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Lowndes County Schools 3rd 8th Grades PARENT GUIDE TO GRADING

1. The grading scale in the grade book for all grades (daily work and tests) will be 1-100. 2. Reported Grades The actual grade your child makes will be entered into the electronic grade book on the Parent Portal. The score (grade) your child receives on the Progress Report/Report Card will be from a 60 to 100. Grades 1 59 will automatically be changed to a 60 on the Progress Report/Report Card. The Progress Report should indicate the need for improvement and intervention without being a grade so low that a child could not raise the year average to passing (70 and above) with improved effort. 3. You will see two scores when checking your childs progress on the Parent Portal. The bottom number is your childs performance percentage (1 100). If the performance percentage is 59 or below, the official grade (top number) will be 60. The top number is the official grade the student will make on the Report Card or Progress Report (60 100). Report Card Grade Performance Percentage Childs Grade 60-100 75 (75.0%) 60 (20.0%) 60 (47.0%) Childs Average 1% 100%

Progress Report / Report Card

Grade book

Actual grades on specific assignments

This assignment is required to be remediated and re-assessed 4. All children will be given the opportunity to learn and redo assignments, especially if a child makes a failing grade. Daily grades and test grades are included. If your child scores below 70%, the teacher is to re-teach the standard using a variety of resources, including technology. After the intervention/reteaching, the teacher is to reassess, and your child will receive the higher grade attained - not an average of the two assessments or assignments. Reassessment is required once for all children scoring below 70% on assignments used for grading purposes. We want all children to improve. Even, a child scoring above 70% should be afforded an opportunity to improve as well. Additional reassessments for all children are at the discretion of the teacher and/or school administration. 5. Zeros are unacceptable. Teachers are to give your child an I (Incomplete) for work not turned in and are to insist that the assignment is completed. Zeros will not be used. If your child consistently scores below 70%, the teacher is to contact you and arrange for a conference. Teachers should seek help in determining what other resources are available to help your child, including - but not limited to academic coaches, team leaders, grade chairs, counselors, administration, or the Response to Intervention process (i.e., classroom modifications, student support team, special education). Teachers are required to communicate often and well with you, and grades are expected to be posted to the Parent Portal grade book no less than once per week.