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The Products and Services

Viralprint offers a good variety of over 40 collateral marketing products. Almost every product is full color graphics meaning the cost is the same no matter what color, logo, images or pictures used. A few products do have a lower cost option on B/W or by the color option:

1. Business cards: Business Cards are our best seller at 50% of all sales is the most reordered product and the most multiple (multi-boxes) ordered products! Include various styles and choice of inks and coatings. One or two sided printing. Standard business cards, fold over, various foil, various plastic, magnet, Endurance (tear and water resistant) and various rounded corner business cards. Coating choices include UV gloss, Matte and Linen (uncoated) on most of these versions. Customers can choose from a 14 point or 16 point (industries thickest card stock). Other additional options include Akufoil (inks that look like foil), Spot UV coating, Metallic inks and Silver Ink choices. Quantities range from 100 up to 100,000+. Turnaround time is 2 to 3 business days plus shipping time which is 1 to 2 business days ground UPS soon to be 95% of the US (currently about 80%). We will be marketing a one sided price and FREE backside up to 5000 quantity.


Postcards: include 22 sizes including 3 sizes that qualify for the new USPS EDDM program! One or two sided printing. Postcards share the same options as business cards (above) on most of the sizes, quantities, coatings and special options. Turnaround time is also the same as business cards. THE IMPORTANT thing to always show when talking prices of printed products is the “UNIT PRICE.” Especially on bigger orders. If something cost $242 for 5000 units sounds like a lot…but the unit price is only 4.8 cents each…easier to digest!


Rack Cards and Book Marks are considered postcards and are included in the 22 sizes available with the same options as postcards.


Brochures and Flyers: come in 21 sizes. The difference between a Flyer and Brochure is a brochure is folded. There are 10 folding options depending on size, some options are an added cost. Flyers and Brochures come in 4 paper styles and 4 coating styles to choose from, not all options are for all sizes. One or two sided printing. Turnaround time is 2 to 4 days plus shipping time. NOTE: We are really at a great price on Brochures!!! 1000 for $166, 5000 for $325 and that includes 21% + bonuses paying back to members! Anytime you see a brochure on a counter somewhere…give them your card and tell them the prices! 5000 Two sided flyers are only 6.5 cents each! You can’t print that at home that cheap!


Full Color Banners: Are one of our top sellers. Viralprint offers a top quality heavy 13oz nylon woven (for strength) vinyl banner. Full color printing directly on the material to the edge (full bleed) and UV coated. Comes with a 1 year fade resistant warranty, heat seamed edges all four sides, grommets all 4 corners and every 2 to 3 feet on each side, made to last 5+ years outside (not including wind damage). Other options include two sided printing, pole pockets, edges not seamed & no grommets if requested, sizes up to 54”H x 160 feet long before having to seam edges together, then almost limitless. We can do as little as one square foot to billboard sizes. With a Viralprint price of $3.85 per sq ft which includes paying members back 21% + bonuses is an awesome price and excellent quality! Turnaround time is 2 to 4 business day plus 1 to 2 day UPS shipping time to 80% of the US. This price is HALF what most companies charge for full color banners!!! Our quality can’t be beat! The price is per sq ft…so if it is 2.5 ft x 4 ft it will be priced at a 3x4 price or 12 sq ft x $3.85 plus shipping.


Car Door Magnets: are made of the industries thickest 30 mil magnet material for longevity and durability to hang on tight and last a long time! Full color printed directly on the material to the edge (full bleed) and UV coated, comes with a 1 year fade resistant warranty! Comes in 4 height and 4 width sizes for 16 variations of sizes! Rounded corners option. 2 to 4 days turnaround plus shipping time. Can order one, a pair or more! MOST popular size is 12” x 18” and 12” x 24”


Yard Signs: Full Color!!! One or two sided, stands optionable, Rigid 4mm Coroplast is typically used for yard, parking, real estate, and election signs. They are waterproof. UV coated to last long outdoors! Printed directly on the material to the edge (full bleed). Order ONE or more! Pretty much any size from 12 inch x 12 inch to 46 inch by 46 inch! 5 to 7 days turnaround plus shipping. Our price for FULL COLOR is sometimes LESS than what printshop’s charge for ONE COLOR! PLUS we print on the material; most printshop’s cannot produce full color digital graphics and add vinyl which will not last as long outside!


Door Hangers: Is a fairly requested product for marketing purposes. Door Hangers include 5 sizes, 5 paper stock options and 4 coating options and 4 hole cut options. Made one or two sided in full color.


Rip off or “tear off” cards: are similar in stock options as postcards and door hangers with 3 sizes to choose, 4 stock options and 4 coating options. Tear off cards are a post card style card with a perforated end like a business card sized tear off section for customers to tear off and keep. Full color, 2 to 4 days turnaround plus shipping time. These provide a unique marketing option for businesses.


Letterhead: is a nice professional product especially for any business, but especially for offices and professional service type businesses. Our letterhead comes in 4 sizes and 2 premium stock options. All are a Linen uncoated type paper and can be printed one or two sided. Blank added pages and Blank envelopes are available to make a complete set of matching paper styles. Our letterhead is made with a 10% recycled paper.


Envelopes: like our letterhead, these are a premium quality product with many options. Full Color options include 3 choices of sizes with a premium 70# uncoated papers stock. There are window and no window options. Other envelopes come in dozens of size options with color options, window options, glue options and security paper stock options. Blank or printed. We can design your letterhead and envelopes to match for an amazing professional look!


Magnets: Beside Business Card magnets, we have 8 sizes for other magnet material products such as refrigerator calendars, pizza restaurant magnets, good for doctor, vet and other professional service businesses! For indoor use, these 17 point magnets are a good value!


Table Tents: Perfect for restaurants…quantities start at 250 and up. Choice of 2 sizes, 2 stock options and 3 coating styles, this will be a hit with many restaurants.


Presentation Folders: Good variety of a nice product for businesses needing to make a great presentation! Quantities start at 250 on most sizes. Available in 4 sizes, 5 paper stock options and 5 coating choices also has a multiple of choices for business card slits, CD slits and 1 or 2 pockets. Full color 1 or 2 sided, 2 to 4 days turnaround plus shipping time.


Greeting Cards: Nice way to notify people of a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation and other special events such as “home parties.” Choice of one size: 10” x 7” when folded is 5” x 7.” Invitation style envelopes available. Full color, choice of 3 paper stock options and 4 coating styles. 2 to 4 days turnaround plus shipping time. Scored for easy folding. We can do RSVP cards and enclosure cards to match your event.


Calendars: Nice full color customized wall calendars, choice of 2 sizes, 1 stock option and 2 coating options. Starting at 25 calendars and up on some sizes (others 250 minimum). 5 to 7 business days plus shipping. Full wholesale graphic design service can help you create a nice family gift, cherish and share a special event like a wedding or graduation or family reunion! IDEA: sell advertising on your calendar to help pay for the product!!!


Silk Laminated Products: For that special “silk” feel product, available in 12 sizes including Business Cards! 4 coating options. For a unique style and feel to stand out from traditional paper products!


Stickers: Wow, we have 26 sizes available and 2 coating options, all stickers are made on a 70# “Crack & Peel” sticker backing. Not made for outdoor use. Quantities start at 100 on some sizes including Business Card size stickers. Great for putting on products that you sell, computers, windows, counters, promotions, etc.


Rolodex Cards: Still a favorite to help stand out from everybody else’s business cards in the rack! Stand out and be seen in those offices! Great for business services, restaurants, business product businesses. One size, 2 stock and 2 coating options, full color just like your business cards, 1 or 2 sided, 2 to 4 days turnaround plus shipping time.


Trading Cards: Remember those baseball cards? Same size: 2.5” x 3.5” a little taller than a Business Card. 3 stock and 8 coating options. 2 to 4 days turnaround plus shipping. 100 minimum quantities. Good for that sport team stats, use as a clothing or other product tag, as an oversized business card to get noticed…get creative on the ideas here!


Sell Sheets: 7 sizes, 3 stock options and 8 coating choices: Sell sheets are a great example of how our relentless pursuit of the highest quality products pays off. A great 4-color glossy sell sheet can make the difference between whether a company is seen as an industry leader or a prospective client. Like a flyer on steroids! Thick like our Postcards and Business Cards, Get noticed!


Posters: Posters are available in a 5 sizes and fast 2 to 4 days turnaround plus shipping. Our posters will prove to be some of the best examples of our printing quality, Full color, almost photo quality with 100# gloss book stock with Aqueous Coating. 2 to 4 days plus shipping time.500 minimum. 1 side only.


Large Posters: Need only ONE poster? high quality gloss photo paper, not intended for outdoors, sizes as little as 12 inch x 12 inch all the way up to 5 feet x 96 feet! Get noticed! Great for any entertainers, DJ’s, bands, concerts and plays!!! School and church functions, fundraiser events or anywhere you want people to notice what you are marketing! Store windows to advertise a special…full color! 2 to 4 days plus shipping time.


Notepads: 5 sizes, 2 stock options and made with no coating, full color, 1 sided, 2 to 4 day turnaround plus shipping. Great for professional service businesses and offices, full color marketing of your business, we can help create your design with our wholesale graphic design services and design it with your logo, picture and images. 25 sheets per pad with chipboard backing. Minimum of 50 pads and up! 4.25” x 5.5” up to full page size 8.5” x 11.”


Multi-Page Booklets: 4 sizes of booklets available from 5.5” x 8.5” to full page size 8” x 11” with 3 stock options and 5 coating options. Full color 4 pages to 32 pages and up to 52 pages on some sizes. Saddle stitched. Nice quality booklets to market you r business. IDEA: Sell advertising space inside your booklet to help pay for the product! Great for a professional catalog of your business products and/or services. For your home business! Tell your story! Make a family heirloom! Quantities as low as 25 units (Booklets).


Window Cling: You have seen them. Window Clings are near photo quality and ideal for POP signage on glass or glass-like smooth clean surfaces. They are printed on a glossy material and can be used indoor or outdoor. Put them up, remove them and stick again…no sticky glue residue! Great for any business wanting to advertise on their windows especially restaurants! Sizes from 12 inch x 12 inch to 53 inches x 10 feet! Order 1 or 150. Solid color backing, full color front. One side printing only.


CD Covers: Make your own music, Full Color, 1, 2, 3 or 4 panels! 100# gloss book stock with Aqueous coating, 1000 minimum, 2 to 4 days turnaround plus shipping.


CD Inlays: CD inlays are tailored to industry-standard jewel cases. They are the perfect solution for businesses who manufacture CDs. One size: 5.9375” x 4.625.” 100# gloss book with aqueous coating.


CD Sleeves: These classic CD sleeves are printed on high quality 70lb Text and fast 2 to 4 days turnaround. They are first scored then folded with perfection for a professional and presentable finish. Full color, 5.125” x 5.125” on 70# premium uncoated stock, like our letterhead.


DVD Covers: Full Color, DVD covers produced to match industry standards, offer a great opportunity to get a customized cover for your DVD cases. Full color, 7.187” x 10.75.”

Other products will be introduced over time such as promotional products and new additions or other printed products to help create more sales and more excitement! With this being an election year, we are looking at adding bumper stickers, buttonsand other typical political marketing products. Wholesale Graphic Design Services: We started out as a Graphic Design business back when we first started! I created some unique options which have become some of our strongest marketing opportunities! Customers would get their products designed by us and then ask us “who can print this for them.” I was giving them print companies they can take our artwork to get printed and I quickly realized I need to offer that all under one roof so my clients got it all at one place and I received more business…and PrinterShoppe was born in November 2005. When I first started I was selling my Graphic design service at retail prices. Once I started offering printed products, I charged retail for the printed products and changed my design fee to a wholesale price about half what I charged retail. One, so I could make it more of a value for my clients and two so they bought the package deal. Then I went national and worked as a wholesaler to retailers. Our design fees are basically the same today as when I started!

Most design companies and independent designers charge by the hour. I wanted to simplify that and make it easy for my clients to know up front what the cost would be, so I took the risk and put a set design fee on each product based on the approximate average time it took to design that product. Today most one sided products are $29 and most two sided products are $49 up to 8.5” x 5.5” size, over that it is $39 for one sided and $69 for two sided. Multi-panel Brochures take longer to create so I put it at $20 per panel, so for a 6 panel Tri-Fold brochure (most popular) is $120 to design. Logo design can be complicating and time consuming so it is $99. Easy, simple and wholesale to most my competition which is a unique feature itself. Next, most my competition allowed up to 3 or 4 adjustments and then charged extra for more adjustments to a design. Again, I wanted to make it simple…I took a bigger risk and offered an unheard of “UNLIMITED adjustments until proof approval! Well, the risk paid off! The industry average is 3 to 4 adjustments and surprisingly we average the same!!! But what happened is that this became one of my strongest marketing advantages and selling points! Now clients knew up front what they paid and knew they were not pressured to make the approval or pay extra! Prices are subject to change without notice. A couple of benefits resulted in my system on graphic design work developed. First, my designers are paid a set fee so they tend to work harder to listen to what the customer needs so they can get a quicker proof approval because the longer it takes, essentially the less money they make for their time! My customers loved the simplicity and wholesale prices. The designers like this as most independent designers work from their home and have to go and farming for projects which can take up to full time work just to land deals which are often one-time jobs. Most designers hate doing this because it takes time and money and most do not like to have to go out “selling”” their services and then have to collect payment and all that goes with that! I provide a purchase order, submit it to a designer, they send out an introductory email to the client same day. Then they start designing the first draft which they have to have done within 1 to 2 business days, they email the changes and manage the communications while designing. I get a cc email on each email (for security) and when the artwork is approved, the designer emails us the print ready artwork to print. They get paid weekly. I provide a steady and consistent flow of projects for them so all they have to do is what they love best…design! It is a win-win. I have designers waiting to work with us! Members will be able to upload their own files as well and will soon be able to pick a template design on the site and create their own design.