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1. Name(capital): 2. Age: a) 18 27

b) 28 37

c) 38 47

d) 48 57 e) above 58

3. Educational Qualification: a) School b) Diploma c) Under Graduate 4. Describe your position in this organization: d) Post Graduate

5. How long you have been working in the organization? a) 0 5 yrs b) 5 10yrs c) 10 - 15 yrs d) 15 and above 6. Does your organization consider training as a part of organizational strategy? a) Yes b) No 7. How many training programme do you attend in a year? a) 0 5 b) 6 10 c) 11 -15 d) 16 and above 8. To whom the training is given more in your organization? a) Senior staff b) Junior staff c) New staff d) Based on requirement 9. What mode of training method is normally used in your organization? a) Job rotation b) External training c) Conference/discussion d) Programmed instruction.

10. Rate whether enough practice is given to you during training session? a) Strongly agree b) Agree c) Disagree d) Strongly Disagree 11. The training session conducted in your organization is useful. Do you agree with this statement? a) Strongly agree b) Agree c) Disagree d) Strongly disagree 12. Employees are given appraisal in order to motivate them to attend the training. Do you agree with this statement? a) Strongly agree b) Agree c) Disagree d) Strongly disagree 13. How long will it take to implement the trained process? a) Less than 1 month b) 1 2 months c) 2 4 months d) More than 4 month

14. What type of training in being imparted for new recruitment in your organization? a) Technical training b) Management training c) presentation skill d) other (please Specify) 15. How well the workplace of the training is physically organized? a) Excellent b)Good c) Average d) bad 16. Worst what training and development do you need to make your career aspirations to come true? a) Leadership training b) External degree study c) Formal meeting procedures d) Other (Please Specify) 17. What are the conditions that have to be improved during the training sessions? a) Re design the job b) Remove interference c) Re organize the work place d) Upgrade the information of the material given during the training. 18. What are the skills that the trainer should posses to make the raining effective? a)

Is training given to you in your organization? a) Yes b) No