Yeshua’s Nature How to be like Yeshua and practice those attributes The following information on Yeshua’s nature is descriptions

of what Yeshua is like, the information should be practiced in ones own life. Its good to incorporate these traits to yours and eventually you will emulate Yeshua. Walking like Yeshua is the goal. Yeshua’s nature is: Loving, kind, gentle, peaceful, good, slow to anger, humble, selfcontrolled, happy and joyful, patient, goes with the flow, long suffering, selfless, giving, caring, helpful, faithful, great faith, obedient to God, walks by the Spirit. Yeshua’s nature is the same as the nature of the Spirit of God, or the fruits of the Spirit of God as revealed below in Galatians 5:22,23. Gal 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, Gal 5:23 meekness, self-control; against such there is no law. Here is the nature of Yeshua Love- To love everyone even though you don’t like what they are doing, acting like, or character, to love them for being God’s creation, love people no matter what they do, like unconditional love towards everyone, love them even though they don’t love you, love people like children do. Joy- To be in a continual state of joy or happiness, feeling joy no matter what the situation, feeling joy when things get tough, to not be sad or depressed, to feel joy in all situations. In order to do this you must purge all negative emotional and mental states and be a deflector mentally, meaning that once a thought appears that tries to effect you ignore it and pray to God, once deflected it wont effect you emotionally. Apply the same to heart impressions that appear. Once you overcome this, you will achieve a continuous state of joy and happiness. Peace- Peace a harmonious state of mind and being that comes from God. You must purge all negative emotions and mental states (like the method I have written on Joy) and pray to get that peace and then focus on God. To be at peace is a tranquil and harmonious state of being, this peace causes all negative states of mind to be gone. Stay focused on God to receive this peace. The following scripture states that if your focus is on God, God will keep that person in peace. Isa 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.

to be gentle with others. not overreacting. to soothe. Self-Control. This shoots down the negative thought or heart impression. to not be proud. to be at ease. not exalted. withholding anything that could cause conflict or negative results Gentle. be smooth in speech.Patiently enduring hardships.Not harsh or aggressive. to be lowly. to suffer for God and Yeshua. not complaining. to lower one’s self. emotional states. to think before speaking. obedience. lack of self worth. to care for others no matter what they do or who they are . controlling anything that can cause you to sin. to not break oaths and agreements.To treat others nicely. to give people gifts out of love. to be a good friend. to be gentle with people. Kindness. not rough towards others. to love others. By getting rid of all negative thought processes. to go out of your way for someone. and to walk in peace you must pray for it and then purge all negative emotions. Meekness/Humility.To not react suddenly. even Jehovah. Merciful.To be humble. not reacting negatively. to be kind. to calm. compassionate towards others. controlling anger. to not betray others. to bear persecutions and negativity from others and not to react angrily or out of spite. lack of an ego. and negative mental habits by praying for peace from God and asking for God’s help and focusing on Him you will feel a strong peace that others will start to notice. to be slow to move. not in a hurry. controlling your passions. to not break your trust. Long suffering. to help others out. Faithfulness.To keep your word about anything. to react softly. Goodness. to serve others from the heart. to do good things to people.To do good things for others. to control your emotions or speech. to trust others. persevering and patience with conflict. to speak nice to. which are thoughts you think that are opposite of the thought you hear. passive. to be calm and centered when attacked. is an everlasting rock. to treat others with respect. to be at peace when suffering. be like a child before God. for in Jehovah.To forgive others for their offence and not holding it against them. patience and not reacting to suffering. All of those three methods are a necessity and go hand and hand. which are used in your mind when you hear a negative thought. submission to others or God. to help others when in need. and then focus on God’s presence. True peace only comes from God. to be kind. doing what you said you’d do.Isa 26:4 Trust ye in Jehovah for ever. and the other method is to use counter thoughts. You can attain peace by ignoring the thoughts and heart impressions.

slow to react.Yeshua is completely obedient to God. Caring.To not react quickly with anger. to alleviate a problem. not concentrating on ego. wanting to contribute your time for someone or a cause. being detached so not to get angry. self doesn’t matter. That should be our goal. thinking before you react emotionally or mentally. not letting things get to you. devoting your time to help others. to give assistance Slow to Anger. selflessly giving. being nice to someone. to endure. The following traits are self explanatory: Great faith. to wait for something. Walks by the Spirit. or what’s going on. moving with the flow of things.Yeshua is led by the Spirit and walks by the Spirit that should be our goal. giving to others when you don’t have money or resources to do not rush things. to participate in helping others.Not worried with time. to give advice. accepts whatever is happening at present moment. preventing yourself from getting angry. giving others things they need. controlling anger. to show affection and love for a person. to be at ease. not worrying if something takes a long time to occur. to assist a person. wanting to help someone without personal gain. that should be our goal. to wait calmly. helping others no matter what you want.Yeshua has the complete and unyielding faith towards God that has no bounds. to sacrifice what you have for others. Obedient to God. not being selfish.helping others out when they need help. to give to the poor or the needy.Patience. to give a remedy. to give guidance or knowledge. to aid and care for someone. peace when waiting. Selfless. to share in someone’s labor. having sympathy for someone. not to explode and overreact. Christine Giacchino American Standard Version Bible . steadiness. to persevere no matter how long something want to help someone. sacrificing your needs for the other person. Helpful. keeping a cool head. to give want to help someone. mindset is everything is in God’s hands.caring for others. mindset is not about self but about others. kindness and giving Giving. helping others without an agenda. Goes with the Flow. By. giving without thought of self. to bring guidance.

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