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Recorded Courses by Instructor

This alphabetical list sorts our recorded courses by instructor. If you have a favorite Homeschool Connections instructor, this is an easy way to check out his or her other courses. Alvis, Catherine Latin I Boot Camp: Introduction to Latin Latin II Readiness Boot Camp Latin II/III Boot Camp: Cattus Petasatus Ashour, Monica History/Theology: Church History; Trinitarian Theology: Christian AnthropologyWho Am I? Theology: Moral TheologyHow Shall I Live? Theology: Ecclesiology & Sacramental TheologyHow Shall I Glorify God? Theology: Theology of the Body: The Best Method of Educating Man Brock, Dayspring Literature/Writing (Middle School): The Heroic in Arthurian Literature Literature (Middle School): Mark Twain; Friends, Fiends, and Freedom in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Literature (High School): English Literature and the Question of Evil Campbell, Phillip Archeology/History: An Archaeological Survey of the Old and New Testaments Economics: Economics as if People Matter (Micro and Macro) Economics: Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching Logic: Logic I; Introduction to Formal Logic (available June 2014) History: Foundations of Christian Historiography History: The Dawn of History; Dawn of History: Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Persia (Available January 2014) History (Middle School): The Dawn of History; Dawn of History: Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Persia (Available January 2014) History: The Glory of Ancient Greece (Available June 2014) History (Middle School): The Glory of Ancient Greece (Available June 2014) History: The Life and Times of the Ancient Romans History (Middle School): The Life and Times of the Ancient Romans History: Catholic Middle Ages History: Roots of the Revolt, 1417-1560 History: The Age of the Religious Wars, 1560-1648 History: World History; 12 Inventions That Revolutionized the World History: Early American History, 1492-1763 History: U. S. History, 1763-1865 History: Modern American History; 1865 to 2000 History: The Great Depression; 1929 to 1941 History: Understanding the Second Vatican Council Conroy, Erin Brown (EB) Science: Health, Fitness, and Wellness for Middle School Students Test Prep: SAT Quick Test Prep Test Prep: ACT Test Prep Test Prep: ACT English and Writing Test Prep

Life Skills: Leadership and Interpersonal Communications Skills Life Skills: How to Be an Excellent Student: Note Taking, Test Taking, and Getting an A+ Writing: Essential Punctuation and Grammar for Middle School Writing: Essential Punctuation and Grammar for High School Writing: Middle School Writing Essentials: Excellent Sentence and Paragraph Writing Writing: Essential Writing for High School: Excellent Paragraph and Essay Test Writing Writing: Simplified Writing for Middle School Writing: Simplified Writing for High School Writing: Fiction Writing; Plot and Structure Writing: Fiction Writing; Description and Setting Writing: Fiction Writing; Characters and Dialogue Writing: Fiction Writing: Theme, Style, and Point of View Writing: Fiction Writing; Conflict and Creating the Breakout Novel Writing: Fiction Writing: Authoring a Book: What it Takes and How to Succeed Writing: Advanced Fiction Writing: The Heros Journey and Mythic Structure for Writers, Part One (Available January 2014) Writing: Advanced Fiction Writing: The Heros Journey and Mythic Structure for Writers, Part Two (Available June 2014) Writing: HS Essentials: Vocabulary and Writing, Part One (Available January 2014) Writing: HS Essentials: Vocabulary and Writing, Part Two (Available June 2014) Writing: Advanced High School Writing; Rhetoric, Figures of Speech, Essays, and Papers Writing: Advanced Research Writing: Preparing for College Correira, Kris Science (Middle School): Topics in Life Science I; The Cell (Available January 2014) Science: Heart and Lungs; the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems (Anatomy & Physiology) Science: Blood and Immunity; Hematology and Immune System (Anatomy & Physiology) Science: Musculoskeletal System and Nervous System (Anatomy & Physiology) Kathy Dutton Chemistry I / Honors Chemistry I (Available January 2014) Gotcher, Robert Literature: Chesterton; Man of Letters Literature: The Space Trilogy of C. S. Lewis Literature: Tolkien and Fairy Stories Logic: Formal Logic I ; Introduction to Logic Logic: Formal Logic II; Advanced Logic Theology: Catholic Spiritual Writers Theology: Introduction to the Bible; New Testament Theology: Introduction to the Bible; Old Testament Theology: The Trinity Theology: The Mass Explained Writing: Writing for High School Writing: Writing for College Harris, David Economics: Principles of Economics (Micro) and Catholic Perspectives Life Skills: Personal Finances for Teens Henry, Emily Latin ; Beginning Middle School Latin (Jenneys) Latin I (Wheelock)

Latin II (Wheelock) Latin III/IV; College Preparatory Latin (Available January 2014) Hoeft, Jean Math Boot Camp: Preparing for Pre-Algebra Math Boot Camp: Preparing for Algebra Math Boot Camp: Preparing for Algebra II Math: Pre-Algebra; Saxon Math: Algebra I; Saxon Math: Algebra II; Saxon Math: Geometry; Saxon Math: Advanced Topics in Math (Pre-Calculus); Saxon Mausolf, Alexis, MA German I German II (Available January 2014) Michuta, Gary Aquinas Connections (Adult): Practical Catholic Apologetics Theology (Middle School): Apologetics for Catholics Theology: Apologetics Boot Camp Theology: Defending the Bible in Modern Times Theology: Apologetics; Peter and the Papacy (Available January 2014) Theology: Advanced Catholic Apologetics Negri, Jason Government/Law: Introduction to Law; Fundamentals of the American Legal System Pacwa SJ, Mitch Aquinas Connections (Adult): Jesus Journey to Jerusalem in Lukes Gospel Palmer, Dave Philosophy: The Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas Pearce, Joseph Literature: Romeo and Juliet; The Catholic Shakespeare Literature: Hamlet; The Catholic Shakespeare Literature: The Hobbit (Available January 2014) Literature: Lord of the Rings (Available May 2014) Prentice, Derek Aquinas Connections (Adult): Career Search Skills Life Skills: Job Search Skills for Teens Reynolds, Carol (Professor Carol) Art and Music Appreciation: Discovering Western Culture through Music and the Arts (Available January 2014) Rioux, Jean Logic/Philosophy: Fallacies and Paradoxes Philosophy: What Do Philosophers Do and How Do They Do It? Philosophy: Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy Philosophy: Philosophy of God: Natural Theology

Rivet, Ed Government: Government, Democracy, and Citizenship Government: Advanced American Government Government: American Elections: Democracy in Action Rolling, Alecia German 1/2 Latin I (Dooge) Latin II (Dooge) Rolling, Kenneth History (Middle School): The Greeks; Fathers of Enquiry Literature (Middle School): Drama in Myth Philosophy: What is Beauty? Russell, Henry Literature: Homers Odyssey; The Soul of Pre-Socratic Wisdom Literature: The Iliad: Glory and the Will of God Literature: Sophocles and Tragedy Literature: Virgils Aeneid; The Founding of Nations in the Will of God Literature: Beowulf and Christ Literature: Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer; Trust God and Tradition Literature: King Arthur and Christ; Heroism and Holiness Literature: Macbeth; The Catholic Shakespeare Literature: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; Chivalry, Courtesy and Chastity Literature: Scarlet Letter Literature: Death Comes for the Archbishop (American Classics Series) Literature: The Man Who Was Thursday by G. K. Chesterton (Modern Catholic Classics Series) Literature: The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (Modern Catholic Classics Series) Literature: Redemptive Comedy of Flannery OConnor (American Classics Series) Literature: The Hobbit Literature: The Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the Ring Literature: The Lord of the Rings; The Two Towers Literature: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Literature: Dantes Inferno (Available January 2014) Literature: Dantes Purgatory (Available June 2014) Literature: Dantes Paradise (Available January 2015) Schmitt, Irma Spanish (Middle School) Spanish (Middle School) I (Available January 2014) Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III (Available January 2014) Stanley, Alison History (Middle School): The Civil War Years; A Nation Divided History (Middle School): The Revolutionary War History (Middle School): World War I; What Price Glory (Available January 2014) History (Middle School): World War II (Available June 2014) Gov./Law: Constitutional Law: Supreme Court Jurisprudence I Gov./Law: The First Amendment; The Five Freedoms

Gov./Law: The Federalist Papers (Available January 2014) Watkins, Matt Science: Environmental Science Christopher Zehnder Latin: Beginning Latin for Middle School; Lingua Latina (Available January 2014) History: Making of the Modern World (Available January 2014)