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Savings you can bank on.

AgustaWestland’s AW139M is cost effective and provides the right capability for the U.S. Air Force’s CVLSP mission. That means billions of dollars in savings. Count on the Pennsylvania-built AW139M CVLSP for performance the Air Force requires and savings the taxpayer can take to the bank. Learn more about the advanced military AW139M at

off-the-shelf.7mm sniper rifles • Cabin floor mounted 12. Manufactured in the company’s Pennsylvania facility. FAA certified helicopter in military and civil service worldwide since 2003 AgustaWestland North America.000 ft Service ceiling: 20. U. Celebrating its 30-year anniversar y. Virginia 20190 | Phone 703-373-8000 | Fax 703-243-0885 | info@awnainc.7mm machine gun • Heavy duty landing gear for all terrains • 30% more cabin volume and 50% more payload than the legacy aircraft. AgustaWestland made the investment to tailor the AW139M to meet market demands for a proven. military technology to meet the U. . twin-engine helicopter integrated with proven U.S.790 lbs Max Range: 670 nm Crew/Passenger: 2 or 4 / up to 15 SURVIVABILITY • Low thermal and acoustic signature • Missile approach warning system • Electro-optic and infrared detection and countermeasures • Armored seats to improve crew protection • Ballistically-tolerant.S.145 ft per min HOGE: 8. high per formance. The AW139M is an off-the-shelf. militar y veterans comprise more than 50% of the operations team at our 300. PA. PERFORMANCE SUITED TO THE MISSION SAFETY AW139M CVLSP • Best OEI performance in its class • Only aircraft with full ice protection system for northerntier protection missions • NVG-compatible integrated cockpit • Highest power-to-weight ratio in its class • Crashworthy cabin seats • FAA-certified. Air Force’s Common Vertical Lift Support Program requirements. military.S. AgustaWestland developed the AW139M advanced military version to meet the specific requirements of U. homeland security and government customers. mini-guns or 12. Reston.000 ft OEI service ceiling: 11. 11700 Plaza America Drive.62mm machine guns. while maintaining a similarly-sized footprint • Single or dual rescue hoist • Excellent performance in hot and high conditions Cruise Speed: 165 kts Maximum All Up Weight: 14. fully mission-equipped helicopter with suppliers from across the United States. Inc.S. 12 min PROVEN THROUGHOUT THE WORLD • Used in multi-mission roles by more than 140 customers in 50 countries • Best-selling medium twin helicopter in the world • Hundreds of AW139s in operation with more than 460 on order • In-production. Suite 1000. plant. self-sealing fuel tanks Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C with FADEC VNE: 167 kts Rate of climb: 2. designed to meet the most rigorous safety standards MISSION CAPABILITIES • High definition FLIR • External stores system capable of carrying gun pods.991 lbs Payload: 6.. missiles and air-to-ground rockets • Window mounted pintles for two 7.000 sq.600 ft Maximum endurance: 5 hours.AW139 facility in Philadelphia. AW139M: DESIGNED FOR THE CVLSP MISSION Building on the worldwide success of the AW139 in military and homeland security operations.