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EEMANA.RAMARAO Mobile No : 9948328333 OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging job where I can implement all my skills. Learn new ideas, provide a nice work environment among my team members and contribute effectively for the growth of the organization, which in turn is my growth. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION    B.Sc (MPC) from Immaculate College, Kanchikacherla, Krishna District of Acharya Nagarjuna University passed in 2005 Board of Intermediate M.P.C from Immaculate College, Kanchikacherla, Krishna District passed in 2002 S.S.C from Z.P.High School, Jammavaram, Krishna District passed in 2000 E-Mail ID :

TECHNICAL SKILL SET Operating Systems Packages Languages Others Windows 98, Wndows XP/2000, Windows VISTA. M.S.Office (MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS- Power Point) C, C++ Internet Concepts.

WORKING EXPERIENCE I have been working as a Project Coordinator in the APEPDCL project from last 5 years through M/s American Solutions Pvt.Ltd., Hyderabad. NATURE OF THE JOB I am coordinating 100 Nos Computer Operators, 30 Nos Software Engineers and 10 Nos Electrical Shift Engineer in the APEPDCL Project at Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam Districts.

 Willingness to learn. Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam Districts. committed and honest to the work. Additional Load Requirements and other complaints of all categories in the Customer Service Centers of APEPDCL.2 Assists in recruiting of Computer Operators. Hyderabad. Work is performed under stressful conditions and involves contact with individuals involved in emotional and volatile situations. provides technical support for software engineers and assistance in preparing CSC reports to the CSC staff. Coordinating the Customer Service Centers activities of the Visitation Monitors as well as activities of Computer Operators and Incharges at the APEPDCL Project. Provides training on various issues such as procedures and Communication resources to them. 30 Nos Software Engineers and 10 Nos Electrical Shift Engineer in the APEPDCL Project at Srikakulam.Limited. Incharges and other technical persons as required in the APEPDCL Project under the M/s American Solutions Pvt.  Honest & Optimistic approach  Hard working nature and Zeal to do work with commitment and veracity  Positive attitude .  Able to work under stress.  Sportive Nature. Work is performed under the general supervision of the moral Support to 100 Nos Computer Operators. The Visitation Monitors. Attends various review meetings in the APEPDCL Project and Conducting work related training programs for the CSCs staff PERSONAL STRENGTHS  Able to mingle with a people easily. The Customers are visiting for register the New Service Connections.

(E.08.3 PERSONAL DETAILS Name Gender Date of Birth Marital Status Nationality Languages Known Hobbies Permanent Address : EEMANA. Old Dairy Form. Indhira Gandhi Nagar. : E.Ramarao Door No.RAMARAO : Male : 20. Visakhapatnam-40. Communication Address DECLARATION I here by declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.2-150.1985 : Married : Indian : Telugu & English : Listing Music.Ramarao Door No. Old Dairy Form.2-150. Yours sincerely. Reading Books : E. Visakhapatnam-40.Rama Rao) Place : Visakhapatnam Date : . Indhira Gandhi Nagar.