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2. narrow roads. including school and college students face problems while travelling or commuting in the city of Baroda. There are several reasons for traffic congestions like increase in vehicular traffic. INTRODUCTION This paper is based on a study undertaken on understanding traffic problems in the city of Baroda and focuses on one of the reasons for the same. there is one cause that has been quiet ignored while road engineering is gaping of dividers. However.1 FREQUENT U-TURNS The major issue created out of higher gaping of dividers is of U-turns. A BRIEF REVIEW Everyday. The traffic problem escalates when there is heavy traffic on the opposite side of the road and the motorist keeps struggling to penetrate within the moving traffic. hundreds of commuters. The study covers the traffic issues created by frequent gaps or openings in the dividers/Medians between roads. Some of the consequences of such faulty engineering are elaborated as follows: 2.1. encroachments etc. The motorists wanting to change the sides on the road are tempted to directly take a u-turn instead of travelling towards a junction or crossing and then change the side. faulty traffic signals. The Motorist stops at the divider opening leaving the following traffic in jeopardy. This situation creates traffic not only on one side of the road on which the motorist has stopped to take a u-turn but also on the opposite side of the road as his car is half way between both the sides. . The paper also highlights some of the reasons and possible corrective actions to minimize the problem.

. There are multiple transfers of motorists between carriageways which further creates life hazards.2 DIRECT ENTRY Another problem arising out of frequent gaping of dividers is of direct entry by the motorist from the complex or building for which the opening has been provided to the opposite side of the road. 2.2.3 MULTIPLE OPENINGS A similar issue of traffic congestion is created when there are multiple divider openings within very short distances. The formal practice should be to travel on the same side of the road on which the building is located towards a junction or crossing and then change the side.

3. 3.800 mtr distance between two median openings. Some basic guideline must be followed towards spacing for e. Some basic symbols can be. However. some basic signage’s must be established which can hinder motorists from doing the same. These can be established at every divider opening until a crossway. . SOLUTIONS The Indian Road Congress (IRC) does not define any codes with respect to spacing of gaps with respect to central dividers and hence the local authorities have the liberty to decide on the same by following some basic guidelines.g.1 REDUCING NUMBER OF OPENINGS The simplest solution to avoid traffic problem arising out of median gaps is to reduce the number of openings within a stretch of a central divider. 3. Such basic norms must be established by local authorities while developing roads. 500 .2 SIGNAGES To mitigate frequent u-turns. there are some simple solutions that can help to mitigate the problem.

Lastly.3 TRAFFIC DISCIPLINE Finally the utmost important solution towards traffic congestion is following some basic traffic sense.e. proper signs and indications should be built at every broad road so that even a new person who’s driving does not face any problem. the traffic rules and regulations should be made stricter so that it is followed by general public. Each and every country now a day’s faces traffic problems just because the engineering involved in developing the dividers is not upto the mark. the citizens of the Baroda city should be trained to use sideways to walk and to use zebra crossing while crossing the two sides. If these few things . Along with this. 4. Government should promote these kinds of messages on print media as well as broadcasting channels. length and so on. Secondly. So that it is easy to build and align it with the road. government should place close circuit cameras on every divider opening to keep an eye on people. This would help in reducing number of openings. CONCLUSION In the light of the above study it can be concluded that traffic problem is merely a road engineering issue. Haywire crossing should be punished strictly and huge fines’ should be taken from the people. The basic traffic sense should be implemented in such events.3. what is its diameter. width. The civic authorities must follow strict traffic discipline. To overcome this problem a systematic system should be formed in drawing of these designs. To make traffic rules more effective. This type of training should be implemented during the “Traffic week” which was a recent event in the city of Baroda and in these kind of event citizens should be shown the data of accident that take place because improper crossing so that during this time they are trained and also be aware of the hazards of accidents. Also. Once this system is applied less traffic congestion will take place. citizens should be made aware of the fact that such type of crossing the roads is dangerous and could result into some hazardous situation. This will increase the cost of government but it would have an effective result within few days. This can be achieved from both ends. So once this data is been presented it will spread over across and will definitely bring the desired results. Utmost. care should be taken for this and a keen observation of that area should be done i. Once people are aware 50% of the problem will reduce.

are implemented surely there be less problems and it will benefit both public and society at large. ******* .