Odd Stack Defense

Todd Graham

Tulsa U

Why Run the Defense? 1Simple 2Offense perceives defense as multiple style defense 3Fits type of personnel a school has or can recruit 4Allows smaller- faster players to get on the field Personnel - 3 down linemen Nose Gurad Two Ends-

one nose – five Techniques

zero technique

one nose is a plugger the other would like to be quick skinner type Ends are large body guys -8 second level players Mike – larger of all linebackers- Tuff downhill player. Stand up Two technique in 4-2-5 Lou / Rob are top two guys on defense. Played tail back or quarterback in High School. Next important guy is Free Safety Boundary Spur second best Free safety. Field Spur is like nine techniques in old 50 defense but can cover the pass also. Free safety must be able to cover the pass and provide run support. In Tulsa’s defense free safety was a corner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First responsibility on game day, linebacker coach must determine blocking scheme on Mike. If play side Guard scoops the nose to Mike they think that they are ok. If play side Guard fires on Mike they go to a “Deal” call. Nose must work to strength and Mike fits opposite.

If cut back is hurting them ( Ex. Isolation) they make a “Dice” call. End skins into the backside “B” gap and Lou/ Rob exchange gaps. Fits vs. Isolation - Stack linebacker shots his guns (since he is the up blocked defender and mike overlaps with him. Defensive lineman attack to neutralize offensive linemen rather than penetrate. Pass situation will give them a “Jet” call. Three surface side (tight end side) defensive end will use a six inch step stepping toward the tight end still engaging the Offensive tackle. This is called “Rod” technique. Against Double Tight I formation or I pro make “gap” call, plus alignment one-half man. Against Ace formation (two tight ends – one back- two wide receivers) check to basic 50 alignment cover four. (12 personnel) Against duce formation (2 te’s – wrers to same side) same as above but add a “Cobra” call to get corners to same side. Against a detached receiver Spur aligns 6 yards off of ball. Against four verticals Lou and Rob funnel # 2’s Any 3 X 1 formation call make “Pull” call. LBers move ½ man toward 3 receiver side. Spur play between # 2 and #3 receiver. Against any second level blocker (Fullback or pulling Guard) defender is given a two way to technique. Against a close end side the corner will give the Lou/Rob “I am here” call which tells Lou/Rob that they can fast flow on play away. Spurs alignment: tilt to line of scrimmage. Vs 2 back set 0 x 2 yds Vs 1 back set 1 x 3 yds

Vs 3rd down +53 x 5 yds Leverage # 2 receiver Against a Four Surface side (wing set )align between the Tight End and Wing. When ball back tip of ball moves take a six inch lateral step and than blow up inside number of the wing. Free Safety will fit outside. Against Twins formation Spur aligns between offensive tackle and # 2 receiver. Make a “Key” call. Free safety plays pass first. Backside corner makes an “I am here” call to tackle linebacker. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Corners Alignment: Cover three 1 x 9 outside leverage Man Free 1 x 9 inside leverage Joker (vs closed side) outside leverage on Tight end 6- 8 yards deep. Run away fold inside Defensive alignments: Stack Shade – Five Technique- one Shade – and a four Technique Heavy- head up Sprint Pass, boot or waggle Lou/Rob are responsible for containment and Mike has first faker and backside linebacker has first crosser. Like “Rat” coverage vs this and all crossing routes.

Defensive Ends and Lou/Rob communicate B/C gap exchanges. Slam -Defensive End skin B gap Slant- slant to field Angle- slant to boundary Four man fronts- dog with one linebacker. U of Tulsa will auto blitz all first down dogs. Will be dictated by formation and film study. Signal from sideline as offense aligns. Blitz Structure: Zone Dogs

A gap B gap C Scrape D Dog O 7 O 5 O 3 X 1 2 O 4 O 6 O 8

Rules: Right End- Hears number 2 or 4 plays base Hears number 6 or 8 pinches inside gap Left End- Hears number 1 or 3 plays base Hears number 5 or 7 pinches inside gap NoseHears even numbers rubs odd gap Hears odd numbers rubs even gap Laser and Radar Code name for Lou/Rob Stunts Lark and Ram Code names for Lou and Mike Stunts Slice Code name for Spur and Lou Stunts Shark Code name for Spur and Rob Stunts Ram Code name for Mike and Rob Stunts Exampes: O O E L Lazier 78 Mix O X N M O O E R O

3rd Down Defense run Rat Coverage Corner plays tight man to man on #1 receiver. Two zone player at second level and one high safety Great defense to take away outside routes and any crossing route

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