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VIP® Reservoir Simulation

Suite VIP® Reservoir Simulation Suite
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Reservoir simulation technology suite VIP®, Landmark's reservoir simulation technology suite, provides complete pre-processing, simulation and post-processing workflows to engineers and asset teams. The VIP Windows-based interface, database design and integrated workflows dramatically improve the efficiency of all simulation tasks, from initial data assembly, job design and submittal, through simulation and production prediction. Building on its strength as a full-physics simulator, Windows-based tools make it much easier to perform simulation and analysis in the VIP suite. VIP tools allows the entire asset team to quickly leverage reservoir simulation results to improve well planning and reservoir management decisions. Benefits Simulation for the entire asset team The easy-to-use native Windows workflows leverage the OpenWorks® database. As a result, the entire asset team can access valuable information from fluid flow simulation, not just the specialists. Efficient simulation workflow VIP software provides workflow integration across pre-processing, simulation and analysis modules. This allows asset teams to quickly model and analyze the results of numerous reservoir types and production mechanisms. Integration with the OpenWorks database permits unprecedented access to a wide range of geological, well trace, well perforation and well timing data needed to support simulation workflows. Customizable simulation technology The VIP simulation suite is flexible and adaptable to your reservoir management workflow. Features Simplified Windows-based user interface VIP Data Studio provides an easy-to-use Windows interface that enables rapid preparation of all reservoir, well, and fluid/pressure data for flow simulation. This easy-to-use module still allows the use of keywords if the user prefers. Parallel and serial job management VIP takes full advantage of today’s computer processing power with its new and improved Job Submittal module. VIP’s Job Submittal module supports both serial and parallel job management across multiple CPUs and platforms. Users also have options to submit jobs in batch. Rapid data analysis VIP introduces SimResults, a new module providing post-processing capabilities in a Windows format. Based upon vector analysis (line plotting), users can quickly analyze the results of

saturations. derived quantities and more. Full physics modeling VIP offers full physics modeling within a single simulator. naturally fractured reservoirs and tracer tests. saturations. . layer sum calculations. etc. Advanced simulation analysis SimResults+ offers additional potential for simulation analysis with breakthrough capabilities around solution plots in 2-D (pressures. E2V: A utility to aid in the translation of ECLIPSE reservoir simulation data files into the VIP data file format. SimResults+ is licensed separately to extend SimResults funtionality. Simulation modules Parallel-VIP™: The most scalable parallel simulator on the market today.e. volatile oils and miscible gas cycling. Users can sum variables through depth or time and perform Boolean operations using standard IF/THEN/ELSE syntax. and third party simulators. well hierarchy data) SimResults/SimResults+: Offers additional simulation analysis with breakthrough capabilities around vector and solution plots (presures. Hot water and steam floods for “dead oils” can be accommodated as well as polymer floods. a common and easy to use scripting language is provides maximum efficiency when analyzing large datasets. flat ASCII files. and computes the initial state of the reservoir model. executable for the full range of recovery processes including: primary depletion. PVT data. visualize. Includes options for "near" compositional simulation (extended black oil option allows for the modeling of condensate reservoirs with a black oil formulation) VIP-THERM™: Thermal simulator for hot water or steam-flooded reservoirs with either an ncomponent or dead oil formulation.simulation runs and understand how reservoirs will perform. conventional waterfloods and immiscible gas injection for black oils. layer sum calculations. VIP-COMP™: N-component. intuitive interfaces to import. The black oil and compositional simulator takes advantage of parallel architecture computors to accomodate larger models or to run existing models faster by subdividing the simulation model into smaller pieces and distributing the workload.). fluid and rock properties. In addition. VIP-CORE™: Processes the reservoir description. relative permeability data. Interactive pre/post processors VIP Data Studio™: Easy-to-use workflow for building simulation jobs. etc). create and manipulate historical fluid injection/production data. Gridcalc: Allows users to manipulate both static and dynamic grid block attributes to create new display attributes in a single simulation or varied between simulation runs. and more. VIP-ENCORE™: Black oil simulator for conventional reservoir modeling . derived quantities. VIP Convert: A series of utilities to import data from RESCUE. The simulation modules then advance the reservoir model through successive time steps. well perforation data and other disparate data sources associated with simulation (i. condensate modeling. equation-of-state reservoir simulator. an easy-to-use scripting language.

GRIDGENR™: Generates reservoir simulation grids and offers direct manipulation of contour data. Linux Pre/post processing and simulation modules: Windows 2000 Operating System(s) Graphical applications: Certified Windows 2000. Add-on appications Standard DESKTOP-VIP components can be augmented withpre/post processor add-on applications. SP1. Treatments are compatible with either black oils or equations of state. Linux Red Hat 7.5. Solaris 2. AIX 4. data and grid clipping can be applied.8. Tested on WindowsXP.8.2 GeoLink: Windows 2000. and saturations can be displayed using a ternary display. back to top System Requirements Software Requirements Landmark Graphics OpenWorks® R2003 is required Hardware Requirements Simulator modules: Certified R2003 UNIX platforms: SGI & Sun.5.5.11m.11m. Simulators: Windows 2000. VIP-Local Grid Refinement™: Allows users to model local grid refinements with Cartesian or radial coodinates. 3DView™: Provides 3-D interactive visualization and animation of simulation results using zoom. Solaris 2. SP1. well paths and well perforations from OpenWorks. component pseudoization. Provides capabilities for heavy-ends characterization.3. compositional and dual porosity models.2 3DVIEW: Windows 2000. highly heterogeneous or stratified reservoirs.11m. regression of parameters to match experimental laboratory tests. SGI 6. VIP-DUAL™: Models naturally fractured. Includes the ARRAY application for grid block property interpolation.VIP-POLYMER™: Capable of modeling polymer flooding in black oil. Provides import capabilities. including direct connections to geologic grids. faults. Linux Red Hat 7. SGI 6. and slice techniques. SGI 6. DESKTOP-PVT™: Equation-of-state reservoir characterization system. simulation of new lab tests and creation of data for VIP-COMP. VIP-SURFACE: An add-on module for modeling flow into tubing strings and the entire surface network. The evolution of reservoir attributes can be studied.3. pan. contours. Solaris 2. SP 1 and 2.8 Related Products: Asset Planner™ OpenWorks® PowerModel™ PrecisionTarget™ TracPlanner™ Z-MAP Plus® . SP1 and 2.