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Register to Vote Election Day November Issue 2 Volume 2 , 6, 2012

February, 2012 Newsletter


MAIN OFFICE Dan Parham, Chairman

The statement below is why Flagler County Democratic Party Chairman , is dedicated to GET OUT THE VOTE in Flagler County. News Room STATEMENT FROM FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY CHAIRMAN ROD SMITH ON FLORIDAS REPUBLICAN PRIMARY




Feb 01, 2012 Press Releases Tallahassee, FL -- Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith issued the following statement tonight in response to the results in tonights GOP presidential primary election: "Mitt Romney won in Florida tonight for a very simple reason -- he ran the most negative primary contest ever. Romney and his allies outspent Newt Gingrich by nearly 5-to-1, almost all of it on negative advertising. He may have won this contest, but he lost the opportunity to win the hearts and minds of the people of Florida. Floridians, like all Americans, are looking for positive ideas that will rebuild an economy that works for the middle class. But they wont find them during this primary campaign. Instead, Romney has flipped between negative attacks on Gingrich and distortions to his own positions, in a blatant attempt to pander to seniors and Latino voters. Theres a reason a vast majority of Florida voters want someone new to jump in this race they know they cant trust Mitt Romney to stand by his beliefs or stand by anything that helps average Americans get ahead."





Dear Flagler County, The real story out of tonight's GOP primary isn't a Romney surge or a Gingrich implosion. It's the toxic, damaging impression that Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans have left behind in the minds of Florida's crucial independent voters.







Florida Democratic Party Chairman, Rod Smith

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Flagler County Democratic Party e-Newsletter

One Hargrove Grade Building A, Suite 1 D, Palm Coast, Florida, 32164 Mailing Address : P.O. Box 350928 Palm Coast, Florida, 32135

Dates and location of DEC and Club Meetings

Our Democratic Executive Committee meets the 2nd Monday of every month @ 7pm. Meeting are held at the Palm Coast Community Center, 305 Palm Coast Parkway NE ( on Clubhouse Drive between East and Westbound Palm Coast Parkway ) Next scheduled meeting will be February 13th, 2012. Our Democratic Club meets the fourth Tuesday of every month @ 7 pm. The next scheduled meeting will be February 28th, 2012. Meeting are held at the Windsor of Palm Coast, 50 Town Court, Palm Coast, Fl. For best directions Call ( 386 ) 586-3601 Bring a Friend

Put pic of center or a group meeting

Our Democratic Women Club meets the first Saturday of every month @ 11am. Next scheduled meeting will be February 4th, 2012. Meetings are held at Democratic Headquarters, One Hargrove Grade, Bldg A, Suite 1D. F or more details contact : Courtney Chaplin at: ( 386) 793-1561 Bring a Friend

Volume 2 , Issue 2

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IMPORTANT NOTICE OF CHANGE According to the Flagler County Supervisor of Elections Website. The following Polling Site have Change:

OLD PRECINCT Precinct 9 Temple Beth Shalom 40 Wellington Drive, Palm Coast.

NEW PRECINCT Precinct 22, Shepherd of the Coast Lutheran Church 101 Pine lakes Parkway, Palm Coast


PRECINCT Precinct 3 Haw Creek Community Center VOTING LOCATION St. Johns Fire Station 89 County Road 2006 E., Bunnell

Precinct 5 Espanola Community Center

Bunnell City Hall 200 S. Church Street, Bunnell

Precinct 18 Rima Ridge Fire Station

St. Marys Catholic Church 89 St. Marys Place, Bunnell

ONLINE RESOURCES View election & local candidate Information online at the Elections Office Web site:


Flagler Beach is a Diverse Coastal Community Committed to Enhancing Our Quality of Life by: Preserving our Environment as a Community Asset Maintaining our Old Florida Heritage and Small Town Charm Providing a Safe, Healthy, and Clean Environment Supporting the development of Local Business to Provide Services to Residents Promoting the Supporting Eco Tourism through our Natural Resources Providing Opportunities for Education, Culture and Recreation

Alice M. Baker Mayor

John Feind Commissioner, Chairman

Kim Carney Commissioner

Jane Mealy Commissioner

Steve Settle Commissioner Contact us: City of Flagler Beach P.O. Box 70 , Flagler Beach, Fl.32136-0070

Marshall Shupe Commissioner

Phone : ( 386 ) 517-2000 Fax: ( 386) 517-2008


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Rickey Coleman January 23, 2012 (850) 487-5190

SENATOR GARY SIPLINS SCHOOL PRAYER BILL HEADS TO THE SENATE FLOOR Senate Bill 98 authorizes school districts to allow student-led prayer at school events TALLAHASSEE- Legislation that will authorize school districts to permit student-led inspirational messages, including prayer at school-related events passed the Senate Rules Committee today. The bill will next be heard before the full Florida Senate. Senate Bill 98, sponsored by Sen. Gary Siplin (D-Orlando), authorizes school boards to adopt resolutions allowing the use of inspirational messages, including prayers of invocation or benediction at secondary school commencement exercises or other school-related, non-compulsory student assemblies. Granting students the ability to pray will afford students a key element to earning a well rounded academic and spiritual education, stated Siplin. The bill, which is being carried in the House by Rep. Charles Van Zant, (R-Keystone Heights), requires that if a school board chooses to adopt a resolution to allow student delivery of inspirational messages or prayers, the resolution must include language to ensure that the usage of inspirational messages or prayer is the sole decision of the students and that only students may participate. The bill passed by a 12-2 vote. ###

Michelle DeMarco
Press Secretary Florida Senate Democratic Office 850-487-5833



Florida Gov. Scott Leads a PIP Rally for Reform

By Michael Adams | January 25, 2012

Standing in the rotunda of Floridas capitol in Tallahassee on Wednesday, Florida officials and business leaders called on state lawmakers to reform the states no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance law and reduce the costs for drivers and businesses. Gov. Rick Scott urged PIP reform proponents and citizens to visit their lawmakers and insist they enact reforms this year. This is how laws get changed, Scott said to a crowd. You show up and let lawmakers know what you want. Tell them we want this change this year. Joining Scott was the Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty and Consumer Advocate Robin Westcott. Business leaders also lent their public support to the call for reform. Florida Chamber Executive Vice President Dave Hart called on lawmakers to address both litigation costs, medical costs, and give law enforcement officials more tools to combat fraud.
Florida now holds the record for the most fraudulent claims, said Hart. The time for PIP re-

form is now. The rally happened just hours after the House Subcommittee on Civil Justice approved HB 119, sponsored by Rep. Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton). The bill would replace the states current no-fault law with a Emergency Care Coverage law that includes a laundry-list of fraud provisions including, require more information in law enforcement accident reports, allowing insurers more than 30 days to pay claims in cases where it suspects fraud, and giving insurers the right to question drivers seeking benefits under oath The bill would also require accident victims to be treated at emergency rooms within 72 hours after an accident to be eligible for benefits. Addressing litigation costs, lawmakers are also proposing that attorney fees be capped in PIP cases. Floridas current PIP law mandates that every driver carry $10,000 of uninsured motorist coverage to pay for medical injuries, loss wages and funeral benefits in the event of an accident. The law is designed to ensure drivers have medical insurance for small claims without the need for litigation. Insurers, consumers, and many state officials, however, say that the PIP benefits have created a system where unscrupulous attorneys, medical clinics and health care providers fraudulently collect the benefits.

The more you know One Labor Unions View of the

direction the President have for the Country.

State of the Union: President Seeks Economic Fairness for All

The Communications Workers of America issued this statement on President Obama's State of the Union Address: The Communications Workers of America commends President Obama for his focus on creating an America that is built to last with an economy that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few. It's critical to bring quality jobs back to the U.S. by eliminating tax benefits for companies that send U.S. jobs overseas. CWA strongly supports legislation that would end taxpayer subsidies for corporations that get tax breaks, then move call center jobs offshore, among other measures. Corporations have had too much power in writing legislation that rewards corporate interests and abandons U.S. workers, when it comes to manufacturing and services. Too many corporations routinely put short-term profits ahead of loyalty to the nation and workers who have made their success possible. An America built to last cannot be one in which corporate money determines who is elected and what issues are debated. That's why CWA supports measures to limit the outsized and harmful influence of corporate money in U.S. elections. One of CWA's top priorities for 2012 and beyond is raising awareness of the corrosive influence of money in politics. Recent related activities include mobilizing CWA members on the two year anniversary of the damaging Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that established corporate personhood; backing Governor Andrew Cuomo's push for voluntary public financing of New York political campaigns, and working alongside local leaders across the country to adopt model city council resolutions that state, in part, that "corporations should not receive the same constitutional rights as natural persons."

President Obama cannot keep the Republicans from stopping the progress he has made without your support.
Democratic National Committee

Support your local Democratic Party

Think Progress ( The Economy )

Billionaire Bill Gates Calls For Increasing Taxes On The Rich : Thats Just Justice

Bill Gates File Photo

By Tanya Somanader on Jan 25, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Last night in his State of the Union address, President Obama once again urged Congress to pass the Buffett rule, noting that 25 percent of American millionaires pay less in taxes that millions of families in the middle-class. Republicans were quick to dismiss his request as the politics of envy and division. However, multi-billionaire Bill Gates called his policy something else entirely: Thats just justice. In an interview with the BBC, Gates noted taxes are going to have to go up and thus hed prefer that they go up more on the rich than everyone else. There needs to be a sense of shared sacrifice, he said, adding, right now, I dont feel like people like myself are paying as much as we should: GATES: Well the United States has a huge budget deficit, so taxes are going to have to go up. And I certainly agree that they should go up more on the rich than everyone else. Thats just justice. BBC HOST: Is that a message you think that works with other people as wealthy as yourself, or is it just a small circle of friends yourself, Warren Buffet, a few others. GATES: Well, I hope we can solve that deficit problem with a sense of shared sacrifice where everybody would feel like theyre doing their part. And right now, I dont feel like people like myself are paying as much as we should. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has declared that people with Gates view are just riddled with envy. But considering that Gates wealth dwarfs Romneys millions, its highly doubtful that Gates is envious. He, like an increasing number of millionaires, just views paying his fair share as the right thing to do.

Weve come a long way together.

The Skeptics predicted we wouldnt get far. The cynics dismissed us as a lot of hype and a little too much hope. But something was happening in America. One person at a time, we built not simply a campaign but a grassroots movement of Americans of every race, religion and political party. Individual citizens like you believed that ordinary people have the power to change their communities and, working together, to change their country.

Obama for America

February 12th Lincolns Birthday

February 22th Washingtons Birthday February 20th Presidents Day Celebrated

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Tuesday, February 14th is Valentine s Day ( Agape )

Agape is the highest form of love there is. This is an unconditional love for others in spite of their flaws and weaknesses. It is a difficult love to obtain simply because we, as humans, are usually concerned more with ourselves and how the world and people around us affect us. In order to love in the agape way, we must overcome our selfishness and look to the needs of others.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY : To all celebrating a Birthday this Month.

I am so clever that sometimes I dont understand a single word of what I am saying. Oscar Wilde

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