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In a country such as India Agriculture is very important. Timely irrigation is key to successful output. Long gone are the days of manual watering or relying on others to water when one is away or out of town. Also in some cities and specially villages face difficulty of shortage of power and water. Hence a model is required to monitor and water the plants in a regulated manner without human supervision to provide efficient utilization. Hence we propose a project in which we use microcontroller and sensors to monitor soil condition and irrigate it accordingly. We call it The Automated Irrigation system.

Farmers in India still rely on mechanical methods to irrigate land. Hence a lot of man power is required. Elsewhere in the world automated water regulators are already being used. But there is need for a device that can not only irrigate land automatically but can also be expandable to more than one field so that many plants can be irrigated simultaneously which is the case with most farmers who have more than one crop in the field at any given point. Also information can be provided about the status of system. What we propose is automated water regulator with the capacity to irrigate more than one plant using a single microcontroller. This helps to irrigate large areas helping farmer to supervise large lands with a single device. The device can be suitably set to meet the requirements of the plant thereby making it implementable for wide applications. A microcontroller is used to control and monitor the water levels thereby preventing any unnecessary wastage of water. Also since the microcontroller automatically controls the ON and OFF of the motor power is saved. We also intend to inform the farmer about the start and stop of motor in real time so that he may override the system in case of necessity.

The implementation mainly hinges on microcontroller. We use Atmel 89C51 microcontroller. Two stiff copper wires or nails are used as sensors which are inserted into the soil which is to be irrigated. A potential is applied between the two terminals and the voltage is measured. If the sensor is not sensitive enough then nails coated with plaster of paris or POP. The information

Logic 1 is fed to the microcontroller. microcontroller decides whether to switch the motor ON or OFF. which is fed as input to the microcontroller. LM324A IC is used for comparator. This calls for the switch ON of the motor to pump constantly fed to a comparator which converts the input analog signal to digital signal for easy of data handling. Based on the input. This is used to switch the motor OFF. When the soil is watered to a suitable level the voltage level changes which is then detected by the change in the output of the comparator. The microcontroller is assigned a positive logic according to which logic 0 indicates dry soil and logic 1 indicates wet soil. The input is continuously interrogated. By setting different voltage levels as threshold different water levels are set for different plants . Initially when the soil is dry logic 0 is fed to the microcontroller.

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