The “Name” Is The Mark Of The Beast The Strawman Identifying Your Slave Status In “The System”

By Arthur Cristian Love For Life 7th February 2012

This is an explanation about the "name" we are given for our characters of "The System" which we use to contract with "The System" and the consequences (the sequence of the con) of renting that name. It is vital to comprehend how the name is used to bind us to "The System" and what we have to do to disassociate from the names of "The System" because, to co-create Kindom (real freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance and do no harm for all of life without causing loss of uniqueness and without the need for slaves and rulers) successfully, we have to leave everything of "The System" behind. Any contracts we have with "The System" perpetuate "The System" and while "The System" exists, harm doing, chaos and destruction exist. As explained in the Sixth Step, the Mud Room will have contracts with "The System" for as long as necessary but Kindom land has no contracts with "The System". We have called this The Ninth Step but it really permeates through all the steps because it is the key to freeing our brains from the brainwashing of "The System".

The Name That Binds You
The "name" you are given as a slave (renter) of "The System" is what binds you to "The System". This is the name on the birth certificate, citizenship papers, passport, Medicare card, bank cards and all other identification documents of "The System". For example, when parents sign for the birth certificate, they have agreed for the State to take responsibility for the administration of the name of the baby but they have made a claim on that name and have agreed to take full-responsibility for the rental of the intellectual property that is the name of the baby so that they can perform business with "The System", administered by the administrators of "The System", and receive the benefits of "The System" for the name (the baby). In truth, no one owns the name but, in claiming it, we take on the responsibility for the business conducted under the name. By claiming the name, we give those of "The System" the authority to make decisions on behalf of our names because they administer the intellectual property of that name, which gives the impression that they are ruling over us. They do not see the living men, women and children, living co-creators that we really are, however, because they are only interested in the intellectual property of the name that we are renting and the benefits that "The System" is providing which they administer on behalf of the name.

The Curses Of "The System"
All private corporations are also intellectual property that those of "The System" administer. We have gone from men and women in "The System" thinking that they owned the land, and the services such as Telstra, to nearly everything being owned by private corporations.

Where the people were taking responsibility and appointing representatives to administer affairs on their behalf, now the people have no responsibilities and everything of "The System" is administered by the administrators of "The System". This is because all the intellectual property of "The System" is based on the lie that some men and women are more equal than others and deserve to have their lives be placed on a higher standing than the lives of other men and women. Lies are curses and the more lies that are created on the back of the base lie of "The System", the more the curses amplify and increase. The makers of the curses do not want to feel the effects of their curses returning to them so they trick us into accepting their curses which we do as we accept the lies. The more those behind "The System" can get us to accept the lies of "The System", the more we take on the curse which supposedly prevents them, the makers of the curses, from having to feel the effects of the curses of their making returning to them. Everyone of "The System" operates under limited liability because none of them want to be held accountable for their actions in the name of "The System". They want to deflect the curses. This is what limited liability is all about. "The System" has been designed so that those at the top never have to process the curses they are creating. No matter how high up the ladder you climb, all forms of harm are deflected back to those who claim ownership of the intellectual property, i.e., us! None of the private corporations of "The System" can process the curses because they are empty vessels, also designed to deflect the curses from their makers so that we, all those with names attached to or contracted to the private corporations, have to process all the curses being created in the name of the private corporations. The private corporations are not present and neither are the master puppeteers because they are hiding in the shadows. We are the only ones present who can process the curse. Everyone caught up in "The System" is cursed. "The System" is the system of processing curses. Even if we have no contracts with "The System", using anything of "The System" is processing the curses. While we use the internet, we are cursed because the construction of both the software and hardware has caused destruction to life. Those in the shadows of "The System", the master puppeteers pulling the strings of belief in ownership of the name, do not process the curses because they claim no ownership but they benefit from the "wealth" of the rest of us, the marionettes, processing the curses because we have given them the responsibility to administer all the assets of the intellectual property that the name is attached to. Ownership of the name is ownership of the person, the strawman, the "i", the self, the ego, the intellect, the mind, the individual (in-divide-u-all); our belief in all of these, in the "i" that performs in the story of belief we were tempted to enter into, hooks us in under a corporate "STATE" of ownership and creates the me, me, me, "i", "i", "i", mine, mine, mine, greed and selfishness that is the underlying current of "The System" and is the mark of our fallen status as the cursed, better known as the "hu-man". This is our "bond" to the curse, our bind to the dead-corpse (corp-orate) State. We have willingly fallen into a “State” of unconsciousness and non-sense, superimposing intellectual property over land and house so that we can be ruled, where we have agreed to be wards of the state, children incapable of taking fullresponsibility for our lives and in need of administrators to take care of the name.

How We Pass The Buck And Claim The Chaos
As explained in the “The Dream of Life" video series or (see below) they create the fairy tales for us to take on character roles in. Our belief, the "i", that the "i" (Christian, Muslim, Jew, New Ager, scientist) is on a journey from somewhere to somewhere, that there is somewhere other than life here and now, and that there are hierarchies "out there" (archangels to cherubs) as well as in "The System", leads us to give up taking full responsibility for everything that is happening in the name of "The System", here and now. We pass the buck to the master puppeteers who rule over us here and now while we accept and process all their curses here and now. The base lie that all the lies of "The System" are based on continues to grow while we continue to accept it and wait for someone else to come along and sort out all the problems. The master puppeteers know this and so are orchestrating that "someone" who will offer a new, rosy version of "The System" that will still require the master puppeteers to maintain their administrative status, ruling over the cursed. This is why there is no place for making claims in the dream of life that is Earth/Nature/Kindom/Reality. While we cannot prevent those of "The System", enFORCErs or not, sending out and administering curses if they choose to do so, we can refuse to accept and process the curses, instead sending them back to their makers where they stay and amplify moment by moment without escape or respite, burning their brains and affecting all those who benefit from the curses, as well as their loved ones and all those connected to them. Everyone, directly or indirectly, associated with them or their systems are bound and must process the lies they support. All that we have to do is hold this image in our brains so clearly that it is unbreakable; when you see the chemtrails in the sky, return the curses to their makers. Be it a heart attack, fatal accident, house fire, etc, don’t be attached as to how and when they will process their curse. With peace, forgiveness and acceptance of MAN'S/our freewill, allow the cursed to uniquely process their own lies. Let them take full-responsibility for everything they think, feel and do. The more we return the curses, the more the makers of the curses will directly experience the effects of their curses. Then they have the choice to either stop creating the curses that are causing so much harm or to continue creating the curses and to continue experiencing the effects of their curses. For more on this read: "Introduction To "The Curses Are Being
Returned" and watch “The Dream Of Life” video Part 3: (All Dream Of Life Videos Are Posted/Embedded Below).

The point is, “Stop Claiming The Lie” When we remember who we really are, we realise that we cannot be destroyed; they can harm the body but, as life (MAN), we are always life. When we give up ownership of the name and remember who we really are, we are indestructible. The name is a curse; when we sign the mortgage, we are taking on the curse of "ownership" of the land. When we sign for a bank loan, we are taking on the curse of money.

Going to court and claiming to be responsible for or re-presenting that name is agreeing to accept whatever penalties/curses those re-presenting "The System" dish out because you are accepting responsibility for whatever you did in "The System" using the name of "The System".

How We Take Responsibility For The Name
It is possible to get those of "The System" off your back by telling them you are not the owner of that intellectual property - the name - and to go to the owner of that intellectual property to resolve the claims they are mistakenly making against you. However, they can then produce evidence of you taking responsibility for the name because of all the contracts you have made with "The System" using that name. When you sign up for the services of "The System", the gas, electricity, phone, internet, mortgage, registration, passport, permit, certificate, money, credit, bond, trust, lien, etc, of "The System", you are providing them with evidence that you do take responsibility for the name and that they have the right party. They then see you as a liar and/or a pirate stealing/misappropriating the copyright holder's intellectual property that they are administering, for private/personal gain, etc. You cannot disassociate from the name if you are using/renting it for your benefit. You can only disassociate from the name if you are prepared to give up all the benefits of "The System" and have no contracts with "The System". Comprehending the role of the name within "The System" makes our position as slaves/renters very clear but it does not come with a quick fix. To be free of "The System" and unaccountable to "The System" means to be "free" of all the benefits of "The System". We cannot have the sweetener without the Aspartame, the bacon without the cruelty.

Mistaken Identity
We are all fully responsible for our actions and, if we are caught by the enFORCErs of "The System" because we have hurt someone, stolen or otherwise caused injury to another man or woman, we do not deserve a "quick fix" or to get out of whatever penalties we incur. However, if no harm was caused, there are no injured parties, no peace was broken, no crime committed, etc..., then the "authorities" have the wrong party. Anyone under the radar can explain that he/she was confused at the time about this name, about this re-presentation of intellectual property because he/she is not that name nor the owner of that name/intellectual property. He/she was not present to the matter, i.e., not aware of the full picture, not in full control of their faculties. At the time of the confusion/matter/claims raised etc, he/she was not aware of the mistake in identity nor did the "authorities" provide full-disclosure as to which party they were after. He/she was under the influence of a spell. This is all true BUT, as explained above, if he/she has contracts with "The System", he/she is admitting to taking full-responsibility for that "name". Basically, there is nothing he/she can do unless they are prepared to give up all contracts with and benefits of "The System".

If he/she is determined to depart from "The System", he/she can start bouncing the curses back to the makers so they process the lie/curse. He/she needs to tell them of his/her intention that all involved including their loved ones, beneficiaries, associates, etc, are now processing the curse/lie. He/she has free will and has the gift of life to set his/her thoughts in motion here and now. We all have the choice to change and empower our situations. The more people who support this bouncing back of the curses, with clear intention and image, the more powerful it is and the more it accelerates and expands. Read "Introduction To "The Curses Are Being Returned"

Give Back Their Intellectual Property
He/she gives the authorities the "name's" birth-certificate, driver's license, passport, Medicare card, bankcard, credit card, registration papers, etc, in an envelope and tells them this is the correct party in the matter they are dealing with and to deal with the owner of that intellectual property because he/she is not the owner of this intellectual property and is no longer a renter of this intellectual property. This is the moment it all changes and the responsibility for the curses comes back on the makers and all involved. This is a big responsibility and most do not want to take it on - they prefer to remain in "The System" under limited liability/responsibility. We realise that most people are too compromised to do this but how can you disassociate from that name if you are using/renting it to gain the benefits of "The System"? This is why we have to support each other so that more and more of us can exit from "The System" supported by those still contracted to "The System" until we have enough of us to walk away together, back to the co-creation of Kindoms, Do No Harm Communities. This is why we wrote "The Steps Of Kindom", originally called back in
2006/2007 "The Ten Steps Of Kindom":

We cannot escape "The System" on our own; we need to free each other and the beauty of this is that, in doing so, we cure our lives of the greed and selfishness that keeps us trapped in "The System".

“Claiming" "The System"
If you make claims or argue (give life-energy to their charge) for any of the claims and laws made by representatives of "The System", or if you claim copyright or trade rights over the name, etc, you are also showing that you are taking full responsibility for their claims, that you are the re-presentative of the name, the claimer, and that you are taking full responsibility for any administrative charges made against the name, the intellectual property they administrate and the rental fees (includes all rules, regulations, rituals, procedures, conditions & contracts) attached to the contract for administrative services rendered for that intellectual property. You are processing the curse.

This is why you can never go to your court (caught) seeking commercial remedy from "The System" using the intellectual property of "The System"; the moment you make a claim (believe in, have faith in or have any associated opinion) about something of "The System" you are agreeing that you are the renter of the name of "The System" and that you are under-the-standing of the authorised (appointed by the author/s) re-presentatives of the intellectual property of "The System" and agreeing to be governed by the "authorities" appointed by the inventor/s (the authors) of the intellectual property. All forms of paperwork that you file on behalf of the name with the administrators of "The System" in any area of "The System, no matter what, is admittance that you are the re-presentative of that name and that you presently gain the benefits of "The System" and accept them as your authority/masters. If you are a free MAN, living creator, without masters, why do you have to write to anyone about anything, at any time, or go to court about anything? Besides being accountable for doing harm, you are not answerable to anyone. All men (living co-creators) are equal. The moment you engage in their world you are admitting that you accept their authority and that you are in and of their world. No matter what you write, they will ignore it. If they drag you to court, don't be caught re-presenting the name or claim responsibility for the name by arguing for any claim/matter raised in that name. This is why we have to completely withdraw from "The System", taking full-responsibility for who we really are as MAN and what we are really part of. Staying in "The System" and using anything of "The System" means that you accept the authority of others to govern you meaning you live under limited liability and are not willing to take full responsibility for MAN, living-creator, that is who you really are. It is a trap to claim/argue-for ANYTHING of "The System", be it a law, a bond, an account, a trust or money, privileges, benefits, etc, of "The System". Unless you want to remain as a slave, including your children, don’t go to their courts and stop using all the services they administrate. Together in large numbers we can help each other pull out of “The System" back to co-creating Do No Harm Communities (Kindoms) as tribes of MAN on land. “The Dream Of Life” videos and “The Steps To Kindom” have been written to inspire a mass exodus out of hell (“The System”).

The Name Is Our Access To "The System"
The name is the character we have been given to access, rent, and perform in the fairytale world that is "The System". The living MAN that you are is not that name and the living MAN has no place in the fairytale therefore you cannot be in the world that is "The System" as living MAN. Your only access to "The System" is through the name that identifies you as a slave of "The System", a renter of all the intellectual property of "The System" you are RE-PRESENTING. This is why they manufacture and encourage our belief in ownership. We do not "own" anything of "The System", not the money, the houses, the cars, anything. The money in your pocket is intellectual property you are renting, and you are a tenant in the house you think you own. They have conned us into making a claim over the land & money and believing we can own land & money.

When they arrived on the shore of "new" lands and put up their flags, they were not claiming the land but declaring the introduction of their system of religions, law, science, education and authority. They were bringing in a new "God" ("The System") for us to worship and bow down to, therefore accepting their authority to administer the system they were introducing. While they make no claim over the land, those of "The System" have divided the land up into Parishes that they administer through their priests and clergy and the Land Titles Office. They do not administer the land; they administer the titles (intellectual property - scribbles on paper) over the land just as they administer the "sinners" (us) who are the processors of the curses. The clergy, with their "vow" of poverty, are protected from the curse of money and ownership with even the Pope and the Archbishops never handling money or claiming ownership, even though they live in luxury and benefit from the riches and ownership claims of the churches of "The System", another deflection. The religions, as are ALL belief systems, were created to deal with the deflection of the curses and those at the top of the Freemasonic/Satanic world dress as priests which filters down through the ranks of lesser priests of all religions who probably have no idea what they are doing. The Freemasonic system was designed, through administration, to give power and control to the few at the top and to keep the curses away from their doors while they enjoy all the wealth of "The System" provided by everyone lost in "The System" When we comprehend this, we do not have to waste time learning the finer points of law to get at the truth, or arguing over who owns what. "The System" has nothing to offer us except bondage and servitude so why should we take any further interest in it and why would we want to continue processing the curses?

Why Only You Can Process The Curse
We are charged for re-presenting everything of "The System", all intellectual property copyrighted by the holder-in-due-course = "The Crown". By giving our life-energy to "The System", we give "presence" to that which actually has no presence because it has no life. It is not present to the living, having no substance that we can touch, taste, see, hear, feel and smell. It is not life-sustainable and, being non-sense, cannot be sensed and cannot process a curse. While you are present as living MAN, putting your life-energy into the intellectual property they administer, the history, the money, the taxes, the fees, the laws, the education, the science, the university courses and careers, the media, the entertainment, the services and the religions, philosophies, new age, channelling, prophecies, stories, mathematics, geometry, alphabet languages and commerce/insurance, you give these dead-corpse constructs (empty vessels) the semblance of presence but all that is present is YOU which is why you are the one who has to process the curse. Without you putting your life energy into these dead-corpse constructs, they are nothing and do not exist. They have no life. "The System" is nothing without our life energy and, as soon as we cease putting our life energy into "The System", it ceases to exist. It has no power. This is why the administrators of "The System" put so much effort into keeping us distracted, mesmerised and totally brainwashed in the intellectual property of "The System".

The survival of "The System" depends on our participation in "The System". They need our LIFE and by persuading us into giving our life to their dead world, they make us into renters/slaves of their non-sense world. We labour, give our life, to pay the fees that prop up the dead world, hence the symbol of the crucifixion - the living MAN surrendering his/her real life for the dead world.

Appearing In The Dead World As The Living
The living MAN is not in the dead world or of the dead world but, through the invitation of their offers and claims (i.e, Joe Blow drove 80ks in a 40ks zone), you can enter the dead world, using the dead languages and dead constructs of the dead world to communicate as the living MAN, the living creator, bringing light (SENSE) into their darkness (NON-SENSE) so that they, the dead, can recognise the living amongst them. You do this as a gift of life (love) to help them discharge (be freed from) this claim, but you do not charge (give life to) their claims and you do not process the curse. The "charge" they create and administer for you is their attempt to get you to put your life energy into that charge and to process the curse. They will do anything, including using trickery, threats, intimidation and force to get you to give life (charge) to their charge/claim. When you appear as the living MAN, demonstrating that you are not in or of the dead world and that you do not accept or process the curses of the dead world, they flee because they know that the curses are being returned to the makers of the curses and all who benefit from those curses. It is all about temptation; they are offering their "apple" to lure you into the dead world, away from the living Paradise that we are supposed to be co-creating, even though they are our brothers and sisters of life. They have turned against us, MAN against MAN, forgetting that we are all life and that what we do affects all of life.

It Is Up To Us
We have to forgive everyone lost in "The System" that is HELL, “The Beast”. None of us, including those who pull the strings and those who make up the force of "The System", were provided with idiot-friendly, full disclosure as to what would become of our lives when we started to think and feel the thoughts and emotions offered (regardless of how) by our tempters, and were conned into re-presenting this intellectual property. We learnt to "believe in" this demonic garbage and therefore to "OWN" these lies which possess us. However, we are all fully-responsible for the marionette roles we perform in worship of "The System" we uphold as our God and we need to intercede and confront all lies and liars and make whole all that does harm to MAN, nature/Earth, the dream of life. We are lost in a counterfeit world of language, symbols and codes, used, abused, manipulated and treated as slaves at the beck and call of master puppeteers, black magic warlocks & witches, the master creators of darkness, who pull at the strings of belief (ownership) but are no more winners than we are. The lost is who we are here and now. Where the lost go, so goes the dream of life that is Earth, that is MAN, that is all of us. If all around us are lost in chaos then we live in hell here and now, if all around us are truly free and at peace living truth, then we live in paradise.

We are all of the pool of MAN'S consciousness; the thoughts and feelings we give life to impacts the collective consciousness of MAN. We have to walk the talk and inspire the lost to stop all forms of harm doing. We are all responsible. Rather than putting our life energy into "The System", isn't it better to put our life energy into getting back to the land, to sense, co-creating Kindoms? Arthur & Fiona Cristian Love For Life 5th February 2012 Website: YouTube: Facebook: Email: Snail Mail: PO Box 1320 Bowral 2576 NSW Australia Mobile: 0418 203204 (Int: 0011 61 418 203204)

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