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Micro Refrigirator

Marketing Management

Sugam Chaubal

Group members
Akshay shetty Yaseen khan Vidita vanage Vishmita vanage Goma nepali Hemanhci hublikar

Redefining the cooling

Micro Refrigerator

We came up with a mini refrigerator

y y y y which is portable and compact which can be used in travelling which can be used in workplace as well as home which can also be used in vehicles

introduction about the mini refrigerator

y y y y y y y This mini-fridge is great for those who eat at their desk, on the road or who need a cold drink or snack close by. Healthy people who need a healthy perishable snack or meal will love this unit. The mini fridge works without any liquid refrigerants (like freon), noisy motors or messy condensation. The quiet environmentally friendly semiconductor system keeps your items cold or hot as you choose. Fits neatly into a small office space or discreetly in your home or bedroom, or take it on the go. The hinged door with it's locking latch keep the unit well sealed and insulated from cold or heat loss. The convience-sized 4 liter interior fits 6to 8 cans of soda or other items.

y y y y y Refrigerators run in most climates! Rugged scratch resistant galvanized steel Easy to clean aluminum interior Automatic control with adjustable thermostat Shelf which can be detachable and attachable

We would launch this product in 15 cities

y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Mumbai Goa Nagpur Delhi pune jaipur gujrat Punjab Chennai Hydrabad Kerala Banglore Calcatta kochi.

We hav 5 sku s
1.Battery 2.Electric 3.Cigratte lighter 4.All the above in comes in black colour 5.And also in stainless steel

Total midcap



2 cr. 10 cr. 10 cr. 10 cr. 15 cr. 47 cr.

Brand ambassador

Plant Advertisement

Disturbution production Total

4 P s:
 Price= RS 5000/ Place: India(15 cities mentioned above)  Product:  Brand name: GLACER  Model : INTO 3 TYPES AND IN 2 COLOURS  Design: STYLISH  Style: Classy  Size: 4 LITERS  Promotion: brand ambassador


Swot analysis



y NO ONLINE PRESENCE i.e. may be people cannot come to know more about the fridge . y Narrow market segment because this product is mainr for the compactness and the portability which can be used in travelling rather thatn in home in general . y Being a new brand new product in market it has to face strong competition. y Beinga latest product in market it cannot set a brand name like lg or Samsung. .

y Cost should be lower. y Online presence of of should be there, y Market shift to globalization as to get more goodwill and more profit the launching of the mini refrigerator should be done internationally . y If the product shows good success in share it may invite more investors.


y If the product does not shows success in share then it may not invite more investors . y Threat of competition from existing companies {especially china}


1) Electronics exhibitions: As auto expo happen to display the upcoming car we will use electronics exhibition to display our product 2) Banner: Banner near mall etc 3) Hoarding On best buses railways etc 4) Paper Deaturing in any nknow newspaper as many people read news paper 5) tv add this is costly but most effective method 6) brand ambeseder: our product would be launch by shraddha kapoor daughter of shakti kapoor new face ofd bollywood 7) promotion in croma, next, vijay sales

Food Storage Information

Fresh Food
When storing fresh food, which is not prepackaged, be sure to wrap or store food in airtight and moisture proof material unless otherwise noted. This will ensure proper shelf life and prevent the transfer of odors and tastes. Wipe containers before storing to avoid needless spills. Eggs should be stored in an upright position in their original carton to maximize shelf life. Fruit should be washed and dried then stored in sealed plastic bags before storing in the refrigerator. Vegetables with skins should be stored in plastic bags or containers. Leafy vegetables should be washed and drained and then stored in plastic bags or containers. Hot food should be allowed to cool before storing in the refrigeration. This will prevent unnecessary energy use. Fresh seafood should be used the same day as purchased. When storing meats in the fresh food section, keep in the original packaging or rewrap as necessary. Follow the suggestions below for safe storage: Chicken 1-2 Days Ground Beef 1-2 Days Cold Cuts 3-5 Days Steaks/Roasts 3-5 Days Smoked/Cured Meats 7-10 Days All others 1-2 Days

OVERVIEW: Your Medi-Fridge Portable Micro-Refrigerator was designed to provide a convenient and affordable way to keep medicines (such as insulin or other medicines that are injected) at a safe temperature during: - Travel Travel often exposes medicines to extreme temperatures: Luggage compartments, Hotel rooms (when guests are out of the rooms, climate control is often turned off), Taxis, Airlines, and other forms of transportation. -

Work and Home

Many work environments reach extreme temperatures; even climate controlled areas can be shut off at the end of the business day. Most people prefer

privacy for their insulin storage, rather than placing it in a shared refrigerator. Similarly, there may be temperature and privacy issues at home. -

Vehicles and Outdoors Vehicle temperatures can exceed 100F within minutes
when the a/c is turned off. Refrigerated medicine storage is needed for Autos, Trucks, Boats, RVs, and Motorcycles, as well as outdoor activities.

Pricing strategy Penetration pricing: Charging a low price when entering the market to capture market share. Used when competitors are closing in with similar or better products. We are going to use this strategy as we have some competitors . Also if we were the only one in market we would have charge high price by using skimming strategy . But as we have some competitors but not that much so we can use intermediate pricing which is somewhere in between the skimming strategy and the penetration strategy.

Competitor analysis VOX Portable Mini Refrigerator For Home & Car
The product VOX Portable Mini Refrigerator for home & car has super cooling effect and it also works as a heater. Low noise, brushless motor for long life. It is less in power consumption and the folding handle suitable for outdoor use. Has cool control switches as Hot/Cold, On/Off function and movable shelf. Red/Green colour LED^to indicate warming or cooling. It is ideal for car, boat, office home, hotel, house, apartment, bar and vehicles. Brand : VOX Price Range : Rs. 2,999

Godrej's Nano: Chotukool

The worlds lowest-cost refrigerator will be launched in March. The bullock cart stops in one of the dusty alleys in Osnamabad, a small town in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. And two village girls, dressed in traditional Marathi Kasta Saree, step out in style with the products they have helped co-create with engineers at Godrej & Boyce. The quality of the sales pitch of the Class 10-pass girls would do an MBA proud. For, they know the products well, as the company involved them right from the conception stage to designing and marketing its nano refrigerators, named Chotukool (Little Cool). The refrigerators, which are being test marketed in a few towns in Maharashtra, are set for a nationwide commercial launch in March.

For Chotukool, the Godrej group has junked the traditional model of a proprietary channel with a sales force and a distributor-dealer chain and has joined hands with micro-finance institutions. This new distribution ecosystem is just one of the unique experiments that Godrej is trying out to make a splash in the bottom of the pyramid refrigerator market. There are many more. Chotukool does not have a compressor. It looks like a 43 litre cool box, which is loaded from the top, and can run on battery. The refrigerator weighs only 7.8 kg, runs on a cooling chip and a fan similar to those used to cool computers. Given the power shortage in the countryside, it also uses high-end insulation to stay cool for hours without power. The operational cost is low: the refrigerator consumes half the power consumed by regular refrigerators. But the clear winner is its cost. At Rs 3,250, it costs almost 35 per cent less than the cheapest category of refrigerators available in the market today. Apart from involving village girls in selling the products at a commission of Rs 150 per product sold (something that the company claims will reduce the distribution and marketing costs by 40 per cent), Godrej has gone in for several engineering innovations to keep the price low. The size is small and the number of parts in Chotukool has been reduced to just 20 instead of 200 that go into regular refrigerators. Its a reverse engineering of sorts, says G Sunderraman, vice president, corporate development, Godrej & Boyce. Sunderraman says the idea to target the bottom of the pyramid customers was given shape at a workshop with Clayton M Christensen, Harvard University professor, best known for his ideas on disruptive innovation. The idea discussed in the workshop was to involve villagers right from the design to selling of the product. The company did that in right earnest ever since it unveiled the first prototype of Chotukool in September last year. The product has gone in for several alterations after every little detail, including pricing and colour (red and blue were the clear winners) was discussed with a select group of villagers and micro-finance institutions. The Godrej group is betting big on Chotukool. It will certainly help us in overtaking competition, says Sunderraman. The group lost its leadership position to Korean giants LG and Samsung and Whirlpool of the US a few years ago. Godrej & Boyce is currently the fourth largest player in the over three million units market. But analysts say the cheapest segment is not the largest selling category in refrigerators. The largest selling category with over 50 per cent market share is the 160 to 170 litre size models priced at about Rs 6,500 to Rs 7,500. Hence, making Chotukool a success will be a long haul for the group, more so in a category which needs volumes to compensate for the ultra-thin margins. But Sunderraman is unfazed. We are trying to create a market segment which would evolve gradually. Eventually, it should have a significant share of the market, he says.

In any case, Chotukool is bound to attract a huge new group of consumers in a country where fewer than one in five homes has a refrigerator. It is also in tune with what Management Guru C K Prahalad has been saying for some time now serving the poorest of the world can and should be good for business. Prahalad would be happy with the inventiveness of the people connected with Chotukool.

Description/ Specification of 4 Litre Car Mini Fridge We are offering our customers a wide range of 4 Litre Car Mini Fridge, which are available following Specifications :Volume: 4L Rated voltage: DC 12V: AC 220V/DC 12V: AC 110V/DC 12V Cooling temperature: 0-5 degrees (lowest temperature, environment temperature: 20-25 degrees ) Heating temperature: 60-65 degrees (highest temperature) Product dimension (L*W*H): 259*280*188mm Interior dimension (W*H*H): 139*141*280mm Color case dimension (L*W*H): 285*205*285mm Supplier Product Code Min Quantity Price Information
Product Name :

: KPM- CMF : 1 : 3499 INR

Videocon VCE08Z
Product Code: 88134
Viedocon VCE08Z direct door has come Round Door with recessed Handle, Table top, Opaque Interiors, Adjustable shelf . Category : Refrigerators Brand : Videocon Price Range : Rs. 4750