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For Immediate Release Date: February 7, 2012 Contact: Doug Segall, (631) 868.7000 ROCKY POINT, N.Y. - Jennifer Maertz (D-Rocky Point) announced her candidacy today to represent Long Island families in the 1st Senate District. Maertz, who ran in the 1st Senate District against Ken Lavalle (R-Port Jefferson) in 2010, will be the first candidate to run against the 35 year incumbent twice. In 2010 Maertz entered the State Senate race only two months prior to the election, yet secured 34 percent of the vote. After the 2010 election, Maertz affirmed “I will never abandon the effort to win fairness for Long Island families; I will never abandon the fight for civil rights and equal pay for all New Yorkers and the work to reform our government and make it effective, honest and responsive.” Jennifer Maertz is currently seeking the Democratic nomination for the November 2012 election. Maertz stated: “I made a promise to continue to advocate for Long Island families and local businesses. I am announcing my intentions to continue that effort by working to provide eastern Suffolk County with the representation it deserves in the State Senate.” Maertz cites a 550% increase in property taxes in Suffolk County since Ken Lavalle was first elected to the State Senate. “Over the last 35 years our Senator has stood silent to this alarming trend,” Maertz said, “sky-high tax rates, out-of-control spending and fiscal gimmickry to hide the true costs of his irresponsibility - a trend that has made it less affordable than ever to live and raise a family on Long Island.”

Maertz further stated that as State Senator, she will be the zealous advocate that Long Island needs, bringing fresh ideas as well as unwavering commitment to reform to Albany. “Suffolk County needs an advocate who will stand up and demand that Long Island receive its fair share of state aid, an advocate who will work to get our schools the funding they

need along with necessary mandate relief, and an advocate who will work to give our local businesses every possible opportunity for success and job creation while also maintaining our way of life and protecting our environment.” Maertz is also deeply troubled by the culture of corruption in Albany that has resulted in one criminal conviction after another. “We need to change the long held way of thinking, that these bad acts are just another day in Albany. Once elected I will help usher in a new day in Albany with greater ethics reform including expanding the current law to ensure that no elected official convicted of a crime receive pension benefits. I will also work to make sure our elected officials are responsive to their constituents, rather than specials interests, by advocating for campaign finance reform as the Governor recently proposed. ” Jennifer Maertz is currently a practicing litigation attorney. She graduated from St. John’s University, Touro Law School, and received an MBA from New York Institute of Technology. She is deeply involved in her community, serving on her local civic and youth council boards, and has been recognized by the Town of Brookhaven for her volunteer efforts with local youth. For more information about Jennifer’s Campaign visit HYPERLINK "http://" ###