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The Nanyang Business School undergraduate experience Learn. Grow. Lead. Serve.

The undergraduate experience is one of transformation, a foundation of critical and independent thinking that will carry you through your career and indeed your life. At Nanyang Business School, our goal is to nurture you into a socially responsible leader, with acumen to balance the triple bottom line of people, environment and business. For a start, you will be equipped with skills to manage real world situations, even while you’re in the classroom. Learn actively through courses and projects that are designed to develop your critical thinking, presentation and communication skills. New courses covering issues of ethics and corporate social responsibility have been integrated into our curricula to prepare you for a business world that is no longer concerned only with monetary profit. The learning continues outside the classroom. Experience social responsibility firsthand through a Service Learning project and put your knowledge and skills to good use at not-for-profit organisations in Singapore and beyond. Get involved in one of our many student clubs and discover leadership and management insights ‘on the job’. Take part in a business competition and get a taste of the cut-and-thrust of the corporate world.




Leaders of tomorrow are expected to inspire and manage from anywhere in the world, and this requires strong adaptability, creativity and sensitivity.
Cultural diversity is an integral part of the Nanyang Business School experience. Enjoy an open and vibrant environment, with a student community that hails from across the globe, and an international faculty that will enrich your academic journey with cross-cultural insights. Opportunities abound as well for you to experience life abroad through overseas internships and study exchanges.



“ Securing a good job may be one of your top goals for enrolling into a business school, but a university education is much more than a ticket to personal financial satisfaction.”
Valerie Du Toit-Low
Associate Professor // Nanyang Business School

As one of Asia’s top business schools, we are committed to providing you with an education that is world-class and world-relevant. Our academic rigour is globally accredited, while strong industry ties underpin the practical relevance of our programmes. We look forward to making your undergraduate journey as exciting as it is rewarding, while helping you enhance your opportunities for success in the business world and beyond.



Learn, Grow, Lead and Serve
The Four Cornerstones Of Nanyang Business School’s Education Philosophy



Take charge of your education

Push your boundaries

Stand up and be counted

Make a difference






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and the debate on climate change. is the most important and closely watched global university ranking system that looks at both education and research at universities. business and society. NTU President Professor Bertil Andersson said. At Nanyang Business School. stimulating and highly realistic learning environment. and economic viability secured. LEADERSHIP AND SUSTAINABILIT Y NTU . we are one of only nine business schools to be awarded the AACSB accreditation for accounting. This was achieved on the back of strong ratings for education experience and opening of new career opportunities for participants. positions do not fluctuate greatly year on year. so too should we ensure a better world for those who come after us. The four categories covered are: opening new career opportunities (35%). Awareness is growing that a one-dimensional pursuit of profit is no longer adequate. and the potential to network (10%). Our Ethos Nanyang Business School Nanyang Technological University What is Sustainability? For many. personal development/ educational experience (35%). ahead of renowned colleges including University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (61st) and London School of Economics and Political Science (64th). The Financial Times’ MBA ranking rates us as one of the best 35 business schools in the world. academic reputation (up 12 places). Results have been published for the past 20 years in the magazine’s “Which MBA?” guide. We take pride in grooming exceptional graduates through an innovative. Just as we stand as beneficiaries of those who came before us. an information provider for higher education. NTU’s ranking was the most improved among Asian universities in QS’ global top 100 list. But the scope of sustainability extends far beyond reducing. It is this ethos that underpins our mission to groom Leaders for a Sustainable World. with Singapore’s best business school Nanyang Technological University (NTU) made a big jump in the 2011 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) university rankings. the third best showing by an Asian business school. Sustainability and Leadership World-Class Experience Choosing where to study for your first degree is one of the most important decisions you may make in your life. the university’s Nanyang Business School continued to demonstrate leadership as its MBA programme was rated Singapore’s best by The Economist for the eighth straight year. including big improvements in key areas such as employer reputation (up 31 places). environment and business. This was achieved on advances in most categories from the previous year. The school maintained its 69th position on the news magazine’s latest global ranking of full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes. energy. about why they decided to take an MBA. sustainability is synonymous with the conservation of natural resources: land. Sustainability and Business Sustainability for a company must begin at the core of its business model. reusing and recycling.Asia’s fastest rising university. The Economist’s MBA rankings are compiled by surveying students. businesses and the environment . Highest Teaching Quality Standards Top Rankings Our international accolades and achievements speak volumes of We have been awarded both the EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) and AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditations – the most respected standards in business education. minerals . NTU professors have enhanced their reputation among their peers in Singapore and internationally and NTU’s reputation among employers has also grown significantly. Our alliances and top ranking programmes affirm us as a global leader in business education. How does it operate? What interest does it seek to advance? Does it consider the impact of its operations on the environment and the stock of natural resources? Does it care about how it treats its employees and the impact it has on the community of which it is a part? A company that seeks enduring success must optimise the triple bottom line of people. increasing salary (20%). A good undergraduate experience will impart not only skills to help you stand out in the job secure a sustainable future for our world. we nurture leaders who understand and balance the interest of people. and student-faculty ratio (up 12 places). We are consistently rated as Singapore’s best business school and among Asia’s Top 10 by The Economist’s global MBA ranking. Strong and fresh leadership that possesses the knowledge. The figures collated are a mixture of hard data. it will nurture a critical and independent mind that can grow and adapt to the variety and variability of our globalised world. Community interests must also be guarded. such as salary and faculty qualifications. 2 3 . and subjective marks given by the school’s students. skills and passion is needed to make a positive impact on the environment and their community. such as a rating of their school’s facilities. some 250. for long term success. It is an obligation. who harnessed physical. We get you ready for the real world with a globally relevant education that prepares you well ahead of your peers elsewhere. Its ranking weights data according to what students say is important.NANYANG BUSINESS SCHOOL // LEADERS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES // 2012 NBS // WORLD-CL A SS E XPERIENCE NBS // BUSINESS. But there is still much to be done to embed sustainability in our government.” The World University Rankings by QS. economic and social resources to give us this world of opportunity. jumping 16 places is fantastic as in the most established global ranking system.000 over the years. Outside of the United States. “While rankings do move up and down. Sustainability is more than mere pragmatism. water. In more specific rankings. leaping 16 places to rank as the world’s 58th best university. International Recognition the first-rate education and global recognition you will enjoy as our student and graduate.

Having been exposed to different business case problems in the classroom. This approach. a Double Degree in Accountancy and Business student and Nanyang Scholar. and you will take responsibility for your own learning by actively contributing through class participation. I thus had to be able to think from both the firm’s and the client’s perspective. I was encouraged to view accounting as a value creation process in its entirety. you will acquire strong competencies in effective teamwork and communication. that I did not apply to any other university. Economics. Our unique undergraduate programmes in accounting and business management are designed to prepare and equip you with analytical and real-world capabilities through experiential learning in an internationally diverse environment. Information Technology and Marketing. I was keenly aware of the commercial and risk factors in each of the 3 fee structures. a student club that aims to spread business case culture. SECOND SPECIALISATIONS convinced that NBS is the best place to further my studies. At the end of your second year of study. At the end of our project. In my Year 2 module. while concurrently sharpening our managerial acumen.500 across 45 countries Top Business School in Singapore and a global leader in business education This approach helps me view business problems through the lens of various stakeholders and encourages me to rationalise my reasoning from different points of view. The Nanyang Business School Advantage Discovering a multi-perspective approach to solving problems Project Discovery. this is both a crucial survival tool and a competitive advantage. discussions and project presentations. Right from the start. also equips you with analytical skills to handle unstructured. I was taught by a partner from one of the Big Four. I learnt much from the experience of leading 22 executive committee and 170 subcommittee members. The hands-on approach is indeed a defining feature of my NBS education. I have learnt never to let the fear of failure stop me from taking on a challenge. with its focus on critical thinking and problem-solving. I have organised 2 international business case competitions. Real-world cases and projects are emphasised to enable you to bridge theory with dynamic practice. worldclass learning environment Christopher Cheang Year 3 // Accountancy Professional Attachment Exchange partnerships with more than 150 world-renowned universities Challenge personal boundaries. workplace. Risk Management. you will serve a 2-month Professional Attachment (PA) to acquire first-hand practical experience and sharpen your skills in industry. Working under tight deadlines and a demanding academic workload have underscored the importance of prioritisation and leadership skills. Ever since I was in my first year at NBS. has been instrumental in moulding a world-class college experience for me. As part of my membership in Business Solutions. we are taught not to be content with just identifying problems. I was able to make recommendations supported by strong quantitative data analysis. I had to work in a team to source for a company that would let us to conduct a risk analysis of it. which substantially exceeded my supervisor’s expectations. A vibrant school culture and residential life is definitely an additional plus point. embrace hands on experience For . And if you fail. Think big. When I am not attending lessons. The usefulness of Project Discovery has impacted me positively outside the classroom. I was tasked to analyse the performance of one of the divisions within its regional talent acquisition team and make recommendations for improvement. Chinese Studies and Music. and expanded my network of professionals in the finance and accounting industry. Communications. But if you believe in yourself and take the leap. A vast and diverse alumni network of 32. this option gives you an additional set of skills and knowledge to increase your attractiveness to employers. with in-depth exploration in other areas such as strategy. complex and strategic challenges in business. When I was president of the NTU Investment Interactive Club In NBS. A life-changing experience in NBS is possible only with a world-class faculty. we believe that learning does not stop when you step out of the classroom. a degree in accounting at NBS is a truly interdisciplinary experience. you will find that you have what it takes to succeed. Psychology. one of my many responsibilities was to analyse the impact of 3 different fee structures on the firm’s bottom line. I remember that while completing Risk Management. These include Entrepreneurship. Forensic Science to Astronomy and foreign languages. I am now more able to respect diversity in cultures and conflicting opinions. I have actively hosted 4 business case and accounting competitions. Swathi Eswaramurthi Year 3 // Accountancy and Business In the past 2 years at NBS. or even ostensibly clashing cultures. Control & Ethics. I have learnt the importance of constantly challenging myself and setting high standards. Challenges may seem daunting when you look at them from afar. with its focus on hands-on learning. the hands-on aspect of Project Discovery also encourages us to be more adept at teamwork. choosing which university to further her studies was one of the most important decisions in her life. even decades. even more than what I have learnt from all my years of formal education put together. You may obtain a second business expertise in an area outside of your first specialisation. before I get to lead on such a scale in the I did my research on various universities both in Singapore and overseas and NBS stood out. I was definitely pleased when my recommendation was accepted by my superiors! Besides the technical rigour which Nanyang Business School (NBS) instills in us. The PA is an excellent time for employers to assess your potential. ease of implementation and longterm consequences. and to handle a workplace environment marked by diverse. I was. Business Law. which runs the US’ top accounting programme. University is the right time. with professors serving as facilitators and mentors.NANYANG BUSINESS SCHOOL // LEADERS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES // 2012 LE ARN // E XPERIENCE-BA SED LE ARNING LE ARN // STUDENT PERSPECTIVES LEARN Take charge of your education At Nanyang Business School. It may take years. Learning through real life business cases has allowed me to move away from mere knowledge acquisition to. more importantly. Offered only to top academic achievers. In today’s competitive and cosmopolitan workplace. Projects such as this forms almost 60% of the final grade of the module. you will get to interact and network with professionals. the opportunity to graduate in four years with two world class. Our programme creates discovery-based learning environments through seminar-style teaching to facilitate your active learning. we presented a risk profile of our client and proposed solutions to issues we had uncovered. Carefully designed to be relevant and enriching. a partnership with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Such top accounting professionals bring real-world perspectives into the classrooms and give us a glimpse of the actual business environment. setting up valuable contacts that will give you an edge in your career. Human Resource Consulting. understand the core issues beneath the perceived problems and find solutions while keeping in mind cost. The countless case studies and projects involving real business situations that I had done in school proved invaluable. and still am. BROAD RANGE OF MINORS AND ELECTIVES Globally renowned faculty. Think world-class education for the real world. The numerous presentations which I had done in school have sharpened my communication skills and allowed me to articulate my recommendations with confidence and persuasion. Through these active learning methods. especially for roles requiring versatility and broad knowledge. During business case analysis. underscoring the shift away from rote learning to knowledge application at NBS. This is a skill which I have come to really appreciate after my internship and my student exchange programme in Copenhagen Business School. The rankings and accreditations that NBS proudly holds. and NBS is the perfect place to gain such experience. finance and business law. In particular. Beyond just number crunching. there are many opportunities to improve on my other skills. Flexible Curriculum You can choose from over 20 university minors in non-business disciplines to complement your core programme and broaden your horizons. Thank you NBS for creating this nurturing learning environment! The integration of subject areas within the accounting track at NBS allows us to develop a repertoire of analytical and problem solving skills. This radically new way of teaching accounting is the result of Project Discovery. there can be no better learning experience than that. During my internship in a top-tier wealth management firm. I did an internship with TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) in Chennai. Project Discovery Our teaching in the classroom is highly interactive. it was obvious to me that the constraints of the real business world made the problems a lot more challenging than the theoretical situations created in the classroom. They may even make you a permanent job offer before you graduate. so 4 5 . knowledge application. Thankfully my NBS education taught me to look at situations from various angles. and still complete the programme within the prescribed period of three years for single degrees. Second specialisations are offered in the areas of Banking & Finance. internationally recognised degrees with double honours were especially attractive. but are also expected to come up with creative and pragmatic solutions to solve the problems and prevent their future reoccurrence. Control & Ethics. India.

General Education Requirement 1. CPA Australia. Marketing A highly interactive specialisation which focuses on thinking skills. the Singapore Tourism Board and major industry players. BREADTH REQUIREMENT Banking and Finance Closely tied to professional practice. and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Our supportive learning environment is the product of the dedication of our 170-strong international faculty. or embark on a research programme or a study exchange.NANYANG BUSINESS SCHOOL // LEADERS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES // 2012 LE ARN // PROGR AMMES Our Programmes // Innovative. His approach has benefitted all students. please go to http://sce. Our Faculty and Industry Partners // Challenge. Relevant. You will develop these qualities and capabilities through our rigorous curriculum that emphasises team-based projects. Prof Tan was found to be the world’s No. Prescribed Electives Choose one from each category Arts.ntu. integrative case studies and industry-based projects. We thrive on collaborative work and strong alliances with industry partners including: Professors Tan Hun Tong and Jun-koo Kang were named last year as top researchers in their respective fields. Core Communication Skills Economics & Singapore Studies Environmental Sustainability Tourism and Hospitality Management Designed in collaboration with the Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management.” Double Degrees in Business & Computing We offer two hybrid double degree programmes with NTU’s School of Computer Engineering: Business and Computer Engineering. A comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum that taps on our world-class Accountancy and Business degree programmes will equip you with multiple skill sets and knowledge to meet the challenges of the new economy and open up more career options. wealth management or asset management. They have initiative and are able to work independently and collaboratively with an international perspective. and Business and Computer Science. What was the make up of our undergraduate intake in 2011? How employable are our graduates? Accountancy CORE REQUIREMENT Business Double Degree (Accountancy & Business) Accountancy Employment Rate Business Employment Rate Bachelor of Accountancy 8 Foundational Core Courses 9 Accountancy Courses Career Foundations Professional Attachment Capstone Course: Strategic Management *Employed within 3 months after graduation Bachelor of Business How much do our graduates earn? 2400 2500 2600 2700 2800 Accountancy Business 2550 2650 2750 2850 2950 Bachelor of Accountancy Regarded widely as one of the most established and well-regarded accountancy programme in the region. it prepares you for the dynamic and key tourism and hospitality industries with its innovative and global perspective. Polytechnic NBS Accountancy Business 10th Percentile 3. Teachers of the Year 2011 2.95 3. Human Resource Consulting This pioneering specialisation prepares you for strategic roles in managing and developing human capital. The programme is also accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Inspire. Unrestricted Electives (3 to 5 courses) Take up courses from any of the university’s colleges and schools. the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. For more information. Our graduates are sought after by top employers for their ability to think analytically and creatively. chief financial officers of major corporations and managing directors of public and private companies – for over five decades. it offers 6 industry-specific specialisations that are continually updated through interactions and consultations with leading corporations and professional bodies. The Nanyang Business School faculty represents the world’s sharpest and brightest minds from a wide range of business disciplines.64 90th Percentile 3. imagination and creativity. Their background in industry and academia ensure that our programmes balance rigour and relevance along with a strong cross-cultural perspective. Information Technology Learn to bridge the gap between technologists and business managers. These 4-year programmes will hone your business management skills and empower you to excel at software application or computer engineering and development.65 3. He spreads out the course material very evenly to ensure that there is sufficient time to cover the entire course at a pace comfortable for all students. Every lesson with him involves group exercises. It is recognised as a Chartered Financial Analyst Programme partner. This direct honours programme will stretch you to maximise your potential and has been admitting our best students since its inception in 2008. as he is able to inject his industry knowledge into his lessons. This has helped in our learning and understanding of complex accounting concepts. consultancy firms and IT companies.aspx Chiang Yueh Pyng Class of 2009 // Accountancy Wee Wei Jia Aaron Class of 2010 // Business (Actuarial Science) 6 7 . business simulations. It has a strong global perspective and industry orientation. A three-year direct honours programme. His connections to the wider insurance industry are also a bonus. we have been training top accountants for leadership roles – partners in accounting firms. Best Undergraduate Teacher for Business “Prof Jackie is always able to present complicated concepts in a manner in which we can understand. This specialisation will help you become an IT-savvy business professional who is much sought after by banks. You will receive two degrees at the end of the programme which is expected to require 3½ to 4 years to complete. our Bachelor of Business is a rigorous and broadbased three-year accelerated honours programme. Well known for its professional orientation and innovative curriculum. think through and present. Morgan Matsushita Electric McKinsey & presentations. and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. 3. This double degree programme is designed to leverage on this synergy and provide you with a balanced combination of business management savvy and accounting know-how. Motorola Philips Electronics Procter & Gamble Reuters Schering Shell Singapore Airlines Standard Chartered Bank StarHub UBS Associate Professor Low Kin Yew Assistant Professor Jackie Li Ka Ki Best Undergraduate Teacher for Accountancy “Prof Low is great at stimulating our critical thinking abilities. 1 accounting researcher in a ranking by Brigham Young University. giving you an invaluable advantage in a world economy infused with technology. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. 8 Foundational Core courses 6 Business Specialisation courses 3 Business Enhancement courses Career Foundations Professional Attachment Capstone Course: Strategic Management 2009 2010 2009 2010 Double Degree in Accountancy & Business 8 foundational core courses 9 Accountancy courses 6 Business Specialisation courses 3 Business Enhancement courses Career foundations Professional Attachment Capstone Course: Strategic Management Admissions Representative grade profiles of the 10th and 90th percentiles of applicants holding GCE A Level and Polytechnic qualifications who were offered places in NBS (AY2010-11) Representative Grade Profile (3H2/1H1) NBS Accountancy Business 10th Percentile AAB / A AAB / B 90th Percentile AAA / A AAA / A Top Professors Bachelor of Business Among the top undergraduate business programmes in Asia. Rigorous. We are required to discuss. this specialisation qualifies students for up to 8 exemptions from professional examinations offered by the Institute of Actuaries in United Technology & Society Double Degree in Accountancy & Business The synergy between Accountancy and Business is widely appreciated in an increasingly complex business environment. our Bachelor of Accountancy degree is recognised as a professional accounting qualification in Singapore by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore. Asian Development Bank AT&T Boston Consulting Group BP Citigroup DBS Dell DHL DuPont Dun & Bradstreet Economic Development Board of Singapore KPMG J.P. Stimulate. this specialisation prepares you for a career in corporate and investment banking. Humanities & Social Sciences Liberal Studies Science. Prof Kang was ranked top in the Asia-Pacific for finance research by a study published in the Pacific-Basin Finance Journal. Maintaining strong connections with industry is integral to our mission.93 Professor Tan Hun Tong Professor Jun-koo Kang Actuarial Science Unique in Asia.

case competitions. It might have been Prof Patricia. And they are not just packing their bags for major cities like Shanghai. I saw humility and kindness in wisdom. I just wanted to let you know I’m currently on exchange in Tsinghua. India. I’d like to thank you. For NTU’s Mr Oh. given its location in one of the most volatile regions in the continent.Mr George Yeo on campus. 23. Hong Kong or New York. France. GROW // GLOBAL EXPERIENCE Singapore undergrads are heading for places such as Africa and Central America. Switzerland. I’m not certain. and corporate finance. which number over 150. Two weeks ago. they felt so safe in the country that Mr Oh once went jogging alone in his neighbourhood at 5am. Despite their varying experiences. Prof Geraldine. but I’d like to extend my deepest appreciation to NTU for opening windows of learning opportunities. Amid a genuine exchange of thoughts and ideas. you will be given the opportunity to study and work in some of the world’s most dynamic economies – China. after an assessment by a group of panellists. and Mr Kwek. global immersion programmes.NANYANG BUSINESS SCHOOL // LEADERS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES // 2012 GROW Push your boundaries The journey that Nanyang Business School offers is a life-changing experience. even after you graduate. The three publicly funded universities here say that more undergraduates are going overseas for their summer internships. I felt a deep appreciation for NTU’s awareness of my interest and leanings toward China. they did everything from translation work to market research. As part of the acceptance of this opportunity. Before they left for the coastal state in west Africa. I will now be participating in corporate visits and cultural interactions with another university. Get involved in a myriad of student clubs and associations GROW // GLOBAL EXPERIENCE Global Immersion Programme International Student Exchange Programme Cross-cultural exchanges help build character and enhance learning. Mr Loh Pui Wah. But he added that he did not encounter any trouble himself as he kept to the safe areas. I was awarded a trip to Beijing! Though I am already in Beijing on exchange. At the same time. Indonesia. and it left me with lingering afterthoughts. All three said they were exposed to different ways of doing business in their host countries. Work and Travel USA and Global Discovery Programme. Ukraine and Sri Lanka. as he discovered while interning at Wilmar International’s office there.” said Mr Kwek. The scholarship provides for internships in emerging markets such as Ghana. Before coming to China. As it turned out. Therefore. and it left me with lingering afterthoughts. Among the new destinations students are heading to are those in Africa. I am grateful for this new opportunity once again. While their peers took up summer internship positions in comfortable offices in Raffles Place this June. but there. 23. said the university has been increasing the variety and choices of overseas experiences. which was part of a scholarship that covered the cost of the two-day forum. the Middle East and Central America. it generated a lot of buzz.” A thank you note to the faculty and staff of Nanyang Business School Accountancy & Business Club Banking and Finance Club Business Solutions Human Resource Consulting Club MarkeTHINK Club NBS Auditing & Assurance Team NBS Exchange Club NBS-SCS Student Chapter NBS Service Learning Club NTU Investment Interactive Club NTU Risk Management Society Quantitative Finance & Actuarial Science Club Tax Advisory Club Tourism & Hospitality Management Club I’d like to thank you for helping me to source for internship possibilities in China. He said 300 students went overseas for internships and work-and-study programmes last year. whether you were part of the nomination process or otherwise. taught in Chinese. they thought it was a dangerous place. That evening. its language and culture. Their trips were made possible by a new scholarship programme started this year by Mr Kuok Khoon Hong. South Africa. “In Singapore. Alternatively. I received notice from Business China (通商中国) that I was nominated by NTU to attend the Future China Global Forum 2011. Beyond the excitement at the learning opportunity. we offer bountiful opportunities for you to grow and flourish through interactions and participation in cross-cultural exchanges. United States and Vietnam – for up to six months at a time. Both said they probably learnt more than they would have if they had interned at companies back home. we wouldn’t think of giving out free T-shirts to entice people to buy your cooking oil.even though they did not know much about the country. you may also participate in NTU’s Global Summer Studies. NTU director of the Career and Attachment Office. to explore your interests and to develop social and leadership skills. These clubs are collaborative ventures by NBS students and they offer opportunities to hone your knowledge in each specialisation. and it has been an enriching experience. on top of learning to live in an unfamiliar environment. Lynn Ong Year 3 // Accountancy During their 10-week stint with agribusiness group Wilmar International. why not take this opportunity to get more exposure. Internships off the beaten track. Outside of the course curriculum. “ That evening. city of Johannesburg unfortunately turned out to be true. and clubs and society and activities. chairman and chief executive of Wilmar International. out of your comfort zone?” 8 9 . But after they settled into their homes in the city of Tema. their trip corrected their preconceptions of a country few Singaporeans have visited. he revealed a personal side. Mr Benjamin Kwek and Mr Oh Zhi Jie of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) chose to head to Ghana . I was privileged to have dinner with Singapore’s former Foreign Minister . For their schoolmate Jackson Lee. Mr Oh said: “Ten weeks is a very short period of time. To further widen your horizons. tales of high crime rates in South Africa’s largest This is an excerpt of an article that was first published in The Straits Times. you may opt for our International Student Exchange Programme (INSTEP) for a semester of study at any of our affiliated international university partners. build valuable friendships and bonds that will enrich your life. Michelle or Shi Yun. all three said they would recommend an overseas internship to their peers. I am taking interesting electives like business negotiation. 24. I saw humility and kindness in wisdom. I had to write an essay in relation to China that could win me an immersion trip to Beijing. Through our Global Immersion Programme (GIP).

. Career Services // Prepare. . This advice was definitely useful to graduating students like myself. We can also help you find your first job. analytical. This article was first published in The Business Times. we made many new friends with students and staff. and I were fortunate to be chosen to represent Singapore at this conference. Hong Kong is a leading global financial centre and boasts one of the greatest concentrations of company headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region. I am privileged to have started my career on a high note. The humility of the executives and their willingness to share their knowledge and wisdom with undergraduate participants were memorable. His speech was particularly relevant as it contributed additional insights to the ongoing classroom discussions on the economic crisis I had back in Nanyang Business School. Missing a week of lessons back in Singapore was definitely worth it in exchange for the friendships and lessons that could last a lifetime. Goodrich Global and Ocean Park. The experience introduced us to the different education culture in Hong Kong and led us to consider how we can adopt some of those strengths for our school activities. As the largest undergraduate executive forum in the United States. one where you are immersed in a holistic and rigorous programme to hone the skills required to be successful in the corporate world. the career officers were ever willing to share their experiences and offer advice on issues in and outside classroom. seminars. it is no longer about applying formulas and templates.Conducted by one of Singapore’s top professional image consulting firms. Our premier internships with banks. Friendships and lessons for a lifetime Adeline Chong Year 4 // Accountancy and Business of Accountancy student at Nanyang Business School. One of the executives emphasised the need for businesses to constantly reinvent themselves to remain competitive in the changing business environment. . The conference included small-group executive seminars with senior corporate officers from large corporations like Yahoo!. Thank you!” Casancia Khoo Investment Associate // Temasek Holdings Class of 2010 // Business (Banking & Finance) “NBS Career Services played a pivotal role in securing a coveted internship at Bain during my penultimate year. Their close connections with top financial institutions and industry leaders provided an exciting base for career opportunities. fund houses and consulting firms are all tributes to their professionalism and dedication. As for the choice of the first job. This allowed us to get to know them in a more informal setting and learn about the best practices in their industries.CareerFIT is an online resume portal that lets you post your resume online and interact with potential employers. networking and one-to-one coaching sessions that are specially developed to give you a head start in your career. This was an opportunity not to be missed. Networking Sessions Career Development Workshops Workshops ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes will provide you with real-world insights into essential career development skills. It was remarkable how the participants from leading educational institutions could connect with each other despite their diverse backgrounds.Career Tracks – Get insights from seasoned professionals into specific career roles and industry tracks. networking opportunities and international exposure. and I thank NBS Career Services for their invaluable guidance that has given us strong fundamentals for us to stand head and shoulders above the competition. Career Advisory Get expert advice on suitable career options from our career advisors. and its management generously shared insights on how this new business model benefits both students and industry. Career Foundation & Imaging Courses Conducted in the first and second year of study. because in the real financial markets. This is key. I feel that with the emergence of this new world order. The seven-day trip was filled with site and business visits. The expert panellists offered stimulating insights into these issues as they engaged in captivating debate. networking sessions.Getting There Series – Find out about different recruitment processes used by employers. interviewing and personal branding. NBS Career Services has been an excellent platform to leverage on as my peers and I embarked on our chosen fields. From strangers. You will also be coached on how to dress for success. Besides adding lustre to my resume and cover letter. Online Career Resources . providing customised career guidance which leverage on our individual strengths and interests. I also took the opportunity to tell them interesting stories about Singapore. the participants enjoyed meals with the top executives. My travel to the US and food and lodging in New York City were sponsored by State Farm Insurance. . It was a journey of self-discovery. the demand for individuals who have a strong understanding of Asian markets and are conversant in Asian languages will continue to increase. Mitsubishi International Corp and Godiva. the famous CEO and editor of Forbes magazine. I also took the opportunity to tour New York City and visit some of its notable tourist spots like Times Square. . Network with alumni mentors to seek guidance on potential career paths. Meeting up with friends studying in New York City and celebrating Thanksgiving with them drew a fruitful and wholesome closure to my trip before I returned to Singapore. My journey began when I was invited last July to apply to lead Ivy League university Princeton’s student-run Business Today’s 36th International Conference in New York City. you have to think on your feet and be adaptable. Hong Kong offers bountiful opportunities for external trade. “In my three years at NTU. and a case study competition where participants were randomly placed into small teams to solve real-world problems under the guidance of executives. active discussions with distinguished speakers from the government and business sector and exchanges with local universities. He observed how businesses. networking. This trip has also allowed us to forge strong bonds with HKUST students. their cultures and education systems. The year’s theme was “New Rules of the Game”. with strong domestic markets in the West. the world’s first teaching and research hotel.Resume Workshops and Mock Interviews Meet senior managers and receive first-hand insight into the inner workings of different organisations. The executives shared with us their career decisions and memorable careerdefining incidents as well as mistakes in their professional careers. strengths and weaknesses. There was an inclusive and open environment which encouraged sharing. I developed a better understanding of their countries. the people we met were full of enthusiasm and fervour.Career Library will provide you with in-depth information on various professions and industries. The keynote speeches by notable business figures like Steve Forbes and SAP’s Bill McDermott were stimulating. are increasingly looking at the East for growth opportunities. My greatest takeaway were the friendships which I forged with participants from over 30 countries. knowledge on Hong Kong’s growth and development will provide greater insight to charter Singapore’s strategy – and thus. Equipped with a skilled labour force. Through informal chats with the other participants. Learning outside the classroom took on a whole new meaning when we visited and engaged with companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers. Rockefeller Center and Central Park. and recruitment. Liz Claiborne and NBC News. Business Today was started by Steve Forbes. we built a strong rapport and forged close friendships that continue even after our return. motivations. in New York’s Grand Hyatt Hotel.Pre-Event/Interview Preparation Sessions . I gained insights on career development and leadership lessons which cannot be gathered from reading textbooks. The relationship that we have forged with them is priceless. investment.” Jason Chiong Consultant // Double Effect Class of 2010 // Accountancy 10 11 . our career advisors went the extra mile to engage many of us on a regular basis throughout our university life. He showed strong business acumen and a great sense of humour in his suggestions of economic stimulus measures for the United States. Take advantage of our comprehensive career advisory resources ranging from workshops. coupled with the adoption of modern Western business methods and technology. where most of the conference events were held. many of the executives encouraged us to choose a career based on the exposure rather than on salary as the job which provides valuable exposure in early years lays a solid foundation for future career success.” Benny Quek Sales & Trading // Goldman Sachs Class of 2007 // Banking and Finance The class of 2007 returned to campus to share with some 200 undergraduates on ‘Frontline Roles in Finance’ Most insightful: Adeline (right) with her University of Notre Dame roommate. There were also panel discussions on current issues such as the United States healthcare reforms and the financial implications of the Dodd Frank Act.Power 30-minutes – Learn how to sharpen your career development competencies. we gained a greater appreciation of the history. the conference broadened my horizons and provided an enriching experience interacting with the participants and executives. business culture and financial system of Hong Kong. Gloria Ong. focusing on the changing international business landscape.Winning Formula . Marie Forte. We visited PolyU’s Hotel ICON. given its informative nature. Participating in this year’s Business Mission is definitely one of the highlights of school life! Personal Development Workshops Enhance your personal skills through specialty workshops which include wine appreciation as well as make-up and grooming. I was amazed at the diversity of opinion and the level of engagement during the discussions. And thanks to them. Empower.Career Assessment Tools will help you assess what jobs are suitable based on your profile and career interest . a final year Bachelor All in all. Many aspects of the Business Today conference left indelible memories for me. During the keynote speech sessions. Internship & Employment Opportunities Optimise your internship experience with our active match assistance. Over at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong (PolyU). “The three-year curriculum in NBS is more than just studies and exams. The warm and friendly students from HKUST shared their school experiences and brought us on a tour around the school. Other exciting components of the conference included visits to New York corporate headquarters of multinational firms like Morgan Stanley. Hong Kong was selected as the mission destination for this year. The conversations revolved around the conference theme. you will learn important communication skills in resume and cover letter writing. Mentorship Programme Leverage on our alumni’s varied industry expertise through the MENTOR ROCKS! programme. the world’s largest mutual property and casualty insurance firm. As Singapore’s key competitor in these areas. From job attachments to different departments in Goodrich to the animated presentation given by Ocean Park’s management.NANYANG BUSINESS SCHOOL // LEADERS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES // 2012 GROW // CAREER SERVICES Accountancy & Business Club (ABC) Hong Kong Business Mission Neo Hui Yi Year 2 // Accountancy and Business Mong Jun Dar Year 3 // Accountancy The Hong Kong Business Mission (HKBM) 2011 was organized by the Accountancy & Business Club (ABC). I was especially impressed by the speech by Mr Forbes in which he shared his views on the recent economic crisis. Clearly. the 3-day conference last November attracted 70 senior executives and 160 selected international students. . with two other Princeton University students in 1968 and is America’s top student-run publication. Connect. these workshops will empower you to establish your personal brand to enhance your marketability in the job market. and global. Work with us one-to-one to discover your interests.

Essentially it boiled down to good time management and strong commitment. they have their feet planted firmly on the ground. Tasked to formulate a growth strategy for iRobot. Says Chen Xinyi: “We completed the report during the school term. and with one another through active participation in global competitions. they had only a month to tackle issues like a distributor’s strike. Jonathan and Xue-Li have also accepted management trainee positions at L’Oréal. who were silently hovering over our meal areas and casually passing by our rest corners. Poised in Paris Three Nanyang Business School students beat 44 other teams to take the crown at the L’Oréal Brandstorm 2011 International Finals in Paris. In the fashion capital of the world. The gloves use chroma. and the use of child labour in a 2.” It was all worth it as the four – all from the Nanyang Business School’s Business Solutions club – made history by being the first team from NTU to win the top prize in the McGill Management International Case Competition in May. the team developed four detailed recommendations. In particular. “The academically rigorous and industry-focused Business degree programme at the Nanyang Business School prepares its graduates to make significant contributions to organisations.000) to a city of their choice.’’ says Lau Seo Wang. trouncing contestants from 44 other countries. This explains why they are preferred by top corporate employers. On Friday mornings in Illinois. so meeting up after work or during weekends was an easy decision. The rewards have been sweet and the trio will cherish their unforgettable days in one of the world’s most romantic cities. Teams were given 24 hours to work through a business scenario and then draft a strategic plan which they had to present to two separate judging panels. Says Jonathan: “Paris is a wonderful city.” Four Nanyang Business School students got their first taste of life in a multinational company where 24-hour global operations and time differences are commonplace. Global Markets & Global Services (Asia Pacific) // State Street Bank & Trust Co.NANYANG BUSINESS SCHOOL // LEADERS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES // 2012 LEAD // COMPETITION WINNERS LEAD Stand up and be counted “Do not follow where the path may lead. This was the university’s first shot at the prestigious.” “We were bedridden on our first day there. Says Nyit Fhen: “He reminded us to exhibit the element of collective joy on the international stage. You will be encouraged to learn from one another.” “We soon learnt to keep our poise even behind restroom doors to guard against the watchful eyes of the panel.” As a top business school. “It was like working in a multi-national company with 24hour operations. In addition. But going to Montreal to present their case study was another matter. discovered that even the loo was no exception. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. IT system failure. Since two of them were on exchange at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and facing a 13-hour time difference. where they had to come up with a marketing strategy for L’Oréal Professionnel Homme – a range of salon products and services for men. leadership development programmes and other enriching events.” “We took his words to heart and ensured that when we were staging our final presentation. whose mission was not only to scout out the team with the best marketing campaign.” 12 13 .” So how did the quartet arrive at their apt choice of team name? Explains Chen Xinyi: “The girls came up with this name as we wanted something simple. As a team. Gabriel Lee. Gabriel says: “We knew we had to take it to the next level in the international round. Liu Xinyi and I were doing our internships throughout the competition. This allowed us to handle the media in Chengdu confidently and win over the audience. Sub-zero heroes NTU students overcame sub-zero temperatures in Montreal to top the McGill Management International Case Competition. Kanesh says: “The rigorous requirements of a case assignment and comprehensiveness of a winning presentation drove us to crystallise the concepts we had learnt in school. and credit Nanyang Business School for providing them with a “wholesome business education”. After all. Enter Skype to the rescue. we embraced entertaining theatrics that were fun for us to execute. China. Chen Xinyi and Liu Xinyi emerged first runner-up in a field of 17 teams at the global final of the competition held in Chengdu. They had 30 minutes to convince each set of judges and to answer the questions posed. Case Crackers The name Case Crackers proved an apt choice for four Nanyang Business School students at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Global Business Challenge. a US-based technology company specialising in home robotics. The challenge was to get more men to visit hair salons. The team was inspired by how such technology is used to help people get rid of wrinkles.” Adds Shi Yuan: “Knowing how to speak Chinese was a great asset.000 euros (S$18. NTU's bimonthly free magazine featuring interesting morsels of varsity life and inspirational success stories. Sub-zero Heroes. but we put our foot down. while a piece of advice from L’Oréal Singapore’s Managing Director Christopher Neo also helped them impress the judges. with their core solution catering to the eldercare robotics market.” Seck Wai Kwong Executive Vice President and General Manager. Jonathan Chan and Chye Nyit Fhen – were under discreet scrutiny by the judges. on Saturday mornings. The trio – Heng Xue-Li.” The NTU team must have carried their public and private persona well. Associate Professorial Fellow Arthur Lee Gilbert and Dr Edwin Tan. summits. Kanesh shares: “Seo Wang and Sing Nan adjusted well. amidst our other project deadlines. with temperatures hitting below zero. where they had to come up with a growth strategy for a US-based robotics firm. they were given less of the workload. We found ourselves under constant scrutiny by the many judges. with the Republic having enjoyed two successes in the last nine editions. you have to exude poise and style 24/7 wherever you may be. Their exposure to industryoriented projects. international exchange programmes and elective courses in other related disciplines enable Nanyang Business School’s business graduates to apply their knowledge to a wide range of realworld situations. so we added elements of audience interaction and went for a more dramatic style. we are committed to nurturing and grooming the next generation of socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs. and Case Crackers were adapted from the Nov-Dec 2011 issue of HEY!. or light. byinvitation competition. with great history and culture. it was a very memorable experience to be up on the Eiffel Tower.000 euros (S$1. Their black “chroma gloves” sprinkled with colourful lights was a big reason the team shone at the high-profile competition in June. Seo Wang and Sing Nan made sure they were “present” at these via webcam. the trio drew on knowledge from their major in marketing. Still. The team had earned the right to represent Singapore after beating 79 other teams at the massage. they would “Skype” Singapore-based Kanesh Balasubramaniam and Xu Wei. The threesome from the Nanyang Business School who represented NTU and Singapore in the L’Oréal Brandstorm 2011 International Finals in Paris. For they won the crown at the L’Oréal Brandstorm 2011 International Finals. we knew that we wanted to give our best showing in this competition. the team presented the same case study they had worked on earlier. looking down at the entire city. The team members are thrilled to have received internship offers from global mining giant Rio Tinto. Explains Jonathan: “It was about transferring the technology used in skin care to scalp-care. the group had to discuss their plans and strategies via video conferencing. This arrangement ensured they would be ready for their regular presentations to their coaches.” Adds Liu Xinyi: “Another reason is we enjoy eating crackers very much!” The articles Poised in Paris.000word report presented to the judging panel. The guys were all for fanciful names. Hong Kong Singapore finals. Shares Nyit Fhen: “The competition was not confined to the 10 or 15 minutes on stage. Then. and were under great pressure to do well on the world stage. because it was precisely this synergy that helped us win the national title.” Over the six-month competition. but the one that could carry the L’Oréal brand name with conviction. Yeo Shi Yuan. They also bested rivals from ten other top schools such as the University of Manchester and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. but picked ourselves up on the second day so we could get started with our work.” The students were taking part in the McGill Management International Case Competition in Montreal. but have generously pledged 1. the scalp is an extension of one’s facial skin. having just spent three months in the US. but Xu Wei and I caught a cold upon our arrival despite wearing layers of winter clothing.” For the global final. who was based in Illinois with teammate Tan Sing Nan. internships. Since this meant that Kanesh and Xu Wei would be pulling all-nighters on Friday nights in Singapore..800) of their prize money to the Hairdressers Against Aids campaign in Singapore. after they had earlier won the right to represent Singapore by beating 46 other competing teams in the national final. technology to provide male customers with hair-loss preventive treatment via a sensual The team won a trip worth 10.

I had never had such experiences before. Our service learning activities will engage and develop your sense of social responsibility and encourage you to use your business knowledge and skills to help others. It was amazing that everyone. Even though we could not speak each other’s language. Representing Nanyang Business School at Nanyang Technological University and Singapore. The programme can have far reaching impact as it raises CSR awareness and can encourage other companies to engage in similar initiatives that will benefit society and the environment in the long run. every little bit helps. But they do. I was pretty nervous. it was precisely because it was such a small dam that made it so special. we were discussing how encouraging people to take up electric biking could be a better solution to getting around than driving motor vehicles. it is not how much you travel. With so much packed into a little dam. cycled over 230. Brand’s Hope in a Bottle was launched as part of its 175th anniversary celebrations this year. We were part of a team of 20-plus student volunteers brought together by Brand’s. We were shocked to see eight families living in cramped living conditions in a small house. We are privileged to have been part of this unique project which has taught us what it means to give back to society as well as the importance of sustaining the environment. solar and hydroelectric power plants to understand how they work and their future developments. Taiwan and Thailand. along with fellow student volunteers from Malaysia. which initiated the project.” This was what we were told when we had our first meeting as volunteers with an official of Brand’s. I started to understand why the Swiss are at the forefront of environmental protection and sustainability. Sounds absurd. they would also experience an improvement in the quality of their lives. An artist has created colourful poles along the dam to attract attention. she had spearheaded community projects such as Car Wash Donation at Pioneer and President’s Challenge. After all. we still felt that there was much to learn. Loving and protecting Mother Nature Searching for sustainable global climate solutions: The writer (centre) and other winners of the ToptoTop Global Climate Solution Award from around the world on a three-week tour of Switzerland to learn about sustainability issues and ongoing efforts to protect Earth’s climate. 14 15 . The village is about two hours’ drive from Bangkok. Charmaine Tan Year4 // Accountancy and Business ‘We will be using used glass bottles to help build homes for the needy in Thailand. The CSR project aims to provide simple shelters for the needy to improve their lives. The Huray Medal for Social Responsibility is an award given to the graduating Nanyang Business School student who has made the most outstanding demonstration of social responsibility by contributing towards the social and environmental needs of the local or international community during his or her period of candidature at the School. adding greater meaning and diversity to your learning experience. He said he did not see it as a tradeoff because although people might take some extra time to get from A to B. but how well you do it that matters. which are spikes attached to trekking boots to provide traction. Christopher Ngoi Year 2 // Accountancy I was literally on top of the world when I learnt that I had won the inaugural ToptoTop Global Climate Solution Award and that the seven winners from around the world would be going on a three-week tour of Switzerland to learn about sustainability issues. It was started in 2002 with the goal of trekking to the seven peaks and sailing in the seven seas without the use of a motor. I felt my biggest takeaway was having the privilege of getting to know Mr Schwoerer. In addition to being a dam. It was also rewarding to interact with student volunteers from other countries and territories. It may not be life changing. People should measure time not by the seconds ticking away but rather by the experiences they have throughout their lives. Lesley received a nomination to take part in 21st International Association for Volunteer Effort World Youth Conference 2010 and was with CityCare to help with spring cleaning for the elderly’s homes. she had the opportunity to engage in dialogue sessions with the firm’s partners on Corporate Social Responsibility. but we believe the value of our work went beyond that. it was comforting for us to know that our effort will contribute to giving the families new homes. despite their diverse backgrounds. It was a learning journey and an eye opening experience as witnessing the substandard living conditions of the less fortunate evoked strong feelings in us. the villagers seemed content and thankful for what they have in their lives. but our simple gesture was received with much gratitude. and try to come up with our own solutions together with the other winners from Australia. and we eventually arrived at the 4. We got to know more about their countries. These activities increased awareness of helping the less fortunate and established a platform for youths to embark on future volunteering activities. Such exchanges allowed us to forge immediate friendships which we believe will last. Brand’s donated US$100. as we trekked. He taught us many life lessons that will stay with us forever. Our task was to lay the floor foundation for four houses in three days using glass bottles and cement. The ToptoTop global climate solution expeditions aim to inspire youth by sharing with them innovative solutions for sustainability. Even though many of the solutions cannot be replicated in our respective countries due to various constraints. we could sense their appreciation through their smiles and actions. to study the impact of global warming. Chile. China. it is also a sporting and educational facility. Without us.000 kilometres. In our tour of Switzerland. doesn’t it? How is it possible to use fragile material such as glass in the construction of a house that will be a home to a family? And what will the house eventually look like? Those were our thoughts initially too. lunch break. the carbon footprint is reduced through the significant reduction of cement usage in the construction.000 metres. As chairperson of The Frontier Community Club Youth Executive Committee. All we did was lay the foundations of the houses. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to collect information about people’s efforts to protect the climate. Through the innovative use of glass bottles as building material.000 km. His reply moved me deeply. The question was raised whether this would not sacrifice time for exercise. So far.000m peak and took a ‘Glass houses’ for the needy Students help build homes using used Brand’s bottles in Thailand. We hope that our efforts have made some difference in the life of the Thai villagers. A decent home opens opportunities to better healthcare. Working on the project. I felt it was a well thought out environmental solution. but we hope our volunteer work made a positive impact on their lives. The small size of the dam we saw reinforced the teaching that every little action counts. connected with each other within a short time and displayed great teamwork and camaraderie. and inscribed on them were messages urging the public to take a more proactive stance against global warming. were invited to partner Cerebos’ regional staff in helping to build four houses using Brand’s essence of chicken glass bottles. Lesley Cai Wan Ling is the award recipient for the graduating class of 2011. Jackson Lee Year 3 // Business houses for the needy in a village in Pathumthani province of Thailand. This article was first published in The Business Times. I began wondering if that could be a way to combat global warming: by giving everyone the chance to fall in love with nature so that they too would feel the need to protect her. I had not had much opportunity to see snow. A shelter is a basic need. three to four villagers would have taken about a month to complete the construction of a single house. climbed over 400. This enables you to strengthen personal skills. It made us reflect on the many things we have at home in Singapore and how we should not take things for granted. It represents a great attitude that I feel we should all have. It is hard for many of us to sometimes comprehend how our small individual carbon footprints will make a difference in the world. It took nearly 30 of us two days to fill up the foundation of three houses. Named Brand’s Hope in a Bottle. their campus life and their differing takes on issues. it is hard for us to understand how little actions in our lives make a positive difference in helping to combat global warming. I was really impressed by a small dam we saw in Maloja. the programme advocates sustainable living and helps the locals to reduce building costs. The dam was built to protect the valleys below in the event the glaciers in the mountains melted too fast. while contributing positively to the community. who is an inspirational figure. I was wearing crampons. to make a difference to the lives of families in need. founder of the ToptoTop movement. Our helping hand in the construction meant much to the villagers.000 students worldwide. While taking in the majesty of the Alps. and visited over 50. As a Singaporean. an area in the south of Switzerland. Similarly.NANYANG BUSINESS SCHOOL // LEADERS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES // 2012 SERVE Make a difference We believe that the new generation of leaders needs to be in sync with the changing social and economical landscape of the world. the sky started to clear. On the other side. It was humbling to see this “green” spirit such a fundamental part of people’s daily lives. Thus when we started the ascent towards the peak of Breithorn in the Swiss Alps in early August. this programme is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project by the company with Habitat for Humanity as a beneficiary. we collected innovative environmental solutions. It is hard for us to imagine the collective effect we can have on the planet. Hong Kong. greater economic opportunities and increased community cohesion. After the expedition. In addition. During her internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers. better academic performance. both of us. I trekked in a whiteout and saw my world turn to snow. This article was first published in The Business Times. Fortunately. I had to tie ropes connecting myself to others for safety. Three days were hardly sufficient to impact a whole community greatly. Once. Besides helping to conserve the environment. They are in love with Mother Nature and thus feel the need to protect it. ToptoTop is a nonprofit organisation led by explorer Dario Schwörer under the patronage of the United Nations Environment Programme and the Swiss government. The villagers offered us their homegrown fruit and water when they saw us exhausted from working under the scorching sun. much less trek in it. However. Though impoverished. participants have sailed over 70. India and Japan. we began to realise the feasibility and rationale of using used glass bottles as construction material and the significance of what we are doing in helping to save the environment as we started getting our hands dirty at the construction site in a village. We were also glad to have met people of different nationalities. who went last month to build 2011 recipient of The Huray Medal for Social Responsibility Lesley Cai Audit Associate // PricewaterhouseCoopers Class of 2011 // Accountancy Volunteerism has been in Lesley’s blood since she started doing grassroot projects at the age of 15. Lesley also volunteers her service at the weekly Meetthe-People-Session. My experience was even more amazing than I had expected. We visited several wind. it was also a rock wall to encourage more outdoor activity. She currently holds the appointment of Vice-constituency where she assists residents to draft appeal letters for financial support and advice to the relevant authorities.000 to Habitat for Humanity as part of this programme to sponsor the building of more shelters for the needy.

How did this Malaysian kampong boy become a globe-trotting. I have just had a discussion with one of our advisors. I was posted to London to run GIC’s European operations. Only after some coaxing did she reluctantly agree. I could set up a meeting with the best experts in that area. GIC didn’t make the best paying offer then. It was useful to be close to the epicentre of the European debt crisis. 16 17 . bonds. While spearheading events aimed at promoting financial literacy among youth may have been rewarding. I am glad to have been part of the NBS mission to Sichuan. While the two-week stint was hardly sufficient to provide a good grounding in English. commodities and hedge funds. I no longer feel afraid. We had to innovate. the process of making quick decisions and how different investors react to systemic concerns. Without some of those foundational courses. Sir Howard Davies. GIC’s mission to safeguard Singapore’s financial future also resonated with me. and markets gave me many tests and challenges. She also helped develop my interest by engaging me in topics beyond the syllabus and pointing me to good books to read. You have a really global career. What are some highlights of your journey to your current position? The insight derived from the community work is how small gestures can make a big difference. In London. I also had classmates who were keen on investing and “high finance”. Our effort was greatly helped by the market weakness arising from the collapse of hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management in late-1998. pushing us to work out why real-world practice often deviates from theory. After my 1½-year rotation training. In addition to investment skills. In 2003. Discussions in her class were always lively. For those affected by the 2008 earthquake. I assumed my current role. Kelvin Yue Audit Associate // PricewaterhouseCoopers Class of 2011 // Accountancy fulfilling lessons were picked up as a volunteer teacher in rural China just before my graduation. Learning English had become easier. with whom I spend most of my free time. GIC gave me many opportunities. I can still ‘feel’ it. So looking back at my 18-plus years at GIC. We may never know how large or small this impact is but. By my last lesson with the class. especially in areas such as engineering and business. I also work with a group of colleagues on developing our investing capabilities for China. and find new ways to research and construct a portfolio. because she related textbook theories to real-life examples. How did you get started with GIC? When did you join them – and why? I joined GIC as a trainee in 1993. working with colleagues and participating in many important global financial market events and trends. Indeed.” 12-year-old He Si Si wrote in my autograph book.NANYANG BUSINESS SCHOOL // LEADERS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES // 2012 SERVE // MAKE A DIFFERENCE SERVE // INTERVIEW WITH LIM CHOW KIAT Interview Si Si’s reflection probably echoed the feelings of the class. In my three years at the Nanyang Technological University. from more than 30 countries. all of them felt for the first time that their English was improving. I was very nervous and scared. it has been a great journey of learning. I got to know more colleagues and also had more space to reflect on bigger organisational issues. It’s probably a bit early to ask this. politics or natural events. I picked up new knowledge. But I thought. This article was first published in The Business Times. Only then can we profit from the ebbs and flows. knowing that human love transcends boundaries. for example. the things I learnt as an undergraduate came in handy. It makes you reflect on your own views. But I do have a life. It brought to mind the hardworking. “That day. encouraging them to pursue whatever they are passionate about. The greatest value of our stint was helping the students find their purpose to learn English well. but what do you think about your daughters going to Nanyang Business School for their university education? Why not? People are coming round to see that our local universities are making big strides and are about as good as top schools in the US. Small gestures can make a big difference A trip to China to help children learn English gives Singapore volunteers a meaningful takeaway. which I have found to be really useful. We found out first-hand that learning could co-exist with fun. We learnt the value of soliciting and responding to students’ feedback and fine-tuning lesson plans. I did other courses in law. set up by NBS’s Chinese Executive Master in Business Administration alumni. Si Si was participating actively. Lim Chow Kiat Managing Director President. focusing on play and practice. China Business Group Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) Class of 1993 // Accountancy He was GIC’s only fresh hire in his graduation year and he now oversees three-quarters of the sovereign wealth fund’s investment portfolio. I also read and try to play a round of golf every Saturday. Then in July. We were a small team trying to create a niche in a field that was dominated by large. I helped to start up a new team to invest in credit assets. Globalisation is here. just as I have been driven by my interests. The students found joy in learning English through an interactive approach. I grew up in GIC. She taught corporate finance and capital markets. It’s about taking the first step to do these little things. Through my students. she might not have gained confidence. Adapting rapidly to the local environment and making constant tweaks to the teaching approach redefined my understanding of what it means to be entrepreneurial. I was among 22 Nanyang Business School undergraduates who went on a service learning-cumcultural immersion trip to ShuangDong Nanyang Primary School in Sichuan. I was fortunate to start in our money market division. we face the challenges of working with different cultures. He used to be the Deputy Governor of Bank of England and was director of the London School of Economics till recently. India and South-east Asia. It keeps one quite occupied. The work I do is very global. I travel quite a bit – and have seen many hotels and meeting rooms! It’s great meeting many people. seeing different assets and businesses. I enjoy meeting many smart people. As a result. Our willingness to go from Singapore to the remote village meant a lot to the students. free time is quite limited. and so from among other job offers. I am part of a leadership effort to prepare GIC for the next 15 years. But after that day. top executive of one of the world’s most influential investors? Lim Chow Kiat recounts his journey from studying accountancy at Nanyang Business School to managing vast sums of Singapore’s national reserves. Back to Si Si – if she had not been given a chance to speak up and overcome her inner fear. My wife and I will want to be supportive of their interests. becoming more aware of our surroundings and possessing the creativity to achieve what we want with limited resources. Being in Singapore. These were useful experiences for my subsequent roles. I saw that what many Singaporeans sometimes view as the “ultra competitiveness” of the Chinese. we believe that we helped them find their love for the English language. both to operate locally and to learn. they were willing to ask – which meant more opportunities for them to improve. and Head. and discussing trends of the world. but as I corrected her pronunciation and she repeated the sentences. and I still do today. Plenty of culture shocks and eye-opening experiences for a kampong boy! During my second New York stint in 1998-99. at the very least. GIC Asset Management. currencies. communication. having been there before. My boss would say this: ‘Investment work is the pinnacle of finance’. to do things. GIC offers access to some of the world’s best brains in finance – and this even for relatively junior staff. help to build familiarity and trust. I believe the value of our work went beyond that. I had to pick up management skills. reticent girl whom I had invited to read some simple sentences to her class. My bosses and colleagues take a long term view and afford me many opportunities to pursue my passion for investing. In mid-2009. if I wanted to learn about a particular financial topic. and was my final year project supervisor. because they no longer feared making mistakes. as well as the importance of constant encouragement. It’s important though to point out that for investing and managing. When the students understood that no question was a bad question. An awareness of global trends is critical for many tasks. her voice grew progressively louder. organisational behaviour. at the crossroads of China. to think out of the box and do new things. In their reflections. when you got me to read English in front of the class. Our simple objective was to ignite a passion for English in the students there. in the trenches together. Again. it was an additional consolation. In 2008. It is about challenging the status quo. What are the main perks of your job? The main perk has got to be the many opportunities to learn. I always learn something from them. the opportunity to work for a prestigious investment firm stood out. that the first five years of anybody’s career is really about learning. I worked with four other volunteer teachers to give English lessons to the primary six class. I had developed a keen interest in capital markets during my time at Nanyang Business School. If you ask me what markets are like in New York on the days of important Federal Reserve meetings. Crucially. What are the main factors behind the impressive progress you’ve made in your career? I have been most fortunate to be in an environment where I am encouraged to learn. Even though accountancy was my major. this year. Ultimately. About 50 per cent of our investment people are non-Singaporeans. I was also posted to GIC’s New York office twice. My stints in our overseas offices. We witnessed how empowering someone with the confidence that “they can do it” worked wonders. I have three daughters. Little things you do for others can bring them closer to their tipping point to success. Is there life apart from work? Unfortunately for jobs like this. The experience broadened my horizons and I developed a better global perspective. Earlier this year. It’s a meaningful takeaway I had missed in my years of education and in my school activities: Big things start with tiny steps. I have to thank Associate Professor Ong Poh Wah. Why? Because many things can affect an investment decision. I have chalked up a wide range of experiences championing “causes” that I believe would benefit others. Most importantly. I’m certain that they no longer dislike or fear the English language. The experience from living through events or being at a particular place is also useful. but the first step must always be taken. Simply being there was a gesture that touched their hearts – that some strangers from a faraway place cared about their education and well-being. it is crucial to first be anchored in sound principles and a longer term orientation. The four-year stint there exposed me to the workings of large global markets. is actually an admirable hunger for success. Getting them to share their motivation was one way. the school was rebuilt with funds from the “Nanyang Care Fund for Education”. I would also credit Nanyang Business School. I went on to lead the bigger Fixed Income team. How did Nanyang Business School stoke your interest in investing? For that. Relationships too are better built in person. We helped them to articulate this by discovering why they wanted to do well. see new things and try different ways of profiting from them. and Europe. It is my hope that this confidence will spur her not only to learn the English language but also help her to realise that she has the potential to achieve her goals and make her dreams come true. my most It was a learning journey for us volunteer teachers too. for reasons unknown to me. also gives a rich experience many would crave for. Following the devastating earthquake of 2008. in Chinese. a tireless pursuit of knowledge. They learnt practical phrases that they could use in their daily lives – such as buying something in a shop and describing their feelings. aged between 9 and 13 years. What do you do at GIC? I am responsible for GIC’s public market investments such as stocks. IT. It was fun comparing notes. straight after I graduated with my Bachelor of Accountancy degree from Nanyang Business School. established teams. It was quite an entrepreneurial experience. Moreover. When I was first posted to New York in the mid-90s. As I did more management work in the last 10 years. as they would be drawn to GIC’s reputation and investing power. How do you think that has affected you? It opens your mind to different ways of doing things. just keeping up with the news. it really depends on what my girls want to study. a good investor needs to keep an even keel. In 10 days. be it economics. I hope that our work as volunteer teachers made some difference to the lives of the Shuang Dong students. across different physical locations and time zones. It was an exciting time. Encouraged to speak up and put away their fear of conversing in a foreign language meant that learning became relaxed and fun. You’ve come a long way from being a trainee. I try to keep up and get GIC prepared for them. One of the strengths of the curriculum was that its scope went beyond our core discipline. would give me a lot of opportunities to learn. I would probably have had to do an MBA to try and understand the management issues that I encounter at work. GIC invests outside of Singapore in more than 40 countries. statistics. and its relatively small team then – it was about 200 strong when I joined – I thought. I was made deputy head of the public markets team and took on more organisational responsibilities. GIC seemed to offer that.

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