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College of Communications and Media Sciences | COM280

The COM280 course gives students an overview of the latest developments in new media communications. The module is strongly based on practical exercises and students will be asked to produce and distribute multimedia content via the latest new media applications. - Semester’Lectures Topics:

Introduction to COM280 The goal of this lecture is to introduce students to all the components of the COM280 course. Course readings and technology requirements are discussed.

The Traditional Media > New Media Shift The lecture will analyze the technology revolution and its repercussions on mainstream media.

Communication ethics and the internet Internet is the first complex global media with both democratic and authoritarian possibilities. The lecture will analyze cases of mediated, unmediated and self governed communications.

New Tools, New Opportunities The lecture will showcase the implementation on new media technologies adopted by mainstream and emerging media conglomerates both locally and internationally.

Open Source and Online Intellectual Property Rights Online Intellectual Property licensing and Public Domain resources are discussed in this lecture that also reviews the latest SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act ) Congress initiative.

Google and Search Google is the most popular search engine in the world. But while so many people use it, few actually get advantage of its advanced feature. The lecture will discuss Google insight and PageRank. The lesson will also discuss the issue of Google stepping into Social Search.

College of Communications and Media Sciences | COM280

HTML5 This lecture will discuss the HTML5 standard with a particular focus on its new API’s implementation for WEB applications.

Apple OSX This practical lesson will give to students an overview of OSX and its built in media production application suites.

Android Discussion on Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices and its Open Handset Alliance environment.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure convergence and shared services are at the core of this lecture that discuss the implications of centralized data center and access to information.

Personal Blogs and Enterprise Blogs The lecture will analyze the diversities among personal and corporate communications blogs and will have the students initiating the production of their blog that will be part of their final assignment.

E-Publishing on iPAD The lecture will analyze the basic principles of E-Publishing and will introduce students to the iBooks Author Application. Attendees will start the production of their E-Book that will be part of their final assignment.

Online Video Distribution ( YouTube - Vimeo ) Impact of online video is at the center of this lecture that will showcase the potentials of online video communication together with offering to the students a deeper understanding of the commercial and non commercial evolution of the medium.

College of Communications and Media Sciences | COM280

Facebook History of this Social Networking Service and its future evolution and integration with external service providers.

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Google+ Analysis of the platform and the issue of being both a Social and Identity based service. Twitter History of the application, desktop and mobile clients; the impact on Regional and International communication in the public and private sectors.

Location Based Services Implications of LBS in contexts, such as information, entertainment, work, retail and personal life. Foursquare and similar services to be utilized as case studies.

Recap This final lecture will give to the students a complete overview of all the past lectures and will be the last opportunity to clarify any pending issues prior to the final assignments.

Finals As evaluation for the COM280 New Media course students will need individually to deliver the following :

1. 2.

Fully functional WordPress Blog to include pictures, videos, widgets and original text. Fully functional E-Book Title to include pictures, videos, links and original text.

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