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THE WORD OF GOD Ps.33:6,7 by God s word creation Matt.4:4 not by bread alone 2Pet.

1:20,21 holy men moved by HS Jer.30:1,2 God s word in a book 2Tim.3:16,17 purpose of scriptures Prov.3:1-3 blessings & long life Matt.22:29 err for not knowing Ps.119:9,11 that man may not sin Heb.4:12 like two-edged sword John 5:24,39 reward for searching Luke10:42 Mary s best choice Rev.1:3 reader, doer blessed THE GODHEAD TRINITY Deut.6:7 the Lord is one God John10:30 I & Father are one Gen.1:26,27 let US make man John1:1-3 the word was God Heb.1:5,8 called His son God 1Cor3:16 Holy Spirit is God John15:26 comforter--a person Matt.28:19 baptize in Trinity 2cor.13:14 apostolic benediction Matt.3:16,17 Trinity at Baptism GOD THE FATHER John3:16 God sent His Son 1John4:9,10 God gave His Son Matt.3:16,17 my Beloved Son John ch.17 talking to His Father John ch.16 introduced His Father Dan.7:5,10,13 Father & Son of man Rev.5:6,7 Father & the Lamb Rev.22:1,3 thrones of Father & Lamb GOD THE SON John 1:1-3,14 Jesus, the creator 1Tim.3:16 God became flesh Col.2:8,9 fullness of God Heb.1:8 thy throne oh God 1John5:20 Jesus-the true God Titus2:13 great God and Savior Col.1:15,16 all-created by Jesus Rom.1:20 Godhead of Creator Micah5:2 ruler from everlasting Phil.2:3,10 every knee shall bow

THE STATE OF THE DEAD Gen.2:7 dust+breath=soul Ecc.12:7 spirit return to God Ps.115:17 dead can t praise God Ecc.9:5,6,10 dead know nothing Acts2:29.34 David not in Heaven Heb.9:27 death then judgment John5:28:29 resurrection to life John11:11-14 death now asleep Dan.12:2 sleep in dust to awake nd 1Thes.4:13-18 rise at 2 coming SOUL NOT IMMORTAL 1Tim6:14-16 only God immortal Gen.2:16,17 life based on loyalty Eze.18:3,4 soul that sinneth die Gen.2:7 dust+breath=soul Rom.6:23 wages of sin is death John3:16 should not perish but not life 1Cor.15:53,54 immortality-reward Gen.3:4 Satan s first lie Deut.18:10-12 talking to dead-evil 2Thes.2:9-11 devil s miracles Rev.16:14 miracles by evil spirit SPIRIT. -- ruach (Heb) mentioned 388x in OT -- pneuma (Gr.) mentioned 385x in NT --translated breath, wind, state of mind, vitality, emotions, character, breath of life, courage, anger, etc. --not once denotes a conscious intelligence apart from physical body SOUL -- nephash (Heb) 428x in OT -- psuche (Gr.) 300x in NT --translated life, person, mind, heart, creature, body, dead, beast, etc. --never indicated immortal or cannot be destroyed THE GREAT CONTROVERSY John8:44 father of evil-the devil Eze.28:14-17 lucifer-cherubim Isa.14:12-14 Lucifer exalted himself Rev.12:7-9,12 war in heaven Rev.12:17 war with the obedient 1Pet.5:8,9 devil as a roaring lion 2Cor.11:14,15 as an angel of light Matt.24:11,24 false Christs/prophets Rev.16:14 evil spirits rally for war Rev.13:13,14 with great miracles Jam.4:7,8 submit to God Eph.6:11-18 war not of flesh and blood Rev.12:10,11 victory thru the blood THE CHURCH Matt.16:18 Christ built His Church 1Cor.3:11 Christ the foundation 1Cor.10:4 the rock is Christ Eph.5:23 Christ is the head 1Pet.2:9 a chosen people Eph.4:11-16 purpose of the Church Eph.5:27 church s ultimate goal Eph.5:25 Christ love His Church Matt.28:19,20 church s commission Acts2:47 believers-added to church John10:16,27,28 other sheep outside

HOW A MAN IS SAVED Matt.19:17 keep law for life 1John3:4 sin=transgression of law Rom.3:23 all have sinned Rom.6:23 wages of sin is death John3:16 life thru faith in Christ 1John1:9 if we confess forgiven John3:3-6 must be born again 2Cor.5:17 in Christ-new creature Eze.11:19,20 a new heart and spirit 1John5:4 born of God-overcomer Phil.4:13 I can do all thru Christ Rev.2:7,11 to Him that overcometh THE REMNANT AND MISSION Jer.6:16 as for old pathways Isa.58:12 the repairer, the restorer Exek.22:26 priests violated laws Ps.119:142 the truth is eternal Rev.14:6-12 last warning message Rev.18:4 come out of here Matt.7:21-23 not everyone who call Matt.28:19,20 observe all I comm. Matt.12:17 remnant keeps the law Rom.9:27 only the remnant saved Rev.22:14 may enter into the gates BAPTISM Mark16:15,16 believed and baptized Acts2:37,38 repent and be baptized John3:3-5 born of water and spirit Matt.3:15-17 Jesus was baptized Rom.6:3-13 symbol-death/new life Gal.3:27 baptized-put on Christ 2Cor.5:17 in Christ-new nature Eph.4:5 one kind of Baptism John3:22,23 much water for baptism Acts8:35-38 baptized into the water Acts22:16 why tarry, be baptized CHRISTIAN VICTORY John15:5 without me nothing Eph.6:10-18 the Christian armor John17:17 sanctified by truth 2Tim3:15-17 wise in scriptures 1Pet.3:15 ready to answer/share Micah6:8 walk humbly with God Eph.1:4-6 holy and unblameable 2Cor.7:1 perfecting holiness Acts1:8 ye shall be witness Ps.34:8 blessed trust in God Jam.1:2-12 patience, faith Matt.21:22 ask in faith-receive 1Thes.5:17 pray without ceasing Eph.4:13-15 to fullness of Christ HOW TO PRAY Matt.21:22 in faith Ps.66:18 forsake sin Prov.28:9 must be obedient Jam4:3 God s will John16:23 in Jesus name Matt.6:7,8 no repetitions Phil.4:6 with thanksgiving Ps.55:16,17 morn,noon,eve Mark1:35/Luke6:12 Jesus THE LORD S SUPPER Matt.18:2-4 must be like children Phil.2:5,6 Christ s Humility John13:12-17 foot washing by Christ Matt.6:14,15 if you forgive so will I John13:34 must love one another Matt.26:26-28 Jesus breaking bread 1Cor.11:24-28 Lord s suffer John6:53 symbol of bread and wine John6:32-35 Jesus-bread of life 1Cor.11:27-29 before one partakes SPIRITUAL GIFTS Matt.25:14,15 intrusting of talents Acts1:8 gifts for witnessing Acts2:41 result of witnessing Eph.4:11-14 purpose of the gifts 1Cor.12:28 the gifts to the church 1Cor.14:40 orderly and decently Matt.25:26-30 accountability on gifts 1Cor12:31 covet the best gifts 1Cor13:1-8 the greatest gift is love Gal.5:22,23 the fruit of the spirit THE GIFT OF PROPHECY 1Cor12:27,28 the gift of prophecy Amos3:7 God s secrets to Pr. 1Thes.5:19-21 despise not pr. Joel2:28-29 the last days Rev.12:17 testimony of Jesus Rev.22:9 the prophets Eph.4:11-14 purpose of the gift 2Chron.20:20 believe prophets Matt.24:11,24 false prophets Isa.8:20 major test for prophets

THE LAW OF GOD John14:15 if ye love me-keep 1John2:3,4 keep not law-liar John14:21 love me keep my laws Matt.19:17-19 which laws?the 10 Rom.13:8-10 law identified Luke10:25-28 love to God and man Ex.20:3-17 Ten Commandments Ps.111:7,8 God s laws eternal Rom.7:12,14 holy, just and good Prov.3:1,2 for life, peace and joy Matt.5:17-19 Jesus attitude to law Ecc.12:13,14 man s whole duty Rev.14:12 saints keep the law LAW ABOLISHED Deut.10:4,5 10 laws-in the ark Deut.31:24-26 at the side of ark Neh.10:32,33 written ordinances Lev. Ch.23 feast and Sabbaths Dan.9:27 sacrifices to stop Hosea2:11 feasts/Sabbath to stop Col.2:14-17 written ord. blot out Heb.10:4,5 can t take away sin Eph.2:15 abolished in Christ Rom.10:4 Christ-end of cer. Law Matt.5:17-19 moral law-unchanged CHANGE OF GOD S LAW Ps.111:7,8 law of God eternal Deut.4:23 don t add or subtract Matt.5:17 Chist didn t change Isa.8:20 law-the standard Rom.7:7,John3:4 law detects sin Dan.7:25 power to change law 2Thes.2:3,4 the man of sin Matt.24:4,5,9,15 Jesus warning Acts20:29,30 greivious wolves Ezek.22:26,31 priest change law Isa.24:4-6 earth was cursed Matt.15:3,9 in vain worship Acts5:29 obey God before man Matt.7:21,22 not all who call Lord Matt.7:13 narrow gate to life LAW AND GRACE Matt.19:17 if life keep law Rom.3:20 by law-no just Rom.6:23 all have sinned 1John1:8 no sin no liar. Jam2:10 guilty of one-of all Rom.1:16 gospel-the power Matt.1:21 Jesus-save from sin 1Cor.1:23,24 Christ-the power Ps.40:7,8 the law in my hrt Heb.8:9,10 God s covenant Rom.3:24 justified by grace Rom.6:1,2 shall we sin-no! Rom. Ch.6,7,8 law and grace Rom.8:37 conquerors in sin Phil.4:13 do all thru Christ Rev.14:12 by faith can obey THE SABBATH Col.1:15,16 Jesus-creator of all Gen.2:1-3 sabbath-instituted Ex.20:8-11 one of the 10 commandment Eze.20:12,20 Sabbath is God s sign Mark2:27 sabbath for man Luke4:16 Jesus kept the Sabbath Acts13:14,42,44 disciples kept Isa66:12,13 sabbath restored Isa66:22,23 sabbath in new earth th Heb.4:9-11 7 day Sabbath remains CHANGE OF THE SABBATH Phil.4:19 God is the provider Deut.8:18 God gives strength Ps.24:1 all-God s property Hag.2:8 all money is God s Mal.3:8-11 god requires tithes Gen.28:20-22 patriarchs gave Gen.14:18-20/Lev.27:30 tithes are holy 1Cor.9:13,14 for God s ministers Matt.25:25 faithful stewards HOW TO KEEP THE SABBATH Ex.20:8 keep the Sabbath holy th Ex.20:10 7 day is Sabbath Lev.23:32 from even to even Gen.1:5,8,13,19,23,31 from even Mark1:32/Deut.16:6 at sunset Ex.20:9,10 no secular work Isa.58:13,14 not own pleasure --delight in the Lord John4:24 must worship God Ps.92:1-5 give thanks to God Lev.23:3 a holy convocation Luke4:16 Jesus in Synagogues Matt.12:12 lawful to do well John9:14,5:8,9 healing on Sabbath Luke13:14 Jesus accused Isa.42:21 magnify the law Matt.24:20 care for Sabbath

CHRIST IS JEHOVAH Isa.44:6 the first and the last Rev.1:17,18 the first and the last Exo.3:14,15 the I am John8:58 the I am Deut.32:3,4 the rock 1Cor.10:4 the rock Isa.43:10 I am He John8:28 I am He Isa.43:11 the only Savior Acts4:11,12 the only Savior

GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT Matt.28:19 HS in baptism formula 2Cor.13:4 Apostolic benediction John16:7-15 He will reprove, guide, hear, speak, receive, take.. John14:16,17,26 will abide & teach Rom.8:26,27 helps, intercedes Acts13:2-4 directs church affairs 1Cor.12:10 give gifts as he wills Acts5:3,4 Holy Spirit is God 1Pet.1:2 His work sanctification Matt.12:31,32 blasphemy against HS Eph.4:30 grieve not the HS THE CREATION Gen.1:1 God is the creator Exo.20:11 7 days of creation Gen.1:21,24 after its own kind Ps.33:6 created by God s word Heb.11:3 from things unseen Ps.19:1-4 speak for God s glory Rom.1:20 proves there is God Gen.1:27,28 man from God s image Gen.2:24 marriage instituted Gen.2:1-2 Sabbath insituted Eze.20:20 sign of creatorship MAN S NATURE Gen.1:27 created in God s image 1Tim.6:16 only God is immortal Gen.2:16,17 conditional immortality Deut.30:19 life of death by choice THE FALLEN NATURE Rom.5:12 death,evil entered Jer.17:9 man s heart wrecked Eph.2:2,3 children of disobedience THE NEW NATURE Ezek.36:26,27 a new heart, a new spirit 2Cor.5:17in Christ new nature John5:24 from death to life

CHRIST LIFE AND MISSION MAN S CONDITION Rom.5:12 by one man-sin and death Rom.6:23 wages of sin is death GOD S LOVE AND MERCY Ex.34:6,7 God-merciful and just John3:16 God s love-sent His son Heb.10:5-7 I come as it is written HIS MISSION Matt.1:21 to save man from sin Luke19:10 to seek and save the lost John10:10 to give man abundant life Matt.20:28 to minister and give His life HIS DEATH Rev.13:8 lamb slain Heb.9:22 no blood no forgiveness Isa.53:3-6 by his stripes-healed 1Cor.15:22 by Christ all will live HIS RESSURRECTON John11:25,26 the resurrection & life Rev.1:18 I have keys of death HIS LIFE AN EXAMPLE 1Pet.2:2 His life an example for us Phil.2:5 His humility and obedience TO GIVE VICTORY Matt.28:18-20 all power to Christ John14:12-14 ask anything Phil.4:13 I can do all thru Christ Rom.6:22 we re saved to be holy

STEWARDSHIP OF BODY 1Cor.6:19,20 body-God s temple 1Thes.5:23 preserve blameless 2Cor.7:1 body and spirit holy 1Cor.10:31 eat or drink for glory Ex.15:26 obey no sickness Gen.1&2 laws of health given Lev.11 clean and unclean Lev.3:17 no blood and fat Prov.20:1/23:23-28 strong drink Isa.55:2 eat only what is good CHRISTIAN DEPORTMENT 1Pet2:9 chosen people 1John2:15,16 love not the world Gal.5:19-26 the works of flesh 2Cor6:14 not yoked of world 1Tim.2:9,10 women s adornment 1Pet3:3,4 character most important Gal.5:22-25 fruits of the spirit 1Pet.3:8-10 courteous, pure, etc. Rom.12:2 transformed in mind 1Tim.5:6-8 provide for His house 2Thess.3:10 no work no eat 1Cor.15:33 evil companions Matt.5:16 let your light shine MARRIAGE AND FAMILY Gen.2:18, 21-24 first institution Exo.20:14,15 adultery prohibited Heb.13:4 bed to be undefiled 1Cor.7:39 till death do part Matt.19:9 no divorce(except) Eph.5:22,23,25 duties of couple Eph.6:1-4 parents and children Deut.6:6,7 parents to teach Ps.127:1 except God is there THE JUDGEMENT Acts 17:30,31 set a time to judge 2Cor.5:10 all must appear Ecc.8:11 judgement delayed Ecc.12:14 every work Dan.7:9,10 judgement scene Rev.19:12 as written in books Mal.3:16 book of remembrance Ecc.12:13,14 law-the standard James 2:8-12 acc. to the law Matt.8:21,22 anger and evil words Matt.12:36,37 every idle word Dan.7:9,10,13 Jesus the judge John 5:26,27 son of man, Judge THE HOUR OF JUDGMENT Ecc.12:13,14 all work to judgment Dan.7:9,10,13,14 as seen by Daniel Heb.9:24-28 judment, the advent Rev.14:6,7 hour of judgment-now Lev.16:29-34 Day of Atonement Lev.23:27,28 day of Judgment Dan.8:14 cleansing of sanctuary Eze.4:6, Num.14:34 a day=1 year Dan.9:24-27 division of 2300 days Dates and Figures 7(49) + 62(434) + 1(7) = 70(490) + 1810 = 2300 475BC 408BC 27 31 34 1844 Rev.22:12 I come to give reward 2 COMING OF CHRIST John 14:1-4 the Lord s Promise Acts 1:9-11 angels promise Rev.1:7 coming in the clouds 2Thess.1:7,8 with fire for vengeance Ps.50:3-6 with devouring fire 2Pet.3:9-12 melt with fervent heat Rev.6:15-17 the wicked will die Matt.24:30,31 with power and glory Isa.28:9 the saint s will rejoice Matt.25:31-34,41 rewards are given 1Thess.4:16,17 reunion in the air 1Cor.15:51-54 we will be changed Matt.8:11 saints-to heaven Matt.24:44-61 be always ready THE MILLENUIM 1Thess.4:16,17 rightoues in heaven Rev.20:4,6 with Christ 1000 years 1Cor.6:2,3 saints to judge angels 2Thes.2:8 wicked all to die Jer.25:33 earth full of dead Jer.4:23-26 earth-a waste land Rev.20:1-3 Satan bound 1000 years Gen.1:2 earth in the deep Rev.21:2 new Jerusalem descends Rev.10:5-10 wicked punished 2Pet.3:7,13 the world re-created

SIGNS OF 2 COMING Matt.24:3 what are the signs Matt.24:32,33 as the fig tree Matt.24:4-14 calamities,etc. Matt.24:30,31 signs in heaven 538-1798 great tribulation Nov.1,1755 Lisbon earthquake (90,000 died in 6 min.) May 19,1780 sun,moon,darkened Nov.13,1833 falling of the stars Dan.12:4 knmowledge and travel (1798 steam engine,etc.) 2Tim.3:1-5 moral corruption James 5:1-8 economic collapse Luke 17:27-30 as Noah and Lot s day HELL, FIRE Rom.6:23 Ezek.18:4 Matt.1-:28 John 3:16 Matt.3:12 ETERNAL? wages of sin is death soul that sins die soul/body destroyed believe-not perish unquenchable fire ( till consumed) Jer.17:27 fire-unquenched Jude 6,7 Sodom fire-eternal effect 2Pet.2:6 Sodom ashes example Mal.4:1-3 wicked will be ashes Rev.20:10 tormented forever 1Samuel 1:22,28 as long as he lives Ps.37:10 wicked shall not be Ezek.28:18,19 satan burned and gone THE NEW HOME 2Pet.3:7,12,13 new heaven and earth Rev.21:1-3 John saw it in vision Rev.22:16-26 New Jerusalem described Rev.22:1-3 New City described Matt.25:34 kingdom made by God Matt.6:5 the meek will inherit Rev.21:4,5 no death, pain, sorrow Isa.65:17,21-25 the new Home Isa.35:4-6 no more invalid Isa.66:22,23 worship every Sabbath Rev.21:7 only for overcomers