blah (6/2/12 9:58:12 PM): May I ask you something?

sighclops (6/2/12 9:58:24 PM): shoot blah (6/2/12 9:59:30 PM): Has there ever been a rule restricting what you can an d cannot put into your profile information? sighclops (6/2/12 10:02:09 PM): for normal users, no - the profile information a nd chat rules are separate. We can ask them to change any info (as has been done before with racial comments etc) but we can't do anything if they decide not to . With mods, however, we're meant to set an example and aren't meant to have any contradictions in the mini-pro blah (6/2/12 10:03:20 PM): There is nothing written down in the rules saying mod s never set an example, bro. Nothing was made of it until you brought it up. I'v e been at this place for a good 3-4 years now. So what set you off? What made yo u come to PEO? sighclops (6/2/12 10:05:05 PM): I just popped in to check on it, I honestly hadn 't intended on starting a full-blown argument sighclops (6/2/12 10:05:13 PM): just fedup of double standards sighclops (6/2/12 10:06:25 PM): nothing was made of it before, because a lot of mods just don't give a shit sighclops (6/2/12 10:07:35 PM): if it were my chat, I wouldn't give a fuck, but we were modded on the principle of looking after the chat on behalf of the admin , and trusted to make the distinction between appropriate and not blah (6/2/12 10:07:44 PM): But it's profile blah (6/2/12 10:07:50 PM): it's optional to mouse-over blah (6/2/12 10:07:56 PM): It's not always on screen. sighclops (6/2/12 10:08:28 PM): yes, but the information on the mini-profile is available to any and all to see and any time sighclops (6/2/12 10:09:12 PM): swearing in PEO is a no-no, therefor Lewis shoul d know better than to have swearing openly visible in his mini-pro sighclops (6/2/12 10:09:26 PM): therefore* blah (6/2/12 10:09:34 PM): Profiles are edited on chatango, a seperate site from PEO blah (6/2/12 10:09:39 PM): only relation is a chatbox. sighclops (6/2/12 10:09:54 PM): yes, and the chat is on chatango, separate from PEO too sighclops (6/2/12 10:09:56 PM): point? blah (6/2/12 10:10:07 PM): Hah. blah (6/2/12 10:10:18 PM): Mods these days don't understand the simpler time blah (6/2/12 10:10:21 PM): s blah (6/2/12 10:10:30 PM): When rules were actually enforced with success blah (6/2/12 10:10:38 PM): due to linience blah (6/2/12 10:10:50 PM): this whole cross-modding thing is rediculou blah (6/2/12 10:11:05 PM): s sighclops (6/2/12 10:12:06 PM): have you seen Lewis's reaction to this whole thi ng? His current mini-profile? Do you honestly think that is a mature approach to modding? blah (6/2/12 10:12:34 PM): Since when did profile information have ANYTHING to d o with how you perform as a moderator? blah (6/2/12 10:12:57 PM): You got on his bad side, profile's your problem. sighclops (6/2/12 10:13:06 PM): i've been modding various sites, games, forums, chatrooms etc for over 10 years, I remember modding in the good old days sighclops (6/2/12 10:13:16 PM): that's his bad side? lmao sighclops (6/2/12 10:13:19 PM): what a douche blah (6/2/12 10:13:25 PM): Doubtful, as you don't endorse old tacitcs. blah (6/2/12 10:13:32 PM): You haven't answered my question. sighclops (6/2/12 10:13:50 PM): endorse old tactics? times change, mods need to change with them otherwise the whole system fucks up sighclops (6/2/12 10:13:58 PM): what question? sighclops (6/2/12 10:14:08 PM): oh, performance blah (6/2/12 10:14:09 PM): In case you haven't noticed, the system's pretty fuck ed up as it is

sighclops (6/2/12 10:14:33 PM): like I said, mods shouldn't have contradictory i nformation relating to the chat they mod, unless it is their own sighclops (6/2/12 10:14:52 PM): yes, the system is fucked up because not enough people give a shit to make a change and sort the shit out blah (6/2/12 10:16:02 PM): It doesn't matter if they do, it doesn't effect their performance whatsoever. blah (6/2/12 10:16:09 PM): I'm starting to wonder where your head's at, dude. sighclops (6/2/12 10:16:41 PM): i'm wondering where yours is at sighclops (6/2/12 10:16:52 PM): it doesn't matter whether is affects their perfo rmance or not sighclops (6/2/12 10:17:04 PM): the rules in PEO clearly state "No cussing" blah (6/2/12 10:17:34 PM): hahahaha. blah (6/2/12 10:17:36 PM): oh boy. sighclops (6/2/12 10:17:39 PM): yet Lewis thinks it's appropriate to have sweari ng in his easily-accessable-viewable-to-all mini profile sighclops (6/2/12 10:17:53 PM): all that does is encourage people to break the r ules blah (6/2/12 10:17:59 PM): And you're swearing in just-as-easily-acceptable PMs? sighclops (6/2/12 10:18:04 PM): they see a mod doing that and it starts off comm ents blah (6/2/12 10:18:09 PM): It's the same shit, dude. sighclops (6/2/12 10:18:15 PM): it totally isn't sighclops (6/2/12 10:18:22 PM): PM's are between two people sighclops (6/2/12 10:18:25 PM): not an entire chat blah (6/2/12 10:18:26 PM): Bee modded you, right? sighclops (6/2/12 10:19:21 PM): yes, months ago blah (6/2/12 10:19:42 PM): She did make a few bad decisions in her time. sighclops (6/2/12 10:20:47 PM): look kid, I really don't give a shit that your f riends with Lewis or w/e sighclops (6/2/12 10:21:03 PM): the fact that you're here defending him and he c an't speak for himself says it all sighclops (6/2/12 10:21:23 PM): for mods to work effectively, double standards h ave to be rooted out blah (6/2/12 10:21:27 PM): I'm not defending Lewis, I'm asking why you think it' s acceptable to instigate in PEO out of nowhere? sighclops (6/2/12 10:21:54 PM): I wasn't instigating - I asked him to change his mini-pro due to the swearing sighclops (6/2/12 10:22:00 PM): he's the one that started instigating sighclops (6/2/12 10:22:07 PM): how you don't see that I don't know blah (6/2/12 10:22:12 PM): Iirc blah (6/2/12 10:22:34 PM): "You mini-profile is quite contradiciting, Lewis" blah (6/2/12 10:22:36 PM): out of nowhere.. blah (6/2/12 10:22:42 PM): It's unacceptable. sighclops (6/2/12 10:25:31 PM): for a start I would never say "contradiciting", because the word is "contradictive" in that sense - secondly that's not instigat ing unless you can't view a simple sentence like that objectively - thirdly your opinion of what is acceptable and what isn't, is clearly warped blah (6/2/12 10:26:25 PM): You're saying going into PEO and directly confronting another mod over something so pointless isn't instigating blah (6/2/12 10:26:36 PM): Bee was probably fucked up when she modded you LOL sighclops (6/2/12 10:27:34 PM): it would've been instigating if I'd said "Lewis, change your profile info now you idiot - you can't have stuff like that there w hen modding here, what the hell is wrong with you?!!" sighclops (6/2/12 10:27:47 PM): saying it's contradictive isn't instigating sighclops (6/2/12 10:27:56 PM): would you like me to provide you with the defini tion? blah (6/2/12 10:28:09 PM): Won't be necessary. sighclops (6/2/12 10:28:09 PM): since you don't seem to understand what the word "contradiction" means blah (6/2/12 10:28:15 PM): Oh, I don't?

blah (6/2/12 10:28:20 PM): Hmmm. blah (6/2/12 10:28:25 PM): WhatEVER will I do? sighclops (6/2/12 10:28:39 PM): A combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another. A person, thing, or situation in which inconsistent elements are present. sighclops (6/2/12 10:28:47 PM): there, direct Google quote ? blah (6/2/12 10:29:00 PM): Just because DBZ is a corrupt place without mod freed oms, doesn't mean a sister site abides by the same rules. blah (6/2/12 10:29:02 PM): Oh, thank you blah (6/2/12 10:29:04 PM): SO much blah (6/2/12 10:29:07 PM): :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) sighclops (6/2/12 10:30:06 PM): well, considering the same Admin owns both sites , and deemed it necessary to allow the cross-modding.... And the rules are prett y much the same, apart from the "No swearing/no innuendo/no sex,drugs etc talk" blah (6/2/12 10:30:25 PM): Hunny impletemented Cross-modding, not admin. sighclops (6/2/12 10:30:33 PM): there's more freedom in PEO, where they have mor e strict rules, and you don't see a problem with that? blah (6/2/12 10:30:33 PM): Unless you're calling Silver a liar, but that's cool. sighclops (6/2/12 10:30:35 PM): ? sighclops (6/2/12 10:30:58 PM): "Admin owns both sites, and deemed it necessary to allow the cross-modding" sighclops (6/2/12 10:31:11 PM): where did I say Admin implimented it? sighclops (6/2/12 10:31:14 PM): I said he allowed it sighclops (6/2/12 10:31:27 PM): if he didn't want it, it wouldn't be in place blah (6/2/12 10:31:29 PM): Are you reading what you're saying before you say it? sighclops (6/2/12 10:31:30 PM): as it has been sighclops (6/2/12 10:31:32 PM): for several months blah (6/2/12 10:31:36 PM): sighclops (5:30:33 PM): there's more freedom in PEO, where they have more strict rules, blah (6/2/12 10:31:43 PM): please, explain more in-depth. sighclops (6/2/12 10:32:52 PM): DBZ is a corrupt place without mod freedoms sighclops (6/2/12 10:33:13 PM): I was countering sighclops (6/2/12 10:33:39 PM): the rules are stricter in PEO, yet according to you DBZ has less freedom sighclops (6/2/12 10:33:47 PM): ergo, PEO has MORE freedom sighclops (6/2/12 10:34:01 PM): do you not understand everything i'm saying? blah (6/2/12 10:34:13 PM): Oh, I understand clearly. sighclops (6/2/12 10:34:18 PM): apparently not sighclops (6/2/12 10:34:33 PM): you're getting confused every other sentence blah (6/2/12 10:34:55 PM): You've proved to me you aren't very bright, you've pr oved to me you're corrupt, and you've proved to me you can't take constructive c ritism. Sounds like personal problems to me, LOL sighclops (6/2/12 10:35:12 PM): how have I proved any of that? XD sighclops (6/2/12 10:35:27 PM): you probably don't even understand half the word s you just used kid blah (6/2/12 10:35:35 PM): Keep speaking, you keep proving the first one to me. blah (6/2/12 10:35:36 PM): Kid? LOL sighclops (6/2/12 10:38:04 PM): ok then, tell ya what, let's try this from a dif ferent angle shall we... Why don't you explain to me exactly how i've supposedly proved my intelligence (or lack of, according to you), my corruptability, or th e "fact" I can't take constructive criticism? blah (6/2/12 10:38:41 PM): Reread your posts 1 by 1, and if you can't figure it out by then, I can't imagine what drove Bee to mod you bro.

sighclops (6/2/12 10:39:18 PM): really? you can't think of anything to back up w hat you said so you throw the ball in my court? sighclops (6/2/12 10:39:20 PM): wow sighclops (6/2/12 10:39:23 PM): just... wow blah (6/2/12 10:39:32 PM): LOL blah (6/2/12 10:39:42 PM): Are you illiterate? you seem to be avoiding what I sa id sighclops (6/2/12 10:40:23 PM): you're the one avoiding it =) sighclops (6/2/12 10:40:36 PM): how am I meant to prove your own opinions of me? blah (6/2/12 10:40:52 PM): I'm assuming you're illiterate, so I'l take it slow. blah (6/2/12 10:40:55 PM): "U" blah (6/2/12 10:41:00 PM): are you with me thus far? sighclops (6/2/12 10:41:08 PM): *yawn*

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