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Our future flows from our past.
Introducing Your New Newsletter Editor By Jean Woolley

Ripon Historical Society 508 Watson Street Ripon, WI 54971 USA 920-748-5354 Jean Woolley, Retiring Editor Betsy Stanfield, Incoming Editor

I am pleased—make that thrilled—to introduce your new Newsletter editor, Margaret “Betsy” Heffernan Stanfield. Betsy grew up in Ripon with our children. I was a Girl Scout leader in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and Betsy was one of my Scouts. Betsy is a seventh-generation Riponite. The picture shows Betsy depicting her great-great grandmother, Ione Grant Barlow, during the Society’s 2010 cemetery walk. After graduating from Ripon High School, Betsy earned a BA in Communications from UW Madison and an MBA with an emphasis on Corporate Communications from Concordia UniversityMequon. For seven years she worked as a reporter and anchor for various television stations, including FOX 11 in Green Bay and FOX SIX in Milwaukee. For the past 15 years, she has worked in media relations, public relations and marketing. She currently works for ThedaCare. Betsy and her husband Grant have two children; Elizabeth, 10, and James Patrick, 9. They attend Murray Park Elementary School. Of their decision to return to Ripon Betsy says, “Our family had been thinking about a return to Ripon for a few years. In 2010, the right opportunities finally fell into place and we are absolutely thrilled to be here.” The Stanfield commitment to the Society also includes Grant, who is an active board member and a much appreciated volunteer. Even though caring for Liz and J.P. keeps him very busy, he responds quickly to requests for help on various Society projects. Grant learned how to use our PastPerfect museum software and accessioned a collection of scrapbooks in the archives. He’s an energetic docent and enjoyed his role as Harvey Grant in the 2010 cemetery walk. He recently repaired our many easels for the art exhibit, put together shelving, and painted our folding exhibit stands. In addition to raising a family, going to work, and volunteering, the Stanfields are restoring their 1903 home and yard across Watson Street from the Society. You can find out all about that by visiting their blog on the Ripon Commonwealth Press website at Click on the Interactive tab and choose Check our Blogs from the dropdown list. Stanfields’ blog is called Dickens of an Old House. The picture shows Grant in the Lawson House Kitchen with Museum Curator Joyce Rudolph. -1-

Society to Have Four Presidents in 2012 By Bill Woolley Elections were held at our Annual Dinner this October with results that were different than normal. Our Society Board members are busy people, most of whom have extensive commitments elsewhere on top of the work they do for the Society. For this reason, none of them felt they could give the time to be President for a full-year term. As a result, they have divided the year into four three-month terms and are rotating Board members through them. Under this arrangement, Jeff Bumby, Lara Grant, Norman Loomer, and Nedra Martz were selected to serve as successive Presidents this year. Sue Loomer was then reelected as Secretary and Roberta Walker was reelected to serve as Treasurer Berens, Quinney, and Woolley Retire from Board By Bill Woolley Todd Berens, Ralph Quinney, and Bill Woolley announced their retirement from the Board of the Historical Society at the end of 2011. Todd was a Board member for ten years and served four years as Vice President and three years as President of the Society. A nationally recognized expert on the history of the American west, Todd gave several well-attended programs on the Lewis and Clark expeditions. Ralph was a long-time member of the Board and has been in charge of the Society’s buildings and grounds. Fortunately, he has agreed to continue his careful watch over our historic real estate. Bill was a member of the Board for the past ten years and served as President for six years and Treasurer for three. He has also done research in the Society archives on a number of areas of Ripon history. Would You Like to Receive Newsletters and Event Notifications via Email? By Norm Loomer We are offering you the option of receiving the newsletter and notifications of Society events by email. Why might you want to do this? • You will receive them sooner. They will be sent to you at the same time they go to the printer, which is about a week before they are printed and go through the mail. • You will see the newsletter in color, rather than black and tan. • You will save the Society money. Printing and postage for each mailing cost about $60 for postcard notifications and $155 for newsletters. Email is not for everyone, and we will continue to mail paper postcards and newsletters. But if you would like to receive them electronically, just send a brief email to Norm Loomer at Programs Scheduled for Spring By Bill Woolley The Society has scheduled three interesting programs for this spring. On March 15th, Craig Tebon, Ripon’s Main Street Coordinator, will present an update on Main Street developments. Even in these tough economic times, Craig has been unusually successful in attracting new businesses to Ripon and keeping our stores full. On April 19, Tom Rogers will present a program on the history of Accurate Controls. Accurate Controls has been one of the most successful young businesses in Ripon, growing from a local electrical company to one with a world-wide market. On May 17th, Jack Steinbring will present a history of Ripon military organizations. Starting from the formation of the “Ripon Rifles” in the opening weeks of the Civil War through the entrance of Company D into the First World War, Ripon has had a proud military tradition with units that brought our community together. 2011: Anno Mirabilis By Bill Woolley ”Anno Mirabilis” is a Latin term meaning “Wonderful”, or “Miraculous Year” and 2011 definitely was an Anno Mirabilis for the Ripon Historical Society with a number of major changes being made that will in many ways transform its very nature. Katie Wild took charge of the Society gardens with the intent of not only restoring their appearance, but making them truly historic with labels describing the historic importance of the plants. Under the leadership of Joyce Rudolph and Ralph Quinney the three major lower rooms of Pickard House have been emptied and are being remodeled to make them into exhibit areas that will make the house a genuine museum and allow us to put many more of our artifacts on display. As part of a developing program of electronic outreach, Nedra Martz and Andy Prellwitz have initiated a project to put our more important historical photographs on the Internet in a manner that will make them searchable. Along the same line, Craig Tebon continues to organize our old movie films into YouTube presentations and has created a Facebook Page that will connect the Society to the -2-

younger generation accustomed to the use of social media. Todd Rathkamp completely revamped our website making it one of the most innovative in the state. Norm Loomer created a means to have a continuously updated membership list electronically available while Sue Loomer introduced electronic minute taking to our Board meetings. Finally, the Society is collaborating with Video Age, a local video production company, to produce history-based video productions. Its first production, a program devoted to the Grand View Hotel Fire, was widely acclaimed when it was premiered at the Society. The program was created by Arthur Bratton and Adam Mielke. Stay tuned, for as “Wonderful” as 2011 was there is every reason to believe that 2012 will be even better. October Program: Steinbring Presents Broad Picture of Ripon History By Bill Woolley Proudly proclaiming himself a native of Ceresco, Jack Steinbring presented a wide-ranging history of the Ripon area over the past 10,000 years at the October meeting of the Society. Based on his own archeological and historical research in the area, including digging up his Liberty Street backyard, Jack talked about prehistoric rock art in the Ripon area, the founding of Ceresco, the community’s later involvement in the underground railroad, the role of immigrants in the development of Ripon, and the role of some of the lesser-known founders of Ripon such as Jacob Woodruff. Jack also noted his concern over the failure of the city to safe guard archeological sites in its development of parking lots and other city improvements. The talk was laced with enjoyable humor and led to a long discussion afterwards. Jack Steinbring identifies items Bill Simons found under his yard on Jackson Street. Society Holds First Annual Dinner By Bill Woolley The Society held the first of what we hope will be annual dinners on November 17th as part of our Annual Meeting. The dinner was an event for members only and was part of an effort to help our members become more familiar with what is happening at the Society. At the Annual Meeting. the Society voted to increase dues as noted in the story below and elected officers for next year. Afterwards there were presentations by Nedra Martz and Andy Prellwitz on a new archival project putting our photograph collections on line, a summary by Katie Wild on major changes in our gardens, a discussion by Joyce Rudolph about the major reorientation of our museum program, a presentation on newly-accessioned artifacts by Carol Sachen, and demonstrations of the new electronic outreach programs and websites managed by Craig Tebon and Todd Rathkamp. Recognition and letters of appreciation were presented by President Bill Woolley to over forty Society members who had contributed significantly to our progress this year. At the conclusion of the program, Norm Loomer, representing the Board, thanked Bill and Jean Woolley for their years of service and announced that a bulb garden will be planted in their honor. Farewell to Member Vivian Lindquist Vivian Lindquist, who served as a docent at Society events and open houses, passed away on December 7, 2011. As you can see from the picture on the left, she greeted visitors with a welcoming smile. Vivian, who came to us with previous experience as a docent in Oshkosh, enjoyed answering questions and providing information about any area of the museum assigned to her.

Vivian Lindquist -3-

Society Approves Increase in Dues By Bill Woolley At its Annual Meeting the Society approved the proposed increase in dues described in the September Newsletter. The new dues structure allows members who would like to contribute a bit more to support the activities and services of the Society to give at higher levels and be recognized for doing so. Dues for this coming year are: Student $5.00 Individual $15.00 Household $25.00 Donor $50.00 Patron $100.00 Benefactor $500.00 Lifetime Household Membership $1000.00 In this regard, it might be noted that, in the opinion of our tax accountant, dues are 100% tax deductible. Dues Reminder By Norm Loomer Dues for 2012 are due at the time of the annual meeting in November. Many of our members are life members and don’t have to think about this. However, if you are an annual member and have a red dot on this newsletter’s address label, please give your dues ($15 individual or $25 household) to Roberta Walker at M&I bank in Ripon or mail them to Treasurer, Ripon Historical Society, PO Box 274, Ripon, WI 54971. Progress Toward Our New Look By Joyce Rudolph This is an exciting time for all of us at Ripon Historical Society. Many changes are taking place in Pickard House. Walls have been painted, floors sanded, blinds and picture molding installed. Hopefully, our new look will be ready for your viewing late spring or early summer. Artifacts Corner By Carol Sachen We are gradually making progress in cataloguing our artifacts collection into the Past Perfect computer program. I decided to tackle the box of eyeglasses and the box of purses which totaled 60 additional objects. Among them are Belle Pickard’s briefcase, used during her time as an inspector for the State Board of Health; many beaded bags and metal mesh purses from Lawson, Pickard, Corliss, Jaspers, Witt, and Hoffman to name a few; and eyeglasses from Zobel, Pedrick, Buchholz, Hoffman, and Pickard. In addition I came across a horsehair lap robe, Joyce found a section of wrapping paper from Barlow and Seelig Hardware, and I found a “memo pad” attributed to the Runals Family. I’ll leave you to guess what that might look like considering the time period of the 1800’s. Hint: It’s not made of paper! Pedrick-Lawson Open House a Great Success By Carol Sachen In December the Pedrick-Lawson House was a stop on the Tour of Homes during the Dickens of a Christmas celebration. Many hours were spent cleaning and sprucing up our “old girl” to receive company. Christmas décor was kept simple in keeping with the time period, using greens and feather trees to add some holiday color. In addition to the house itself, Barb and Greg Becker most generously agreed to display their collection of Christmas ornaments, and Shirley Williams and Don Amsden added to the festivities by dressing in period costume. Although it was a gray and rainy day, almost 300 people braved the elements to walk through our wonderful house. Many thanks go out to Joyce Rudolph and docents Greg and Barb Becker, Michele Benson, Shirley Williams, Don Amsden, Jean and Bill Woolley, Dave Grey, and Sandra Steinbring for their efforts, and to Nedra Martz for manning the Pickard House, which served as a rest and lunch area for the docents. Pictured are docents Joyce Rudolph, Bill Woolley, Barb and Greg Becker, Shirley Williams, Don Amsden, Michele Benson, and Jean Woolley,


RIPON HISTORICAL SOCIETY 2012 MEMBERSHIP *Indicates Life Member If you see an error, please notify Norm Loomer at 748-6002 or Don Amsden Don & Betty Armstrong Dianne Ashley *Mary Avery *Clarence & Diane Bemis *Michele Benson *Todd & Betty Berens Margaret Beuthin *Mabel Bloedel *Alan Bonsen *Mary Brandt Jodi Brewster Marilyn F. Briese *Bonnie Brooks *Jeff Bumby *Charlotte Burr *David Busker *Thomas E. Caestecker Donna M Charley-Johnson *Jack & Bev Christ *Sarah & Ralph Colonna *Paul & Florence Conant *Audrey Conant *Linda J. Corder Richard Zimman & Valerie Cox *William & Janet Crook *John C. Diedrich Richard & Cynthia Diemer *Paul Dolata Joan Dorsch *Alice Doss *Mary Eager Richard Farvour *Jean Grant Fraga *Robert & Patricia Francis *Jane Frederick *Brian Wood & Tony Frommelt Neil Giffey *Ann Marie Godfrey Pat Grahn Lara Grant *David & Judy Gray *Opal M. Griffiths *Lynn Grout Karen Hanisch *Neola Hannaford *C. P. Haseltine Kat Griffith & Soren Hauge *Jon Heatley *Marilyn Henning Dr. Dennis C. Henry Jim & Nancy Hynes *Harry Heileman & Jean Johnson *Ted & Gwen Jones *Evelyn M. Kain *Audrey Kallio Dean Katahira *Jean Keith Phyllis N. Kielisch *Beverly King Margaret Klapperich Debra & Tom Konecny Matt Koski *Aaron Kramer *Nancy Kuhn J. Gregory Lagnan *Robert & Margaret Lambert *Robert & Suzanne Lennox *Mal Linville Norman & Susan Loomer *Astride H. Lowry *Audrey Lyke *Maggie Brandt & Bert Lyons Wesley & Donna Marquart *Nedra Martz *Sue Marvin Elvice McAlpine Susan & Daniel McConnell *Sarah McGowan *Gordon & Hazel Minch David & Janet Minor *Allen J. Mortenson Darren Mueller *Kevan Nault *Bill & Judy Neill *Randallin Nichols *Ruth Nimz *Lee J. Ninneman *Douglas & Lynn Northrop *Kent Gallaway & *Elizabeth Olson John Olson *Martha & Bernice Parfitt Dan Parks *Norman Penke *Sam Pickard, Jr *Shirley Pohlman Andrew Prellwitz Carol Prellwitz Ralph & Lois Quinney Todd Rathkamp *Rik & Helga Rikkers *Ann L. Rosenberg Robert & Nancy Royce *Joyce Rudolph Carol Sachen Arlynn & Bonnie Sanders *Shirley Sather *Louise F. Schang David & Mary Jane Schanke Mark Schowalter *Fern Schultz *Meg & Bruce Schwemmer *Barbara Scott Donna Sereda *Marylin Shaw *Grant & Betsy Stanfield Marvin & Marilyn Stark *John & Sandra Steinbring *William Stott Joel Streblow *Shelley Swan Curtis & Jody Thiel Natalie A. Tinkham *Audrey A, Titel *Michael & Norma Trump Alice Uecker Roberta Walker *Holly Welk *Mark Weller Gary Wetzel *Ralph & Jo Wickstrom Kathryn Wild *Shirley L. Williams *David & Karen Williams *Patricia Watson Wissing *Jean & William Woolley *Eric Black & Jennifer Woolley *Pamela Woolley *Maria Vittone & Steve Woolley *Melinda Morales & Allen Woolley Thomas & Chris Worrall *Fern Zamzow Shirley Zentner

Hello from the New Editor By Betsy Stanfield I’m already looking forward to the next edition of our newsletter! If the coming spring and summer is anything like last year, the Ripon Historical Society will be engaged in many informative and interesting activities. For several years, our friend Jean Woolley has done an excellent job chronicling these events. I’m so glad that even though she plans to travel more, she will still be available to answer questions and share advice. Your input and ideas are also very important. Please feel free to contact me! You’ll find me on Facebook, or you can e-mail me at Enjoy these last few weeks of winter and we’ll see you in our next edition!


Ripon Historical Society 508 Watson Street PO Box 274 Ripon, WI 54971 USA

Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Events All events will be held in the Society’s Meeting Room at 508 Watson. March 15 Ripon Main Street, An Update April 19 Accurate Controls: A Success Story May 17 Ripon Military Organizations -6-