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Periodical Test in Science and Health III

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GENERAL DIRECTONS: Read and answer each item carefully and write the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet. 1. What is the used of fins of a fish? They are used for ____________________. A. Crawling B. Flying C. swimming D. getting food 2. The butterfly has six legs, while the snake has ___________________. A. Four legs B. two legs C. no legs D. seven legs 3. How are dog, cat and pig similar? A. They have wings B. they have fins C. They have head, body and tail D. they have body covering 4. Observe what is common among animals.

bird chicken duck turkey A. they have four legs B. they have an upright position C. they have hard body D. they have wings and feather 5. Which is covered with soft shells? A. crab B. shrimps C. tilapia D. turtle 6. What is the body covering of snakes? A. feather B. hair C. scales D. skin 7. How are these animals grouped? According to _____________. A B cat crab dog shrimp horse snail A. habitat B. Body covering C. body parts D. movement 8. How does an earthworm move from one place to another? By________________. A. flying B. crawling C. jumping D. swimming 9. Which of these animals are the biggest? A. pig B. cow C. elephant D. cat 10. Which of these animals flies? A. cat B. dog C. dove D. lizard 11. Which animals carries its baby in the womb and is born alive? A. fish B. frog C. cow D. hen 12. Which of these animals is hatched from eggs? A. dog B. cat C. bird D. cow 13. How are young animals differ from mature animals? A. Young animals are helpless B. Young animals cannot see after birth C. Young animals depend on their parents for food and protection

Where do birds live? A. water and air C. all 21. shelter C. beating for fun D. giving a bath regularly 24. How are the two animals similar? A. dog and cat feed their animals? A. Stay away from animals with horn D. they have body covering 17. water and land D. Both have four legs and horn C. Which animals help us travel from one place to another? B. What do animals need in order to live? A. not giving food regularly B. according to their body parts D. Both have scales and eyes 18. fish D. bird and fish similar? A. dog D. less food B. rivers and trees 15. Avoid teasing your dog animals C. food A. How are the following animals grouped? A B fish frog octopus snail squid turtle jelly fish crocodile A. ant B. goat and pig D. Cruz has a big family. roosters B. according to their habitat B. body and tail D. Mr. land and trees B. plenty of food B. Which of these animals provides us with egg for food? A. He takes good care of it by: A. enough food D.D. All of the above. air D. Roldan has e pet dog. All of the above . Avoid pulling the animals tail B. 14. butterfly 20. Both have fins and gills D. Both have wings and feathers B. they have fns and gills C. bird C. Which of these animals stays in water all the time? A. according to their body coverings C. What should you do to avoid getting hurt by your pet animals? A. they have wings B. more food C. giving dirty water to drink C. according to their movements 19. horse and cow C. How are pig. chicken and duck 22. they have pet animals at home. frog 16. hen C. and Mrs. How much food can they 23. they have head.

all of these Which of these fruits has more number of seeds? A. orange D. cholera and H-fever C. gumamela. santol B. papaya C. 35. malaria 26. santan C. yellow B. terrestrial plants B. Which of these fruits are edible? A. What are common in the following plants? 31. Put alcohol on the wond A. Which group of plants are herbs 30. are yellowD. mayana. ipil-ipil. are colorless B. guava B. narra. dengue fever B. 36. bee 27. amargoso. Gabi and water plants have similar shape of leaves.malaria and H-fever A. Cover it with plaster C. Wash it well with soap and water B. Herbs are plants that have soft stems. They have soft stem A. white C. Both of them have____________. 37. sampaguita ilang-ilang 38. round leaves 33. heart shape leaves D. A. elongeted leaves C. mango D. ant D. A. Which causes H-fever? A. gabi plant. mosquito B. santan D. red What do you call plants that live in watery places like lakes. They have longer stem D. upo. They have big stem C. What first aid treatment will you do for a dog bite? 29. bigonia D. small leves B. sampaloc. avocado 28. pakpak lawin and ferns get water and minerals from the air. rosal. papaya C. rosal 34. banana B. . What is common to these flowers? All of them____________. egg plant Santan. aerial plants D. San Francisco. atis B. orange What is the color of sampaguita flower? A. are trees Edible fruits ma be sweet or sour. Dog bites can kill a person by its______. have sweet smell C. trees Orchids.25. pineapple D. swamps and ponds? A. venom B. A. Dengue fever D. rose D. Which of these plants has big leaves? 32. Cut the wond with knife D. sampaguita and rose A. aquatic plants C. They have hard stem C. butterfly C. cholera and dysentery B. What diseases are spread by flies? A. rabies C.

41. How can you take good care of your plants? A. leves D. air D. on water D. camote D. need water and air Hor are water lily and fish similar? Both of them__________. 47. have legs C. fruit B. 48. A. A. B. roots Animals can move form one place to another. Plants grow in a fixed place. underground How guava and mango similar? Both of them live on__________. land B. Consult a doctor 49. water C. 42. kataka-taka B. onion D. 44. ponds and lakes D. make their own food D. sandy soil B. 45. malunggay C. 46. camote Which of these plants grow from stem? A. palay C. can walk and run B. connot move around B. t-shirt B. C. Cover them with plastic to protect them from insects. make their homes C. what is the best thing to do? A. Give them enough water and sunlight. A. What is their habitat? A. have scales B. on land and water Which plants grow from leaves? A. D. Keep them inside the house. Place them under the shade. What should be worn to protect the hands from thorny plants? A. radish C. land and water Lotus lives in water while pakpak lawin lives________. Wash hands with soap and water. mayana B. gabi Which part of the oregano is best for cough and cold? A. in air B. gumamela B. live on water D. B. They____________. can run and walk C. garlic Which of these plants grow from seeds? A. raincoat 50.39. A. A. on land C. branches of trees C. Wear gloves. 43. can jump D. flower C. 40. kataka-taka D. Apply medicine without doctor’s prescription. D. C. gloves C. live on land In case of skin allergy cause by plants. sweater D. can roam around How sampaguita and goat similar? Both of them___________. .

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