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A story is often narrated about how a village idiot claimed his way to fame in an old frontier town in the old West. What always catches the attention of visitors about this town is the way all the structures seemed to be peppered with holes and bullseyes drawn around them. One day, a notorious gunslinger dropped by this town and he was amazed by this phenomenon that littered the whole town. Out of curiosity and perhaps goaded by some envy, he said, “somewhere in this town is also an outstanding crackshot and expert marksman because he never seemed to miss hitting his targets right at the center. I should search for him and �ind out the reason for his 100% shooting accuracy.” It was not that dif�icult �inding the guy who was then sharing a drink at the town’s only saloon. The gunslinger approached the guy and popped the question, “what is the secret behind your 100% shooting accuracy?” Matter of factly and without batting an eyelash, the village idiot replied, “it’s fairly simple. First you shoot and then you draw the target around it.” Bullseye!

The New Evangelization

Michael Voris:

Our community is happy to welcome back Michael Voris, media personality, Pro-Life speaker, defender of the Catholic faith. He spoke at the Live Pure Movement’s Truth and Dare Forum last February 2011, which was attended by students, youth and single professionals in and out of the community, as part of the activities of last year’s Pro-Life month. We were also privileged to have him as a resource speaker in one of our general assemblies. His presence here in the Philippines and involvement in our community paved the way for members of our very own Family and Life Quad Media (FLiQ Media), to intern with him and his team at and St. Michael’s Media in Michigan, USA last May 2011. The interns sent, brought home rich experiences and a deeper conviction to bring the truth of Catholicism to Asia.

The Messenger of the Hard Truth for Catholics

Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have called for a New Evangelization. What is the New Evangelization? Well, first of all, there is nothing new about evangelization. It is 2,000 years old. Jesus himself commanded his disciples to go into the whole world and proclaim the good news to all. This is the very same call to us today. The call actually has to do with the reality that the world is facing a new paganism, in the very nations that are supposed to be Christian. It is a call to re-evangelization, to reach the many nominal Christians who are no longer involved in the Church. It is meant to reach baptized pagans. It is an even more urgent call today, because we are now in the end times. There has to be a concerted effort to prepare the bride of Christ for his imminent coming. The New Evangelization is not just about continuing formation for those already active in the Church, but more importantly, a focus on bringing in the many lapsed and nominal Catholics who are outside the Church. In other words, it is not about preaching to the choir. It necessitates harnessing the laity, the sleeping giant of the Church. As it is, most laypeople have nothing to do with the mission of the Church. New Evangelization is about mainstreaming Catholic lay evangelization. It is about a concerted, deliberate, insistent, persistent, committed work of getting Catholics to meet Christ, live Christ and share Christ. It is aimed at making an evangelistic lifestyle and a missionary spirit as a normal part of the life of a Catholic. The New Evangelization is urgent, prophetic and revolutionary. It calls on re-focusing and re-directing the Church’s priorities, to committing all of the Church’s energies. It will involve new ardor, methods and expressions. We in CFC-FFL have been well prepared to be a part of the New Evangelization.

Another opportunity to hear him and learn from him came for our entire CFC FFL delegation of young lay missionaries when he spoke at one of the youth-directed activities that coincided with the celebration of the World Youth Day in Madrid, August of last year. Many youth welcomed his remarks on the challenges on the faith with the onset of modernity, and the prevalence of evil in the decisions of leaders and those with in�luence. The youth are not exempted from the consequences of these hence Voris’ talk awakened many in the audience to the realities of the time.

This time, Michael is back in the Philippines for engagements in Cebu and Bacolod, still in line with our celebration of Pro-Life month. CFC FFL is very fortunate to have him back as a resource speaker for our General Assembly this February. He comes back with the same fervor and objective, to shed light on the harsh realities faced in the world today, and provides an example of how we, as Catholics, should equip ourselves for the battle against evil that lies ahead.

I guess this narrative fairly describes how we go about both our individual lives and our collective lives as a nation. In the impeachment trial of the CJ, the haste with which the impeachment was carried out was done in record time by the Lower House. Never mind if we have enough goods to convict the guy for as long as he is �irst impeached. Shoot and aim for the impeachment �irst regardless of how crass and crude the articles were hastily crafted. Then we pat ourselves on the back for hitting the bullseye and feel good about what is now turning out to be a short-lived phyrric victory. The trial is now on its 8th day and slowly, the lack of preparedness and the ineptness of the prosecution never fails to draw rebukes from the erudite Senators who know their law. The �irst “kuryente” was really in the

articles of impeachment. The basis for proving ill-gotten wealth has all been lumped up under the prosecution claim that the CJ failed to declared his SALN. The disconnect is a monumental �iasco of presenting ostensible evidences when the basis for the complaint is completely alien to the proofs being presented. Too date, the CJ is said to secure a loan from a moribund company and is said to have paid for it but the prosecution team seems photo from to be far removed from the reality that even dissolved companies could Speaking about bulleyes , our collective technically operate to secure pay- lives as a nation seemingly run along parments from its borrowers. The latest allel runs. Shoot �irst and draw the targets breaking news is that the properties around them later. The sequel can very alleged to be properties of the CJ do well take care of itself. So far, what we have done is turn in anger on the names of not number 45 but 21. Earlier on, those who took the money and plundered. this team announced they have 100 Arrest them . People should be indignant. witnesses ready to testify but soon, Put them in jail. And as the Chief of State backtracked on the number. And so turns Chief of Police coming with hammer the circus in town moves on and the and tongs on the former President and the public continues to be entertained, CJ, either the evidences get warped up by amused, bewitched, bothered and ill-prepared maneuvers and documentation and the rest can wait because she debewildered by how man’s intelli- serves more humane treatment because gence continues to be insulted by his of a lingering sickness. Let the evidence less mentally endowed primates. gather cobwebs �irst because the convicEveryday, however, the leading broadsheets continue to scream and banner headlines proclaiming the victories coming from the planet of the primates. In a rather pitiable manner, some even in broadcast media continue to act as the agents whose sworn duty it is now to do the salvage work, mend, repair the mistakes wrought by an obviously ill-prepared team of gunslingers who shoot �irst and then draw targets around them. Bullseye! A newspaper’s bounden duty is to inform and to do this, it must do so with all probity and fairness. But if headlines are supposed to summarize and say the events, why do they consistently banner value judgments and conclusions? Again, shoot �irst and let the public be damned if it believes the half-truths . That way, media saves on proving it has hit the bullseye.
tion of the present target leads the path to the benefactor. Shoot �irst, get the media behind you to be part of the team of marksmen and let’s draw our bullseyes later.


In the meantime, the BIR still gives you the runaround with the hope that you end up so frustrated that you give up and fork over the grease. The Customs continue to ply its trade literally behind your back as the frustrated importer hands over the pork using another agent as a body shield to cover up the transaction. And how about those who have piles of cases with the PCGG and continue to strut their wealth in high society with nary a trace of remorse or guilt? Pretty soon, the fun and games will be over. Another circus comes to town. The chickens will come to roost . And preety scrawny chickens they could be. The mirrors of our collective selves because we have allowed ourselves to be gullible, as those who have chosen to be critical remain to be voices in the wilderness. Let us face it. We share the guilt of what we have become….a nation of believers who chose to believe in the secret of the village idiot.






CHASTITY FORUM Feb 12 - Immaculate Concepcion Basilica, Batangas Feb 13/14 - St. Paul, San Miguel Feb 14 - Colegio de Sta. Rosa, Makati Feb 18 - Our Lady of Hope Parish

CHASTITY FORUMS Feb 17/24 - Diocese of Cubao Feb 25 - Diocesan Youth Day of Antipolo Feb 26 - Parish of Jesus, Lord of Divine Mercy, Novaliches Uno Per Cristo, Diocese of Paranaque











by Myra M. Menguito, CFCFFL Education Ministry
Raising the Future Defenders of Life

I see and experience LIFE celebrated everyday in the classroom not only through the Birthday Corner where the names and pictures of the celebrants for the month are posted, but also through prayers where children learn to say thanksgiving prayers and where they pray not only for their own concerns, but those of others; when children visit different places in the community and meet the different community helpers; when they learn about virtues and Bible truths every step of the way as these are integrated in the daily interaction between teacher and children. I am always in awe when, at the end of the school year, I see these children �illed with pride and joy for what they have accomplished. The Moving-Up Day, which culminates the school year is a celebration of life for the school, the families, and the community. From being timid and uncertain of themselves, most if not all of these children, have discovered life in them. They are happy, con�ident, and thankful. They express this celebration of life when they sing and dance with overwhelming enthusiasm! As a personal advocacy, I have full support and belief in the CFC FFL Education Ministry’s campaign to build strong allies out of the parents and teachers of these young children through the B.A.T.A. (Biyayang Aral, Tanging

I belong to a large family and I have been proud of it every waking day of my life. If you ask my parents if they planned it, they will simply answer by saying that each of us is a blessing from God. Life indeed is a blessing from God. We must always remember that. Back in college, I would often listen to some of my friends who were the only child or who belonged to small families, relaying their stories of sadness at home. Some of them even lived a comfortable life – one that you I could only dream of having and yet they would be unhappy and discontented. I would always why I never felt what they did until I realized that our family and our home would never be as quiet or empty as theirs. I am fortunate and thankful to God for allowing me to be born into a big family. Having my parents plus my nine siblings* means having a strong family support system. Each of us always have within our reach our own best friend, protector, con�idante and shoulder to cry on. These are the reasons why I can face each day with a happy and positive outlook.

will grow up as responsible adults, ever-conscious of the needs of others.

Alay) Program, of the private schools and day care centers. Personal strength and conviction is achieved through home-schoolcommunity collaboration. Hinged on the right values, this will be signi�icant in raising future warriors in the renewal of the family and the defense of life. Discovering Life Through Reading It is through the Bahay Karunungan Reading and Literacy Program (BKRLP) that the Education Ministry propagates the value of discovering life through the beauty of God’s creation re�lected in the wonderful world of print. The BKRLP encourages the setting-up of communitybased Bahay Karunungan Centers. I am amazed seeing how the children enjoy reading the storybooks while sprawled on the rubber mats, and how the youth coming from a basketball game decide to visit the BK and enjoy the company of other young

people like them. The Public School as a Battle Ground The Lord opened the �irst door in 2003 when we gave a recollection to the teachers of Vicente Madrigal High School in Rizal Province. The next door was opened, this time with windows, when we of�icially “adopted” Bagumbayan Elementary School in Quezon City in 2007. This endeavor was made in partnership with the Department of Education through their Adopt-ASchool Program. Several other schools followed and then God gave us even more reason to celebrate when our ministry was tapped to handle the formation sessions of the guidance counselors of all public schools in Quezon City!

Making Allies Out of Teachers Committed. Passionate. Hopeful. These are how I can best describe our ever-faithful BATA Center teachers. They breathe life. They live life to the full by CHOOSING to serve the poorest of the poor in our Restoration Villages and Mission Areas. It is not a very promising profession as far as career and �inancial resources are concerned, but THEY ARE HERE. For them, the BATA children is where life is. They see hope in these children and they desire to be vessels of this hope. This characteristic is not innate in all. That is why the monthly formation sessions we conduct for these teachers are pathways to develop a soul, which desires only the will of God.

WhyBig Families Rock!
or views and opinions of things but that diversity in perspective helps us look at things from various angles.

By: Mariesol D. Sia

There is always excitement inside our house. Every day is a lively one and there is never a dull moment. We always talk and discuss anything under the sun. Our constant communication with one another enables us to understand each other more. We may have different interests

If you ask me, large families are good for the planet. Growing up in a large family helps develop self-discipline and compassion for others – desirable qualities of good and responsible members of society.

Each of us learned to share things fairly and forego little things that may not be necessary. The problem faced by one is often shared by all and that affects us indirectly. That’s why we learned how to become helpful and caring with each other each time one member is faced with life’s challenges. This is why, I strongly believe, that children fromlarge families

Of all the perks and bene�its of belonging to a big family, the thing I like best is the opportunity to see how well our parents care for us. The key in raising a good family is good parenting. This applies to all families either big or small. How parents are and how they relate with one another and with others, strongly in�luence a child. In our case, we are very lucky because our mother and father are our living testimonials of patience, understanding, perseverance and determination. Having to deal with ten* children means having to provide for and be responsible for that many individual lives, having to deal with that many different personalities, and having to tend to that many concerns all at the same time. We are blessed for despite all of the obvious challenges, our parents are the very people who have in�luenced us to be close to God. When you live with God, you live a life that is full of faith, happiness and good values. This is the most valuable lesson I’ve learned in life which I wish to pass for generations to come. I come from a big family. And no matter what other people say, I wouldn’t have it any other way. *Editor’s Note: Towards the end of 2011, a new addition was added to the Sia Family.




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