In order to timely exhaust smell inside the bathroom, many families have installed ventilation fans, but some

visitors or children often forget to turn on ventilation fans. To solve this problem, design a can automatically control ventilation fans and lighting of the electronic device, so that the people not to add anything on the toilet trouble breathing and can automatically open, turn off the lights, energy saving and convenient. Work

The Device Working principle of the Circuit shown in Figure 1 ( Click to Download the schematic Diagram ). It is a Magnetic Switch Circuit, monostable delay Circuit, the LAMP Control Circuit, fan and Power Circuit Control Circuit. When the bathroom Door closed, the permanent magnet ZT and normally closed reed AG are very close, due to the magnetic effect of ZT, resulting in open AG fragments within the C touch, without bias and the cut-off transistor VT, then the time-base integrated circuit IC1 foot was High, IT is reset IC1, IC1's pin output Low, the relay does not pull no Current J, Ventilation Fans and Lighting are in the off State. Once someone enters the bathroom, the Door of the Moment Will inevitably Lead to the Distance between ZT and the AG increases, causing the magnetic field lines ZT AG can not act on, and so the AG contacts within the two contacts to reset, then the transistor by drift and turn. VT after the turn of to IC1 pin goes low (only the saturation voltage value VT), IC trigger is set, then the IC1 pin goes high from the low transition, following the J pull electrical excitation. J pull, its normally open contact J1-1 closed, fan M power and started to vent. At the same time, J the other group J1-2 normally open contacts are closed, power lights lit H, its height can be adjusted RP. If it is during the day, due to a strong light shines on the photoresistor CdS, so that the internal resistance of CdS is small, phase voltage across the capacitor C6 not enough to trigger the diode 2ST conduction, so the non-trigger current and blocking VS , H lamp will not light. The absence of sunlight at night on the CdS, CdS and therefore the internal resistance becomes large, the equivalent open circuit, this time 2ST conduction, VS conduction, H lights lit. Open the door into the bathroom, even though door is shut, this time the role of the monostable IC1, the circuit still in the ventilation and lighting (night) status, opening the door travel time, resulting in

RP can change the lights adjust the brightness of H. can reduce the resistance of R4 or simply not removed. to ensure closer ZT and AG. In order to ensure that the door normally is closed. there is a need for placement at the door with a torsion spring extension spring or switch to the live page. after the full-bridge rectifier C4 U filter. closed again after. The device consists of capacitor C5 buck limit. delay time.1R3C2. Debug the circuit welding after passing into a plastic box can be put into use.ZT from AG. light and ventilation fans will automatically stop working. Selection and production of components IC monostable working time values determined by the 1. RP optional potentiometer or variable resistor solid. . When they find unable to pull the relay J. leading to ZT and close to the AG . so go out the back door closed automatically. VDW Regulated DC power supply circuits.

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