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FROM THE DESK OF PRINCIPAL In House Journal is a regular practice of Accounting & Finance

Department of our college. This year, the journal prepared by the students is more informative and qualitative than previous one. The students have collected the information from the various sources and presented in an attractive way for which they deserve complements. Year after year the faculty members and students seem to be involved in this activity with more and more interest. The overall presentation of the journal is also attractive. Industrial visits, projects and assignments are done in this department for helping the students to learn the various soft skills essential for their successful future. B.Com Accounting and Finance is a vocational undergraduate programme specially started by the college to impart vocational skills and this journal is one of the proofs that show the students are moving towards right direction. Hence, I congratulate the faculty and students for this good

attempt. I hope this will continue in future also. Dr. S.A.Deo , PRINCIPAL.

Vice Principal (Commerce Faculty)
Mr.B.K. Ghate
M.Com.,C.A., AICWA. SET,

Coordinator of the Department

Head of the Department
Mr.M.K Kelkar
M.Com.,D.B.M.,SET .

Faculty Members
Mrs.S.J.Memon Mrs .H.S.Patwardhan Miss N.R.Mahajan Mr.P.R.Gavkhadkar Mrs. S. P. Ghodake
M.Com.SET, ICWAI (Group 1) B.A.,I.T.(Diploma) M.Com , DBM M.Com , GDCA B.Sc.,MPM

Mr. M. about . our college has started B.M.A.Sc. (Maths) About B. Objectives of the Department: 1. Advanced Accounting is getting more and more importance Accounting Finance this course on 7th Firstly something about the department of Accounting & Finance. 2004 with a batch of 7 students and presently the strength of our department is 126 students.Ed. S.Walawalkar. So this year also.Sc. Miss.. M. Accounting & Finance Department For the previous year’s in house journal we got good response and appreciation from the principal of our college. The field of Accounting and Finance provides a number of opportunities and career options in industry and commerce.R.Gauri P Patwardhan M.R. which was really motivating for the whole team of ‘Horizone’. after great efforts and dedication we are presenting this journal in an innovative way. To provide adequate basic understanding Accountancy and Finance to students. Deo sir. D.Kulkarni. (Maths) Mrs. So to make available such opportunities to students and to impart them professional approach in modern accounting and finance sector.

3. Year 2005- Icent Pharmaceutical Company & Pune Radio Centre. 2.Mahabaleshwar. . Year 2009- Pepsi co. Year 2006- KORE Sugar FACTORY& Dairy. Year 2007- Chitale Automatised Dairy.Bhilvadi. Holdings Private Ltd. 4.Sangali.Pune.. Activities of the Department • Industrial Visits: Year 2004- Honey Bee Breeding Centre. To provide guidance for application of accounting theory in practice. To inculcate training in the modern technology for the benefits of all parties concerned. Roha.Warana Nagar. Year 2008- Sunflex Pipes Private Ltd..To exploit opportunities being newly created in modern accounting. Ichalkaranji.

Preparation of yearly in-house journal.S. Guidance about various professional.B. Jamshedpur Year 2011- • ✔ Personality Development Programmes: On the job training programmes during vacation period. Local. C.. ✔ Book Bank Facility. ✔ Student’s Aid Fund.A. Welcome Party & Send off Party Arrangement of guest lectures. W..Year 2010 - Ahshok Layland. Mapro Industries.A. examinations like C.C. ✔ Counseling of students ✔ Campus Interviews • Results of Our Department YEAR Percentage . I..Pune.industrial and institutional visits.Panchgani Sanjay Ghodawat group of Industries. M. etc. ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ • STUDENT’S SUPPORT FACILITY ✔ Departmental Library. Guidance for improving communication Skill.A.

1st Rank : Pranali Dhamapurkar 86.00% . 80.00% 2nd Rank: 3rd Rank: 80.-Acc.67% 1st Rank: Shradha Bait 82.Com.Com.-Acc. & Fin .Com.00% 1st Rank: 82. & Fin. & Fin. 84.-Acc.00% Sadaf Munshi Prachi Bhosale Sonam Ayare 80.Y B.00% SY B.00% 3rd Rank: Purva Patne T Y B.57% 2ndRank: Rajeshwari Joshi 3rd Rank: Rupesh Horambe 84.2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 100% 100% 91% 94% 95% Rankers of 2010-2011 F.00% 2nd Rank: Shushant Dange 82.

Batch 2010-2011 Sem. In the jeep scandal VK Krishna Menon. . He had allegedly made the deal of Rs. But as we look back.Y. who was high commissioner in Britain.00.Diamonds of our Department T.VI Name of the Student Sadaf Munshi Hrishikesh Palsudesai Pranali Chavan Prachi Bhosale Sadaf Munshi Kashif Patel Subject Cost Accounting Cost Accounting Financial Accounting Taxation Management Accounting Auditing Marks 90 90 88 91 85 74 Is Corruption In Our DNA? "If Central government releases one rupee for poor. is not it time to ask ourselves whether corruption is in our DNA? Stigma of corruption is not new in our country as the history of corruption post independence started with the jeep scam in 1948. 80. only 10 paisa reaches them. all the talk of growth and the rising India story has got overshadowed by ever mounting charges of corruption involving the high and mighty.000 and this was found out in 1955 when he was in the cabinet of Jawaharlal Nehru. Alas." These famous words by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi made during the Congress Plenary Session in Bombay are as pertinent today as they were then. had allegedly made a deal with foreign company for army jeeps by crossing the regulations.

the second most talked thing today is black money parked by Indian nationals in foreign tax heavens. KPMG survey claimed "90% of respondents felt that corruption negatively impacts the performance of stock markets by increasing volatility and prevents institutional investors from making long term investments. With no consensus on amount of money parked in tax havens everyone has a different opinion on black money.000 crores (USD $ 1. Many people have named these years as the 'season of seams'. there have been numerous corruption cases unearthed within the country. the recent few years have seen the digging out of major corruption cases." After corruption. In this 'season of seams'. World Bank also argued in its latest report . While Professor R Vaidyanathan claimed this figures stood over Rs 7." As per 'Doing Business India' report.4 trillion). in last decade corruption cost India Rs. many senior politicians and bureaucrats have been named in corruption cases. India ranks 134 out of 183 countries on World Bank's index of ease of doing business. KPMG survey on corruption pointed out outrage of 'aam aadmi'. As per 'India Forensic Study'.1555 thousand crore. .280.4 trillion which is largest from any nation in the world."India aid programmes are beset by corruption. However.00. bad administration and under-payments. As per the Transparency International ranking of nations based on the level of corruption India slipped to 87th spot in 2010 from 84th in 2009. The Swiss Bank report which came in 2006 claimed that black money deposit in Swiss Bank is US $ 1.000 crore. Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) claims it to be around Rs 25.Since then.

"There is no scarcity of resources in our country. It can be controlled but cannot be eradicated" -11th Prime Minister of India. "Corruption was a sickness in our system that needs to be fought" .Sixth Prime Minister of India. HD Deve Gowda (1996-1997)." ." Prime Minister. Punishment should be within six months. Sonia Gandhi." Congress General Secretary. Stringent action against corruption is needed. • • • • • • • • . "It is time to realise that crime and corruption do not pay. Dr Manmohan Singh (Since 2004). but these are not used properly from the panchayat level to Parliament as the main obstacle is corruption. These fragment the society and the economy becomes directionless. Atal Bihari Vajpayee (1998 -2004). "If Central government release one rupee for poor. Indira Gandhi (1980-1984). "It is wrong for anyone to assume there is a magic wand which will lead to an instant solution of these (corruption) difficult societal problems. instead of 20 years.Third Prime Minister of India.Quotes on Corruption • "Corruption was a global phenomenon. "I found it harder to clean up corruption than it is when you are on the other side. Rajiv Gandhi (19841989)." -11th President of India. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.Prime Minister of India. Rajiv Gandhi (1984-1989).".Sixth Prime Minister of India. Rahul Gandhi. "Corruption was like diabetes. only 10 paise reaches tliem. talking about it rather than having to do it" . So it is not possible to eradicate corruption" . We need systemic reforms.UP A Chairperson. "We have to look into this issue (corruption) in a collective way.

Following a glorious tradition of professional excellence. One of our known institutes ICAI has indeed come a long way since its foundation and today it is second largest accounting body in the world with more than 1. No doubt the twin of independence and integrity combined with technical excellence are the hallmark of Indian accountancy profession. From traditional bean counters our accountants have now metamorphosed into multidimensional professionals offering complete business solutions in an increasingly intensifying knowledge economy. The faith placed in Indian accountancy profession by Indian legislature has in fact grown manifold ever since and accountants has immerged as an institution of public trusts. the institute of professional accountants has completed its 62 years of its glorious existence.000 members across the world. present and the future. it feels both triumphant and secure about its today and tomorrow. It is national event and historic event which detect us the skillful journey of accountancy profession. It is the thing that we should be proud of when the Indian accountancy profession ponders over the past.70. integrity and independence. Indian Accountancy ProfessionToday and Tomorrow . Having resolutely upheld the professionals indomitable spirit of excellence. On 1st July 2011.

As accounting profession enters in 63 years of service to nation it’s time to Indian accountancy profession to take a resolve to take continue serving the nation as a variable partner in nation building. They are ably meeting the challenges in the garb of emerging opportunities in domains of conveyance. mergers and acquisitions. service tax. insurance and risk management. forensic accounting etc. In present hi-tech era of liberalization. international taxation. assurance. they have so far been at the forefront of the ever expanding horizons of Indian economy. Vat Audit.Commercials today are not only regarded as the backbone of Indian financial system but also the conscience keepers of Indian economy. Internal Audit. It is about the higher end intellectual capacity and that needs to come play memory in past it is finite but vision is future and it is infinite. We must recall the famous saying by Charlas Darwin that. nor the intelligent but one must responsive to change”. “It is not the strongest species that survive. There are still many challenges to met many frontiers to be conquered and many histories to be made. valuation. They need to be innovative and tech-savvy. They are the integral part of India’s success story with their growing capacities as ‘information and decision specialist’. assuming new roles and responsibilities. XBRL. and as strong bridge between fiscal administration and business community. The professional need to anticipate the changes and look at the future and be prepared for it. It is the sheer pace of change that makes it a big challenge. Marcel Proust has rightly said that “The real act of discovery consist not in finding new lands but with seeing it with new eyes”. In later and spirit and provide enlightened value-added services to the society. privatization & globalization with ever increasing stress on disclosures & accountability which has put sharper focus on role of accountancy. The . But still there are miles to go. need to learn to unlearn and to relearn and need to build domain expertise and specializations as the days of generalists getting over. consultancy.

A. emblem.” One who is awake amongst those who are asleep” needs to be justified today as well as tomorrow more than ever before.½ãìËãâÞ¾ãã ¼ããäÌã¦ã̾ããÞããè ãä½ãߥãñ ãä‡ãâŠÌãã Öãè ãä¶ãÌãð¦¦ããè¶ãâ¦ãÀ ÞããâØãËñ ‚ãã¾ãìӾ㠕ãØãã¾ãËã •ããñ¹ããÔã¥ãñ Öãñ¦ãã¦ã ¦ãÀ ¾ããÔããŸãè ‚ãããä©ãÇ㊠¦ãÀ¦ãîª ‡ãŠÀãÌããè ËãØã¦ãñ.” ‚ãùÔãñ› ‚ãùËãñ‡ãñŠÎã¶ã ãä¶ã¾ããñ•ã¶ã ‚ãããä©ãÇ㊠Îã‡ã‹¾ã Öãñ¦ãñ. ‡ãŠãÖãéÞããè ºãÞã¦ããèÞããè ÔÌ㹶ãñ ¦ããè ¹ãî¥ãà ÔÌ㹶ãñÞã ËÌã‡ãŠÀ ‡ãŠÀ¥ãñ ‡ãŠãÖãéÔããŸãè ÀãÖ¦ãã¦ã.accountancy profession motto pride of service in preference to personal gain has to be lived up to the expectation of society at large. As the caption embodied in institute of C. ‚ãããä¥ã ÔãìÁÌãã¦ã . ‡ãŠãÖãè ½ãÖ¦ÌããÞãñ ¦ãÀ¦ãîª ‚ãã¹ãËñ ¹ãÆÔãâØã ãäÎãàã¥ã ‡ãŠÁ¶ã œâª Ôãã•ãÀñ ‚ãããä¥ã ŸñÌã¥ãñ. ÔãÌããÄÞããè ‡ãŠãÖãè ¶ãã ‡ãŠãÖãè ÔÌ㹶ãñ ‚ãÔã¦ãã¦ã. ‡ãŠÀ¥ãñ. ‡ãñŠÊ¾ããÔã ‚ã¡Þã¥ããéÞãã Ôãã½ã¶ãã ãäÌãÞããÀ¹ãîÌãÇ㊠‚ãããä©ãÇ㊠ØãÀ•ãñÞ¾ããÌãñßãè ‡ãŠÀ¥ãñ Îãñ‚ãÀ ºãã•ããÀã¦ã Øãâì¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠ ‡ãŠÀ¦ãã¶ãã •ãñÌ㤾ãã ËÌã‡ãŠÀ ãä¶ã¥ãþã ܾããË ¦ãñÌã¤ãè ‚ããä£ã‡ãŠ ¹ãƽãã¥ãã¦ã Ìã㤠Öãñ… Îã‡ãñŠË.

¾ããÔããŸãè ¹ãƦ¾ãñ‡ãŠã¶ãñ ‚ãã¹ãËñ Ëà¾ã [ØããñË]. ¼ããäÌãÓ¾ãã¦ããèË ºãÞã¦ã ‡ãŠÁ¶ã ¦ãÀ¦ãîªãéÔããŸãè ËãØã¦ãñ.¾ããñؾã Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãè¦ã ¾ããñؾã ãä¶ã¥ãþã Üãñ¥ãñ ½ãÖ¦ÌããÞãñ ŸÀ¦ãñ. ãäÌã¼ãã•ã¶ã ‡ãŠÀ¥ãñ ‚ããÌã Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãèÞãñ ‚ãùÔãñ› ¢ããʾãã¶ãâ¦ãÀ ¾ãÎã ‚ãùËãñ‡ãñŠÎã¶ãÞããè ¹ãÀâ¦ãî ‡ãŠãñ¥ã¦ããè ‚ãÔã¦ãñ. ¾ããÞãã Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠ Üãñ¥ãñ ãä¶ã¥ãþã ÔãÌããĶããÞã ‚ãã•ãÞ¾ãã ŒãÞããÃÞãñ ̾ãÌãÔ©ãã¹ã¶ãÖãè ‡ãŠÀãÌãñ Îã‡ã‹¾ã Öãñ¦ãñ. ‚ãùÔãñ› ‡ã슟ñ ‚ãùËãñ‡ãñŠÎã¶ã¶ãâ¦ãÀÞã ‡ãŠÀãÌããè. ¹ãƽãã¥ã ªãèÜãà ‚ãùÔãñ› ¾ããÌãÁ¶ã Øãâì¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠ ‡ã슟ñ ‡ãŠÀãÌããè. ¦ã¾ããÀ Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãèÞãñ ãäÌããäÌã£ã ¹ãƇãŠãÀãâ½ã£¾ãñ Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãèÔã⪼ããæããèË Àãñ•ãÞãñ ãä¶ã¥ãþã Üãñ¥¾ããÞãñ ‡ãŠÓ› ÌããÞã¦ãã¦ã. ¹ããñ›Ã ¹ãŠãñãä˾ããñ ½ãù¶ãñ•ã½ãò› ‡ã⊹㶾ãã ãä‡ãâŠÌãã . £ããñ‡ãŠã ¹ã¦‡ãŠÀ¥¾ããÞããè ¦ã¾ããÀãè ‚ãããä¥ã Üãñ¦ãã ¹ãÀ¦ãã̾ããÞãñ ¾ãñ¦ããñ. ¼ããäÌãÓ¾ãã¦ããèË ¦ãÀ¦ãìªãéÔããŸãè ‚ãùÔãñ› ‚ãùËãñ‡ãñŠÎã¶ã Ëã ãäÌãÎãñÓã ½ãÖ¦Ìã ‚ãÔã¦ãñ. ¾ããÞãã ãä¶ã¥ãþ㠽ã쪦ããèÞ¾ãã ‚ãùËãñ‡ãñŠÎã¶ã Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãèÔããŸãè ‡ãŠÀ¥ãñ ½ãÖ¦ÌããÞãñ ‚ãÔã¦ãñ. ‚ãÔãñ ‚ãÔãËñ ¦ãÀãè †‡ãŠªã ¾ããñ•ã¶ãã ¦ã¾ããÀ ‡ãŠÁ¶ã ¦ããè ¦ãÎããèÞã ŸñÌã¥ãñÖãè ¾ããñؾ㠶ããÖãè. ¾ããÌãÀÞã ‚ãÌãËâºãî¶ã ¾ããñ•ã¶ãã ‚ãÔã¦ãñ.

¾ããñ•ã¶ãã. ¾ããñ•ã¶ããâÞãã ¹ãñŠÀ ‚ãã¤ãÌãã ܾããÌãã. ‡ã⊹㶾ããâÞãñ ‡ãŠ•ãÃÀãñŒãñ ¾ããâÞãã Ôã½ããÌãñÎã Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãè½ã£¾ãñ ‡ãŠ½ããè ‚ãÔãËñ ¦ããè ¦ãÀãè ãä¶ã ¶ãÔãî¶ã £ããñ‡ãŠã ‚ããä£ã‡ãŠ ©ãñ› ½ãÖ¦Ìãã‡ãŠãâàããè Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠ Öñ ¾ããñ•ã¶ããâÔããŸãè ½¾ãìÞ¾ãî‚ãË ¹ã⊡Ôãá ‚ãããä¥ã ºãã•ããÀã¦ããèË „¹ã¾ãì‡ã‹¦ã ¹ã¾ããþ㠟À¦ãã¦ã.ÔãÊËãØããÀãÞ¾ã㠽㪦ããè¶ãñ ¾ãã ¾ããñ•ã¶ãñÞãã ¹ãñŠÀ ‚ãã¤ãÌãã Üãñ¦ã ÀãÖ¥ãñ ‚ããÌã ºãã•ããÀã¦ã Öãñ¥ãã-¾ãã Þ㤠‚ãÔã¦ãñ. ‡ã⊹㶾ããÞ¾ãã ‡ã⊹㶾ããâÞ¾ãã Öãñ¦ããñ. ¾ãã ¹ãñŠÀ ‚ãã¤ã̾ãã¦ã Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãèÞãñ ¾ããñؾ㠹ã¾ããþã Îããñ£ãî¶ã ¦¾ãã¦ã Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠ ÌãßÌ㥾ããÞãñ ‡ãñŠÊ¾ãã¶ãñ ÌãÓããæãî¶ã ‡ãŠã½ã ‡ãñŠËñ •ãã¦ãñ. ‚ãÔãñ ‚ãã¹ãʾãã ‚ãã¹ãʾãã ¼ããäÌãÓ¾ãã¦ããèË ãä‡ãŠ½ãã¶ã ªãñ¶ãªã ¾ããñ•ã¶ããâ½ã£¾ãñ ºãªË ‡ãŠÀãÌãã ËãØã¦ã ¶ããÖãè. ãäÌã½ãã ¾ããñ•ã¶ãã. Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãèÞ¾ãã ¹ã¾ããþãã½ã£¾ãñ ÜãÀãÔããŸãè ŸñÌããè. ‡ãŠ•ãà ãäÌããäÌã£ã ¹ããñÔ›ãÞ¾ãã ªñ¥ãã-¾ãã ãäÌããäÌã£ã ¾ãã ¹ãƽãã¥ã ºãú‡ãŠã. ¹ãÀ¦ãã̾ããÞãñ ¹ãÀ¦ã Îãñ‚ãÀ Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãèÔã ãä½ãߦãñ. Îãñ‚ãÀ „¦ããÀãâÞãñ ¹ãÆãä¦ããäºãâºã ¾ãã ¹ãñŠÀ‚ãã¤ã̾ãã¦ã ¹ã¡¥ãñ ‚ããÌã ‚ãÔã¦ãñ. ¹ããñ›Ã ÔãìÀãäàã¦ã ¹ãŠãñãäË‚ããñ Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãèÔããŸãè .

F. B. Y.A. Shedge S. . ¦¾ããâ¶ãã ª¾ããÌãñ ËãØã¦ãñ ¹ãÀâ¦ãî ¦¾ããâÞ¾ãã ÔãÊʾãã¶ãñ ¹ãÀ¦ããÌãã ãä½ãßÌã¥ãñ Swati S.½ãù¶ãñ•ãÀÞããè ‚ããÌã —ã ÔãÊËãØããÀ ¼ããÔã¦ã ¶ããÖãè. ¾ãã ½ãã¶ã£ã¶ã Îã‡ã‹¾ã ½ãù¶ãñ•ãÀÞããè Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãèÔããŸãè ‚ããä£ã‡ãŠããä£ã‡ãŠ Öãñ¦ãñ. ¹ãÀâ¦ãî Îãñ‚ãÀ ºãã•ããÀã¦ããèË ©ãñ› Øãìâ¦ãÌã¥ãî‡ãŠãèÔããŸãè ¦ã ãä‡ãâŠÌãã ‚ãÌ㠽㪦㠹ããñ›Ã¹ãŠãñãäË‚ããñ ܾããÌããè.

others have health & physical strength. more knowhow than ourselves. our mental & physical energies in following up the struggles & sharing in the the victories of others with more ability. more drive. Dreaming can be dangerous and plays a small part in any success. Cease to envy others take a real look at yourself and weigh up your talents. The world may not shout your name aloud from house tops or print it in headlines but whatever you do. some have mental ability. while many have a strong personality which can carry them swiftly along the road to achievement. our money. Take stock of your talents.From the early childhood we are imbued with this idea that life is a race & someone must win. involved in the effort to achieve. however small if you achieve then you are the winner. Perhaps we waste our time. Not the power to achieve. We too must be in the race. It is the purpose. No one has everything nor will everyone have. Life is a Race! What men want is not talent. Sonali Sawant . The to strive to win is inherent in all of us to a greater of lesser degree. You can be a winner in the place where you find yourself or in any niche you may work your way towards. But the will to be a winner. engage in the struggle & fall on win as the case may be. Look around do the job and enter the race that lies in your hand. Perhaps we are satisfied to stand on the side & watch others run the race. Everyone has something however small. Yet surely we are not content to go thought life just holding a watching brief.

by-blow account of the wedding.Twenty-eight-year-old civil servant Mohamed Rafi attended a wedding with a twist . and instant messaging. old fashioned notions of privacy and even shame appear to have been out stripped by the demands of online and real time communication. like when he was making his costume change and how he was filling throughout. Others are simply calling it the new world of bad manners. (The groom) was giving a blow. there have been .the bridegroom was up dating his facebook page throughout the whole affair. With the rise of the tech-savvy generation. Welcome to the strange new world of social networking. smart phones. Managing Director of recruiters Kelly services in Singapore. "says Mr. Ironically. as well as the social and the professional. as well as the blurring of the boundaries between the real and the virtual. Rafi. so I saw his status updates. Shortened and abbreviated communication forms have become prevalent even in office e-mails. "They view using SMS speak as common place and as such. "I checked my facebook page quite often.MODERN MANNERS-WHAT IS CONSIDERED GOOD BEHAVIOUR IN THIS DIGITAL ERA The world of new media blurs the line between what is rude and what is acceptable. says Mark Sparrow. as much as generation Y is technologically savvy. it is not necessarily astute when it come to business etiquette. he adds.

instances where in email correspondences they write as they would a text message. who cares?" Assistant professor Michael Netzley of Singapore Management University says much of this behavior is due to increased transparency and narcissism. Some examples include "ppl" for people. says. the barrier to exit is "extremely low. what is acceptable to post online and what is not? . less restrained ways. Public Relation Executive Li Jiayi. "I know a friend who will log on to facebook the minutes he wakes up and posts. with everything from holiday snaps to lovers quarrels available to all online. 29. people sometimes take offence when we do not meet their expectations. or texting as its commonly known. we tend to express ourselves in more highly charged.” SMS stands for short message service. where the cues we have in face-to-face interaction are absent." Prof Netzley adds this constant input from social media changes expectations. "Research shows that when we are communicating with other online. I mean. This lack of etiquette extends into the social realm as well. and "cfm" for confirm." So what are the rules governing the use of social media? For example." Assistant professor Mark centime of Singapore's Nan yang Technological University says. People expect us to interact with them online in the same way we interact offline." he says. And while social networking websites are designed to share photos and updates." "Everything we do could be on display and the web experience thus increasingly becomes more about me. And just like in the real world. We are often more emotional and less polite. Facebookers! And a minute or so after that I am having my Breakfast now. good morning.

men were. Psychologist Keith Laws. We are unlikely to find hard and fast rules here.How much time should you be spending on your mobile phone or twitter? "These channels are new and people are still learning to use them in a balanced and reasonable way. BETTER MULTI-TASKERS When people are caught using their mobile phone during meetings. While Women were able to do well in all four activities at once. The conclusion they come up with: Women are better at multi-tasking than men but it appears to depend on the task. .doing simple maths problems. But is it true? A group of British researchers tasted the theory recently. on average. gave 50 male and 50 female students eight minutes to perform three tasks at the same time.the women significantly outperformed the men. findings restaurants on a map on giving a strategy on how to search for a lost key in an imaginary field. As the performed the task the volunteers received a phone call they could either choose to answer or not.It is a social learning process and takes time.. And Women are perceived to be better as it than men. reported Britain's Telegraph newspaper. they often say that they are multi-tasking. who led the research. If they did answer. they were given an additional general knowledge test while they continued to carry out their other activities. They found that when women and men work on simple task such as searching for a key or doing easy maths problems. worse when it comes to planning to search for the key.

GOOD ETIQUETTE AT THE WORKPLACE Is it appropriate to use emoticons and abbreviations in official e-mail? Yvonne Angelina. Senior corporate communications executive Victor Yen. says emoticons and abbreviations should be avoided in formal situations. A give and take attitude should be adopted by both parties. Emoticons add an extra bit of cordiality to the conversions … I feel my boss is friendlier and encourages a response in more positive way. she adds. She says the only exception is when you have been notified regarding an urgent matter before hand and told to expect it.30. uses emoticons in internal e-mail to set up meetings within a close circle of colleagues. associate consultant of Imageworkes. "The written word can come across as harsh. Is it acceptable for the boss to send you a text message late at night? "Unless it is in your job description.It shows women are better at being able to stand back and reflect from a movement while they are juggling other things. . For example. leave it until the morning. His boss also uses emoticons in e-mail on areas of improvement. etiquette coach at the etiquette school Singapore. It doesn't seem like we are being looked down upon." he says. as they tend to have an informal and friendly feel to them. employees should not be sending e-mail or text message to the boss after midnight either. which he appreciates." says Cecellia Talks.

While Teong saw his boss as approachable. "You are not showing respect. You may be trading into dangerous waters as you would then not be able to voice your opinion and criticisms of your workplace.What should you do when your boss wants to be friend you on facebook? "My first reaction was 'Is it really him!" says civil servant K. he saw more careful with his wall posting. If you are expecting an urgent call. you should let the person know and take the call out of sight. Using mobile phones and Laptops is a message that you give priority to these devices." he adds. who received a friend request from his boss more than a one year ago. Keep the conversation short and resume the meeting immediately. Should employees be using their mobile phone during a meeting ? The answer is a firm "no. colleagues and your boss on your wall posts.Teong. he saw no harm in accepting the request." GOOD ETIQUETTE IN SOCIAL SITUATIONS Can I send a text message just before meeting someone to say that ‘I will be late?’ . 33." says director of etiquette & Image International Agnes Koh. she adds. "We say enough of each other at work every day so let's keep that title private space we have. His wariness grew after his boss posted a strong reaction to an article that his colleague shared. Realizing that his boss was on a "friendadding spree" among his co-workers.

Everyone has a right to say that what’s on his mind and post anything he wants on his facebook wall b) Declare your love? Project analyst Krystal Lee. “I was hurt by their comments asking me to take a good look at the mirror before commenting on others”. calling her names. I m usually very punctual. An acquaintance responded curtly : "What did she do to offend you?" Subsequently. they can just not view our profile pages or hide our feeds. has no qualms about posting message such as 'I Love You" or "I Miss You" on her boyfriend's facebook wall. drew flak for her tweet commenting negatively on a celebrity's looks. Say Lee: "there nothing to hide." Should Facebok or Twitter be a place to : a) Start an argument? Student Chole Kay. the acquaintance and her other friends started posting comments about chloe on their twitter feeds." says . so I have to hang around and wait. 16. Her Facebook friends even like her posts or comment on how sweet and loving they are. He says: "I don't like it when we set a time and my friend decides to change it at the last minute. or lack of it. People don't realize it is an issue.she said. If people don't like it. waited two hours for a friend who was held up at a meeting and to kept sending him text updating him on the progress. 23." "Mushy expressions of love and feeling should be kept private and not be posted on your partners wall.Producer Erwin Nah. 25.

the Etiquette School's Angelina. This led to his girlfriend complaining that he was more interested in the social networking site than he was in her. Guinevere Ho. principal consultant at image Mastery International. was ditched on MSN Messenger a few years ago. While it is less of guilty charge in a group of ten people. used to be a Facebook addict and would log on whenever he had the chance. pay attention to them rather than update your facebook page or twitter feed. 25. Says "When you are out with one or two friends. "The Mushy declarations may cause a certain level of discomfort to those reading the post as well as your partner if he is the conservative type. The reason for social media is to connect with friends.E-mail. 24. "The cracks were building up and I saw it coming. He deleted his account shortly after." Can I update my facebook page or Titter feeds or reply an SMS or E-mail.SMS. when I am out with friends? Software designer Khairul Hafiz. Facebook or twitter ? WRITE Will Chin. He says. but I was shocked as it seemed . so why not make use of the chance in reality to spend time with them? It is akin to talking on your mobile phone and ignoring your friends. However simple message of affection are acceptable and should not cause too much discomfort to anyone. we still advice that you pay attention. Ca n I break up with my partner over MSN.

"It is rude and shows a lack of consideration." But breaking up is such a heavy thing. Koh of etiquette & Image International. However. says: "If the relationship is tricky and you have evidence that your partner is cheating on you. manners and cowardice. you don’t just text someone casualy. then waste no time." TEN SECRETS OF SUCCESS Over the years. These 10 traits together help successful people meet their goal and . In the case of long distance relationship. says. use the telephone or even Skype. research has revealed that most successful people have 10 traits in common. An SMS is enough. It was very cold and impersonal. You are better off without a person who breaks up with you over social media." he says." Make a point to meet and have guts to talk it through with the person. Cecellia Telkes. associate consultant of Imageworkes.out of character for her to do that.

7. a study shows that positive thinking actually increase longevity. Visualize success. Decide your dreams & goals:Be specific about your goals.” Create a plan to reach your goals. Never stop learning:Read books. & keep working towards it. Avoid negative environment & people you are what you think.turn their dreams into reality. . If you are interested in a subject. Be persistent & work hard:You have probably heard the expression “success is a marathon. not a sprint. surf on net.”Keep your eye on the goal. How you think is everything:Remember to “Think positive” at every opportunity. Take Action:Goals alone have no meaning. 5. put your attention & energy there. Acknowledge your mistakes. In fact. Don’t let other distract you. not failure. & stick to it. join a discussion group. Learn to analyze details:Get all the facts.” 4. 2. How many of these secrets of success do you practice? 1. make time to learn about it. but don’t beat yourself up. You need to take action to make them real. “Just do it. 6. For example say “I am taking music class next month” rather than “I would like to take a music class sometime. Keep acquiring new skills. This will help you make wiser decisions. & ask for input. Focus your time and money:When you believe in something. Don’t let fear hold you back. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t give up. 3.

They are out to toss you about like the ship on the stormy sea. Without honesty. Don’t be afraid do innovate. 9. keep it. 10. Practice understanding & motivating other people. Life is an ever pulsating flux of countless stimuli which constantly bombard you from all sides. Be honest & dependable. admit it. Communicate your thoughts & desires honestly with you. be different:Be true to yourself and have your own ideas.8. But you have the power to determine as to how they will mould you and how you will harness them for your own ends. They are out to determine your destiny for you. dependability & responsibility. When you screw up. It is because of all the living Be Architect of Your Destiny… . take responsibility for what you do:Never cheat or lie. Following the crowd is a path to mediocrity. Communication with people effectively :Remember that no person is an island. When you make a promise. the other nine secrete of success don’t add up to much.

it is made up of our though. Here is an ageless truth discovered a new concept that challenges everyone to change his life to a higher and richer pattern. Change yourself by visualizing the person you wish to be with every breath you breath. Mingle and make friends with those who have already been seared by the holy fire of ambition Change yourself by looking up to your spiritual mentors selected from the great of all ages. Man alone is the architect of his destiny It was William James who said that men can change their outer lives by changing the inner attitudes of their minds. Gauri Hardikar F. A. 61 Interesting Facts About India .” said Dhammapada long before William James. You cannot go forward by thinking thoughts of failure. One way of hastening change is to associate with people who have already achieved the qualities you aspire. If your world seems to be cast with the dark clouds of gloom and dejection it is because you harbor thoughts of gloom and hopelessness. It is thought that makes or mars you.beings on earth man alone has the ability to control his life pattern. it is founded on our thoughts. “All that we are is the result of what we thought. B. F. every moment you live concentrate that is emerging out of the realm of thoughts into the world of reality. Y.

10. Dancing is one of India’s most highly developed arts and was an integral part of worship in the inner shrines of every temple. 3. her husband wouldn’t have died. The mass of people was photographed from space by a satellite. the wife will use several indirect references.904 murders per year.166. 7. It is notable for its expressive hand movements. An estimated 35% of India’s population lives below the poverty line. “Delhi Belly” or diarrhea is commonplace due to contaminated drinking water. at 1. water.” or even refer to him as the father of her child. Many Indians find toilet paper repellent and consider it cleaner to splash water with the left hand in the appropriate direction. Additionally. air). India has one of the world’s highest rates of It is illegal for foreigners to import or export Indian currency (rupees) abortion. such as “ji” or “look here” or “hello. they are swept into a central well. In 2001. India is about 1/3 the size of the United States. with a population of 1. India is the largest democracy in the world.27 million square miles. India leads the world with the most murders (32. 8. a Hindu symbol of good fortune. Elderly women in the village might call a widow “the one who ate her . The Kumbh Mela (or Grand Pitcher Festival) is a huge Hindu religious festival that takes place in India every 12 years. India is the seventh largest country in the world. 2. It is illegal to take Indian currency (rupees) out of India. Consequently. but instead leave bodies in buildings called “Towers of Silence” for the vultures to pick clean. 60 million people attended. To avoid polluting the elements (fire. 11. 14. followers of Zoroastrianism in India don’t bury their dead. When addressing him. yet it is the second most populous country in the world.1. as it is a sign of disrespect. They are considered sacred and will often wear a tilak. 4. 12.719). with Russia taking second at 28.079.217. Rabies is endemic in India. After the bones dry. the left hand is considered unclean and is never used for eating. earth. 9. Cows are considered one of humankind’s seven mothers because she offers milk as does one’s natural mother. More than a million Indians are millionaires. Cows can be found freely wandering the streets of India’s cities. breaking the record for the world’s biggest gathering. 5. Many Indian wives will never say her husband’s name aloud. yet most Indians live on less than two dollars a day. 6. A widow is considered bad luck—otherwise. 13.

horses. meaning “four members of an army”—which were mostly likely elephants. such as kidney beans and chickpeas.5 cm) a year. white for truth and peace. In ancient and medieval India. Brazil is second. The earliest cotton in the world was spun and woven in India. replaced the spinning wheel. meaning “snow. 27. 18. India is the world’s largest producer of dried beans. 20. The Bengal tiger is India’s national animal. The Himalayas—from the Sanskrit hima. Additionally. were common. which sometimes involves animals. In India.” In some orthodox families. The original word for “chess” is the Sanskrit chaturanga. The temples of Khajuraho are famous for their erotic sculptures and are one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. and the GM of Hewlett-Packard (Rajiv Gupta) are all Indian. It was once ubiquitous throughout the country. In India. the creator of the Pentium chip (Vinod Dahm). 21. in which a recently widowed woman would immolate herself on her husband’s funeral pyre.” 19. meaning “abode”—are found in the north of India. 26. It also leads the world in banana exports. a Buddhist dharma chakra. grasping one’s ears signifies repentance or sincerity.500 miles and are slowly growing taller.husband. suttees. An emblem of a wheel spinning used to be in the center of the white band. Alexander the Great of Macedon (356-323 B. For example. and foot soldiers. it is not unusual for a letter to take two weeks to travel just 30 miles. The Indian flag has three horizontal bands of color: saffron for courage and sacrifice. India is the birthplace of chess. Several ancient Indian monasteries are found nestled in the grandeur of these mountains. fertility. 24. They extend 1. 15. Indians hold prominent places both internationally and in the United States.000 post offices. by almost an inch (2.) was one of the first . 17. or wheel of life. but now there are fewer than 4. and chivalry. chariots. Roman emperors would wear delicate cotton from India that they would call “woven winds. widows are not allowed near newlyweds or welcomed at social gatherings. but when India gained independence. Scholars still debate the purpose of such explicit portrayals of sexual intercourse.” and alaya. India has the largest postal network in the world.000 wild tigers left. the founder/creator of Hotmail (Sabeer Bhatia). 16. With 150. the co-founder of Sun Microsystems (Vinod Khosla).” Mogul emperors called the fabrics “morning dew” and “cloth of running water. and green for faith.C. the fold and color of clothing are viewed as important markers of social classification. 22. 23. However. women will be viewed as either a prostitute or a holy person depending on the manner in which she parts her hair. 25.

meaning “river. lasted from 1858 to 1947 (although they had a strong presence in India since the 1700s). a link between Europe and the East would not be restored until Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama (1460-1524) landed in Calicut. The banyan. after the legendary king in the epic Mahabharata. About 80% of Indians are Hindu. Almost all Bollywood movies are musicals. in 1498. He was assassinated in 1948. education system. India has the world’s largest movie industry. Marigold flowers are used as decoration for Hindu marriages and are a symbol of good fortune and happiness. which most likely is derived from the Sanskrit sindhu. October 2. Buddhism. 31. 32. His birthday. . In fact. The B in “Bollywood” comes from Bombay. with over 50 million visitors per year 35. Mohandas K. The British Raj. He devoted his life to free India from British rule peacefully and based his campaign on civil disobedience. and Sikhism all originated in India. 37. Mumbai (Bombay) is India’s largest city. Every major world religion is represented in India. 34. 28. The Bahá'í house of worship in Delhi. The Lotus temple is one of the most visited temples in the world. based in the city of Mumbai (known as the “City of Dreams”). Additionally. is considered a symbol of immortality and is mentioned in many Indian myths and legends. or British rule. Gandhi (1869-1948) is known around the world as Mahatma. Jainism. transportation. with a population of 15 million. Many of India’s worst famines are associated with British rule in India. 36. Muslims are the largest minority in India and form approximately 13% of the country’s population. The name “India” derives from the River Indus. British influence is still seen in Indian architecture. after Indonesia and Pakistan. or Indian fig tree. is a national holiday.” The official Sanskrit name of India is Bharat. India. 30. 29. Hinduism. 33. The lotus is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. known as the “Lotus Temple.” is shaped like a lotus flower with 27 gigantic “petals” that are covered in marble. This self-renewing plant is India’s national tree. the former name for Mumbai. India has the third largest population of Muslims in the world. In 1661. After his death.important figures to bring India into contact with the West. The official name of India is the Republic of India. British engineers built a causeway uniting all seven original islands of Bombay into a single landmass. and politics. which is an honorific title meaning “Great Soul” in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit.

and algebra.C. and the Indian field hockey team proudly won Olympic gold in 1928. On India’s Independence Day. During the Vedic era in India. It is considered polite to eat with the right hand. Hockey is considered the national sport. Rivers have played a vital role in India’s popular culture and folklore—they have been worshipped as goddesses because they bring water to an otherwise dry land. Raziya Sultana (1205-1240) was the first woman Though the Ganges is one of the dirtiest rivers in the world. 1947. It is traditional to wear white.38. bathing in the river is thought to wash away one’s sins leader of India. cricket is India’s most popular sport. Sanskrit. and Urdu). not black. She was considered a great leader. 39. Nepali. legs. 49. August 15. 46. horse sacrifice sanctioned the sovereignty of the king. Marathi. Punjabi. 42. Apart from these languages. India’s pastoral communities are largely dependent on dairy and have made India the largest milk-producing country in the world. though she ruled for only three years before being murdered. Konkani. 40. which is the world’s largest civilian employer with 16 million workers. 47. Most historians agree that the first recorded account of plastic surgery is found in ancient Indian Sanskrit texts. about 1. The national fruit of India is the mango. Kannada. and women eat after everyone is finished. Telugu. Bengali. It also has the world’s second largest rail network. Malayalam. to a funeral in India. which was initially bred for food. 44. Introduced by the British. 45. It is not unusual to spread a loved one’s ashes in the Ganges. 50. The concept of zero as a number is also attributed to India. All of India is under a single time zone. Oriya. the country was split into . Tamil. Bathing in the Ganges in particular is thought to take away a person’s sins. The national bird is the peacock. The decimal system was invented in India in 100 B. Sindhi. Widows will often wear white in contrast to the colorful clothes of married or single women. 41. Kashmiri. 51. Manipuri. 48. India has the world’s third largest road network at 1. trigonometry. The government also recognizes 17 other languages (Assamese.9 million miles. and face before eating a meal.652 dialects are spoken in the country. Most Indians rinse their hands. Gujarati. 43. Hindi and English are the official languages of India. Wasting food is considered a sin. Indians made significant contributions to calculus.

After the great Indus Civilization collapsed in 2000 B. 53. 58. Called the Indus Valley civilization. Alexander the Great invaded India partly because he wanted to solve the mystery of the “ocean. winter. Chandragupta Maurya (340-290 B. 52.). including Egypt and Mesopotamia. and tea (chai) is its most popular beverage. and introduced a caste system based on ethnicity and occupation.C. and Brahma all have their roots in Aryan civilization. 54. the first Hindu scriptures. continuous sea that flowed in a circle around the land.27 million people and resulted in the death of several hundred thousand to a million people. 60. was guarded by a band of women on horseback. summer monsoon.” which he had been told was a huge. In recent years. The Taj Mahal (“crown palace”) was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (1592-1666) for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal (1593-1631). 55.000 workmen 22 years to complete it. groups of Indo- Europeans called Aryans (“noble ones”) traveled to northwest India and reigned during what is called the Vedic age. India is the world’s largest tea producer. early Indian gods had Greek features and only later did distinct Indian styles emerge. India experiences six seasons: summer. This architectural beauty has been called “marbled embroidery” for its intricate workmanship. and winter monsoon. When the first independent prime minister of India. The first and greatest civilization in ancient India developed around the valley of the Indus River (now Pakistan) around 3000 B.C. he sacrificed some bulls to Poseidon for leading him to his goal. his distinctive close fitting. The Aryans also recorded the Vedas. . Indian authors have made a mark on the world with such novels as Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses (1988). pacifist Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964). and the gods Shiva. this early empire was larger than any other empire. Vikram Seth’s Suitable Boy (1993). 56. autumn. The mingling of ideas from the Aryan and Indus Valley religions formed the basis of Hinduism.. 59. Kali. It took 22. a leader in India who established the Mauryan Empire (321-185 B. was featured in Vogue. particularly after the conquest of Alexander the Great around 330B. When he reached the Indian Ocean. spring. and Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things (1997).C. Greek sculpture strongly influenced many portrayals of Indian gods and goddess.C.C. The partition displaced 1. 57.). In fact.India and Pakistan. 61.

. Named the Nehru jacket. the prime minister’s coat was popularized by the Beatles and worn by such famous people as Johnny Carson (1925-2005) and Sammy Davis Jr.single-breasted jacket briefly became an important fashion statement for the Mod movement in the West. (1925-1990).