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Sultan Fatah No. 84, Demak, 59511 Telp.(0291)685365 SUBMID SEMESTER GENAP TAHUN PELAJARAN 2010/2011 : Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (TIK) Waktu

Mata Pelajaran : Rabu, 16-03-2011 Kelas : VII.

Hari/Tgl : 60 menit

Choose the best answer of questions in the following. 1. What name picture beside? a. a. mini Mize b. maximize c. Merge and centre d. Close 2. What names some points at beside? 2 a. Row, Column, Formula bar, and cell address. b. Column, cell address. A formula bar and Row. c. Row, Column, cell address, and Formula bar. 3 4 d. Formula bar, Cell address, Column, and Row. 3. Look at picture beside! It is two cells become one cell. Which the icon can be used to create this cell is.... a. b. c. d.


4. Look at picture beside! Which the Sheet active is... a. the Sheet1 b. the Sheet2. c. the Sheet3. d. Sheet all. 5. Look at some icon bellow. Which the minimize icon is.... a b c. d...

6. What names some icon that got numbering on the picture below? a. Currency Dollar, Increase, decrease, and percent. 2 b. increase, decrease, percent, and currency dollar 1 3 c. decrease, currency dollar, percent, and increase d. Currency Dollar, decrease, percent, and increase 4 7. Look at picture below! The name of this picture is... a. Submenu. b. Icon tools. c. Menu bar. d. Icons. Title 8. What is the function of the title bar? Bar a. Checking the name of program. b. Reducing the window until icon form. c. Enlarging the window until full screen. d. Closing the window application program. 9. Menu bar is…. a. The group of the ordering in an application program. b. The marching of the buttons can be used to turn on the any orders. c. contain the formulas in the menu list d. full of columns in the excel program. 10. What is the meaning for "ring" in the Excel program? a. The group of some icons.

3. the esc d..000 and so on. the data earlier and it is given a name. d.2000 per bottles.-. B. the money that be accepted minus the price of buying. 3. 15. turn off c. C. title bar 16. 13. c.. If you want to change a data in the cell. states bar d. 4. It is wrong because the letter or number data will be lose b. the backspace 17. c.-.. Doing roll to right and left a work sheet.. The row label on the program of windows Microsoft excels is. the money that be accepted minus with the number of out money b. C.. d. C1. The cell label on the program of window Microsoft Excel is. A. The column label on the program of Windows Microsoft excel is. 1. IF function b. 1A.Rp. 1. B1. D..90. VLOOKUP 21. A. statistic basic c. B1. c. How many each your friend will get are mangoes? What is the formula that proper to calculate it? a. d. a. B1. 12. 11. 10 friends want to buy mango. d. 3C. name box b. You want to calculate profit of your business. It results from use formula. It is wrong because the texts data or number disturb adjacent cell. 2B. Before you use the VLOOKUP formula. 3C. the F2 c. B. absolute. IF function d. C1. SUMIF d. no problem but early before typing you enlarge the cell room.. The address of the active cell can be looked at the …. Their money are: Rp. What your opinion? a. c. b..000. 1. C. 14. The group of some cells. freeze pant 22.. c.b. and so on. restart b. Crossing between two rows with two columns c. 1A. Rp 70. 4. . a. Then he should pay Rp. COUNTIF c. arithmetic d. Absolute c. D. d. C1. the delete b. no problem but he has to enlarge the cell room. You had typed in cell the really out of cell box..000. 2. 19. you must . Rp 60. d. a.. 18. 4.-. a. 1A. 2B. what is the formula for calculate the profit each the goods is? a. D. 3C. formula bar c.. A customer going to buy 10 bottles of drinking with the price Rp.20000. SUM b. and so on. the number of money had been out minus with the money that you accepted. You can count the absence data each student in every month from the attend list with use formula. AVERAGE . a.000. A1. B..-. 2. a. Rp 80000.50. and so on a.. 2. 3. statistic basic 20. you should activate its cell then press key … a. A. The price for one mango is: Rp.. 2B. 2000. define d. You have five kinds of goods that have been sold. b.-. A1. the number of money had been out plus with the price of selling. b.. arithmetical basic b. then: a. SUMIF b. A1..

000. The group “jama’ah Haji” from Indonesia arrived in Arab Saudi have to change Indonesia currency. Minus Rp. column A is absolute but row 4 is not b. time with Rp. Fanta is Rp9000000. It is can be seen in the result of. 2000. Minus Rp... absolut d. sumif c. so their currency into Rp have to. absolute d. Fruity is Rp. a. SUMIF 23."tea") b.. selling . 2000 d. selling . VLOOKUP b. statistic basic c. a.c. a. =average(D11:D20. The profit each drinks are: tea is Rp10000000.. and Coca-cola is Rp15000000. Which is possible the formula following can be used to look for the average result from profit all is? a. VLOOKUP d. You can call a vertical data from Sheet 3 to appear on the sheet 1.. with "C" code immediately appear "nanas". a.. The group “Jama’ah Haji” from Indonesia back from Arab Saudi land bring the Real money. column A not absolute but row 4 absolute 30.11. a. For calculate it use the formula..buying = less of zero c.. Sprite is Rp13000000.. Plus Rp.D11:D20) 29. What is the formula that be used? a.. For that you can use the formula. column A absolute and row 4 also absolute c. so their money has to…. a.. Twenty students each has are money in Rupiah Indonesia.selling = over of zero b. c. Calling a data a horizontal direction on sheet 3 to appear into sheet 1 should be used a formula. with "B" code immediately appear text "durian". 1 Real = Rp. VLOOKUP 26. arithmetic basic b. 2000. 2000 d. and so on. column A not absolute and row 4 also d. function TEXT 24.buying = over of zero d. divided with Rp. IF function. It mean.. time with Rp. 2000. multiplication b. divided c. buying . . countif 25. c. They are going to Singapore city then change their money in dollar.. a. 2000 b.4) d...Real1 = Rp.000. c. function logia b. =average("tea". 2000. buying . 2000. The cell address is $A$4. =average(D11. One among of cells you fill with "A" code another cell immediately appear a text "mango". =average(D11:D20). 2000 b.selling = less of zero 28. The dollar code is $. COUNTIF d. Function IF d. 2000. HLOOKUP 27. 31. Plus Rp. divided with Rp.. Counting the result of business the fact is not profit."data"... c.

What the formula that can be used to find out the number of data? a. COUNTIF c. 36. the price of buying – total the cost in buying. COUNT d. All data of the selling have written down. Statistic basic 39. Absolute c. “PRICE SELLING” C2 until C800. VLOOKUP next the Absolute. Arithmetic bases next the basic statistic b. You want to find out the number of each goods for example is “CPU” then your formula is…. COUNT c. SUMIF c. What is formula for calculate the profit each fruit? a.”CPU”. total the cost in buying – total money that be accepted. SUM d. =SUMIF(C2:C800. The address "CODE" in cells between A2 until A800. 37.”CPU”A2:A800) b. MIN b. VLOOKUP b. a. “AMOUNT OF THE GOODS THAT WAS BOUGHT BY CUSTOMER” B2 until B800.”CPU”.. Every evening your store closed.B2:B800) d. To find out it you have to use the formula. To for 10 weeks you want to know average the profit each its week. =SUMIF(B2:B800. The result of the total profit Rp. =SUMIF(A2:A800. d. 40. This consists of five kind goods profit. total money that be accepted – total the cost in buying c. Maximum. COUNTIF c. You have to found out the goods kind that where lowest profit.C2:C800) c. AVERAGE 38. “NAMES GOODS” D2 until D800. Every week you calculate the profit of your business. 35. The profit each the kind of your goods business you have found and then what the formula that be used to look for the highest profit among of goods kind? a. What the formula for know of total all money from your selling? a. You have to change it become Indonesia currency on the sheet 1. HLOOKUP b.”CPU”. Statistic base. What are formulas that can be used? a. Be known the vertical data on sheet 3 in the dollar currency. 10000. IF d. SUMIF next the VLOOKUP d. SUMIF b. COUNTIF b. VLOOKUP d.A2:A800) 41. SUMIF c. =SUMIF(D2:D800. VLOOKUP 33. You have five kinds of goods for business. SUM d. SUM b. "PRICE SELLING" C2 until . a. The profit in the business you can be found out from…. In the practice you will face more and more the data. The address “CODE” in cells between A2 until A800. SUMIF 34.32. a. "AMOUNT OF THE GOODS THAT WAS BOUGHT BY CUSTOMER" B2 until B800. Absolute d... the price of buying – the price of selling b. Statistic basis next the SUMIF c. What the formula that can be used? a.

"NAMES GOODS" D2 until D800. Push key “Enter”. How is the way for clean a block on the object? a. the price buying is C4. Push key “End” . SUM b.. 45... =SUMIF(C2:C800.. =SUMIF(D2:D800. Absolute d. another cell immediately appear number 1000. d. subtraction front of coma 48. =C4*(D4-B4) c.. IF function. So. "AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT WAS PAYED BY CUSTOMER" F2 until F800.. "PRICE BUYING" E2 until E80. they will use formula. statistic basic c. SUMIF c. =SUMIF(B2:B800. =B4*(D4-C4) b.. VLOOKUP. =(B4-D4)*C4 43. a. with number 2 appear 2000. decrease zero at back of coma d..A2:A800) 42. The function icon beside is. Statistic base. c. decrease zero at back of coma d.. and the number of buying is B4.. cell absolute d. You want to find out the money which is accepted of the CPU goods that have sold then your formula is…. COUNIF c. subtraction front of coma 49. 50.”CPU”. and merging they are in the group a formula of. addition. increase zero at back of coma c. row 3 46. additional zero front of coma b.”CPU”. column C c. SUMIF c. a. with number 3 appear 3000. =D4*(C4+B4) d. Function IF 47.. You fill one of the cell with the number 1.. column B b.. VLOOKUP d. subtraction. SUMIF b. a.C2:C800) c. 44. a.DATA. arithmetic basic b. ABSOLUT d. The number 3 referring . increase zero at back of coma c.C800.3). How the formula to find out the number of money that is accepted? a. a.D2:B800) d. what the formula in the cell that appear a automatically number? a. additional zero front of coma b... To call a data in another sheet which it have done "define" to be set out with formula. =SUMIF(A2:A800. One of formula is written =VLOOKUP(A4. Multiplication. COUNTIF b. Push key “Delete” b.”CPU”F2:F800) b. a.. column D d. All teachers want to calculate their students score list. Click one of among cells. division. The address data the price selling is D4. a. The function icon beside is..”CPU”.

6.. 13. J16…………… 16.. 8. J18…………… 18.. I16……………. 5. 10. J17…………… 17. 12. J20……………. 22. 20. G4……………. I22……………. 7. I23……………. 4. I18……………. J4……………. I4……………. 120…………… 15. 23. and fill its formula the questions following. J19…………… 19. 3.Pay attention the table below. 11. K4……………. I24……………. H4……………. 9. I25……………. F4…………….. I19……………. Fill formula in the cell following: 1. I17……………. 2. E4……………. 21. 14. I26 …………… . 24. D4……………. C4…………….