Jerold Shannon Dehn English 306 Section 78 (HM109) English 306 Section 99 (HM106) UL Office Telephone: 502- 852-1989 Cell phone 812-946-3380 7:00-8:15 p.m. 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon Email:

We will also we will use Blackboard to communicate about class Office: Humanities Basement, Room HM LL 04B Hours: The instructor will be available on Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 pm to 7:00 p.m. and after class. On Saturday from 8:30-9:00 and after class. PLEASE feel free to discuss your concerns about this class with me. Do not call the English Department at UL asking for me. Use the signup sheet or see me to make an appointment. Talk with me before or after class sessions, sign the appointment sheet to schedule a time for us to talk. NOTE: Do not call the office telephone number to tell me you will not be in class or to ask what is due for a class session that you may have missed. We will make other business arrangements to handle these matters. English 306 will give you practice in the conventions of business communication. In particular, you will learn to analyze audiences and problems; to use simple research tools; to edit, organize, design, and revise simple and complex texts directed toward specific audiences; to present information orally; to respect such practices as meeting deadlines, presenting professional final copies, and working with others in collaborative efforts. Prerequisite: Passing grade in English 102 or equivalent. Required Text: Contemporary Business Communication, 7th. Edition, Scot Ober, Houghton Mifflin Co.

Policies: 1. All class or homework assignments MUST BE neatly typed, presented on proper paper, and

meet specific requirements for that assignment. You must use Times New Roman & 12 font size for all your work. Your work will not be accepted if you do not use Times New Roman and 12 font size! NOTE: This syllabus is typed in Times New Roman, 12 font. The requirements will be given to you for each assignment due with adequate advanced notice to complete each assignment on time! 2. All written assignments must be completed and turned in on time. No Late Work!

3. Exception to Number 2: If you are absent from class because you are participating in an official function sponsored by the University of Louisville, you can make up class work. Any assignments must be completed by one week of the original due date. Please present me written verification from the University of Louisville regarding the event in which you will be participating. 4. Assignments cannot be revised to raise a grade. 5. All homework assignments must be handed in to the instructor in class. 6. You should familiarize yourself with the University of Louisville¶s policies regarding plagiarism, cheating and NONACCEPTABLE BEHAVIORS IN THE CLASSROOM. 7. The tentative schedule for English 306, Spring 2012 may be modified this semester to meet the needs of the students. You will be informed if we are going to modify the weekly schedule. 8. If you believe that you have SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES (military duty, work, sports) that may prevent you from attending all the classes or doing your work on time, please talk with me! 9. TURN OFF pagers, mobile telephones, and lap top computers when you enter class! GRADES: Your final grade in this course will be determined by your homework, assigned class activities, and class attendance. All work must be completed and turned in to pass English 306. See attached sheet on grading procedures for 306. The English Department has specific requirements regarding an incomplete grade for any class at the University of Louisville. If you have questions regarding these requirements, please speak with me. Important Dates: There are several important dates printed in the catalog: last day to drop class with 100% refund, last day to drop class and keep record clear. IT IS YOUR responsibility to be aware of these University regulations Arriving Late for Class:

Class will begin on time. If you should be late for a class take responsibility to see what has happened in class before you arrived by asking members of your TEAM what you missed. Attendance Policy: see attached sheet Grievance Procedures: Students who have questions or concerns about their grades, the class, or an assignment are encouraged to see me [Dr. Dehn] as soon as possible. If not satisfied with our discussion, students may see an assistant director of composition, HM 319 F, 852-5919 [on the University of Louisville campus]. Policy on Instructional Modifications: ³Students who have a disability or condition which may impair their ability to complete assignments or otherwise satisfy course criteria are encouraged to meet with the course instructor to identify, discuss and document any feasible instructional modifications or accommodations. The student should notify the instructor no later than the end of the second week of the semester/term in which the course is offered or not later than the end of the second week after such a disability or condition is diagnosed, whichever occurs earliest. The student may contact the Disabilities Resource Center for information and auxiliary aid.´ Plagiarism: is using the works or ideas of another writer without giving proper documentation or credit to the writer. In some rare cases, students use the writing of other students in the class as their original work. If plagiarism is suspected, the instructor will talk with you privately. You will receive a failing grade on the homework and may fail 306 for plagiarism. Your Instructor: I am looking forward to this semester in Business Writing. I hope you will feel free to talk with me about your concerns or problems regarding this class. Let us work to make this an exciting time together at UL. My role is that of a coach or a mentor to support your learning, growth and academic development. I also evaluate and grade your work in this class.

Required Professional Business Writing for English 306: Individual Writing Requirements: Each student in English 306 (Professional Business Writing) will do a minimum of 2500 typed words for this course. You will do a variety of business related writings, such as doing a resume, cover letter, and career self-assessment profile. You will create a business questionnaire to use in conjunction with your business project. In addition, you will create professional business letters and memos, type corrections to exercises from the textbook and learn to research. Your instructor will provide detailed information on each of these writing requirements.

Group Writing Requirements: Beside the individual writing requirements for this course, students will work in teams on some projects. These class projects are designed to help you apply materials from the chapters in the textbook. Specific information will be given to you for each of these class projects as the projects are assigned during the semester.

English 306 Spring 2012 Tentative Weekly Schedule The exact dates for all assignments and projects will be given in writing and in class. This schedule may be modified for a variety of reason. You will be duly notified. Unit I: General Introduction to Business Communication and Technology (Chapters 1, 2) Week 1.
Discuss syllabus requirements, check roster, become acquainted, form work teams of four persons each. The teacher will begin discussion of chapter 1 of Ober, but for the next session you should read chapter 1of Ober and be ready to discuss questions 13, page 29. Look at Case 1 on page 31 and type responses to the three questions to turn in next session.

Project #1: Internet Research on Crisis Information and Exxon, Johnson and Johnson; Ford Motor Company and Firestone Tires. Due will be given in class. Look up information on Internet about how to handle a crisis. Review how the companies listed above handle their crises. This is a two page double-spaced typed paper.
Week 2: Be prepared to discuss chapter 2 of Ober and pages 76-83 of chapter 3. Be prepared to discuss ideas from the readings and to discuss questions 6, 10, and 11 pages 69-71. Quiz over Unit I.

UNIT II: Business Style (Chapter 5) Week 3: Discuss Chapter 5 of Ober¶s text. The teacher will introduce final project for English 306 but the project is not due until the last week of the semester. Project # 2: ³Urban Systems Sees the Light´ will be handed to you in class. Write a revision of this letter in block format but do not modify the letter in your own words. See Section B, pages 515-526 for formatting business documents. Keep the essential ideas and content of the letter but revise the letter to make it more

professional in tone and style. Create an adequate professional letterhead for this project. will be given in class. Week 4: Continue discussion of style, chapter 5.

Due date

Project # 3: ³Stetsky Corrects the Boss.´ Your teacher will hand you this project in class. Revise this speech into a professional letter in modified block format. Keep the essential ideas and organization of the letter. You should make important corrections based on ideas from chapter 5 of the text. Create a professional letter heading for this project. Due date will be given in class. Project # 4: the teacher will give ³Drew Drafts a Drab Memo´ to you. Revise this memo to create a more professional memo based on the ideas in chapters 5. Keep the essential ideas of the memo but make necessary improvements to increase the effectiveness of Drew¶s memo. Create a professional memo heading for this project. Due date will be given in class. Unit III. Business Reports: Data Collection and Questionnaire Design (Chapter 9 and 10) Week 5: Quiz over Unit II. Discuss issues about data collection from chapter 9 of Ober. You should begin thinking about your own questionnaire for your final project. Chapter 10 will help you prepare your final project for this class. Week 6: Continue discussion of chapter 9. Project # 5: a group project dealing with the CDC and designing a research questionnaire in teams of four. Due date will be given you in class. Project #6 is a memo regarding your final project. The teacher will say more about this memo and give you a due date. Week 7: 22-24: We will use this week to finish our discussion on business reports and have a quiz over Unit III. Read chapter 10 for week 7. Project # 7 is your final business research project on some topic dealing with business. This is a field

research project using a questionnaire to research any topic you would like to research, such the favorite sport of students at this University, or how do student feel about«.? This project will be about six pages long and will include an Introduction, Method, Findings, Conclusion, and an Appendix. You will hear more about this project as the semester progresses. You will develop your own questionnaire based on the ideas discussed in class. This due the last class day--no exceptions

Unit IV. Employment Communications (Chapter 12) Week 8: & Week 9: In this unit, we will discuss ideas from Chapter 12, and look at critical issues in our career development: self-assessment, cover letters, resumes, and interviews . We will have a quiz over Unit IV. Project # 8 a cover letter, resume, and self-assessment based on ideas from our discussion. The due date will be given in class.

V. Routine Business Communications (Chapter 6, 7 and 8) & we will use the remaining days of the semester for this unit. This unit deals with routine communications and persuasion in professional writing.

Week 10 & Week 11: Week 12: Chapter 7 of Ober

Resumes due.

Project #9: You are Paul Yu, Director of Personnel at Urban Systems, Inc. and you receive the following request from John Franks: ³Recently, at a business presentation for Urban Systems, Inc. in Buffalo, New York, I took two briefcases. One had handouts for the presentation and the other briefcase had personal papers for the meeting. When I left, I forgot to pick up my second briefcase that was new and cost me $345.00. I hurried back to the conference room but my briefcase was not there. I have enclosed the sales ticket showing when I purchased this case and the actual cost. Since Urban Systems, Inc. has a policy to reimburse employees for all reasonable cost while on duty for the company, will you please reimburse me the $345.00 for my lost case?´ You are to write two memos, one accepting his claim and the other memo rejecting his claim based on ideas from your text. Next, write a policy revision statement explaining more fully Urban Systems, Inc. policy for reimbursement. You will receive a due date for this Project # 9 in class. Week 13: Week 14: Chapter 8 of Ober use as need to end semester; Quiz over Unit V. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Your final Project due on last class day.

Attendance Policy In April 1999, the A&S Faculty Assembly approved a Class Attendance Policy, effective Fall 1999. As a result of the A&S Class Attendance Policy, the English Department at the University of Louisville allows Faculty Members in the English Department to use student attendance as grounds for computing student grades. According to the Class Attendance Policy of the English Department at UL, a student¶s grade may be lowered after the student has accumulated two weeks¶ (four regular class sessions) of unexcused absences. The Faculty Member may fail a student for the course after the student has accumulated three weeks¶ (six regular class sessions) of unexcused absences. In my sections of English, your attendance is taken each class session by a signed roster. is your responsibility of see that you sign the roster; in case of disagreement, my class record will be the official record. I have no way of keeping up with students who may be in class but do not sign the roster. It

If you are absent from a class because of a UL activity, provide written documentation and you have one week to complete and turn in any work that you have missed. If you are absent for any other reasons, provide a written statement along with documentation why you were absent and I will consider if the absent is excused or not excused. Without a written statement and documentation, your absence will be unexcused and will have a bearing upon your course grade. Adult learners must deal with many important decisions: transportation concerns, health problems for self or family members, child care issues, work demands, family issues, and academic requirements. However, each student is responsible for their learning and class attendance is very important in achieving this goal.

Note: In keeping with this policy, your final grade in 306 will be lowered on letter after the fourth absence from class. You do not need to tell me why you are not in class as this will be irrelevant to the instructor. I understand the UL attendance policy and accept that my final grade in 306 will be lowered after my fourth absence from class. Date: signature_____________________________ Student¶s

Grading Policy Grading is based on all activities listed on your Student Class Record. To get the maximum grade ³A´ for any assignment, your work must be turned in on time, fulfill the requirements for the assignment, lack errors (such as, but not limited to, spelling, punctuation, mechanical problems, stylistic problems), be neatly typed and follow the conventions of business writing, and show evidence that the student has taken the assignment seriously as indicated by the thoroughness, neatness, and application of classroom and textbook materials Final grades will be determined as: A+100-97% A 96-93% A-92-90% B+89-87% B 86-83% B-82-80% C+79-77% C 76-73% C-72-70% D+69-67% D 66-63% D-62-60% F 60% or less of possible points of possible points of possible points of possible points of possible points of possible points of possible points of possible points of possible points of possible points of possible points of possible points of possible points

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