"Being a final project report presented in part requirement forEnerpenural Festival stall in Bachelors of Business Information and Technology at the University of Management and Technology Lahore."

Presented by: Fasiha Inam Khola Rabee Ameer Malik Ossama Waheed Humza Ejaz Presented to: Mr. Manqoosh ul Rahman
"We declare that this report is, in entirely our own work, that it has not previously been presented, in whole or part, for any other award, or published, in whole or part, elsewhere."

Fasiha Inam Khola Rabee Ameer Malik Ossama Waheed Humza Ejaz

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Lastly special thanks to our parents for their prayers for accomplishment of this task. “Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement. Secondly all the members of the group for giving time and helping in different parts of this report. We appreciate his efforts and time for helping us and providing his assistance throughout the project.Acknowledgement We are thankful to Mr.” Acknowledgers: Fasiha Inam Khola Rabee Ameer Malik Ossama Waheed Humza Ejaz . Manqoosh-ur-Rehman for assigning us this final project of Entrepreneur.

....... In the repot we gave the over all analysis of our business ..4 Conclusion Executive summary Our stall was of “ sweet Corn” in Enterpenurial festival ... PEST analysis which would help us in maintaing ........Contents Executive summary.. that sweet corn is not well known in most of the asian countries specialy in pakistan.. Brownies and we also place some antiques in our stall ... SWOT analyis ..... We have given Industry analysis .... We analysed the gap in the mark and took the opertunity and created it our business .. And in more porshe area salty corns are being sold .............. The reason behind choosing this business was .... Asian people mostly eat corns as “bhutta” which we can buy from patthan’s (Private stall) ...... We were realy sucessfull in running that stall ............. We had a very positive response from our stall and people liked the idea of “sweet Corn” and Brownies ... The products that we sold were Sweet corn people now are not well aware of “sweet Corn” ......

every partner will bring specific benefit to the business in the form of capital. Owners: This business was started by four friends in the form of partnership. We will be operating this business from the cycle which is easily movable. We typically serve hot and cold brownie. Cooked sweet corn has significant antioxidant activity. which provides health benefits. Super Sponge (Brownie) we offer various types of brownies with different consistencies and. sweet corns and brownies. or physical assets. Product description: For now. • . Business description: We have decided to open up our venture in UMT. Hirachical model . Location The location of “Super Corn” is UMT. The business which we are going to start is basically selling sweet corns. labor. Riska analysis and exit strategies Business Description Form of business: When beginning a business. and brownies. which has been suggested to reduce the chance of heart disease and cancer. Ameer Raza and Humza Ijaz. one must decide what form of business entity to establish. So the owners of this business are: Osama Waheed . . which means that all the owners will bear the personal responsibility for the operations and the liabilities of the business.and developing our business well. Cooked sweet corn also releases increased levels of ferulic acid. ingredients. Fasiha Inam. • Sweet corn (also called sugar corn. There is no single owner. So the form of business which we are going to start is of General Partnership. Name of business: The name of venture is “Super Corn”. In our business. of course. such as battling cancer. We have also given operational detail .) is a variety of maize with high sugar content. we will be operating in two products.

Also Sweet corn is something that very less people new about . there is no competitor. We took convenice sampling . So in our business. So that he can also sell within the streets and colonys. their are very limited place where Brownies and as well as Sweet corn were sold .middle.Gap identification: We observed that in pakistan specialy in lahore . our business has high competitive rivalry but in the case of sweet corns and brownies. 2) Power of suppliers: . Mall of lahore . In the case of food variety available in the campus. Market and Reaserch analysis For research we choose lahore . We will target all three claesses (lower. for now competitive rivalry is quite low because there is no such strong competitor in the market for our product or business. There are competitors in the form of other food items. And Cooked corn were only sold in more Upper class or we can say allied class areas with cost alot . We mostly asked our friendas and family that wather they liked our idea and what amenedes we should made in it . And we will not bound our worker to stuck in one place . For the price of sweet corn and Brownies we visited Pace . there is low competitive rivalry.upper) . So we decided to open the business of Sweet corn and brownies . we will give him a cycle . Liberty market and fortress Research and Analysis INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Porters Model: 1) Competitive rivalry: Intensity of rivalry depends on the number of competitors and their capabilities. but as for corns and brownies.

. 5) Threat of new entrants: The threat of a new organization entering the industry is high when it is easy for an organization to enter the industry i. Substitutes are there but of different menu. 4) Threats of substitutes: As already mentioned. This happens when: It is very low because there is no such company which is offering the same product like us. Good in taste. Prices of our products are reasonable and affordable. So our pricing is low as our target market is university. entry barriers are low. We will be catering those who are diet conscious as well calories lover.e. So we are differentiating from others in our menu. Raw materials are needed to complete the finish product of the organization. So in our business. 3) Power of buyers: Buyers or customers can exert influence and control over an industry in certain circumstances. Suppliers do have power. so for now there is no substitute if the same product available. buyers do not have any choice currently. There is little differentiation over the product and substitutes can be found easily. Our suppliers are Sun Corn. Low price and healthy and nutritious food. our target market is university. one has to look at different perspectives in which prices is a major part.Suppliers are also essential for the success of an organization. we are providing better quality of food. There are substitutes but not of the same food item. Secondly. As a result. threat of new entrants is high. students or faculty is not willing to pay much. Switching to another product is not costly that is why we are differentiating. customers are sensitive to price. Hateem Traders and Hyper Star. As it is a food market where entry barriers are very low. As in order to be successful.

Interest rates 2. Such changes can impact purchasing behavior. there is no such thing which will be affected by government or any law. It will affect our business. etc. Social factors influence people's choices and include the beliefs. Typical things to look at for each of these include: • • Consumer attitudes to your product & industry Attitudes to health .) Technological Factor: Technological factors can lower barriers and reduce minimum efficient levels. we need to look at any political changes that could affect our business. In such a way that continuous improvement in technology or the equipments that will be used in this business will reduce our production time and will increase the efficiency level. So it is vital for Competitive advantage. . Economic Factor: It is important to consider the state of an economy in the short and long-terms. values and attitudes of society. When examining political factors. So understanding changes in this area can be crucial. Prices of the commodities 3. Economic factors will affect our business in the form of: 1.PEST ANALYSIS: Political Factor: Political environment in Pakistan has been following the ups and downs since the existence of Pakistan. Tax that will be charged by the campus Social Factor: The elements that build society. the elderly.attitudes to wealth .attitudes to age (children. So in our business.

low cost of production Weakness: 1. 2. People are unaware of this sweet corn 5. 5. 3. Food variety is increasing in the campus which may cause a threat to our business. 2. 2. The first weakness is that we are starting this business for the first time. We have no practical experience of this business before. There is a rigid mentality of people to adopt to the change in their lifestyle 4.SWOT Analysis: Strengths: 1. Copying by new Competitors. Students want some light to eat during classes’ time. If students get any problem it can be blamed to us 3. Availability 3. Food habits are changing 3. Opportunity: 1. Eatables are always consumers focused. Approval from institutes 4. healthy source of nutrients 6. Standard of living is improving which means people are more towards the nutritious food Threats: 1. Taste of the products can be rejected by target market. Taste 4. it will cause serious problem for our business. Sweet corns market is expanding day by day. 5. 2. fashion of junk food is increasing day by day in youngsters .

Market penetration which means we will be selling our products to the existing market as our products are also an existing one.KEY SUCCESS FACTORS: 1. Knowledgeable sales staff 4. Barriers to growth 1. 2. 3. and no feedback to guide product improvements. there will no repeat purchases. Product itself (globalization) IFE/EFE MATRIX: MARKET SIZE & TRENDS: Growth potential As today’s generation increasingly is turning towards the light and nutritious food as well junk food to satisfy their appetite. with a different selling way (on vans etc). Customer Satisfaction If customers are not satisfied. We will increase the consumption of our products by users by introducing loyalty schemes. Location 5. One unhappy customer can be more costly than acquiring ten new customers. Market development: which means we will sell our existing products to the new market. we will be using following strategies: 1. The market isn’t big enough for these products • . variety in flavors of corns and brownies. Product development: which means we will also introduce new products in our business for the existing as well new market. Prices 6. Market: Market barriers can take two forms: • The market isn’t ready to accept our products. So in our business. Low Cost of Production 2. Positioning 3. SWEET CORNS is playing an ever-growing role. no referrals to other prospects. In order to expand our business. there is a high growth potential. We will modify our products which can appeal to existing market. 2. Quality of food 3. Specifically our sweet corns are now preferred by youth and professionals.

Marketing Strategy Market Segmentation: Diet conscious women / men Young enthusiastic students Professional people People who love to try different food items Target Market: Institutions Students Facility members Staff Product Description: Unique Selling Proposition: ‘Energize your appetite’ Sweet corn (also called sugar corn. But as we entered this market. that there was no other competitors of their. Information Chaos: Information chaos causes great confusion. our competitors tried to regain their customers by reducing their prices or by adding more dishes to their menu. we must know who our competitors are? What are their strategies and objectives? How they are going to react if we make certain changes in our business? Keeping all these points in our mind. Their objective is to energize the appetite of their customers. we analyzed that our competitor for now is the cafeteria. Competitor’s analysis: In order to do competitor’s analysis. By observing the response of customers towards our products. it will be difficult for us to enter in any market.) is a variety of maize with high sugar content. complete disorder. our competitor has the major market or it have the whole market share. Strength of our competitors was. which has been suggested to reduce the chance of . If people will not provide us with their feedback. most of their customers got attracted towards Sweet Corns and Super Sponge. Cooked sweet corn has significant antioxidant activity.1. Before our business or the launch of our product.

300 per packet Cost of cup and spoon: Rs. at the cafeteria in one institute. 70 Sweet Sponge (Brownie): Rs. 110 for 2 days LPG gas: Rs.heart disease and cancer. 50 Sweet Corn Large Cup: Rs.100 per day Tissue papers: Rs. 60 per piece Sales and Distribution Channels We define distribution as the method companies use to deliver products or services to their target market and channel as the means by which products or services are distributed so the distribution channel which we are going to use is: selective distribution. Pricing Strategy: Cost: Cost of corn: Rs. Cooked sweet corn also releases increased levels of ferulic acid.e. 5 per plate and per folk Butter: Rs. ingredients. 3 per cup and spoon Cost of plate and folk: Rs. Our prices are lower than other products. . Instead there will be only one distributor i. Super Sponge (Brownie) we offer various types of brownies with different consistencies and. We typically serve hot and cold brownie. which provides health benefits. of course. Also known as the exclusive distribution. 350 per kilo Prices: Sweet Corn Small Cup: Rs. which means that our products will not be available at every cafeteria or universities. such as battling cancer. Sweet corns are nutritious and good for health. Value proposition: We are differentiating from others in such a way there is no other person in institute practicing this type of business. an extreme form of selective distribution. 50 per day Brownies flavoring: Rs.

The second most important medium is the print media we will use posters. Selling strategies which we will be using are: • • • • Direct selling Instant service Double-win strategy Relationship based selling Advertisement & Promotion: For the advertisement the most used medium now a days are the social websites.Selling refers to the exchange of goods and services for an amount of money or its equivalent in kind. We use pull strategy for promotion and advertisement activities. Promotional Strategy • • • • • • • Word-of-Mouth Publicity Sampling Discounting Advertising Personal selling Public relations Advertisement: Direct Mail • Point of Sale . For the promotional activities or for the initiation we use sampling technique. pricing and most important of all our differentiation. It also helps in achieving the organizational goals. We give ads and product details. broachers for the attraction of consumers. Most of the students avoid paying if they don’t know the taste of the product and they go for some substitute which they already tried. So managing sales in an organization is a critical activity.

hyperstar. If the business suceeded then we will maximize our capacity Inventory Management: There are no finished goods which have to be managed as the production and supplying to the sellers is continues. Unless the raw material has to be managed which is not a big deal because for better quality and taste we have to use the fresh products excepting the things which can be stored for longer time like sugar. There is no contract with them. Human Resource Management Organogram . Locations: Our factory location where Brownies are baked and our cycles are last stop is near Township. Logistics: Sellers take brownies from the production house and sweet corn ingredients because sweet corns can be cooked in cycle steamer. flavors etc.• Outdoor (Signage/Billboards) • Internet OPERATIONAL DETAILS Capacity Management: In starting our on hand capicity would be of 4 to 5 days . and Hateem Traders. Suppliers: Our suppliers are Sun Corns.

Maintain records related to sales 6. Greet customers and ascertain what each customer wants or needs. 4. Duties of the Job 1. Salaries: Salary of Salesperson. Prepare sales slips or sales contracts. based on customers' needs and interests. total purchases and receive and process cash or credit payment 3.Staffing Planning: In start of our business we have.PKR 7000 Salary of Chef/Cook – PKR. Provide customers with product samples and catalogs. 2. Work requires substantial knowledge of items sold. 7. 1 head Cook 3 helpers 10 Sales people who will use cycles and go to different institutions for the selling activity. Inventory stock and requisition new stock 5. Compute sales prices. 9000 Job Descriptions JD of Salesperson Statement of the Job Sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers to businesses or groups of individuals. JD of Chef/ Cook . Recommend products to customers.

Monitoring — Monitoring/Assessing performance of you. Service Orientation — actively looking for ways to help people. Apportion and serve food to facility residents.Statement of the Job Prepare and cook large quantities of food for institutions. 2. or supervise the food preparation or cooking activities of multiple kitchens. other individuals. Time Management — managing ones owns time and the time of others. employees. and other cooking equipment. Job Specifications Js of Chef/Cook: Knowledge Food Production Skills 1. Plan. direct. 7. Prepare and cook foods of all types. Cook foodstuffs according to menus. pans. such as schools. Wash pots. or cafeterias. 4. 6. special dietary or nutritional restrictions. utensils. 3. dishes. either on a regular basis or for special guests or functions 2. or processes to evaluate quality or performance. Quality Control Analysis — Conducting tests and inspections of products. Duties of the Job 1. or patron 5. 3. Check the quality of raw or cooked food products to ensure that standards are met. Education High school diploma or equivalent . 4. or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action. services. or numbers of portions to be served. Direct activities of one or more workers who assist in preparing and serving meals.

Negotiation — bringing others together and trying to reconcile differences. iR Low innovation and high risks. 3. Potential problems Our potential problem comes out from our threats. Persuasion — persuading others to change their minds or behavior. Customer and Personal Service Skills 1. 2.e. Sales and Marketing 2. The problem could be in the form of any disruption of the forecasts.e. Education Some college. if some-thing happens to any of us five entrepreneurs we have succession plans for that. For instance. no degree JS of Sales Person: Knowledge 1. It is easily copy by competitors.Less than high school diploma Some college. Exit strategy . 4. what if our idea get copied by any other? Or what if any competitor enters into this market and start giving us tough time? 2. Obstacles & risks According to the Entrepreneurial Strategy Matrix we fall in the second quadrant i. i. no degree Critical risk 1. The risks are What if we face a major financial loss? And what if the venture fails? etc. Service Orientation — actively looking for ways to help people. Contingency plan We have made certain back up or contingency plans for certain situations. 3. Coordination — adjusting actions in relation to others' actions.

So. “sweet Corn” is a realy good idea to work on .Our exit strategies we have decided that say for instance due to some unfortunate reason we are not able to meet our financial projections within 4 years and we are not reach the growth stage. instead of going for liquidation we will be using following exit strategies: • • Shut it down Sell it Milestone Schedule All of the following are in Appendix PERT CPM Manpower Loading Conclusion To sum up with .The target customer of this . The uniquness about this product is its “sweetness” people are not well awre of its taste and flavor.

metro it will be highly sucessfull . So if it is launched withi in lahore at fortress .pace . makro . liberty .product would mostly be Kids but youngsters and adults prefrencesses would also be kept in mind .

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