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SHARE Hampton Roads 2401 Aluminum Avenue Hampton, VA 23661 Office: (757) 596-7188 Fax: (757) 595-2507 Program

Coordinator Claudette Fite

SHARE Hampton Roads


A food program through the Foodbank of the Virginia Peninsula

Located at 2401 Aluminum Ave. Hampton VA 23661 or call 757-596-7188 ext. 102

December Winner Is: # 8490 Hope Community with 216 packages Quarterly Winner Is: # 2199 St. Andrews UMC with 369 packages Runner Up Is: # 3643 Ebenezer Baptist with 362 packages SHARE HAMPTON ROADS PARTICIPANT ORDER FORM February 2012 For individual-turn in to your local Distribution Team ONLY!!! Name: _________________________________ Phone: _____________________________

SHARE Hampton Roads is a community building organization that offers nutritious food packages at discounted rates. Each value food package is worth approximately $35-$40, but can be purchased for $20 and two hours of volunteer service of your choice. SHARE Hampton Roads is not a government funded program, but instead relies on the help of its volunteers and the price of each food package to keep running. Each month a value package will include approximately 4-6 pounds of frozen meat, staple items such as potatoes and onion, fresh fruits and vegetables. It also includes side dish items and a dessert item. There are no qualifications to participate in SHARE! Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate without filling out forms, membership fees, or coupons! The food is purchased through a food co-op and no donated food from the foodbank is used. Start participating TODAY! If you are interested in ordering a SHARE package you can call your nearest Distribution Team Coordinator listed on the inside of this newsletter. Or call 757596-7188 ext. 102.

What is SHARE?

Order Week February 6th-10th Add on Order February 13th Payment Due At time of order Distribution DayFebruary 25th Market DayFebruary 27th

Did you miss out on your order date? No problem Come to the Foodbank February 27th and you can purchase one. Value Packages for $20 Meat Grill Special for $20 Grab Bags for $10 From 10 am to 12 pm. Or until sold out

Please sign below to confirm you have completed two hours of volunteer service per package ordered:

HOURS COMPLETED: _________ ACTIVITY PERFORMED FOR SERVICE_______________________ Quantity = Total Value Pack Grill Pack $20 $20 X X

Distribution Sites
Chesapeake 23321 Church of St. Therese 4137 Portsmouth Blvd. James Culpepper-403-2170 23324 New Mount Olive AME 1953 Campostella Rd. Kimico Brown-319-1578 Hampton 23661 Living Water Christian 2200 Bay Ave. Calvin or Lynn White-725-1275 By His Hands Outreach 2096 Nickerson Blvd. Cherie Winfield-240-5834 23666 Ebenezer Baptist Church 171 Semple Farm Rd. George Bright-826-6657 New Found Joy Ministries 6 Rigsby Court Jeanette Pretlow-851-2151 #3649 St. Marks Episcopal 2235 West Queens Way Patricia Brown-927-5062 Little Zion Baptist 1824 W. Queen Street Reuben Dorsey-807-8061 23669 First Baptist North King 229 North King Street Sadie Eleazer -890-2998 Fountain of Life Outreach 3814 Shell Road Dolly Granger-235-1190 #3667 Queen Street 190 West Queens Way Susie Robinson 723-3518 #1824 #3643 #2434 Newport News 23601 Emmanuel House 521 North Ave. Renee Lewis-595-2159 #4400 #1953

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: __________

February Packages
Please remember menus are subject to change

Hope Community Church 28 Harpersville Rd. Tim Luken-775-4211

23605 Macedonia Baptist Church 5500 Marshall Ave. Christabell Cherry-766-1800 Or Joyce Miller-247-1308 World Victory Church 5900 Jefferson Ave. Jeanette Cartwright-766-0884 23607 Carver Memorial Presbyterian 830 25th Street Walt Darden-838-9171 First Church of Newport News 2300 Wickham Ave. Jacqueline King-723-7252


Covenant Presbyterian Church 913 Covenant St. Patsy Jones-543-6339 . POQUOSON 23662 Parish Thrift 487 Wyth Creek Rd. Maryann Jacobson223-7291 PORTSMOUTH 23704 New Mt. Olivet Baptist Church 1000 County St. Joycelyn Bethea-831-6544 Divine Deliverance Christian 1807 County Street Yvette Pierce 537-9421 SMITHFIELD 23431 Sandy Mount Baptist Church P.O. Box 930 Walter Hamlin-869-3198 SUFFOLK 23434 Gods House of Refuge 130 N. Commerce St. Grace Robinson-539-3065 Macedonia AME Church 127 Pine St. Mary Daughtry-510-6599 VIRGINIA BEACH 23462 St. Andrews UMC 717 Tucson Ave. Terri Walsh-471-5166 WILLIAMSBURG 23188 New Zion Baptist Church 3991 Longhill Rd. Ann Marie Taylor-258-0424 YORKTOWN 23692 Grafton Baptist Church 5440 Geo. Wash. Mem. Hwy. Faye Keenan 898-2899 23693 Zion Prospect Baptist Church 408 Darby Rd. Geralene Brown-369-3822

Value Package
1.00lb. Pork Chops 1.00lb. Alaskan Sole 2.20lb. Chicken Drumsticks 1.25lb. Chili Dogs 4 each 0.75lb. Frozen Brownie Bites 1.00lb. Hot Chocolate 0.75lb. Frozen Broccoli 3.00lb. Potatoes 1.50lb. Onions Plus 3-4 other produce items

Meat Grill Special

4-5oz. Choice Sirloin Steaks 4-4oz. Boneless Pork Chops 4-4oz. Boneless Chicken Breast 1.0 lb. Ground Beef





#5900 #2096






#4057 #2700

#2708 Office of Human Affairs 2708 Chestnut Ave. Angela Peoples-244-6121 #2208 Calvary Revival Church 119 29th Street Lydia Millington-928-2647 #3616


Recipes Will Be Back In March



Gethsemane Baptist Church 3509 Chestnut Ave Karen Grigsby-256-5441

23608 Colossian Baptist Church 856 Old Fort Eustis Blvd Brenda Harvin-218-0952 Denbigh Presbyterian Church 302 Denbigh Blvd Judy Jones-877-3892 NORFOLK 23504 NIP Mentorship Program 830 Goff Street Eleanor Cannon-623-7000 890-2258 Wesley Memorial UMC 288 E. Little Creek Rd Jesse Pittman-407-3325 #1627





If you have any recipes that pertain to the previous months menus please feel free to send them in to me. I need fresh ideas! Thanks!!

Next Generation 317 Rip Rap Road Ashley Whiting 325-8282