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Agenda At A Glance

Day 1 Strengthening The Taxation Environment – Country Perspectives /
Revenue Protection: Combating Harmful Tax Practices

Day 2 Desk Examinations For Improved Tax Compliance /
Tax Audit & Compliance In The Domestic Environment

Day 3 Tax Audit & Compliance In An International Environment / Tax Investigations & Detecting Tax Fraud Day 4 Internal Audit: Value For Money & Quality Assurance Audits /
Audit Of Information Technology For Tax Reporting Governance

International Conference

Effective Audit & Investigation For Improved Tax Compliance Africa 2009
Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Abuja, Nigeria 11 – 14 May 2009
The Prestigious Speaker Panel Includes:
From Nigeria:
• His Excellency, Dr. Jonathan Ebele Goodluck, Vice-President, Federal Republic of Nigeria – provisional • Mr. Aderemi W. Babalola, Honourable Minister of State for Finance, Federal Republic of Nigeria - provisional • Mrs. Ifueko Omoigui-Okauru MFR, Executive Chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Nigeria • Honourable Commissioner of Finance, Oyo State Government, Nigeria • Honourable Commissioner of Finance, Bornu State Government, Nigeria • Honourable Commissioner of Finance, Kano State Government, Nigeria • Mr. Salihu B. Alkali, Chairman, Gombe State Board of Internal Revenue, Nigeria • Mr. Tunde Fowler, Chairman, Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue, Nigeria • Chairman, Kaduna State Board of Internal Revenue, Nigeria • Mr. Ibrahim Dankwambo OFR, Accountant General of the Federation (AGF), Federal Republic of Nigeria • Ms. Q. S. Seghosime, Director Tax Audit, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Nigeria • Mr. Ajayi Julius Bamidele, Director, Large Taxpayers Department, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Nigeria • Mr. Achillis Sunday Chioke Amawhe, Director, Internal Affairs, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Nigeria • Mr. Anthony O. Amoman, Director, Criminal Investigation, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Nigeria • Professor Humphrey Assisi Asobie, Chairman, Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) • Professor Epiphany Azinge, Director of Studies, Nigerian Institute of Advance Legal Studies (NAILS) • Mr. Humphrey Okorie, Senior Manager, Systems Audit - Business Risk Management, MTN Nigeria • Mrs. Temitope Oloruntoye, Head, Tax Unit, SIAO, Chartered Accountants, Nigeria • Mr. Adewale Ajayi, Partner - Tax, Regulatory & People Services Practice, KPMG Professional Services, Nigeria • Ms. Foluke Agbeyangi, Formerly, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) & Deloitte, West & Central Africa, Nigeria

Establish Best Practice Approaches with Experts from Around the World on Strengthening Audit & Investigations Capacity to:
• Fight against tax fraud & corruption, illicit capital flight, tax evasion, tax competition & other harmful trends in tax policy & practice • Enhance the exchange of information between revenue authorities, corporate taxpayers & tax intermediaries across Africa to improve the integrity & transparency of tax administrations & business structures • Develop professional skills, ethics & frameworks to improve revenue management & to recognise the importance of tax compliance in national development

The Unique Forum for:
• Tax commissioners, directors of fiscal investigations & internal audit, accountant generals & other key personnel from Revenue authorities across Africa, ministries of finance & relevant government departments • Finance & tax directors from the global business community, mainly multi-national companies with operations in Africa • Tax advisories & intermediaries • Inter-governmental community working in the international tax & governance area in national development

• Dr. Manuel F. Montes, Chief, Policy Analysis and Development Financing for Development Office, UNDESA Secretary, United Nations Committee of Experts on International Tax Matters (U.S.) • Mr. Chris Davidson, National Business Director, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (UK) • Mr. Adrian Turner, Course Director, Commonwealth Tax Inspectors Course (CTIC) 2009 (UK) • Dr. Bethuel Setai, Chairperson and CEO, Financial and Fiscal Commission (SOUTH AFRICA) • Mr. Sudhamo Lal, Director General, Mauritius Revenue Authority (MAURITIUS) • Mr. Ikechukwu Nweje, Public Sector Specialist in the Nigeria Country Office, World Bank • Mr. Nthako Sekome, Commissioner, Revenue Compliance, Lesotho Revenue Authority (LESOTHO) • Lady Olga Maitland, Chief Executive Officer, Money Transfer International (UK) • Mr. Brajindar Mohan Singh, Recently, Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India (INDIA) • Mrs. C. Gunnoo, Director of Fiscal Investigations, Mauritius Revenue Authority (MAURITIUS) • Mr. Cyprian M. P Kamaray, Accountant General, Ministry of Finance, Sierra Leone . (SIERRA LEONE) • Mr. Otu Humphrey John Teye, Assistant Commissioner in Charge of Tax Audit & Ag. Head of Research Planning and Monitoring (RPM), Internal Revenue Service of Ghana (GHANA) • Mr Abraham Odoi, Ag. Head of Internal Audit and Intelligence, Internal Revenue Service of Ghana (GHANA) • Dr. Mahmoud M. Abdellatif, Tax Inspector, Egyptian Tax Authority - Ministry of Finance of Egypt & Affiliated, University of New South Wales (UNSW, Sydney -Australia) (EGYPT) • Ms. Claudia Kühnlein, Partner - Transfer Pricing, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (GERMANY) • Dr. Eduardo Gelbstein, & Adjunct Professor, Webster University, Geneva, Former Advisor to the UN Board of Auditors and Former Director, UN International Computing Centre (SWITZERLAND) • Mr. David Robertson, Tax Partner, Fasken Martineau (CANADA) • Mr. Samba E. Saye, Tax Advisor, Commissioner of Domestic Taxes, The Gambia Revenue Authority (THE GAMBIA) • Mr. Banding Sillah, Director of Finance, The Gambia Telecommunications Company Ltd. (THE GAMBIA) • Mr. Sam Toyota, Director Information Systems and Technology, Rwanda Revenue Authority, & Chairman, East Revenue Authorities Technical Committee on E-commerce and IT (RWANDA) • Mr. Nduka Azuka-Onyiah, Principal Consultant, Systems & Controls Ltd (UK) Tel: +44 (0) 020 7779 8202 Email:

constituted • Accountability authority and colleagues Integrity • Honesty • Transparency • Candour • Self discipline • Courage Efficiency • Speed • Accuracy Ownership and Collective Responsibility • Collaborative decision making • Partnering • Team spirit • Information sharing Our Ethical Code A Tax Official shall • Be honest and impartial • Not collude with tax payers to defraud or reduce tax obligations • Refuse gratification in any form • Not tarnish the image of the Service • Pay tax promptly and correctly • Be courteous. Africa & the Middle proven strategies. The unique learning format & international speaker panel will use a combination of keynote speeches. Nigeria Honourable Ministers. Mrs. or phone +44 (0) 20 7779 8202. Attendees of MIS Training Institute events benefit from unbiased practices. fraud prevention compliance & information security related conferences & training courses. Ladi Kwali conference centre & Yar adua square. tax directors) National & international firms advising on tax compliance matters Inter-governmental community working in the international tax & governance area Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers is located in the heart of the new Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. The bedrooms offer uninterrupted views of Central Mosque.Vision.40% • Encourage all tiers of government to be self-reliant in internal revenue generation through taxation • Develop a tax paying culture through friendly but strict enforcement strategies Our Mission “Operate a transparent and efficient tax system that optimizes tax revenue collection and voluntary compliance” Transparent and Efficient Tax System Clear to all Taxpayer focused Consistent Accountable: Inspire strong No leakages public confidence Easy to administer Optimizes Tax Revenue Collection • Expand tax net • Support development effort • Deepen tax compliance level Voluntary Compliance • Friendly • Enabling environment Our Values Professionalism • Competence/Know-how • Fairness • Continuous learning • Respect to Tax payer. & is a division of Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc (FTSE250). Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers. a part of the Daily Mail & General Trust (DMGT).firs. Commissioners & Chairmen. Heads of Revenue Authorities. steam room. & symposia on the wideranging needs of internal & IT auditors & information security practitioners who are charged with controlling complex systems & business environments. A full service hotel. We look forward to receiving your registration and towards a meeting in Abuja. conferences. The conference will establish best practice approaches with experts from around the world on strengthening audit & investigations capacity to: • Fight against tax fraud & corruption. Based in London. Ifueko Omoigui-Okauru MFR. Founded in 1978. Finance & Group Tax Directors. Tax. It features 540 rooms which are all tastefully decorated & furnished & offer air conditioning. their obligations to us and resource requirements to make quality service delivery happen (c) Make Taxation the Pivot of national Development • Work to de-emphasize reliance on earnings from petroleum for national development • Develop and grow the non-oil taxpayer database • Increase contribution of tax revenue to GDP from about 4% to at least 30% . Core Values and Ethical Code Our Vision “To deliver quality service to taxpayers in partnership with other stakeholders and make taxation the pivot of national development” Key Elements of Our Vision (a) To deliver quality service is to: • Be mindful of customers’ needs and expectations • Strive to meet these needs even beyond customer expectation • Orientate the workforce to imbibe a service-delivery culture. satellite TV. roundtable discussions. We very much hope that you can join this conference & your organisation’s involvement will alert the revenue authorities & the business community to the importance of these issues. tax competition & other harmful trends in tax policy & practice • Enhance the exchange of information between revenue authorities. Value For Money & Quality Assurance Audit Audit Of Information Technology For Tax Reporting Governance Thank you for reviewing this programme. The Hotel is centrally located within the commercial district & is easily accessible by road from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport that is less than 40 kilometres away. & lessons learned in the real-world. corporate taxpayers & tax intermediaries across Africa to improve the integrity & transparency of tax administrations & business structures • Develop professional skills & ethics to build frameworks to improve revenue management & to recognise the importance of tax compliance in national development This is the unique place to build trust-based relations & benchmark approaches with senior peers from: • • • • Revenue authorities across Africa. massage room. motivated. Agenda at a Glance: Day 1 – Monday 11th May 2009 Strengthening The Taxation Environment . MIS Training Institute is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. Abuja. To this end.mistieurope. directed by the Executive Chairman. professional and diligent • Be professional and competent on duty • Educate and encourage the tax payer to pay taxes as and when due • Implement the tax laws fairly.Effective Audit & Investigation For Improved Tax Compliance Africa 2009 Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers. MIS has focused its seminars.euromoneyplc. uniformly and equitably . positive attitude to work and ethical values • Realign and rejuvenate the work force on the path of professionalism benchmarked on international best practices • Create a well remunerated. are delighted to invite you & colleagues to attend this unique international conference. illicit capital flight. Relax & rejuvenate with the Luxury exclusive spa & health club which includes a fully equipped gymnasium. Effective Audit & Investigation for Improved Tax Compliance Africa 2009. Mission. 11 – 14 May 2009 About the Venue: Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers.International Conference: Effective Audit & Investigation for Improved Tax Compliance Africa 2009 MIS Training Institute EMEA & The Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria (FIRS). email rbeach@mistieurope. outdoor swimming pool & coconut beach as well as other sporting facilities. sauna. the Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers offers a variety of dining facilities through 5 themed outlets as well as the Elephant Bar. Ifueko Omoigui-Okauru or www. MIS Training Institute sits within Euromoney Training. with offices in the UK. Dear Sir/ Sara Hook Conference The conference is kindly sponsored by The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) of Nigeria. Nigeria Official Invitation . EMEA MIS Training Institute www. The conference will take place 11 – 14 May 2009. skills and resource interplay that will make quality service delivery happen • Who the key stakeholders The conference is produced & hosted by MIS Training Institute EMEA (A Euromoney Institutional Investor Company). case studies. The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) of Nigeria . ministries of finance & relevant government departments International businesses (finance directors. Please visit: www. tax evasion.mistieurope. Abuja. About the Hosts: The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) of Nigeria www. Opened by the Executive Chairman of The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) of Nigeria.Country Perspectives Revenue Protection: Combating Harmful Tax Practices Day 2 – Tuesday 12th May 2009 Tax Audit & Compliance In An International Environment Tax Audit & Compliance In The Domestic Environment Day 3 – Wednesday 13th May 2009 Desk Examinations For Improved Tax Compliance Tax Investigations & Detecting Tax Fraud Day 4 – Thursday 14th May 2009 Internal Financial. & Asia. Internal Affairs MIS Training Institute EMEA (A Euromoney Institutional Investor Company) Dan Cohen Director Euromoney Institutional Investor www. Bakery Shop & Aquarium Night club. and dedicated workforce with exciting career paths (b) Partnership with other stakeholders recognizes: • Inter-dependency in quality service delivery • MIS Training EMEA is responsible for training & events across Europe. Executive Chairman Mr. direct telephone access & 24 hours room service. Nigeria. our obligations to them. Abuja. Accounting & Auditing Intermediaries & Advisories. Achillis Sunday Chioke Amawhe Director. USA. experts from across Africa & from around the world will form an unrivalled international speaker panel to share ‘best practice’ strategies to achieve effective revenue management & fight against harmful trends in tax policy & practice. Assisting internal audit & information security professionals stay at the top of their game has always been at the core of MIS’ mission. & panel discussions to allow country participation & progress dialogue on the challenges around tax compliance. MIS Training Institute is the international leader in audit.

S. Bethuel Setai. Internal Revenue Service of Ghana (GHANA) Mr. & assisting in collection of tax debts Dr. House of Representatives Committee on Public Accounts – invited FIRS PREVENTING & DETECTING TAX FRAUD AGAINST FIRS Hear practical insights from The Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria (FIRS) on prevention. Chairperson and CEO.Effective Audit & Investigation For Improved Tax Compliance Africa 2009 Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers. P Kamaray. Manuel F Montes. Abdellatif. UNDESA . globally. United Nations Committee of Experts on International Tax Matters (U. Mauritius Revenue Authority (MAURITIUS) INTERNATIONAL TAXATION FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATION • Insights into the latest developments in tax disclosure requirements • Best practices for managing the internal controls process over tax issues • Exploring the enhanced role of senior management in tax reporting • How to establish a formal tax risk strategy to reduce tax exposures • Examine the role of directors in tax risk management • Ensuring the tax position in major tax jurisdictions can stand up to local scrutiny • Identifying significant & potential tax exposures • Board’s role in making decisions about where their companies should position themselves on the tax risk spectrum • Ensuring tax is on the agenda of the corporation’s stakeholders • Alignment with business imperatives Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) – invited FIRS ENSURING ACCOUNTING STANDARDS ADDRESS REVENUE BODIES’ NEEDS – VIEW FROM THE ACCOUNTANT GENERAL • Current & pending accounting requirements for increased transparency & compliance in income tax reporting • Evolving regulatory environment for tax accounting & reporting • Current challenges for tax authorities • Key recommendations for improving tax compliance & revenue collection . House of Representatives Committee on Finance. official development assistance. Otu Humphrey John Teye. Mahmoud M.) Panellists: Mr. how can tax authorities improve tax compliance by leveraging from conventional international tax standards? • Identifying & managing tax risk • Valuation of intangible assets Panellists: Dr. Secretary. UNDESA . Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (UK) COMPONENTS & METHODOLOGIES: HOW CAN STATES DEVELOP EFFICIENT TAX ADMINISTRATIVE MACHINERY? REDUCING THE TAX COMPLIANCE & ADMINISTRATIVE BURDEN Chaired by: Dr. Benue State Board of Internal Revenue. Internal Revenue Service of Ghana (GHANA) Mr. Sudhamo Lal. terrorism & money laundering) . Ibrahim Dankwambo OFR. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Internal Affairs. Accountant General & Former Director of Budget. Senate Committee on Public Accounts – invited FIRS Chairman. Otu Humphrey John Teye. once the immediate dust has settled? • Collection & dissemination of intelligence pertaining to evasion of taxes & duties • Strategies to counter tax evasion & aggressive tax planning • Improving transparency & the exchange of information • What challenges are tax administrations currently facing? • What measures do you currently take against tax evasion? • Tax havens: exploring possibilities for the tax authority & cracking down on abusive tax shelters • Provision of credible & effective deterrent measures in the tax law • Compilation of case reports & recommendations for the appropriate prosecution of financial crimes • Cooperation with other government departments to ensure issues affecting revenue leakage are addressed Chaired by: Mrs. Nigeria – invited FIRS Chairman. Assistant Commissioner in Charge of Tax Audit & Ag. ICPC – invited FIRS Chairman. Chief. Money Transfer International (UK) AFTERNOON TEA BREAK GOVERNMENT AGENCY EXPERIENCE IN COMBATING TAX FRAUD IN NIGERIA This session will examine the role of the economic commissions as financial watch dogs in Nigeria.implicit shared interest in the world’s community to cooperate against tax evasion versus the reality (cooperation only achieved in terrorism) • The role of international community in prioritising cooperation in preventing resources mobilized domestically. are impelled by tax evasion (the other third by flows from drug proceeds. Ifueko Omoigui-Okauru MFR. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) – invited FIRS Comptroller-General. Sierra Leone (SIERRA LEONE) LUNCH OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS KEYNOTE: UNITED NATIONS 08:40 09:00 KEYNOTE KEY CASE STUDY: THE UK 14.) INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE IN COMBATING TAX FRAUD & EVASION: IMPROVING COOPERATION BETWEEN TAX ADMINISTRATIONS Tax policies didn’t cause the current financial crisis. Nigeria OPENING REMARKS – STRENGTHENING THE TAXATION ENVIRONMENT IN AFRICA • Building capacity to improve tax compliance • Governance & accountability in the international community • Executive action for improved tax compliance in Africa His Excellency. Nigeria Chairman. Nigeria 11 – 14 May 2009 Day One . • Combating harmful tax practices through effective cross border trade monitoring • Implementing the government’s fiscal policy measures relating to imports exports & excise • Checking commercial fraud • Anti-smuggling activities . Internal Revenue Service. Policy Analysis and Development Financing for Development . Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) – invited FIRS Chairman. UNDESA Secretary. Tax reporting & accounting regulations in the form of new standards & updated guidance continue to evolve. Financial and Fiscal Commission (SOUTH AFRICA) Dr. Mauritius Revenue Authority (MAURITIUS) Mr. Chief Executive Officer. Chief. But might they have made it worse. or affected its form? Are there any lessons to be drawn for directions of tax reform. Policy Analysis and Development Financing for Development Office. Director General. Senate Committee on Public Accounts – invited FIRS Chairman. detection & enforcement measures to combat tax evasion & to improve tax compliance. Samba E. Federal Republic of Nigeria – invited FIRS ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF CONVENTIONAL INTERNATIONAL TAX STANDARDS IN AFRICA & EMERGING REPORTING ISSUES The tax function in public companies is under more scrutiny than ever before with increased requirements for transparency & tax compliance enforcement. Mr.) Mr.Strengthening cooperation in exchange of information.EFCC investigations • Operational challenges • Legal challenges • The way forward for revenue collection Panellists: Chief Mrs. • Identification & registration of individuals & entities that should be on the tax rolls • Intelligence Gathering • Risk profiling & management • Audit • Special investigations • Collection/debt management • Sanctions for offences Mr. Executive Chairman. The Gambia Revenue Authority (THE GAMBIA) EMBEDDING ETHICS. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). promoting taxpayer education & reducing compliance requirements. Egyptian Tax Authority . Director. Head of Internal Audit and Intelligence. Nigeria – invited FIRS Chairman. Nigeria PROVISION OF CREDIBLE & EFFECTIVE DETERRENT MEASURES IN THE TAX LAW • Strengthening of tax laws through tax reform initiatives & plugging loopholes • Modernising the tax audit processes & monitoring systems • Using audit to combat serious non compliance issues • Innovative examples of effective deterrent strategies • Audit planning & execution challenges • Instructions for future compliance Mr. Tax Advisor. Mr. Farida Mzamber Waziri.S. Mr. Achillis Sunday Chioke Amawhe. INTEGRITY & RESPONSIBILITY INTO YOUR CULTURE & PEOPLE TO ERADICATE CORRUPTION IN THE TAX SYSTEM • Ensuring the integrity of the tax officers • Setting up an effective anti-corruption unit • Training & awareness challenges • Trade & customs partnerships to fight against corruption Professor Humphrey Assisi Asobie.Global estimates suggest that illegal flows from developing countries are at least five times more than total ODA. Nigeria Panellists: Dr. Secretary. Accountant General & Former Director of Budget. While policy makers can introduce measures like universal self assessment. Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (UK) Dr. Chairperson and CEO. Chris Davidson. Ghana (GHANA) CLOSE OF DAY ONE Strengthening The Taxation Environment – Country Perspectives 08:00 08:10 CHAIRMAN’S OPENING TAX COMPLIANCE & NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT– WELCOME KEYNOTE ADDRESS BY THE FEDERAL INLAND REVENUE SERVICE OF NIGERIA (FIRS) • More recent reforms: the effectiveness of fiscal policy & supporting reforms • The adverse impact of fiscal policy on the Nigerian economy in the past • Building an effective internal governance structure for FIRS • Co-operation between tax administrators in the international community • Action going forward for improved tax compliance Mrs. Chairman. Chief. foreign direct investment. Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) Lady Olga Maitland. tax administrators can adopt measures to improve voluntary compliance by simplifying tax systems. Saye. National Business Director.Ministry of Finance of Egypt & Affiliated. Office.strong domestic resource mobilization as the only long-term path to independence • Stemming losses in African states from illicit capital flows . Chairman.update • Inter-agency activities • Seizures . Head of Research Planning and Monitoring (RPM). Vice-President. deductions & reduction in tax rates. Manuel F Montes. Dr. Policy Analysis and Development Financing for Development Office. Manuel F Montes. Honourable Minister of State for Finance. Chris Davidson. Cyprian M. Commissioner of Domestic Taxes. Executive Chairman. Ifueko Omoigui-Okauru MFR. & of development • Taking responsibility for developing a healthy relationship between tax policy & administration • Providing the necessary guidance & support for the creation of revenue administrations that can function effectively • The Ministry for Finance action for improved tax governance & accountability • Co-operation on tax governance in the international community Mr.40 09:30 10:10 KEYNOTE PANEL PANEL 10:45 KEY CASE STUDY: MAURITIUS 11:10 15:30 KEYNOTE INSIGHTS 11:40 KEY CASE STUDY 16:10 16:30 PANEL 12:00 KEYNOTE INSIGHTS 17:10 KEY CASE STUDY: NIGERIA 12:30 17:40 KEY CASE STUDY: GHANA PANEL 18:10 18:10 – 20:30 WELCOME RECEPTION BY THE POOL AREA OF ABUJA SHERATON HOTEL & TOWERS 13:00 . House of Representatives Committee on Public Accounts – invited FIRS MORNING COFFEE BREAK & GROUP PHOTOGRAPH OF PARTICIPANTS IMPROVING TAX COMPLIANCE Improving tax compliance requires concerted efforts by policy makers & tax administrators. UN Committee of Experts on International Tax Matters (U. P Kamaray. Head of Research Planning and Monitoring (RPM). Abuja. Accountant General of the Federation (AGF).international tax cooperation as a critical tool to maximize globalization’s benefits while minimizing the costs .S. from being invested elsewhere through tax evasion . Sydney -Australia) (EGYPT) Mr. University of New South Wales (UNSW. This would need to be supplemented by effective audit & enforcement measures & utilization of third party information. Ag. Federal Republic of Nigeria – provisional HOW CAN STATES DEVELOP EFFICIENT TAX ADMINISTRATIVE MACHINERY? REDUCING THE TAX COMPLIANCE & ADMINISTRATIVE BURDEN & REVIEW OF LINKS WITH BUSINESS Review of Links with Business will be explored during this session & the impact this has had on reducing the tax compliance & administrative burden on our large businesses. Bethuel Setai.two-thirds of the illicit flows. National Business Director. Abraham Odoi. elimination of exemptions. Executive Chairman. Ministry of Finance of Sierra Leone (SIERRA LEONE) Mr. the latter provided in an elaborate & politically fraught manner from developed countries . Tax Inspector. uniformity of tax treatment. Financial and Fiscal Commission (SOUTH AFRICA) Mr. Senate Committee on Finance. United Nations Committee of Experts on International Tax Matters (U. Jonathan Ebele Goodluck. external debt . setting non-conflicting standards. This insightful keynote. Tunde Fowler. Babalola. Ministry of Finance of . Federal Republic of Nigeria – provisional FISCAL POLICY & GROWTH – THE NIGERIAN PERSPECTIVE • Recent challenges regarding governance & sustainable state building. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). of alleviating poverty. will explore: • Globalization: tremendous advantages versus potential costs to developing countries . Cyprian M. Aderemi W. Assistant Commissioner in Charge of Tax Audit & Ag. Sudhamo Lal. Director General.financing resources needed for development • Raising financing from trade. Nigeria Chairman.Monday 11th May 07:30 REGISTRATION & COFFEE Revenue Protection: Combating Harmful Tax Practices 14:00 THE ROLE OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY IN ENSURING THAT THE POTENTIAL TAX BASE OF AFRICA IS NOT UNDERMINED BY TAX EVASION The international community should agree that an indispensable part of the recognition of a country’s sovereignty is international mechanisms that do not undermine the legitimate authority of the state to raise revenue & collect taxes.

David Robertson.Australia) (EGYPT) Mr. Seghosime. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (UK) Mr. IT • The Egyptian implementation of effective tax audit – what were the key challenges? • Previous & current tax audit practices: the learning points • Impact of tax compliance on current tax audit practices • The impact of tax return design on current tax audit practices • What is the selection criteria for audit cases? • Management of audit risk under current tax audit practices • The role of training & compensation package to tax auditors Dr. CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES DO MULTINATIONALS FACE TODAY? As governments seek additional revenue in the current tight economy. University of New South Wales (UNSW. Partner . recent income tax reform • New income tax legislation: challenges facing tax audit under ITL2005. Government of India (INDIA) 11:30 TRANSFER PRICING EFFECT ON TAX ADMINISTRATION & THE IMPACT OF THE OECD BUSINESS RESTRUCTURING PAPER: POLICIES & PRACTICES • Tackling the misuse of transfer pricing as a tool for tax evasion & avoidance by multinationals corporations • Prepare for the impact of the OECD business restructuring paper • Structure acquisitions in a cash efficient manner Mr. understanding Egyptian accounting standards. Mahmoud M. Tax Partner. Partner . senior business professionals say the increased possibility of an audit by taxing authorities is the most significant tax risk facing their organizations today. The Gambia Telecommunications Company Ltd. SIAO.Transfer Pricing. Fasken Martineau (CANADA) Mr. Nigeria Mrs. Sydney . Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Tax Unit. Tax Inspector.Transfer Pricing. National Business Director. Sydney . The recent income tax reform in 2005 was different in terms of covering both the tax legislation & tax administration dimensions. Temitope Oloruntoye. Director Tax Audit. international taxation issues. Fasken Martineau (CANADA) 12:15 LUNCH 13:30 INTERNATIONAL TRANSPARENCY & DISCLOSURE: WHAT CAN TAX AUTHORITIES & BUSINESSES LEARN FROM THE REMITTANCE SECTOR? • How can regulation help to protect the integrity of the financial & fiscal system? • Adopting a model against fraud. Modernisation of tax administration requires improving taxpayers’ services. Partner . University of New South Wales (UNSW. Abuja. Tax Inspector. KPMG Professional Services. Department of Revenue. World Bank. Brajindar Mohan Singh. Partner . selecting sample for audit. National Business Director. which led to a low level of tax compliance. efficient & simple enforcement of income tax legislation. Claudia Kühnlein. Regulatory & People Services Practice. Ministry of Finance. & a significant amount of tax disputes. Egyptian Tax Authority Ministry of Finance of Egypt & Affiliated. PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (GERMANY) Dr.Tax. according to a survey conducted by the Tax Governance Institute (TGI). Chief Executive Officer. improper tax audit practices. anti-money laundering & financial crime • A call for disclosure & data • Applying risk analysis & an appropriate touch for tax authorities • What can tax authorities & businesses learn from the remittance sector? Lady Olga Maitland. Hear key practical insights into the impact of income tax reform on tax audit in Egypt to: • Review previous tax audit practices & related inefficiencies • Analyse new tax audit measures.Tuesday 12th May 07:45 COFFEE Tax Audit & Compliance In An International Environment 08:00 CHAIRMAN’S RE-OPENING 08:05 DIFFERENCES & LEGAL IMPLICATIONS OF TAX EVASION & AVOIDANCE Professor Epiphany Azinge. Nigerian Institute of Advance Legal Studies (NAILS) 08:35 IMPROVING LOCAL TAX ADMINISTRATION MONITORING OF FOREIGN CORPORATIONS Mr. Ikechukwu Nweje. Adewale Ajayi.Tax. The Gambia Revenue Authority (THE GAMBIA) 16:40 WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF INCOME TAX REFORM ON TAX AUDIT IN EGYPT & WHAT ARE THE DETERMINANTS OF EFFECTIVE TAX AUDIT? The Egyptian tax reforms used to focus only on the tax legislation dimension & ignored tax administration. Chris Davidson. PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (GERMANY) 14:40 MANAGING MULTI-COUNTRY TAX AUDITS & AUDITING MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES & NON RESIDENTS • Multi-country co-ordination • Managing consistency globally • Dealing with local practices • Facilitating an enhanced share of information Partner. Samba E. Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes. PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (GERMANY) Mr. challenges & opportunities multinationals face today in tax compliance? • What are their expectations from tax offices & tax advisors? • How can local tax administration improve communications & monitoring of multi-national corporations? • Ensuring the tax position in major tax jurisdictions can stand up to local scrutiny • Identifying significant & potential tax exposures • Forging better lines of communication between the tax department and other functions • How can tax authorities engage with taxpayers to ensure they made payments on time? Chaired by: Mr. KPMG Professional Services. Nigeria Panellists: Mr. Recently. David Robertson. Tax Advisor.Australia) (EGYPT) 17:20 DEVELOPING RISK BASED AUDIT PROCESS: Mr. Government of India (INDIA) 17:50 MANAGING THE INTERNAL AUDIT FUNCTION IN A TAX AUTHORITY & ENSURING TAX COMPLIANCE THROUGH EFFECTIVE AUDIT Ms. Chartered Accountants. Q. Mahmoud M. Nigeria 15:10 AFTERNOON TEA BREAK CASE STUDY: GERMANY KEY CASE STUDY KEY CASE STUDY: THE UK Tax Audit & Compliance In The Domestic Environment 15:30 EXAMINING THE ROLE OF TAX INTERMEDIARY RISK IN RELATION TO NONCOMPLIANCE & THE PROMOTION OF UNACCEPTABLE TAX MINIMIZATION ARRANGEMENTS Chaired by: Mr. Claudia Kühnlein. PricewaterhouseCoopers. • What are the key tax risks. This tax reform resulted in a new income tax legislation which started from scratch. S. Ministry of Finance & Company Affairs. Egyptian Tax Authority Ministry of Finance of Egypt & Affiliated. Money Transfer International (UK) KEY CASE STUDY: EGYPT KEY CASE STUDY: CANADA KEY CASE STUDY: INDIA KEYNOTE:UK KEY CASE STUDY: NIGERIA . (THE GAMBIA) 10:40 MORNING COFFEE BREAK CASE STUDIES ACADEMIC INSIGHTS 14:00 HOW TO ESTABLISH ROBUST TRANSFER PRICING POLICIES & PRACTICES – THE GERMAN APPROACH Ms. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). David Robertson. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (UK) 10:00 HOW ARE MULTI-NATIONALS LEVERAGING SOPHISTICATED ADVICE TO DELIVER TAX EFFICIENT OPERATIONS? WHAT KEY TAX RISKS. Director of Finance. related audit risks & the effectiveness of the new audit measures • Give general recommendations with regard to developing effective tax audit in Africa • Tax reform experiences in Egypt: previous tax reforms. Abdellatif. The new income tax legislation is known as Income Tax Law No 91 of 2005 (Hereafter is ITL2005). Recently. Abdellatif. Nigeria 18:20 CLOSE OF DAY TWO PANEL KEY CASE STUDY: THE GAMBIA PANEL 11:00 ROLE OF DOUBLE TAXATION TREATIES: WIDENING THE TREATY NETWORK & TRANSFER PRICING AS A TOOL FOR TAX AUDIT OF MULTI-NATIONALS Ms. Tax Partner. Fasken Martineau (CANADA) Panellists: Ms. Brajindar Mohan Singh. Public Sector Specialist in the Nigeria Country Office.Effective Audit & Investigation For Improved Tax Compliance Africa 2009 Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers. Head. Claudia Kühnlein. Nigeria 09:05 THE 2009 CODE OF PRACTICE: THE TAX AVOIDANCE DISCLOSURE REGIME: IMPROVING THE SYSTEM Mr. Banding Sillah.Transfer Pricing. Director of Studies. Nigeria 16:10 DEVELOPING RISK-BASED AUDIT PROCESS/APPROACHES IN A TAX AUTHORITY • Developing a formal tax risk strategy • Developing formalized tax risk management plans & strategies • Strategies for assessing risk • Strategies for implementing key internal controls • Internal control tools • Development of internal controls Mr. effective audit techniques & efficient use of information technology. Saye. Tax Partner. Tax audits are important means for the equitable. Regulatory & People Services Practice. Partner . Chris Davidson. Commissioner of Domestic Taxes. Nigeria 11 – 14 May 2009 Day Two . Adewale Ajayi.

Bamidele. Chairperson and CEO. Nthako Sekome. Large Taxpayers Department. Nigeria Honourable Commissioner of Finance. Bamidele. Money Transfer International (UK) 12:15 LUNCH KEY CASE STUDY: MAURITIUS KEY CASE STUDY: LESOTHO INTERACTIVE PRACTICAL SESSION KEY CASE STUDY: SOUTH AFRICA CASE STUDY: NIGERIA PANEL PANEL PANEL ROUNDTABLES . Internal Revenue Service of Ghana (GHANA) 14:15 COMBATING TAX FRAUD & EVASION • Tax fraud & evasion • Legal framework to combat tax fraud & evasion • Organisation structure • Documentation of economic activities • Conduct of fiscal investigations Mrs. Lesotho Revenue Authority (LESOTHO) 09:30 EXAMINATION OF ACCOUNTS FOR OPTIMUM TAX YIELD: BEST PRACTICE The recent global recession has spurred many economies in the world to seek for additional sources of revenue for their countries’ expenditure requirements. Commonwealth Tax Inspectors Course (CTIC) 2009 (UK) Supporting Facilitators: Mr. Nthako Sekome. A facilitator will lead discussions & then the groups will rejoin to share key learning points with the full audience. Head of Internal Audit and Intelligence. Head. Anambra State Government. Mauritius Revenue Authority (MAURITIUS) Mr. Commissioner of Domestic Taxes. Head of Internal Audit and Intelligence. • Creating an efficient law enforcement system • Milestones over the last 20 years • When do we need multi-stakeholder processes? • Transparency governing how contracts for the delivery of goods & public services are awarded • Ensuring that tax authorities do not over depend on oil revenue Panellists: Professor Humphrey Assisi Asobie. Bayelsa State Board of Internal Revenue. Nigeria 15:15 AFTERNOON TEA BREAK 15:30 MANAGING TAX INVESTIGATIONS: PEOPLE & TRAINING ISSUES • What are the skills. Director. Criminal Investigation.Australia) (EGYPT) ROUNDTABLE 4: TAX HAVENS: EXPLORING POSSIBILITIES FOR THE TAX AUTHORITY Led by: Lady Olga Maitland. The Gambia Revenue Authority (THE GAMBIA) 16:30 REVENUE AUTHORITIES ROLE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST ILLICIT TRADE & SMUGGLING Chaired by: Comptroller-General. Ag. Mauritius Revenue Authority (MAURITIUS) 14:45 INVESTIGATING & PROSECUTING TAX FRAUD & CORRUPTION • An understanding of what constitute tax fraud & corruption • Approaches/Procedure in Investigating tax fraud & corruption • Implementing an effective fraud recovery programme • Fighting tax evasion & fraud in Nigeria Ms. Nigeria Customs Service . Commissioner. Director. Bethuel Setai. Chartered Accountants. Nigeria Chairman. Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria (FIRS). For instance. This informed the desire of tax authorities to examine & analyse organisations’ financial statements (accounts) with the view of obtaining the most favourable tax yield for the governments’ fiscal policy. Director. Lesotho Revenue Authority (LESOTHO) ROUNDTABLE 2: MANAGING A SERIOUS NON COMPLIANCE AUDIT Led by: Mrs. Nigeria – invited FIRS 17:40 CLOSE OF DAY THREE Desk Examinations For Improved Tax Compliance 09:00 WHEN DESK EXAMINATIONS END & AUDIT BEGINS Examination of returns is a necessary requirement for carrying out an effective tax audit. Amoman. Large Taxpayers Department. Abdellatif. The topic takes a closer look at the audit process & links desk examination with the actual audit process. the Federal Government recently announced in its 2009 budget that it intends to increase its level of spending albeit funded more by non – oil & gas revenues than by oil revenues which had hitherto been the backbone of the economy. Abraham Odoi. Foluke Agbeyangi. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Nigeria – invited FIRS Chairman. techniques & attributes required for engaging in tax fraud investigations & detecting fraud? • Practical implications • Interview techniques • What is required to deliver & implement the strategy? Led by: Adrian Turner. Chairman. What would be the response of tax payers to this development? These & other issues would be addressed at the conference. Chartered Accountants. Mrs. Chief Executive Officer. Course Director. C.why me?? What safeguards/guarantees are there to assure taxpayers are not being victimized • Audit deterrent effects for non compliance. Tax Inspector. Tax Unit. Revenue Compliance. Saye. ROUNDTABLE 1: TAX ARREARS MANAGEMENT IN AN IDEAL TAX OFFICE Led by: Mr. Nigeria 11 – 14 May 2009 Day Three . Chairman. A. Formerly. Revenue Compliance. more importantly. Financial and Fiscal Commission (SOUTH AFRICA) 10:30 MORNING COFFEE BREAK 10:50 DEVELOPMENTS IN THE TAXATION OF OIL REVENUE: COUNTRY EXPERIENCES & ISSUES • Correcting anomalies. C. Nigeria 11:30 SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP ROUNDTABLES: VARIOUS DIMENSIONS The audience will split into special interest groups to benchmark key challenges & proven solutions in each given area. Gunnoo. Sydney . Revenue Compliance. Samba E. Gombe State Board of Internal Revenue. in Nigeria. Director. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Gunnoo. managing taxpayers perceptions . & how corruption thrives • Advancing the fight against corruption to improve tax collection Chaired by: Lady Olga Maitland. A. Fiscal Investigations Department. Tax Unit.invited FIRS Panellists: Honourable Commissioner of Finance. Money Transfer International (UK) Panellists: Mr. a demonstration of audit as a tool for detecting & preventing tax avoidance Mr. Nigeria Honourable Commissioner of Finance. Kano State Government. Nigeria 13:45 RISK-BASED APPROACH TO TAX FRAUD INVESTIGATIONS Mr. Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria (FIRS). University of New South Wales (UNSW. Egyptian Tax Authority . Experience shows that under the now universal adopted & applied self assessment systems & given the limited resources at the exposure of revenue authorities. Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) Mr. Nigeria Mr. Tax Advisor. a risk based tax audit approach is an effective tool to curb tax fraud & tax evasion. the underlying principle of fairness in the tax system dictates that. J.Wednesday 13th May KEY CASE STUDY: CASE STUDY: NIGERIA GHANA 08:30 COFFEE Managing Tax Investigations & Detecting Tax Fraud 13:15 INVESTIGATING TAX FRAUD & EVASION: RED FLAGS & REMEDIES Mr. Temitope Oloruntoye. • Examination of returns as an effective tool for compliance • Main trigger for tax audit. Commissioner. On the other hand. Head. Oyo State Government. Chief Executive Officer. Bornu State Government. Abuja. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) & Deloitte. Nigeria 10:00 APPROACHES TO TAX REFORM IN SOUTH AFRICA • Auditing companies & individuals in cash based economies Dr. Internal Revenue Service of Ghana (GHANA) Mr. Abraham Odoi. Nigeria Honourable Commissioner of Finance. Large Taxpayers Department. Anthony O.Effective Audit & Investigation For Improved Tax Compliance Africa 2009 Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers. Nigeria – invited FIRS 17:10 DETECTING TAX FRAUD & CORRUPTION IN THE TAX CONTEXT • How do institutions ensure internal activities are in compliance with your own policies? • Instilling ethics into government & business • Monitoring of politically exposed persons (PEPs) & senior management • What internal regulations monitor &. Nigeria ROUNDTABLE 3: WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF THIN CAPITALISATION ON TAX ADMINISTRATION? Led by: Dr. Temitope Oloruntoye. Director. Nthako Sekome. J. criteria. SIAO. & approaches • Developing an effective audit planning • Demonstrating procedural fairness to solicit taxpayers cooperation & maximum revenue yield. Mahmoud M. Lesotho Revenue Authority (LESOTHO) Mr. ensure responsible behaviour? • What mechanisms outside of the institutions influence behaviour? • Highlighting the need for transparency in tax compliance policy to avoid fraud • Top tips for understanding your organisation’s vulnerabilities & control methods • What are the shortcomings of the audit process? • How auditor/client relationships affect due diligence. West & Central Africa. Nigeria Chairman. Alkali. Nigeria Mrs. Kaduna State Board of Internal Revenue. Ajayi Julius Bamidele. Director of Fiscal Investigations. audit selections methods. Ag.Ministry of Finance of Egypt & Affiliated. Salihu B. SIAO. Commissioner. tax administrations/authorities must demonstrate a transparent & a non discriminatory treatment approach to taxpayers in order to bring credibility in the audit system. Delta State Board of Internal Revenue.

Sam Toyota. Too little and the organisation could lose its business and its reputation. Virtual merchants’ extreme mobility. UN International Computing Centre (SWITZERLAND) 11:40 TAXATION OF E-COMMERCE: ISSUES & CHALLENGES– KEY CASE STUDIES: INDIA. Rwanda Revenue Authority. Commonwealth Tax Inspectors Course (CTIC) 2009 (UK) 10:30 MORNING COFFEE BREAK KEY CASE STUDY: THE GAMBIA PRACTICAL INTERACTIVE SESSION 13:10 ACHIEVING AN EFFECTIVE SYSTEMS AUDIT IN AN AUTOMATED TAX ENVIRONMENT Despite so much fund spent to automate tax processes. Confidentiality. in turn. Geneva. Nigeria 11 – 14 May 2009 Day Four . Humphrey Okorie. UK & EAST AFRICA E-commerce poses new challenges to “old economy” regulators. This non-technical presentation focuses on the actions that Executives and Senior Managers should take to ensure an adequate level of security across the organisation. examine: • System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) challenges in tax automation • Exploitable vulnerabilities in an automated tax environment • Hindrances to the effective audit of tax systems • Practical steps to auditing & implementing appropriate controls in an automated tax environment Humphrey Okorie. remoteness from customers & ability to deliver some goods digitally rather than physically. Recently. Course Director. Systems Audit . The CIA components of information security. However. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Eduardo Gelbstein. Webster University. UN International Computing Centre (SWITZERLAND) 14:30 PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA: CURRENT MEASURES TO INCREASE SECURITY Hear how the functional application of information technology can promote efficiency. reliance on general controls & what it takes to implement Continuous Auditing. Sam Toyota. Systems Audit . Director Information Systems and Technology. East Revenue Authorities Technical Committee on E-commerce and IT (RWANDA) 12:10 LUNCH EXECUTIVE BRIEFING INTERACTIVE ROUNDTABLE KEY CASE STUDIES: INDIA. Government of India (INDIA) Mr. implies the governance of ICT of which only some components can be delegated to a Chief Information Officer or external service provider. have helped them stay far beyond the reach of most tax & customs authorities.Business Risk Management. Principal Consultant. Too much security is expensive and puts obstacles in the way of getting work done. Geneva. that your ICT represents good value for money & that the risks associated with ICT are appropriately managed. Department of Revenue. Corporate Governance also requires that computer systems & data meet the appropriate national legal & regulatory obligations. & Chairman. Ifueko Omoigui-Okauru MFR. • The context & case for ICT governance • The scope of ICT & security governance • The areas of ICT governance risk • Auditing an ICT governance framework • How standards & best practices can be used to strengthen ICT governance • Information technology – opportunities & challenges for tax administrations Led by: Dr. integrity and availability requirements by applying appropriate countermeasures and metrics. Nduka Azuka-Onyiah. Director Information Systems and Technology. UN International Computing Centre (SWITZERLAND) Facilitated by: Mr. The scope of the work of the auditor-general may be extended to performance or value-for-money (VFM) audit if this is considered to be cost effective. Geneva. • Continuous auditing of information security • Placing reliance on general controls in an it/is environment • Justifying IT audits • Making IT & security governance work effectively • Prioritising IT risk domains • Creating and IT Audit Strategy that meets the needs of the business Dr. Senior Manager. employing sophisticated technologies by various governments. Principal Consultant. In addition. Systems & Controls Ltd (UK) Mr. MTN Nigeria 13:40 LATEST MEASURES TO INCREASE DATA SECURITY: RISK IN THE INFORMATION AGE Hear how management can strengthen the management of information technology to meet confidentiality. • Technological advances & the threat to personal integrity • Privacy versus information security • Applying ethics to information protection Mr. Nigeria 17:00 CHAIRMAN’S CLOSE OF CONFERENCE & SUMMARY OF THE CONFERENCE KEY CASE STUDY EXECUTIVE BRIEFING KEY CASE STUDY KEY CASE STUDY Audit Of Information Technology For Tax Reporting Governance 10:50 FUNDAMENTALS OF IT ASSURANCE & GOVERNANCE: RIGHT FIRST TIME EVERY TIME This session will talk in some detail about COBIT. Systems & Controls Ltd (UK) Mr. East Revenue Authorities Technical Committee on E-commerce and IT (RWANDA) 15:00 AFTERNOON TEA BREAK 15:15 AUDITING ICT & SECURITY GOVERNANCE: ACTIONS THAT STRENGTHEN HOW AN ORGANISATION INVESTS IN ICT & HOW TO DERIVE MAXIMUM BENEFITS FROM TECHNOLOGY WHILE MANAGING RISK Computer systems & many information and communications technologies (ICT) are critical & inescapable business tool in business & the public sector working without them has become unthinkable. (THE GAMBIA) 09:00 CONDUCTING A VALUE FOR MONEY AUDIT Organisations are increasingly facing performance driven challenges. Webster University. Senior Manager. Executive Chairman. Rwanda Revenue Authority. • Planning a VFM / performance audit • How to produce compelling VFM / performance audit reports • What is VFM / performance auditing? • What is the relative priority compared with financial audit? • What are the main challenges of VFM / performance auditing MIS Speaker invited 09:20 IMPLEMENTING CHANGE IN INVESTIGATIONS & AUDIT: CULTURAL & FINANCIAL ISSUES OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES • Strengthening audit & human resource management capability • Tax function people: plugging the skills & knowledge gap • Working with limited resources • Streamlining organisation structures & functions • Developing your function into a winning team • Getting maximum usage from technology • Managing cultural issues • Getting maximum value for money in implementing computer audit techniques Facilitated by: Adrian Turner. & Chairman.Thursday 14th May 08:00 MORNING COFFEE 08:25 CHAIRMAN’S RE-OPENING Managing Tax Investigations & Detecting Tax Fraud 08:30 BEST PRACTICE QUALITY ASSURANCE AUDITS: ISSUES & APPROACH • How can audit position itself as an innovator during the harder times: maximising available resources • Identifying cost savings & dealing with cost-oriented management style • Should audit be measured on savings? • Who is looking at the indicators to see what is already going on? • Who truly owns the risk & liability if it all goes wrong? • What is working? What hasn’t worked? Mr. MTN Nigeria Mr. vulnerabilities & threats exploiting them are on the increase. IT Operations and Systems design and maintenance. Information Security cannot be achieved by just technology. Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Director Information Systems and Technology. UK & RWANDA . It requires coordination between Risk Management. Brajindar Mohan Singh. Dr. This can be misused for financial gain & the tax agency relies on its reputation & the trust of the public to conduct its work efficiently. causing colossal leakages in government revenues. 16:45 OFFICIAL CLOSE OF CONFERENCE Mrs. This interactive & non-technical roundtable session is facilitated by an experienced former IT executive & lead auditor with extensive experience in the governance of Critical Information Infrastructures & is designed to help you plan audit programmes & identify the actions you can take to ensure your organisation’s information assets are adequately aligned with your business. accountability & plug leakages. Rwanda Revenue Authority. The first problem is the difficulty of defining “Good Enough” as there are no standard ways to measure security in business terms. Information requested from the tax authorities over the tax & financial affairs of private individuals can be made easily and widely available. Banding Sillah. Webster University. Ministry of Finance. Mr. relatively few auditors have in-depth experience of Value for Money / Performance Auditing. Former Advisor to the UN Board of Auditors & Former Director. The same advanced technologies are used to outwit controls on these established tax platforms. ICT represents significant expenditures. Eduardo Gelbstein. Integrity and Availabilty need to be good enough for an organisation to work effectively. This presentation will among others. The Gambia Telecommunications Company Ltd. This “hands-on” interactive workshop gives you practical ‘take away’ points to implement back at your office. Vulnerability Management. Adjunct Professor. Adjunct Professor. & Chairman. Sam Toyota. This session will look at innovative approaches by tax authorities to capture tax on ecommerce. The International Standard ISO 38500 published in early 2008 & the initiatives of the Information Technology Governance Institute (ITGI) are at the core of this session’s material. over budget &/or fail to deliver the benefits expected. especially in governments with sound internal control and low levels of fraud & corruption. East Revenue Authorities Technical Committee on Ecommerce and IT (RWANDA) . the IT assurance framework. Adjunct Professor.Effective Audit & Investigation For Improved Tax Compliance Africa 2009 Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers.Business Risk Management. Eduardo Gelbstein. Director of Finance. Former Advisor to the UN Board of Auditors & Former Director. The track record for large ICT projects is not brilliant – many are cancelled before completion & many more are late. Nduka Azuka-Onyiah. Former Advisor to the UN Board of Auditors & Former Director. It will give insights into how businesses are leveraging offshore e-commerce models for tax avoidance purposes & developments to solve this challenge. & this. Abuja.

Payment and Processing (RPP). He is in the process of compiling another volume where he partly reflects on his experiences as the first Director General of the Free State province. He has been a visiting scholar at the Institute for Developing Economies in Tokyo. Financial and Fiscal Commission (SOUTH AFRICA) Dr Bethuel Setai is the present Chairman and Chief Executive of the Financial and Fiscal Commission (FFC). NEITI’s activities have made Nigeria one of the leading countries among other countries implementing EITI. The Gambia Revenue Authority (THE GAMBIA) Samba Ebrima Saye is currently the Tax Adviser to the Commissioner of Domestic Taxes in the Republic of The Gambia. he was a Tax Inspector for Individual Income Tax at Quis Tax Office. Kenya & Malawi. Amawhe is a fellow Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (FCIT). Prior to his current role. where he played various enterprise wide assurance & advisory roles for over 6 years. design & implementation of various systems aimed at enhancing the business process for over a decade before moving into IS Audit & Security. Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes. He retired in October 2006 after a successful career as an investigator & senior compliance manager within the HM Revenue & Customs (previously the Inland Revenue). at the United Nations University/World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU/IWDER) in Helsinki. Prior to his joining Celtel. Lesotho Post Bank & Lesotho Road Fund Board (LESOTHO) Mr.Australia) (EGYPT) Since 1995. Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria (FIRS) & Deloitte. as well as anthologies on trade. Nigerian Institute of Management (ANIM) amongst many other affiliations & he is author of many papers & publications. Executive Chairman. he was Regional Programme Coordinator. compliance. Internal Energy Law and Taxation Review and Tax Planning International Review. Sri Lanka. revenue assurance. implementation & maintenance to ensure alignment with & support for IT strategies and compliance with regulatory & legal requirements. UNDP Regional Centre in Colombo. Nigeria Mr. He has served in various capacities in the Department & the Central Board of Direct Taxes for 37 years. Ms. Mr. from audits. he served as Chairman. She started her professional tax carrier in 1996 when she joined the employment of FIRS where she had the opportunity of working in various tax departments. Previously. He is an alumnus of the Senior Management Program of the Lagos Business School. Mrs. He is also the Vice President of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Sierra Leone (ICASL). Achillis Sunday Chioke Amawhe. Claudia Kühnlein. Ms.Ministry of Finance. UNIDO. He was recently Senior Consultant. the execution of global documentation projects for large companies as well as the optimisation of value chains in consideration of principal structures. Since 2002 he has been an advisor on IT & security matters to the French National Audit Office (Cour des Comptes) & among the audits conducted for them were those of the United Nations HQ. he was working for the Investment Tax Office in Cairo. Mr. Abdellatif. Abdellatif has been a Tax inspector with the Egyptian Tax Authority. He holds a PhD in Economics from Stanford University. mergers and acquisitions advisory services and resolution of tax audit issues. Dr Setai has taught economics at various universities in the United States of America & in Africa. He has varied experience advising multi-national clients on Nigerian taxes & has proactively provided them with practical advice on how to manage any potential impact on their Nigerian operations. He started his career in Accounting & Taxation in private practice & subsequently managed a diverse portfolio of clients providing services such as Financial and Management Accounting. Non-Oil.Transfer Pricing Team. & World Jurist Association. Mahmoud M. Chris is currently working on the taxation Code of Practice for Banks. Lady Olga is also CEO of the Defense & Security Forum. He was latterly responsible for the delivery of compliance training strategy within the Inland Revenue & leading this into HM Revenue & Customs. CEO. She has attended and delivered papers on topical tax issues at various meetings. is the commissioning & mass circulation of the first comprehensive audit report of the petroleum sector from 1999 to 2004. aid. Transparency In Nigeria. He is a regular participant at professional conferences & is a member of the Events Management Team of the London. In addition. 1981-1989. Dr Setai’s expertise and experience extends to consultancy work for the three tiers of government. She is a regular speaker on the global perspective of money transfers & on anti-money laundering issues. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Practitioner with over a decade of working experience spanning across diverse accounting functions covering audit. As former tax counsel with the Canadian Department of Justice & with more than 15 years of experience. & a Chartered Tax Practitioner. standards & procedures as well as the processes for their development. Lesotho Bank. Chris has responsibility for the banking and insurance sectors. He was also the Chief Executive Officer of the South African Foundation for the Public Management and Development (SAFPUM). Chairman. Dr. Chairman. Nthako Sekome. A. the recent being the facilitation programme she had with the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) on ‘Detecting. The body also conducted studies that made the Nigerian government richer by over 1billion naira. Temitope Oloruntoye. Programme Officer for International Economic Policy at the Ford Foundation in New York. Tax Research Cell of the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy. & is a co-instructor of the Institute’s Annual National GST In-depth Tax Course. the FSA & Central Banks. Outside of his academic career. He leads a team of 6 professionals to analyze developments in international finance. Salihu B. He holds a Master of Arts in Taxation Policy and Management at the Keio University. & she has also impacted same via facilitations in tax training programmes of the Firm. Ajayi has around 20 years experience.) Manuel F. consulting. from the University of London. Then in 2004 he was appointed as Permanent Secretary and Chairman of Gombe State Board of Internal Revenue where he is serving to date. Dr Setai served as Managing Director of ECI Consulting. he is responsible for service-wide internal control monitoring & implementation. such as the remediation of deficiencies & incapacities of certain public agencies charged with regulating the oil & gas industry. Mr. Senior Manager. Commonwealth Tax Inspectors Course (CTIC) 2009 (UK) Adrian is the course director for the Commonwealth Tax Inspector Course (CTIC) since 2005. Chris Davidson. United Nations Committee of Experts on International Tax Matters (U. trainings & seminars in the USA & Europe. Chris joined the Inland Revenue 32 years ago and is a fully trained inspector of taxes. Dr. Bamidele had other roles at FIRS including Tax Controller Petroleum & Pioneer. Policy Analysis and Development Financing for Development Office. Agbeyangi FCIT. Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals). Dr Setai authored a book entitled The Making of Poverty in South Africa. handling various tax matters. corporate tax planning and restructuring. Secretary. personal income tax planning. Institute of Advance Legal Studies & research professor of law & senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN).with profound experience in public financial management (PFM). & Assistant Director of Inspection. Large Taxpayers Department.N). Prior to joining FIRS. Geneva. Dr.Tokyo Japan & is the author of numerous papers. debt & systemic issues.he led the development of the disclosure rules in 2004 and the OECD Tax Intermediaries study in 2006-07. South Africa. Taxation & the analysis. David Robertson. He subscribed to the preparation of the Audit Manual which is currently being used by Auditors of The Gambia Revenue Authority. to settling & resolving tax collection matters & cross-border tax disputes. Recently. Fasken Martineau (CANADA) David is one of Canada’s leading indirect tax specialists. Her last duty post was the Large Tax Office (LTO Non Oil. Senior Fellow and Coordinator for economics studies at the East-West Centre in Honolulu. she had worked at ReStraL Ltd as a Senior Associate and at Deloitte West and Central Africa as Tax Consultant. Her expertise covers. Chief Commissioner. Geneva. Swaziland. Professor Epiphany Azinge. Mr. in international journals. he served as external examiner at the Universities of Nairobi and the University of Jomo Kenyatta in Nairobi. Chartered Accountants. Initially. He has held many scholarly engagements & political appointments.. headed negotiations of double tax avoidance agreements & was responsible for approximately 50% of Govt revenues. Joint/Addl Commissioner of Income Tax. He also undertakes post-implementation review as well as subsequent periodic reviews of systems to ensure alignment with objectives & effective internal control as well as evaluates business continuity & disaster recovery plans to ensure continued essential business operations & recovery of IT processing capabilities respectively for a variety of clients. particularly active in the areas of life science. as identified in the NEITI audit report of years 1999-2005. and for companies. He currently undertakes consulting & training within the EMEA region with emphasis on the evaluation of IT policies. Prior to this. She has received trainings in tax matters at both local & international levels. Nthako Sekome is presently working for Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) holding a position of Commissioner of Revenue Compliance. the World Food Programme & the High Commission for Refugees. & has published numerous other scholarly articles in international journals. Eduardo Gelbstein. He also belongs to the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2). Systems & Controls Ltd (UK) Nduka is involved in the practice of Information Technology & Systems audit as well as Information Systems security & has a keen interest in the deployment of Information Technology to improve business processes in the public sector. A fellow of the Chartered Institute of Accountants of Nigeria. MTN Nigeria Humphrey has a good understanding of world class business systems & their reliability review requirements. she is responsible for relations with the regulators including. His areas of experience in the tax practice include: corporate tax planning. In 2003. Income Tax Department. Patiala. central banks & anti-money laundering agencies all over the world. UK Chapter of the Information Systems and Controls Association (ISACA). In his current role as Acting Deputy Director/Head Internal Affairs Department.Business Risk Management. He is currently on study leave at the University of New South Wales (UNSW.S. reliable. He was also instrumental & managed the whole process of introducing the new tax system . Ile Ife. Dr. investigation and policy posts . He has published various articles on topical issues. With exposure to structured local (indigenous) and international (multinational) tax learning experience. Quality Assurance & Change Process Coordination (QA/CPC) with FIRS. Tax Partner. Adjunct Professor. Head Tax Audit Branch. as well as the University of Zimbabwe in Harare. Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN) – ACA. From 1993 to 2002 he was the Director of the United Nations International Computing Centre. She voluntarily retired from the service in 2007 to join the Firm of Deloitte West & Central Africa. Foluke currently resigned her appointment with Deloitte in pursuit of her drive to impact on companies by way of Tax facilitation.Tax.from 2004 to 2005. where he is taking a PhD in Business Law and Taxation. Omoigui-Okauru is also involved in community development in many non-governmental organisations. Prior to that she had been a leading journalist with the Sunday Express & other publications. being the Chief Accounting Officer of the Government. Düsseldorf (GERMANY) Claudia has over a decade’s comprehensive experience in tax consulting. Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) Professor Asobie. Montes (“Butch”) is Chief of Policy Analysis and Development in the Financing for Development Office of United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). including Peacekeeping Operations. he had worked in diverse control & management functions in the former Standard Trust Bank ( now UBA plc) & EDP Audit & Security Associates. Systems Audit . approval. Chairperson and CEO. the leading publication on Canada’s general anti-avoidance rule. Internal Affairs. in particular advising clients in areas of transfer pricing systems and international structuring. West & Central Africa. published by SAPES Books. KPMG Professional Services. The Federal Government in 2000 conferred on her the Member of the Order of the Niger. Director of Studies. amongst others. the Diplo Foundation. Mr. Ministry of Justice.D. surpassing Budget allocated. specializing in comparative constitutional law & is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (S. advisory & compliance work for local and multi-national companies in various industries with special focus on the oil & gas industry. David is also a seasoned tax litigator. Partner . he has worked with the State Counsel (NYSC). Nigeria Mr. As Director General of the Free State Province. Adewale Ajayi. HM Revenue & Customs (UK) Chris is National Business Director in HMRC’s Large Business Service which handles the tax affairs of the UK largest businesses. was Head of Direct Taxes in India. International Bar Association (IBA). including various international organisations such as FAO. including APA procedures. Mr. LTO.Cairo) from 2005 to 2006 & a Tax Judge at the Cairo Tax Appellate Committees. He has worked in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) of the Government of Sierra Leone (GOSL) for about 12 years. & President. J. the process of tax monitoring & collection that has boosted revenue accruing to the Federation Account. Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria (FIRS). Ministry of Finance & Company Affairs. He represents the private bar on the Tax Court of Canada / Canadian Bar Association’s Bench & Bar Committee a& is a contributing editor to GAAR Interpreted: The General Anti-Avoidance Rule. debt collection & tax investigations. She obtained a First Class Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos and a Master of Science degree in Management from Imperial College. & Tax Controller. post merger structuring). Lesotho Revenue Authority & Non Executive Director. UN International Computing Centre (SWITZERLAND) Eduardo Gelbstein has over 40 years experience in Information Systems & Technology. quality assurance audit. He is currently the Accountant General. Mr. He was the pioneer IT & Network audit Manager for Econet Wireless Nigeria (Now Celtel Nigeria). Adrian Turner. realistic & achievable in all functional areas & prior to this he has served as Area Tax Controller.Effective Audit & Investigation For Improved Tax Compliance Africa 2009 Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers. UNDESA . Omoigui-Okauru is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) & a Chartered Tax Practitioner. Botswana. Mrs. University of New South Wales (UNSW. Commissioner of Revenue Compliance. SIAO. Brajindar Mohan Singh. Saye. developing quality goals which are measurable. 1989-1999. He is also a FCTIN of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria & ACA. Nigeria Professor Azinge is a Director. Director. He holds a Ph. Director. Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Initiative. Saye participated in the drafting & reviewing of the current Tax Laws of The Gambia & contributed to the setting of The Gambia Revenue Authority right from the planning to implementation stages. She has been working in the tax department of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Mr Singh also held roles as Director General International Taxation. He has been actively involved in the various technical committees on the review of Nigeria tax laws. Professor Humphrey Assisi Asobie. Mr.. She also has extensive experience in M&A projects (due diligence. Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria (FIRS). University of London. In addition to Lady Olga’s role as CEO. Associate. Prior to this. such as the Tax Notes International. Nigeria Mr. Tax Advisor. Commissioner of Domestic Taxes. Adewale has a B. Omoigui was a Partner in the firm of Arthur Andersen & Co -now KPMG Professional Services & Accenture & was Chief Responsibility Officer of ReStraL Ltd. Dr. He studied Tax Law and Tax Administration at the Universities of Ife in Nigeria & Harvard Law School in the USA. Sekome is currently serving as a non Executive Director in the Lesotho Post Bank and Lesotho Road Fund Board. Mr. technical. . she handled tax affairs of multinational companies. through to objections & appeals before the courts. Samba E. Foluke Agbeyangi. Following the reorganization exercise he assumed the new role serving as the Commissioner of Revenue Compliance with the primary responsibility in tax audits. in Germany Düsseldorf since she first joined the company in 2000 where shewas initially responsible for consulting multinational companies and dealing with all relevant taxrelated problems. and ILO & has completed assignments in Angola. an information Technology consulting & audit firm. in the areas of Compliance. Lagos. the end result being a change in the previous tax type structure to a functional structure. Sydney . Nigeria Mr. he served in two different Commissioners’ positions but still under the same organization. Humphrey Okorie. Bethuel Setai. Prior to his appointment at the FFC. in August 2000. Giwa – Osagie & Co. a service organisation providing critical IT facilities to numerous organisations in the UN System. 1999-2005. Alkali’s professional career stated as a Senior Accountant with Bauchi State Agricultural Supply Company in 1986 where he rose to the rank of Manager in 1990 before leaving for the UK to work as an Account Assistant with the Nigerian High Commission. Formerly. He had extensive audit experience before joining the Tax practice. Bamidele gained an M. Mr. Director. Chief. Investigation & Audit Support. He is a Member of the Nigerian Law Teachers Association. She has also championed tax reform at both federal & state levels. Abuja. Gombe State Board of Internal Revenue. with 29 years operational & management experience. Saye is a seasoned Tax official having participated in over twenty International Conferences worldwide in Tax Practice & Tax Administration including negotiating Double Taxation Treaties on behalf of his country. Claudia is a frequent speaker at seminars and has presented several papers in areas of her expertise. He held the Central Bank Money and Banking Chair at the University of the Philippines from 1984 to 1991.Egypt. Singh was selected for Indian Revenue Services in 1970. Lagos & has lectured at the University of Benin. he was appointed a Permanent Secretary & posted to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. trade. Cyprian M. Tax Unit. Former Advisor to the UN Board of Auditors & Former Director. Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria (FIRS). Course Director. Sydney -Australia). in particular. Prior to this he was Pioneer Head. OFAC. Mrs. 2004. Large Taxpayers Dept. Her clients comprise of multinational companies. the agency has witnessed tremendously progress in staff discipline. He was one of the executives overseeing & leading the program of re-organization of the Lesotho Revenue Authority a move that lead to transforming the organization from being a tax centric organization to that of being a taxpayers centric focus organization. Yola & with the Legal Aid Council (NYSC). the Master of Advanced Studies programme of Zürich University. the International Court of Justice in The Hague & various departments of the french ministry of health. Prior to his current role as Ag. David’s practice focuses on advising & assisting multinational enterprises & non-residents of Canada in structuring their business affairs with Canadians & in Canada. he was Audit Manager at Onwufuju. Investigating and Prosecuting Tax Evasion in Nigeria’. Government of India (INDIA) Mr. Mr. especially with respect to the oil & gas industry. Regulatory & People Services Practice. including the management of major projects & large scale data centre operations in many countries & institutions. being at the heart of its PFM Reforms. He has held a wide range of management. Nigeria 11 – 14 May 2009 Meet The Distinguished International Speaker Panel: Mrs. & at the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS). FIRS Kano Area Office & Investigation Officer – FIRS Special Investigation Branch. Head. internal audit & Value for Money Audit. automotive and technology industries. Nigeria Constitutional Lawyers Association. and Associate Professor of Economics at the University of The Philippines. Mr. Zimbabwe. Mr. media. Tax Inspector. Lesotho. International Tax (ITD) & PAYE departments. P Kamaray. Kamaray holds a Master of Accountancy degree from the University of Glasgow. Apart from her academic prowess. Mr. Directorate of Investigation. is the former president of the Academic Staff Union of Nigeria Universities & a retired professor of political science from the University of Nigeria. he started in the Budget Bureau as a Senior Budget Management Officer (SBMO) for almost two years & as Director of Budget for almost eight years. Partner . & had a working connection with the CTIC programme for several years before that. Nigerian Institute of Advance Legal Studies (NAILS). Nduka Azuka-Onyiah. Lesotho (1999) Bank (a subsidiary of Standard Bank) and Standard Bank Lesotho. Ifueko Omoigui-Okauru MFR. Before joining Lesotho Revenue Authority in 2002. He joined Lesotho Revenue Authority in November 2002 as Commissioner Value Added Tax & was amongst the four executive management team under the leadership of the Commissioner General who were recruited to help in the setting up of the structures & to recruit senior management team of the Authority. Post retirement. Special Cell. she founded in 1996. Associate. Commonwealth Lawyer Association. Humphrey is one of the exam item writers for the information Systems Audit and control association (ISACA) & has also participated & facilitated in a number of international professional conferences. Accountant General & Former Director of Budget.Sc in Accounting from the Obafemi Awolowo University. Nsukka. He came back to Nigeria to answer the call of his mother land in 2000 as Director Revenue with the Gombe State Board of Internal Revenue. again working closely with Dave Hartnett. Mr. He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. monitoring audits by fiscal authorities as well as negotiating transfer pricing structures with the competent authorities. Central Board of Direct Taxes where he supervised Foreign Tax Division. FATF. risk management & audit methodologies. FINCEN. Nigeria Ms. David is well-versed in the policies & processes of the Canada Revenue Agency & provincial tax authorities. ACA. compensation services. PricewaterhouseCoopers. From 1995 to 1999. Harare. is a proven result driven tax expert. He attended the Nigerian Law School. she was recognized as a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in Davos. WHO. Principal Consultant. Sekome spend thirteen years in the banking environment serving in different senior management positions in the three banks in Lesotho. He also holds a number of international certifications. Mozambique. NEITI other accomplishments since its inception 4 years ago. Dr. Manuel F Montes. While a Professor of Economics at the National University of Lesotho. financial accounting and taxation. with the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria. National Business Director. Advisory. Mr. Internal & External Audits. Mr. It works closely with the regulatory bodies. He is also associated with the Grenoble (France) Ecole de Management. Egyptian Tax Authority . due diligence.SC at the University of Lagos. Mr. Ministry of Finance (SIERRA LEONE) . Mr. Nigeria Temitope is currently Head of the Tax Department for SIAO (Chartered Accountants). Alkali. working closely with Dave Hartnett on both of them. Mr. Mr. Among his other Awardees are Barons fellow in Banking and Finance (USA) Life Time Merit Award (USA) & because of his valuable contribution to the field of Taxation he was conferred by his country with one of the highest National Orders – The Order of the Republic of the Gambia (ORG). Money Transfer International (MTI) (UK) MTI is an international trade association dedicated to promoting the development & interests of the global remittances industry. the Risk Management Special Interest Group of the UK Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) as well as the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Risk in Information Systems & E-Business (RISE) Special Interest Groups of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) in the UK. He is the esteemed author of many books & papers. Tax Controller Oil & Gas. where he was in charge of inspecting corporate companies (Corporate Profits Tax) in which they were founded under the umbrella of investment laws. Income Tax Department. MON and later in 2006 she added Member of the Federal Republic. As a tax consultant. Commissioner of Income Tax. Lady Olga was an international consultant. Before her appointment to MTI. Switzerland. Abdellatif was a member of Internal Committee with Large Taxpayer Center (Ministry of Finance. From 1992 to 1997 she was Conservative Member of Parliament. Head Special Investigation Branch. Bamidele. Before joining SIAO. payroll restructuring services.Ministry of Finance of Egypt & Affiliated. Kamaray is a Chartered Accountant . He is a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants’ 25-member GST Leaders Forum.FCCA (UK) and FCA (Sierra Leone) . Since her appointment as the Chairman of FIRS on March 3. workshops and on some international publications. Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) & the Open Information Systems Security Group (OISSG). he teaches post-graduate courses at Webster University. Ed is a regular speaker at international conferences on security and the author of several books and articles. articles & books in the financial & fiscal field. he has been engaged on an annual consultancy basis by HM Revenue & Customs & the Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators (CATA) as the Course Director for the Commonwealth Tax Inspector Course. He later on assumed the position of the Commissioner Income Tax in 2005. a leadership & management services company. she has been offering specific tax related services in corporate tax advisory. economic development & economic integration.Kena Governorate. Saye has been in the Tax Department for the last 40 years & during this period he served as Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax for eleven years & Commissioner of Income Tax for ten years.A. mergers and acquisitions & pension advisory services. Webster University. His role as Chairman of NEITI is to look at outstanding issues in the industry. Lagos) where she worked in Returns. Dr Setai was the administrative champion of the transformation project in the Free State government. He served in the Management Committee of the Commonwealth Association of Tax Administration (CATA) for several years representing the West African Region.the Value Added Tax system in Lesotho (replacing the sales tax) in July 2003. Lady Olga Maitland. Nigeria Mrs Ifueko Omoigui-Okauru is the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Nigerian Bar Association. including Honourable Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice (1991 – 1997).

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