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Name: Sravan Kumar Kakani

com Mobile: 91-9704200059


To work with sincerely in a challenging atmosphere been adroit and enthusiastic, I will apply my skills in a target manner to the goals of the organization and attain both personal and organizational efficiency. Professional Experience

Present Working Genpact, Hyd Tax @consultants Tax @consultants

Finance COE Financial Department Financial Department

Process Developer Tax consultant Jr. Executive II

4 Years 6months 2years 2 years

Job Profile: As a Process Developer from July 2010 till date Job Responsibilities:

Handling the team of 5 members Training new team members and providing refresher training on regular basis to the existing members. Audit the work of the team members and conducting performance reviews of team members. Prepare Process Maps and detailed documentation for the processes (SOP). Identify the manual steps in the process and implement an action plan to mitigate/ automate the same Provide regular updates to process owners in US and India on process performance. Interact with customers and Record keepers on regular basis to ensure proper balances in General Ledger accounts. Handle conference calls and update to the clients on the Monthly Dashboards.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Completed Global reconciliation fundamentals of General Ledger Certified as Genpact Certified Professional Reconciler Prepared the Standard Operating Procedures for the entire process, which was successfully signed by the customer. . Received an excellent feedback from the customer and was awarded Key Contributor and Far &Beyond award and Best team performer and Two customer awards as Best employee

Received Six Sigma and Lean Award for lean Project Received Bronze award in Aug11.

Appreciation from Process Owner (Linda Brown): Sravan is one of the Key members in Taxes Reconciliations, of the Critical accounts he is reconciling, there is a complete change in the Matching process for one of the account. Despite the change in the matching process, with his high levels of owner ship and dedication, he has followed up with the process owner and was able to match more than 40% of the line items than what he usually does. Hats off to Sravan for his determination, patience and enormous amount of hard work which he had put in during all these days. Appreciation from Process Owner (Fitch Barbara): Thank you Sravan for taking the lead here and trying to stream line the process! A very nice touch. All the best to you! Received Bronze Award for customer appreciation:

Citation: Sravan has always been pro-active and is top of the issues. He made a conscious effort to turn around the customer perception about Genpact resources supporting payroll taxes reconciliations. His customer centricity is greatly appreciated by the process owner. Received Best Team Award: Citation: This team has done fantastic job in Q3'09, for the first time in the year they were at 6 Sigma. Though the senior TL moved out of the process, they managed the process & Client very well. PROJECTS:

Six high impact lean projects resulting in improving accuracy as well as time saving. VSM prepared for payroll taxes reconciliations and saved $value 15K p.a. Reduced other liabilities and sundry receivables value in balance sheet $10million and $8 million respectively through elimination of errors/reclass entries in reconciliations. Job profile in Tax at @ Consultants

Prepare monthly sales returns for the organizations Assist the preparation of year-end accruals and prepayment schedules.

Prepare cash flow for all program requirements and prepare cash request forms Maintain routine liaison with bank Prepare cash flow for all program requirements and program requirements and prepare cash request forms Prepare cash bank reconciliations on weekly basis Assist in complying with legal matters concerning to income tax. Assist in co-coordinating audit of accounts country operations and ensuring replies to any audit queries. Assist in training of other program staff as financial management and maintenance of accounts Education Qualifications

examination S.S.C. Intermediate(M.P.C )

board of education Z.P.H. School Pedakakani M.M.J College Guntur Nagarjuna University IT SKILLS

during the year 1994-95 1996-97 2001-2002

%of marks 72% 59.2% 53%

Office Automation Tools Database (Functional)

: :

MS Office, MS-Access, Tally Oracle11i.Peoplesoft

TRAININGS UNDERTAKEN Excel Level 1 & 2 Lean Training GBS Reconciliation Training E-mail writing Skills Career management PERSONAL VITAE

Father Name Date of Birth Gender

: : :

Samba Siva rao k 07-11-1979 Male

Marital Status Passport number Languages Known Hobbies

: : :

Married : H6370570 English, Hindi & Telugu Reading Books, watching TV

Yours faithfully, Hyderabad Date: (Sravan Kumar k)

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