The Puppet

By Thomas Farrington

Version 1

Thomas Farrington 6 Nore Close Gillingham Kent ME7 3DG 01634 577291

The Marionette
FADE INT. TOYSTORE - 1850 Long row of various different puppets are strung up by their handles on hooks on a rack, all clothed in bright colours with smiley faces. An elderly toymaker hangs a newly made puppet up onto an empty rack in front of him in view of the shop window. The new puppet isn t brightly clothed and doesn t have a face. Instead, it s just plain wood, joined at the limbs by ball bearings in its shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, wrists and elbows. INT. OUTSIDE SHOP WINDOW A little girl, accompanied by her mother in hand, notices the puppet and points up to it, jumping up and down in excitement. The mother and girl both enter the shop. FADE INT. GIRL S ROOM The girl is happily tucked up in bed, puppet in arms. FADE INT. DANK PAVEMENT GUTTER The girl and mother pass by and the marionette drops out from the girl s satchel. BACKGROUND FADE INT. MUSEUM 2000 s Marionette not moved since last transition. A nearby light switches off. The puppet s head looks towards where the light came from. It grabs its rusty arm, the ballbearing on his right shoulder broken, and pops it out from its socket, a ragged spring coming with it which it uses to pick the lock of the glass case it s in. It jumps down. INT. DISPLAY CORRIDOR Rows of glass shelves hold Victorian artefacts, all either dirty or rusted. The puppet wanders through the corridor, looking at all these various objects before stopping at a picture frame of the little girl it was previously owned by. It puts its hand on the glass and lowers its head before sitting down in front of the shelf. FADE TO BLACK: INT. DISPLAY CORRIDOR DAYTIME A group of children on a field trip enter the museum led by their class teacher and they enter the display corridor. One girl stops and is left behind as she is distracted by the puppet

lying on the floor next to the frame of the Victorian girl. She picks it up by the handle and tucks it into her backpack. FADE INT. RENOVATED TOYMAKER WORKSHOP The new work shop has been revamped since the last view of it. It s now been turned into a store for more modern toys. The girl s father is busy working at the counter, huddled over a work-in-progress model ship. The girl skips over to him and holds up the aged puppet to him. He smiles and takes it before looking to a small picture frame of the original toymaker. FADE INT. LITTLE GIRL S BEDROOM The new girl, now the puppet s new owner, is tucked up in bed with the renewed marionette in her arms. The wood and steel ball bearings are polished, varnished and given a glistening sheen to it and its arm is repaired.

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