Bible study at Piroska's It is great to be in God's work, to be able to see it so close!

In the beginning of December we have visited Piroska Bodó in Marosvásárhely. Piroska called her neighbors and relatives together and we had a Bible study at her house. God touched the hearts of the people that day. Another special day for me was December 10th, when Bea Klinger has visited us for couple of days. We listened to the first message I have heard in the Bible Speaks – it was preached five years ago. Then we went to Csíkszereda with a small team. God brought us three people for a bible study. That day was a real celebration for me!

I'm so thankful to the Lord, that I can stay with Annamari, it is God's provision for both of us. We have good fellowship, we listen to messages, talk and pray, cook and eat, and expect great things from Eurocon together. And we are happy to have the bible studies and some ladies fellowship at our house once in a while. On those two ladies meetings we had, God has ministered to us through Ani. Since I arrived to Szentgyörgy we have been praying with P. Kornél and Ani for the Christmas season. The Lord worked a miracle in my family! My sister was allowed to come home for the week I was at home. We read the Bible together, prayed, listened to a taped service one day and all other days we went to the service together, all four of us.

In Csíkszereda with Bea We've never had such a peaceful Christmas before! My dad read from the Bible for the whole family. One day he prayed that if he has not been born again yet, God would help him in that. We've received so much encouragement, love and so many messages on the winter conference in Budapest. I have decided to continue following in Jesus' footsteps. I want to be a disciple, who makes the next step with Jesus. For sure there's going to be suffering, but God's provision will be there also, with joy. It was God's gift that Ildikó could join us for the conference.

Szandi and Zita

We also had a great time with the second team, we were mutually encouraged by each others faith. Thank the Lord, this month I could minister to the kids several times. Once even in Örkő too. We had 11 of them on the last service. It wasn't easy, but God gave us joy.

The first ladies meeting at our house I could spend some more days after th e winter conference in Budapest, one day in Kaposvár and one day in Gomba as well. Time flew by, it was a such great blessing. On the 6th of January we left with the team for a winter harvest. The team was handpicked by God, each of us had our part. We were evangelizing, traveling, talking, giving out invitations, organizing seminars, praying, got to know each other, cooking, eating, washing dishes, cleaning, swimming, had a snowball fight and had great fellowship in the Lord. I think all our lives were changed. God spoke to us. One day P. Kornél taught us how to deal with disappointment. 1. honesty 2. look upward 3. remember God's faithfulness in the past 4. you don't need to understand, don't analyze it – it's not just accidental 5. don't give yourself over to the disappointment, don't quit

With the dear sisters from Budapest Recently I have thought about God keeping me in this church and how come I never thought about leaving. God always gave me body members, whose faith I could follow, who didn't let me quit. In the bible school, and from my godly friends I learned how important it is to have a pastor, to be at the services, to read God's word daily and to pray. A big part of it were the weekly outreaches, even when I didn't feel well. The missions trips and ministry gave me a momentum.

Ani and Annamari

Zsolti read Psalm 119 for us

God opened another door for us. We started a hospital ministry with Ildikó on Sunday. On the psychiatric ward we could talk o three ladies in a room by the grace of God. Once again we experienced the Words of God being quick and powerful.

Sunday school Prayer requests: • for my family (that they could come for Eurocon) • personal time with God • for God's leading in the ministry • for the outreaches • for the kid's ministry • for discipleship and visitations • for unity on the team • for Annamari • for the healing of Otília from depression • for the hospital ministry • for support in prayer and in finances Thank you for visiting us, thank you for your prayers and your support.

Borbála, Ildikó and Iván During the winter harvest I called several people to invite them for the meetings. I even called those, the teams from Szeged, Kaposvár and Budapest met during the summer. One lady, Otília, told me she was depressed – we then talked for an hour on the phone. We have been doing that ever since – an hour on the phone; we met once in person too. Please pray for her, that I could minister to her, I could encourage her with the Word of God, that she would be healed and delivered.

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In Csík, with team „A” 2012.01.27.

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