. When€ the€ victim€ is€ killed€ or€ dies€ as€ a€ consequence€of€the€detention.€As€such.€ killing€ being€ an€ afterthought.€LIWANAG.€ € 3.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ JR.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ crime€ if€ a€ 3‐year€ old€ boy€ was€ kidnapped. Kidnapping€w g€with€rape€ 3.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€Mar.€€ Q:€ Suppose€ a€ group€ of€ men€ kidnapped€ 3€ Chinese€ children€for€the€purpose€of€extortin ents.€€ €€ Q m€disappeared.€ Crime€is€against€personal€ liberty€and€security.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€€ €€ Note:€If€the€victim€is€a€woman€or€a€public€officer.€ (People€ v.€will€ such€ disappearance€ negative€ criminal€ liability€ of€ the€kidnappers € 200€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ prompting€ them€ to€ kill€ their€ victim€ inside€ the€ car.€ Evanoria.€ Because€ the€ parents€ of€ the€ kidnapped€ victims€ were€ not€ able€ to€ meet€ the€ dnappers.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ main€ distinction€ between€ illegal€ deten ion?€€ €€ A:€ ILLEGAL€DETENTION€ Committed€by€a€private€ person€who€kidnaps. use€ of€ the€ victim€ asking€ for€ ransom€ but€ upon€ going€ to€ their€ safehouse€ saw€ sev sing€ them.€ Regardless€ of€ whether€ the€ killing€ was€ purposely€ sought€ or€ was€ mer idnapping€and€the€homicide€or€murder€are€not€ treated€ as€ separate€ crimes€ nor€ can€ they .€the€ detention€ is€ always€ serious€ no od€of€detention€is..€what€is/are€the€crime/s€committe mes€of€murder€or€homicide€and€ kidnapping.€€ €€ Illustration:€€ € Where€ after€ taking€ the€ victim€ with€ her€ car.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€€ € Q:€ Suppose€ the€ persons€ kill ping€ are€ other€ persons.€30.€1982). When€ n€the€victim€is€subjected€to€torture€or€ dehumanizing€acts. If€ the€ purpose€ of€ the€ kidna .€ (Peo o. Kidnapping€with€physical€injuries€€ €€ Q:€How€is€the€term€homicide€in€the€l d?€€ €€ A:€ Homicide€ is€ used€ in€ the€ generic€ sense€ and€ includes€murder€because€the€k e€crime€but€a€qualifying€circumstance.€there€is€ o ng€with€homicide.€ The€ killing€ would€ be€ treated€ as€ a€ separa taking€ of€ the€ victim€ is€ only€ incidental€to€the€basic€purpose€to€kill.€ they€ killed€ the€ victims.€48€but€shall€be€punished€as€a€ special€complex€crime.€ it€ is€ a€ single€ indivisible€ offense€ and€ not€ a€ complex f€ the€ number€ of€ persons€ killed€ who€are€necessarily€the€kidnapped€victims.

€ the€ volun tigate€ the€ criminal€liability€of€the€offenders.€the€taking€ of€the€victim€is€coupled€ with€lewd€designs.€€ € 3. dnappers€can€easily€avoid€punishment€ by€ the€ simple€ expedient€ of€ disposing€ of€ their€ at€ is€ the€ effect€ of€ the€ voluntary€ release€ of€ the€ victim€ on€ the€ criminal€ liabi rs?€€ €€ A:€Qualify.€€ € Note:€ When€ the€ victim€ is€ female€ the€ detention€ is€ €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ kidnapping€ with€rape€and€forcible€abduction€ KIDNAPPING€WITH€RAPE€ The€crime€is€composite€or€ a€special€complex€crime€if€ the€woman€kidn e€is€no€lewd€design€ Rape€is€not€a€separate€ crime€but€merely€a€ qualifying€circumstance.€the€ attempt€to€rape€is€ d tion€of€lewd€ designs. If€ it€ is€ slight€ illegal€ detention.€€ €€ 1.€ There€is€lewd€de rate€crime.€2€separate€ crimes€are€committed‐€ kidnapping€and€serious€ i ttempted€rape.€ FORCIBLE€ABDUCTION€ WITH€RAPE€ The€ .€ ROB fenders€is€not€to€restrain€ or€deprive€the€victim€of€ his€liberty€but€to€divest€ him€of€his € Q:€ What€ sets€ kidnapping€ apart€ from€ forcible€ abduction?€€ €€ A:€ KIDNAPPING At€the€outset.€ € €€SLIGHT€ILLEGAL€DETENTION€ €€(Art.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. Crime€ is€ committed€ without€ the€ attendance€ of€ any€ of€ the€ circum ed€in€Art.€ price edemption€of€a€captured€ person€ or€ persons. If€ it€ is€ serious€ illegal€ detention.€ insofar€ as€ the€ delivery€ ders€is€concerned?€€ € A:€ KIDNAPPING€FOR€ RANSOM€ Ransom€is€paid€in€ exchange€for€the€ offended€party’s€liberty. a€necessary€means€to€ commit€only€the€first€ rape.€€ € 2. ion€is€illegal€ 4.€thus€the€other€rape€ incidents€will€be€t If€rape€is€merely€ attempted.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€267€ €€ Q:€ In€ cases€ of€ kidnapping.€MARTINEZ€ 201 .€48€since€ forcible€abduction€is€a€ necessary€means€to€ commit€the€rape.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Liberty and Security €€ A:€No.€ At€the€outset.€€ €€ Q:€What€is€a€ransom?€€ €€ A:€ A€ ransom€ is€ the€ money.€ the€ crime€ is€ still€ committed€ because€ ransom€is€not€an€element€of€kidnapping.€268)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€€ €€ kidnaps€ or€ detains€ another.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€there€is€only€ forcible€abduction.€ the€ voluntary€ rele inal€liability€of€the€offenders.€ volu ot€mitigate€the€crime.€because€in€kidnapping.€ or€ in€ any€ other€manner€deprives€him€of€his€liberty€€ 3.€ the€ payment€ of€ which€ releases€ them€from e€even€though€what€ is€ being€ demanded€ is€ due€ to€ the€ offender€ such€ as€ debt€or€rent Note:€The€ransom€is€merely€a€qualifying€circumstance€ and€ no€ matter€ how€ short€ the€ det ng€ is. In€ kidnapping€ for€ ransom.€ €€ Q:€What€distinguishes€kidnapping€for€ransom€from€ robbery.€there€is€only€one€ crime€of€kidnapping€with€ rape.€the€ intention€of€the€offender€ is€merely€to€detain€the€ victim.€the€essential€element€ is€ deprivation€ of€ the€ victim’s€ ent€ disappearance€ of€ the€ victim€ will€ not€ exonerate€ the€ accused€ from€ prosecution.€ If€rape€was€merely€ attempted.€ es.€ If€there€are€multiple€ rapes.€ what€ is€ the€ liability€ of€ the€ perso ere€ the€ victim€is€being€held?€€ €€ A:€The€person€has€the€same€liability€as€the€principal€ y€ acts€ as€ an€ accomplice.€only€one€rape€shall€ be€complexed€with€ forcible ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.

€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ the€ private€ individ rrest€ incurs€ criminal€ liability€ for€illegal€detention€under€Art.€ the€ crime€ is€ delay€ in€ the€ delivery€ of€ detained€ persons€ under€A € Note:€ In€ unlawful€ arrest.€voluntarily€release€is€not€mitigating.€€ € € €€KIDNAPPING€AND€FAILURE€TO€RETURN€A€MINOR€ (Art.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€€ 3.€ the€ crime€ would€ est. 4.€€ €€ Note:€ What€ is€ actually€ punishable€ is€ not€ the€ kidnapping€ of€ the€ minor€ but€ rathe ailure€ or€ refusal€ of€ the€ custodian€ of€ the€ minor€ to€ restore€ the€ latter€ to€ his€ Said€ failure€or€refusal€must€not€only€be€deliberate€but€must€ also€be€persistent€as€to€obl f€ the€ child€ to€ seek€ the€ aid€ of€ the€ courts€ in€ order€ to€ obtain€custody.€ this y€ incriminating€ innocent€ persons€ by€ the€ offender’s€ planting€ evidence€ to€justify€th e€results€–€that€is€ unlawful€ arrest€ through€ incriminatory€ machinations€ under€Article€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€Delay€in€the€ Delivery€of€Detained€Persons€and€Unla DELAY€IN€THE€DELIVERY€ OF€DETAINED€PERSONS€ Detention€is€for€some€ legal€ground€ Crime€is€c iver€such€ person€to€the€proper€ judicial€authority€within€ a€certain€period€ UNLAWFUL€ARRE uthorized€by€law€ Committed€by€making€an€ arrest€not€authorized€by€ law€ Q:€Who€may€be€held€liable€under€this€article?€€ €€ A:€Offender€is€any€person.€ Otherwise.267€or€268.€ What€ is€ control t€variant€crimes€are€committed€if€a€person€ is€arrested€and/or€detained?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€ Article€ 267€ does€ not€apply.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€LIWANAG.€€ € If€ the€ detent legal€ ground.€270)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€thi h€the€custody€of€ a€minor€person€(whether€over€or€under€7€ years€but€less€than€21€years€of€ o€ restore€ the€ said€ minor€to€his€parents€or€guardians.€ JR. If€ t rant€ and€ under€ circumstances€ not€ allowing€ a€ warrantless€ arrest. A n€ is€ not€ authorized€ by€ law€ or€ there€ is€ no€ reasonable€ ground€ thereof€ € Note:€ A ers€ to€ warrantless€arrest.€€ €€ € Generally. Purpose€ of€ the€ offender€ is€ to€ deliver€ him€ to€the€proper€authorities€ 3.€€ €€ Q:€Is€there€a€period€of€detention€fixed€by€law?€€ €€ A:€ None.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ Art.€ the€ crime€ is€ arbitrary€ detention€ under€ Article€ 124.€ the€ public€ officer€ must€ not€ be€ vested€ with€ the€ authority€ to€ arres n€ or€ must€ not€ act€ in€ his€ official€ capacity.€€ €€ € If€ the€ accused€ is€ any€ of€ the€ parents.€ However.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€€ €€ € I s€ absent. If€ the€ person€ arrested€ is€ not€ delivered€ to€ the€ authorities.124€ is€ applicable€ a t€ is€ the€ essence€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ unlawful€ arrest?€€ €€ A:€ The€ arrest€ must€ be€ ring€ the€ person€ arrested€ to€ the€ proper€ authorities€but€it€was€made€without€any€reaso ore.€ but€ the€ public€ officer€ delays€ delivery€ of€ the€ person€ arrested€ to€ ial€ authorities.. € €€UNLAWFUL€ARREST€ €€(Art.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € If€ the€ c€ officer.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€269)€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€unlawful€arrest?€€ €€ A:€ erson€ 2.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € under€Art.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€Ar € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ main€ distinction€ between€ € 202€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€€ 2.€whether€a€pub al.€ the€ kidnapping€of€the€minor€will€then€fall€under€Article€267€ (kidnapping€and€ on).€ the€ detention€ is€ only€ incidental.€267.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.


€ If€ the€ purpose€ is€ to€ enslave€ the€ victim. That€ the€ of ins€a€human€being.€the€offended€party€is€detained.€271)€ Parents€can€commit€this€ crime€against€their€o Illegally€detaining€or€ kidnapping€the€minor€ € SLAVERY€€ €€(Art.€ € Note:€ Kidnapping€ and€ failure€ to€ return€ a€ minor€ is€ necessarily€ included€ in€ Kidna us€ Illegal€ Detention€of€Minor.€ otherwise.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ main€ distinction€ between€ slavery€ and€white€slave€trade?€ SLAVERY The€offender€is€not€ engaged€in€prostitution.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€€ € Q:€What€is€the€rationale€for€penalizing€the€crime€of€ inducing€a€minor€to€abandon€his€hom ourage€and€prevent€ disruption€ of€ filial€ relationship€ and€ undue€ interference€with€the uty€to€the€ custody€of€their€minor€children€and€to€rear€them.€ it€ is€ slavery.€ The€ minor€ should€ not€ leave€ his€ home€ of€ his€ own€ free€ will.€€ € Q:€ How€ is€ slavery€ distinguished€ from€ illegal€ detention?€€ € A:€ SLAVERY The€purpose€for€the€ detention€is€to€enslave€ the€offended€party.€MARTINEZ€ 203 .€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€such€as€when€the€purpose€of€the€offender€is€ to€ assign€ the€ off affic.€Prostitution€€ € Q:€ Is€ obliging€ a€ person€ to€ render€ service€ to€ one€ who neration€and€to€ remain€there€as€long€as€the€debt€is€paid€constitutes€ slavery?€€ €€ A:€ Ye ned. That€ the€ purpose€ of€ the€ offender€ is€ to€ enslave€such€human€b ircumstance?€€ €€ A:€Yes.€ € Note:€In€both.€ WHITE€SLAVE TRADE The€offender€is€en itution.€€ € Illustration:€€ € Father€ or€ mother€ may€ commit€ crimes€ under€ Arts.€€ €€ Note:€Mitigated€if€committed€b .BOOK 2: Crimes Against Liberty and Security kidnapping€ and€ serious€ illegal€ detention€ and€ kidnapping€and€failure€to€return€a€minor KIDNAPPING€AND€ SERIOUS€ILLEGAL€ DETENTION€ Offender€is€not€ entrusted€with€the€ custody€of PING€AND€ FAILURE€TO€RETURN€A€ MINOR€ Offender€is€entrusted€with€ the€custody€of€the€minor€ erate€failure€of€the€ offender€having€the€ custody€of€the€minor€to€ restore€him€to€his€pare €€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ main€ distinction€ between€ kidnapping€ and€ serious€ illegal€ detent nor€to€abandon€his€home?€€ € A:€ KIDNAPPING€AND€ SERIOUS€ILLEGAL€ DETENTION€(ART.g.270€ and€ 271€ suc d€ mother€ are€ living€ separately.€€ €€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.271)€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this years€ of€age)€is€living€in€the€home€of€his€parents€ or€guardian€or€the€person€entrusted€wi nduces€ said€ minor€ to€ abandon€ such€home.€€ €€ €€INDUCING€A€MINOR€TO€ABANDON€HIS€HOME€ €€(Art.€E.€ and€ determined€ use€ damage.€ ILLEGAL€DETENTIO eprive€ or€restrain€the€offended€ party€of€his€liberty.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ It€ is€ inor€ actually€abandons€the€home.€€ €€ Note:€ Inducement€ must€ be€ actual.€€ 2.€267)€ Cannot€be€committed€by€ the€parents€ NG€A€MINOR€TO€ ABANDON€HIS€HOME€ (ART.€ committed€ with€ criminal€ intent.€272)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€Slavery?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€ and€ the€ custody€ of€ the€ minor€ child€ has€ been€ g he€ other€ parent€ who€ kidnaps€ such€ minor€ child€ from€ the€ one€ having€ the€ lawful€ c or€ induces€ such€ minor€ to€ leave€his€home€is€liable.€it€is€k ntion.

Failing€ to€ deliver€ a€ child€ under€ seven€ (7)€ years€ of€ age€ whom€ the€ offender o€the€authorities€or€to€ his€family.€LIWANAG.€€ €€ Note:€ If€ there€ is€ no€ creditor‐debtor€ relationship€ between€ the€ offender€ and€ the€ oercion€is€committed. Accused€ found€ there€ a€ person€ wounded€or€in€danger€of€dying€ c.€€ €€ € If€ the€ fact€ of€ abandonment€ in€ the€ information€ for€ reckless€or€si he€accused€ € 204€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. Accused€fails€to€render€assistance€€ €€ 2.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€274€from€Art.€€ € Note:€ The€ character€ of€ the€ place€ is€ immaterial.€273)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€€ It€is€against€the€will€of€the€minor€ € 3.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €€EXPLOITATION€OF€CHILD€LABOR€€ €€(Art.€€ Note:€ It€ is€ immaterial€ that€ the€ offender€ did€ not€know€that€the€child€is€under€7€yea € €€ € € Q:€What€distinguishes€Art.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€€ €€ Q:€Suppose€the€accident€(under€the€second€fo o€ reckless€ imprudence€ or€ simple€ negligence.€Even€if€ there€ are€ many€ houses€ around€ the€ place€ may€ still€ be€ uni ty€ of€ receiving€ assistance€ is€remote.€€ € 3. Failin assistance€ to€ another€ whom€ the€ offender€ has€ accidentally€wounded€or€injured.€ Art.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ unless€ such€ omission€ shall€ constitute€ a€ more€serious€offense.€€ Victim€is€a€minor€ Minor€is€compelled€to€ render€services€for€the€ supposed€debt€of€his€ pa nor€is€not€ limited€to€household€and€ farm€work€ € € ABANDONMENT€OF€PERSONS€IN€DANGER€AND€ ABANDONMENT€OF€ONE’S€OWN€VICTIM€€ €€(Art.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€€ € e€is€not€inhabited€ b. It€ is€ under€ the€ pretext€ of€ reimbursing€ him an€ ascendant.€€ €€ Note:€Indebtedness€is€not€a€ground€for€detention.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ JR.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS..€€ € €€SERVICES€RENDERED€UNDER€COMPULSION€IN€ PAYMENT€OF€DEBT€ €€(Art.€274)€ € Q:€What€are€the ompels€ a€ debtor€ to€ work€ for€ him.€273?€€ € A:€ EXPLOITATION€OF€CHILD€ LABOR€(ART.€ for€ what€ crime€ shall€ the€ offender€be he€ accident€ is€ due€ to€ reckless€ imprudence€ or€ simple€ negligence.€275)€ € Q:€What€is€an€uninhabited€place?€€ €€ A:€An€uninhabited€place€is€determined€by€possibilit ce€from€another.€ either€ as€ household€ servant€ or€ farm€ laborer€ or’s€will€ € 3.€ guardian€ or€ person€ entrusted€ with€the€custody€of€such€minor.€273)€ SERVICES€RENDERED€ UNDER€COMPULSION€IN€ PAYMENT€OF es€not€distinguish€ whether€victim€is€a€minor€ or€not€ Debtor€himself€is€the€one€ compelled ited€to€household€and€ farm€work€ The€ child€ under€ 7€ years€ of€ age€ must€ be€ found€in€an€unsafe€place.€or€failing€to€take€him€to€a€safe€ place.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ 365€ will€ aragraph€thereof€on€abandonment€of€one’s€victim€ is€a€qualifying€circumstance€and€therefore formation.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. Failing€to€render€assistance€to€any€person€ w inhabited€ place€ wounded€ or€ in€ danger€ of€ dying€ when€ he€ can€ render€ such€ assistan ent€ to€ himself. istance€ without€detriment€to€himself€ d. The€ purpose€ is€ to€ require€ or€ enforce€ the€ payment€of€a€debt.€€ Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.

€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€If€the€child€does€not€ die.€ The€ ruling€ s€ conclusively€presumed€from€the€death€of€the€victim€is€ applicable€ only€ to€ crimes€ aga to€ crimes€ against€ security.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ it€ is€ attempted€ or€ frustrated€ murder. His€station€in€life€requires€suc ncial€condition€permits€it€ €€ Note:€ Failure€ to€ give€ education€ must€ be€ due€ to€ deliberate€desire€to€evade€such€obl €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ Abandonment€ of€ Minor€ by€ Person€ Entrusted Indifference€ of€ Parents€ (Art. andoning€the€child€is€to€lose€its€civil€ status.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Liberty and Security will€still€be€liable€for€prosecution€under€Art.€€ €€ € A€ permanent.€27 .€€ €€ Q:€Suppose€there€ nder€and€the€child€dies.€ Minor€is€under€7€years€ of€age.€ particularly€ the€ crime€ of€ abandoning€a€minor€under€Art.€ There€ must€ be€ an€ interruption€ of€ the€ care€ and€ protection€ that€ a€ child nder€age.€INDIFFERENCE€OF€ PARENTS€(A lements€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ abandonment€ of€ minor€ by€ one€ charged€ with€ the€ rearing€o ?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€€ €€ Note:€If€the€offender€is€the€parent€of€the€minor€who€is€ abandoned.€€ €€ Note:€ Intent€ to€ kill€ cannot€ be€ presumed€ from€ the€ death€ the€ child.€what€is€the€crime?€€ €€ A:€ The€ crime€ would€ be€ murder.€€ € ABANDONING€A€MINOR€€ €€(Art.277)€ and€ Abandoning€a€Minor€(Art.€ or€if€the€one€who€entrusted€such€child€to€ the€ offender€ is€ absent. Child€is€under€7€years€of€age€ 3.€MARTINEZ€ 205 .€ parricide€ o y€be.€ ABANDONING€A€ MINOR€(ART € Q:€What€are€the€qualifying€circumstances?€€ €€ A:€€ 1. Offender€has€the€custody€of€the€child€ 2.€ Minor€is€delivered€to€a€ public€institution€or€other€ person.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€that€is.€€ €€ABANDONMENT€OF€MINOR€BY€A€PERSON€ ENTRUSTED€WITH€HIS€CUSTODY.€he€shall€be€deprived€of The€custody€of€the€ minor€is€stated€in€ general.€ €€ € € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. One€ who€ entrusted€ such€ child€ to€ the€ offender€ has h€ act. When€ death€ of€ the€ minor€ resul If€life€of€the€minor€was€in€danger€because€ of€the€abandonment.€ the€ crime€ under€ Art. He€ nstitution€or€other€persons€€ € 3.276)?€€ € A:€ ABANDONMENT€OF€ MINOR€BY€A€PERSON€ ENTRUSTED€WITH€HIS€ CUSTODY. He€abandons€s ill€the€child€when€the€ latter€is€abandoned€ €€ Q:€What€kind€of€abandonment€is€contemplated ntemplated€ by€ law€ is€ not€ the€ momentary€ leaving€ of€ a€ child€ but€ the€ abandonment€ eprives€ him€ of€ the€care€and€protection€from€danger€to€his€person.€ the€ proper ted€to€it€€ €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ Indifference€of€Parents?€€ ects€ his€ children€ by€ not€ giving€ them€education€ € 3.€ conscious€ and€ deliberate€ abandonment€ article. Offender€ has€ charge€ of€ the€ rearing€ of€ education€of€a€minor€ € 2.€ Minor€is ve€ him€of€the€care€and€ protection€that€his€ tender€years€need.€ parric y€be.275€(2).347€ (concealment€ itimate€child)€is€committed.€INDIFFERENCE€ OF€PARENTS€(A f€the€ offender€is€specific.€ the€custody€for€the€rearing€ or€education€of€the€min e.

278.€ €€ Q:€What€kind€of€business€does€Art.271)€ No€such€person.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. Employing€a f€ age€ in€ dangerous€ exhibitions€ enumerated€ in€ the€ next€ preceding€ paragraph.€ gymnast.€which€neglect€c ive€the€child€the€education€which€the€ family’s€ station€ in€ life€ and€ financial€ conditi € 206€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€€ € 4. Caus rm€any€dangerous€feat€of€balancing. Delivering€ a€ child€ under€ 16€ years€ of€ age€ g f€ any€ of€ the€ callings€enumerated€in€paragraph€2.278€ contemplates€ a€ busin ildren€so€that€they€themselves€may€enjoy€ working€there€unaware€of€the€danger€to€their€own€ es.€Par.€and€ mental€development€of€ the€minor.€the€of ged€in€ any€of€the€said€callings.€ the€ offen obat.€the€offender€being€any€person.€ diver.D.€5)€ € The€purpose€of€inducing€the€ minor€to€abandon n€engaged€in€ any€of€the€callings€mentioned.€ physical€ strength€ or€ contortion.€etc. th€ parents€ are€ guilty€ of€ neglecting€ the€ child’s€ education?€€ €€ A:€ No.€€ €€ € Q:€ Does€ the€ criminal€ liability€ for€ neglect€ of€ child€ under€ Art.A.€Exploitation€and€Discrimination€Act).€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ guardian.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€€ €€ A:€€ EXPLOITATION€MINORS€ Applies€to€minors€below€ 16€years€of€age€ The€business€is€of€such€ kin imb€of€the€minor€ in€danger.€LIWANAG.€ 7610€ (Special€ Protection€ of€ Child Abuse.5)€and€Induci me€(Art.€€ €€ Q:€ Suppose€ the€ employer€ is€ the€ parent€ or€ ascendant€ of€ the€ child€ who€ i ere€a€crime€of€exploitation€of€minors?€€ €€ A:€ The€ crime€ of€ exploitation€ of€ minors€ i s€a€parent€or€ascendant€ unless€the€minor€is€less€than€12€years€old.€€ €€ Note:€ Age€ must€ be€ below€ 16€ years.€7610.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO..€ Victim€is€a€minor€ (under€18€years€of€ age)€ € €Q:€ Correlate€ exploitation€ of€ minors€ to€ R.€ the€ offender€bei mploying€children€under€16€years€of€age€ who€ are€ not€ the€ children€ or€ descendants€ of€ itions€ of€ acrobat.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € EXPLOITATION€OF€MINORS€€ €€(Art.€ No€such€similar€provision€ exists€under€R.A.€7610€ Applies€to€minors€below€ 18€years€old€ A s€inimical€–€ even€though€there€is€no€ physical€risk€–€and€ detrimental€to€the€child’s€ int hysical.278)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€The€law€intends€to€punish€the€ neglect€of€any€parent.€ Victim€is€under€16€years€of€age.€€ Rat scendant.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€the€law€ regards€ that€ he€ would€ look€ after€ the€ welfare€ and€ protection€of€ s€lowered€to€12€ years.€or€circus€manager€or€person€ engaged€in€any€of€said€callings€€ € 3.€ rope€ walker.€Below€that€age.€ or€ wild€ animal€ tamer.€278.€ INDUCING€A€ .€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€PAR.€or€to€ any€ habitual€ vagrant€ or€ beg g€ an€ ascendant.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ the€ minor€is€still€growing.€ Liability€ for€ the€ crime€ does€ not€ depend€ on€ whe so€guilty€of€neglect.271)?€€ €€ A:€ EXPLOITATION€OF€MINORS€ (ART..€ At€ this€ age.€ teacher€ or€ person€ entrusted€ in€ any€ capacity€with€the€ca nducing€ any€ child€ under€ 16€ years€ of€ age€ to€ abandon€ the€ home€ of€ its€ ascendants rs€ or€ teachers€ to€ follow€ any€ person€ entrusted€ in€ any€ of€ the€ callings€ mentioned o€ accompany€ any€ habitual€ vagrant€ or€ beggar.€ERIK€GALLARDO.A.€ R.59€ (4)€ of€ P.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ The€ law€ mmitted€ by€ any€ of€ the€ parents.€the€crime€is€committed.278€speak€of?€€ €€ A:€ Art.€the€ employer€shall€be€liable€ for€said€physical€injur iability€ for€exploitation€of€ minors.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€Exploitation€ of€Minors€(Art.€even€though€ working€for€him€is€not€ against€the€will€of€the€ ed€physical€injuries€ while€working.€ JR.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.

€If€as€a€result. Entering€ a€ dwelling€ of€ another€ at€ late€ hour€of€the€night€ €€ When€ the€ entr t€intended€for€ingress€ € The€ existence€ of€ enmity€ or€ strained€ relations€ between€ the cupant.€the€crime€committed€will€be€trespass€ to€ dwelling€ and€ frustrated€ h juries. If€ the€ purp bsorbed€ in€ the€ crime€ as€ in€ robbery€ with€ force€upon€things.€ all€ members€ of€ the€ household€ must€ be€presumed€to€have€authority€ to€enter€the€house. €€ADDITIONAL€PENALTIES€FOR€OTHER€OFFENSES€€ €€(Art.€it€is€excluded€from€the€ coverage€of€R.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ are€ some€ of€ the€ instances€ where€ prohibition€ to€ enter€ a€ dw umed?€€ € € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ various€ crimes€ that€ may€ be€ committed€when€a€person€trespasses€a€ se€ in€ entering€ the€ dwelling€ is€ not€shown.€€ €€ Q:€What€is€meant€by€the€phrase€“against€the€will”?€€ €€ A:€Against€the€will€means€that€t hibited.A. But€if€the€purpose€is€not€shown€and€while€ inside€ the€ dwelling€ he€ was€ found€ by€ the s€ injured€ by€ him.€Hence.€It€includes€the€ dependencies€ w munication€ with€ the€ house.€59(4)€of€ P.277€ of€ the€ RPC€ (De€ Guzman€ v 56013.€the€trespass€yielding€to .€ another€ crime€ is€ comm y€ of€ Article€279.€€ €€ Note:€There€must€be€an€opposition€on€the€part€of€the€ owner€ of€ the€ house€ to€ the€ entry n€ is€ not€ necessary€ when€ violence€ or€ intimidation€was€employed€by€the€offender.€€ 2.€ It€ is€ not€ necessary€ that€ it€ be€ a€ permanent€dwelling€ E.€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€July€25. A€person’s€room€in€a€hotel€€ A€room€where€one€resides€as€a€boarder€€ €€ Q:€Cite€examples€of€trespass€by€means€of€violence.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Liberty and Security permit.€trespass€is€committed.279)€ € Note:€ The€ offender€ is€ not€ only€ liable€ for€ the€ abandonment€ or€ exploitation€ but€ nsequences.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€2006).€July€25.€€ €€ Note:€ In€ general. Cutting€ of€ a€ ribbon€ string€ with€ which€ the€ door€latch€of€a€c cutting€ of€ the€ fastenings€ of€ the€ door€ was€an€act€of€violence€ € 3.€280)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crim ters€the€dwelling€of€another€ 3.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Wounding€be€means mmediately€after€entrance€€ €€ Q:€ Give€ examples€ of€ trespass€ by€ means€ of€ intimidatio er€ in€ the€ air€ by€ persons€ attempting€ to€ force€ their€ way€ into€ a€ house. Such€entrance€is€against€the€latter’s€will€ €€ Q:€What€is€ rson€inhabits€or€any€ building€ or€ structure€ exclusively€ devoted€ for€ rest€ and€ comfor lding€ is€ a€ dwelling€ house€or€not€depends€upon€the€use. Th ainst€ inmates€ of€the€house€upon€gaining€an€entrance.€156013.D. 2.€or€if€there€was€no€injury.g.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€7610. Pushing€ the€ door€ viol ts€after€entering€ € 2. 3.€€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€€ € 2.€MARTINEZ€ 207 .€2006)€€ €€ Note:€The€neglect€of€child€punished€under€Art.€ 1.€ 603€ is€ also€ a€ crime€ (kn rents)€ penalized€ under€ the€ second€ paragraph€ of€ Art.€physical€injuries€or€death€ resulted.€€ € 2.€€ €€ €€QUALIFIED€TRESPASS€TO€DWELLING€ €€(Art.€ The€ irresponsible€ parent€ cannot€ exculpate€ himself€ from€ the€ consequences€ o ct€ by€ invoking€the€other€parent’s€faithful€compliance€with€ his€or€her€own€parental€dutie o.

€ abited.€ Offender€enters€a€ dwelling€house.€ TRESPASS€TO€PROPERTY€ Offender€is€any€person.281)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crim premises€ or€ the€fenced€estate€of€another. € Entrance€ is€ made€ while€ either€ of€ them€ is€ uninhabited.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ Act€constituting€the€ crime€is€entering€the€ dwelling€against€the€ will€of€the€own er€ is€express€or€implied.€ the€ occupant€or€th he€ purpose€ of€ the€ offender€ in€ entering€ is€ to€ render€ some€ service€ to€ humanity€o ho€ shall€ enter€ cafes.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ taverns.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€€ € Note:€ The€ term€ premises€ signifies€ distinct€ and€ definite€ locality.€ and€ the€ offender€ attained€hi aking€ such€ threat€ without€ the€ € Note:€ When€ there€ is€ no€ overt€ act€ of€ the€ crime€ intended€ to€ be€ committed€ (e. € 4.€€Searching€papers€or€other€ effects€ found€ in€ such€ dw vious€ consent€ of€ the€ owner€thereof€ € 3.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ May€be€committed€by€ any€private€person€ who€shall€enter€the€ dwelling€of€another€ against€ € €€GRAVE€THREATS€ €€(Art.€€ €€ Q:€Under€what€circumstances€the€crime€of€trespass€ to€dwelling€i rpose€ of€ the€ entrance€ is€ to€ prevent€ serious€ harm€ to€ himself.€LIWANAG.€€€ €€ € 208€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ JR.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ trespass€ to€ dwelling€and€trespass€to€proper TRESPASS€TO€ DWELLING€ Offender€is€a€private€ person.€€ 2.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ honor€ or€ property€ or€ that€of€his€family€of€any€wrong€amounting€ to€ a€ crime€ a osing€ any€ other€ condition€ even€ though€ not€ unlawful..€ Refusing€ to€ leave€ the€ dwelling€ when€ so€ r€ thereof.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € unjust€vexation.€ Place€entered€is€uninhabited.€locality€is€fixed.€ Act€constituting€the€crime€is€ entering€the€clo nced€estate€without€ securing€the€permission€of€the€ owner€or€caretaker€thereof.€ It€ may€ mean€ ding€or€definite€area. 3.€ inns€ and€ other€ public€ houses€ while€ they€ are€open tinctions€ between€ trespass€ to€ dwelling€and€violation€of€domicile?€€ €€ A:€ TRESPASS€TO€ DWELLING€ VIOLATION€OF€DOMICILE€ May€be€committed€only€by€a€ public€officer€or ion€may€consist€ of€any€of€the€three€acts€ mentioned€in€Article€128:€ € 1.€but€in€either€ case.€ Entering€ the€ wner€ without€judicial€order€ € 2.€ trespass€ to€ dwelli wner€ thereof€ enters€ the€ room€ or€ house€ without€ the€ knowledge€ and€consent€ and€ aga e€ boarder€or€tenant.€ Offender€enters€ ced€estate.€ after€ having€ surreptitiously€ entered€such€dwelling.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Threaten erson.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ Prohibiti nifest.€ € Prohibition€to€enter€is€ as€ not€ secured€ the€ permission€of€the€owner€or€the€caretaker€ thereof.€ respass€to€dwelling.€€ €€ Q:€May€trespass€to€dwelling€be€committed€by€the€ owner€of€the€house?€ has€ allowed€ the€ rooms€or€the€houses€to€be€rented€by€other€persons.€282)€€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.g.€ €€OTHER€FORMS€OF€TRESPASS€TO€DWELLING€ €€(Art.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .

The€wrong€does€not€constitute€a€crime€ € 3.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Liberty and Security offender€ attaining€ his€ purpose.€even€though€ lawful€ € 4.€ ROBBERY Intimidation€is€actual€and€ midation€is€personal.€€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ ve€ Threats€ and€Light€Threats?€€ €€ A:€ GRAVE€THREATS€ When€the€wrong€ threatened€to€be€inflicted€ amounts€to€a€crime.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.g.€the€threat€not€being€subject€to€ a€c THREAT Essence€of€threat€is€ intimidation€ Wrong€or€harm€ done€is€future€and€ conditional€ e€of€coercion€is€violence€ or€intimidation€ There€is€no€condition€involved.€ There€is€intent€to€gain.€threatening€to€sue€is ed€as€soon€as€the€threats€come€to€the€ knowledge€ of€ the€ person€ threatened.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ (Elements€ for€ this€ act€ are€ the€ same€ with€ the€ f urpose€is€not€attained.€€ € €Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ threat€ and€ coercion?€€ €€ € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ honor€or€property.€€ € GR:€ The€ threats€ made€ in€ connection€ with€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ crime€ ar r.€honor€or€property€or€upon€that€of€ his€ family€ of€ some€ wrong€ whi ime.€ Intent€to€gain€is€not an€ essential€element.€ The€dan ntly€imminent€ nor€the€gain€of€the€culprit€ immediate. Light€ thr t€ to€ publish€ any€ libelous€ or€ slanderous€ matter€ against€the€offended€party.€ € € Q:€What€is€a€threat?€€ €€ A:€ Threat€ is€ a€ declaration€ of€ an€ intention€ or€ determ sion€ upon€his€person.€ even€though€lawful.€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ two€ possible€ crimes€ involving€ blackmailing?€€ €A:€€ 1.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € €€LIGHT€THREATS€ €€(Art. € Q:€What€is€the€essence€of€this€crime?€€ €A:€Intimidation.€E.€ It€ is€ characterized€ by€ moral€ pressure€ that€ produces€ alarm.€ The€danger€ mminent€to€the€ victim€and€the€ obtainment€of€gain€ immediate.)€€ € By€threatening€another€with€the€infliction€ upon€ his€ person.€ hence.283)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ this€ crime€ of€ Light€ reat€ to€ commit€ a€ wrong€ € 2.€To€constitute€grave€threats.€ Intimidation€may€be€ through€an€intermedia r€to€the€person.€ It€ is€ not ded€ party€ was€ present€ at€ the€ time€the€threats€were€made.€€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ threat€ and€ robbery?€€ €€ A:€ THREAT Intimidation€is€future€and€ conditional.€ In€ such€ a€ case€ the€ c and€ the€ minor€ crime€ which€ accompanied€it€should€be€disregarded.€ LIGHT€THREA tened€to€be€inflicted€ does€not€amount€to€a€ crime. There€ is€ a€ er€condition€is€composed.€€ €€ Note:€Act€threatened€to€be€committed€must€be€wrong€ or€unlawful.€there€i rong€done€ 3.€€ € XPN:€If€the€threat€was€made€with€the€deliberate€ purpose€ of€ creating€ in€ the€ min he€ belief€ that€ the€ threat€ would€ be€ carried€ into€ effect.€MARTINEZ€ 209 . Offender€has€attained€or€has€not€attain Note:€Light€threat€is€in€the€nature€of€blackmailing.€The€ wrong€ threatened€ does€ not€ amo ed€with€a€demand€for€money€or€other€conditions.€ Refers€to€personal€ property. that€of€his€family€of€any€wrong€amounting€ to€a€crime.€it pon€ another.

€€ €€ €€BONDS€FOR€GOOD€BEHAVIOR€ €€(Art.€ The€ act€ compelled€may€or€may€not€be€prohibited€ by€law.€€ € 2.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.. Prevention€ or€ compulsion€ be€ effected€ by€ dation.€in€the€heat€of€ anger.€ by€ means€ of€ violence.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ or€ that€ he€ compelled€ him ainst€his€will.€ The€ essence€ of€ coercion€ is€ an€ attack€ on€ individual€ liberty.€285?€€ rawing€such€weapon€in€a€quarrel.€ Here.€285)€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts€under€Art.g.€ A€ person€ threatens€ to€ expose€ the€ affairs€ of€ a€ married€man€if€the€latter€does midation€done€under€a€demand.€ € 3.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ and€ violence€ and€ intimidatio grave€ coercion?€€ €€ A:€ No.€ the€ wea .€€ right€or€wrong€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€gra d€ another€ from€ doing€ something€ not€ prohibited€ by€ law.€ JR.€ threat€ or€ intimidation.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ kind€ of€ viole cion?€€ €€ A:€ The€ violence€ employed€ must€ be€ immediate.€€ € 2.€LIWANAG. € Threatening€ to€ publish€ a€ libel€ –€ If€ there€ is€ such€ a€ threat€ to€ make€ a€ sl cation€ against€ the€ offended€ party.€€ €€€ €€GRAVE€COERCIONS€ €€(Art.€€ €€ E. Person€that€restrained€the€will€and€liberty€ of€another€has€no€authority€of€l Note:€ Coercion€ is€ consummated€ even€ if€ the€ offended€ party€ did€ not€ accede€ to€ the rcion. Compulsive€ –€ The€ offender€ uses€ violence€ to€compel€the€offended€party€to .€ because€ the€ act€ from€ which€ a€ person€ is€ prevented€ fr only€ give€ rise€ to€ threat€ or€ physical€ injuries.€ to€ do€ something€ against€ hi it€ be€ €€ Q:€When€can€there€be€grave€coercion?€€ €€ A:€ Grave€ coercion€ arises€ only€ if€ the€ ac ther€to€do€is€not€prohibited€ by€law€or€ordinance.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . Orally€ threatening€ to€ do€ another€ any€ harm€not€constituting€a€felony€ €€ t€threats?€€ €€ A:€ It€ is€ not€ subject€ to€ a€ demand€ for€ money€ or€ any€ material€ con atened€ does€not€amount€to€a€crime.€ Here.€€ € €Q:€ Suppose€ a r€ to€ do€ an€ act€ because€ the€ act€ done€ is€ a€ crime.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€€ € Q:€What€are€the€kinds€of€grave€coerc es€ violence€ to€prevent€the€victim€from€doing€what€he€ wants€ to€ do.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€unless€ it€ be€ in€ lawful€ self‐defense.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 2.€284)€ € Note:€ The€ person€ making€ the€ threats€ under€ the€ preceding€articles€(grave€and€light€t quired€by€the€court€to€give€bail€conditioned€upon€the€ promise€not€to€molest€the€person€thr € €€OTHER€LIGHT€THREATS€ €€(Art.€ if€ some€ injuries€ are€inflicted.€ from€ doing€ something€not€prohibited€by€law€ other.€be€it€right€or€wrong.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€286)€ € Q:€What€are€th ans€of€violence.€The€essence€of€coercion€is€an€attack€on€ individual€liberty.€€ € 210€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ the€ act€ pr y€law.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ with€ some€ harm€ constituting€ a€ cr isting€ in€ the€ idea€ involved€in€his€threat€ € 3. Any€threat€made€in€a€jest€or€in€the€hea t€only€ € 4. Orally€threatening€another.€ actual€ or€ imminent.€ threat€ or€ intimidation.€ Otherw committed.

Purpose€ of€ the€ offender€ is€ to€ o€the€payment€of€the€debt€ €€ Note:€Light€coercion€under€the€1st€par.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ is€ the€ purpose€ of€ the€ law€ for€ penalizing€ coercion€and€unjust€vexation? t€no€person€may€take€ the€ law€ into€ his€ hands€ and€ that€ our€ government€ is€ one€of€la of€ a€ debtor€ is€ seized.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Liberty and Security €€ € However.€€ €€ Q:€ What€ distinguishes€ grave€ coercion GRAVE€COERCION€ The€act€of€preventing€by€force€ must€be€made€at€the€time€the€ offended€part prevented.€ stealth. Those€ her€ than€ the€ legal€ currency€ of€ the€ Philippines€€ c.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€of€Art.€ directly€ or€ indirectly€ or€ knowingly€ permitting€ the€ forcing€ or€ compelli borer€ or€ employee€ of€ the€ offender€ to€ purchase€ merchandise€ or€ commodities€ of€ any ents:€€ a.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€MARTINEZ€ 211 .287€will€ be€ unjust€ vexation€ if€ the€ 3rd olence€or€intimidation)€is€absent.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€288)€ € Q:€What€are ompelling.€ what€ variant€crimes€may€result?€€ € A:€€ 1. Light€ coercion€ – roperty€is€applied€to€the€debt.€€ € 2.€ agent€ or€ officer€ of€ any€ association€ or€ corpor h€ firm€ or€ corporation€ has€ employed€laborers€or€employees€€ c.€€ €€ Elements:€€ a.€or€any€other€form€all al€ tender€ is€ absolutely€ prohibited€ even€ when€ expressly€ requested€by€the€employee. Such€ employee€ or€ laborer€ doe uest€that€he€be€paid€by€ means€of€tokens€or€objects€ €€ Note:€ The€ use€ of€ tokens.€any€of€his€or€its€ laborers€ or€ emp andise€ or€ commodities€ of€ any€ kind€ from€ him€ or€ said€ firm€ or€ corporation€ €€ 2.€ vouchers. Seizure€ of€ the€ thing€ cannot€ be€ accomplished€ by€ means splay€ of€ material€ force€ producing€ intimidation€ 4.€€ e€to€give€up€any€part€of€his€wages€ by€ force.€ the€ crime€of€grave€coercion€is€committed€if€vi ployed€in€order€to€compel€him€to€ do€the€act.€ whether€ it€ be€ wrong€ or€ not.€€ € €€LIGHT€COERCION€ €€(Art.€There€is€estafa€because€deceit€is€ CHASE€OF€MERCHANDISE€AND€ PAYMENT€OF€WAGES€BY€MEANS€OF€TOKENS€€ €€(Art. Of s€ due€ a€ laborer€ or€ employee€ employed€ by€ him€by€means€of€tokens€or€object€ b. He€ forces€ or€ compels€ ctly.€287)€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€light€coercion?€€ €€ A:€€ ng€belonging€to€his€debtor€ 3. Robbery€ –€ If€ the€ value€ of€ the€ property€ seize debt€ (intent€to€gain€is€present€in€this€case)€and€ violence€and€intimidation€are€employed.€ 116€ of€ the€ Labor€ Code.€ in€ case€ of€ grave€ coercion€ where€ the€ offended€party€is€being€compelled s€ will.€ intimidation.€ threat€ or€ by€ an under€ Art. Offender€ is€ any€ person.€ and€not€under€the€RPC.€ promissory€ notes.€ part€ of€ the€ offended€ party€ but€ was€ only€ feigned. o€ obligation€ on€ the€ €€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ coupons.€ UNJUST€ VEXATION€ The€act€was€ already€done€ when€violence€is€ exerted.€or€knowingly€permits€to€be€ forced€or€compelled. P laborer€ or€ employee€ by€ means€ of€ tokens€ or€ objects€ other€ than€ the€ legal€ tender€ lippines.€ unless€ expressly€ requested€by€such€laborer€or€employee.

€ €€ €€REVEALING€SECRETS€WITH€ABUSE€OF€OFFICE€€ €€(Art.€290)€€ €€ Q:€What€are€th is€ a€ private€ individual€ or€ even€ a€ public€ officer€ not€ in€ the€ exercise€ of€ his€ e€seizes€the€papers€or€letters€of€another€ € 3.€ERIK€GALLARDO.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €€FORMATION. Offender€reveals€such€secrets€ € 4.€it€is€not€ necessary€that€it€be€ revealed.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€The€purpose€of€the€offende ce€ to€the€offended€party€is€not€an€element€of€the€offense. Offender€employs€violence€or€t borers€ or€employees€in€the€free€legal€exercise€of€ their€industry€or€work.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ He€ is€ enjoying€ a€ confidential€ relation€ with€ the€ employer€ or€ ld€ respect€ the€ privacy€of€matters€personal€to€the€latter.€ known€ and€ used€ by€ and€ must€ belong€ to€ €€ €€€DISCOVERING€SECRETS€THROUGH€SEIZURE€OF€ CORRESPONDENCE€(Art.€MAINTENANCE. Manufacturing€or€industrial€establishment€ has€ a€ secret€ of€ the€ the€ offender€has€learned€ € 3.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ JR.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ strike€of€laborers€or€lockout€of€emplo Note:€ The€ act€ should€ not€ be€ more€ serious€ offense.€LIWANAG.€employee€ or€ workman€ o al€establishment€ € 2.. Purpose€ n€ or€ prevent€ coalitions€ of€ capital€ or€ labor. Purpose€is€to€discover€the€secrets€of€such€ r€ is€ informed€ of€ the€ contents€ of€ the€papers€or€letters€seized€ € Q:€What€is€the€natu e€ against€ the€ security€ of€ one’s€ papers€ and€ effects.€AND€PROHIBITION€ OR€COMBINATION€OF€CAPITAL€OR€LABOR€ THROUGH€VIOL 89)€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€ Preventing€employee€from€joining or€ organization€ is€ punished€ under€ the€ Labor€ Code.€ The€ purpose€ must€ be€ to€ di e€ act€ violates€ the€ privacy€ of€ communication.€ Reveals€the€secret€ without€justifiable€ r ffender€is€a€private€ individual€or€even€a€public€ officer€not€in€the€exercise€ of€his€offi y€that€the€ offender€seizes€the€papers€ or€letters€of€another€to€ discover€the€secrets€of€t discovered. Offender€is€a€person€in€charge.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€€ € € It€ is€ not€ applicable€ ns€ entrusted€ with€ the€ custody€ of€ minors€ with€ respect€ to€ papers€ or€ letters€ of€ rs€ placed€ under€the€care€or€custody.€€ A:€ ART. He€ learns€ the€ secrets€ of€ his€ principal€ or€ master€in€such€capa crets€€ €€€€ Q:€What€is€the€essence€of€this€crime?€€ €€ A:€ The€ essence€ of€ this€ crime€ ourse€of€employment.€ not€ under€the€RPC.€€ € € Note:€ Contents€ of€ the€ correspondence€ need€ not€ be€ secret.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€230 Public€officer€comes€to€ know€the€secret€of€any€ private€individual€by€ reason€of€ t€ necessarily€contained€in€ papers€or€letters.€291)€€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of ee€ or€ servant€ € 2. Prejudice€is€caused€to€ Note:€The€business€secret€must€not€be€known€to€other€ business€ entities€ or€ persons.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€or€to€spouses€with€respect€ to€the€papers€or€letters € Q:€Correlate€articles€230€(public€officer€revealing€ secrets€of€private€individual)€and€2 € 212€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ It€ vered.€€ € €€REVELATION€OF€INDUSTRIAL ements€of€this€crime?€€ €€ A:€€ 1.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ It€ is€ necessary€ that€ the€ offender€ scover€the€contents€of€the€letter.€€ € 2.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.

€ interception€ and€ recording€ of€ s€ between:€ 1.€piracy.€ € Note:€ That€ the€ use€ of€ such€ record€ or€ any€ copies€ thereof€ as€ evidence€ in€ any€ c igation€ or€ trial€ of€ offenses€ mentioned€ in€ Sec.€to€any€other€person.€ provokin ase€of€war.€4200?€ € :€ 1.€9372)€ € (1)€Surveillance€of€suspects€and€interception€and€ recording€of€communic € Q:€Can€a€police€officer€or€law€enforcement€official€ listen€ or€ record€ any€ communication anization€of€group€of€persons?€ € A:€ GR:€ Yes.R.€ or€with€the€use€of€any€suitable€ways€and€means€ for€that€purpose.€the€inadmissibility€of€the andatory€ under€ RA€ 4200.€ 110662.€MARTINEZ€ 213 .€ sedition. Doctors€and€patients€ 3.€ conspiracy€ and€ proposal€ t n.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Liberty and Security one€person€of€entity€exclusively.€No.€or€to€furnish€ transcriptions€ thereof.€ to€ knowingly€ cord.€ 3€ hereof.€or€by€using€ any€ other€ device€ or€ arrangement.€ G.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ and€ violations€of€C.€ IAC.€upon€ a€ written€ order€ of€ the€ CA.€ disc€ record.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ CA.€ dictagraph€ or€ the€ ot A.€ whether€ c al.€Anti‐Wire€Tapping€Act€(R.€ Damage€ or€ prejudice€ to€ the€ owner€is€a€necessary€element.€ or€ to€ replay€ the€ same€for€any€other€person€or€persons. Not€being€authorized€by€all€the€parties€to€ any€ private€ communication€ or€ spoken€ e.€punishing€espionage€a nst€national€security.€€ € Notwithstanding€ R pping€ Law)€ € XPN:€ He€ cannot€ conduct€ surveillance.€m iscussion.R.€1986)€ € Q:€ Are€ cassette€ tapes€ obtained€ fr onversations€admissible€as€evidence?€ € A:€ No.€ inciting€ to€ rebellion.€ G.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ inciting€ to€ s napping€ as€ defined€ by€ the€ RPC.€€ €€ € A.€€ €€ € The et€ might€ be€ made€ after€ the€ employee€ or€ workman€ has€ ceased€ to€ be€ connected€ wit . Journalists€and€their€sour dential€ business€ correspondence.A.€ either€verbally€or€in€writing.€or€ to€ hereof.€ (Salcedo‐Ortanez€ v.€ or€ any€ other€ such€ record.€L‐69809.€ or€ group€ of€ persons€ or€ of€ any€ person€ charged€ ted€ of€ the€ crime€ of€terrorism€or€conspiracy€to€commit€terrorism.€ No.€or€however€otherwise€described€ € 2.€ mutiny€ in€ the€ high€ seas.€ 4200€ as€ the€ use€ thereof€cannot€be€considered€as€"tapping"€the€wire€ or€ cable€ anan€ v.€ to€ secretly€ overhear.€ espionage.€ or€ copies€ thereof.€ conspiracy€ to€ commit€ sedition.A.€Secrets€must€relate€to€ manufacturing€process.A.€616.€7)€ € € € Q:€What€are€the€exceptions€to€the€prohibition?€ € A:€If€the€wiretapping€is€done€by€a€publ ten€order€of€the€court€in€cases€ involving€ the€ crimes€ of€ treason.€ shall€ not€ be€ covered€ Q:€ Is€ listening€ to€ a€ conversation€ in€ an€ extension€ line€of€a€telephone€wire€tapping phone€cannot€be€placed€in€ the€ same€ category€ as€ a€ dictaphone.€(Sec.€ listen€ to.€ 4.€ association.A.€4200)€ € Q:€What€are€the€acts€punishable€under€R. Be€ h not€ in€ the€ act€ or€ acts€ penalized€ in€ the€ next€ preceding€ sentence.€ No.€ rebellion.€ or€ spoken€ or€ written€ words€ between€ members€ of€ a€ judicially€ declared€ rrorist€ organization.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ A€ police€ or€ police€ or€ law€ enforcemen f€his€team€may.€ munication€ or€ spoken€ word€ by€ using€ a€ device€ commonly€ known€ as€ a€ dictaphone€ or€ ctaphone€ or€ walkie‐talkie€ or€ tape€ recorder.€ kind€ or€ type€ of€ electronic€ or€ other€ surveillance€ equipment€or€intercepting es. Lawyers€and€clients€ 2.€ intercept€ and€ record€ form€ .€ wire€ record.€ 1994)€ 007€(R.€ No.€ Under€ the€ law.€any€communication.€ absent€ a€ clear€ showin o€the€telephone€conversation€allowed€ the€recording€of€the€same.€Oct.€ intercept.€ Aug.€ o on€ or€ spoken€ word€ secured€ either€ before€ or€ after€ the€ effective€ date€ of€ this€ A ibited€ by€ this€ law.€16.

€ ordered€ by€ and€served€with€the€written€order€of€ the€CA.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ trust€ accounts.€ ass ds.€ in€ the€ interest€ of€ national€ y.€ or s.€ without€ the€ authorization€ of€ ll€ be€ deemed€a€violation€of€the€terms€and€conditions€of€his€ bail.€(Sec. The€ authorizing€ division€ of€ the€ CA€ is€ satisfied€that€such€extension rest€ b.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€accounts€and€records?€ € A:€€ 1.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ Note:€ Travel€ outside€ of€ said€ municipality€ or€ city.€ conspiracy€ to€ commit€terrori lly€ declared€ and€ outlawed€ terrorist€ organization.€ assets€ and€ records€ in€ a€ bank€ ution.€28)€ € Q:€ How€ long€ shall€ the€ court€ authorization€ to€ examine€and€obtain€in s.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. The€time€specified€in€the€written€order€o xceed€ € 30€ days€ from€ the€ date€ of€ receipt€ of€ the€ written€ order€by€the€applicant€p ded€ for€ another€ period€ which€ shall€ not€ exceed€ 30€ days€ from€ the€ expiration€ of€ .€trust€accounts.€or€€ 2.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€or€€ 3.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ or€ group€of€persons€ on€is€a€member€of€such€judicially€ declared€ and€ outlawed€ organization.€ ion€ of.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € (2)€Restriction€on€travel€ € Q:€When€is€there€restriction€on€the€right€to€travel?€€ € A:€ T the€ prosecutor. Earlie urt€on€ motion€ of€ the€ prosecutor€ or€ of€ the€ accused.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO..€ accounts€and€records€be€effective?€ € A:€€ 1.€ shall€ not€refuse€to€allow€such€examination€ or€ to€ provide€ the€ tion. Examination€unde he€ applicant€ and€ the€ witnesses€ he€ may€ produce€ to€ establish€ the€ facts€ that€ will gency€of€examining€ and€ freezing€ the€ bank€ deposits.€ Notwithsta (Bank€ Secrecy€ Law).€ placements. Ex€ parte€ by€ the€ police€or€law€enforcement€official€ € 2.€27)€ € Q r€ the€ application€ to€ examine€bank€deposits. Gather€or€cause€the€gathering€of€any€ relevant€ information€ about€ such€ .€ The€ institution€ concerned.€accounts€and€record?€ € A:€ Yes. Examine.€ and€ records€ from€ a€ bank€ or€ financial€ institution.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ may€ authorize€ in€ writing€ any€ police€ or€ law€ enforcement€ officer€ and€ the€ memb his/her€team€duly€authorized€in€writing€by€ the€anti‐terrorism€council€to:€€ € a.€ provided:€ a.€ placements. The€ person€ charged€ orism€ or€ conspiracy€ to€ commit€ terrorism€is€entitled€to€bail€and€is€granted€ the€same. Upon€ the€ dismissal€ of€ the€ case€ filed€ against€him. In€ cases€ where€ evidence€ of€ guilt€ is€ not€ strong.€ when€ so.€ assets.€ shall€ limit€ the€ right€ of€ travel€ of€ the€ accused€ to€ within€ the€ y€ where€ he€ resides€ or€ where€ the€ case€ is€ pending. The€ police€ of€ law€ enforcement€ offici d€in€writing€by€the€Anti‐ Terrorism€Council€to€file€such€application€ € 3.€€ € 1.€ € €(3)€Examination€of€Bank€Depo ization€ required€ to€ examine€ bank€deposits.€ the€ deposits.€(Sec.€ association.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€the€justices€of€the€CA€designated€as€a€special€ court€to€handle€anti‐ fying€ themselves€of€the€existence€of€probable€cause€in€a€ hearing€called€for€that€purpose€ ed€ with€ or€ suspected€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ terrorism€ or.€ trust€ accounts.€26)€ € Q:€When€will€the€restrictions€be€terminated?€ € A:€The€restrictions€shall€be€terminated:€ he€accused.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ JR.€ association.€(Sec.€LIWANAG.€and€€ € b.€ which€ shall€ then€ b nder€ the€Rules€of€Court.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. The€ application€ for€ extension€ or€ renewal€ must€ have€ been€ authorized€ € 214€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ 2.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.

€ summaries.€31)€ € age€ shall€ not€ be€ opened€ and€ its€ contents€ shall€ not€ be€ used€ as€ evidence€unless€ er€of€the€ authorizing€division€of€CA.€ notes.€ excerpts.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ if€ any€ to€ extend€or€renew€the€s rte€ application€ of€ the€ applicant€ 4.€ work€ sheets.€ data.€ or€ administrative€ investigation.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ pornography. Wr n€ of€ DOJ€ filed€ before€ the€authorizing€division€of€CA€ € 2. The€ sealed€ envelope€ or€ sealed€ package€ and ereof.€ harbor.€ excerpts.€ data.€ legislative. Order€ of€ the€ Court€ of€ Appeals.€ placements.€ inc ne€ under€ the€ pretext€ of€ domestic€ or€ overseas€ employment€ or€ training€ or€ apprenti purpose€ of€ prostitution.€ shall€ within€ 48€ hours€ after€ the€ expiration€ of€ the€ period€ fixed€ in€ the€ wr ted€with€the€authorizing€division€of€the€CA€ in€a€sealed€envelope€of€package.€ provide.€ inquiry.€9208)€ Q:€What€are€the€pun shall€ be€ unlawful€ for€ any€ person.€reveals€in€any€manner€or€form€ r€this€Act.€if€any€ 5.33)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ requisites€ in€apply rization€ to€ open€ the€ sealed€ envelope€ containing€records€of€bank€account:€ € A:€ 1.€ If€ no€ case€ is€ filed€ within€ the€ ant€ shall€ immediately€ notify€ in€ writing€ the€ person€ subject€ of€ the€ bank€ examinat g€of€accounts.€judicial€offi ho.€ sexual€ exploitation.€ or€ receive€ a€ person€ by€ any€ means. Notice€ in€ writing€ to€ the€ party€ concerned€ n efore€ the€ scheduled€opening€ € 4.€ slavery.€ (Sec.€ € Q:€What€is€the€evidentiary€value€of€deposited€bank€ materials? ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.A.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ summaries€ and€ other€documents€obtained€from€the€examination€of€ its.A.€(Sec.€ memoranda. The€ application€ and€ notice€ must€ clearly€ state€the r€using€the€ information.€ natural€ or€ juridical.€ € C.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Liberty and Security in€ writing€ by€ the€ Anti‐Terrorism€ Council€ Such€ must€ be€ filed€ by€ the€ original€ ap rmation.€ 35)€ € (4)€Unauthorized€revelation€of€classified€materials€ € Q:€What€are€classif e€following€are€classified€information:€ € 1.€not€being€authorized€by€the€Court€ of€Appeals€to€do€so.€ € The€ applicant€ shall€ have€ 30€ nation€of€the€period€granted€by€the€CA€within€ which€ to€ file€ the€ appropriated€ case€ be utor’s€ Office€ for€ any€ violation€ of€ R.€ police€or€law€enforcement€agent.€ trust€ accounts.€MARTINEZ€ 215 .€(Sec.€ as rds€ shall€ absolutely€ not€ be€ admissible€ or€ usable€ as€evidence€ against€ anybody€ in€ asi‐judicial.€ 6.€ reports.€ €€ Q:€ What€ shall€ be€ done€ after€ the€ expiration€ of€ the€ period€of€au ation.€to€commit€any€of€the€follow it. Authorization€ in€ writing€ sm€Council€to€file€such€application€ € 3. Application€to€extend€or€renew.€ transport.€ proceeding€ or€ .€ or€ do quired€ from€ the€ examination€ of€ the€ bank€ deposits. € Q:€ In€ case€ of€ death€ or€ disability€ of€ the€ original€ applicant€ who€ should€ file€ xamination€of€bank€deposits?€ € A:€ The€ one€ next€ in€ rank€ to€ the€ original€ applicant€ is€ team€ shall€ file€ the€ application€for€extension. The€ wr ions€ of€ the€ Anti‐ Terrorism€Council.€ tary€servitude€or€debt€bondage€ c.€ which€ are€ deposited€with€the€authorizing€division€of€ the€Court€of€Appeals€ € Q:€ r€ the€ unauthorized€ revelation€of€classified€materials?€ € A:€€The€penalty€of€10€years€an ent€ shall€ be€ imposed€ upon€ any€ person.€ 9372.€Anti‐Trafficking€in€Persons€Act€of€2003€ (R.€ forced€ labor.€ transfer. Written€ order€ granted€ by€ the€ authorizing ourt€of€Appeals€ 2.

€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ pornography.€ forced€ labor.€LIWANAG. 6. To€ introduce€ or€ match€ for€ money. 5..€as€provided€ for€ under€ Republic€ Act€ No.€ transport€ or€ adopt€ a€ chi activities€ in€ the€ Philippines€or€abroad. 7.€ porno al€ exploitation.€ deceit.€ or€ intimidation€ fo removal€ or€ sale€ of€ organs€ of€ said€ person€ To€ recruit.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ transport€ or€ abduct€ a€ f€ threat€ or€ use€ of€ force.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ forced€ labor€ or€ slavery.€ or€ trading€ them€ to€ engage€ in€ prostitution.€ or€ material.€ slavery ntary€ servitude€ or€ debt€bondage€ To€ recruit.€ for€ the ing.€ buying.€ 6955.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 2.€ buying.€ hire.€ pornography.€ slavery.€ involuntar itude€ or€ debt€bondage€ To€ offer€ or€ contract€ marriage.€ profit.€ selling. € 216€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ sexual€ exploitation.€ pornography€or€sexual€exploitation€ To€ e€a€person€to€engage€in€ prostitution€or€pornography€ To€ adopt€ or€ facilitate€ the€ adopt e€ purpose€ of€ prostitution.€ involuntary€ servitude€ or€ debt€ bondage€ rganize€tours€and€travel€ plans€ consisting€ of€ tourism€ packages€ or€ activities€ for€ th lizing€ and€ offering€ persons€ for€ prostitution.€ JR.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ economic€ or€ other€ cons rson€or.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ERIK€GALLARDO.4)€ € € 3.€ fraud.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ selling€ or€ trading€ him/h n€ prostitution.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ violence. 8.€ coercion. 4.€ adopt.(Sec.€ sexual€ exploitation.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ real€ or€ simulated.€ forced€ labor.€ offering.€ offering.€ any€ Filipino€ woman€ to€ a€ f arriage€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ acquiring.

€€ € XPN:€€If€the€crime€is€Robbery€with€Homic aking?€€ €€ A:€ It€ means€ appropriating€ a€ thing€ belonging€ to€ another€ and€ placing€ i possession.€ by€ means€ of€ violence€ against€or€intimidation€of€a pon€anything.€ Q:€What€is€the€presumption€of€intent€to€gain?€€ €€ A:€Unlawful€taking€of€personal€property.€29 bery€in€general?€€ €€ A:€€€ 1.€294.€(Napolis€v.€€ € property€taken€does€not€belong€to€the€accused.€rape€intentional€ any€ of€ the€ serious€ physical€ injuries€ penalized€under€Pars.€293)€€ € Q:€What€is€robbery?€€ o€ another.€€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€classes€of€robbery?€€ €€ A:€€ 1. There€ is€ personal€ property€ belonging€ to€ another€ 2.€ But€ if€ the€ robberies€ are€ committed€ upon€ different€ victims€ on€ and€ in€ the€ same€ place€ only€ one€ robbery€ is€ committed€ as€ the€ robberies€ are€ mere e€criminal€intent.€ the€ offense€ shall€ be€ considered€ as€ complex€ crime€ under€ A nalty€shall€be€for€the€graver€offense€in€the€maximum€ period.€the€violence€or€intimidation€is€the€controlling€ element. Taking€must€be€with€intent€to€gain€€ 4.€€ €€ Violence€ or€ intimidation€ upon€ persons€ may€ result r€rape€or€serious€physical€injuries.€No.€ umstances€ are€ present.€1€and€2€of€Art€263. As€to€robbe ing€ must€ be€ taken€ out€ of€ the€ building/premises€ to€ consummate€ the€ crime€€ €€ Note:€ There€ must€ be€ incontrovertible€ proof€ that€ property€was€taken€from€the€victim.€ the€ unlawful€taking€is€complete€€ € 2.€ Ratio:€ Robbery by€ violence€ or€ intimidation€ against€ the€ person€ is€ evidently€ graver€ than€ ordinary itted€ by€ force€ upon€ things.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€L‐288 Q:€ Should€ the€ person€ from€ whom€ the€ property€ was€taken€be€the€owner€of€such?€€ €€ A: :€Is€the€identity€of€real€owner€essential?€€ €€€ A:€€ GR:€ It€ is€ not€ essential€ so€ long €€ Q:€What€distinguishes€robbery€with€violence€from€ grave€threats€and€grave€coercion?€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Robbery€ by€ the€ use€ of€ force€ upon€ things€ (Art.CA.€ But€ when€violence€results€in€homicide.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ even€ if€ the€ taki n€the€violence€was€ used€by€the€offender.€297€and€ 298)€€ € 2.€the€ta y€is€robbery€complexed€with€ any€ of€ those€ crimes€ under€ Art.€G.R. Th operty€€ 3.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property X.€CRIMES€AGAINST€PROPERTY€(293‐332)€ € €€ROBBERY€€ €€(Art.€MARTINEZ€ 217 . Robbery€ with€ violence ns€(Art.€€ € Robberies€ committed€ in€ different€ houses€ const imes€ of€ robbery. There€ is€ violence€ against€ or€ intim ce€upon€anything€ €€ Note:€ Where€ violence€ or€ intimidation€ and€ force€ upon€ things€ are€ both€ present€ in€ f€ the€ robbery. As€ to€ robbery€ with€ vi on€ of€ persons€ –€ from€ the€ moment€the€offender€gains€possession€of€ the€ thing€ even€ i portunity€ to€ dispose€ of€ the€ same.€€ €€ Q:€When€is€unlawful€taking€complete?€€ € A:€€ 1.€ with€ intent€ to€ gain.€€ €€ Note:€ Article€ 294€ applies€ only€ where€ robbery€ with€ violence€against€or€intimidation€ ace€ without€ entering€ an€ inhabited€ house€ under€ the€ circumstances€ in€ Article€ 299.€ 294.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Note:€ The€ element€ of€ personal€ property€ belonging€ to€ another€and€that€of€intent€to€g €€ Q:€When€should€violence€and€intimidation€occur?€€ €€ A:€Violence€or€intimidation€must€be ersonal€ property€ is€ complete.

€ or€ if€ the€ offender€employs€intimidation€only. Becomes€ill€or€incapacitated€ ays€ € If€ the€ violence€ employed€ by€ the€ offender€ does€not€cause€any€of€the€serious€ph in€ Art.€ voluntarily€ € ROBBERY€WITH€VIOLENCE€AGAINST€OR€ INTIMIDATION€OF€PERSONS€€ €€(Art.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ JR.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ Immediate€ harm€ GRAVE€ T o€ gain€ Promises€ some€future€ harm€or€ injury€ GRAVE€COERCION€ No€intent€to€gain€ Intimid offended€party€is€ compelled€to€do€ something€against€ his€will. When€ by€ reason€ or€ on€ occasion€ of€ robbery.€ any juries€ resulting€in€the:€ a.€ robbery€ with€ homicide.€property€by€force€or€ intimidation€ BRIBERY€ . Arson€ € 3.€€ € The€ c homicide€ is€ a€ special€ complex€ crime€ or€ a€ single€ indivisible€ crime. Blindness€is€inflicted€ € 4.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ € When€ in€ the€ course€ of€ its€ e r€ shall€ have€ inflicted€ upon€ any€ person€ not€ responsible€ for€ the€ commission€ of€ t he€ physical€injuries€in€consequence€of€which€ the€person€injured:€ a.€LIWANAG.€ The€ killings€ m rpetrated€ by€ reason€ or€ on€ the€ occasion€of€robbery.€ 5. When€ by€ reason€ of€ such€ robbery.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. Rape€ b.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ h€ homicide€ provided€ that€ the€ robbery€ and€ the€ homicide€ are€ consummated.€ robbery€ with€ ho .€ € If€aside€from€homicide.€in€a€sense. Becomes€ ill€ or€ incapacitated€ for€ the€ ich€he€ is€ habitually€ engaged€ for€ more€ than€ 90€days€ e.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. Loss€ of€ the€ use€ of€ any€ of€ such€ member€€ e. Becomes€deformed€ b. mber€of€his€body€€ c. Intentional€mutilation€ c.€ All€ the€ kil n€ the€ composite€ integrated€ whole€ that€ is.€ even€ if€ the€ killing€ is€ by€ mere€ accident.. 6. Incapacity€ for€ the rson€ is€ theretofore€ habitually€engaged€is€inflicted€ € € 7.263.€ € Whenever€ a€ homicide€ has€ been€ made€ a€ consequence€of€or€on€the€occasion k€part€as€principals€in€the€commission€ of€ the€ crime€ will€ also€ be€ guilty€ as€ princip € 218€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € A:€€€ ROBBERY€ WITH€ VIOLENCE€ There€is€intent€ to€gain€ Intimidation.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . Loses€the€use€thereof€ d.€ € As€ long€ as€ the€ homicide€ re ause€ of€ the€ robbery. If€ the€ violence€ or€ intimidation€ employed€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ robbery€ is€ c clearly€ unnecessary€ for€the€commission€of€the€crime. € Q:€€Distinguish€robbery€from€bribery. Imbec ency€ d.€ any€ of€ the€ physical€ injuries€ resulting€in:€ a.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Loss€of€the€use€of€speech€ b. Loss€of€the€power€to€hear€or€to n€arm€ or€a€leg€ d. When€ by€ reason€ or€ on€ occasion€ of€ the€ robbery€ the€ crime€ of€ homicide€ is€ commi ry€is€accompanied€by:€ a.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO. Insanity€€ b.€ €€ROBBERY€WITH€HOMICIDE€€ € € Q:€What€is€robbery€with€homicide?€€ € A:€If€death€results€or€even€accompanies€a€robbery.€rape€or€physical€injuries€are€ also€committed€by€reason€or€on€ e€ rape€ or€ physical€ injuries€ are€ considered€ aggravating€ circumstances€ in€ the€ crim h€homicide.€€ €€ A:€€ ROBBERY€ The€victim€is€deprived€of€his€ money.€294)€€ € Q:€What€are€ .

€The€ exception€ is€ when€ it€ is€ c ed€endeavored€to€prevent€the€unlawful€killing.€ it€embraces€all€forms€of€killing.€ the€ robbery.€shot€B.€2003)€ € Q:€ Is€ there€ a€ cri homicide?€ € A:€ There€ is€ no€ crime€ of€ robbery€ with€ multiple€ homicide€under€the€RPC.R.€11.€137949‐52.€and€fatally€ hit€C€who€was€watching€from€his€window.€ The€ well‐settled€rule€is€that€as€long€ ing.€ or€ persons€ intervening€in€t e€crime. r€ distinction€ as€ to€ the€ circumstances.€ The€ offender€ mus ake€ personal€property€before€the€killing.€ the€ lack€ of€ d homicides€ were€ committed€ matters€ little.€ the h€homicide€is€committed.€G.€ € Q:€A.€ you€will€not€have€only€one€robbery€but€you€will€have€a€ comple micide€ and€robbery€ with€force€upon€things€ € Ratio:€ Robbery€ with€ violence€ or€ intimid s€ is€ a€ separate€ crime€ from€ robbery€ with€ force€ upon€things.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property special€ complex€ crime€ of€ robbery€ with€ homicide€ although€ they€ did€ not€ actually€ t omicide€ unless€ it€ clearly€ appeared€ that€ they€ endeavored€to€prevent€the€homicide.€ not committing€ robbery€ and€ the€ idea€ of€ taking€ the€ money€ and€ other€ personal€ property as€ conceived€ by€ the€ culprits€ only€ after€ killing.€ to€ help€ them€ rob€ a€ ban inside€the€bank.€ with€ a€ gun€ in€ his€ hand.€ or€ because€ of.€ € Q:€If€what€A€did€in€the€above€example€was€to€fire€ his€ gun€ upward€ to€ scare€ B€ from€ pu ver€the€watch.€the€crime€ is€still€robbery€with€homicide.€Nos.€Jonathan. The€taking€was€done€with€animo€lucr on€ of€ the€ robbery€ or€ by€ reason€thereof.€ even€ if€ the€ killing€ is€ by€ mere€ accident.€ it€ is€ enough€ that€ death€ resu ion€of€the€robbery€ inasmuch€ as€ it€ is€ only€ the€ result€ obtained€ that€ is€ necessary.€ is€ this€ € a€ case€ of€ robbery€ ause€the€intention€of€the€perpetrators€is€ really€to€kill€the€victim€and€robbery€came€only€ rpetrators€ are€ liable€ for€ two€ separate€ crimes€ of€ robbery€ and€ homicide€ or€ murder Note:€ There€ is€ no€ crime€ of€ robbery€ in€ band€ with€ murder€ or€ robbery€ with€ homici with€multiple€homicides.€What€is€ the€crime€comm ly€incidental.€Hijada.€ € As€ we€ repeatedly€ explain.€and€when€about€to€ leave€ the€ scene.€ saw€ the€ watch€ o .€ € Q:€Should€there€be€intent€to€kill?€€ € A:€ In€ robbery€ with€ homicide.€ The€ circumstantial€ evidence€ leaves€ scant€ he€ part€ and€ participation€ of€ the€ appellants.€Dec.€ € In€ the€ case€ at€ bar. The€property€taken€belongs€to€another€ 3.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € Note:€The€term€homicide€is€used€in€the€generic€sense.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ € In€ robbery€ with€ h inhabited€ place€is€only€a€generic€aggravating€circumstance.€ € Well‐entrenched€ i he€ doctrine€ that€ when€ homicide€ takes€ place€ as€ a€ consequence€ or€on€the€occasion€of k€ part€ in€ the€ robbery€ are€ guilty€ as€ principals€ in€ the€ complex€ crime€ of€ robber n€ if€ they€did€not€actually€take€part€in€the€homicide.€but€were€unable€to€get€any€money€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€€€ € If€ on€ the€ occasion€ of€ the€ robbery€ with€ homicide.€The€crime€of€robbery€ with€ homic f€ the€ following€ elements:€€ € 1.€MARTINEZ€ 219 .€ rob ings€ was€ also€ committed.€ causes.€2004)€ € Q:€Jervis€and€Marlon€asked€their€friend. 1.€ the€ law€ does€ mitted€with€intent€ to€ kill.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ shot€ to€ death€ B.€homicide€was€committed.€Bolinget.€ the€ crime€ exists€ even€ though€ there€ is€ no€ intention€t hould€ intent€ to€ commit€ robbery€ precede€ the€ killing?€€ € A:€ Yes.€(People€ v.€€It€will€ not€qualify€the€crim ty.€ € Q:€ Suppose€ the€ victims€ were€ killed.€ who€ was€ trying€ to€ get€ back€ the€ ?€ € A:€Robbery€with€homicide.€ modes.€(People€v.€a€hired€assassin. micide€notwithstanding€the€number€of€homicides€ committed€on€the€occasion€of€the€robbery€an ysical€ injuries€ and€ rape€ were€ also€ committed€on€the€same€occasion. The€ taking€ of€ personal€ property€ with€ violence€or€ t€persons€ 2.

€ 226€SCRA€374)€ € However.€brought€ the€offended€pa y€place€ where€ she€ was€ ordered€ to€ undress€ and€ although€ she€ was€ able€ to€ run€ awa t.€ They€ contente e€ customers € cellphones€ and€ a€ total€ of€ P5.000.€ indivisible€offense€under€Art.€ As€ XA€ was€ molesting€ her.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ and han€ as€it€was€not€part€of€their€original€agreement.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ and€ thereafter€ raped€ by€ all€ of€ the€ accused.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ But€ if€ the al€injuries€were€committed€after€the€robbery€ was€ already€ consummated.€ € Q:€ Together€ XA.€ there€ would€ be€ e€ for€ the€ less€ serious€ physical€ injuries.€ attempted€ rape€ were€ committed.€ € The€ same€ is€ true€ in€ the€ case€ of€ sligh € 220€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ They€ entered€ her€ house€ b ows€ in€ her€ house.€were ing€ committed€ by€ their€ co‐ conspirator.€€ It€ is€ enoug companied€ the€ rape.€ XA.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ a€ single.€ YB€ and€ ZC€ co al€ liability€of€each?€ € A:€ The€ crime€ committed€ by€ XA.€ €€ Although€ the€ cons ders€ was€ only€to€commit€robbery€and€only€XA€raped€CD.€294(1)€of€the€RPC.€ € Robbery€ must€ not€ be€ a€ mere€ accident€ or€ afterthought.€ After€ they€ dashed€ out€ o€the€car.€ shall€ be€ the€same..€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ thereb me€ as€ attempted€ robbery€ with€ homicide.€€€ € If€the€physical€injuries€are ey€ are€ absorbed€ in€ the€ robbery.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ YB€ and€ ZC€ stood€ outside€ t did€ nothing€ to€ prevent€ XA€from€raping€OD.€ The€ subsequent€ running€ over€ of€ t he€ course€ of€ their€ escape€ was€ by€ reason€ or€ on€ occasion€ of€ the€ robbery.€ YB€ and€ ZC€ planned€ to€ rob€ Miss€ OD.€ € Q:€ Does€ the€ criminal€ intent€ to€ gain€ precede€ the€ intent€to€rape?€ € A:€ tinguish€ whether€ rape€ was€committed€before.€during€or€after€the€robbery.€ the€ physical€ injuries€must€always€be€serious.€€In€this€case€where mmitted.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.000€ in€ cash.€2)€ € Q:€What€is€the€crime€of€robbery€with€rape?€€ € A:€The€crime€of€robbe s€ a€ single€ indivisible€ offense.€ YB€ and€ ZC.€ brandi d€ knives€ and€ after€ ransacking€the€house€for€money€and€jewelry.€ indivisible€ offense€where€the€rape€accompanying€the€robbery€ is€just uestion)€ € €€€ROBBERY€WITH€PHYSICAL€INJURIES€ € Q:€Should€the€physical€injuries€be€serious s€ such.€ ty€ of€ all.€YB€and€ZC.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€   .€ Having€ done€ nothing€ to€ stop€ XA€ from€ com d€ZC€thereby€concurred€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ the€ rape€ by€ their€ co‐ conspirator€XA.€hitting€a€pedestrian€which€ resulted€ at€ crime€ or€ crimes€did€Jervis.€ the€ latter€ committed€ robbery€ wi .€the€ other€robbers.€ Villagracia.€€It€will€only€be€absorbed€in€the€robbery€if rse€ of€ the€ execution€ of€ the€ robbery.€ Jonathan.€Jonathan€pulled€ the€car€out€of€the€curb.00€from€the€customers€are€the€separate€acts€ of€ Jervis€ and€ Marlon.€ YB€ and€ ZC€ is€ the€ composi ape.€ € On€the€other€han ones€and€ P5.€ € The€ crime€ becomes€ merely€ robbery.€ After€ taking€ her€ personal€ properties€ and€ as€ they€ were€ about€ d€ on€ impulse€ to€ rape€ OD.€Marlon€and€Jervis€committed ex€ crime€ of€ attempted€ robbery€ with€ homi‐ cide.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € from€the€vault€because€the€same€was€protected€by€ a€ time‐delay€ mechanism.€Jervis€ and€Marlon€should€be€charged€f TH€RAPE€ €€(PAR.€What€crime€or€crimes€did€XA.€ The€ rape€accompanies€the€robbery.€ Having€ acted€ in€ conspiracy€ with€ Jervis€ a than€ should€ also€ be€ charged€ with€ attempted€robbery€with€homicide.€there€is€only€a€ crime€of€robbery€with€rape€if€both€the€robbery€and€ the€rape€are€ bbery.€ JR.€as€principals€in€the€special€complex€ hich€ is€ a€ single.€ two€ separate€ crimes€ of€ robbery€ and€ attempt mmitted.€LIWANAG.€Marlon€and€Jonathan€commit?€€ € A:€ Assuming€ the€ acts€ f€ force€ and€ intimidation€ in€ robbing€ the€ bank.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ € Illustration:€€ € Where€ 6€ accused€ entered€ the€ house€ of€ the€ offended€ party.€if€the€2€crimes€were€separated€both€by€time€ and f€Robbery€with€ Rape.

€ This€ is€ a€ special€ aggravating€ circum ble€ only€ in€ a€ case€ of€ robbery€in€band.€ it€ is€ essential€ that€ robbery€ precedes€ the€ arson.€ as€ in€ the€ case€ tilation.€the€crime€committed€is€ heft.€295)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ qualifying€ circumstances€ of€ this€ crime?€ inhabited€place€ € 2.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ in€ that€ order€ and€ the€ arson€would€only€be€an€aggravating€circumstance.€ without€ prejudice€ to€ the€ cri y€ for€ illegal€ possession€ of€ such€ firearms.€ € Illustration:€ 1.€ or€ robbery€ with€ rape. By€a€band€ € 3.A.€ road.€ if€ the€ ce€ upon€ things€ and€ therewith€ arson€ was€ committed.€COMMITTED€ IN€AN€UNINHABITED€PLACE€AND€BY€A€BAND.€ or€ robbery€ with€ in tion.€ € €€ROBBERY€WITH€PHYSICAL€INJURIES.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property Q:€ Suppose€ a€ gang€ robbed€ a€ mansion€ in€ Forbes€ Park.€5)€ € Q:€How€is€this€crime€committed?€ € A:€ An ical€ injuries€ or€ slight€ physical€ injuries€ fall€ under€ this€ specie€of€robbery.€ motor By€ entering€ the€ passengers’€ compartments€ in€ a€ train.€€ € €€ROBBERY€WITH€ARSON€€ €€(R.€ Thus.€ the€ offenders€ will€ be€ held€ liab ex€ crimes€ of€ robbery€ with€ serious€ physical€ injuries€ and€ serious€ illegal€ detentio tims€ were€ detained€ because€ of€ the€ timely€arrival€of€the€police.€7659)€€ € Q:€How€is€this y€be€committed€if€ the€ primordial€ intent€ of€ the€ offender€ is€ to€ commit€ robbery€ and rape.€€ € Q:€S ?€€ € A:€ Yes. On€ a€ street.€such€that€the€offende in€the€victims€as€hostages€ in€exchange€for€their€safe€passage.€ street€ car.€because€the€amendment€included€arson€ among€ the€ rape€ and€ intentional€ mutilat e€accompanied€the€robbery.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ the€ penalty€imposed€upon€all€the€male imum€ of€ the€ corresponding€ penalty€ provided€ by€ law.€ € Note:€ If€ any€ arm€ used€ be€ unlicensed€ firearm. Snatching€ money€ from€ th ctim€ and€ pushing€ her€ as€ a€ result€ of€ which€ her€ skirt€ was€ torn€ and€ she€ fell€ o g€ a€ pawnshop€ ticket€ and€ intimidating€the€victim€with€a€revolver€ € €€OTHER€CASES€OF€SIMPLE€ROBBERY€€ €€(Par.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ € crime€ would€ be€ robbery€ with€ homicide.€ The€ robbers€ also€ detained€ the€ children€ rents€ to€ come€ out€ with€ the€ money.€ € Note:€ Arson€ has€ been€ made€ a€ component€ only€ of€ robbery€ with€ violence€ against€ or ersons€ but€ not€ of€ robbery€ by€ the€ use€ of€ force€ upon€ things.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ or€ in€ any€ manner€ taking€ t of€ by€ surprise€in€the€respective€conveyances€ € 5.€OR€ W D€ OR€ALLEY€(ART.€ or€ a dation€ is€ made€ with€ the€ use€ of€ firearms.€296) ?€€ € A:€ When€ at€ least€ 4€ armed€ malefactors€ take€ part€ in€ the€ commission€ of€ a€ r ted€by€a€band.€€ € Hence.€ On€ the€ occasion€ of€ the€ ro ies€were€inflicted€on€the€household€members.294€ € €€ROBBERY€COMMITTED€BY€A€BAND€ €€(Art. By€ attacking€ a€ moving€ train.€the€detention€is€ absorbed€ t€treated€ as€a€separate€crime.€MARTINEZ€ 221 .€ What€ crime/s€is/are€committed€by€the€robbers?€ € ecessary€ means€ to€ facilitate€ the€ robbery.€ or€ intentional€ mutilation€ committed€ by€ the€ offender€ during€ the€ robbery.€ highway.€ € There€ is€ sufficient€ intimidation€ where€ the€ acts€ of€ the€ offender€ inspired ctim€ although€ the€ accused€was€not€armed.€ two€ distinct€crimes€are€committe re€ there€ is€ no€ violence€ exerted€ to€ accomplish€the€snatching.€ the€ offender€ shall€ be€ punished€ by€ th the€ proper€ penalties€prescribed€in€Art.

€It€ includes€murder.€ € Q:€Define€the€following:€ 1.€€ €€ Note:€If€no€entry€was€effected.€ ship€or€vessel€constituting€the€dwelli ns€ even€ though€ the€ inhabitants€ thereof€ are€ temporarily€ absent€ therefrom€ when€ the mmitted.€298)€€ € Q:€What€are€the er€has€intent€to€defraud€another€ 2. Compulsion€ is€ by€ means€ of€ violence€ or€ intimidation€ € Note:€ Applies€ even€ if€ the€ document€ signed. Dependencies€ 5.€ warehouses. By€ using€ any€ fictitious€ name€ or€ pretending€ t lic€ authority. Inhabited€ house€ –€ refers€ to€ any€ shelter.€ the€ offender€must€have€ente here€the€robbery€was€committed.€297)€€ ply?€€ € A:€ It€ applies€ when€ homicide€ is€ committed€ on€ the€ occasion€of€an€attempted€ Note:€The€term€homicide€is€used€in€a€generic€sense.€ or€ edifice€ devoted€ ship.€ barns. Through€an€ope trance€or€egress.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ proof€ of€ conspiracy€ is€ n€ not€ required..€ the€ offender€ took€ personal€ property another€with€intent€to€gain.€LIWANAG.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€even€though€ force€ may€ have€ been€ employed€ actually€ in perty€ from€ within€ the€ premises.€or€ deliver€ an or€ document€ 3.€ JR.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€roof.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. Force€upon€things€ 2.€or€floor€or€ breaking€any€door€or€window.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € Dependencies€ .€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ A:€ Offender€ entered€ an€ inhabited€ house. False€keys€ € A:€€ 1.€ b.€the€crime€will€only€be€theft. By€breaking€any€wall.€unless€it€be€shown€that€he€at bbery€ by€ a€ band.€ picklocks€ or€ similar€tools. .€ 1. € 222€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. € €€ROBBERY€IN€AN€INHABITED€HOUSE€OR€PUBLIC€ BUILDING€OR€EDIFICE€DEVOTED€TO€WORSHIP€ €€(Art ts€ of€ the€ 1 € kind€ of€ robbery€with€force€upon€things€under€Art.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€or€ d.€parricide€and€infa € €€EXECUTION€OF€DEEDS€BY€MEANS€OF€VIOLENCE€ OR€INTIMIDATION€(Art. Force€upon€things€requires€some€element€ he€ establishment€ where€ the€ robbery€ was€ committed.€ERIK€GALLARDO.g.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ € Public€building€–€every€building€owned€by€ the€Government€or€belonging€to€a€pri nted€ by€ the€ Government. Inhabite ilding€ 4.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Any€ member€ of€ the€ band€ who€ was€ present€ at€ the€ commission€ of€ a€ robbery€ by€ the d€as€principal€of€any€of€the€assaults€committed€ by€the€band. Offender€compels€him€to€sign.€299?€ € € 4.€ e.€ or€ public€ building.€ although€ temporarily€ unoccupied€by€the€same.€ coach€ houses.€ granaries.€stables.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € 3.€ executed€ or€delivered€is€a€private€or€co Q:€ What€ distinguishes€ execution€ of€ deeds€ by€ means€of€violence€or€intimidation€and€co EXECUTION€OF€ DEEDS€ There€is€an€intent€to€ gain€ Fear€is€produced€by€ threatening€to€ caus mediate€ GRAVE€COERCION€ No€intent€to€gain€ Fear€is€produced€in€the€mind€of€ the€offended€p ing€from€him€by€ threatening€to€cause€him€an€ evil€or€damage€which€is€not€ immediate€but€re € 2.€execute.€corrals.€€ € 2. Once€ inside€ the€ building. Entrance€ was€ effected€ by€ any€ of€ the€ following€means:€ a.€€Orchards€ r€ 3. € ATTEMPTED€AND€FRUSTRATED€ROBBERY€ COMMITTED€UNDER€CERTAIN€CIRCUMSTANCES€€ €€(Art.€or€other€departments.€ nterior€ entrance€ connected€ therewith€ and€ which€ form€ part€ of€ the€ whole.

€ reg umstances€ under€which€he€entered€it€ € 2.€It€is€only€theft€when€the€ cked€ receptacle€or€drawer€or€inside€door.€ one€ has€ to€ enter€ the€ store€ which€ has€a€door.€ or€ not€ an€ edifice€devoted€to€religious€worship.€ € € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ the€ 2nd€ kind€ of€ robbery€with€force€upon€things€unde side€a€dwelling€house.€ or€ outside€ door€ or€ window€was€broken.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property cultivation€ or€ production€ are€ not€ included. It€must€be€contiguous€to€the€building€ b. b.€ Note:€False€key€or€picklock€must€be€used€to€ enter€the€building.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € Q:€What€is€an€uninhabited€place?€ € A:€ Uninhabited€ place€ is€ one€ where€ there€ are€ n le€distance€from€town.€ if€ the€ locked€ or€ sealed€ receptacle€is€not€forced€op ept€or€taken€there€from€to€be€broken€outside.€ 300)€ while€ n€ of€ persons€must€be€committed€in€an€uninhabited€place€or€ € order€ to€ be€ qualified.€ € Requisites:€ a.€there€ being€ no€ partition€ between€ the€ store€ and€ the€ house.€ mus robbery€ with€ violence€ again by€a€band€(Art.€ under€any€of€the€following€circumstances:€ € a.€ € 5.€contiguous€to€the€ buildin rect€ connection€ therewith.€ in€ n€ uninhabited€ place€ and€ by€ a€ band€ (Art.€ or€ where€ the€ houses€ are€ scattered€ at€ a€ great€ distance€ fro means€ uninhabited€house€or€building. Offender€entered€an€uninhabited€place€or€ a€ building€ ng€ house.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. € By€ taking€ such€ furniture€ or€ objects€ away€ to€ be€ broken€ or€ forced€ open€ outside € Wall.€ 299). False€keys€–€genuine€keys€stolen€from€the€ owner€ or€ any€ keys€ other€ than€ those€ i k€ forcibly€opened€by€the€offender.S.€war er€kind€of€locked€or€ sealed€ furniture€ or€ receptacle.€ roof. It€ must€ have€ an€ interior€ ent erewith€ c.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR .€was€ broken€ in€ the€ course€ of€ escaping ery.€the€breaking€should€be€made€in€ order€ to€ to€ the€ place. Entrance€ was€ effected€ through€ an€ opening€not€int nce€or€ egress€ € Note:€ If€ the€ entrance€ was€ made€ through€ the€ door€ which€ was€ open.€ € Note:€ Door€ refers€ only€ to€ “doors.€ € Note:€ It€ is€ estafa€ or€ theft. It€must€form€part€of€the€whole€ € Illustration:€€ € A€small€store€located€on€th ncy€of€the€house.€ the€ person€ who€ took€ personal€property€from€the€house€with€ intent€ ft€and€ not€ robbery.€ € €€ROBBERY€IN€AN€UNINHABITED€PLACE€OR€IN€A€ PRIVATE he€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ floor.€floor€etc.€So€if€the€wall.€ not€ to€ inside€doors€of€house€or€building.€ the€ taking€ of€ the€ personal€ property€ inside€ ery€ and€ not€ theft€ because€ the€ hole€ is€ not€ intended€ for€ entrance€or€egress.€ not€ a€ public€ building.€ b.€295).€Ventura.€public€ building€ or€ edifice€ devoted€ to€ religious€ worship.€roof.€ € Note:€ Like€ Robbery€ in€ an€ inhabited€ house.€523 €€ROBBERY€IN€AN€UNINHABITED€PLACE€AND€BY€A€ BAND€(Art.€ or€ door.€39€Phil.€ or€ closed€ but rough€ the€ window.€even€if€closed.€300)€ Note:€ Robbery€ with€ force€ upon€ things€ (Art.€ Where€ an€ opening€ created€by€the€accidental€bumping€of€a€ vehicle€ ade€ the€ entrance€ of€ the€ malefactor.€vs.€ and€ irway.€ lids€ or€ opening€ sheets”€ of€ furniture€ or€ othe s.€(U. Offender€ takes€ personal€ property€ belonging€t ent€to€gain. By€the€breaking€of€doors.€ ing€ circumstances€ was€ present:€ a.


€ JR.€LIWANAG..€ wall.€ 302€ becaus habited€ and€ therefore€ without€ person€ present.€ Likewise.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € € € 224€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ the€ robbers€ entered€ through€ the€ door.€OR€FIREWOOD€IN€ AN€UNINHABITED€PLACE€OR€PRIVATE€BUILDING€ € Note:€ The€ palay€ must€ be€ kept€ by€ the€ owner€ as€ “seedling”€or€taken€for€that€purpose € €€POSSESSION€OF€PICKLOCKS€OR€SIMILAR€TOOLS€ €€(Art.€ Actual€co necessary. epends€ on€ the€ amount€ taken€ disregarding€ the€ circumstance€ of€ whether€the€robbers€ar he€ case€ of€ Robbery€ in€ Inhabited€ Place..€304)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€t possession€ picklocks€ or€similar€tools.€ € 3.€ otherwise€ these€ circumstances€ by€ themselves€ already€ m that€ of€ robbery.€ If€ to€ the€ offender€and€he€used€it€to€steal. With€ intent€ to€ gain.€or€any€sealed€ or€closed€furniture€or€receptacle€was€ broken€ € Closed€ or€ removed.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ € It€ must€ be€ taken€ note€ of.€even€if€the€same€be€broken€ open€elsewhere€ € Note:€Under€letters€d€and€e. 3.€€ € €€BRIGANDAGE€ €€(Art.€ sealed€ or€ close€ receptacles€etc.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € c.€ 2.€or€to€kid ny€other€ purpose€attained€by€force€and€ violence€ Mere€formation€is€punished.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€crime€is€not€robbery€ but€theft.€ in€ the€ class€ of€ Robbery.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ €€FALSE€KEYS€ €€(Art.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ and e€ wardrobe. Such€ picklocks€ or€ similar€ tools€ are€ specially€ adopted€ to€ the€ commission€ of€ robb oes€ not€ have€ lawful€ cause€ for€ such€possession. Any€key€other€than€those€intended€by€the€ owner€for€use€in€the€lock€forcibly€opened Note:€ Possession€ of€ false€ keys€ in€ pars.€ or€ for€ any€ other€ purpose€ to€ be€ attained€by€means€o t€is€the€essence€of€brigandage?€€ € A:€ Brigandage€ is€ a€ crime€ of€ depredation€ wherein€ rected€ not€ only€ against€ specific. Entrance€ was€ effected€ through€ the€ use€ of€ false€ keys.€ 2€ and€ 3€ above€ are€ not€ punishable.€FRUITS.€ In€ these€ 2€ letters.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. € Q:€What€do€false€keys€include?€€ € A:€€False€keys€include:€€ 1.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ intended€ or€ preconceived€ victims.€€ € Q:€ What€ a een€ robbery€ in€ band€and€brigandage€under€Art.€ picklocks€ or€ other€ simi rdrobe.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€305)€ e.€306€ Purpose€is€to€commit€robbery€in€ highway.€ etc.€ but€ against€a ctive€victims€anywhere€on€ the€highway€and€whoever€they€may€potentially€be..€ the€ offender€ took€ therefrom€personal€property€belonging€to € €€ROBBERY€OF€CEREALS.€ BRIGANDAGE€UNDER€ ART.€ that€ the€ entrance€ by€ using€ any€ fictitious€ e€ exercise€ of€ public€ authority€ is€ not€ among€ those€ mentioned€ in€ Art.€ door.€the€robber€ did€ not€ enter€ through€ a€ window€ or€ effected€ e€ floor.€306?€ € A:€ ROBBERY€BY€A€ BAND€ Purpose€is€to€ commit€robbery€ not€necessarily€in€ highways. Picklocks€or€similar€tool ner€ 3.€306)€€ € Q:€What€is€brigandage?€ € A:€€Brigandage€is€committed€by€mor robbers€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ committing€ robbery€ in€ the€ highway€ or€ kidnapping€perso xtortion€or€ to€ obtain€ ransom. € d.€chest.€or€took€away€closed€or€ sealed€ receptac ewhere.

€ o ocomotives€ or€ trains€ for€ the€ movement€ or€ circulation€ of€ persons€ or€ transportatio les.R.€ it€ was .€ highway€ an parts€ thereof.€did€not€make€ any€ move.€A€felt€and€saw€his€ wallet€being€taken€by€B.€1966)€ 3.€308)€ € Q:€What€is€theft?€ € A:€ Theft€ is€ committed€ by€ any€ pers t€ violence€ against€ or€ intimidation€of€persons€nor€force€upon€things.D.€€€ 2.€ or€ railway€ or€ railroad€ within€ the€ Philippines€ used€ by€ persons.€cereals€or€other€ forest€or€farm€products.€ 3.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€theft?€ € A:€ 1.€ € Those€ who€ enter€ an€ enclosed€ estate€ rbidden€or€which€ belongs€ to€ another€ and.€b ceedings. € Taking€is€accomplished€without€the€use€of€ violence€ against€ or€ intimidation€ of€ perso .BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property €€PD€532€€MODIFIED€ARTICLES€306€AND€307€ € Q:€What€is€highway€robbery€under€P.€307)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€th Offender€ knows€ the€ band€ to€ be€ of€ brigands.€ committed€ by€ any€ person€ on€ any€ Philippine son€ who€ aids€ or€ protects€ highway€ robbers€ or€ abets€ the€ commission€ of€ highway€ ro ge€shall€be€considered€as€an€accomplice. There€is€taking€of€personal€property€ € Note:€ It€ may€ be€ a€ stolen€ property€ but€ as€ long€ as€ it€ does€ not€ belong€ to€ the€ ject€of€the€crime. € €€AIDING€AND€ABETTING€A€BAND€OF€BRIGANDS€ €€(Art. He€acquires€or€receives€the€propert ds€ € €€THEFT€ €€(Art. € Property€taken€belongs€to€another€ € Taking€was€done€with€intent€to€gain€ € Note:€ Intent€ to€ gain€ is€ presumed€ in€ malicious€ taking€ of€ personal€ property€ of€ a 4. € Taking€ was€ done€ without€ the€ consent€ of€ the€owner€ € Illustration:€€ € While€praying€in€a€church.€ remove€ or€ uits€ or€ object€of€the€damage€caused€by€them.€ extortion€ or€ other€ unlawful€ purposes€ or€ the€taking€away€of€property€o ence€ against€ or€ other€ unlawful€ means.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ 4.€or€property€or€both.€shall€ take€ perso other€ without€ the€ latter’s€consent.€31.€ G.€ No.€ hunt€ r€gather€fruits.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A .€ while€ the€ taking€ was€ with€ his€ knowledge.€ and€ Theft€is€committed.€Mar.€ 5.€ abets€ or€ protects€such€band€of€brigands€ b.€ without€ the€ consent€ of€ its€ owner.€ Rodrigo.€fail€ to€ deliver€ the€ same€ to€ the€ local€ autho Note:€Lost€property€includes€stolen€property€ so€ that€ the€ accused€ who€ found€ a€ stolen ls€to€deliver€the€same€ to€the€owner€or€to€the€authorities€since€the€ term€ “lost”€ is€ gen tealing€or€by€any€act€of€a€ person€ other€ than€ the€ owner€ as€ well€ as€ by€ the€ act€ of e€ casual€ occurrence.€ € Q:€Who€are€the€persons€liable€for€theft?€ € A:€ 1 gain.€ passage.€€ € Note:€ Philippine€ highway€ –€ shall€ refer€ to€ any€ road.€ street. He€ gives€ them€ information€ of€ police€ or€ other€ peace€officers€of€the€government€ c. € Those€ who€ after€ having€ maliciously€ damaged€ the€ property€ of€ another. 3. Offender€does€any€of€the€following€ac er€ aids.€ 2.€L‐18507.€ (People€ v.€532?€€ € A e€for€ ransom.€ but€ without€ violence€ against€ or€ intimidation€ of€ persons€ nor€ force€ upon€ th onal€property€of€another€without€the€ latter’s€consent. € Those€who€having€found€lost€property.


€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€21€Ph roper€subject€of€larceny€seems€to€be€ not€whether€the€subject€is€corporeal€but€whether€it€ y€another.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ is€ able€ or€ unable€ to€ freely€ dispos len?€ € A:€No.S.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € Illustration:€€ € In€ case€ of€ theft€ of€ checks.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ which€ is€ the€ taking.€is€it€ necessary€ that€ the€ of itted€ all€ the€ acts€ of€ execution€ for€ theft.€ Charged€with€theft.€theft€cannot€have€a€frustrated€stage..€ there€ is€ only€ one€ operative€ act€ of€ execution€ by€ th ft—the€ taking€ of€ personal€ property€ of€ another.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € Q:€What€is€the€meaning€of€“taking”€in€law?€ € A:€ It€ means€ the€ act€ of€ depriving€ ano ovable€property.€ € Q:€For€the€crime€of€theft€to€be€consummated.€€ € Q:€When€is€the€crime€of€theft€produced?€€ € A:€ € Theft€ ion€ of€ personal€ property€ due€ to€ its€ taking€ by€ one€ with€ intent€to€gain.€misappropriation ty€would€ constitute€estafa.€ when€ he€ had€ full€ possession€ thereof€ even€ if€ he€ did€ not€ have€ th f€the€same.€of€persona without€the€latter’s€consent.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€Is€P s€defense€valid?€€ € € 226€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€LIWANAG.€while€tenable€under€the€common€ law€rule.€ Personal€ property€ does€ not€ only€ mean€ corporeal€ things€ but€ also€ includes€ in erty€ like€ electricity€ which€ can€ be€ stolen€ by€ using€a€jumper.€Thef onsummated.€ with€intent€to€gain.€ Unlawful€ taking.€€ The€ ability€ of€ the€ offender€ to€ property€stolen€is€not€a€constitutive€element€of€the€ crime€ of€ theft.S.€ € Note:€ Proof€ that€ the€ accused€ is€ in€ possession€ of€ a€ recently€ stolen€ property€ gi presumption€that€he€stole€the€property.€ even€ if€ he€ has€ no€ opportunity€ to€ dispose€ of€ the€ sa tion€ between€ theft€ and€ estafa?€ € A:€ THEFT The€crime€is€qualified€ theft€if€only€the€ physical€or€material€ possession€of€the€ t STAFA€ Where€both€the€material€and€ juridical€possession€are€ transferred.€ at€ the€time€of€t ng€the€thing€with€ some€character€of€permanency.€20€Phil.€ which€ is€ the€ al€ property.€€ € Q:€In e€able€to€ carry€away€the€thing€taken€from€the€owner?€€ € A:€No.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€   .€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ € Q:€ Can€ incorporeal€ property€ be€ the Yes.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ that€ is.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ € Q:€ Mario€ found€ a€ watch€ in€ a€ jeep€ he€ was€ riding.€P€reasoned€out€that€he€cannot€ be€ found€ guilty€ because€ it€ was€ nd€moreover.€under€Article€308€of€the€ RPC.€ Such€ factor€ runs € Q:€When€is€unlawful€taking€complete?€ € A:€ € Unlawful€ taking€ is€ deemed€ complete€ fro ains€possession€of€the€thing.€v.€ r€jurisdiction€for€the€ Supreme€ Court€ of€ Spain€ has€ repeatedly€ ruled€ that€ checks€ an l€ papers€ are€ subject€ of€ larceny.€Carlos.€ sold€ it€ and€ appropriated€for€hims e.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ Q:€Can€there€be€a€crime€of€frustrated€theft?€ € A:€ No.€ and€since€it€did€not€belong€to d€ delivered€ the€ watch€ with€ instruction€to€return€the€same€to€whoever€may€be€ found€ to o€ return€ the€ watch€ to€ the€ owner€ and. thout€unlawful€taking€as€an€act€of€ execution.€ the€ argument€ that€ checks€ cannot€ be f€ larceny€ because€ the€ paper€ itself€ has€ no€ intrinsic€ value€ and€ is€ merely€ an€ ev e€ existence€ of€ money€ or€ property€elsewhere.€v.€440)€ € statutory€ definition€ of€ theft.€the€watch€turned€out€to€ be€stolen€property.€ is€ the€ element€ which€ produces€ the€ felony€ in€ its€ consummated€ stage.€The€ taking€ must€ be€ accompanied€ by€ the€ intention.€ qualified€ with€ grave€ abuse€ of€ confidence€ and€ estafa€ with€ abuse€ he€ offender€receives€the€thing€from€the€offended€party.€ € Note:€ In€ theft.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ the€ offense€ could€ only€ be€ attempted€ t e€considerations.€(U.€the€consummation€of€this€c y€ and€ malicious€ taking€ of€ the€ property€ which€ is€ realized€ upon€ the€ material€ occ ing.€ JR.€(U.€€Since€the€deprivation€from€the€owner€alone€ has€ already€ ensued€ from€ suc r€ Article€ 308€ of€ the€ RPC.€Wickersham.€ instead.


€but€stole€the€latter’s€money€in€his€house€when€ he€left€the€place. If€ theft€ is€ he€theft€is€committed€with€grave€abuse€ of€confidence€ € 3.€ appropriates€ property€ of€ another€ without€the€consent€of€its€owner.€311)€ € Note:€ Theft€ of€ property€ of€ National€ Library€ and€ National€Museum€has€a€fixed€penalty ue.€44€Phil.€And€the€crime€is the€ offender€ receives€ property€ of€ another€ but€ acquires€ only€ physical€ possession€t 998€Bar€Question)€ € Illustration:€€ € Where€ the€ finder€ of€ the€ lost€ or€ mislaid€ property€ entrusts€ it€ t ry€ to€ a€ designated€ owner.00€ found€in€his€drawer.€ the€ abuse€ mus cused€ who€ was€ offered€ food€ and€ allowed€ to€ sleep€ in€ the€ house€ of€ the€ complaina ity€ and€ charity.€310)€ € Q:€When€is€theft€qualified?€ € A:€€ 1.€MARTINEZ€ 227   . If€the€property€stolen€consist€of€coconuts€ taken€from€the€premi e€property€stolen€is€fish€taken€from€a€ fishpond€or€fishery€ € 6. Real€ property€ or€ real€ other.€720€[1923])€ Illustration:€€ € An€ Assistant€ Agent€ in€ Charge€ and€ Accounting trusted€ with€ and€ accountable€ for€ all€ its€ collections€ and€ deposits€ including€ equi plies.€ It€ applies€ only€ if€ there€ is€ a€ contractual€ relationship€ between€ the€ accused€ ant.€ € 3.€312)€ € Taking€ possession€ of€ any€ real€ property€ belonging€to€another.€hi e€combinations€and€his€physical€possession€of€ the€money€to€carry€out€and€consummate€the€Th € €€QUALIFIED€THEFT€€ €€(Art.€ the€ person€ to€ whom€ it€ is€ thus€ confided.€ Theft€ is€ committed€ by€ o n.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property A:€No.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Offender€ eal€ property€ or€ usurps€ any€ real€ rights€ in€ property.€In€a€charge€for€theft.€ was€ accused€ of€ having€ taken€ P126. Violence€ against€ or€ intimidation€ of€ persons€ is€ used€ by€ the€ offender€ € € € € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ he€ is€ guilty€ of€ Theft€ as€ if€ he€ were€ the€ actual€ finder€ of€ .€ € €€OCCUPATION€OF€REAL€PROPERTY€OR€ USURPATION€OF€REAL€RIGHTS€IN€PROPERTY€ €€(Art.€It€was€held€that ified€ by€ the€ relation€ of€ trust€ between€ the€ accused€ and€ the€ PNB€ creating€ higher nce€ which€ the€ former€ gravely€ abused.€ He€ willfully€took€advantage€of€his€position.€ € 2.€ € 2.€ the€ penalty€ for€ qua mposed. If€ the€ property€ stolen€ is€ tter€or€large€cattle€ € 4.€ volcanic€ eruption. If€ property€ is€ taken€ arthquake.€but€if€the€crime€is€committed€with€grave€abuse€ of€ confidence.€P s€defense€is€not€valid.€vehicular€ accident€or€civ e.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ novation€ theory€ and€ when€ does€ this€ apply?€€ € A:€ Novation€ theory€ c wherein€ the€ victim’s€ acceptance€ of€ payment€ converted€ the€ offender’s€ liability€ to€ on.€ € Note:€ If€ the€ offense€ is€ to€ be€ qualified€ by€ abuse€ of€ confidence.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€or€any€other€calamity.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ It€ is€ irrelevant€ whether€ the€ person€ sion€ of€ the€ watch€ has€ or€ has€ no€ right€ to€ the€ watch.€ typhoon.€ as€ to€ both€ the€ property€ and€ the€ owner.€ assumes€ by€ ion.€€ € €€THEFT€OF€THE€PROPERTY€OF€THE€NATIONAL€ LIBRARY€AND€NATIONAL€MUSEUM€(Art.€ it€ is€ enough€ that€ the€ persona elongs€to€another€and€not€to€the€offender€ (P).€ the€ same€ relation€ as€ was€ occupied isappropriates€ it. Usurping€ any€ rea erty€ belonging€to€another.190.

€In€the€absence€of€the€intent€to€ gain.€ € 2.A.€€€ € If€ the€ accused€ is€ the€ owner€ of€ the€ pr possessor. Damage€or€prejudice€capable€of€pecuniary€ estimation€is€caused€to€the€offended€party€ or € € 228€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ 2. With€ unfait se€ of€ confidence€ b..€ pre‐empting€ possessio g€the€same.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. By€ means€ of€ false€ pretenses€ or€ fraudulent€acts. He€absconds€with€his€pr udice€to€his€creditors. Intruders€ of€ lands€ reserved€ for€ socialized€ housing.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ w n€ of€ real€rights.€315)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€e frauded€ another€ by€ abuse€ of€ confidence€ or€ by€ means€ of€ deceit€ –€ This€ covers€ th of€ committing€ estafa€ under€ Article€ 315.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€it€is€real€property. Offender€alters€said€boun Note:€ Intent€ to€ gain€ is€ not€ necessary.€ € The€ main€ difference€ is€ that€ in€ robbery.€ € There€is€intent€to€ga Y€ €€FRAUDULENT€INSOLVENCY€ €€(Art.€(Urban€Development€ and€Housing€Act)€ € €€ALTERING€BOUNDERIES€OR€LANDMARKS€ €€( f€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € Note:€ To€ abscond€ does€ not€ mean€ that€ the€ debtor€ should€depart€and€physically€concea aud€must€result€to€the€prejudice€of€his€creditors. There€are€boundary€marks€or€monuments€ of€ towns.€ 4.€€ € Considering€that€this€is€a€cr re€ must€be€intent€to€gain.€ € d€ after€ the€ institution€ of€ insolvency€proceeding.€ € € Being€a€merchant€qualifies€the€crime€as€the€penalty€is€ increased.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Those€who€have€the€capacit timate€housing€but€are€ squatting€anyway.€ he€ cannot€ be€ held€ liable€ for€usurpation.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € occupying€ real€ property€ or€ usurping€ real€ rights€in€property.€the€Insolvency€Law€shall€apply.€ personal€ property€ is€ involved.€LIWANAG.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€947?€€€ € A:€ Entering€ or€ occupying€ public€ agricultural€ anted€to€private€individuals.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ JR.€the€act€may€constitute€c € Q:€What€is€punished€by€R. Also€ the€ persons€ who€ were€ awarded€ lot ut.€ that€ is.€ he€ has€ obligations€due€and€payable.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ € Q:€What€is€the€essence€of€this€crime?€ € A:€The€essence€of€the€c ade€to€disappear€for€the€purpose€of€ evading€ the€ fulfillment€ of€ the€ obligations€ and€ cted€ with€ one€ or€ more€ creditors€ to€ the€prejudice€of€the€latter.€ € 3.€ or€ arks€ intended€ to€ designate€ the€ boundaries€of€the€same.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ If€the€accused€concealed€his€property€f ed€ out€ that€ he€ has€ some€ other€ property€ with€ which€ to€ satisfy€ his€ obligation.€314)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ fraudulent€ i s€ a€ debtor.€ r€ this€article. € Note:€There€is€only€civil€liability€if€there€is€no€violence€ or€intimidation€in€taking€poss surpation€under€Article€312€is€committed€in€the€same€ way€ as€ robbery€ with€ violence€ or€ ons.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€estafa€is€committed:€ € a.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ provinces.€ € 2. Through 2.€or€ c.€ thus.€€ € € €€€SWINDLING€AND€OTHER€DECEIT€ € €€SWINDLING€(Estafa)€ €€(Art.€ € Q:€Who€are€squatters?€ € A:€ 1.€ Mere€ act€ of€ altering€ or€ destruction€ of€ is€ sufficient.

€and€ There€ is€ a€ demand€ made€ by€ the€ offend Note:€ The€ fourth€ element€ is€ not€ necessary€ when€there€is€evidence€of€misappropriation endant.€ the€ unpaid€ investor€ should€institute€against€the€middleman€or€ dealer.€ or€ on€ commission.€ or€ as€ appearing€ in€ the€ trust€ receipt.€ he€ is€ guilty€ of€ estafa€ with€ unfaithfulness€ or€ abuse€ of€ confiden he€ quantity€ or€ quality€ of€ anything€ of€value€by€virtue€of€an€obligation€to€do€so.€115€(Trust€Receipts€Law).€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ It€ was€ admitted€ that€ she€ used€the€money€for€her€b ty€ of€ Estafa€ through€ Misappropriation.€ befor y€ courts.€the€ offended n.€ or€ other€ personal€ property€ is€ received€ in€ trust. Under€paragrap the€ signature€ of€ the€ offended€party€is€in€blank. Money.€258€SCRA€460)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ estafa€ with€ unfaithfulness€ of€ abuse€ of€ confidence )?€ € A:€€ 1.€ documents. € property€ by€ the€ offender.€ or€ instruments€ if€ they€ were€ not€ sold€ or€ disposed€ of€ in€ accordan f€ the€ trust€ receipt€ constitute€estafa.€ € 2.€ p eived€ to€ deliver€ first€ class€ of€ rice€ (e.€ or€ under€ any€ other€ obligatio y€to€make€ delivery€of.€240€SCRA€606)€ € 3.€ mortgaged€ or€ sold and€ and€ even€ contracted€ loans€ to€ raise€ the€ P40.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. d.€ or€ the€ failu ds.€People.€ a€ document€ is€ written€ by€ the€ offender€wi d. Offended€ party€ delivered€ it€ to Above€the€signature€of€the€offended€ party.€ c.D.€ with€ the€ obligation€ to€ make€ delivery€ thereof€ upon€ demand€ eturn€ the€ same€ despite€ demands.€ milagrosa)€but€delivered€an€inferior€kin elf€to€deliver€1000€sacks€ but€ delivered€ less€ than€ 1000€ because€ the€ other€ sacks€ we rent€ materials.€MARTINEZ€ .€ € Under€P.€ € The€ accu t€ the€ money€ from€ the€ complainants€ for€ the€ particular€ purpose€ of€ investing€ the€ trust€ Investment€ Corp.€and€non‐ paymen e€ rise€ to€ criminal€ liability€ for€ Estafa€ through€ misappropriation€or€conversion.000.€ or€ quality€ c.€ and€ if€ there he€ proper€ forum€ would€ be€ the€ SEC.€(Sesbreno€v.€In€ acements. Offender€ has€ an€ onerous€ obligation€ to€deliver€s e€ alters€ its€ substance. Under€paragraph€(a):€ a. Damage€ or€ prejudice€ is€ caused€ t Illustration:€€ € Where€ the€ accused€ is€ bound€ by€ virtue€ of€ a€ contract€ of€ sale. Under€paragraph€(b):€ a.€the€same€ b.€or€to€return.€ documents.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ € Illustration:€€ € Failure€ to€ return€ a€ dump€ truck€ which€ was€ delivered€to€the€accused after€ the€ expiration€ of€ the€ lease€ contract€ and€ despite€ demands€ would€ constitute€ ppropriation€ or€ conversion€by€the€accused€of€the€subject€of€ the€obligation. There€ is€ misappropriation€ or€ convers € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ a€ simple€action€for€recovery€of€the€amount€ he€ had€ invested.€ € A€ money€ market€ transaction€ however€ partakes€of€the€nature€of€a€loan.€the€failure€of€the€ entrust he€sale€of€the€ goods.€ or€ instruments€ covered€ by€ a€ trust€ receipt.g.€ to€ t nt€ owing€ to€ the€ entruster.€ the€ assurances€ given€ by€ the€ latter€ made€ the€ complainants€ part€ with€ whateve y€ had.00€ placement€ fee€ required€ of sed.€ and€ the€ latter€ sold€ their€ carabaos.€ or€ for€ administration.€or€causes€damage€to.€ or€ denial€ on€his€part€of€such€receipt€ Such€misappropriatio nial€ is€ to€ the€ prejudice€ of€ another.€ clearly€ establishing€ deceit€ and€ damage€ which€ constitute€ the€ elements€ of€ autista.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property € Illustration:€€ € When€ the€ accused€ deceived€ the€ complainants€ into€ believing€that€the aiting€for€them€ in€ Taiwan.€ b.€ (Fontanilla€v.€ quantity. The€ document€ so€ written€ creates€ a€ liability€of.€ goods.€CA.€214€SCRA€216).

229 .

€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ 332).€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€(61€Phil.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ there€ umed€ if€ the€ drawer€ fails€ to€ deposit€ the€ amount€necessary€to€cover€the€check€within€ of€ notice€ of€ dishonor€ or€ insufficiency€ of€ funds€in€the€bank.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€The€payee’s€knowledge€that€the€drawer€has€ no€suf ks€at€ the€time€of€their€issuance€negates€estafa.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ € 4.€ and€ B€ ga ofit€of€P1.€ JR. Obligation€is€not€pre‐existing€ igation€ 3.€€ The€ guarantee€ and€ the€ simultaneous€ delivery€ of€ the€ d€ were€ the€ enticement€ and€ the€ efficient€ cause€ of€ the€ defraudation€ committed€ aga ho€ € 230€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D. Under€ paragraph€ (b)€ –€ Altering€ the€ quality.€ n€such€case.€ € Note:€ It€ is€ necessary€ that€ the€ offender€ knew€ that€ his€ check€had€no€sufficient€fun o€ cover€ the€ amount€ of€ the€ check€ within€ 3€ days€ from€ notice€creates€a€prima€facie€ checks€ were€ issued€ by€ the€ defendant€ and€ he€ received€money€for€them.€ If€ the€ check€ is€ falsified€and€is€cashed€with€the the€ crime€ is€ estafa€ thru€ falsification€ of€ a€ commercial€document.€ERIK€GALLARDO..€then€stopped€pa he€money.€ property.€315€(2)€(d)€apply?€ € A:€Only€when:€ 1. Under€paragraph€(a)€–€€ a.€or€guaranties.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ € 3. Such€ postdating€ or€ issuing€ a€ check€ was€done€when€the€of he€ bank.€ € Q:€Is€good€faith€a€defense?€€ € A:€Yes.€ But€ if€ A€ told€ B€ to€ deliver€ to€ him€ P10. Does€not€cover€checks€where€the€purpose€ of€ drawing€ the€ check€ is€ to€ guara Note:€ The€ check€ must€ be€ genuine.€not€one€which€is€pre‐existing. Offender€ postdated€ a€ check.000€and€ ck€in€ the€sum€of€P11.000€as€it€was€a€Sunday€and€A€needed€ the€ cash€ urgently.€ and€ reiterated€ in€ the€ case€ of€ Zalgado€ v.€which€are€essential€elements€of€ the€off shed€with€satisfactory€ proof.€ or g€ pertaining€to€his€art€or€business.€ CA€ (178€SCRA€146)€ it nly€ negotiated€ directly€ and€ personally€ the€ check€ drawn€by€another€is€guilty€of€estaf knowledge€ that€ at€ the€ time€ he€ negotiated€ the€check.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.000€were€it€ not€for€t ssory€notes.€ without€ prejudice€ to€ the€ action€ for€ calumny€ which€ the€ offended€ party€ may€ de against€ the€ offender.€ 315€ (2)€ (d)€ is€ also€ referred€ to€ as€ Issuing€or€postdating€check€without eck€in€favor€of€B€for€a€debt€he€has€ incurred€a€month€or€so€ago.€or€ c ther€similar€deceits€ € 2.€ € The€ check€ mus ent€ of€ a€ simultaneous€obligation.€agency.€ or ment€ of€ an€ obligation.€€ The€ fraudulent€ act€ was€ committed€ prior€ to€ or€ simul ssuance€ of€ the€ bad€ check.€the€drawer€has€no€sufficient€fun ether€ the€ accused€ was€ charged€ under€either€paragraph€2(a)€or€2(d)€of€Article€315€of€ t e€ guilty€ of€ estafa€ because€ damage€and€deceit.€the€dishonor€of€the€check€ nk€ does€ not€ constitute€ Estafa.€LIWANAG. Under€paragraph€(d)€–€€ a. Under€paragraph€(c)€–€Pretending€to€have€ bribe e.€€ € Q:€When€does€Art.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ b.000€when€he€encashes€the€check€ on€Monday€and€the€check€bounced€when€deposited.€and€he€had€an€intention€to€ stop€ payment€ when€ he€ issued€ the€ check.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ estafa€ by€ means€ of€ false€ pretenses€ or€ fraudulent€ 15€(2)?€ € A:€ 1.€ credit. Falsely€pretending€t ce.€it€was€clear€ that€B€would€have€not€parted€with€his€P10.€ € Illustration:€ € The to€ obtain€ something€ from€ the€ offended€ party€ by€ means€ of€ the€ check€ he€ issued€ a € Q:€Can€the€fact€that€the€accused€was€not€the€actual€ maker€of€the€check€be€put€up€as€a€de .€business€or€imaginary€ transactions.€ or€ his€ funds€ deposited€therein€were€not€sufficient€ to€cover€the€amount€of€th Note:€ Art.€ fineness.€ qualifications.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Using€fictitious€name€ b.

€ pretending€ to€ verify€ a€ certain€ pleading€ in€ a€ ca ourt. Any€ court€ record.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property suffered€ damage€ amounting€ to€ P87.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ borrows€ the€ folder€ of€ the€ case.€ 11.€The€essence€o is€ the€ appropriation€ or€ conversion€ of€ money€or€property€received.€MARTINEZ€ .€€ Illustration:€€ € When€ a€ lawyer.€ vs.€ In€ other€ words.€ intimidation€or€ violence€ THE p€ is€involved.€ intimidation€or€ violence€ Penalty€ depends€ on€the€ amount€ involved€ Offender€ receives€ the€ property€ € Note:€ The€ crime€ is€ theft€ even€ if€ the€ property€ was€ delivered€to€the€offender€by€th atter€expects€an€immediate€return€of€the€property€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ office€ files.€ Taking€is€by€ means€of€force€ upon€things€or€ vio idation€of€ persons.€ € Illustration:€€ € A€ induced€ an€ illiterate€ owner€ who€ was€ desirou rty€for€a€ certain€amount.€2004)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ Estafa€ through ticle€315€(3)?€ € A:€ 1.€ upon€ demand.€ for€ funds€ or€ property€ held€ in€ mstantial€ evidence€ of€ misappropriation.€ ESTAFA Subject€ matter€ may€be€ real€ property€ Not€so€ Not€so€ Penalty€depends€ on€the€amount€ involved€ Offender€takes€the€ property€without€ the€consent out€ using€threats.€ G.€to€sign€a€document€which€ he€believed€was€only€a€power€of€attorn f€ sale.€constitute€estafa€under€Art.€ However.€ Malong.3(c). € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ robbery.€ and€ removes€ or€ destroys€ a€ document€ which ence€ in€ the€ said€ case.€ c.€The€failure€to€ account.30.€ pt.€L‐12597.€ however.€ Penalty€does€not€ necessarily€ depend€on€the€ amount€involved.€2003)€ € Q:€ Is€ the€ accused’s€ mere€ failure€ to€ turn€ over€ the€ thing€deliver nd€ the€duty€to€do€so.R.3(a)€ and€ the€ damage€ could€ consist€ at€ nce€ in€ property€ rights. Under€paragraph€(a)€–€€ a.€ b.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € In€ partner able€ for€ estafa€of€money€or€property€received€for€the€ partnership€ when€ the€ business€ s€accrued.€ (U.000. Offender€induced€the€offended€party€ to as€ employed€ to€ make€ him€ sign€the€document.€ (Filadams€ Pharma CA.€ If€ the€ accused€is€ab orily€explain€his€failure€to€ produce€the€thing€delivered€in€trust.00€ as€ a€ result€ of€ the€ fraud€ committed€ by€ im€ underfunded€ checks€ drawn€ by€ three€ different€ persons.€ theft€and€estafa?€ € A:€ ROBBERY Only€personal€ prop€is€involved.€ € € 3. Under e€ fraudulent€ practice€ to€ insure€ success€ in€ a€ gambling€game.€ No.€Mar.€ the€ demand€ for€ the€ retur delivered€ in€ trust€ and€ the€ failure€ of€ the€ accused€ to€ account€ for€ it€ are€ circu of€ misappropriation.€ this€ presumption€ is€ rebuttable.€Aug.€GR.€ People.€ documents€or€any€other€p ntent€to€defraud€another.€No.€ for€ funds€ or€ ircumstantial€ evidence€ of€ misappropriation”€ applies€ without€ doubt.€ 132422.€ G.€the€rule€ that€ “the€ failure€ to€ account.€30.€ said€ lawyer€is€guilty€of€estafa€under€par.€315€ par€1€(b)?€ € A:€No.€ Offen erty€ without€the€ consent€of€the€ owner€by€using€ threats.S. Offended€party€personally€signed€the€ d udice€was€caused.€1917)€€ € 2.€ upon€ demand.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ Under€paragraph€(c)€–€ concealed€ or€ destroyed.€ (Garcia€ v.R.€to€the€prejudice€of It€ takes€ place€ when€ a€ person€ actually€ appropriates€ the€ property€ of€ another€ for€ nd€enjoyment.€ A€ is€ guilty€ of€ Estafa€ under€ par.€ since€ the€ € medrep€ failed€ to€ explain€ his€ inability€ to€ prod o€him€in€trust.€he€may€not€be€ held€ li se€ at€ bar.

231 .

€or.S.€ Rosa€ cannot€ be€ hel r€ estafa.€(U.€(U.€In€fact.€(1999€Bar€Questi   .€if€these€items€ can€not€be€sold.€on€condition€that.€in€turn.€ € Q:€ Alfredo€ is€ the€ corporate€ treasurer€ of€ Multimillion€ Insurance€ Company.€ 190).€ converting€or€denying€ having€received€money.€ 43€ Phil.€ return€the€items€to€Victoria€in€Timog.€they€may€be€returned€to€Vict ell€ the€ ring€ and€ bracelet.€permitting€any€ other€person€to€take€the€ public€funds€or€property.€ as€ explained€ above.€the€latter€cannot€be€held€criminally€liabl Furthermore.€Alfredo€ returned€ the€ amount€ of€ P1.000€ funds€ in€ the€ money€ market€in€his€name€without€the€knowledge€of€any€ other€ corporate€ o .000.€ As€ co rer.€ Crime€is€committed€by€ appropriating. red€ by€ the€ corporation€ in€ this€ case€ because€ if€ the€ P1€ million€ pesos€ had€ not€ rporate€coffers€it€would€have€ earned€ interest€ for€ the€ benefit€ of€ the€ company.€ Although€ she€ received€ the€ jewelry€ from€ Victoria€ under€ an€ obligation€ t e€ or€ deliver€ the€ proceeds€ thereof.€ a€ resident€ of€ Cebu€ City.€a€dealer€in€ jewelry€who€does€busi Rosa.€The€law€on€estafa€is€cl ny€ distinctions€ between€ permanent€ and€ temporary€ misappropriations.€ Aureli he€ bracelet€ to€ Victoria€ but€ sold€ the€ ring.€it€ has€ been€ held€ that€ this€ principle€ cannot€ extend€ to€ cases€ where€ officers€ nverted€ corporate€funds€to€their€own€use.€ MALV ves€public€funds€or€ property.€Figueroa.€not€ ugh€falsification.€ if€ what€ was€ delivered€ was€ juridical€pos .000.€ for€ as€ long€ as€ damage€is€suffered€by€the€offended€party.€ v.€ Offender€is€a€pri n€a€ public€officer€who€is€not€ accountable€for€public€ funds€or€property.€ kept€ the€ cash€ proceeds€ thereof€ to€ a€ check€ to€ Victoria€ which€ bounced.€v.€€ € E ed€ theft.€ he€ delivered€ only€ the€ physical€ or€ material€ possession€ of€ th S.€throu nt€or€ negligence.€ 43€ Phil.€ Offender€who€is€usually€a€ public€officer€is€ accountable€f rty.€ goods€or€other€personal€ property.€that€is.000€ at€ any€ given€ ti oney€ market€ rate€ of€ interest€ ranged€ from€ 35%€ to€ 50%.000.€ an ing€of€any€conspiracy€between€Aurelia€and€ Rosa.€a€situation€ where€the€person€to€whom€it€was€delivered€can€set€off€ his€right€to he€ latter€should€not€be€expecting€the€immediate€return€of€ the€ property.€ Off th€funds€or€property Continuing€offenses€ € Note:€Estafa€through€false€pretense€made€in€writing€is€ only€a€simple€crime€of€estafa.€taking€or€ misappropriating€or€ consenting.€ Rosa s€ negligence€ which€ may€ have€ allowed€ Aurelia opriate€ the€ jewelry€ does€ not€ make€ her€ criminally€liable€for€estafa.€ he€ would€ have€ in€ his€ possession€ an€ average€ of€ P5.€ Upon€ maturity€of€the€money€market€placement.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € delivered.€ De€ Vera.€ Fraudulen ecessary€ in€ such€ cases€ because€ the€ breach€ of€ confidence€ involved€ in€ the€ misappr nversion€ of€ trust€ funds€ takes€ the€ place€ of€ fraudulent€ intent€ and€ is€ in€ itself€ Bar€Question)€ € Q:€Aurelia€introduced€Rosa€to€Victoria.€ 1000)€ However.€ Crime€is€commit g.€Quezon€City.€ Alfredo€ placed€ P1.€the€auditors€found€no€shortage€in€his€ account edo€commit€any€crime?€€ € A:€Yes.€€ € This€was€in€the€nature€of€a€trust€fund€entrusted€to€ him€ for€ co eneral€ principle€ that€ misappropriation€ of€ trust€ funds€ for€ short€periods€does€not€al fa.€ At€ the€ end€ of€ 198 ations€ of€ his€ accounts€ were€ undertaken.€ but€ kept€ to€ himself€ the€ interest€ income€ of€ P250.€Alfredo€committed€the€crime€of€estafa€thru€ abuse€of€conf o€ permanently€ misappropriate€ the€ corporate€ funds€ for€himself.€ agreed€ to€ sell€ a€ diamond€ ring€ and€ bracelet€ to€ ion€basis.€ Victoria€ sued€ Rosa€ for€ estafa€ under€ Article€ sisting€that€delivery€to€ a€ third€ person€ of€ the€ thing€ held€ in€ trust€ is€ not€ a€ de riminally€ liable€ for€ estafa€under€the€circumstances?€€€ € A:€ No.€22€Phil.€ Alfredo€ has€ juridical€poss llion€in€his€custody.000 ation.€270)€ € Q:€What€are€the€distinctions€between€estafa€with€ abuse€of€confidence€and€malversation?€ ESTAFA€WITH€ABUSE€OF€ CONFIDENCE€ Funds€or€property€are€ always€private.€€Sevilla.€ that€ is.€she€gav ically€ to€ be€ returned€ to€ Victoria.€ she€ did€ not€ misappropriate€it.€ The€ misappropriation€ was€ done€ by€ Aurelia.€ Rosa€ delivered€ both€ items€ to€ Aurelia€ in€ Cebu€ City€ g€that€Aurelia€shall.€ the€ misappropr f€ that€ property€is€Estafa.S.€ is€ committed€ because€ as€ corporate€ treasurer.€vs.


He€ sells.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property € Q:€ Distinguish€ estafa€ and€ infidelity€ in€ the€ custody€ of€document.€ in€ any€ other€ manner€ encumbers€ said€ real€ property tgage€or€encumbrance€ is€without€express€authority€from€the€ court. He€ guaranteed€ the€ fulfillment€ of€ such€obligation€with€his€real€ es€ c. €D wing€ it€ to€ be€ encumbered€even€if€the€encumbrance€be€ not€recorded.€ € XPN:€ 1. Conveyin tgaging€any€real€property. T erty.€ b.€ leasing.€ € A:€ ESTAFA€ Private€individual€ was€entrusted€ Intent€to€defraud€ INFIDELITY€IN€THE€CUSTODY€ OF c€officer€entrusted€ No€intent€to€defraud d. Offender€ is€ the€ owner€ of€ personal€ property€ b. There€ representation€ by€ the€ offender€ that€ Wrongful€ taking€ of€ personal€ property€ from€its€lawful€possessor€to€the€prejudice€ of€th n.€ € Accepting€any€compensation€given€to€him€ under€ the€ belief€ it€ was€ in€ r€when€he€did€not€actually€ perform€ such€ services€ or€ labor.€ € Elements:€ a. Thing€b r€ who€ is€ not€ the€ owner€ of€ said€ property€ should€ represent€ that€ he€is€the€owner€t ld€ have€ executed€ an€ act€ of€ ownership€ (selling. Offender€knew€that€the€real€property€ was€ encumbered.€ Elements:€ a.€ or.€ or€ before€ being€ relieved€ from€ the€ obligation€ contracted€by€him€ €€SWINDLIN € 4.€ mortgaging€ or€ ering€ real€ property€ while€ being€ a€ surety€ in€ bond€ without€ express€ authority€ from ore€ being€ relieved€ from€the€obligation.€pretending€ to€be€the€owner€of€the€same€ € Elements:€ a. the€ real€ property€ is€ free€ from€ encumbrance€ Act€of€disposing€of€the€real€property€ be r€ €€ Q:€ Is€ demand€ a€ condition€ precedent€ to€ the€ existence€of€Estafa?€€ € A:€€€ GR:€ Th offender€to€comply€with€his€obligation€before€he€ can€be€charged€with€estafa. W on€to€comply€ is€subject€to€a€period. Offender€wrongfully€takes€it€from€its€ lawful€possessor€ d thereby€ caused€ to€ the€ possessor€or€third€person€ Executing€ any€ fictitious€ contract€ e€of€another. € € € € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ encumbering€ or€ mortgagin perty)€ d. Act€ is€ made€ to€ the€ prejudice€ of€ the€ owner€or€of€a€third€person. Offender€ takes€ advantage€ of€ the€ in lings€of€a€ minor. Offender€ is€ a€ surety€ in€ a€ b al€or€civil€action€ b.€ € € Elements:€ a.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ Selling.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Said€ personal€ pr lawful€possession€of€another€ c. When€ the€ accused€ cannot€ be€ located€ des F€SWINDLING€€ €€(Art. 5.€ € 2.€ whether€ the€ encumbrance must€ be€ express€ c. € 3.€and€€ 2.€ mortgages.€316)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€other€forms€of€swindling?€ € A:€ 1.€ or€ made€ before€ the€ s€ bond.€MARTINEZ€ 233 .€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.

€ JR. € CHATTEL€MORTGAGE€ € €€REMOVAL.€319)€ € Q:€Wha Knowingly€ removing€ any€ personal€ property€ mortgaged€ under€ the€ Chattel€ Mortgage€ Law ince€ or€ city€ other€than€the€one€in€which€it€was€located€ at€the€time€of€execution€of€the consent€ of€ the€ mortgagee€ or€ his€ executors. d.€ Consideration€ is€ some€ loan€ of€ money.€ € €€OTHER€DE e€ the€ other€ kinds€ of€ deceit€ under€ Art.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ It€ is€ ender€ takes€ advantage€ of€ the€ inexperience€ or€ emotions€ of€ the€ minor.€ making€ foreca ng€ fortunes.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € 2.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ or€ any€ part€ thereof.€ 318?€ € A:€ 1.€ € Note:€Deceits€in€this€article€include€false€pretenses€and€ fraudulent€acts..€ € Elements:€ a.€it€ is€suff roperty€ mortgaged€be€sold€as€ free.€ without€ the€ consent€ of€ the€ mortgagee€ written€ on€ the€ back€ o noted€ on€ the€ record€ thereof€ in€ the€ office€ of€ the€ register€ of€ deeds€ of€ the€ pr erty€is€located.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€even€though€the€ vendor€may€have€ obtained€the€consent ing€ The€purpose€is€to€ protect€the€purchaser. Offender€knows€that€such€property Offender€ removes€ such€ mortgaged€ personal€property€to€any€province€or€ city€ other€ tha h€ it€ € Selling€ or€ pledging€ personal€ property€ already€ pledged.€ sells€ or€ pledges€ reof€ c.€ 2.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. 4.€ € Q:€Distinguish€chattel€mortgage€from€estafa€ € A:€€ CHATTEL€MORTGAGE The€property€involved€is€ personal€property€ Selling€or€pledging€of€ perso ready€ pledged€or€mortgaged€is€ committed€by€the€mere€ failure€to€obtain€the€consent€ of€th n€if€the€offender€should€ inform€the€purchaser€that€ the€thing€sold€is€mortgaged€ The€purpo rtgagee€ ESTAFA€ The€property€involved€ is€real€property€ To€constitute€estafa.€ or€ taking€ advantage€ of€ the€ credulity€ of€ the€ public€ in€ any€ other€ fit€or€gain.€ un attel€ Mortgage€ Law. He€ induces€ such€ minor€ to€ assume€ an€ obligation.€ or€ to€ give€ release. was€ located€ at€ the€ time€ of€ the€ execution€of€the€mortgage€ Removal€is€permanent€ Ther nt€ of€ the€ mortgagee€ or€ his€ executors. Offender. There€ is€ no€ consent€ of€ the€ mortgagee€ written€ on€ the€ back€ of€ the€ mortg ecord€ thereof€ in€ the€ office€ of€ the€ register€of€deeds.€SALE€OR€PLEDGE€OF€MORTGAGED€ PROPERTY€(Art.€ credit€or€other€personal€property s€ to€ the€ detriment€ of€ such€ minor.€ or€ to€ e operty€right.€ 2.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ 3. Defrauding€ or€ damaging€ ano eit€ not€ mentioned€ in€ the€ preceding€articles.€ € Elements:€ operty€ is€ mortgaged€ under€the€Chattel€Mortgage€Law€ b.€LIWANAG.€ administrators€ or€ assigns€ to€ such€ removal € Q:€ Is€ actual€ proof€ of€ deceit€ or€ misrepresentation€ essential?€€ € A:€ No.€ administrators€or€assigns. Interpreting€ dreams.€ whether€the€first€or€ the€second€ € € € 234€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ Removal€ of€ the€ mortgaged€ p ty€ must€ be€ coupled€ with€ intent€to€defraud.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ € Note:€Any€person€can€be€the€offender.€ € Note:€ Chattel€ mortgage€ must€ be€ valid€ and€ subsisting.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. e.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ who€ is€ the€ mortgagor€ of€ such€ property.€ERIK€GALLARDO. Personal€property€is€already€pledged€ under€ the€ terms€ tgage€Law€ b.

€ orchard.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ 4. If€ committed€ by€ a€ syndicate. cial€aggravating€circumstances€ in€arson?€(Sec.€ entertainment€ or€ leisure€ € d.€ 2.€ or€ for€ purpose€ of€ concealing€bankruptcy€or€defrauding€ creditors€ om€ insurance.€ grain€ field.€ any€ storehouse€or€factory€of€inflammable€ or€explosive€materials. Any€person€who€shall€burn:€ a.D.€ devoted€ to€ transportation e.4€ PD€ 1613)€ € Note:€Offense€is€committed€by€a€syndicate€if€ it€ is€ planned€ or€ carried€ out€ by€ a€ gro llustration:€€ € Where€the€accused€was€charged€with€violation€of€P.€ bamboo€grove€or€forest.€oil€ well€or€mine€shaft.€4.D. € Q:€What€are€the€other€kinds€of€arson?€ € A:€The€property€burned€is€any€of€the€following:€ s€ of€ the€ Government€or€any€of€its€agencies.€ 3.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.1€of€P. Any ment. If€ the€ offender€ is€ motivated€ by€ spite€ or€ hat cupant€of€ the€property€burned.A.€ regardless€ of se€ is€ merely€ to€ burn€ or€ destroy€ the€ building€or€the€burning€merely€constitutes€ an€ f€another€ violation€of€law.€3€of€P. Two€ or€ more€ persons€ or€ by€ a€ group€ of€ persons.€ € Note:€ Laws€ on€ arson€ in€ force€ are€ P.€(Sec. Any€inhabited€house€or€dwelling.D.€ wareh ion€ and€ any€ appurtenances€ thereto.€wharf€ or€warehouse.€ 2.A. If€committed€with mitted€for€the€benefit€of€another. Any€ building€ of€ public€ or€ private€ owne the€ public€ in€ general€ or€ where€ people€ usually€ gather€ or€ congregate€ for€ a€ defin dless€ of€ whether€ the€ offender€ had€ knowledge€ that€ there€ are€persons€in€said€buildin me€ it€ is€ set€ on€ fire€ and€ regardless€ also€ of€ whether€ the€ building€is€actually€in in€ or€ locomotive.€ archives€ or€ general€museum€of€the€Gover nhabited€ place.€stor r€or€fireworks€factory. Any€ plantation.€ 4.€7659 violation€ of€ law.D. Any€railway€or€bus€station. One€ or€ mor s.€ airship€ or€ airplane.€ p ing€ crop.€ € 2.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€7659.€ 1613€ and€ Art.€ € Q:€What€are€the€kinds€of€arson?€ € A:€ 1. Destructiv ended€by€R.€ 5.€ which€ are€ devoted€ to€ the€ service€of€public€uti lding€ the€ burning€ of€ which€ is€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ concealing€ or€ destroying€ evid 3.€1613.€MARTINEZ€ 235 .€ 3.D.€ 1613. Any€ rice€ mill. Arson.€ consequent€ to€ one€ single€ act€ of€ burning.€ € €€DESTRUCTIVE€ :€How€is€Destructive€Arson€committed?€ € A:€ 1.€under€Sec.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property €€ARSON€AND€OTHER€CRIMES€INVOLVING€ DESTRUCTION€ € Q:€What€is€arson?€€ € A:€Arson€is€the€ma ire.€ (Sec.€ ordinance. Any€arsenal.€ sugar€ m ill€ central. Any€ building.€ 3. Other€cases€of€arson.€shipyard.€ storehouse.€ or€ for€ public€ use.D.€1613):€ € A:€€ 1.€ € Any€person€who€shall€burn:€€ a.€P.€platform€or€tunnel.€ factory.€ 320.€ or€ as€ a€ result€ of€ simultaneous€ bu d€ on€ several€ or€ different€ occasions€ € b.€and€ 6.€ ship€ or€ vessel.€ 613€ without€ specif provision€ breached€and€the€information€failing€to€allege€whether€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€shipyard.€as€amended€by€R.3€P.€airport.€under€Sec.€ farm.

€LIWANAG.€ and€ not€ having€ established€ that€ it€ was€ s ed€ or€ congested€ area.€ political€ and€ national€ security€ implications€ than€ Destructive€ Arson.€ Was€ Nestor’s€ conviction€ for€ the€ crime€ of€ destructive€ar e€ crime€ committed€ by€ Nestor€ is€ simple€ arson€ penalized€ under€ Sec.€ € Dest son€ under€ Article€ 320€ of€ the€ RPC.€ € € (Valeroso€ v.€ € There€ is€ destruction€ of€ the€ property€ e€ is€ no€ misappropriation.€ Nestor€ intimated€ to€ Honey€ his€ desire€ to€ have€ sex€ with€ her€ bu rted.€ contends€ that€ the€ third€ element€ of€ the€ crime€ of€ malici that€ the€ act€ of€ damaging€ another s€ property€ be€ committed€ merely€ for€ the€ sake€ o ot€ present€ in€ this€ case.€ JR.€ Mario.2€ of€ P. Causing€ damage€ to€ the€ property Museum€ or€ National€ Library.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. Act€ of€ r’s€ property€ be€ committed€ merely€ for€ the€ sake€ of€ damaging€it€ € Note:€The€property€must€be€personal€property.€ believing€ that€ the€ said€ lot€ was€ owned€ by€ her€ grandparents.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ proceeded€not€so€much€to€safeguard€the€lot€as€it€is€ the€ vent€ to€ his€ anger€ and€ disgus n€ he€ placed€ thereon.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € or€ not€ the€ burnt€ house€ is€ inhabited.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ tore€ down€ and€ demolished€ he€ thus€ filed€ with€ the€ MTC€ a€ criminal€ complaint€ for€ malicious€ mischief.€ € Malicious€ mischief€ being€ a€ deliberate€ act€ cannot€ be€ committed€thr € Q:€ Nestor€ was€ had€ an€ argument€ with€ his€ live‐in€ partner.€ Soriano.€ No.€ Hence.€Simple€ Arson€ contemplates€ crimes€ with€ less€ significan nomic.€No.€ however.€ As€ to€ the€ thir as€ not€ justified€ in€ summarily€ and€ extrajudicially€ demolishing€ Julita’s€ nipa€ hut.€ PNB€ Property"€ to€ ward€ off the€ sign.€G.€ Was€ the€ court€ correct€ in€ convicting€ Mario€of€malic es.€ on€ the€ said€ lot€ a€ sign€ which€ reads€ "No€ Trespassing.€ Honey€ concerning€ thei eated€ discussion.€2003)€ € F€AND€ QUALIFIED€MALICIOUS€MISCHIEF€€ €€(Art.€100699.€After€realizing€what€ he€did.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ He€ maintains€that€the€demolition€of€the€nipa€hut€is€for€ the the€ interest€ of€ his€ employer.€ € Otherwise.€ People.€ € 2.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€   .€2003)€ € €€MALICIOUS€MISCHIEF us€mischief?€ € A:€ Malicious€ mischief€ is€ the€ willful€ damaging€ of€ another’s€ propert stituting€ arson€or€crimes€of€destruction€due€to€hate.€ Indeed.R.€ € Mario€ admitted€ that€ he€ deliberately€ demolished€ a€ hut€ but€ he.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ Bataan.€ Mario’s€ conviction€ for€ malicious€ mischief€ must€ be€ sustained.€Nestor€attempted€to€put€out€the€flames€but lted€ to€ the€ burning€ of€ their€ home€ and€ the€ other€ neighboring€ houses.3€ par.€revenge€ or€mere€pleasure€of€destroy nts€of€malicious€mischief?€ € A:€ 1. Offender€ deliberately€ caused€ damage€ to€ the€proper uch€ act€ does€ not€ constitute€ arson€ or€ other€crimes€involving€destruction€ 3.€ it€ would€ be€ theft€if€he€gathers€the€effects€ € Q:€Mario€was€hired€by€the€PNB€as€caretaker€of€its€ lot€ situated€ in€ Balanga. Using€ any€ poisonous€ or€ ance.€149718.€Nestor€set€fire€ on€ both€ the€ plastic€ partition€ of€ the€ es€in€the€cabinet.€29. Spreading€any€infections€among€cattle.€ together€ with€ four€ others.€No.D rties€ burned€ by€ him€ are€ specifically€ described€ as€ houses.€Frustrated€and€incensed.€ or€ € 236€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€Gutierrez.€G.€€ Nestor€ wa ed€ of€ destructive€ arson.€1996)€ € Malicious€ mischief€ does€ not€ nece al€ turpitude..€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€328)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts€under amage€ to€ obstruct€ the€ performance€of€public€functions.R.€ c hut€ thereon.€ Julita.€ contemplates€ the€ burning€ ifices.€Sept.€ 142565.€ € 3.€ on€ the€ other€ hand.€July€5.€ € 4.€€ Mario€ onvicted€ of€ malicious€ mischief.€ (People€ v.€ July€ 29.R.€ he€ should€ be€ deemed€ to€ have€ been€ charged€only€with€plain€A People€v.€ contemplating€ inhabited llings€under€the€aforesaid€law.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ his€ act€ of€ summarily€ demolishing€ the€ house€ smacks€ n€ causing€ damage€to€ it.€ G.

The€ widowed€ spouse€ with€ respect€ t longed€to€the€deceased€ spouse€ before€ the€ same€ passed€ into€ the€ possession€of€another sisters€ and€ brothers‐in‐law€ and€sisters‐in‐law.€item.€shall€buy.€ 128369.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€No.€ (Dela€ Torre€ v.€(Sec.€or€in€any€other€manner€deal€in€ any€article.€1997)€ € Q:€What€is€the€nature€of€the€crime€of€fen ral€turpitude.€ acquire.€ € Ratio:€In€fencing.€ascendants€a nts.€No. Swindling€(estafa)€ 3.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property to€ any€ archive€ or€ registry.€and€paramour. Theft€ 2.€331)€€ € Q:€Who€are€persons€liable€for€this€crime?€€ € A:€ 1. Spouses.€G.€ COMELEC July€5. Accused€ who€ is€ not€ a€ princi the€ crime.€object€or€anything€of€value€which€ ave€been€ derived€from€the€proceeds€of€the€crime€of€robbery€ or€theft.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. Malicious€mischief€ € Q:€Who€are€the€persons€exempte The€ following€ persons€ are€ exempted€ from€ criminal€liability:€ 1.€ association.€€ €€ EXEMPTION€FROM€CRI AGAINST€PROPERTY€€ € €€PERSONS€EXEMPT€FROM€CRIMINAL€LIABILITY€ €€(Art.€ € Exemption€does€not€apply€to€strangers ission€of€the€crime. Any€ person€ who amage€ any€ useful€ or€ ornamental€ painting€ of€ a€ public€nature.€ € 2.€concubine.€2€[b])€ € Q:€What€are€the€e crime€ of€ robbery€ or€ theft€ has€ been€ committed. Any€ ge€ statutes€ or€ any€ other€ useful€ or€ ornamental€public€monuments€€ 2.€ collision.€if€living€together.€ telegraph€or€telephone€lines.€ sell€ or€ dispo ell.€1612)€ € Q:€What€is€fencing?€ € A:€Fencing€is€the€act€of€an f€or€for€another.€ road.€Dec.€22.€ waterworks.€ € Note:€Art.€ natural€children.€332)€ € Q:€What€are€ :€ 1.€ € Q:€What€would€qualify€this€crime?€ € s€ in€ any€ derailment€ of€ cars.€ keep.€330)€€ € Q:€How€is€this€crime€committed? ging€ any€ railway.€ € €€DESTROYING€OR€DAMAGIN ENTS€OR€PAINTINGS€(Art.€ firm.€or€other€accident.€ adopted€ children.€ possess.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ €€ Q:€Who€are€inclu uded€ are€ stepfather.€or€any€other€thing€used€ in€ GE€OR€OBSTRUCTION€TO€MEANS€OF€ COMMUNICATION€(Art.R.€(Sec.€MARTINEZ€ 237 .€ conceal.€ 2.€ buys.€ corporat ther€ organization€ who/which€commits€the€act€of€fencing.€2€[a])€ € Q:€W e€ liable€ for€ fencing.€Anti‐Fencing€Law€(P.€ the€ offender€ buys€ or€ otherwise€acquires€and€then€sells€or€dis ue€which€he€knows€or€should€be€known€ to€ him€ to€ have€been€ derived€ from€ the€ proceeds€ Caoiti€v.€332€also€applies€to€common‐law€spouses.€receive.€actual€knowledge€of€the€fence€of€the€ fact€ that€ the€ property€ receive s€ the€ same€degree€of€malicious€deprivation€of€one’s€rightful€ property€as€that€which€anim ich€ by€ their€ very€ nature€ are€ crimes€ of€ moral€ turpitude.€promenade.€or€ relatives€by€affinity€in€the€same€line.€1996)€ € Q:€Who€is€a€fence?€ € A:€ A€ fence€ includes€ any€ person.€ € Estafa€should€not€be€complexed€with€any€other€crime€ in€order€for€e € A.D.€CA.€ receives.

g.€ € There€ is.€ acquires.€ ob ue€ has€ been€ derived€ from€ the€ proceeds€of€the€crime€of€robbery€or€theft.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ It€ only€ shifted€ the€ burden€ of€ proof€ to€ the€ defense.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€or€to€have€been€in€any€wise€involved€in€the€ co bbery€ or€ theft.€ 1612.€ € Not€limited€in€scope€ There€is€no€presumption€ of€violation.D.€the€principal€must€ have€been€convicted€first€ o lty€is€less€than€that€ imposed€in€fencing.€ G.€ The€ place€ where€ the€ theft€ or€ robbery€ was€ committed€ was€ incon es€the€presumption€of€fencing€arise?€ € A:€ The€ mere€ possession€ of€ any€ good.€ The€fence€need€not€be€a€ natural€person€but€may ation€or€ partnership€or€other€ organization€ ACCESSORY€ 3.€ item.€ article.€ (Dizon‐Pamintuan€ v.R. .€ (People€ v.€Jurisdicti e€ place€ where€ the€ personal€ property€ subject€ of€ the€ robbery€ or€ theft€ was€ posses .€ keeps.€ De€ Guzman.€ or€ dealt€ with.€The€ terms€theft€and€robbery€ are€used€as y€kind€ of€unlawful€taking.€When€the€price€of€an€article€is€way€below€ordinary€ prices.€ the€ accessory€ in€ the€ crimes€ of€ robbery€ or€ theft€could€be€prosecuted€as€such€un er€ P.€July€11.€G.€ Malum€prohi ere€is€no€ need€to€prove€criminal€ intent.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € possesses..€ Burden€of€proof€is€upon€th ption.€ consummated.€As€such.€No.€1€of€the€RPC?€ € A:€ FENCING Fencing€is€limited€to€ theft€and€robbery.€ intent€to€gain€for€himself€or€for€another.€it€ can€stand€on€its€own.€ or€ in€ any any€ article.€not€ just€theft€or€robbery€ Mere€possession€of€ stolen€items€cr cing.€ Fencing€is€a€principal€ crime€in€itself.€ It€is€necessary€to€prove€ that€the€principal€ commi efore€an€ accessory€could€be€held€ liable.R.€ People.€ The€penalty€is€higher€ than€the€penalty€of€an€ accessory.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€LIWANAG.€ object€ or€ anything€ of€ value.€ the€ person€ who€ partook€ of€ the€ proceeds€ is€ liable € Q:€Is€fencing€a€continuing€offense?€ € A:€Fencing€is€not€a€continuing€offense. 4.€1€be€likewise€charged€under s€prohibited€under€the€Constitution€is€ the€ prosecution€ of€ the€ accused€ twice€ for€ the € 238€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ which€ has€ been€ derived€from€the€ obbery€or€theft.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. thing€ of€ value€ which€ has€ been€ the€ subject€ of€ robbery€ or€ thievery€ shall€ be€ pri ncing.D.€ conceals.€ € E.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ or€ buys€ and€ sells. € Note:€ Fencing€ under€ PD€ 1612€ is€ a€ distinct€ crime€ from€ theft€and€robbery.€ Neither€ is€ the€ crime€ of€ robbery€ or€ theft€ made€ to€ depend€on€an€ e€ € Q:€May€one€who€is€charged€as€an€accessory€under€ Art.€1994)€ € Q:€ What€ tween€ P. 93)€ € Q:€What€is€the€similarity€of€fence€and€accessory€in€ the€crimes€of€robbery€or€theft? hat€all€the€acts€ of€one€who€is€an€accessory€to€the€crimes€of€robbery€ or€theft€are€include ct.€ or€ disposes.€ € The€presumption€does€not€offend€the€presumption€ of€ innocence€ enshrined€ in€ th .€ 1612€ and€Art.€ this€ fact€ may€ serve€ a the€ article€ was€ derived€ from€ the€ proceeds€ of€ theft€ or€ robbery.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H .€19€par.€ item.€ Malum€in€se€and€therefore€ there€is€a€need€to€p Natural€person€only€ Q:€What€distinguishes€fencing€from€robbery?€ € A:€The€law€on€fencing€does€not€require€the€a ted€ in€ the€ criminal€ design€ to€ commit.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ There€i f€theft€or€robbery.€111426.€ JR.€19€par.€ € The€accused€knows€or€should€have€known€ that€ said€ article.€ € If€ th ited€ is€ being€ prosecuted€ with€ the€ robber.€ the€ participant€ is€ prosecuted€ as€ an€ s€ being€ prosecuted€ separately.


€object€of€ anything€ of€ value€ obtained€ from€ an€ unlicense reof.€People.€as€clarified€by€SC‐AC€No.€ No.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property Note:€The€State€may€choose€to€prosecute€the€offender€ either€under€the€RPC€or€PD€1612€altho ter€ would€ seem€ inevitable€ considering€ that€ fencing€ is€ a€ crime€ malum€ prohibitum.€ Integ onal€ Police€ shall€ promulgate€such€rules€and€regulations€to€carry€out€ the€provisions€of€ n€who€fails€ to€ secure€ the€ clearance€ or€ permit€ required€ by€ this€ section€or€who€vio f€the€ rules€and€regulations€promulgated€thereunder€shall€ upon€conviction€be€punished€as€a ncing€Checks€Law€(B.€without€ any€ valid bank€ to€ stop€payment.€13‐2001)€ € Note:€ In€ the€ case€ of€ Eduardo€ Vaca€ v.(Sec.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ 16.€ Nov.€ € Q:€Is€being€a€first€time€offender€the€sole€facto ty€of€fine€alone?€ € A:€ No.€ 130038.€ CA.€ No.€shall€before€offering€the€ same€ for€ sale€ to€ the€ public.€€ Having€ sufficient€ funds€ in€ or€ credit€ with€ the€ drawee€ ban ws€ and€ issues€ a€ check.€ The€ penalty€ to€ be€ imposed€depends€o stances€of€ each€ case.€ The€ Chief€ of€ Constabulary/Director€ General.€such€penalty€may€be€imposed.€13‐ 2001.€Blg.€the€SC€ explained€ that€ the€ clear€ tenor€ o 2.€22?€ € A:€SC‐AC€No. Makes€arrangements€for€pa of€ such€ check€ within€five€banking€days€after€notice€ of€non‐payment.€G.€ € as€ well€ as€ in€ Administrative€ Circular€ No.€establish alties.€ ates€ a€ presumption€ of€ fencing€ and€ prescribes€ a€ higher€ penalty€ based€ on€ the€ val . ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ secure€ the€ necessary€ om€the€station€commander€of€ the€ Integrated€ National€ Police€ in€ the€ town€ or€ city€ wh blishment€ or€ entity€ is€ located.€22?€ A:€€ 1.€MARTINEZ€ 239 .€ € Q:€What€penalty€ olation€of€B.€P.R.€ 18.€ 131714.€No.€ The€ determination€ of€ the€ circ warrant€the€imposition€of€fine€rests€upon€trial€judge€ only.€ establishments€ or€ entities€ de ll€of€any€good.1)€€ Q:€ When€ is€ there€ prima€ facie€ evidence€ of€ knowledge€of€insufficient€funds?€ € A:€€ G e€ evidence€ of€ knowledge€of€insufficient€funds€when€the€check€ was€ presented€ within€ 90 appearing€on€the€check€and€was€dishonored.€ shall€ fail€ to€ keep€ sufficient€ funds€ or€ to€ maintain€ a€ l€ amount€ of€ the€ check€ if€ presented€ within€ a€ period€ of€ 90€ days€from€the€date€app eason€ it€ is€ dishonored€ by€ the€ drawee€bank.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ Howe ssage€of€Administrative€Circular€No.€ (Dizon‐Pamintuan€v.€ 1994)€ € Q:€ When€ does€ obtaining€ a€ clearance/permit€ to€ sell/used€ second€ hand€ articles€ exem om€being€liable€under€anti‐fencing€law?€ A:€ All€ stores.€article€item. Any€ person€ who y€ check€ to€ apply€ on€ account€ or€ for€ value.€ € XPN:€€ 1.€22)€ Q:€Who€are€liable€under€B.€ and .€ This€ circumstance€ is€ however€ not€ the€ sole€ factor€ in€ eserves€ the€ preferred€ penalty€ of€ fine€ alone.€111426.€ When€ the€ circumstances€ of€ the€ case€ clearly€ indicate€ good€ faith€ or€ clear alone€ may€ be€ considered€ as€ the€ preferred€ penalty.€ 2000.€ G.€12‐2000.€ 22€ by€ deleting€ the€ penalty€ of€ impriso g€ only€ the€ penalty€ of€ fine€ in€ an€ amount€ double€ the€ amount€ of€ the€ check.€ knowing€ at€ the€ time€ of€ issue€ that€ ent€ funds€ in€ or€ credit€ with€ the€ drawee€ bank€ for€ the€ payment€ of€ such€ check€ in ent.P.€13‐2001.R.€ It€ is€ the€ trial€ court’s€ decision€ to€ impose€ any€ penalty€ w he€ law.P.€ 12‐2 e€ sentence€ imposed€ for€ violation€ of€ B. When€ the€ check€ was€ presented€ a When€the€maker€or€drawer:€€ € a.€July€11. Pays€ the€ holder€ of€ the€ check€ the€ amount€due€within€ ing€notice€that€such€check€ has€not€been€paid€by€the€drawee€ € b.€ 1998.P.€ Sept.€ (SC‐AC€ No.€ Should€ the€ judge€ deem€ tha propriate.€ which€ check€ is€ subsequently€ dishonored€ by€ the€ drawee€ bank€for€insufficiency€o ould€ have€ been€ dishonored€ for€ the€ same€reason€had€not€the€drawer.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.

P.€ € The€ discretion€ lies€ on€ the€ Court€ whether€ or€ not€ they€ will€ im risonment€ in€ cases€ of€ violation€of€BP€22.€fork‐lifts.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ which€ run€ only€ on€ rails€ or€ tracks.€12‐2000€is€not€to€remove€imprisonment€as€ an€ alternative€ penalty€ but€ to€ l ence€in€the€application€of€the€penalties€provided€ for€in€B.€ € Q:€What€is€overhauling?€ € A:€ Overhauling"€ is€ th he€ whole€ engine€ of€ a€ motor€ vehicle€ by€ separating€ the€ motor€ engine€ and€ its€ par e€ motor€vehicle.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ JR.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€threat€ or€intimidatio Illustration:€€ € Pedro€ is€ about€ to€ leave€ from€ UST.€ and€ tractors.€ but€ excepting€ road€ rollers.€ trailers€ and es€ of€ all€ kinds€ used€ exclusively€for€agricultural€purposes.€ € € 240€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ trolley€ cars. € In€any€other€unlawful€means.€graders.€engine€block€or r€ vehicle.€ Upon€ boarding€ his€ car.€22.€and€ cranes€ if€ not€ ghways.€of€a€motor€vehicle.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ € Note:€The€overt€act€which€is€being€punished€under€this€ law€as€carnapping€is€also€the€takin mstances€of€theft€or€robbery.€took€Pedro’s€car.€ Whenever€ any€ motor€ vehicle€ is€ found€to€have€a€serial€number€on€its€motor€ sis€which€is€different€from€that€ which€ is€ listed€ in€ the€ records€ of€ the€ Bureau€ of€ les€ imported€ into€ the€ Philippines.€ € Thus.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS. When€ the€ sub le€ and€ the€ motor€ vehicle€ is€ unlawfully€taken€through€violence.€LIWANAG.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€amphibian€trucks.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ street‐sweep s.€ € Q:€What€is€a€motor€vehicle?€ € A:€ Motor€ vehicle"€ is€ any€ vehicle€ propelled€ by€ any€ p r€using€the€public€ highways.€ 12‐ 2000€ med€a€hindrance.€ Should€ the€ j mprisonment€ is€ the€ more€ appropriate€ penalty.lawphi1™€ € Q:€What€is€dismantling?€ € A:€"Dismantling"€is€the€ or€part€by€part.€ the€ imposition€ of€ fine€ alone€ should€ he€ more€ appropriate€ penalty.P.€ Administrative€ Circular€ No.€ that€ motor€ vehicle€ shall€ be€ considered€ to€hav ed€with€serial€number.€with€intent€to€gain..€ or€ by€ using€ force€ upon€ things.€Anti‐Carnapping€Act€of€1972€(R.€ Needless€ to€ say.€ shall€be€cla or€vehicle€with€no€ power€rating.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€of€a€ motor€ vehicle€ belonging€ to€ another€ without€ the€ latter’s ce€against€or€ intimidation€ of€ person.€ altering€ original€ factory‐inscribed€ serial€ number€ on€ the€ motor€vehicle€engine.€6539)€ € (1)€Definition€of€terms€ € Q:€What€is€carna .€ € Q:€What€is€body lding"€ is€ a€ job€ undertaken€ on€ a€ motor€ vehicle€ in€ order€ to€ replace€ its€ entire€ hat€is€remodeling?€ € A:€ "Remodeling"€ is€ the€ introduction€ of€ some€ changes€ in€ the€ ody€ of€ the€ motor€vehicle.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Circular€No.€ 2.€ € Q:€How€is€carnapping€committed?€ € A:€It€can€be€committed€in€two€ways:€ € 1.€ There€ is€ repainting€ whenever€ the€ new€ color€ of€ a€ motor€ vehicl m€ its€ color€ as€ registered€ in€ the€ Land€ Transportation€Commission.€ he€ w ubsequently.€ € Q:€What€is€repainting?€ € A:€ Repainting€ is€ changing€ the€ colo eans€ of€ painting.€Administrative€ ishes€a€ rule€ of€ preference€ in€ the€ application€ of€ the€ penal€ provisions€ of€ B.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ vehicles.€Trailers€having€ any€numbe pelled€or€intended€ to€ be€ propelled€ by€ attachment€ to€ a€ motor€ vehicle.lawphi1™€ € Q:€ What€ do€ you€ mean€ by€ defacing€ or€ tam A:€"Defacing€or€ tampering€with"€a€serial€number€is€ the€ erasing.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€€ € C.A.€ e€ circumstances€ of€ both€ the€ offense€ and€ the€ offender€ clearly€ indicates€ good€ fai take€ of€ fact€ without€ taint€ of€ negligence.€ scratching.€ lawn€ mowers.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ bulldozers.€ the€ determination€ of€ whether€ the€ warrant€ the€ imposition€ of€ fine€ alone€ rests€ solely€ upon€ the€ judge.

Keep€ a€ permanent€ ocks.€distributors€and€sellers€ € Q:€What€is€the€duty€of€importers.€€ € € (b)€Duty€of€importers.€engine€block€or€chassis. Registrat gine.€ and€ stating€ the€ names€ and€ addresses€ of€ the€ o of.€€ € Motor€ vehicle built€ or€ repaired€ by€ replacement€with€motor€vehicle€engines.€ € 2.€conveyance.€the€crime€is€estafa. Chassis€€ € Q:€Who€shall€register?€ € A:€€The€owner€in€his€name€or€in€the€name€of€the€real€ owner€who€s m€ over€ the€ registered€ motor€ vehicle€ engine.€ engine€block€or€chassis.€ and€ the€ names€ and Q:€ What€ is€ the€ effect€ if€ motor€ vehicle€ engines.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR .€ who€ thereafter€ misappropriated€ the€ same.€Pedro’s€car€was€taken. Carnapped€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E. Untaxed€importation€ 2.€The€taking€of€ inning€because€the€driver€was€authorized€to€ use€ the€ vehicle.€chassis€ or€body€does€not€bear€any€serial€ stoms€ concerned€ shall€ hold€ the€ motor€ vehicle€ engine.€ chassis€ or€ b umbered€by€the€Land€Transportation€Commission.€the€crime€is€either€qualified€theft€ fied€ theft€ of€ a€ motor€ vehicle€ is€ the€ crime€ if€ only€ the€material€or€physical€poss fender.€ engine€ blocks.€ engine€ block.€ every€ owner€ or€ possess otor€ vehicle€or€parts€thereof€in€knock€down€condition€shall€ register€with€the€Land€Transp he€ following:€ 1.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€dist ny€ person€ engaged€ in€ the€ importation.€ shall.€ stating€therein:€ a.€shall:€ 1.€ engine€block€and€chassis€ € Note:€ Within€ one€ year€ after€ the€ approval€ of€ this€ Act.€ engine€blocks€and€chassis€are€not€ onsidered€as:€ 1.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property Illustration:€€ € Pedro.€ € Note:€ If€ the€ motor€ vehicle€ was€ not€ taken€ by€ the€ offender€but€was€delivered€by€the ffender.€ a€ law€ student€ parked€ his€ car€ somewhere.€transfer.€ if€ juridical€ possession€ was€ also€ yielded.€ substitution€ or€ replacement€ of€ a€ motor ine.€ € (2)€Registration€ € Q:€In€what€instances€is€registration€required?€ € A:€€ € 1.€is€it€ carnapping?€ € A:€No.€ chassis€or€body.€engine€block. Coming€from€an€illegal€source€€ 3.€€ € Note:€If€the€motor€vehicle€engine. Registration€of€sale.€ € Note:€ It€ shall€ be€ made€ with€ the€ Land€ Transportation€ Commission.€ While€ attending€ ss.€ € Note:€In€either€case.€ motor€ vehi e€ block€ chassis€ or€ body€ is€ unloaded.€ distribution.€ and€ buying€ and€ selling€ of€ m motor€ vehicle€ engines.€ The€ crime€ is€ qualified€ cle€under€Article€310€of€the€RPC.€engine€blocks€ and€ chassi d€ with€ the€ Land€ Transportation€ Commission€ shall€ not€ be€ issued€ certificates€ of€ r d€ shall€ be€ considered€ as€ untaxed€ imported€ motor€ vehicles€ or€ motor€ vehicles€ carn ng€from€illegal€sources.€ specifying€ the€ make. Engine€block€€ 3.€ within€ 7€ days€ after€ the€ arrival€ o vehicle€ or€ any€ of€ its€ parts€ enumerated€herein.€ € Q:€Suppose€Pedro’s€driver€drove€away€his€car.€ type€ and€ serial€ numbers.€ make€ and€ serial€ numbers.€ Note:€ It€ shall€ be€ confiscated€ in€ favor€ of€ the€ Governme motor€ vehicles€ in€ all€ cities€ and€ municipalities€ are€ required€ to€ register€ their€ al€police€without€paying€any€charges.€ if€ any. Motor€vehicle€engine€ 2.€ of€ the€ motor€ ngine€ block€ and€ chassis€ or€ body.€the€taking€is€always€unlawful€from€ the€beginning.€ € (3)€Who€are€liable€ € (a)€Duty€of€collector€of€customs€ € Q:€What€is€the€duty€of€collector€ stoms€ of€ a€ principal€ port€ of€ entry€ where€ an€ imported€ motor€ vehicle.€make€a€report€of€the€shipment€ to€ the ommission. Their€ type.€ otherwise.


€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Decree€ n€ Illegal€ and€Unlawful€Possession.€ chassis€ and€ bo complete€ list€of€the€spare€parts€of€the€motor€vehicle€to€ be€ assembled€ or€ rebuilt€ toge addresses€ of€ the€ sources€ thereof.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€   .UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € addresses€ of€ the€ persons€ from€ whom€they€were€acquired€and€ b.€1613€ A:€€Any€person€who:€ 1. Sow€ and€ create€ a€ condition€ of€ widespread€ and€ r€and€panic€among€the€ populace€ 2.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ Persons€ who€ conspire€ to€ commit€ the€ crime€ of€ terrorism.€ motor€ vehicle€ engine. Defacing€ or€ tampering€ with€ serial€ numbers€of€motor€vehicle e€ blocks€and€chassis.€ which€ office€ shall€ in€ turn€ furnish€ the€ Land€ Transportation€ Co rtinent€ data€ concerning€ the€ motor€ vehicle€ engines€ including€their€type. D. Coup€ d etat s€ committed€ by€private€persons€ iv.€ € Note:€ In€ the€ case€ of€ motor€ vehicle€ engines€ or€ boats. Rebellion€or€Insurrection€ iii. For€ asse or€ vehicles.€9372)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts€of€terrorism?€ an€ act€ punishable€ under€any€of€the€following€provisions€of€the:€€ € a..€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ chassis€ or€ bodies€ transported e€ motor€ vehicle.€make€and€ser € Clearance€required€for€shipment€of€motor€ vehicles.D.€RPC:€ i.€Manufacture.€ JR.€Human€Security€Act€of€2007€(R. der€P.€vessels€or€ships€shall€within€7€days€ submit€ a€ report€ to€ the€ Philippine€ otor€ vehicle.€ make€ and€ serial€ numbers€ of€ the€ engine.€Anti‐Arson€Law€(P.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ A:€ 1.€LIWANAG. Atomic€ Energy€ Regulatory€ and€ Liability ti‐Hijacking€Law€ v. Burns€or€sets€fire€to€the€property€of€ another€ € 242€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€boat€vessel€or€ship.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO. Kidnapping€ and€ Serious€ Illegal€ Detenti mes€Involving€Destruction. Anti‐Piracy€ and€ Anti‐Highway€ Robbery€ Law€of€1974€and€ vi.€ motor€ bancas€ and€ other€ light€water€vessels.€or€ € b.€and€ Render€an€accurate€monthly€report€of€his€ transactions€in€motor€vehi rtation€Commission.€ chassis€ or€ body€ to€ be€ loa ch.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. Murder€ v. The€names€and€addresses€ they€ were€ sold.€ engine€ block.€ Dealing€In.€€Special€Penal€Laws:€ i.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Coerce€ the€ government€ to€ give€ in€ to€ an€ unlawful 2. € 2.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € (4)€Punishable€acts€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € € 2.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € E.€ motor€ vehicle€ engines.€ engine€ bl r€ body‐€ € Any€ person€ who€ owns€ or€ operates€ inter‐island€ shipping€ or€ any€ water€ t ches. .€ engine€ blocks.A.€ERIK€GALLARDO. Piracy€ he€ High€Seas€or€in€the€Philippine€Waters€ ii.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ Carnapping€ 2.€Acquisition€or€Disposition€o munitions€or€Explosives€ € Note:€The€abovementioned€act€must:€ 1. The€Law€on€Arson€ ii.€ motor€ vehicle€ engines.Any€ person€ who€ shall€ undertake€to€assemble€or€rebuild€or€cause€ the€ as ing€ of€ a€ motor€ vehicle€ shall€ first€ secure€ a€ certificate€ of€ clearance€ from€ the€ bulary€ € Note:€ That€ no€ such€ permit€ shall€ be€ issued€ unless€ the€ applicant€ shall€ present€ a ath€ containing€ the€ type.€the€applicant€shall€secure€a€pe pine€ Coast€ Guard. Toxic€ S us€ and€ Nuclear€Waste€Control€Act€of€1990€ iii. € (c)€Clearance€and€permit€ € Q:€When€is€clearance€and€permit€required?€ € A:€ 1.€ boats.

Any€ person€ who€ person€ sets€ fire€ to€ his€ own€property€under€circumstances€which€ e e€ life€ or€ property€ of€ another.€ cane€ mill€ or€ s€station.€If€committed€with€intent€to€gain€ 2.€airport.€If€committed€for€the€benefit€of€anoth ted€ by€ spite€ or€ hatred€ towards€ the€ owner€ or€ occupant€ of€ the€ property€burned€ 4.€ bamboo€ grove€ or€forest€ 5.€ publ vate€ market.€or€any€edifice€devoted€to€culture.€ education€or€social urch€ or€ place€ of€ worship€ or€ other€ building€where€people€usually€assemble.€farm.€ Any€ building€ used€ as€ offices€ of€ the€ government€or€any€of€its€ag lling€ 3.€ Any€ industrial€ establishment.€1613?€ A:€€ 1.€ inflammable€or€combustible€materials€are€ stored.(Sec. e€ Note:€The€offense€is€committed€by€a€syndicate€if€its€is€ planned€or€carried€out€by€a€group€ foregoing€ circumstance(s)€ are€ present.€ lodging€ house.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€platform€or ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ whether€ public€ or€ private.€growin orchard.€situated€in€a€populated€or€congested€ area.€ € Any eum.€wharf€ or€warehouse.€ € € Any€ rice€ mill.€pastureland.€€€€Any t.€ 4.€ Any€ ammunition€ blishment€ where€ explosives.1)€ 4.€ judicial.€vessel€or€ or€ conveyance€ for€ watercraft.€ the€ penalty€ shall€ be€ imposed€ to€ its€ maxim ec.(Sec.€ 2.€ sugar€ mill.€ dormitory.€ housing€ tenement.3)€ Q:€ What€ are€ the€ aggravating€ circumsta .(Sec.€ oil€ well€or€mine€shaft.4)€ Q:€When€is€there€destructive€arson?€ A:€When€the€property€burned€is:€ 1.€€€€Any€plantation.€ 7.€€€Any€ lling€or€ not.€ hotel.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ shipyard.€€ nce€is€kept€for€use€ in€ any€ legislative.€ administrative€ or€other€official€pr hospital.€ shopping€ center.€MARTINEZ€ 243 .€ theater€ or€ movie€ house€ or€ any€ similar€ place€ or€ building.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Property 2.€ transportation€of€persons€or€property€ 5.2)€ Q:€What€are€the€other€ca erty€burned€is:€ 1.

€ They cuted€ except€ upon€ the€ complaint€ initiated€ by€ the€ offended€party.€ Both€ the€ offenders€ must€ be€ pardoned rty.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ € Note:€Even€a€married€woman€who€due€to€her€age.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€even€if€it€involves€the€same€man.€ in€ which€ case.€ abduction€ and€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness€ are€ the€ so‐ called€ private€ crimes.€333)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€ad xual€intercourse€with€a€man€not€ her€husband€ 3.€CRIMES€AGAINST€CHASTITY€€ € Q:€What€are€private€crimes?€ € A:€ The€ crimes€ of€ adulter on. Keeping€a€mist € 244€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ who€for€money€or€p n€ sexual€intercourse€or€ lascivious€conduct.€ € There€ is€ no€ frustrated€ adultery€ e€offense.€ € Abandonment€ without€ justification€ is€ not€ exempting.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ the€ crime d€it€is€beyond€the€offended€ party€to€pardon€the€offender.€ but€only€mitigating .€the€public€prosecutor€will€take€over€ a ecution€of€the€offender.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ PROSTITUTION€ It€is€a€crime€against€public€ morals.€ only€ the€ sane€ c 3.€ the€ offense€ to€ the€ vows€ taken€ and€ the€ attack€to€the€f n€ instantaneous€ crime€ which€ is€ consummated€ and€ completed€ at€ the€ moment€ of€ the€ gle€ intercourse€ consummates€ the€ crime€ of€ adultery.€ € €€CONCUBINAGE€€ €€(Art.€ the€ woman€ can€be€tried€and€convicte onale€ of€ the€ law€ for€ penalizing€ adultery?€ € A:€ The€ violation€ of€ the€ marriage€ v damental€ ground€ for€ the€ punishment€ of€ adultery€ and€ not€ the€ possibility€ of€ intro ring€into€the€family.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. There€ may€ not€ be€ a€ joint€ criminal€ intent.€ the€ man€ is€ innoce ng€the€pendency€ of€ the€ action€ cannot€ defeat€ the€ trial€ and€ conviction€of€the€man.€334)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € A:€ 1.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€LIWANAG.€can€ no€longer€conceive. As€ regards€ the€ man€ with€ whom€ she€ ha he€ must€ know€ her€ to€ be€married€ € Note:€ For€ adultery€ to€exist. The€man€may€not€know€that€the€woman€is€ married.€ Committed€by€a€married€ woman€who€shal h€a€man€ not€her€husband.€ there€ must€ be€ a€ marriage€ although€it€be€subsequentl en€if€ the€ marriage€ of€ a€ guilty€ woman€ with€ the€ offended€ party€ be€ subsequently€ d is€ still€ adultery€ because€ until€ the€ marriage€ is€ declared€ to€ be€ null€ and€ void€ ity€ in€ a€ final€ judgment..€ in€ which€ case.€is€liable€for€adult the€ institution€ of€ the€ criminal€ prosecution.€€This€is€ so€ because€ when€ the€ prosecution€ starts.€ JR.€€ € Q:€ Is€ acquittal€ of€ one€ of€ the€ defendants€ operates€ as€a€cause€of€acquittal€of€the€o owing€reasons:€ 1.€ Committed€by€a€woman€ whether€married€or€not.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ Each€ sexual€ intercourse€ consti me€ of€adultery.€ € €€ADULTERY€AND€CONCUBINAGE€ € €€ADULTERY€ €€(Art.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€€€ € Ratio:€ The€ law€ regards€ the€ privacy€ of€ the€ offended€ party€here€as€more€important€th e€order€of€society.€ eft€ the€ country€ and€ could€ not€ be€ apprehended.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € XI.€ although€there€is€join ne€of€the€parties€may€be€insane€and€the€ other€ sane.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € Q:€ How€ is€ prostitution?€ € A:€ ADULTERY adultery€ distinguished€ from€ It€is€a€private€offense.€€The€law€gives€the€offended€party€ the€preference€whether€to€sue€or€not ed€ party€ has€ initiated€ the€ criminal€complaint.


€The€conjugal€dwelling€is€the€house€of€the€ spouses€ even€ if€ the€ wife€ happe absent€ therefrom. Cohabiting€ with€ her€ in€ any€ ards€ the€ woman.€ 3.€ 2.€ proof€ of€ actual€ sexual€ intercourse€may€not€be€necessary€too.€ € Note:€ Under€ Art.€ The€ woman€ however€ must€ be€ brought€ to€ the€ conjugal€ house€ by€ t ubine€ to€ fall€ under€ this€ article.€ and€ treated€ as€ an€ adopted€ child€being€a€relative€of€t licit€ relations€with€the€accused€husband€does€not€make€her€ a€mistress. Under€Article€336€(Act Under€ Article€ 339€ (Acts€ of€ lasciviousness€ with€the€consent€of€the€offended€party)€ € rt.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € Q:€ May€ a€ husband€ be€ liable€ for€ concubi t€the€same€time€for€the€same€act€of€illicit€ intercourse€with€the€wife€of€another€man?€ € A s€ concubinage€ with€ a€ married€ woman€ and€ provided€ that€ the€ two€ offended€ parties.€€€ € This€i d€man. Note:€ Unlike€ in€ adultery€ where€ a€ single€ sexual€ intercourse€ may€ constitute€ such€ ubinage.€or€ b. Man€must€be€married.€ there€ is€no€ intercourse.€the€ husband.€ € ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness€ is€ committed€ when€ the€ act€performed as€ perpetrated€ under€ circumstances€ which€ would€ have€ brought€ about€ the€ crime€ of€ ntercourse€was€effected. He€committ eeping€ a€ mistress€ in€ the€ conjugal€ dwelling.€ Concubinage€is€a€continuing€crime.€ with€ a€ woman€ who€is€ habiting€with€her€in€any€other€place.€MARTINEZ€ 245 .€ a€ year€ or€ longer€ as€ distinguished€ from€ oc etings€ for€ unlawful€ sexual€intercourse.€ provided€ it€ be€ done€ before€the€i minal€complaint.€ if€ the€ co‐ accused€ was€ voluntarily€ take the€ spouses€ in€ their€ house.€ € Illu he€ charges€ consist€ in€ keeping€ a€ mistress€ in€ the€ conjugal€ dwelling.€ Thus.€ € Q:€Who€is€included€in€the€complai lude€ both€ parties€ if€ they€ are€ both€ alive.€ € 2.€€ b.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. By€ means€ of€ fraudulent€ machination€ or€grave€abuse€of€authori ffended€party€is€under€12€ years€of€age€or€is€demented.€The€ coh e€period€of€time€which€ may€ be€ a€ week.€ € € € 3.€Bu ntercourse€ together€ as€ husband€ or€wife€or€living€together€as€husband€and€wife. By€using€force€or€intimidation.€ 336.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Chastity 2.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€€Similarly.€€ € ACTS€OF€LASCIVIOUSNE ds€ of€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness?€ € A:€Acts€of€lasciviousness:€€ 1.€it€includes€the€woman€who€had€ a€relationship€with€the€mar Note:€ Concubinage€ involves€ moral€ turpitude.€ a€ married€ man€ is€ liable€ only€ when€ he€ does€the€above€acts.€ d€ the€ husband€ of€ his€mistress€file€separate€cases€against€him.€336)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ In€ case€ of€ pardon€ or€ when€ the€ offe e€same€shall€bar€the€ prosecution€ of€ the€ offenses.€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€concubinage?€ € A:€€ 1. It€ is€ done owing€ circumstances:€ a.€ c.€ she€ must€ know€ him€to€be€married. When€the€offended€party€is€d therwise€unconscious. Act€of€lasciviousness€is€committed€against€ a€person€of€either€sex.€ with€ a€ woman€who€is€not€his€wife.€or€ c. Having€ sexual€ intercourse.€ under€ scandalous€ circumstances.€ €€ Only€ the€ offended€ spouse€ can€ bring€ the€ prosecution. Offender€ commits€ any€ act€ s.€ unde circumstances. Having€ sexual€ intercourse.€ € Illustration:€€ € If€ the€ charge€ is€ cohabiting€ in€ any€ other€ place.

Seduction€ of€ a€ virgin€ over€ 12€ years€ and€ under€18€years€of€age€by€certain€per authority. € € Q:€ Who€ are€ the€ persons€ liable€ for€ qualified€ seduction?€ € A:€ 1.€ confidence€ or€ relationship€ on€ the r€ € 2.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€and€ € Elements:€ a.G. Guardian€ € 246€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ or€ descendant€ by€ her€ ascendant.€CORRUPTION€OF€€MINORS€AND€ WHITE€SLAVE€TRADE€€ € €€SEDUCTION€ € Q:€How€is€sedu itted€by€enticing€a€woman€to€ unlawful€sexual€intercourse€by€promise€of€marriage€ or€other€ ut€use€of€force.€or€rape€or€of€adulter ment€ the€ offender€ performs€ all€ elements€necessary€for€the€existence€of€the€felony.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . f€age.€ € Note:€ There€ can€ be€ no€ frustration€ of€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ € Q:€Who€may€be€the€offended€party?€ € A:€The€offended€party€may€be€a€man€or€a€woman:€€ 1.€Climaco.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € €€QUALIFIED€SEDUCTION€ €€(Art.€46€O.€LIWANAG.€ € SEDUCTION. fShe€is€over€12€and€under€18€years€of€ age€ ourse€ with€her€ d. Those€who€abused erson€in€public€authority€ b. Offended€ party€ is€ a€ virgin€ wh f€she€is€unmarried€and€of€ good€reputation€ b.€ and€ placed€ himself€ on€ top€ of€ her€ but€ th r€help€and€despite€ that.€ it€ is€ not€ necessary€ that€ the€offended€party€is€still€a€virgin.€or€otherwise€unconscious.€etc.€touching€her€breast€as€ a€ mere€ incident egorized€ as€ unjust€vexation.€all€ the€ essential€ elements€ of€ the€ offense€ have€ been€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness€and€attempted€rape?€ ACTS€OF€ LASCIVIOUSNESS€ Purpose€is€only€to€ commit€acts€of€ lewdness.€ ted€ the€ dress€ of€ the€ offended€ party.€the€crime€is€ not€ only€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness€ but€ that€ of€ attempted€ rape.€ € Note:€ In€ this€ case..€(People€v.€ JR. Seduction€ of€ a€ sister€ by€ her€ brother.€tearing€the€ drawers.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€337)€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ acts€ that€ A:€ 1..€ Lascivious€acts€are l€ objective€sought€by€ the€offender.€ o rime€of€attempted€rape.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € Q:€Is€inten :€Intent€to€rape€is€not€a€necessary€element€of€the€ crime€ of€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness.€ € If€lewd€design€cannot€be€proven€as€where€the€accused€ merely€ plainant€ either€ out€of€passion€or€other€motive.€ € ATTEMPTED€RAPE€ Purpose€is€to€lie€with€the€ offend s€are€but€the€ preparatory€acts€to€the€ commission€of€rape. There€ is€ abuse€ of€ authority.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€the€lascivious€ acts€ were€ committed€ on€ him€ or€ her€ through€violence€or€intimid nder€ party€ was€ deprived€ of€ reason.€ priest.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € Illustration:€€ € When€ the€ accused€ not€ only€ kissed€ and€ embraced€ the€ complainant€ b r€ breast€ with€ particular€ design€ to€ independently€ derive€ vicarious€ pleasure€therefr nt€of€lewd€design€exists.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€kissi ts.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€from€that€moment.€ € Q:€What€is€required€in ion€ for€acts€of€lasciviousness?€€ € A:€ It€ is€ essential€ that€ the€ acts€ complained€ of ewd€ designs€ and€ that€ the€ victim€did€not€consent€or€encourage€such€acts.€the€accused€persisted€in€his€purpose.€he€ urpose€and.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€3186)€ Illustration:€€ € Thus.€ r putation.€ teacher.

€ € 4.€distinguishing€it€from€the€term€ servant.€he€ is€guilty€ of€ Acts€ of€Lasciviousness€under€ this€article. Brother€who€seduced€his€sister€ b.€if€the€offended€party€i ster€ of€ the€ offender€ –€ no€ matter€ how€ old€ she€ is€ or€ whether€ she€ is€ a€ prostit tion€is€committed. She€must€be€of€good€reputation.€ there€ can€ be€ no€ crime€ of€ Seduction€as€she€is€not€a€virg €€SIMPLE€SEDUCTION€ €€(Art.€ the€ age€ of€ the€ offended€woman€is€considered.€339)€€ € Q:€What€a fender€ commits€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness€ or€lewdness.€when€the€accused€ claims€ he€ had€ prior€ sexual€ intercourse€ with€ the€ tter€is€still€to€be€considered€a€virgin.€MARTINEZ€ 247 .€ € It€ refers€ to€ a€ woman€ of€ chaste€ character€ or€ virtuous€ woman€of€go Note:€Virginity€is€not€to€be€understood€in€so€a€material€ sense€as€to€exclude€the€idea€of€a eputation. Male€cannot€be€the€offended€party€in€this€ crime.€338)€€ €€ Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€simple€seduction?€ € A:€ r€ 18€ years€of€age.€(People€vs.€ 104942‐4 omestic€ is€ applied€ to€ a€ person€ usually€ living€under€the€same€roof.€ and€ this€ promise€ need€ not€ immediately€precede€the€sexual€act.€ 3.€ € 2.€ the€ latter€ is€ guilty€ of€ Qualified€ Seduction€ when€ he€ had€ sexual€ intercour ent€since€he€is€ considered€ a€ domestic. d.€ under€ 18€ years€ of€ age€ but€ over€ 12€ years.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Chastity c. Illustration:€€ € Where€the€complainant€who€is€16€years€old€ lives€in€the€same€house€where€ lives.€ € The€ deceit€ generally€ takes€ form€ omise€ to€ marry.€ € €€ACTS€OF€LASCIVIOUSNESS€WITH€THE€CONSENT€OF€ THE€OFFENDED€PARTY€(Art.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Offender€h 4.€ but€ had€ there€ been€ sexual€ intercourse.€ € Deceit€is€not€necessary€in€qualified€seduction.€ € Note:€Virginity€of€offended€party€is€not€required.€ € 3. € Those€who€abused€their€relationship:€ a.€ 2.€Thus. It€is€committed€by€means€of€deceit. Offender€ accomplishes€ the€ acts€ by€ abuse€ idence. Acts€are€committed€upon€a€wom ngle€ or€ widow€ of€ good€ reputation.€single€or€ widow.€ is€ entrusted€ with€ the€ education€ or€ c educed€ € Those€who€abused€confidence€reposed€in€ them:€ a.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ (People€ v.€ otherwise.€ o t€ regardless€of€her€reputation€or€age.€ in€ any€ capacity.€ Subingsubing.€ But€ if€ it€ was€ established€ that€ the€ girl€ h € Q:€Distinguish€Acts€of€lasciviousness€under€Art.€ or€ deceit.€ G.€336€ from€Art.€ relationship.R.€ 3.€ the€ off en€ seduction.€339. Ascendant€ wh scendant€ € Note:€ Qualified€ seduction€ involves€ sexual€ intercourse€ which€ was€ done€ with€ the€ co oman. House€servant€ c.€€€ 2.€ the€ crime€ is€ rape. Teacher€ Person€ who.€ where€ the€ acts€ of€ the€ offender€ were€limited€to€acts€of€lewd nd€ no€ carnal€ knowledge€ was€ had.€ € A:€ ARTICLE€336 The€acts€are€committed€ under€circumstances€ which€had€there€been€ ARTICLE€339 ousness€ are€committed€under€the€ circumstances€which€had€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ € Q:€What€is€the€meaning€of€virginity€for€purposes€of€ qualified€seduction?€ € A:€ Virginit l€ virginity.€pertaining€to€the uting€in€this€sense€a€ part€thereof.€ Nos. Do relations€ with€ other€ men.€ € The€ offended€ woman€ must€be€over€12€but€below ified€ seduction. Note:€ In€ other€ words. Priest€ b.

Person€ abducted€ is€ any€ woman.€committed€ habitually€ € €€ABDUCTION€ € Q:€What€is€abduction?€ € A:€ Abduction€ is€ the€ taking€ away€ of€ a€ woma ere€ she€ may€ be€ for€ the€ purpose€of€carrying€her€to€another€place€with€intent€ to€marry nds€of€abduction?€ € A:€ 1.€341)€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts?€ € A:€ 1.€a€single€act€of€ promoting€or€facilitating€the€corruption€or€prostitution€ to€ constitute€ violation€ of€ this€ article.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ there€been€carnal€ knowledge.€ € Q:€Is€it€necessary€that€unchaste€acts€are€done?€€ € A:€€No.€ regardless€ of€ her€ r€ reputation€ € 2.€not€ his€(proponent’s).€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€G.€92)€ € Q:€Who€are€the€persons€li hall€ promote€ or€ facilitate€ the€ prostitution€ or€ corruption€ of€ persons€ under€ age€ t€of€another.€Mere€proposal€ Note:€ Victim€ must€ be€ of€ good€ reputation.R. Abduction€is€with€lewd€designs€ € Note:€If€the€female€abducted€is€under€12€years€of€age.€ (People€v.€945 The€offended€party€ is€a€female€or€male€ € €€CORRUPTION€OF€MINORS€€ €€(Art.€342)€ 2.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ 267.€would€ amount€to€rape.€ev h€her€abductor. Forcible€abduction€(Art.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€LIWANAG.€would€ amount€to€ei uction€or€ simple€seduction. Enlisting€ the€ service€ of€ women€ for€ the€ purpose€of€prost e€ the€ distinctions€ between€ corruption€ of€minors€and€white€slave€trade?€ € A:€ CORRUPTION€OF€ MINORS€ It€is€essential€that€ victims€are€minors€ Victims€are€of€either€sex€ ity€not€need€not€be€ established€ Victims€are€females € Q:€Is€sexual€intercourse€necessary?€ € A:€ € Sexual€ intercourse€ is€ not€ necessary€ in€ he€intent€to€seduce€a€girl€is€sufficient.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ANTHONY€ROBLES. Engaging€ fiting€by€prostitution€ € 3.€ € Note:€There€is€no€complex€crime€of€forcible€abduction€ with€ attempted€ rape€ because€ the€ bsorbed€by€the€abduction.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € carnal€knowledge.€ The€offended€party€ should€only€be€female€ May€not€necessaril tted€by€a€single€ act€ Generally€for€profit€ Generally.€as€amended€by€B.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ A€ mere€ proposal te€ the€ crime.€ the€ former€ being€ a€ necessary€ means€ to€ co he€ subsequent€ 2€ other€ sexual€ intercourses€ committed€ against€ the€ will€ of€ the€ com be€ treated€ as€ independent€ separate€ crimes€ of€ Rape.€But€it€must€be€to€satisfy€the€lust€of€another.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A. Consented€abduction€(Art€343) s€of€forcible€abduction?€ € A:€ 1.€ JR.€ women€ for€ the€ satisfaction€ of€ their€ lustful€ desires.P.€and€the€ victim€ was€ deprive e€ is€ kidnapping€ with€ serious€ illegal€ detention€ under€ Art.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ the€crime€is€forcible€abduction.€ € Illustration:€€ ried€ or€ took€ away€ the€ victim€ by€ means€ of€ force€ and€ with€ lewd€ design€ and€ ther rime€ is€ forcible€ abduction€ with€ rape.€ € ngs€of€the€law.€ € Illustration:€€ € This€is€usually€the€act€ e€ seekers.€340.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € Where€lewd€design€was€not€proved€or€shown.€Bacalso.€No.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ € € 248€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.. Abduction€is€against€her€will€ € 3.€The€ € €€WHITE€SLAVE€TRADE€ €€(Art.€ not€ a€ prostitute€or€corrupted€person.

€acts€of€lasciviousness€ and€ra s€criminal€action€or€remits€the€ penalty€already€imposed.€ rape€ and€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness.€ABDUCTION.€€ € If€the€offended€woman€is€of€age.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ € GR:€Parent€cannot€validly€ Must€be€made€by€the€ grant€pard rty€to€ without€the€express€pardon€ both€the€offenders.€ € In€ consented€ abduction.€(U.€ cajolery€or€deceit.€she€shoul € €€PROVISIONS€RELATIVE€TO€THE€PRECEDING€ CHAPTERS€OF€TITLE€ELEVEN€ € €€PROSECUTION€OF€THE€ E.€ GR:€Pardon€by t€ have€the€concurrence€of€ parents.€ABDUCTION.€RAPE.€even€if€a€minor. Pardon€ An€express€pardon€by€the€ offended€party€or€other€ persons€named€in€the€ se€may€ be.€ € € May€be€a€bar€to€ ade€ otherwise€incapacitated€to€ before€the€institution€ grant€it.€cajolery€and€even€perdition. med€above.€ € A:€ SEDUCTION.€ ADULTERY€AND€ RAPE€OR€ACTS€OF€ CONCUBINAGE€ LASCIVIOUSNESS€ Prosecut osecuted€upon€ complaint€signed€by:€ Must€be€prosecuted€ 1.€that€her€parents.€ € 3.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ it€ is€ not€ nec tim€ (a€ virgin€ over€ twelve€ and€ under€ 18)€ be€ personally€ taken€ from€ her€ parent’s€ t€ is€ sufficient€ that€ he€ was€ instrumental€ in€ leaving€ the€ house.€ grandparents€or€guardian.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ legal€ effect€ of€ the€ marriage€ of€ the€ offender€and€the€offended€par ffender€ with€ the€ offended€ party€in€seduction.€€ € XPN:€If€she€is€incomp ng€so€ upon€grounds€other€than€her€minority.€ He€ must€ however .€ € GR:€Offended€party. Grandparents.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Chastity Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ consented€ abduction?€ € A:€ 1.€independently€of€her€parents. Taking€ away€ of€ the€ offended€ party€ must ter€ solicitation€ or€ cajolery€from€the€offender.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Guardians€in€the€order€ Q:€ Who€ may€ file€ the€ complaint€ where€ offended€ minor€fails€to€file€the€same?€ € A:€ 1 ts€ 3. Guardian€€ € Note:€ Right€ to€ file€ the€ action€ granted€ to€ the€ parents.€€SEDUCTION.€or€ offended€spouse€ 4.€ grandparents€or€guardian€i ssive€in€ the€order€provided. Offended€party€must€be€a€ over€ 12€ and€ under€ 18€ years€ of€age.€ May€be€express€or€ € implied.€ crime€ committe .€ is€ susceptible€of€deceit.€or€honeyed€promises€of€marriage€to€ induce€the€girl€to€escape€from€h e€purpose€of€the€law€is€not€to€punish€ the€wrong€done€to€her.€ of€the€girl.€ abduction.€abduction.€ € XPN:€€When€the€offended€girl€ has€no€parents€who€co € Note:€ Both€ the€ guilty€ parties.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€MARTINEZ€ 249 .€ € 4.€ of€th randparents€or€guardian€ € may€do€so€for€her.€because€she€consented€thereto t€ for€ the€ disgrace€ of€ her€ family€ and€ the€ alarm€ caused€ to€ the€ parents€ by€ the€ e€who€ by€ her€ age€ and€ sex.€has€the€right€ to€ institute€ the€ prosecution€ ffenses.€even€if€the€girl€agrees€ to€the€elopement. Offended€party€ upon€complaint€ signed€by€the€ 3. Taking€ away€ of€ the€ offended€ p d€designs.€ AND€ACTS€OF€LASCIVIOUSNESS€ € Q:€ Distinguish€ adultery€ a s‐à‐vis€ seduction.€ if€ both€ alive€ must€ be€ included€in€the€complaint€fo ge.€bars€prosecution.€ € Illustration:€€ € If€ the€ offended€ party€ is€ under€ 12€ years€ of€ age.

€9995)€ € Q:€What€are€the€pro To€ take€ photo€ or€ video€ coverage€ of€ a€ person€ or€ group€ of€ persons€ performing€ se ar€ activity€ or€ to€ capture€an€image€of€the€private€area€of€a€ person/s€ such€ as€ the€ n enitals.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. To€ ac ring.€ internet. Ascendants€ 2. In€every€case€to€support€the€o vil€ liability€ of€ the€ adulterer€ and€ the€concubine?€ € A:€ To€ indemnify€ for€ damages€ ded€spouse. To€indemnify€the€offended€woman€ 2.€the€ following:€ € a. € 250€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.A.€and€Discrimination€A nded)€ € (1)€Child€Prostitution€and€other€acts€of€abuse€ € Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts? :€ 1.€Any€person€w ll€be€liable€for€photo€or€video€voyeurism€as€defined€ herein.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ public€ area.€Exploitation.€abduction€ etc.€ guardians.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ €B.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ such€ photo€ or€ video€ act€ or€ any€ Note:€The€prohibition€under€paragraphs€(2).€seduction€or€abduction?€ € A:€ 1.€They€are:€ 1.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ buttocks€ or€ female€ breast€ without€ the€ consent€ of€ the€ pers nd€ under€ circumstances€ in€ which€ the€ person/s€ has/have€ a€ reasonable€ expectation€of y€ or€ reproduce.€or€cause€to€be€ such€ photo€ or€ video€ or€ recording€of€sexual€act. Those€ who€ engage€ in€ or€ promote. 4.€ unless€ the€ law€should€prevent€him€from€doing€so€ 3.€LIWANAG. similar€ activity€ with€ or€ without€ consideration€ To€sell€or€distribute.€ or€ cause€ to€ be€ published€ or€ broadcast.€seduction.€ teachers€ or€ other€ persons€ e€ custody€of€the€offended€party?€€ € A:€ Persons€ who€ cooperate€ as€ accomplices€ but€ ar n€rape.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . Guardians€ 3.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ liability€ of€ ascendants.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ cellular€ phones€ and€ other€ similar€ means€ or€ device.€ 3.€Special€Protection€of€Children€Against€Child€ Abuse.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € €€CIVIL€LIABILITY€OF€PERSONS€GUILTY€OF€CRIMES€ AGAINST€CHASTITY€ € Q:€ What€ is€ the€ civil lty€ of€ rape. Curators€ 4. .€(3)€and€(4)€ shall€ apply€ notwithstanding€ tha ord€ or€ take€photo€or€video€coverage€of€the€same€was€given€by€ such€person/s.€ whether€ in€ print€ or or€ show€ or€ exhibit€ the€photo€or€video€coverage€or€recordings€ of€ such€ sexual€ act€ or hrough€ VCD/DVD.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA. Giving€monetar ds€ or€other€pecuniary€benefit€to€a€child€ with€ intent€ to€ engage€ such€ child€ in€ prost 2.€ JR.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ facilitate€ or€ induce€ child€ prostitution€ wh e€not€limited€to.€Anti‐Photo€and€Video€Voyeurism€Act€of€2009€ (R. Acting€ as€ a€ procurer€ of€ a€ child€ prostitute€ ient€of€a€ child€ prostitute€ by€ means€ of€ written€ or€ oral€ advertisements€ or€ other€ ing€ advantage€ of€ influence€ or€ relationship€ to€ procure€ a€ child€ as€ prostitute€ € d using€ violence€ towards€ a€ child€ to€ engage€ him€ as€ a€ prostitute€ € e.€whether€it€be€the€ original€copy€or€re blish€ or€ broadcast.€ or€ to€ cause€ to€ be€ copied€ or€ reproduced.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Any€ other€ person€ who€ cooperates€ as€ accomplice€ with€ abuse€ of€ authority€ or€ conf onship€ € A.€ € Note:€ No€ civil€ liability€ is€ incurred€ for€ acts€ of€ lasciviousness..

€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€ slavery.A.€ 5.€ vehicle€ or€ any€ other€ hidden€ or€ secluded€area€under€circumstances€which€ would le€ person€ to€ believe€ that€ the€ child€ is€ about€ to€ be€ exploited€in€prostitution€and Any€ person€ is€ receiving€ services€ from€ a€ child€ in€ a€ sauna€ parlor€ or€ bath.€336€RPC€ Shall€be€punished€by€ prision€correccional€ RA€7610 The€penalty€shall€be€1€ d alty€imposed€by€law€ 1.€ pension€ house.€ induce€ or€ coerce€ obscene€ exhibitions€ and€ indecent€ shows.€ hotel.€ RA€7610)€ € (2)€Obscene€publications€and€indecent€shows€ € Q:€ How€ are€ obscene€ publications€ and€ tted?€ € A:€ Any€ person€ who€ shall€ hire.€ involuntary€servitude€or€debt€bondage€ €To€introduce€o ofit.€or€model€in€obscene nographic€ materials€ or€ to€ sell€ or€ distribute€ the€ said€materials. Those€ who€ commit€ the€ act€ of€ sexual€ intercourse€ of€ lascivious€ conduct€ with€ a€ in€ prostitution€ or€ subject€ to€other€sexual€abuse€ € Note:€ Provided.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ harbor.€9208)€ Note:€Trafficked€persons€shall€be€recognized€as€victims€ of€the€act€or€acts€of€trafficking€ ized€ for€ crimes€ directly€ related€ to€ the€ acts€ of€ trafficking€ enumerated€ in€ this€ ce€ to€ the€order€made€by€the€trafficker€in€relation€thereto.€ use.€ That€ when€ the€ victims€ is€ under€12€years€of€age.€ That€ the€ penalty€ for€ lascivious€ conduct€ when€ the€ f€ age€ shall€ be€ reclusion€ temporal€ in€ its€ medium€period€ when€the€victim€is€under€ 1 alty€ for€ lascivious€ conduct€ when€ the€ victim€ is€ below€ 12€ years€ old€ shall€ be€ re its€ medium€ period.€In€ this€ regard.€ 336.€the€RPC.€ apartelle€ or€ other€ similar€ essel.€9)€ € C.€any€person€or.€ the€ penalty€ shall€ be imum€ period.€ (Sec.€ RPC€ and€ RA€ 7610?€ € A:€€ Art.€ is€ found€ alone€ with€ the€ bicle€of€a€house.€ resort.€ persuade. Q:€What€are€the€punishable€acts€under€R.A. € Those€ who€ derive€ profit€ or€ advantage€ therefrom.€ the€ conse on€ to€ the€ intended€ exploitation€ set€ forth€ in€ this€ Act€ shall€ be€ irrelevant.€ as€amended.€not€being€a€relative€of€a€ child.€ transport.€ € Q:€What€is€the€difference€between€prosecution viousness€ under€ Art.€ economic€ or€ other€ consideration.€ employ.€to€commit€any€of€the€following€acts:€ 1.€ oitation.€Anti‐Trafficking€in€Persons€Act€of€2003€€ (R.€€ € Provided.€for€rape€and€Article€336€of€Act€No.€ subject€ or€ seller/distributor€ is€ below€ 12€ years€ of€ age.€ motel.€the€perpetrators€sha rticle€335.€ ve€ a€ person€ by€ any€ means.€3815.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ bar.€f s€the€case€may€be.€ mas club€ and€ other€ similar€ establishments.€ whether€ live€or€in€video.€9208?€ A:€ It€ shall€ be€ unlawful€ for€ any€ pe al.€ or€ material.€an€ inn.€ € If€ the€ child€ .€ € Q:€ When€ is€ there€ an€ attempt€ to€ commit€ Child€ Prostitution?€ A:€There€is€an€attemp ion€ when:€ Any€person€who.€MARTINEZ€ 251 .€ disco.€ including€ those€ done€ under€ the€ pretext€ of€ domestic€ ent€ or€ training€ or€ apprenticeship.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Chastity 2.€ forced€ labor.€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ prostitution.€ or€ of€ the€ sauna.€(Sec 3.€paragraph€ 3.€ pornography.€ place€ of establishment€ serving€ as€ a€ cover€ or€ which€ engages€ in€ prostitution€ in€ addition€ t or€ which€ the€ license€ has€ been€issued€to€said€establishment.€whether€as€manager€or€owner€ of€ th re€ the€ prostitution€ takes€ place.€ transfer. To€ recruit.€ (Sec.€as€provided€ for€u pino€woman€to€ 2.

€the€following€acts:€ € 3. Preventing€the€woman€in€engaging€in€ any€ legitimate€ profe business€ or€ activity€ or€ controlling€ the€ victim s€ own€ money€ or€ properties.€ real€ or the€ purpose€ of€ acquiring.€ pornography.€ involuntary€servitude€or€debt€bondage€ To€ offer€ or€ contract€ marriage.€ or€ so ng€ the€ conjugal€ or€ common€ money.€(Sec. 5.€ pornography.€ fraud. D.€ involuntary€ servitud bondage€ To€undertake€or€organize€tours€and€travel€ plans€ consisting€ of€ tourism€ package for€ the€ purpose€ of€ utilizing€ and€ offering€ persons€ for€ prostitution.€Anti‐Violence€against€Women€and€their€ Children€Act€of€2004€(R.€ personally€ other.€ pornography. Depriving€ or€ threatening€ to€ deprive€ the€ wo n€ of€ financial€ support€ legally€ due€ her€ or€ her€ family. 4.€that€alarms€or€causes€substantial€ emotional€or€psychological€distress€to€the€ woman ll€include.€This€ shall€ include. 8.€ slavery.€ involuntary€ servitude€ or€ debt€bondage€ To€ recruit.€ offering.€ offering. 7.€ for€ marriage€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ acquiring. 7. Depriving€ or€ threatening€ to€ deprive€ the€ hild€ of€ a€ legal€ right€ € d.€ or€ properties€ € Inflicting€ or€ threatening€ to€ i arm€ on€ oneself€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ controlling€her€actions€or€decisions€ € Causing€ o e€ the€ woman€ or€ her€ child€ to€ engage€ in€ any€ sexual€ activity€ which€ does€ not€ con reat€of€force.         .€but€ not€be€limited€to.€ buying.€ forced€ labor€ or€ slavery.4)€ which€ the has€ the€ right€ to€ desist€ from€ or€ desist€ from€ conduct€ which€ the€ woman€ or€ her€ c gage€ in.€ or€ trading€ them€ to€ engage€ n.€ by€ means€ of€ threat€ or€ use€ of€ force.€ adopt.€ tran ct€ a€ person.€physical€ harm.€ or€ through€ intimidation€ directed€ against€the€woman€or€h mediate€family€ € Engaging€ in€ purposeful.€ selling. 8.A.€ hire.€ ild€ to€ engage€ in€ armed€ activities€ in€ the€ Philippines€or€abroad. 3.€ sexual€ exploitation bor. Threatening€ to€ deprive€ or€ actually€ depriving€ child€ of€ custody€to€her/his€family€ € b.€ sexual€ exploitation.€ violence.€ or€ intimidation€ directed€against€the€woman€or€child.€ sexual€ exploitation.€ but€ not€ lowing€ acts€ committed€ with€ the€ purpose€ or€ effect€ of€ controlling€ or€ restricting€ er€ child s€ movement€or€conduct:€ € a. ading€ him/her€ to€ engage€ in€ prostitution.€9262)€ € Q:€What€are€t e€ of€ violence€ against€ women€ and€ their€ children€is€committed€through€any€of€the€follo ng€ physical€ harm€ to€ the€ woman€ or€ her€child€ € Threatening€ to€ cause€ the€ woman€ or ttempting€ to€ cause€ the€ woman€ or€ her€ child€physical€harm€ € €Placing€the€woman€or€her cal€harm€ € Attempting€ to€ compel€ or€ compelling€ the€ woman€or€her€child€to€engage€in€co 6.€ knowing.€ forced€ avery.€ or€ attempting€ to€ restrict€ or€ restricting€ the€ woman s€ or€ her€ child s€ f t€ or€ conduct€ by€ force€ or€ threat€ of€ force.€ coe ion€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ removal€ or€ sale€ of€ organs€ of€ said€ person€ To€ recruit.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € a€ foreign€ national. 2. 6.€ deceit.€ pornography€o tation€ To€maintain€or€hire€a€person€to€engage€in€ prostitution€or€pornography€ To€ adopt€ tion€ of€ persons€ for€ the€ purpose€ of€ prostitution.€ or€ reckless€ conduct.€ buying.€ or€ deliberately€ providing ldren€ insufficient€ financial€support€ € c.€ physical€ or€ other€ harm€ or€ threat€ o m.


€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M. Against€ one care.€ shall€ also€ be€ held€ liable€ under€ this€ Act.A.€€ b. A. c.€ hostile. Note:€ Any€ person€ who€ directs€ or€ induces€ another€ to€ commit€ any€ act€ of€ sexual€ h defined.€7877)€ € Q.€(Sec.€ c.€ deprive€ or€ diminish€ employment€ opportunities€ or€ oth sely€ affect€ said€ employee€ The€ above€ acts€ would€ impair€ the€ employee’s€rights€or€pr ing€labor€laws.€ privileges.€What€are€the€punishable€acts€under€RA€7887?€€ 9.€ traini ceship€ or€ tutorship€ is€entrusted€to€the€offender€ When€ the€ sexual€ favor€ is€ made€ a€ ng€ of€ a€ passing€ grade.€ public€ ridicule€ or€ humiliation€ to€ the€ wom including. e.€ terms.€ (Sec.€ or€ privileges.€ or€ the€ payment€ r€other€benefits.€ sexual€ harassment€ is€ committed€when:€ a.€or€ d. In€an€education€or€training€environment.€or€the€granting€of€honors€and€ scholarships.€ sexual€harassment€is€committed:€€ a.€Anti 5€€ (R.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€or€ When€ the€ sexual€ advances€ result€ ing.€ segregating€ or€ classifying€ the in€ a€ way€ would€ discriminate.€ o id€ individual€ favorable€ compensation.€ re‐employment€ or€ continued€ employment€ of€ said€ individual.€or€who€cooperates€in€the€commission€thereof€ by€ another€ without€ which€ it€ woul mitted. ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€€ 1.€or€considerations. The€ sexual€ favor€ is€ made€ as€ a€ condit r€ in€ the€ employment. b. d. € Causing€ mental€ or€ emotional€ anguish. usal€to€grant€the€ sexual€ favor€ results€ in€ limiting.€repeated€verbal€and€emotional€ abuse. 2. The€ above€ acts€ would€ result€ in€ an€ intimidating.€ or€ offensive€ environ oyee.€ hostile€ or€ offensive€ environment€for€the€student.€ custody€ or€ supervision€ of€ the€ offender€ Against€ one€ whose€ education.€ but€ not€ limited€to.€5)€ € E.€ conditions.€trainee€ or€apprentice.€ promotions.€3)€ € b.€ and€ denial€ of€ f or€ custody€of€minor€children€of€access€to€the€ woman s€child/children. Stalking€ or€ following€ the€ woman€ or€ her€child€in€public€or€private€places€ € Peerin gering€ outside€ the€ residence€of€ the€ woman€ or€her€child€ € Entering€or€remaining€in€th y€of€the€woman€or€ her€child€against€her/his€will€ € Destroying€ the€ property€ and€ person cting€ harm€ to€ animals€ or€ pets€ of€ the€ woman€or€her€child€ € Engaging€ in€ any€ form€ c.€MARTINEZ€ 253   . In€ a€ work‐ t.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Chastity a.

€takes€the€ child€of€another€as€her€own. Offender€has€been€legall egally€ dissolved€ or.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€LIWANAG.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ duties.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ € Note:€There€must€be€intent€to€enjoy€the€rights€arising€ from€the€civil€status€of€another.€348)€ € Q:€How€is€this€crime€committed?€ € A:€ It€ s€ himself€ to€ be€ another€ and€ assumes€ the€ filiation€ or€ the€ parental€ or€ conjugal€ her€ person.€ € Nullity€of€the€first€marriage€is€not€a€defense€in€bigamy€ € Bigamy€is€not€a€private€crime€ € € 254€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ € Note:€ Simulation€ which€ is€ a€ crime€ is€ that€ which€ alters€ the€civil€status€of€a€pers r€public€officer€who€cooperates€ in€the€execution€of€the€crime€is€also€liable. Simulation€of€births€ 2. The€child€ nder€ conceals€ or€ abandons€ such€ child€ 3.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€ capacities€ and€ incapacities€ which€ determine€a€person€to€a€given€class.€ JR. The€ child€ is€ baptized€ or€ registered€ in€ the€ registr he€child€loses€its€re€status€and€acquires€a€ new€one€ 3. imulation€of€births?€ € A:€€€ 1.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€€ € The€ woman€ who€ has€ gi nishes€the€child€are€both€liable€as€principals.€ € Q:€What€does€civil€status€include?€ € A:€ Civil€ status€ includes€ one’s€ p ts. Substitution€of€one€child€for€another€ 3. The€ offender’s€ spouse€ was€ to€ s€ to€ the€ child’s€ true€ filiation€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ elements€ of€ concealing€ or€ a e€ child€ with€ intent€ to€ cause€such€child€to€lose€its€civil€status?€ € A:€ 1. Concea g€ any€ legitimate€ child€ with€ intent€ to€ cause€ such€ child€ to€ lose€its€civil€status.€ € €€USURPATION€OF€CIVIL€STATUS€ €€(Art.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € XII.€ The€ object€ of€ the€ c the€ creation€ or€ the€ causing€ of€ the€loss€of€civil€status..€ € Q:€What€would€qualify€this€crime?€ € A:€€If€the€purpose€is€to€defraud€offended€parties€an Y€€ €€(Art.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€in€case€his€or€her€spouse€is€absent.€€ and€on€the€day€of€the€supposed€delivery.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO. He€ contracts€ a€ second€ or€ subsequent€ marriage€ 4.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€349)€€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€bigamy?€ € A:€ 1.€CRIMES€AGAINST€CIVIL€STATUS€€ €€ €€SIMULATION€OF€BIRTHS€AND€USURPATION€OF€ CIVIL€STATU TION€OF€ONE€ CHILD€FOR€ANOTHER€AND€CONCEALMENT€OR€ ABANDONMENT€OF€A€LEGITIMATE€CHILD€€ €€(A e€acts?€ € A:€ 1. Second€ or€ ge€ has€ all€ the€essential€requisites€for€validity€ € Note:€ Validity€ of€ second€ marriage€ is€ a€ prejudicial€ question€to€liability€for€bigamy € Q:€When€does€simulation€of€birth€take€place?€ € A:€€Simulation€of€birth€takes€place€when€ nt€ when€ in€ fact€ she€ is€ not.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€the€ absent€spouse€could€not€ye o€the€New€Civil€Code€ 3. The€ offender€ has€ the€ intent€ to€ cause€ t il€status€ €€ Note:€ The€ fact€ that€ child€ will€ be€ benefited€ by€ simulation€ of€ birth€ is€ not€ a€ es€ a€ false€ status€ detriment€ of€ members€ of€ the€ family€ to€ which€the€child€is€intro t€ liable€under€ this€ article€ since€ there€ is€ no€ abandonment.

€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.R.177."€(Merc 110.€People€G.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ No. de.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ Feb.€ € Q:€ Is€ a€ judicial€ declaration€ of€ nullity€ of€ marriage€ necessary?€ € A:€ GR:€A€judi ty€of€a€previous€ marriage€ is€ necessary€before€a€subsequent€ one€ can€be€legally€contract bsequent€ marriage€ without€ first€ obtaining€ such€judicial€declaration€is€guilty€of€bigam ple€ applies€ even€ if€ the€ earlier€ union€ is€ characterized€by€statutes€as€"void.€Such€act€alone.€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.R.€1.€ needs€no€judicial€declaration€of€nullity.€2000)€ € XPN:€ Where€ no€ marriage€ ceremony€ at€ all€ was€ performed€ by€ a€ zing€ officer.€he€is€liable€under€Art.€Feb.€ G.€ The€ second€ spouse€ who€ knew€ of€ the€ first€ marriage€ is€ an€ accomplice€as€well€as€ apacity€of€either€of€the€contracting€parties.€ € Note:€Art.€351)€ € Q:€Who€are€the€persons€liable?€ € A:€ 1.€or€10€months. Requirements€ of€ the€ law€ were€ not€ complied€with.€ because€ when€ the€ offender€ married€ the€ second€ spouse.€ the€ first€ marriage€ was€ .€ If€ she€ is€ pregnant€ at€ the€ time€ she€ becomes€ a€ widow. Conclusive€proof€tha t€spouse€since€he€was€permanently€ sterile.€€ € €€MARRIAGE€CONTRACTED€AG t.€or€ b.€ 6.€No.€€ € Q:€When€does€the€prescriptive€period€commence?€€ € A:€ Does€ not€ commence€ from€ the€ co m€ the€ time€ of€ its€ discovery€ by€ the€ complainant€spouse.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Civil Status A€person€convicted€for€bigamy€may€still€be€prosecuted€ for€concubinage.€ 145226.€MARTINEZ€ 255 .€ € € Q:€What€is€the€purpose€of€the€article?€€ € A:€To€prevent€doubtful€paternity€€ €€ Note:€Woman€will€not€be€liable€if€she€has:€€ 1.€or€does€not€know€ye omes€ a€ widow.€ without€ mo ed€ to€ constitute€ an€ ostensibly€valid€marriage€for€which€petitioner€might€be€ held€liabl rst€secures€a€judicial€ declaration€of€nullity€before€he€contracts€a€subsequent€ marriage.€ the€ prohib elivery.€2004)€ € Illustration:€€ € The€ mere€ private€ act€ of€ signing€ a€ marriage€ contract€ bears€ no€ s arriage€ and€ thus. Widow€who f€ the€death€ of€ her€ husband. Marriage€ was€ in€ disregard iment.€married€before€her€ delivery€ or€ before€ f€ the€ period€ of€ 301€ days€ after€ the€ date€ of€ the€ legal€separation. Offender€contracted€marriage€ .€ € Note:€ Period€ of€ 301€ days€ may€ be€ disregarded€ if€ the€ first€ husband€ was€ impotent€ of€ 301€ days.€352)€ € Q:€Who€are€the€persons€liable€u punishes€ priests€ or€ ministers€ of€ any€ religious€ denomination€ or€ sect.€€ € € Conviction€ of€ a€ violation€ of€ Art.€ 2004)€ Q:€What€would€qualify€this€crime?€ € A:€ If€ either€ of€ the€ contracting€ parties€ obtains her€ by€ means€ of€ violence.€€ € €€PREMATURE€MARRIAGES€ €€(Art.€ € Note:€Offender€must€not€be€guilty€of€bigamy.€ € Note:€ € The€ death€ of€ the€ first€ spouse€ during€ the€ pendency€ of€ the€ case€ does€ no .€ e.€ or€ before€having€delivered€if€she€is€pregnant€ at€the€tim e€ marriage€ having€ been€ annulled€or€dissolved.€ intimidation€or€fraud.€(People€v.€Aug.€Masinsin.€145226.€(Morigo€v.€ 6.€350)€ € Q:€What€are€the€elements€of€this€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€is€only€for€cases€where€the€woman€ is€not. Already€delivered€€ 2.€ or€ civil€ a hall€perform€or€authorize€any€illegal€marriage€ ceremony.€352€presupposes€that€the€priest€or€minister€ or€civil€authority€is€authorized€to Otherwise.€CA€49€OG€3908)€€ € €€PERFORMANCE€OF€ILLEGAL€MARRIAGE€ CEREMONY€(Art.

€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ b.€real€or€imaginary. Writing € 256€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D..€ printing. It€must€be€malici irected€at€a€natural€or€juridical€ person.€ 2.€ € 2.€ € Q:€When€is€malice€not€presumed?€ € A:€Malice€is€not€presumed€in unication€ made€ by€ any€ person€ to€ another€ in€ the€ performance€ of€ any€legal. Defamatory€ imputation€ is€ true.€insult€and€libel.€the€question€is€not€what€the€victim€ means€but€what€the€words€used€by 15.€ omiss or€ circumstance€ tending€ to€ cause€ the€ dishonor.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ lithography.€moral€o ites:€ a.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€ c.€€353)€ € Q:€What€is€libel?€ € A:€ on€ of€ a€ crime. Statements€ in€ the€ e€ made€ in€ good€ faith€ without€ malice€(in€fact).€ and€ speaks€ not€ in€ response€ to€ duty€ but€ merely€ to€ injure€the€reputation€of€the€per Note:€In€libel€cases. Imputation€must€be€made€publicly.€ JR.€ 3.€or€one€who€is€dead€(identification€ of€the€offen It€ must€ tend€ to€ cause€ the€ dishonor.€ or€ of€ any€ statement.€ or€ to€ blacken€ the€ memory€ of€ one€ who€ is€ dead.€CRIMES€AGAINST€HONOR€(353‐364)€ € €€LIBEL€€ €€(Art.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO. Fair€ and€ true€ report.€ engraving.€ or€ other€ official€ proceedings€w dential€ nature.€ exhibit€ or€ c ion€of€any€ defamation€in€writing€or€by€similar€means.€of€any€ judicial.€or€any€similar€means.€ or€ contempt€ of€ a€ natu l€ person.€€ € Q:€What€are€ here€ must€ be€ an€ imputation€ of€ a€ crime. Communication€ is€ addressed€ to€ or€ superior.€ report.€ magazine€ or€ serial€ publication.€1996)€ € Q:€Who€are€liable€for€libel?€ € A:€€ 1.€ € Note:€No€distinction€between€calumny.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€Mar.€ n€ contained€therein€to€the€same€extent€as€if€ he€were€the€author€thereof. Person€ who€ made€ the€ communication€ had€ a€ legal€ moral€ or€ social€ duty€ to ation€or€at€least.€ presu ted€ if€ it€ is€ shown€ by€ the€accused€that:€ a.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€ legislative. Malice€ in€ fact€ maybe€ shown€ by€ proof ure.€ or€of€a€vice€or€defect.€LIWANAG. It€ is€ published€ with€ good€ intention.€o ion.€ and€ c e€motive€for€making€ it.€ made€ ny€comments€or€remarks. The€ author€ or€ editor€ of€ a ditor€ or€ business€ manager€ of€ a€ daily€ newspaper. Malice€ in€ law€ is€ presumed€ from€ a€ defamatory€ imputation.€ € Q:€How€is€libel€commit n€ committed€ by€ means€ of€ writing.€ having€ some€ interest€ or€ duty€ in€ the€ matter.€ discredit€ or€ contempt€ of€ the€ person€ defam A:€Malice€is€a€term€used€to€indicate€the€fact€that€the€ offender€ is€ prompted€ by€ persona € Q:€What€are€the€two€kinds€of€malice?€ € A:€€ 1.€ However.€ or€ of€ a€ vice€ or€ defect.€€ € Q:€In€what€way€may€libel€be€committed?€ A:€Libel€may€be€committed€by:€ 1.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € XIII. Any€ person€ who€ shall€ publish.€ status€ or€ circumstance.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY.€ discredit.€ in€ ca of€ of€ the€ truth€of€the€imputation.€ real€ or€ imaginary.€ phonogr ing€ or€ theatrical€ or€ cinematographic€exhibition.€ € 2.€ or€ speech€ delivered€ in€ the€ exercis ions.€ or€ any€ act.€he€had€an€ interest€to€be€upheld.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ b.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.29.€ € 2.€ radio.

€v.€in€the€law€of€libel.€ the ble€ probability€ that€ the€ contents€ thereof. 8.€(U. 9.€ v.€ as€ well€ as€ the€ unsigned€ letter€ addresse spouses.€ known€to€someone€other€than€the€person€to€whom€ it€has€been€written. 5.€E ly€admitted€not€reading€ the€letter€at€the€first€instance.€ Rima€ and€ Alegre€ faile uately€ their€ good€ intention€ and€ justifiable€ motive€ in€ airing€ the€ supposed€ gripes ts.€ € Q:€ Rima€ and€ Alegre€ exposed€ various€ alleged€ complaints€ from€ students.€not€a€third€person€ for€purposes€of€publication.€garbage€of€xxx€mo ts”.€ While€ the€ was€ addressed€ to€ “Mr.€ discredit€and€contempt.€ Inc.€Fe€(Cerelit s€Cerelito€is€concerned.€ Cerelito€ &€ Fe€ Alejandro.€ the€following€elements€must€be€shown€to€exist:€€ 1. Printing€ Lithography€ Engraving€ Radio€ Phonograph€ Painting€ heatrical€exhibition€ Cinematographic€exhibition€ Any€similar€mean€ Q:€ Dolores€ Magno€ was d€ convicted€ of€ libel€ for€ the€ writings€ on€ the€ wall€ and€ for€ the€ unsigned€ letter jandro€ spouses.€ containing€ invectives€ directed€ against€ Cerelito€ Alejandro.€ Are€ the€ aforementioned€remarks€or€broadcasts€libelous?€ € A:€ There€ is€ no€ que adcasts€ were€ made€ public€ and€ imputed€ to€ AMEC€ defects€ or€ circumstances€ tending€ t nor.€ Writing€ to€ a€ person€ other€ than€ the€ person€ defamed€ is€ suffi te€publication.€MARTINEZ€ 257 .€ € Illustration:€€ € The€delivery€of€the€article€to€the€typesetter€is€sufficient€ publication. 6.S.€€ € Publication.€ there€ is€ no€ dispute€ that€ the€ unsealed€ elous€letter€was€handed€ by€ Dolores€ to€ Evelyn€ (Cerelito’s€ sister).€ 7.€ coul exposed€ to€ be€ read€ by€ Evelyn€ before€ delivering€ the€ same€ to€ Cerelito.€ particularly€ the€ libelous€ letter.€ A€ man’s€ reputation€ is€ not€ the€ good€ opinion€ he€ has€ of€ himself.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ Urbinana.€reading€it€only€after€ securing€ asmuch.€ Ago€ Medical€ and€ Educational€ Center‐Bicol€Christian€College€of€Medicine.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C. The€ allegation€ r€ condition€concerning€another€ 2.€ as€ Cerelito€ voluntarily€ disclosed€ the€ contents€ of€ Dolores’€ libe o€ Evelyn.€Rima€and€Alegre’s€remarks€ are€ libelous€ per€ se.€for€the€person€to€whom€the€ letter€is€addressed€is€a€third€person€in€relati € Q:€ Must€ there€ be€ a€ publication€ of€ the€ libelous€ article?€€ € A:€Yes.€ Rima€ and€ Alegre€ shoul he€ public€ issues€ free€ from€ inaccurate€ and€misleading€information.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Honor 2.”€ € In€ this€ case.€ Contextually.€1€Phil.€ however.”€ the€ invectives€ contained€ therein inst€ Cerelito€ only.€ AMEC€ filed€ a€ complaint€ for€ damages€ against€ Alegre.€There€must€b efamatory€matter€to€some€3 €persons. 7.€ She€ argues€ that€ since€ the€ letter€ was€ addressed€to€the€spouses.€ that€ there€ was€ no€ publication€ with€ respect€ to€ Fe.€ and€ AMEC€ students€ who€ graduate€ “will€ be€ liabilities€ rather€ than€ assets”€ of that€ the€ broadcasts€ were€ defamatory.€ teachers€ inst€ Ago€ Medical€ and€ Educational€ Center‐Bicol€ Christian€ College€ of€ Medicine€ (“AME strators.€ However.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C. hich€ others€ hold€ him. Publication€of€the€charge€ 3.€If€the€statem on€ for€ whom€ it€ is€ written€ there€ is€ no€ publication€ of€ it. Identity€of€the€person€de ence€of€malice.€ the€ act€ of€ publication€cannot€be€ascribed€to€Dolores€insofar€as€ Evelyn€is€c be€ said.€means€the€making€of€ the€ defamatory€ ritten. 3. 135)€ € The€ sending€ to€ the€ wife€ of€ a€ letter€ which€ maligns€ the€ husband€was€consid tion. 4.€ Rima€ and€ Allegre€ remarked€ that€ “AMEC€is€a€dumping€ground. 10.€2005)€ ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ Taken€ as sts€ suggest€ that€ AMEC€ is€ a€ money‐making€ institution€ where€ physically€ and€ morally bound.€(Filipinas€Broadcas rk.€ The€ reason€ for€ this of€ the€ defamatory€ matter€ to€ the€ person€ defamed€ cannot€ injure€ his€ reputation€ tho his€ self‐esteem.€ € Every€ defamatory€ imputation€ is€ presumed€ malicious.€ Dolores€ ds€ that€ the€ prosecution€failed€to€establish€the€presence€of€the€ elements€ of€ authorshi of€ the€ malicious€ writings€ on€ the€ wall.€therefore.€Is€she€liable?€ € ticle€353€of€the€RPC.€for€the€ spouse€is€a€third€person€to€the€victim€defamed.€ As€ hosts€ of€ a€ documentary€ or€ public€ affairs€ program.

€ JR.€ € €€PROOF€OF€TRUTH€ €€(Art. Editor€ or€ busine paper€magazine€or€serial€publication.€ is€ contextually€ a€ third€ p ublication€was€made.€ even€ if€ th e€ defamatory.€ € Q:€Where€should€a€complaint€for€libel€be€filed?€ € A:€Criminal€and€civil€actions famations€shall€be€filed€simultaneously€or€ separately€ with€ the€ court€ of€ first€ instan ce€or€city:€ € 1.€People€of€ the€Philippines.€ or€ social€ dut report. Conditional€ or€ qualified€ –€ like€ a€ private€ y€ any€ person€ to€ another€ in€ the€ performance€ of€ any€ legal.€356)€€ € Q: :€€ 1.€ sp r€members€of€his€family.€ But€ any€ attack€ upon€the€p lic€officers€on€ matters€ which€ are€ not€ related€ to€ the€ discharge€ of€ their€official€ ute€Libel.€ € Moreover.€27 n€defense€in€libel?€€ € A:€That€it€is€covered€by€privileged€communication. nded€ parties€ actually€ resides€ at€ the€ time€ of€ the€ commission€of€the€offense.R.€ CA.€ € Offended€ party€ must€ file€ complain mputing€ a€ crime€ which€ cannot€ be€ prosecuted€ de€ oficio.€ or€ his€ parents.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ the€ wife.€ € Note:€ Known€ as€ “blackmail”€ –€ in€ its€ metaphorical€ sense.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. Threatening€ to€ g€ to€ prevent€ the€ publication€ of.€ € 2.€ may€ be€ defined€ as€ any€ ey€by€threats€of€accusation€or€exposure. Where€ the€ libelous€ article€ is€ printed€ and€ first€published. Owner€ of€ the€ printing€ plant€ which€ publish ticle€ with€ his€ consent€and€all€other€persons€who€in€any€ way€ participate€ in€ or€ have€ cation.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.€ Here.R.€ exhibits€ or€ causes€ the€ publication€ or€ exhibition€ of€ any€ de ng€or€similar€means.€ without€ any€ comments€ or€ remarks. Author€or€editor€of€a€book€or€pamphlet. ING€TO€PUBLISH€AND€OFFER€TO€ PREVENT€SUCH€PUBLICATION€FOR€A€ COMPENSATION€(Art.€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN. Offering€ to€ prevent€ the€ publication€ of€ such€ libel€ fo oney€ consideration.€€ € Q:€ Do€ defamatory€ remarks€ and€ comments€ on€ the€ conduct€or€acts€of€ ed€ to€ the€ discharge€ of€ their€ official€ duties€ constitute€ libel?€€ € A:€ No.€(Dolores€Magno€v. Light€threats€ 2.€ of€ any€ judicial.€ The€ prosecution€ must€ prove€ mal t€the€accused.€361)€ € Q:€When€is€proof€of€truth€admissible?€ € A:€ Proof€ of€ wing:€ € 258€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.€ there€ is€ no€ presumption€ of€ malice.€ € 3.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ a€ written€ letter€ containing€ libelous€ matter€ cannot€ be€ clas leged€ when€ publicly€ published€ and€ circulated.€ € 4.€ € 2.€ € Q:€In€what€felonies€is€blackmail€committed?€ € A:€ 1.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€No.€ made€ in€ good€ faith.€ her€ official€ proceedings€ which€ are€ not€ of€ confidential€ nature.€No.€ Fe.€€ € 1.€ moral.€Mar.€€ € 2.€ G.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ . Absolute€ f€ the€ author€ has€ acted€ in€ bad€ faith€ like€ the€ statements€ made€ by€ members€ of€ C ge€ of€ their€ official€ functions. Threatening€ another€ to€ publish€ a€ libel€ concerning€ him..€120715.€133896.€ it€ wi l€ if€ the€ accused€ proves€ the€ truth€ of€ the€ imputation.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ € Note:€ The€ court€ where€ the€ criminal€ action€ or€ civil€ action€ for€ damages€ is€ first re€ jurisdiction€to€the€exclusion€of€other€courts.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € writer€ and€ the€ person€ defamed€ therein.€ (Sazon€ vs.€or€ 2.€LIWANAG.€G.€ a€ libel€ for€ compensation€ € Q:€Who€are€the€person erson€ who€ publishes.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€Jan.

When€ the€ act€ or€ omission€ imputed€ constitutes€a€crime€regardless€of€whether€ the€ private€ individual€ or€a€public€officer.€ he€offended€party. € Note:€Proof€of€truth€must€rest€upon€positive.€ 2.€like€ rape.€RPC.€ 2. Note:€Social€standing€and€the€position€of€the€offended€ party€are€also€taken€into€account.€if€made€with€malice€in€fac hor€and€editor.€358)€ € Q:€Wha .€May€Marco€file€a€case€ against€ Lando€ for€ grave€ oral€ defamation?€ Stat ACADEMICS€CHAIR:€LESTER€JAY€ALAN€E.€ Has s€a€crime. And€for€a€justifiable€end€ € €€LIBEL Note:€ Libelous€ remarks€ or€ comments€ on€ matters€ privileged.€ when€ it€ is€ of€ a€ serious€ and€ insulting€nature. It€was€published€with€good€motives€ 3.€ € When€the€offended€party€is€a€government€ emplo r€ omission€ imputed€ does€ not€ constitute€ a€ crime. Such€ facts€ are€ offensive€ to€ d€reputation€of€said€person. Simple€slander€ 2.€editor€or€manager€ of€a€newspaper€daily€or€mag acts€ connected€ with€ the€ private€life€of€another.€ etc.€ € 3. Grave€ slander.€ will€ necessarily€ be€ barred€ from€ publicatio ews€ report€ may€ not€ be€ revealed.€MARTINEZ€ 259 .€358.€ stinctions€ between€ oral€ defamation€and€criminal€conversation?€ € A:€ ORAL€DEFAMATION€ Malicious€imputation€of€any€ act.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€omission.€direct€ evidence€ upon€ which€ a€ definite€ e€court.€ provided. It€ appears€ tha ous€is€true€ 2.€But€probable€cause€for€belief€in€ the€truth€of€the€statement€is€sufficient.€ discredit.€ CRIMINAL€ CONVERSATION€ Used€in€ nce€to€ sexual€intercourse€as€ in€certain€crimes.€ € €€PROHIBITED€PUBLICATION€OF€ACTS€REFERRED€TO€ IN€THE€COURSE€OF€OFFICIAL€PROCEEDINGS€ €€(A his€crime?€ € A:€ 1.€ € Q:€ so€required€that€the€matter€charged€as€ libelous€ was€ published€ with€ good€ motives€ and€ s.€ tending€to€cause€dishonor.€ In€ his€ speeches€ La onent€ Marco€ alleging€ that€ he€ is€ the€ son€ of€ Nanding.€ it€ is€ related€ to€ the ficial€duties.BOOK 2: Crimes Against Honor € 1.€ € Q:€What€is€the€so€called€Gag€Law?€€ € A:€ Newspaper€ reports€ on€ cases€ pertaining€ to€ out€ the€ legitimacy€ of€ children.€FLORES€II€ U€N€I€V€E€R€S€I€T€Y€€O€F€€S€A€N€T€O€€T€O€M€A ad de Derecho Civil€ VICE€CHAIR€FOR€ADMINISTRATION€AND€FINANCE:€JEANELLE€C.€seduction€and€ adultery.€ Expressions€used€ Personal€relations€of€the€accused€and€the€ offended€party€ Circumstances€ ase€ € Q:€ Lando€ and€ Marco€ are€ candidates€ in€ the€ local€ elections.€ a€ robber€ and€ a€ thief€ who ugh€shady€deals.€contempt€and€ embarrassment€o tter.. Offender€is€a€reporter.€ € €€SLANDER€(ORAL€DEFAMATION)€ €€(Art.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€ A€crime€against€honor€ penalized€in€Art.€ administrative€ proceedings€ wherein€ such€ facts€ have€ been€mentioned.€ 3.€ € Q:€What€are€the€possible€defenses€in€the€crime€of€ libel?€ € A:€€ 1.€ € Note:€Prohibition€applies€even€though€said€publication€ be€made€in€connection€with€or€under necessary€ in€ the€ narration€ of€ any€ judicial€ or€ € Q:€What€are€the€factors€that€determine€the€gravity€ of€oral€defamation?€ € A:€ 1.€condition€or€ circumstance€aga one€orally€in€public.

€ Limited€to€the€act€of€ .€KING€JAMES€CARLO€H ANALO.€in€order€to€incriminate€ an€innocent€person.€ADRIAN€VALBUENA€ .€depends€ on€ the€ social€ standing€ of€ the€ offended€ party.€ DEFAMATION€ Offender€avails€himself€ of€written€or€spoken€ words€in€besm utation.€not€use€of€words. Such€ act€ is€ performed€ in€ the€ presence€ of€ other€person€or€persons€ 3.€etc.€ If€ at€ all. Such€ act€ credit€ or€ contempt€upon€the€offended€party€ € Q:€What€are€the€kinds€of€slander€by€deed?€ d€ –€ performance€ of€ an€act.€ DELFIN€ FABRIGAS.€ € 2.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ incriminating€ an€ innocent€ person€ and€ perj se€accusation?€ € A:€ INCRIMINATING€AN€ INNOCENT€PERSON€ Committed€by€performing€ an€act€by€which€the€ offender€d ates€or€imputes€to€ an€innocent€person€the€ commission€of€a€crime. Such€act€does€not€constitute€perjury€ € Note:€ The€ crime€ of€ incriminatory€ machinations€ is€ limited€ to€ planting€ evidence€ an ich€ tend€ directly€to€cause€false€prosecution.€ MARIA€ CARMELLA€ BUST CAMAYO.€RAISSA€ SAIPUDIN.€ In€ the€ case€ of€ People€ v. Offender€performs€any€act€not€included€in 2.€ discredit.€ PERJURY€BY€MAKING€ FALSE€ACCUSATION€ The€gr he€ imputation€itself.€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ distinctions€ between€ incriminatory€machination€and€defamation?€ € A INCRIMINATORY€ MACHINATION€ Offender€performs€acts€to€ directly€impute€to€an€ innocent€pers ion€of€the€crime. Grave€ slander€ by€ deed€ ‐€ which€ ines€if€an€act€is€slander€by€deed€or€ not?€€ € A:€ Whether€ a€ certain€ slanderous€ act€ co us€nature€or€not.€SUBJECT€HEAD:€ZANDY€A.€ € Giving€of€false€ statement€und alse€ affidavit.€ MEMBERS:€ SHARMAGNE€ JOY€ BINAY. By€ such€ act€ he€ directly€ incriminates€ or€ imputes€ to€ the€ commission€of€a€crime€ € 3.€ INCRIMINATORY€MACHINATIONS€ € €€INCRMINATING€INNOCENT€PERSON€€ €€(Art.€ the€occasion.€ANTHONY€ROBLES.€ JR.€ERIK€GALLARDO.€ slapping€ a€ lady€ in€ a€ dance€ not€ for€ purpose€ of€ hurting€he liation€for€ refusing€to€dance€with€the€accused€is€slander€by€deed.€ only€ amount€ to€ r€Question)€ € €€SLANDER€BY€DEED€ €€(Art.€ € €€INTRIGUING€AGAINST€HONOR€ €€(Art.€ SPINEL€ ALBERT€DECLARO.UST GOLDEN NOTES 2011 € € A:€ Marco€ cannot€ file€ a€ case€ for€ grave€ oral€ defamation.€ or€ contempt€ upon€ anot at€are€the€elements€of€slander€by€deed?€ € A:€ 1.€imputing€to€a€ person€the€commission€ of€a€crime.€ € Illustration:€€ € Thus.€ It€ was€ held€ that€ defamati g€when€feelings€are€running€high€and€people€ could€ not€ think€ clearly.€364)€ € Q:€What€is€intriguing€against€honor?€€ € A:€ nsist€ of€ some€trickery.€ he€ may€ f er.€LIWANAG.€ Laroga€ (40€ O.€363)€ € Q:€What€are€ Offender€performs€an€act€ € 2.€ 123)..€FAYE€ANGELA€PASCUA.€359)€ € Q:€What€is€slander€by€deed?€ € A:€Slander ed€ by€ performing€ any€ act€ which€ casts€ dishonor.€ the€ circu e€act€was€committed.€ €€ € € € € € € € € 260€ CRIMINAL€LAW€TEAM:€€ ADVISER:€JUDGE€RICO€SEBASTIAN€D.G.€before€an€ officer.€ZACAT NNA€FE€ABAD€&€PAUL€ROMEO€ POLLOSO.€ falsely€made.

€ € In€the€following€cases.€ with€ subsidiary€ imprisonment€ in€ case€ of€ insolvenc n€ that€ he€ wrote€ the€ libelous€ article€ merely€ to€ defend€ his€ honor€ against€ the€ m hat€ earlier€ circulated€ around€ the€ subdivision.0000.€ an€ ordinary€ government€ employee.€ with€ subsidiary€ imprisonment€ in€ case€ of€ € Q:€ What€ are€ the€ guidelines€ in€ the€ observace€ of€ a€ rule€of€preference€in€the€impo ases?€ € A:€ All€ courts€ and€ judges€ concerned€ should€ henceforth€ take€ note€ of€ the€ eference€set€by€the€Supreme€Court€on€the€matter€ of€the€imposition€of€penalties€for€the€cri llowing€principles:€ € 1.00.€and€ offender€makes€a€ r n€ though€he€repeats€the€ libelous€statement€as€coming€ from€another.€MASACAYAN€&€THEENA€C.€ € In € Buatis.€ SLANDER€ Offender€made e€the€source€of€the€ defamatory€nature€of€the€ utterance€is€known.000.€MARTINEZ€ 261 .€ in€ addition€ to€ the€ civil€ e€ brought€by€the€offended€party.€CA.€LEE€ VICE€CHAIR SIGN:€EARL€LOUIE€M.€Adm