Run And Shoot Punt

The Run and Shoot Punt formation is one of my favorites. Defense must cover 4 receivers and therefore, they can only commit 6 to the rush unless they want to give up the return man.

Coaching points:
Stingers: (Outside receivers) Go straight to the ball. They must keep their inside shoulder on the receiver's outside shoulder. Center : Wants to aim chest to chest . Interior line: 1. Zone Block: Everybody zones inside forcing pressure to the outside to the wings. When they release the rule is simple, They want to stay 4 yards outside and 1 yard behind the person on their inside. They want to be able to get down field and break down as he is catching the ball. If the receiver goes away, they fold toward the ball staying with the same relationship to the man inside but staying on top of him to prevent the cutback. 2. Man Block: Starting with the Guards, they point out the block. Remember, because of the 4 wide receivers, the best they can do is give 6 man rush.If there is an over load, the Personal Protector will help to the overload side. Hint: (to take the rush off the punt, you are going to have to fake one the first game. Even if you do not get it, Everybody will start coaching during the week that you have fakes and they will then start covering all eligible receivers. Wingbacks: Step inside but be ready to punch with both hands. After the snap they fan out to the numbers. Force everything back inside. If return is away, sink to middle of field denying anything outside of you. Personal Protector: Must be smart! If a team tries to overload one wing, he steps to the overload. If a team tries to overload both wings, audible to the line where the line can fan block rather than zone. Once the ball has been kicked, release down the hash away from the kick.

Punter: 14 yards. After the kick release down the hash in the direction of the kick.

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