Task 1 • PM Air Works.

In this assignment, I’m discussing both duties for the given companies. Those companies go under Health And Safety At Work Etc Act 1974. From this act the regulation comes from. These regulations are to ensure that healthy and safety are met in a workplace. The duties for both ‘DH Propulsion’ and ‘PM Air Works’ are very essential. Under the health section both companies should provide appropriate ventilation to their employee, also temperatures in indoor workplaces should be provided at least 15 Celsius for them to work probably. Also to ensure that workers are very comfortable they should organise the build to rest periods or other breaks from work. This allows workers to rest in an area where the environment are very comfortable for them. Providing and wearing the right equipment are very important duties for those companies, they go under the regulation which is PPE AT WORK REGULATION 1992. PPE is defined as Personal Protective Equipment. This equipment should be assessed before using to ensure that it’s suitable also it should be maintained and stored properly in case of damaging it. It also should be provided with instructions on how to use them safely and correctly by employees. Lighting is very important for workers to move about safely. In case of a failure the company should provided generators for workers safety. Another health procedure is cleanliness and waste materials. Every workplace should be kept clean surfaces, walls and ceilings. Any removal of waste should be carried out by an effective method. They should be stored in suitable places. For taken unskilled employees they need to consider to train their employees to become more advance for using the right equipments also wearing the right protective equipment PPE. This goes under THE HEALTH AND SAFETY (TRAINING FOR EMPLOYMENT) REGULATION 1990. • DH Propulsion.

Under the safety section, maintenance, certain equipment devices and systems should be maintained in efficient working order. This goes under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation 1998. From this regulation is essential that all employees obey it. The DH Propulsion duties for cleaning area therefore the uses chemical substance so they under regulation to be considering are COSHH is known as Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health REGULATION 2002. Under this regulation these substance should be handle probably and stored into a safe containers. PM Air Works doesn’t need to cover that because they don’t handle any hazard substance. Also for DH Propulsion they need to consider lifting equipment. This goes under the MANUAL HANDLING OPERATIONS REGULATIONS 1992. This regulation required the workers to handle the equipment safely without damaging them self. Also another regulation that needs to be considered is LIFTING OPERATION AND LIFTING EQUIPMENT REGULATION 1998. This is important to look after the workers safety. What this regulation is requiring the lifts equipment provided at work is strong enough for handling load, it’s marked to indicate safe working load. Also installed probably to minimise any risks. They need to train their employees to become more advance for using the right equipments also wearing the right protective equipment PPE. This goes under THE HEALTH AND SAFETY (TRAINING FOR EMPLOYMENT) REGULATION 1990. Khalil Ali

Khalil Ali .For both companies they need to train their employees to become more advance for using the right equipments also wearing the right protective equipment PPE. This goes under THE HEALTH AND SAFETY (TRAINING FOR EMPLOYMENT) REGULATION 1990.

Providing his employees with fully training. The Chief Executive officer (owner) obeys under the health and safety at work etc 1974. • Organising the works for them and giving them responsibility to avoid accidents. to sell if their any risk to their employees. From this act he or she decides to write a policy statement. Write a policy statement for his company. Make sure that his staffs follow those policy statements. under THE HEALTH AND SAFETY (TRAINING FOR EMPLOYMENT) REGULATION 1990.Task 2 Using the ‘PM Air Works’ company they have Chief Executive officer. PROVISION AND USE OF WORK EQUIPMENT REGUALTION1998. Provide self assessment to his employees. Investigate if any accident. Arraignment for risk assessments. starting at the CEO (owner) are: • • • • Obey health and safety at work etc act 1974. Follow those policies and obeying them. His responsibilities are: • • • • • • Agree with the policy statement provided from the CEO. Khalil Ali . The first person responsible for the health and safety is the CEO (owner). Check that employees comfortable in their work environment. From those factors they are passed on to the Health and safety director. Test emergency procedures. health and welfare for his employees. Provide comfort to employees. After that those command has been passed to the Health and Safety Representative. to make them experience in their workplace. Arrangements for consultation with employees. Provide safety. Supervising his employees regularly. His role is to: • • • • • • • • • Supervise the employees at all time to avoid risk. Keep records of medical condition for his employees. and look for their health and safety. List of responsibility. Keep the manger informed with improvement to be made for their employees. • Look at the records of accident (RIDDOR) to consternate on improvement for those departments to avoid risk. to give the fully report on whose responsible. I’m going to explain the policy statement and the role for each individual department linked to health and safety at work and their responsibility in PM Air Works. Arrangements for maintaining plant and equipment.

Under the H&S general duties they could put the employee for up to 14 years. which cause one of the employees to fall and passed out. this tells that the company should provide instruction. Under PROVISION AND USE OF WORK EQUIPMENT REGUALTION1998.Equipment/ system. It tells that if the maintain plant and safe systems of work. This means that for not considering the equipment and system check. Another general duties of the act in section 2 which tells that employer duty to write and revise the general H&S and ensure that they fully and sign the policy statement and that they agree to it. training and supervision for the safety of their employees. •Understand the policy statement and agree to it. 2. •Check if the equipments are fully checked and they reliable to work on. Khalil Ali . Task 3 Under the Health & Safety At Work etc Act 1974. in section 2 point 2 has not been followed also section 3.Final role of responsibilities are the Employees’. And not checked the reliability of the equipment. Also under the general duties of the act in section 2. Also he wasn’t supervising them. •Any enquiries should be passed to the local HSE office. which led to accident to one of his experience staff. Their roles are: •Follow all the regulation under the health and safety at work etc 1974. Majesty’s court. An example for that is manger didn’t follow the PROVISION AND USE OF WORK EQUIPMENT REGUALTION1998. • • The consequences for not obeying the H&S policy could be taken to different types of courts. •Report incident within 24 hours to H&S Rep. From this act there are general duties which need to be considered and take in action. The consequences for breaking this is about £6000 (depend on his Finical statement) or 2 years in prison. 1. The health and safety officer could punish the company for that. Under the health and safety at work etc act 1974. Also they could increase the amount of imprisonment. •Keep the workplace floor clean and emergency sign clear from equipment. •They fully trained and comfortable in their positions. in this court they could charge up to £20000 maximum or put you in prison for up to 2 years. Crown Court. •Wear the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). •Remove hazard chemical safely (COSHH). • For example under section 2. For example an employee didn’t clean the emergency lines and their were a power failure. in this court they handle high state accident like manslaughter for an example they could fine more than the Majesty’s court do.

Khalil Ali .

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