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energy solutions for better buildings

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The European portal for energy efficiency in buildings
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The interactive BUILD UP web portal
A widely recognised resource on energy efficiency in buildings Easy to obtain and to share practical information Promoting innovative web services Offering links at European and international levels Totally free A European Commission initiative funded under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme

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European Commission

An initiative of the European Commission
The interactive BUILD UP web portal enables professionals and policy makers in the buildings sector to share knowledge and best practices on building design, construction and operation. The aim is to provide better and more comfortable buildings, with optimal levels of energy efficiency and integrated renewable energies.

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energy solutions for better buildings

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Comprehensive coverage of energy efficiency in buildings Best practices and case studies Extensive technical and legislative resources – both European and national Links to financing schemes Access to information on training schemes Reliable posts subject to approval before publication Monthly newsletters: the best of the most relevant articles!

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Actively, extensively and regularly used by stakeholders Increases awareness by all parties in building chain of untapped savings potential Fosters uptake of best practices by the market Offers visibility and credibility all over Europe Useful and attractive

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