BBC Radio interviews Thisfish at Slow Fish in Italy

British chef Sanjay Kumar took a break from his quest to save the Cornish sardine to interview Tasha Sutcliffe, Program Director here at Thisfish, during her recent trip in May to Slow Fish's biennial in Genoa, Italy. Chef Kumar found Thisfish to be one of the most inspirational initiatives presented at this biennial focused on small-scale fisheries. Listen now to the interview broadcast on BBC Radio 4.A spin-off from the Slow Food movement, Slow Fish brings together fishermen, chefs, policy experts and fish scientists every two years to promote small-scale, traditional and sustainable forms of fishing. This year the event attracted about 40,000 people.The biennial's theme was "Small-scale fishers: A threatened species." The event focused on the people who, risking life and limb, venture out to seas, lakes and rivers to bring us our seafood. Slow Fish wanted to put a spotlight "on the people of the sea and looking at artisanal fishing in the past, its cultures, opportunities, hardships and skills; and small-scale fishing as it is now, how it has modernized and how it contends with the global system."

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