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developer components used to build enterprise solutions. and pointers to resources to help you get started learning about SharePoint development. It also explores tools you can use to create solutions by using SharePoint Products and Technologies exclusively in share point 2007 . This article walks you through key concepts.Abstract The goal of this article is to introduce you to some of the most powerful SharePoint development features. developer terms.

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.......Introduction SharePoint is a portal-based platform for collaboration........... and by enabling teams to publish information captured on their SharePoint sites to the entire organization .... deploy and administer Windows SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007..1. The versions of the share point are as follows: • • • share point server 2001 SharePoint portal server 2003 SharePoint portal server 2007 SharePoint portal server 2001: SharePoint portal server 2003: • SharePoint Portal Server 2003 extends the capabilities of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.... electronic content management.............. tips and tutorials on SharePoint governance... SharePoint Products and Technologies provide an extensible solution platform for the professional Microsoft .......... SharePoint Products and Technologies offer a manageable and scalable server platform that employs the benefits of the 2007 Microsoft Office system client for hosting applications on an internal or Internet Web site........... This section offers news..NET development tools and technologies.....0 by providing organization and management tools for SharePoint sites........ management and implementation to help IT managers configure. and offer a wide array of built-in features and application hosting using well-known ...... workflow and business intelligence processes and application development. enterprise search and third-party tools.... Topics include SharePoint security.NET developer.

SharePoint server 2007: • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides comprehensive content management and enterprise search. and facilitates information-sharing. integrated application that provides sites (locations) where employees can efficiently collaborate with team members. and processes.0. integration of LOB data.0 is included in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. business intelligence. manage content and workflow. A single. accelerates shared business processes. Enterprise Search. enterprise content management. SharePoint Products and Technologies: • SharePoint Products and Technologies provide a foundation for collaboration. A set of services for collaboration and a foundation for building Web-based applications on Windows Server. Windows SharePoint Services 3. search for experts and corporate information. SharePoint Products and Technologies include the following: • Windows SharePoint Services 3. people and personalization services. find organizational resources. and • .

content. A designer and developer tool that enables you to quickly build solutions that include both design and workflow.make use of business insight to reach better-informed decisions. • Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007. and information.0 is a technology that includes a set of tools for collaboration. SharePoint Products and Technologies Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Windows SharePoint Services 3. Windows SharePoint Services 3. people. Office SharePoint Server 2007 is part of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. These tools provide easy access to documents.0 also provides eight capabilities or services that enable developers to create rich and scalable Web- .

The SharePoint pages viewed in the browser are constructed through the control templates of master pages and . • Provisioning.0. a definition or a template determines how the list or site will be instantiated. It includes a range of ways to manage the content and metadata of your important business documents and data. help give you protection .0 is built on top of ASP. Integrated property promotion and demotion maintain synchronization between metadata in Windows SharePoint Services and the metadata in the Office documents.0 include inbound e-mail. which can allow a small number of files to appear in many places. These features help teams to stay connected and productive by providing easy access to the people. and the underlying ASP. Security features of Windows SharePoint Services 3. documents.NET application. and information.SharePoint.0 • Administration. maintaining. Windows SharePoint Services 3.NET 2.NET 2. Windows SharePoint Services treats any page that is not customized as a virtual file. e-mail alert notifications. robust environment for data collaboration and storage. a physical ASPX page does not need to exist for every page on the server.0 and . • Security.0 provides an intuitive. thus providing the means for collaboration. and search. When you create a list or a site. The classes and features of the Microsoft. Following are the capabilities of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Unlike a traditional ASP.0. This creates dynamic new ways to customize and manage page design. • Data management. • Information services.ascx files.Administration namespace provide administrators with the tools and means for deploying. Windows SharePoint Services can help users make well-informed decisions and get work done. • Pages and user interface (UI). The page model in Windows SharePoint Services 3.based applications.NET Framework 3. migrating. and administrating their SharePoint sites and SharePoint-based solutions. Information services in Windows SharePoint Services 3.

Web Part page creation. no-code data views or forms. and workflows without writing server-side code. A site owner or a site member with the appropriate permissions can customize Web Part Pages by using a browser or Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 to add. reconfigure. • Web Parts. creation of sample data. data from external sources. Web Part hookup. or remove Web Parts • Workflow. Web Parts in Windows SharePoint Services provide developers with a way to create UI elements that support both customization and personalization. Using this tool you can easily create SharePoint applications that contain custom list views. forms. list or content type design.from unauthorized changes to your data. Office SharePoint Designer 2007 to define and control page layout and design.0 technology. and help ensure that sensitive information is available only to those authorized to see it. Workflows implement custom business processes that you can attach to SharePoint documents and list items. whether deliberate or inadvertent. . It provides a consistent. SharePoint Products and Technologies help provide a secure platform by integrating with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Windows Server to provide authentication and authorization mechanisms. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: • Microsoft SharePoint 2007 technologies are rapidly becoming an important part of the enterprise as organizations continue to look for ways to extend the system to meet user demand and requirements. master page creation. including the life cycle of that item. • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is a server product that builds on the Windows SharePoint Services 3. and no-code workflows. You can use workflows to control almost any aspect of an item in Windows SharePoint Services.

records management. Office SharePoint Server 2007 also allows you to create Web-based solutions and sites that support specific content publishing. Access and analyze large amounts of business data. As a result. content management. The following figure shows the capabilities of Office share point server 2007: Capabilities of Office SharePoint server 2007 .familiar framework for lists and libraries. documents. Participate in forms-driven business processes. Additionally. Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides built-in components to help you create rich Web-based solutions. and data. site administration. Office SharePoint Server 2007 allows you to: • • • Conduct effective searches for people. Office SharePoint Server 2007 can greatly reduce the development time and provide enterprise-scale capabilities to meet business-critical needs. and site customization. or business intelligence needs.

enables you to publish InfoPath form templates. user profiles and a profile store. content syndication. e-mail messages. communities. and more. You can open these . portal site templates. and Web pages. wikis. videos. instant messages (IMs). • Portals : Office SharePoint Server 2007 is a world class enterprise portal platform that makes it easy to build and maintain portal sites for every aspect of your business. All of these components use information about your organization. and electronic communications in Public My Site pages to help establish connections between colleagues with common interests. records. document aggregation Web Parts. blogs.Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides six capabilities or services that enable developers to customize and extend rich and scalable Web-based applications • Collaboration and social computing : Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides Web Parts that enable functionality for social computing. to Office SharePoint Server 2007 as ASP. e-mail integration. RSS feeds. and task coordination. documents. included in Office SharePoint Server 2007. This service supports full-text searching by using a Structured Query Language (SQL-based) query syntax. ECM is a key infrastructure component that can help companies manage and organize high volumes of unstructured content such as forms. indexing. • Business process and forms : Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides built-in electronic forms and workflow templates. mobile device support. designed in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007. • Enterprise Search : Enterprise Search in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides extensive and extensible content gathering. It provides built-in My Site personal sites. InfoPath Forms Services. and querying ability. audience targeting.NET Web applications. and provides a new keyword syntax to support keyword searches • Enterprise content management : Enterprise content management (ECM) features provide ways to manage the content and metadata of business documents stored in Office SharePoint Server 2007 document libraries.

Additionally. the Business Data Catalog functionality in Office SharePoint Server 2007 enables you to present LOB data within Office SharePoint Server. Allows the use of inline custom code. • . Though application pages behave much like other ASPX pages and allow the use of inline custom code. Application pages or "_layout" pages are stored on the SharePoint Web server and made available via a Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) virtual directory. they differ from content pages in that they cannot be used to host SharePoint features such as dynamic Web Parts and Web Part zones. You can use the Excel Services programmability framework to extend Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Excel Services functionalities to work with Office SharePoint Server 2007 lists. SQL write-back. query tables on Excel Services. Excel Services server technology. and user-defined functions (UDFs). SharePoint Terminology : • Application page. is a shared service that enables you to load. external workbook references. included in Office SharePoint Server 2007. calculate. Business intelligence : Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides infrastructure to create dashboards that allows decision-makers to access information. and display Excel workbooks on Office SharePoint Server your browser to provide a similar experience to filling out and editing a form in InfoPath. .

blog sites. A file or collection of file instances that define the location where the files are installed during site creation. You can customize a site's appearance. you can create sites such as team sites. footers. navigation bars. lists. and sites. menu item. communication. • SharePoint site: A Web site hosted in a virtual URL. Windows SharePoint Services 3. and content placeholders. A package of Windows SharePoint Services elements that can be activated for a specific scope and that helps users accomplish a particular goal or task.• Content type. • Event receiver. A reusable collection of settings to apply to a certain category of content such as documents and folders. A SharePoint site is a place for collaboration. Modules are frequently used to implement a Web Part Page in the site. Represents a link.0 introduces this inherently portable and modular functionality. and interface elements such as headers. Evaluator of an event and definer of the behavior of an application. wiki sites. You define custom actions by using a custom action element within a feature definition file. • Custom action.0 and master pages in Windows SharePoint Services work in the same way. or content storage. Depending on your business needs. Content types are designed to help users organize their SharePoint content in a more meaningful way. toolbar button. • Module. Master pages in ASP. • Master page.NET 2. They allow you to factor out layout. You can define modules by using a module element within a feature definition file. and others. structure.0 allows you to define event handlers within libraries. Pages that provide a consistent layout and appearance (look and feel) for SharePoint sites. or any control that can be added to a toolbar or menu that appears in the UI. . which simplifies modification of sites through site definitions. Windows SharePoint Services 3. users. Event receivers can be defined by using a receiver element within a feature definition file • Feature.

user permissions. • Site definition. All site content and all configuration data is shared for all front-end Web servers in a server farm. Site templates offer a measure of portability to SharePoint applications. galleries.0 framework to take advantage of features such as master pages and custom Web Part development . Windows SharePoint Services 3. their default navigational structures. The site template package is stored as a . • Site template. what lists they include. and Web Parts within a group of SharePoint sites.0 uses the ASP. and so on. templates. and site administration by using the Site Settings administration pages. • SharePoint site collection: A collection of SharePoint sites that share common administration pages and site settings. A set of files that includes a master XML configuration file that is stored on all front-end Web servers. A package containing a set of differences and changes from a base site definition that is created through the UI or through implementation of the object model. The professional NET developer can take advantage of SharePoint Products and Technologies to build components and enterprise solutions. Site collections allow you to share content types. • SharePoint Web farm: A group of Office SharePoint 2007 servers that share the same configuration database. A site definition provides the basic blueprint for how sites look. site columns.NET file that can be downloaded or uploaded to site collections by users with the appropriate rights.