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. international job opportunities and migration assistance to various candidates. One of the biggest recruitment companies in the world since 1951 which provides talent management solutions. seminars. A website which helps students in finding internships. It has participants from 200 countries speaking 70 languages.Our Affiliates Award winning website awarded by LearnX Asia-Pacific 2009 for best site for E-learning and training. Innovese is the creator of Slambook and Yo!Captcha and is our technology partner and provides assistance in development of our LMS platform as well as other technical assistance. scholarships as well as conferences across the globe.

Abu Road . Sikar Manda Institute Of Tecnology. Bharatpur Vedant College Of Engineering And Technology. The product has been liked by all including the management. Jaipur Shobhasariya Engineering College.Our Clients We have an ever increasing client list which includes some of the top rated colleges who have reposed their faith in our product and have implemented SHArP Edge products in their institutions.Jaipur USB College Of Engineering. Pilani Arya Group of Colleges. Bundi Shridhar University. faculty and the students alike in all these institutions. Jaipur Rajasthan Technical University. Jaipur Maharshi Arvind Institute of Engineering and Technology.Jaipur Global Institute of Technology. Bikaner Chandravati Group of Institutions. Some of our recent clients include: Jaipur Engineering College And Research Centre. Kota Kautilya Institute of Technology and Engineering.

Ajmer Biff and Bright college of Engineering and Technology. Baghpat Millennium Institute of Technology.Kurukshetra .Jaipur Siddhivinayak Group of colleges . College of Engineering and Technology. Jaipur D.R. Saharanpur Vidya Vikas Group of Institutions.Alwar Yagyavalkya Institute of Technology.Ajmer Rajdhani Group of Colleges .JEC Group of Colleges. Jaipur Jaipur National University. Hyderabad Aryabhatta College of Engineering and Research Centre. Jaipur Aryabhatt Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Content Creation We follow a rigrous content creation process starting from strategic guidance by our advisory board. followed by content advisory and continuous review by our Technical Board. The entire content is then reviewed. . Content creation is done through teams set up in BITS Pilani. IIT Delhi. compiled and collated at our Business Processing Centre managed through highly professional teams. IIT Roorkee and IIT Powai which continuously interact with our Research Centres for University specific inputs.

Teacher can change various parameters and use it repeatedly to try multiple options. The impact of multiple variables can be shown using such simulations. The entire process is animated and visually appealing.Interactive and Cognitive Learning Our Solution Our solution for engineering colleges includes creation of technology enabled classrooms and creation of digital content including various simulations and animations to improve interactivity in the classroom and allows overall cognitive learning for all students by stimulating multiple sense organs for better understanding and retention of concepts.         7000 Powerpoint slides 2000 2D and 3D images 400 Animations 200 3D models 1000 Case studies 400 hours Videos 150 Simulations .

Institute’s classrooms are converted into i-classrooms with a projector. OR Placed on a movable trolley with CPU Advantages:      Can be run using the existing infrastructure of the institute. i-pads and other gadgets as per the institute’s discretion. CPU. keyboard and pointing device. Can be installed on in-house computers reducing need for heavy expenditure. Pen Tablets. The solution is flexible to work with the basic CPU+ moveable projector solution to the use of Smart Boards. Retains the flexibility to use the original chalk and talk method alongside. It enables Professors to use digital resources such as educational animations. assessments and diagrams to make classroom more interactive creating multi-sensory learning for students and help improve their academic performance.SHArP Class SHArP Class is a technology platform for engineering students which seamlessly integrates the traditional chalk & talk method with smart classrooms based on cognitive learning. . Completely flexible as per college needs. The Institute has the flexibility to decide its infrastructure without any burden on its financial resources. No common server or wiring costs to be incurred. Our Solution White screen for projector Regular Chalk Board or white board already installed in the classroom Projector can be wall mounted permanently.

Allows teachers to use pre-designed pictures. Animations. Diagram. The faculty is provided with detailed description of all the applets. University level inputs taken from eminent professors of each University. text. Standardization of quality of content and the delivery mechanism makes it easy to manage a chain of institutions. simulations & animations to save crucial teaching time.SHArP Teach Prep Our Solution All content is prepared under the guidance of best in class faculty in the country as per University specific course and syllabus. videos or text to explain the concept Advantages:     Flexible Solutions and customized as per faculty requirements. diagrams. Powerpoint can be customized and slides split into specific lectures. Software and content is installed on multiple faculty computers to help them prepare notes before the class and customize if necessary. . College lecturers shall have the flexibility to create their own lecture plans. Semester Details Subject Reference Main Topic Sub Heading Lecture Number Unit Details Pictures. simulations and animations along with guidance on how to use each of them. Ready notes to teachers for regular use.

the software along with the digital content is also installed in some computers in the computer lab of the college for various faculty members and students to access whenever necessary. Can be used for faculty training. understand difficult concepts or revise in case they miss a particular class. . Can also be used for lecturer tutorials and focused group activities. Advantages:    Allows students to refer to the material in case they miss a particular class.SHArP Lab Our Solution Although the product is a teaching aid for the teachers. Acts as backup in case of classroom hardware failure. discussions and meetings regarding the content. This enables students to make notes.

Flexibility in selection of hardware. Technology We avoid the cost of common servers and cabling which helps in reducing data and server room maintenance costs. Alternatively college may decide to create a server room at its own discretion. Direct option to play videos. Can be installed on any number of computers. Each teacher gets a unique login ID and password for data security. Advantages:    Friendly user-interface. . Can be easily customized. Organization of the complete content is grouped by year. animations. category and branch.LMS Platform Data is stored in each CPU individually. The solution can be run using in-house computers and projectors as well as through our technology partners. and other audio & visuals.