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Date: 27th September 2011 Textbook: English Scrapbook Unit: Tastes and behaviour Lesson: Greetings from…

Grade: 7th B

Communicative aims: - to ask for and give opinions - to express opinions - to extract information from a given text - to practice vocabulary Skills covered: writing reading speaking adjectives ending in –ed and –ing

Grammar: Vocabulary:

- active- adjectives describing weather, people, food and places - adjectives expressing how someone feels - passive: nasty, traffic jam textbook worksheets postcards (realia) visual aids


Activity 1: -

organizing the class checking homework

Aim: - to create a proper atmosphere for teaching the new lesson Procedure: -Conversation: T asks Ss questions Interaction: T- Ss Timing: 3 min

Activity 2: - warm-up activity Aim: - to familiarize the Ss to the new topic

T selects three Ss to read out the completed postcards and check answers Interaction: Ss.check the answers open-class Interaction: S reads the first postcard .T elicits clues that confirm the postcard is from Hawaii .presentation activity Aim: .T refers to each postcard and asks Ss to guess what countries the three postcards come from Interaction: T.Ss GW Timing: 5 lead Ss to an awareness of the difference in meaning between –ed and –ing adjectives Procedure: -Ss read the list of adjectives from the Language Focus box .Ss T. Activity 4: . and -ed adjectives are used to show how a person Interaction: Ss. Activity 3: .Ss Ss.T asks class open questions .T highlights that –ing adjectives are used to show what an object or person is like.Ss Timing: 5 develop the skill of reading for general understanding (gist) Procedure: .skimming Aim: .Procedure: .Ss read in groups of two the other extracts and match the two halves .Ss T.T T.T makes notes on the Bb .scanning Aim: . Activity 5: .Ss read the postcard from Hawaii to complete the task .Ss make notes .Ss individual Timing: 5 min. .reading and making notes .Ss Timing: 7 min.reading postcards .to develop the skill of reading for general information Procedure: .

two groups act out the conversations in front of the class Timing: 10 min.Ss are asked to work in groups of four and make the group’s opinions Aim: . on page 7/ex 5 b . Ss solve the exercises .feels about an object or another person .the secretary of each group reports his/her group members’ opinions Interaction: Ss.g.Ss work ex.T asks a group of four to read the conversation GW substituting the adjectives for clowns .Ss is about .Ss GW Timing: 7 min Activity 7: .in groups.practice activity Aim: -to give practice in the use of –ed and –ing adjectives Procedure: .T Ss.production Aim: .T asks Ss to look at the pictures quickly T.class feedback Interaction: Ss.T elicits that there are four people and they are talking about picture 1 .T asks Ss how many people are speaking and which of the pictures the conversation Ss.for further practice Ss are given worksheets .giving opinion .Ss answer the questions (ex 3) Activity 6: .4 .Ss Timing: 3 min .to give further practice in using –ing adjectives Procedure: Interaction: . Activity 8: .to express and report opinions Procedure: -one S reads the similar conversations .conversation using certain adjectives .Ss and to read the conversation .

T writes the agreed topics on the Bb .Activity 9: . Activity 10: .to prepare Ss for their written homework Procedure: .T hands them postcards .Ss Ss.things generally people write about in a postcard Aim: . .Ss Ss.T Timing: 5 min.Ss Timing: 5 min.Ss copy them into their notebooks Interaction: T.T refers to ex 6 and elicits answers .Ss are asked to use the adjectives from the Language Focus box .to provide consolidation of language so far and practice in writing postcards Procedure: .Ss are asked to write about what they like/ don’t like about the place they are visiting Interaction: T.Ss discuss briefly their opinions .Ss are asked to write a postcard .homework Aim: .