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Mock ospe Me 211 Question Booklet

QUESTION 1 a) Based on the pictures, identify and match the type of white blood cell for each description. Description Active phagocyte mainly against bacteria and some fungi Type of white blood cell Picture

Large nucleus that occupies most of the cell volume

Eliminating parasitic worm infections

Removes defective/dead blood cells and filters “garbage” from blood

Role in allergy and inflammation

b) Name types of immunoglobulin for each of the description Description Can be synthesized by foetus Types of immunoglobulin

Only class of Ig that can cross placenta

Dominant isotype in secretions

Serve as marker of differentiation of B cells to a more mature form

Immediate hypersensitivity responses

QUESTION 2 Total lung capacity refers to the maximum volume to which the lungs can be expanded with the greatest possible effort. A normal adult has approximately 5.8 litre total lung volume.

a) Name A, B, C, and D.

b) State the volume labeled A and B.

c) What is the amount of air remaining in the lungs after a maximum respiratory effort?

d) Which of the following labeled above remain the same during exercise?

e) Name TWO muscles involved during forced inspiration.

QUESTION 3 A patient was admitted with necrotic infection of soft tissue associated with high mortality on his lower limb. A necessitating amputation is often required in order to control this type of infection.

a) Name the microorganism associated with the picture above.

b) Other than the disease shown in the picture above, what is the disease that can also be caused by the microorganism in (a).

c) Mention 2 properties of the organism in (a).

d) Name TWO other species that belong to the same genus.



What are the genotypes of Madam X and her husband? Madam X Madam X’s husband : :

b) What are the possible alleles that can be carried by the gametes of Madam X and her husband? Madam X Madam X’s husband : :

c) Give the possible genotypes of the sister of Madam X.

d) Using a Punnet’s square, work out what is the chance that a child of Madam X has type B blood.

QUESTION 5 Drug receptors are specialized to recognize and respond to individual drug molecules with great selectivity. Translation of receptor activation into function can be grouped into that of four receptor super families.

a) Give 3 examples of agonist.

b) Name X.

c) List FOUR types of receptors and provide the example for each of them. Types of receptor Example

QUESTION 6 Acute inflammation is the immediate and early response to injury. The critical function is to clear invading bacteria, as well as degraded necrotic tissues resulting from the damage. Leukocytes may also aggravate inflammation and induce tissue damage by releasing enzymes, chemical mediators, and toxic oxygen radicals.

a) What is A, B, C, D, E, and F?

b) Name THREE pathway of complement system.

c) List all the component of membrane attack complex.

d) What is the function of C5a?


a) Complete the table. Labels Parasites Special features




b) Give two differences between shistosome and clonorchis sinensis.

QUESTION 8 a) State a, b, c and d in the diagram. abcd-


Name 2 types of cells that can be found in structure (b). Give one function of each.


State the 2 layers of the dermis.

QUESTION 9 The heart functions as a pump, in order to direct flow of blood in one direction and generate a pressure for flow to occur. The spread of cardiac excitation will trigger a wave of contraction that spreads through the atria and ventricles.

a) State two phases where 1st n 2nd heart sound produced.

b) How does the 1st and 2nd heart sound produced?

c) Name the main event that occurs at P wave?

d) State A, B and C.

QUESTION 10 A researcher would like to investigate the association between cigarette smoking during pregnancy and the risk of low birth weight. His study involved 189 pregnant mothers randomly selected in hospitals from Klang Valley. He also interviewed the pregnant mothers to gauge information on their smoking habit. The results are provided in the table.

a) What is the statistical test?

b) State the degree of freedom.

c) State the null and alternative hypotheses.

d) State your decision based on the p-value.

e) Write your conclusion.