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A RIVER DON'T NEED TO KNOW 8. BATTLE SONG (Valley Of Decision) 9. continued 10. (The) BOOK I NEVER READ 11. continued 12. continued 13. BY THE NAME OF JESUS 14. CHILDREN RISE 15. COLORS OF MY LOVE 16. DEATH WHERE IS THY STING 17. FATHER OF JESUS 18. FERVENT PRAYER 19. continued 20. FOLLOW THE SON 21. GETTIN' UP TIME 22. GIVE ALL YOU HAVE TO JESUS 23. GOD CRIED 24. GOD'S ANSWER 25. continued 26. continued 27. GOD'S GRACE 28. GOD'S HARVEST 29.continued 30. GREATER LOVE 31. HAPPY FEET Page 1


(this song co-written with my brother Stephen)

Sometimes, late at night when everything is still and quiet Jesus, sometimes I can hear a baby's cry, I hear a baby's cry

me not, for I've done you no wrong my only crime is needing love and wanting to belong”


me not, for I've done you no wrong and to finish my song to finish my song” Jesus will it be alright

I only want to live to love you

If I weep with you and God tonight will your angels weep too? Can they hear the sound of a baby's cry

me not, for I've done you no wrong If you only knew how much, Page 3

late at night. tonight she'll end my life” Sometimes. I'll forgive her too For me. there's no room in her life and even though you made me just for her she will take my life.I need a mother's arms Mama please don't do this thing you're planning too Don't you understand. I can hear a baby's cry Page 4 . that I'm God's gift of love to you?” “Jesus you were so so right what they do when you said they know not For you too gave them only love yet still they hated you So just like you.

we're living in Because the darker the night that falls around us Makes brighter the a Beautiful Day For.the righteous to Shine Today is a Beautiful Day For Jesus is mine And the darker it grows So much brighter He glows Today's a Beautiful Day For Living in HIM.A Beautiful Day (for loving Jesus) Today is a beautiful day – for loving Jesus It's such a beautiful day. we are in Him Today . Page 5 .

The ABUNDANCE OF RAIN I hear about drugs and crimes and wars Earthquakes storms and more I hear of great pollution In our air and on our shores Corruption everywhere Diseases with no cures Yet in the midst of all these things There's one thing I hear more I hear The Abundance of Rain My God makes all things ready For his Son To come again Tho there may not be One rain cloud in the sky The coming of my King Is drawing Nigh Page 6 .

A River Don't Need To Know
A River – don't need to know Where it's going OR when it's journey might end Has no need to see Around the next bend It won't stop till it reaches the sea Jesus, make me, like that river that travels on and on Determinedly Then if it takes forever and a day I won't stop until I reach my sea So far above me and yet you loved me You loved me so much You gave your only Son for me ending – Let your love in me Like a river be that forever brings me home to thee Page 7

The armies are gathering Gathering, Gathering to Battle A multitude so great No man can number them Are gathering For a battle with the Lord Arm yourselves You mighty men Beat your plowshears into swords Gather in The valley of decision For the coming Of the great day of the Lord Call unto the birds of prey and every beast of the field For every one shall eat their fill of flesh and blood The Lord shall kill The Saints of God will come with him on horses white they will descend Page 8

The beast and prophet He'll cast in The lake of fire for their sin The remnant slain with the sword From the mouth of the Lord So arm yourself You mighty men Beat your plowshears into swords Gather in the valley of decision For the coming of the great day Of the Lord

Page 9

and Death and Hell gave up the dead in them and then the books were opened Judgment Day. began All the Dead both great and small were judged by what the books revealed Every evil deed I'd done At last uncovered One by One Until at last there was nothing left concealed Then another book was opened The Book of Life He said It looked just like my Bible I'd kept beside my bed Words so unfamiliar pounded thru my head (continued) Page 10 .THE BOOK (I Never Read) The thousand years were ended Heaven and Earth had fled From the face of him upon his throne to judge the dead The Sea. the Graves.

Too late for this is judgment day (continued) Page 11 .The Book I Never Read continued The 1st place that he opened to John 3:16 and read It told about a Great God's Love and how He'd gave His Only Son that whosoever believed on Him would never die He then turned to Romans 10:13 Oh God please wake me From this Dream My terror turned into A Silent scream And if he heard I could not tell and I could smell the smoke from Hell and down my face the tears now steady streamed Then at last I heard Him say Whosoever calls on Jesus Shall be saved Then He closed the book he'd read and looked into my eyes and said Too late.

The Book I Never Read continued You're guilty son Your price unpaid ONLY the whosoever's shall be saved Your name's not here He said in this book You NEVER READ Page 12 .

BY THE NAME OF JESUS It was by the name of Jesus Salvation came to me And by the power in his name My blinded eyes now see Calling on the name of Jesus Set this captive free And the power in his mighty name Now lives inside of me When I say in Jesus name Angels bow and demons flee And every tongue must confess He's Lord on bended knee His name has been exalted Above earth and wind and sea And the power in His mighty name Now lives inside of me Page 13 .

CHILDREN RISE There's a gentle Autum breeze blowing thru the trees and the multi-colored leaves are falling down There's a feeling in the air that never has been there and the presence of God's Spirit everywhere Tears of joy flood my eyes as I search the Eastern skies My ears now strain to hear that trumpet sound I can hear it in the wind. Jesus comin back again I can almost hear him saying children rise Page 14 .

Colors of my Love Clouds – of snowy white drifting cross skies of blue With warm and golden rays of sunlight shinning thru Rolling hills of green green grass with an emerald hue These are the colors of my love – for you But what good would that be with no one to see So I made them for you Then I made you for me My love for you Is in everything I do and these are the colors Of my love for you Crimson red – the blood I shed to purchase you falling down upon the ground Like morning dew Crystal clear the stream of tears That I cried for you These are the colors Of my love for you Page 15 .

is coming back again with a mighty angel shout My Lord will descend We'll be changed into his glory All his will ascend And Death and Hell and Grave will be swallowed Up and then We'll sing (repeat) Page 16 . where is your power now Soon soon my great king Is coming for me Jesus.DEATH (Where Is Thy Sting) Oh Death. where is thy sting Oh grave Where is your victory And Hell.

FATHER OF JESUS Great is the name of our God let us worship him Strong is the arm of his salvation Mighty is his power to deliver And worthy is his name To be praised In Spirit and Truth I will worship My God Honor and serve him My mighty God of Love God of all Creation God of many names Father of Jesus I magnify your name Page 17 .

The FERVENT PRAYER (Of A Righteous Man) Elijah was a prophet A faithful man of God A man of human passions As are we One day he prayed to God above Lord don't let it rain And not one drop of rain did fall Until he prayed again (chorus) Because the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much My God counts believing him As righteousness Believing when you pray Not when you see Puts you in touch The fervent prayer of a righteousness man Availeth much Now Abraham was an old man Children had he none And the wife he had was nearly old as he Page 18 .

Fervent Prayer (continued) Yet he believed God's promise A father I'll make thee As many as the grains of sand So will thy children be (Repeat chorus) Now Daniel was a praying man Faithful to his God Three times a day He always knelt to pray He was thrown into A den of lions and early that next day The king who came and called to him Rejoiced to hear him say (Repeat chorus) Shadrack. Meshack. Abednigo refused their knees to bow Before gods of gold they never knew They were thrown into a fire so hot But the smell of smoke Was on them not Because they said The God we serve Is mightier than yourselves Repeat chorus Page 19 .

I followed followed the SON He showed me the way Won't you please follow Follow the SON He'll show you the way Page 20 .Follow the SON Heartsick and Broken my world come undone until one day I heard God say Follow the SON He knows the way Jesus was there with me When I turned night into day He is the Light The one true Light I made for you to light the way Follow the SON He can turn your night into day Follow the SON He is God's one and only way There is no other one who'll go with you all the way If you'll follow the SON He'll show you the way I never knew before that Love could feel this way Until.

who'll hear his call When the shout comes down from Glory It's get'n up time Soon the final preparations done The marriage day will come the redeemed from every nation far and wide And for all those left behind here there'll be no place left to hide When the shout comes down from Glory It's get'n up time Page 21 .Get'n Up Time It's get'n up time it's get'n up time All who love our Lord's appearing It's time to rise and shine Those whose hearts washed clean and ready Now to tell this world goodbye Are listening for the cry It's get'n up time Pray that you'll be counted worthy to escape this final hour Unashamed to stand before The God of all Oh the marriage suppers ready For all his.

your best And nothing less For nothing less will do Give all you have to Jesus He gave his all to you Page 22 .GIVE ALL YOU HAVE (To Jesus) God gave the best he had When he gave his son for me Unblemished spotless Lamb of God Crucified on Calvary With his love and blood He bought for me What I could not Buy or earn There was nothing spared No price to high Asking only in return Give all you have To Jesus How can you say you love him If his ways you will not learn Your all.

GOD CRIED Tell me the Story of Jesus again For his is the story of love without end How he Came from Glory and died for my sins Please tell me His Story – again We needed a Saviour but wanted a king So God sent his own Son In meekness he came In the form of a servant God's own precious Lamb Who few that were there recognized He came – He lived – He died and God cried Give him Beauty for ashes and crowns for his shame From now and forever a name above names Let all of Heaven and Earth now proclaim Behold my Lamb I have made him Your KING Page 23 .

fame. one week. a hill called Calvary where a man called Jesus died for me. he could have touched me I lowered my head. even care Then from somewhere deep inside of me I whispered Jesus It's you I need Only God himself could place so much beauty there I turned around and there stood Jesus One step from me. I might see there Then with one nailed-scarred hand -ContinuedPage 24 . or world acclaim and happiness all that would bring Then one day it came back to me a place. afraid to look in his eyes Of what.God's Answer So hard to remember now just how long that I'd been gone Was it just one day. a year or ten-thousand tears I guess I thought all that time some great treasure I would find money. how much he must have cared I found myself wondering how can I get back there from here Would he still remember me or would he still.

I've been right here But you chose to lead so I had to follow I had no other choice for I had promised OUR Father that I'd bring you home And very soon We would both be there Come LittleBrother Let's go home continued Page 25 . He still loved me With no reservation He said all this time You didn't know it but always.God's Answer continued He reached out to me Lifted my head ever so gently He spoke my name and not other sound will ever again compare So with all of my strength that I could gather I forced myself our eyes met together To my surprise I realized I saw nothing but God's Love there There was no condemnation no accusation.

and simple as his answers most often are. God's Answer over and over Finally I ask my Father how could this be the title since these two words are not even found in the lyrics? His answer was sweet. do you remember me”? As I searched for a title for this song “God's Answer” the only thing I kept hearing was.) Page 26 . It is my answer to you to the question ask in the previous song. short. He said. Jesus. do you remember me? (I just thought some people might find that interesting.God's Answer continued (An interesting side note) God gave me this song in 2006 about two months after He have given me another song which ask the question “Jesus. “Because that's what this song is.

a dad a friend On occasions Invented by men But the greatest gift by far Above all of them are One so precious and hard to understand God's Grace that I could not Buy or earn God's Grace that I never could deserve God's Grace was given me By the King of Calvary and God's Grace Gave my Jesus to me Page 27 .GOD'S GRACE There are gifts gave by men from a mom.

the maimed The wretched. make way. and the poor For those despised by men Are greatly treasured by the Lord So if the rich won't hire you come and labour for the Lord Come and gather in The Harvest for the Lord continued Page 28 .GOD'S HARVEST Well. get ready God's great harvest is ready He's calling many to His fields white with plenty And the outcasts He's gathering With a loud voice. He's calling Come and gather in the Harvest For the Lord Won't you come and go with me let us bring in the Harvest Those who won't gather will scatter abroad His vineyards have ripened and His wheat fields standing tall Let's go gather in the Harvest For the Lord He is calling in the blind.

Once the Harvest is gathered in Page 29 .God's Harvest continued For the night is swiftly falling then the Harvest will be over and those who are too busy now Too good to work for him will be weeping and crying To the Lord please let us in But TOO LATE.

that road to Calvary Your so beautiful to me Your wondrous love to see Greater Love than this could never be You gave me joy that lifts me high far-above where eagles fly Sometimes I laugh Sometimes it makes me cry Your so beautiful to me Your wondrous love to see Greater love than this Could never be Page 30 . to save someone How beautiful. you left your home on high To bring to me God's glorious Light To walk alone.GREATER LOVE My God you sent your only Son to live to die. that someone was me My Jesus.

a little-bit-too-happy for my shoes Page 31 .HAPPY FEET Brother did you hear that preacher say What Jesus did for me and the price he had to pay and did he just say that we could feel a little-bit more than free to come on down if we got something good to say or do Brother hold my hat and coat and shoes for me If you'd please too I can't help myself but there is something I must do (cause) every time I hear that grand-old-gospel-news My feet get just a little bit TOO happy for my shoes Just.

HE WORE MY CROWN This meek and gentle man from Galilee Gave up everything He ever had to ransom you and me Glorified with God was his final destiny He came down To wear my crown My crown of thorns for me Little did they know As they struck him with each cruel blow That with each and every one That He still loved them so Then in mockery Wove a crown of thorns and roughly pushed it down Upon the precious head of he Who wore For me that crown Page 32 .

needs a hero someone who – they can always look up to A hero is just someone Who can do the things you can't do Your hero is someone who'll share his dreams with yourselves That's what Real heros do The trouble with heros all Except for one I ever saw Were only men and often they do fall So if you've watched your heros fall Been disapointed by them all Well then my friend I've got good news for yourselves I'll glady Share my hero with yourselves continued Page 33 .HERO'S Everybody.

HEROS continued Jesus is my hero's name His love his greatest claim to fame Faithful friend Forever tried and true And the best part of this good news Is that even far more than you do My friend now I can promise you Jesus wants to be your hero too Page 34 .

HIS HANDS The First thing I'd like to do when I reach heaven Of the million things I'd like to see and do The beauty of my Master's face and people I once knew But there's one thing more I would see Before I do I want to see those hands that so many times helped me to stand Those hands that led me gently thru each storm Those hands that took this broken heart And made it whole again The first thing I want to see Are his hands Page 35 .

when Jesus. called Gethsemane he prayed And when they came to take him He said. Whom seek ye? And when they answered Jesus Then he said. I – AM – He I am God's mercy in the scarlet cord that saved the harlot Rahab from the sword I am the rock where living waters flow I am God's ark of safety For the saving of the soul Page 36 . was betrayed In a garden.I AM I am the rod in Moses hand I am the faith of God in Abraham I am the stone in David's sling I am the praise that angels sing I am the strength of Gideon's band I am the power in Samson's hand I am the ladder seen in Jacob's dream I am the Only way to God redeemed (chorus) On the night.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ( it hurts ) A meek and quiet young boy of ten Came to church one day You'd hardly notice he was there As we'd sing and pray I'd wonder is he listening to Anything we say Until one day he handed me this picture that he drew Jesus dying on a cross For a world that did not care and underneath just seven words that he had written there I love you so much it hurts How can one so very young say so much with seven simple words The greatest sermon can't compare to the message he wrote there Beneath that cross just seven words I love you So much It HURTS Page 37 .

sad days I've done things I should and should not do I searched for a long time for a reason for living Please let me share the reason that I found with you I met a man one day as I hurried on life's busy way A man unlike all others That I've known He said come and go with me If it's rest and peace you seek I'll take you to my Father's home and never more you'll be alone There was something in his eyes in his voice and in his tender smile And much to my surprise I said “Okay” From that day 'til today my life's never been the same I met a man Named Jesus. one day Page 38 .I Met A Man I've seen good times and bad I've had happy days and sad.

I've come to call It's not for anything I've done that I can come.but what the Son Has done for me on Calvary. in Jesus Name I come (repeat twice then Tag with last line) “Father God. His life he gave to make me free His Righteousness you gave to me When you made Him sin to be Then took that greatest Name of All And gave to me and bid me call And in His Name right now I come The Name of your Most Holy One Father God.In the Holy Name of Jesus In the Holy Name of Jesus. the greatest and most precious name of all Before your throne now I come boldly to obtain your Grace and Mercy. in Jesus Name I come” Page 39 .

make me to be More like you and less like me When people look at me They'll see A well of Living Water Jesus.JESUS BREAD OF LIFE Jesus. bread of Life Page 40 . The Lamb God's final sacrifice Jesus. Bread of Life Well of living water Dwell in me The Living Word The Light The Son.

twice a child I'm that fool who left so long ago to journey many lonely miles Jesus I'm so weary now can I rest with you a while With nothing left inside but the pride that died And the faith of a little child Page 41 .Jesus Do You Remember Me? Jesus do you remember me from way back when I know it's been a long long time back when we were friends There's not much left to recognize In this broken hearted-man But the child who grew till he thought he knew He no longer needed you And as that old story goes once a man.

JESUS (You Are My Song) Jesus – you are my song you are – my melody that keeps my heart beating on and on When I'm lost and cannot find my way Your my Light who guides me home You're my star that lights my darkest hour You're my reason to go on Jesus Blessed Saviour Son of God highly favored my guarantee of victory You're God's Word who lives in me Jesus by your blood alone a Holy God could sin atone the only real love I've ever known Precious Jesus your my song Page 42 .

You love me So the least that I can do Is write and sing this song for you Just a simple love song From my heart to You The music's plain The words not new Still it's the best that I can do and the last line it says Jesus. of Light you came Just because.Just Because Just because – you died for me Just because – you made me free and just because You bore all my sins for me Just because. Just because. I love you Page 43 . I called your name With the speed.

JUST ONE Just one Father and I'm a lovin' him Just one Jesus He paid for my sin Just one Spirit He's Holy and He's living within Just one Faith that I'm living by Just one place That I wanna fly And just one prize That I'm longing to win Many Broad and Wide are the pathways of sin and Many there shall be Who'll enter in So many ways to die But just one way to life When Jesus knocks upon your door You've got to let him in Page 44 .

KIDS Jesus loves me tho' I'm just a kid Even tho' I am small His love for me is just as big Jesus loves me tho' I'm not so tall and if you ask me how I know My Jesus told me so cause I read in the Bible How Jesus loves us kids He'd take them on his lap and pray That's what Jesus did And never once he told them Start acting more like men Instead he told the men around You be more like these kids Page 45 .

then TAG with last line Page 46 .LIVING FOUNTAIN Let everyone who's thirsty. come to the water And he that has no money. come buy ye and eat Wine and milk and honey without price – without money Come to the living fountain Where Living waters flow When Jesus hung suspended between earth and Heaven with a spear they pierced his side Both blood and water flowed the blood of Him to cleanse our sin The water gave us life in Him He's God's eternal fountain Where Living Waters flow twice thru.

The LOVE THAT COULD NOT DIE The beauty of undying love in my Saviour's face I see The image of his perfect Love now burns inside of me In my heart and in my mind I see the unseen victory The part of him that could not die On a hill called Calvary The part of him they could not kill on that cold and God forsaken hill The love of God that never fails Never has and Never will Love so much greater than the pain and shame The nails drove thru' His feet and hands The love he had for you and I The LOVE that could not die Page 47 .

MAMA'S IN HER BRAND NEW HOME Thank you. Her loving smile how I long to see and the Lord knows I'm trying. She's got golden slippers on her feet she's singing her favorite songs so sweet Yes. so hard to keep from crying. How I long to take her in my arms and hold her really tight. Cause Mama's in her brand new home tonight Page 48 . she always tried to keep us safe from harm. yes I'm doing alright. all here is peaceful and quiet I was just going thru some memories I knew Cause Mama's in her brand new home tonight If any Mama loved her kids. she really did. Mama's in her brand new home tonight Thank you for calling up to check on me. but Mama's in her brand new home tonight She's got on her brand new robe of purest white Her old one was faded and worn.

MY JESUS ALL TO ME I will sing to my God praises Magnify the name that raises The dead to life The captives he sets free With his Love He heals the broken-hearted Gently lost sheep Homeward started By his Word blinded eyes are made – to see Day by Day Hour by Hour Not by Might Not by Power but by Grace He gives his Spirit Unto me I will praise the name forever Of the One who said He'd Never Leave Me or Forsake me My Jesus – All to me Page 49 .

He's my friend In everything I do He is with me to see me thru' He gave me Life brand new He's my Jesus He's my Friend He gave me hope when I had nothing left to hope for He healed this broken heart of mine With one touch of his hand Page 50 .MY JESUS MY FRIEND I'll put my trust in him He's my Lord and my closest friend He's much more than my nearest kin He's my Jesus.

NEVER BEEN ANOTHER MAN ( Like Jesus ) There ain't never been another man Like Jesus No there's never been and Never will again You can search High and Low But no matter where you go You'll never find Another man like him He walked on water and he calmed the angry sea He made sons and daughters out of you and me He laid down his life God's final sacrifice Now he lives forever Just for you and me Page 51 .

NEW JERUSALEM Prepare us for the marriage of the Lamb The Wedding invitations are in our hands The Spirit and the Bride are saying come Come unto me And you will be My New Jerusalem Make us clean by the washing Of the water. by your Word Clothe us in white linen The Righteousness of Saints Without Spot or Wrinkle God's Living Precious Stones Great City of our Living God New Jerusalem This city is His Bride His church and Wife The Lamb and God are the Temple there And it's Light On he who overcomes Three names will Jesus write His God's His Own and New Jerusalem Page 52 .

There's no other name but Jesus No other name but Jesus There's no other name but Jesus God's greatest gift of love Page 53 . He rose again He lives today and He did it all for you And the name of the one about whom this story is wrote God has exalted above Every name ever spoke No other name in this earth can save or heaven above. He died.NO OTHER NAME BUT JESUS There's an old old story a saviour sent from Glory The Lamb of God came down laid aside his rightful crown The Light into this sin dark world The Banner of God's love unfurled The Truth that makes men free With hearts that love and eyes that see tho' this story's not brand new Still it's beautiful and true He came.

into our Father's plan Only my Jesus can Only my Jesus can Page 54 .ONLY MY JESUS CAN Who taught eagles how to fly Who hung the stars that fill the sky Who wept with me each time I cried Jesus. the Son of God Softly. the Son of God Who taught songbirds How to sing Then leads them home again each Spring Who walked with me each path I've trod Jesus. the Son of God Jesus. I speak his name and every angel stands So eagerly they wait to hear and obey. the Son of God Jesus. his command Who could take a lump of clay like me Shape and mold that I might be Fit.

PLEASING TO THEE Lord make me to be Pleasing unto thee Mold me and shape me Break me and remake me That I might be Pleasing unto thee Thou art the potter I am but clay Thine is the power Alone to create A vessel of Honor And glory out of me Make me like my Jesus Pleasing unto thee Page 55 .

RAVEN'S SONG Who makes the flowers growing Who makes the wind that's blowing Who makes the snow that's snowing on a winter's day Who keeps the songbirds singing and then leads them North come Spring Questions from a little girl to which I heard God say His name is Jesus and by him were all things made that were made Just for his pleasure Existing still today By the Word of his mighty power and the Power in his name His name is Jesus and by him him all things came Who made the rivers flowing Who makes the seeds for sowing Who made those mountain tops so tall they touch the sky who made that pretty rainbow and set it way up high Questions from a little girl Who and How and Why Page 56 .

READY OR NOT (Here I Come) Just today as I was praying I could hear my Jesus saying Write these words down for me Write them in a song Behold I come quickly My reward is with me no matter what the mockers say I'm coming Get ready Ready or not here I come I'm coming back and it won't be long No matter what the mockers say I'm coming – get ready I'm coming – get ready Page 57 .

THERE IS COMING A DAY There is coming a day when the clouds will roll away When Jesus shall return to take me home Will be soon there's no doubt He'll descend with a great shout In the twinkling of an eye We will be gone Oh the coming of the Groom to take his Bride to their honeymoon There's going to be a wedding of the King Heaven's bells will ring and the angels will all sing At the marriage of Heaven's bride and Groom Page 58 .

Three Days (Beyond Your Cross) On that day. when the earth stood still On a hill so long ago When no angel dared to whisper When the wind refused to blow The whole earth stood in darkness And all creation groaned To see God's demonstration The greatest love that's known Go now my Son and win for me the final victory Set – my children free And then bring them home to me If there were any other way I would have known And brought them home Remember Son That just 3 days beyond Your cross there waits your throne continued Page 59 .

Three Days Beyond Your Cross continued Remember Son When you ask me Father let this cup pass from me But this thing I've ask of you There is no other way to do For you are the only one Who always walked so perfectly Just 3 more days beyond your cross And there I'll wait for you So go now Son and win for me The final victory Set my children free And then bring them home to me This time you'll walk alone For I can Not go with thee Remember Son That just 3 days beyond Your cross I'll wait for thee Page 60 .

WALKING LIKE JESUS WALKED If you want to walk like Jesus walked Before you start your journey You'd better count the cost The way's not always easy Sometimes heavy is your cross When your walking The way that Jesus walked To always please your Father Is your reason for every day To love your neighbor as yourself That is your Father's way Not being moved by what you see But living by faith every day Believing and doing Every Word You hear your father say Page 61 .

Lord. he laughs with me My spirit rises up within When I love. he joins his love with mine and I can feel the heart of God When I realize. in me he resides my strength renews where eagles fly When my enemies surround me and I don't think I can His words – Fear not – I'm with you I can hear from deep within The voice of my sweet Jesus He's my Saviour.WHEN When I weep. and Friend I can do all things thru Jesus Because he says I can Page 62 . he weeps with me my soul is lifted by loving hands When I laugh.

“Millions Gone” Page 63 .WHEN THE BODY COMES TOGETHER When the Body comes together up high where the eagles gather Then forever in the presence of our Lord and King That day is swiftly nearing For those who love his appearing and their hearts they're making ready wash them pure and clean Well Jesus said be ready watch and pray or you won't see You won't even know it Til' he's come and gone Two men working in the field Only one is in God's Will Two are sleeping in one bed One taken and one left there still Joy for those he's taking home Fear for those left here alone The Spirit and the Bride say come and the morning headlines will read.

unesteemed by any man Denied and unaccepted. and then deserted by all his friends His back he gave the smiters.WHO IS THIS MAN CALLED JESUS? He was despised and rejected. of many sorrows. and his face he did not hide When they mocked and spit upon him Forsaken – then Crucified Who is this man. if you can.Do this – for me? Page 64 . Do you know? Tell me. that he made the blind to see Who is this man called Jesus? Did he. what has he done that makes them hate him so? I've heard that he loved children.

THE WISE STILL WORSHIP HIM Treasured by the Lord. and No Room at the Inn But those. on that night. the world. came and worshiped HIM Some things never change Remain the same since then The foolish. still have no room The Wise still Worship HIM Page 65 . had no room for Him No room. Bethlehem and Mary This small town chosen for His birth and her this child to carry Young virgin favored by the Lord Mother of the King and Bethlehem though thou be small good news. in their lives. who were wise. you bring But some.

THE WORD IS HIS NAME I saw the heavens open A white horse did appear Faithful and True Was the One That I saw seated there In righteousness He does judge and make war His eyes were like a flame of fire And on His head were many crowns He had a name written there That no man knew but him He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood and His Name is called The Living Word of God The armies from heaven followed close behind him They too rode on horses white Clothed in linen clean and bright Out of his mouth Goes a sharp sword continued Page 66 .

THE WORD IS HIS NAME continued That with it He should smite the nations He shall rule with a rod of iron And tread the winepress down In the fierceness and the wrath Of Almighty God And on his vesture and His thigh A name was written there Lord of Lords and King of Kings The Word of God IS HIS NAME Page 67 .