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Information Technology is undoubtedly the most sought after career in India.

Software engineers are the stars in the current market owing to their salaries paid. This article is written to help freshers from India with Bachelors or Masters degree and working professionals working in non-IT industry planning to switch to IT industry Content: Find tips for finding an opportunity, clearing IT aptitude test and interview. If you are planning to dive into an IT career, here are few tips that would help you to achieve your aspiration. Use below internal links to quickly navigate to that topic.
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How to get an interview call Things to do on the day before an Interview What to expect in a Written Test The Interview What’s more important Experience or Salary Is IT going low due to recession in the USA

How to get an interview call:
Your first step to get an IT job is get a call from IT company for interview. How do you get an interview call? Where can you find software job postings? You guessed it right. Jobs are posted in job boards such as Go straight to one of those sites (or all of them) and register your profile with them. Upload your resume and keep all the fields complete. Companies always need people! (with an exception in the times of recession like now). So company’s Human Resource department continuously consults the above job sites for filling up the required job positions. You can also try job consultancies such as Elitmus is an online job consultancy based in Bangalore. They conduct an aptitude test called the pH Test. They

McAfee Software. Research the current requirements in IT Industry: Is your cousin is working as a software engineer? Talk to him. dot NET technologies. Learn manual or automated testing. Automated Testing. SAP. Siebel). and dig it up. dynamically refreshing content on the page without reloading. I had got a lot of interview calls (from National Instruments. Oracle PL/SQL. Choose a technology based on your interests. H3C Technologies. Find out the technology that in demand in his organization. I personally liked their services. . The jobs posted at elitmus. Last but not the least if you want a hassle free IT job sans programming. If your priority is to grab the high paid IT job opportunities. javascript/AJAX. Want to find out how vast amount of information is stored in the internet or how orkut remembers so many people? Learn SQL. The current technology requirements of IT are: JAVA/J2EE. Siebel. opt for testing. Did your friend get placed into any Software Company? Discuss and find out what questions are being for new job postings. you should consider learning CRM Customer Relationship Management Softwares (SAP. if you like web and the internet.charge you some amount of money for registering for the are usually the high paid ones (3 lakh Rupees per annum on an average). Any score of above 80 percentile and a good score in your bachelors almost ensures you a couple of interview calls. If you are fascinated by the way gmail works. You have to regularly check elitmus. You need not have to know all of them. For example. you should consider learning JAVA. you should learn javascript/ AJAX technologies. Huwaien). DotNet. Or if you are interested to know how your scrapbook opens when you reply somebody on orkut. Learn any one of them thoroughly.

then you are completely mistaken. This book is the best ever book teaching C for the latest placement papers. C language is the fastest compiler and the best ever compiler. freshers seem to have wrong impression about C language. Back to top Things to do the day before an Interview Let us say that you got a call from coveted IT company in India. Since its birth in 1978. Even C ++ has not been able to replace C compiler in Embedded systems and RTOS programming (Programming air-crafts). it was the key language for System Programming and embedded systems. Learn What They Want: . C language is the favorite programming language for interviewers to ask questions. Expect a lot of C language questions if you are attending your first IT interview. Once you are done with that book. what next? Usually they conduct an aptitude test for screening people before the actual interview. Try FreshersWorld. They assume that C is an outdated programming language. Often. if you read this book thoroughly. read the book “Let us C” by yashwanth kanitkar. Search on Google for previous papers of that company and start working on those questions. If you are one of them. If you are a beginner in C. You can crack any written test asking C language. Even for learning JAVA. the ancestor or programming languages. See the posts on C interview questions with solutions in this blog. read “The C programming Language” by Denis Ritchie. C is a very powerful language with little restrictions. Yes. If you are migrating from another industry to IT. companies do repeat question patterns. this is the language that you should learn first.Do not Forget the ancestor: C language C language. This trick works most of the times. C language happens to be the pre-requisite.

Also be sure to see this checklist on things to do the day before an interview. Find out the expectations from your future employer.Before you go to attend an interview you should do your homework. so interviewers would naturally want to test your problem solving ability. what you wish to say. 2. Back to top What to expect in The Written Test: A written test typically covers the following sub-topics: 1. And more specifically. 3. industry considers simple puzzles as a quick way to test. If you have time also solve the classic book.Buy the book. Preparation for English tests such as TOEFL/GRE/IELTS helps greatly. Soft skills: IT industry expects their employees to possess good soft skills (writing / speaking in English). Favorite topics in aptitude tests are percentages. Read the job description carefully. loss and profit. “Puzzles to Puzzle you” by Shakuntala Devi. consider yourself as fit for an IT job. . Math: Expect a few questions from mathematics that is taught in high school. ratios. If you can express in English. As it is difficult to test a fresher for advanced concepts of programming. knowledge of which technology do they want the job applicants to possess? Do they want people for build management? / Do they want people for application server administration? If you cannot understand these details. “The great book of puzzles and Teasers” by George Summers. interest. Take help of your friends or seniors who are Software engineers by profession. I bet that you can clear any aptitude test that comes your way. You don’t need to be an essayist or a prize winning public orator. If not. Make it habit to solve puzzles. do not worry too much. Do they want a Java programmer / Web developer / Web designer / Tester / Quality Analyst? Tweak your resume based on what they want. finish it and move on to “More puzzles to puzzle you” by the same author. If you have solved that book completely. The only way to test your problem solving abilities is through puzzles. you should join some English training institute such as VETA. Aptitude: IT job is all about real life problems and solving them.

memory operations (calloc. Write your own.h. precedence of operators. Even if its buttler it’s alright to some extent as long as you speak smoothly. first question would be “What’s on headlines today?” So be very honest. a HR manager talks to you casually. You are expected to speak fluently. But still it is better not to take chances. with ironed and a decent dress. 3. do not think about anything else while doing an interview. Think twice before you write anything in resume. pointer arithmetic. Do not write poems or day dreams in resume. arrays. You need not be an orator. Girls: Punjabi dress or salwar and kurta. Most probably: scope of variables. 4. 2. You might see the interviewer wearing funky t-shirt and jeans. Never give one-word answers. Grooming: What you wear speaks a lot about you.. Boys: Formals and shoes. If it is an MNC. Do not hide or over explain about your backlogs / arrears. string. simple but smart one line ambition. Back to top The Interview: You would be evaluated on the basis of following things: 1. malloc). Answer to the question — do not over-explain or under-explain — keep it simple. Maintain eye-contact. Do not slouch in your chair. but buttler English is not accepted. You’d be questioned . You need to be casual and honest while answering. C standard library(stdlib. talk very confidently & audibly.permutations and combination. Do not use negative language like “I don’t know” . Honesty:is usually tested in the last round also called as HR (Human Resource) round. you will be caught. Sit straight.h. “that was not taught”. If you say that you like reading newspaper. pointers. Programming skills: 90% chances are that you would be asked questions from C language. Questions in C++ and Java are rarely asked in entry level / freshers interview. it may be other way round. 4. In this interview. Resume / Curriculum vitae:Everything on your CV/resume counts. There is no match for the book “Quantitative Aptitude” by RS Agarwal in this department. You need to come neatly groomed. Speaking skill:This is a very important criterion. Listen with utmost attention. etc) . Do not talk too much about your negative points. Do not boast too much. String manipulation. Instead say POLITELY that you are not aware of it or say that you are excel in some other topic.

For ex: your dress sense is bad or your resume sucks. 6. In case you are not from Computer science background. Consider doing SCJP 1. they might not ask much. The key here is he is trying to test your argument abilities. I wish somebody had told me about this. Do not ask questions such as: How many leaves would I get per year? / How much will my pay rise after one year? Instead enquire about the project and growth. They see your attitude (perseverance) in solving puzzles as solving real life problems you might face tomorrow in the company. Argument Round:This is very common asked in the US based MNC’s. HR interviewer would start arguing with you on a point. You should never give up until he says time-up. At least act as if you are trying to solve. his relationship with the company. If you know that you are not good at what is being asked. sorting. find greatest number. If you haven’t done anything other than going to college. Asking nothing usually may give a wrong impression to the interviewer that you are under confident. But common questions are: What was your role in your project work? Explain how is your project work useful in real world? Learn at least in brief about your project and be honest if you did not do it by yourself. Extras:Your project work could be questioned. they are highly valued. recursion. Participation and prizes in events technical/cultural/extra-curricular is a great plus. I learnt it in Huwaien technology interview. But you should not give up easily.5 or an oracle PL/SQL certification. Puzzles again:You would be given a couple of puzzles to solve. So be prepared with such common programs. about the interviewer’s background. 5. or anything about the company that amuses you. 9. be prepared to justify. 7. Technical skills:Certifications rock!!. You should stick to your point for hours together. 8. You are likely be asked to write a C program for factorial. you are not expected to get the perfect answer for the puzzle. If you do not know what certifications are. you can promptly interrupt and tell the interviewer about your strength. it’s time for you to join some NGO / some active college group. find out from your seniors. Ask questions:At the end of the interview you would be given a chance to ask questions. Never waver or agree to what he says.about each and every word in your resume. So grab this opportunity to ask questions. .

Soon.This may subsequently lessen number of job opportunities in IT now. It is only facing a harsh and stormy weather. So answer in a way to lead him to ask in the areas you are strong at. remember that the answer that give him leads him to new questions. If you have good experience in good work you can demand a raise in next company but not the other way around. So there is soon going to be an increase in jobs available in IT industry. Software industry is here to stay. But this does not mean that it is the end of computer era. . founder name etc. Update: Economy seems to be reviving in India.A? Yes. This should not be very difficult. Is IT going to fall due to recession in the U. A Cool Tip:Last but not the least. brand name works. products of the company. the bright sun would be back in the sky. there is going to be a huge effect on IT industry jobs due to the current financial situation in U. As of december 2009.S. 11.A and U. the signs are positive. Back to top What’s important Experience or Salary For freshers.K .S. I would certainly recommend you the latter. This trend would continue till the end of 2009. A friend of mine did not qualify an interview in Satyam Computers for mis-spelling it as Sathyam. but if you have to choose between a silly job and high pay versus good job but low pay. Practice it with your friends. About the Company:One day before interview.10. Yes. clients of the company. what certainly matters is who you work for and what you work on. You would get questions from the terminology that you had used in your answer. Read frequently committed mistakes in an interview. learn few key facts about the company such as: CEO of the company.