Sharekhan ltd. is a retail broking arm of S.S KantilalIshwarlal Investors Services Pvt Ltd, an organization with more than 8 decades of trust and credibility in the stock market. Sharekhan Ltd (Formally SSKI Investors Services Pvt Ltd) was promoted by Mr.Shripal.SMorakhia and Mr.Shreyas.SMorakhia. It is currently India’s largest broking house. It is a member of the stock exchange, Mumbai. It is a depository participant of the NSDL and CDSL. Its business includes stock broking, depository services, portfolio management and derivatives. SSKI group also comprises institutional broking and corporate finance. While the institutional broking division caters to the largest domestic and foreign institutional investors. The corporate finance division focuses on niche areas such as infrastructure, Telecom and media. SSKI holds a sizeable portion of the market in each of these segments. As the forerunner of investment research in the India market, we provide the best research coverage amongst broking houses in India. Our research team is rated as one of the best in the country. Voted four times as the top domestic brokerage house by Asia money survey. SSKI is consistently ranked almagest the top domestic brokerage houses in India. Share khan is the retail broking arm of SSKI securities Pvt ltd. SSKI owns 56% in share khan, balance ownership is HSBC and Intel pacific. Pioneers of online trading in India- Sharekhan.com was launched in 2000 and is now the second most visited broking site in India.

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The company offers a complete range of pre trade. NATURE OF BUSINESS CARRIED Sharekhan is a stock broking company. derivatives) Commodities trading Mutual funds Portfolio management service Operations: • • • Institutional broking Investment Banking Retail Broking Through trading and settlement process the investor converted into the final product. the highly trained team and sophisticated equipment ensure smooth transactions and prompt service. trade and post trade service on the BSE (Bombay stock exchange) and the NSE (National stock exchange).B.    Investment Advisory service Facilitation services to Retail Investors. Thus the both the parties to an equity derivatives met Dept of MBA. Corporate. PESIT Page 2 . Whether the client come in to the company’s conventionally located offices and trade in a dedicated environment or issue instructions over the phone. The clearing house of exchange may act as legal counter party to all dealers for all deals in equity derivatives instruments on exchanges. Depository services Investment options include: • • • • Online trading (Includes equity.

Dept of MBA. C. collect margin from their respective clients. The process of trading is similar to screen based trading in securities like shares on an exchange. PESIT Page 3 . The exchange introduced standardized contract where settlement date. To extend effective guidance to brokers. A client can trade only through a trading member of the exchange. investor in E-Stock Trading. In order to minimize the risk of failure parties to contract in full filling their respective obligation under the contract. to clearing house Corporation. A clearing member can act as trading member. MISSION AND OBJECTIVES VISION: “To be the best retail broking brand in the Indian equities market” MISSION: “To educate and empower the individual investor to make better investment decisions through quality advice and superior service” OBJECTIVES: • • • • To ensure satisfaction through teamwork and professional management To provide good quality of services on a continuous basis to the satisfaction of clients. companies and To eliminate paper work and bring in front of electronic stock market in India. by clearing corporation. is specified by stock exchange and the client can enter into contracts with different contract/ strike price.either by the party itself or in the event of default on the part of the party. Margins are required to be paid by clearing/trading members who in turn. the Clearing Corporation/trading members. VISION.

QUALITY POLICY • “User friendly online trading facility” D. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PROFILE Dept of MBA. PESIT Page 4 .

PESIT Page 5 . CLASSIC ACCOUNT: This account allows the client to the trade throughout website and is suitable for the retail investors.Sharekhan is one of India's leading financial services companies. Mutual Funds. SMS and facility with any bank in India. GTB. Depository Services. Three key products • • • • IT –enabled call Center for servicing clients Integrated Depository service/Demat account for transparency Online fund transfer facility with HDFC. Derivatives. e-mail. IPO. Portfolio Management Services and Insurance. Regular banking Sharekhan also offers personalized research advice through Website.com. it reaches out to more than 800. Also offers personalized wealth management services for High Networthindividuals. SPEEDTRADE: Dept of MBA. Our online trading website also comes with the Dial Trade service that enables you to buy and sell shares by calling their dedicated toll free number.000 trading customers. Messenger Online products offered by Sharekhan are as follows: 1. Commodities. India's premier online destination. It provides a complete lifecycle of investment solution in Equities. IDBI Bank. and an online presence through Sharekhan. Citibank. The product of Share khan can be broadly classified into three types suiting the clients trading habit. 2.With a physical presence in over 300 cities of India through more than 800 "Share Shops".

which will investors to convert physical certificates of shares into electronic balances in an account maintained. which provides every-thing a trader needs on one screen. SPEEDTRADE is an internet-based application available on a CD. Sharekhan will open De-mat accounts. Depository services: Sharekhan is a Depository participant of National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository and Securities Limited. thereby. It is ideal for active traders who transact frequently during day’s trading session capitalize on intra-day price movements. Trading Facilities: Sharekhan as a member of NSE& BSE provides both offline and online trading facilities nationwide for trading the securities in secondary market to its clients. The equity dealers in the company will be eager to give insights into the new sets introduction in the Indian Capital Market futures and options. The company’s wide network of outlets spread across the country facilities to executive the orders in secondary market. PESIT Page 6 . 3. SPEEDTRADE has all the above-mentioned features with the power to trade in cash and derivatives from a single screen. Margin Financing: Dept of MBA. Derivatives: (Futures and Options) The company also facilitates the trading system for trading in secondary market under future and options segment of NSE and BSE.SPEEDTRADE is a next-generation online trading product that brings the power of your broker’s terminal to your PC. reducing the required to execute a trade. 2. SERVICES OFFERED BY SHAREKHAN 1. 4.

Internet Trading: Investors can also trade their securities through this facility by logging into company’s website. Portfolio Management Services: Sharekhan securities are a registered portfolio manager with SEBI to manage portfolios on behalf of clients with a discretionary and non discretionary right. PESIT Page 7 . for purchasing shares at very competitive interest rates. This is the news scheme introduced by the company and it also offers schemes catering to investors with varying risk return profiles. These would be sent out the borrowers. 8. The research team’s inputs will be available as daily trading calls. 9. Equity Research: Sharekhan has a highly rated research using involved in macroeconomic studies. Stock lending and Borrowing: One can place an order of shares with Sharekhan. It offers unique facility avail finance. based on the fundamentals of particular company and the industry as a whole. Sharekhan is a distribution house for all mutual funds. 6. 5. The virtual world that Sharekhan offers online trading services through. Dept of MBA. It is approved intermediary of the security or lending scheme. these earnings fees for all investors’ idle shares. Sharekhan understand investor need for additional capital availability for daily purchaser shares. Thus Sharekhan fulfill the investor need for borrowing and lending of shares.In the present rolling settlement scenario. quarterly investment picks and long term investment picks. IPO’s and Mutual Funds: Sharekhan offers the change of investing in the potentially lucrative IPO market. industry and company specific equity research. 7.

UAE The services are available through a network of 1437 Share shops spanning 170 major towns and cities in the country along with an international branch in Dubai (UAE) Growing retail network across    1120 franchisees 168 branches 325 cities Page 8 Dept of MBA. They are: 1. Other Services: • • • • • • • • • Free access to investment advice from Share khan’s research team “Sharekhan “Value line” (A monthly publication with review of recommendations stocks Daily research reports and market review ( high noon and eagle eye) Daily trading calls based technical analyses Cool trading products ( Daring derivatives and market strategy) Personalized advice Live management information Internet. PESIT .Based online trading Online BSE & NSE executions through BOLT & NEAT terminals). towatchout) E.This service is a provision for those who may not have the time to manage their stock investments or require the service of company’s highly specialized profession team. 10. AREA OF OPERATION OF SHAREKHAN The area of operations of SHAREKHAN is spread over two countries.INDIA 2.

COMPETITORS INFORMATION The Indian retail brokerage market. Ketan Parekh. Director-Operations.F. Shah. The total trading volume of the Indian brokerage companies stood at US$ 1239.1 billion in the year 2004.7 billion by the year 2015. Mr.Competitors for SHAREKHAN Among all the Indian brokerage companies. which is going through a wonderful phase with high growth rate. which increased to US$ 1492. the top 10 Brokerage Firms in India can be listed as below: Name Terminals Dept of MBA.1 billion in 2005. Chief Technology Officer. OWNERSHIP PATTERN AT SHAREKHAN Major shareholders Citi Venture Capital And Other Private Equity Firms Barings Pvt Equity Asia IDFC Employees Management Team Mr. G. Shankar Vailaya. 60% 23% 6% 11% CEO. Mr. JaideepArora. Mr. PESIT Kotak Securities Limited 4320 Page 9 . Director-Product and Technology. List of Top 10 Brokerage Firms in India. Tarun P. It is further expected to reach US$ 6535.

of Branches Dept of MBA. of Employees No. of Branches Name Terminals Sub Brokers No. of Branches Name Terminals Sub Brokers No. of Branches Name Terminals Sub Brokers No. of Branches Name Terminals Sub Brokers No.Sub Brokers No. PESIT 910 4008 350 Karvy Stock Broking Limited 1700 19000 3910 581 Indiabulls 2876 NA 5873 522 IL&FS Investmart Limited 1644 NA 1900 294 MotilalOswal Securities 7923 890 2193 63 Reliance Money 2428 1494 2037 142 Page 10 . of Employees No. of Employees No. of Branches Name Terminals Sub Brokers No. of Employees No. of Employees No. of Employees No.

of Branches Name Terminals Sub Brokers No. and ranked among the top five in the country all its business segments. of Branches Name Terminals Sub Brokers No. Distribution of financial products – Mutual funds. Depository Participants. is premier integrated financial services provide. comparing the who is who of corporate India. Bonds. of Employees No. of Branches Name Terminals Sub Brokers No. of Employees No. and provide investor services to over 300 corporate. KARVY covers the entire spectrum of financial services such as Stock broking. services over 16 million individual investors in various capacities. PESIT Page 11 .Name Terminals Sub Brokers No. of Employees No. of Employees No. Fixed Dept of MBA. of Branches KARVY India Infoline 173 173 NA 605 Angel Broking Limited 5715 NA 284 NA AnandRathi Securities Limited 1527 320 4566 220 Geojit 627 247 343 314 KARVY.

Launched on 11 May 1999.indiainfoline. From commercial banking. Landon. KOTAK SECURITIES Kotak Mahindra is one of India’s leading financial institutions. Dept of MBA. Capital international.Services. Dubai. The site provides quality information and analysis – earlier restricted to a few people – to the common man. offering complete financial solutions that encompass every sphere of life. it services a customer base of over 10. It also undertakes research. India Infoline Ltd owns and manages the web properties www. catering to every segment of the industry. IPO’s among others. The group has a net worth of around Rs. INDIABULLS The market capitalization of Indiabulls is around USD 1100 Million and consolidated net worth of the company is around USD 725Million some of the large shareholders of Indiabulls are the largest financial institutions of the worlds such as Fidelity Funds.com.com is India’s leading and most comprehensive business and financial information website. Goldman Sachs. INDIA INFOLINE: The India Infoline Group comprises the holding the parent company. With a presence in 216 cities in India and offices New York. 2000 crore and the AUM across the group is around 120 billion and employs over 6000 employees in its various businesses.00. to life insurance. to investment banking. PESIT Page 12 .000. Placement of equity. www.com and www. Karvy has various industrial segments.5paisa. Merchant Banking & Corporate Finance. Lloyd George and Feallon Capital. the group caters to the financial needs of individuals and corporate. absolutely free. Revenue of the company grew at a CAGR of 184% from FY06 to FY09 during the same period profit of the co grow at a CAGR of 215%. customized and off the shelf. The group specializes in offering top class financial services. Merrill Lynch. and Mauritius.indiainfoline. to stock broking to mutual funds.

Customer service. INFRASTRUCTURAL FACILITIES AT SHAREKHAN Sharekhan outlets are designed to be places where retail investors can come in touch with Investment opportunities in an atmosphere of convince and comfort.  Customized Retail Design: The office premises at all share shops have an invigorating look. get news.  Business Focus: The main focus is Customer . The look and feel of the offices across India projects a consistent branch image for the company. research and access to special reports through the company’s web portal www.com I. synonymous with its corporate identity.  Research-based Investment Advice: Access to all fundamental and technical research at a real time basis. the retail broking arm of SSKI Group and one of the largest stock broking houses in the country. PESIT Page 13 . Business development and Operations.  Multi-Channel Access: SHAREKHAN serves its customers better via multiple channels. Customer relations and last but not the least Customer acquisition.  ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS WON BY SHAREKHAN Sharekhan. The features that enable a unique facility for retailing financial service include among others. Risk management.  Strong Product Basket: Specific products catering to each customer segment. has won the prestigious Awaaz Consumer Vote Awards 2005 for the Most Dept of MBA.H.  Training Sessions: Comprehensive 3 day training program & dedicated online platform for ongoing training requirements.com  Support: Dedicated support for various aspects of business including Equity sales. Customer education.  Technology Infrastucture Support: Comprehensive & robust technology infrastructure to run a fully automated back-office.  Pioneering Online Trading Systems: The customers can trade online.sharekhan. Customer support.sharekhan. www.

The reasons behind the preferences for brands were unveiled by examining the following: • • • Tangible features of product / service Softer. HLL. and ORG Marg award by CNBC. Sharekhans ground network includes over 250 centers across 123 cities in India and having around 120000 customers and an equal number of demat customers. in the Investment Advisors category. India internet World 2008 for the “Best Finance” site. Sharekhans online trading and investment site www. 21 products and services across 21 major cities.    2000. PESIT GENERATION OF CLASSIC Page 14 . This was India’s largest Customer Study initiated by CNBC Awaaz and conducted by AC Nielson covering 7000 respondents.sharekhan. by Business Today.Preferred Stock Broking Brand in India.  Rated among the top 20 wired companies along with RELIANCE. equity driving preference Tactical measures such as promotional / pricing schemes J. WORK FLOW MODEL CUSTOMER OVERVIEW CALL DESK ONLINE DESK SALES REP APPLICATION PROCESSING Dept of MBA. intangible features like imagery.com was launched in INFOSYSetc.

SHARE SHOPS CUSTOMER SERVICE The Service Delivery Model of SHAREKHAN is a blend of both tradition and technology. All one has to do is walk into any of the 1200 share shops across 400 cities in India to get a host of trading and investment related services. A Sharekhan outlet offers the following services:    Online BSE and NSE executions (through BOLT & NEAT terminals) Free access to investment advice from Sharekhan's Research team SharekhanValueLine (a monthly publication with reviews of recommendations. PESIT Page 15 .PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS & RESEARCH PAYMENT FOR INVESTMENT IN DP TRADING THROUGH SHAREKHAN HOLDINGS & STATEMENTS RETURNS The three main components of this model include: 1. stocks to watch out for etc) Dept of MBA. Our friendly customer service staff will also help you with any account related queries you may have.

For people with difficulty in accessing the toll-free number. All the customer has to do is dial any one of the dedicated numbers (1-800-22-7050 or 1-800270-7050or 30307600). Enter TPIN to be transferred to telebrokers Trusted. Toll free numbers: 1-800-22-7050 & 1800-270-7050.           Daily research reports and market review (High Noon & Eagle Eye) Pre-market Report (Morning Cuppa) Daily trading calls based on Technical Analysis Cool trading products (Daring Derivatives and Market Strategy) Personalized Advice Live Market Information Depository Services: Demat & Remat Transactions Derivatives Trading (Futures and Options) Commodities Trading IPOs & Mutual Funds Distribution Internet-based Online Trading: SpeedTrade 2 . the Dial-n-Trade service enables the customer to place orders for buying and selling shares through your telephone.30 am and 9.DIAL N TRADE  Free with your Sharekhan Trading Account. we also have a Reliance number (Your Local STD Code) 30307600 which is charged at as local number.00 am Page 16   Dept of MBA. enter the TPIN number (which is provided at the time of opening the account) and on authentication the customer will be directed to a telebroker who will buy and sell shares for him.   Simple and Secure Interactive Voice Response based system for authentication No waiting time. PESIT . Features of DIAL N TRADE  THREE dedicated numbers for placing orders with cell phone or landline. professional advice of our telebrokers After hours order placement facility between 8.

3. palm pilots. c.  Mergers and acquisitions: In the highly competitive and over crowded market. Reliable service..e. PESIT Page 17 . internet. wherever the customer is.  Stock broking applications that provided services in various delivery modes. ONLINE TRADING The online trading model at sharekhan consists of a choice of three trading interfaces: a. shakeouts and bankruptcies of online brokers can be anticipated. WAP. Dept of MBA. Trade tiger exe for active traders Web based classic interface for investors Web based applet – fast trade for investor K. pocket PCs etc will get more common as more and more people start using these gadgets. The trend is towards a gradual consolidation of retail investors to a few dominant players or partnerships. i. FUTURE GROWTH AND PROSPECTS. Online broking would have a completely new meaning in this scenario. b.

differentiation becomes the key to higher revenues. PESIT Page 18 . investment advisors and telephone call centers or branch investment offices are needed to retain customers and to increase the revenue base.In a crowded stock broking industry. Dept of MBA. portfolio services. straight through processing (STP). immediate execution. Better service.

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