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The increased applicability of mobile devices is rapidly turning them into future business and analysis work platforms. Given the current trends, the expansion of software capabilities on cutting-edge mobile devices is definitely a statement of TotalSoft team’s innovative spirit. Management team’s valuable time, wasted on reports and analysis generated by heterogeneous sources or lack of communication can now be saved by a robust comparative business tool, which can be accessed directly on the mobile device. Companies and top management in particular, need a modern, cuttingedge, extremely fast and visually intuitive solution, specially designed to provide the company with figures and real time images of its stability.

TotalSoft took a first step in this direction by building a suite of applications with an optimized “multi-touch” user interface. These business solutions can be used on Apple mobile phones and tablets, allowing a quick and easy interaction due to their similarity with iOS. Top management can access detailed company information and real time updates, in an intuitive graphical manner, just with a simple finger play.

Charisma Mobile Solutions includes Analyzer, Cell Monitor, Portfolio Management, Medical Software, EMR, Tasky and SFA (Sales Force Automation) products that provide a continuous connection to the organization’s data sources and represent the optimum basis for the decision making process or information at managerial level - all due to the native integration with Charisma Business Suite or any other enterprise resource planning system. The mobile solutions combine the analytical capability of software applications with the mobile gadgets one, allowing a rapid visualization of the performance indicators, easy navigation through the data underlying these indicators, generation of various statistics based on different data sources such as ERP, Contract Management or medical activity management systems. The information withdrawn from various sources is automatically synchronized, while users have access to data, analyses, updated forecasts or meeting agendas.

Main Benefits
Reduces the performance analysis time Due to continuous and real time information updating on any changes in the organization’s integrated information system, but also to expanded on-line features, the management or authorized persons can view real-time financial or non-financial performance indicators. Complete overview of the performance indicators The predefined performance indicators are shown in an intuitive manner to quickly highlight the performing or underperforming business segments. The solution uses scaled indicators, data series or matrix, for a full coverage of the information necessary for the top management. Latest technology The solution is based on cutting-edge technologies, withdrawing, analyzing and displaying relevant information based on comparative status cells. These solutions address any business area, regardless of its size, activity field or structure (distribution, retail, services and financial services; multi-location, multi-department and multi-product). Reduces the operational costs Due to the 24/7 direct access to the application, the solution significantly reduces the workload on the analysis departments. Data monitoring is performed at general and/ or location level (store, city, department, region, business line etc.), centrally or detailed, quantitative and/or value according to each company’s specific requirements.

Technology Charisma Mobile Solutions are applications developed on iOS, which can be installed on iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad tablets. TotalSoft’s mobile solutions are currently using the following iOS SDK features (software development kit): n Multi-touch; n Over-the-air sync (3G/WIFI); n Multitasking; n Push-notifications. Database accessible through webservice Charisma Mobile Solutions benefit from a server side data processing module that allows reports to become available through a mobile web service. Thus, through a 3G or WIFI connection, users may update remotely the database on demand or as a program update by default. The communication channel is secure and encrypted for an improved data protection factor. PUSH notifications Using the integrated service Apple Push Notification, the reporting server can notify iPad/iPhone clients, even though the application is off at the time. Thus, when new data or reports come in, users are actively notified, being kept updated on the evolution of parameters of interest.

View offline reports Reports and indicators are stored locally on the mobile device for subsequent offline visualizations. In this case, the pre-installed SQLite tool (engine) will be used. Security By means of an application that can be accessed through any browser, alert messages can be sent in order to return, block or delete data remotely located on any tablet. Each tablet of the devices portfolio can be located on the map, in case its loss is announced. Automatic implementation and updates Due to TotalSoft 's exclusive certification obtained from Apple Inc. the necessary software and updates operating on tablets can be installed quickly by remote automatic download.


Mobile Analyzer
Charisma Mobile Analyzer is an advanced solution for analyzing and processing data, which generates reports in a graphical and intuitive manner, with minimal effort from users. Charisma Mobile Analyzer addresses all activity fields from financial services, retail and distribution, logistics, services, constructions, medical, pharmaceutical, up to human resources, providing an updated and extremely important support for planning and optimizing the company’s business processes.

Faster, one click-away distance reports Charisma Analyzer brings the advantage of high speed in processing and data visualization, providing more results with less effort. Just drag and drop and the analysis changed. Then just a few more clicks and trends or critical points of the analysis are highlighted. Flexible and easy to use solution The solution enables real-time visualization of each change on the extent of their implementation, provides automatic formatting of columns and rows and supports the creation of dashboards from multiple perspectives of the company’s processes and trend analyzes. World leader in data visualization According to Gartner’s study in January 2011, Tableau Software is the world’s leader in interactive data visualization for business analysis, their display in dashboards and delivery. Cutting-edge technology The five principles underlying Charisma Analyzer’s visual data display are the user-friendly interfaces, the easy to use analysis and research features, the expressiveness and best practices in visualization, as well as the database’s independence.

Charisma Mobile Analyzer is natively integrated with Charisma ERP and benefits from the most well performing technology in the world, developed by Tableau Software, the BI software solutions market leader through an efficient implementation and reduced time to adapt to customer requirements. Basically, even users less familiar with BI software applications can become productive in a very short time and without special technical training.

Mobile Cell Monitor

Charisma Mobile Cell Monitor is the graphic, user-friendly and updated view of your organization. Without needing user intervention, the company's performance or operational indicators change their values per second, according to their actual progress and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, via any type of mobile device with Internet access.

Cellular view of the company’s sales, grouped according to three criteria: active stores, partner types (individual or legal person clients, legal person, vendor or employee supplier) or item types (goods, income); Quick sales performance indicators on each cell: n of total sales/ analysis month vs. established Graphic target for the period, for each cell (store/ partner type/ item type); n Sales total value vs. Target for each (store/ partner type/ item type); n sold vs. Target for each cell (store/ partner No. units type/ item type); n Performance percentage; Filter options according to cell name (store/ partner type/ item type); Detailed view of the sales status for each cell: n Total sales per current month vs. target for the same period, with the afferent performance indicator automatically calculated; n view of total daily sales vs. target; Graphical n view of total monthly sales vs. same period Graphical of the previous year; n “Pie” graphical view of the best sold products for each type of analyzed cell (store, partner type, item type); n overview of sales on products, both Detailed quantitative and qualitative, vs. Target.


Mobile Portfolio Management
Charisma Mobile Portfolio Management is an on-line solution that addresses top management, as well as people in management positions for the monitoring of real-time statuses of projects. Permanently connected to the financial and non-financial data from Charisma back-office or any other project management and procurement system (ERP, CRM, Primavera etc.), the portable solution on the iPad offers maximum mobility and cellular graphics visualization of business active projects.

Graphical cell view Users benefit from a graphical and intuitive view of financial and non-financial information afferent to each active project or subcontractor: project name, project value, aggregate contract value, invoiced amount, outstanding invoiced amounts, project start date, activities end date, estimated time of completion, percentage of project completion; Graphical alerts for delayed and future milestones; Cash flow graph, with an overview of the last 30 days, as well as a forecast for the next 30 days; Graphic details, real costs and afferent weights in a project, broken down by sub-contractors, materials, labor, equipment, transport and others; Increased visibility of each project resource/ cost type Charisma Mobile Portfolio Management details each type of cost, highlighting the total amount, weight in the project’s total costs, tabular representation of the same costs along with the real vs. planned costs, the amount invoiced, paid, outstanding and payment amount; Visibility on critical events needed to track the project's performance The solution has a graphic timeline that displays the project’s milestones for a quick view of the real situation vs. the planned one. Also, delayed and planned events are reported graphically and tabulated, with filter options such as: number of days late, value or outstanding amount; Remote location in case of theft In case of loss or theft, TotalSoft provided several ways to protect and recover users data, including the remote device’s blocking and data removal through a web application launched by Apple for accessing the device based on user and password, as well as device location via on-line maps.

Main Benefits
Permanent mobility and connectivity Charisma Mobile Portfolio Management provides a permanent visualization tool of the financial information (Revenues, costs, cash flow), deliverables and activities statuses that contribute to the project’s milestone achievement. In a creative, flexible and fast manner, engineers or project managers have secure access to cell site analysis, graphical indicators and data split on periods of time to make the best decisions directly on the iPad. Efficient and secure remote implementation For the applications available on iPad, TotalSoft has an important advantage, given by Apple, which allows the company to change the classic implementation of a business to business solution and provide clients with a fast installation, by direct download of both applications and version updates.


Mobile Medical Software
Charisma Mobile Medical Software is an online system that provides mobility, financial and non-financial information to managers of medical units, laboratories and hospitals, with multiple locations, business lines and geographical areas. The application can be integrated both with TotalSoft’s medical and financial management solutions (Charisma Medical Software and Charisma ERP) or any other similar information systems.

Financial stability indicator per clinic/laboratory – performance indicators of each medical unit are analyzed, while differences that must be covered in order to achieve current goals are determined; Advance filter on aggregate revenues according to the clinic or laboratory’s specialty (gynecology, ophthalmology, radiology, ENT); Temporal comparative analysis, with advanced displayed data – for each specialty the services performed can be viewed: number of patients, visits completed, referrals, information on previous contracts; Detailed financial analysis at service level – patients, visits, referrals; Revenues, costs, profitability, number of visits and wards that have performed services according to contracts concluded and breakdown of contract revenues.

Thus, managers can make smart decisions, having access by means of a simple mobile device, to comparative analysis (budgeted vs. done) for each medical unit, overview of prepaid contracts, reports on mostly requested services or doctors’ schedules on each location, all these data being automatically withdrawn from the information system that manages the entire activity of the medical services provider.

Mobile EMR
Charisma Mobile EMR is a software solution dedicated exclusively to the medical personnel, primarly to doctors and nurses, aimed at easing their access to the electronic medical records (EMR) of all patients, analysis outcomes and diagnoses, regardless of the patient’s position (emergency unit, room or any other place within the medical unit). The solution can also be integrated with any other medical activity management application that includes a module dedicated to electronic medical records.

Complete overview of received or performed visits – new patients, outpatients, assignments, alerts according to case priorities; Integrated patient management – data are transferred direclty from the CMS server, and according to changes performed on the PC tablet they are submitted to the system for continuous update; Extended patient history categories – the application provides details on patient’s record such as their position within the clinic (ward, room, bed), case history, allergies and diagnoses, treatment (start date/ end date, drug type/ quantity, administration type/ frequency), laboratory requests (analysis type, processing status, detailed result, analysis report), visit program (date, frequency, doctor, specialty, current status – performed/ not performed) or attachments to the observation sheet; Medical report analysis generation and import; Quick database search; definition of new patients or discharges.


Tasky is a stand-alone application that can be easily synchronized with other professional planning solutions (like MS Outlook), thus providing ample opportunity for transfer or update on the progress of daily activities. Conceived as a collaborative application, Tasky simplifies the tracking of these activities, grouping them into categories, assigning and replanning them according to priority alerts or exceeded deadlines.

Task timeline The application enables task planning and visualization depending on the timeframe, files or importance. If users choose to view tasks depending on their timeframe, the first category displayed on the screen will be the one including overcome tasks; the other categories displayed include tasks that have no deadline or must be completed in the present/ future. Quick task introduction Tasks can be introduced quickly, directly from the application, which can also be transmitted via email. The application provides default values for deadlines that can be further configured by users. In addition, the application provides automatic contextual data (date, time and category task). Completed tasks are automatically archived Users can view the number of tasks to be completed without opening the application, due to the fact that a label with their number is available on the application’s icon. Tasks groups The application allows grouping tasks on predefined user files. In each group, users can only view the related current and completed tasks. Automatic synchronization through a worldwide web service The application enables the collaborative work on each task, ensuring its automatic and real-time update. This feature is enabled through a web service that is available throughout the world ( Search engine The application provides advanced search features by means of a search engine. Notifications and alerts Users may choose to be notified on overcoming deadlines, this feature being available even when the application is offline.

Mobile SFA

Charisma Mobile SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a solution intended to automate and increase the efficiency of the sales process, providing the sales forces on the field with all the required information, anytime anywhere. The solution enables the order retrieval, the tracking and control of inventory, order flows, customer management, sales forecast, as well as employee performance assessment.

Much faster and real-time customer purchasing decision. Much more time spent on sales processes, due to reducing the time needed for a transaction and following the increase of the route efficiency. Optimization of travel routes; Integrated information and decisional base. The sales person is immediately notified on the promotions launched by the company via newsletters; Minimizes the sales cycle. Helps to complete the orders with instant sale by using connections via bluetooth with cash registers or printers for generating receipts or fiscal invoices; Advanced integration. The mobile device is integrated with the back-office system for bi-directional updating the data about customers, contracts, invoices, payments, travel routes and daily agenda. Security measures. The system accepts only valid system data, based on the implemented constraints or rules. Identifies the profitable and high-maintenance customers. High control. Defines and accesses in real time the sales plan of each sales person; Short customer decision making time. Anticipating customer requirements based on the sales history. Products delivered in the shortest time possible.

The productivity of sales persons is a crucial factor in the evolution of an organization. The agility of the company, translated through decision speed and mobility, is only possible with the help of powerful software solutions, developed on the latest technologies, able to support the need for agility and efficiency of the sales forces. With the help of Charisma Mobile SFA, the management has now full, real-time visibility on the sales process. The solution tailors to each organization, regardless its size or business field, by automating the sales processes. Thanks to its perfect integration with Charisma ERP or with any other ERP or CRM system, the solution completes and optimizes the management, operational, marketing and the company's commercial strategy flow.


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