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RTI/STI Maternal Health Trainings: LSAS.FRU Operationalization. SBA. SCs Operationalization. j Referral transport. . VHNDs. 24 X 7 PHCs Operationalization. EmOC.. Janani Suraksha Yojana. Safe Abortion Services Services.

Detection of Complications. . j Consumption of at least 100 IFA tablets. 2 TT injections.Quality ANC: At least 4 ANC (including registration) which includes full ( g g ) clinical/Abdominal examination along with measurement of Weight. P P Ch k Quality Of care during Post Partum. Hb and Urine Examination. Post Partum Care: 2 Post Partum Check up. Institutional St for 48 h I tit ti l Stay f hrs. Institutional Delivery: Increased Institutional Delivery with Quality of Care. Counselling including preparation of Birth Plan. Referral and Management.


Doctor: (Hired/Contractual) 1)OBG/MO (EmOC) = X 2)Paed/MO 2)P d/MO (IMNCI/ENBC)= X 3) Anesthetic/MO (LSAS) =X Paramedical : SNs: Hired/Contractual LTs: Hired/Contractual for X no. . Infrastructure Strengthen/C onstructions: X Blood Storage Centre FRUs selected: X Availability of Genset. 24 hr Water Supply pp y Procuring Equipments /Drugs for: LR/OT/BSC/New LR/OT/BSC/N Born Equipments.=X Ambulance/R eferral transport. of facilities.

Has the running cost been taken in account e. Bottlenecks identified. . M i i Mechanism established. Salary Component taken into account.Action Plan: • • • • • • • • • Identification of Nodal person both at State and District Level. Mapping of resources done.g. for gensets has the allocation for POL done or funds have been marked for AMC. Linkages with manpower/ training/ BSC etc. bli h d Monitoring M h i Administrative actions undertaken. Has the budgeting been done under different heads (as mentioned in earlier slide).


of facilities 24 X 7 PHCs selected: X Availability of l bl f Genset. Paramedical : 3SNs or ANMs & LTs: Hired/Contractua l For X No.=X Ambulance/R eferral transport. 24 hr Water Supply Remapping/pro curing Equipments/Dru gs for: LR/New Born Equipments. .Doctor: (Hired/Contractua l) 1) MO (BEmOC/MTP/RTI/ IMNCI/ENBC/FP)= X Infrastructure Strengthen/C onstructions: X.

Drugs/ Equipments: Partographs/ Misoprostol Misoprostol. ANMs being nominated for SBA/ IMNCI Trainings Trainings. . VHNDs organized.Plan f O Pl for Operationalization of SCs. Out Reach Services offered: ANC/PNC/Immunization/FP/ Counselling etc. ti li ti f SC Infrastructure: Labour Room/ residential Quarters. Hiring additional ANMs. Supportive supervision.

.Strategies deployed deployed. Linkages with private sector. Stakeholders Budgeting been done. Involvement of PRIs/NGOs/ other Stakeholders.


Monitoring during training. Strengthen the FRU/ 24 * 7 PHCs in terms of other logistics like  equipments. drugs. .Training Centre: a g Ce t e • • • • • Adequate Funds Released. Focus on quality. Training Curriculum being followed. Focus on Quality. Adequate and Devoted Trainers. infrastructure etc. Focus on Quality Posting of trained MOs: g • • • Should be posted at FRUs/ 24 * 7 PHCs. Monitoring: District/ State Program Officers. Monitoring: District/ State Program Officers. Linkage of training/ Availability of Specialist.

. Strengthening of facilities where these Skilled g g Based Trainings are to be undertaken. Monitoring Plan: QA Cells Cells. Strengthening of facilities where Trainees will be posted. Funding: Strengthening of Training institutes. Expenditures incurred during training.Mapping of facilities where the trained personnel will be posted along with their strengthening strengthening.

Oxytocin Boyles appratus Partographs Colour coded waste bi C l d d t bins Ambu Bag/ Radiant Warmer Equipments for CS.O Anesthesiologist/trained M.Facility Observation Checklist District: __________Name of Institution: _______ Date of visit: ________________ Service provision Routine Delivery Services (24 hours) Manage common obstetric complications C section MTP Staff availability Yes/ No Yes/ No Yes/ No Regular/ Periodic Yes/ No Yes/ No Yes/ No Yes/ No Yes/ No Yes/ No Yes/ No Yes/ No Yes/ No Y /N Yes/ No Obgyn Obg n Specialist/Trained M O M. Equipments and Supplies .O Staff Nurses/ANMs at least (3) Lab Technicians Injection Magnesium Sulphate MVA kits Inj.

Facility Infrastructure Labour room condition Running water supply Plans for hospital bio-waste disposal Visual Privacy in labour room Visual privacy in OPD Vi l i i Back-up power facility Autoclave/sterilization. Yes/ Yes/ Yes/ Yes/ Yes/ Y / Yes/ No No No No N No No Availability of ambulance /outsourced vehicle: Referral Services Client Convenience Covered waiting area Yes/ No Separate fn & clean toilets for M/F Yes/ No p / / Signage to guide clients Yes/ No Record Review Average no of monthly Institutional Deliveries for l t f last 5 months th Yes/ No .