Cusps of Change

Platform of Kevin Calderon; Candidate for Vice President of Documentation & Publication In the pivotal year of ACOMM 9, it was said that we were at the very cusps of change. We had achieved levels of professionalism and quality work that a real organization should have despite looming doubts for our EB-Core. With ACOMM transitioning into its 10th year as an accredited organization, there are definitely higher expectations for the next Executive Board. One could say that Projects & Human Resources were the organization’s strongest departments this year, but we cannot maximize the full potential of ACOMM if we cannot bring the other departments to the same level of performance. Thus, I believe that with consistency, grounded ambition, and most importantly, love for what we do, I can help bring Documentation & Publication above the clutter. In lieu with that, I present my plans for the next year.

Adapting to the New Structure of Documentation & Publication
Roles and Responsibilities This year, the duties of the Secretary General would fall under the Vice President of Documentation & Publication. In order to alleviate the workload of the Vice President, the department will have two AVP positions: - Associate Vice President for Publication - Associate Vice President for Documentation In line with the new structure of the department, I plan to sit down with the team to distinguish the roles and responsibilities of each position as well as acknowledging that we have to reroute SecGen tasks originally absorbed by other departments in ACOMM to us. The purpose of this is to ensure that everybody recognizes their boundaries, preventing overstepping between officers. Centralized Database Last year, important documents were scattered and isolated amongst the different departments. The difficulty in this lied in having to contact various point people in order to compile the necessary documents for the YES reports, not to mention that not everything had been readily transcribed. With regard to departmental meetings, I will make it a requirement to appoint one person to be responsible for taking minutes in every meeting after which that person will not only store a hard copy in the ACOMM room, but also send me a soft copy (readily transcribed if necessary) no long than a day later. In order to centralize our documents, an online database will be created, organized per department. Another important part of centralizing our documents is create a

unified format for all documents in order to prevent inconsistency and uphold organization.

Collective Effort
Although we are comprised diverse talents, it is important that our members actively help each other grow creatively and technically. With that said, I plan to involve our whole pool of graphic designers and videographers in every drafting phase with Facebook groups being the main medium of out-of-school communication. Although this may extend the process, it will not go without the emphasis that the last say still lies in the VP and AVP’s.

Tapping into our Creative Prowess
As home to an ever growing pool of creatives, it is the job of our department to promote an environment conducive to creative and technical growth. There is much more to us than just honing our talents in just promotional media for our annual line-up of projects. As communication majors, we have the ability to project our messages and out-of-the-box prowess to the public. This is why for this year, I want to come up with a series of a collaborative projects within and between our pools of videographers, ACOMM Portfolio One of the major projects I plan to implement this year is the ACOMM portfolio, a compilation of all documented material (photos, videos, write-ups etc) of all of ACOMM’s projects, events, and services. The portfolio will serve two functions: Playbook With promotional material compiled into one, our creative members would be readily given a good of idea how their future output would look like. Portfolio for External Clients With a portfolio printed and readily available online, this would be the first step to creating ties with external clients. This also goes saying that ACOMM’s difference from other orgs is that it’s a home org, COMMotion Since the implementation of COMMotion, this has been the main outlet of output for our pool of writers. However, it’s full potential had not been fully utilized which is why I plan to turn COMMotion into a legitimate and respectable publication with a scope much different than the GUIDON’s g Magazine. This would be a publication that would regularly release articles not just about lifestyle, but also relevant current events because I believe that it is the responsibility of the communication major to To make sure it is managed under the right hands,

Workshops How do we ensure that our members, new and old are properly trained? I believe that it is not talks that will train our members, but actual output. That is why this year, I want to retain having workshops available to our pool of creatives, videographers, and writers. To make sure we maximize the training we give to them, I plan to concentrate our workshops to the first semester, so that we can dedicate our honed skills to creating output in the second semester. Compilation of Tutorials A great way to add to our members’ repertoires is creating a compilation of handpicked guides to help improve their skills. The greatest advantage of this is that it creates another venue to learn independently outside of our workshops. It can also act as a supplementary skill-builder.

Pool Hunt
One of the greatest risks of the department is that we are always prone to members leaving and uncertainty in the capability of new members, thus reducing the quality of our output. With that, I plan to maintain a solid base of capable members for each pool of videographers, graphic designers, and writers. When the need comes, pool hunts can start in the summer.

The Face of ACOMM
We are the face of ACOMM. As the face of ACOMM, it is important that our members are well oriented to the way our organization synergizes In order to create a faster and smoother process of producing output. This would mean emphasizing and reintroduction of the following: Visual Identity Guide The visual identity guide should be the bible of every creative as this gives the proper format for every promotional material that we produce. The unsuccessful implementation of the visual identity guide this year led to inconsistency in branding. This would also include having to update it, along with the proper use of Fidge, our mascot.

OSA Guide

Aside from the visual identity guide, it is also important that we orient our members with the processes of OSA, especially when it comes to sizing of tarpaulins, posters, etc.

Interdepartmental Synergy
In ACOMM, all our departments are interconnected and require constant collaboration with each other. It is important that we familiarize our members of what roles and where they act in the ACOMM’s interdepartmental system. Projects & Human Resources In order to ensure proper time management, I plan to orient our members to the Projects 12-step plan, showing them where they perform their role in the whole process of project planning. It is also important that we retain and improve the implementation of the Projects Master Calendar in order to create an organized system of assigning our photographers, videographers, and writers to each ACOMM project. Corporate Communications When working with CoCo, it is important to reiterate the importance of branding when our focus is our members as a home organization. Our secondary focus is the outside world. Finance This is where I have to reiterate the importance of the OSA guide because there are standard sizes and formats when it comes to the production of hard material. This would have a direct effect on how much the finance department spends for printing.

Commitment and Consistency
One of D&P’s endearing problems is our members’ lack of commitment to their department. More often than not, we tend to lose consistency in producing quality work along the way of our projects and this is why I want to make it a point to build personal ties to our D&P members by holding regular meetings with our members. In that way, we’ll be able to make them feel that not only do they own their work, but are truly part of ACOMM.

We Are A Family
At the end of the day, we are a family. As an organization built on camaraderie, yes we will be prone to conflict. However, this allows us to build much more dynamic relationships which were one of the very foundations of ACOMM this year and in no way will I neglect

this. ACOMM 10 is just around the corner and I believe that our organization offers a place beyond the workplace. Hence, if I am elected as Vice President of Documentation & Publication, I, Enrico Kevin R. Calderon promise to uphold these plans for the next year.

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