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larry goodell

photograph of larry page 7 is by Nikko

muscle shirt created and sewn by Lenore Goodell
otheritems made by the poet
this poem was premiered at a North Fourth Street Coffee House
Albuquerque 1976

po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA

(put on muscle shirt)

trength, that's what I want, in the muscularity of Larry

to break through boards with my backbone, come up on top
dashing through rain storms with my eyes out of socket
disjointed stretching expanding through space
the Panda Parade Spaceman, modern Dr. Hyde
Bare-faced Baboon Tit, coming unglued, unsung, sung


Soaring through the Cosmic unions of Man and Woman with a hard on
Soft on, hung low, hang on here we go Kids
Whirling in slow vertical mismatch of time
straight up into the socket of our Lord and Lady
God humping Paradise we all plant our gardens in
falling through mirrors into obsidian lakes
vibrating surrealist radios turned on backwards
scatting peculiar organisms from Mars
from the Great Plains
from Carlsbad
bats out of the Caverns as I put on my disguise
Spacemen urge hermaphrodites beg their pardon.
The kiss of the President
heals the sick.


(put radio mask on)

The limp football is

full again.
Everyone in this country is a jock.
Your message, go warp
their balls.
Your message, go warp
all the athletes' balls.
oblong tennis balls
pancake ping pong balls
spherical football
tomato shaped foosball
square marbles
sausage shaped basketballs
teardrop shaped baseballs
badminton balls with nipples on them
fat soft hockey pucks
dodecahedron golf balls
I want new sports, nude sports, sex competition
oddball balls
anyone for oddball?
got your racket?
So much fun playing oblong ball.
Where's your net?
Your fly
Your transparent jockstrap
Your vibrating liniment
Your shower togs
Your Adidas


rolfing tweezers
karate puffs
racing pantaloons
soccer bra
heaving spray for after game drunks
underarm athlete's foot correction fluid
soap off orgasm sponge with dual scrubbing tits
featherweight bowling ball full of styrofoam BB's"
(take radio mask off)

Let's go play!
veins in my arms throbbing with the touch of friendship
muscles against muscles in the wild mirrored contest
contesting contest
grappling to the end wrestling mainstay against mainstay
forgetting it all as I'm putting it down
mind blown by alcohol good looks that's my disguise
and Gardens from the food I eat radiating energy out in rays
rays and temples
Power of the good and the hairy
power in broad touching unfearing masculinity
on core of womb
blessing in the bursting madness of laughter
imagining pectorals are boobs, the mounds the Indians built in Ohio in a spiral
ascending in every fissure of the soaped up sponged
by luffa


Body by Roy, Roy the tomato

Giant auraed vegetables marching in pleasure through
hordes of battling insects I'm
Your organic time, mirrored in your garden
the beautiful scarecrow with shapely gonads for body.
Body by pumpkin head by eggplant, purple and orange
red and green and pink blush of autumn autumnal
saying anything you wish.
What do you wish who do you want me to be
more subtle muscle boy
more muscular leaders
taking off their ties and showing off their thighs?
truckers thighs trucking produce from organic gardens
setting down a watermelon ten feet tall
on the top of the president of Pioneer Wear
stick it in there, get it on
give everyone a raise
fuck my giant eggplants till your redneck turns purple
shine in the sun
allow the unions place,reform your unions from within
let every worker smile before she gets her paycheck
or him his
with work working toward quality in the fine body of work produced

(hold pumpkin and/or eggplant)


a stunning example of strong organic man

shedding his muscles and taking up the run
fasting, relaxing, working out, working, boozing or drinking
juiced or juices, juice in veins pounding
by heart running
by heart slim
on the run
running apart
catching the storm
pulling it down
rain through the winds
water in the reservoir
snow on the mountain
is what I'm here for
earth moving by the clouds over gardens
rapidly running
spinning on one foot,taking off the other way
meeting your former muscle man self
coming the other way
moving on to
the place of your place
allowing everyone to run
at his own pace or walking swimming punching the air
climbing lying down her muscles are everywhere.
(take off muscle shirt)

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / 25Sep76



last page of original manuscript


photo by wayne jones, thunderbird bar, placitas, 1972

po box 571 placitas, new mexico 87043 USA

larry goodell

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